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Miami Beach, Florida (1065)
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Belle Isle


M IAMI BEACH, on the peninsula opposite the City of Miami, separated from it
by Biscayne Bay, is virtually the ocean front of that city. It is connected
by the famous Collins Bridge, two and a half miles long, the longest vehicle bridge
in the world. From this bridge one obtains scenic views of the bay, the beautiful yachts
at anchor or in full sail, the park-like landscape bestudded with the graceful Australian
pines, the waving fronds of the cocoanut palms and the sweeping tree-shaded roads and
avenues. Rapid steamer ferry transit and bus line with half hour service make Miami
Beach part of Miami. But the crowning achievement, insuring the rapid growth into a
more beautiful city even than Miami, was the voting of a $600,000 bond issue for the
Causeway, which is to be built on the spoil bank made by the dredging of the deep water
channel to connect with the Government operations now deepening the cut made
through the peninsula to the ocean years ago. The City of Miami is spending
$585,000.00-the government $900,000.00. The foundation, therefore, of the Causeway
is practically laid, and in eighteen months it should be completed. It will mean a great
highway between Miami and Miami Beach, with its electric traction car system,
automobile boulevard and conveniences for carriages, bicycles and pedestrians. In
anticipation of this, far-sighted home seekers and investors are expecting a great advance
in values with the increased facilities and improvements in all the properties represented
in Miami Beach. The bonds for the causeway have already been sold at a premium of
over $27,000.00 and the contract will be let December 14th, 1916.

5 .

Bay Front Showing Sea Wall

Development of Miami Beach

SIMULTANEOUSLY with the development carried on by Mr. Collins "The Ocean
Beach Realty Company" subdivision owned by Mr. J. N. Lummus and associates
was platted, and soon afterwards Mr. Carl G. Fisher, the create of the Indianapolis
speedway and the founder of the Lincoln Highway and the Dixie Highway, had the in-
spiration that here he could establish the greatest winter resort in the world; a winter
motoring paradise. Alton Beach, a tract of 400 acres, was the scene of the development
on a stupendous scale-$2,000,000 was spent in clearing, building sidewalks, dredging
and filling and landscape gardening. And the latest, The Miami Ocean View Company,
have platted, improved and placed on the market a most desirable tract. The Causeway

r*.-a~ . ~T -~abr
-~ ~ --' l

Toledo Apartments

road will skirt the South line of this addition, bringing this property into the closest
touch with the City of Miami. The sub-division will appeal to any who see it, the broad
tree-planted streets 100 feet wide and convenient alleys. For the protection of those
improving their property the minimum cost of buildings is to be $2,500.00. The lots
have all been planted to grass and water mains and sewerage laid.


M IAMI Beach, covering 1,600 acres and comprising the holdings of The Alton
Beach Realty Company, The Ocean Beach Realty Company, The Miami Beach
Improvement Company and the Miami Ocean View Company; was incorporated
into a municipality on March 26, 1915 with a full and active body, Mayor and Aldermen,
alive to the requirements of an up-to-date municipality. To anticipate any danger of
the ocean front being monopolized by private owners the Town of Miami Beach has

The Robert Henkel Residence

purchased from The Ocean Beach Realty Company on a twenty year contract, 4120 feet
of Ocean Front property which is to be used for park purposes only. This gives The Miami
Ocean View Company's addition full privileges and access to the ocean.

Homes and Business

THE pleasing architecture and attractiveness of the houses on Miami Beach surprise
the visitor. They are the expression of what have proven the most convenient,
comfortable and durable houses for a semi-tropical climate-the prevailing material
is concrete and the architecture a modified Spanish and Moorish, varying in cost
from $2,500.00 to $120,000.00. Opportunities in various lines of business connected
with the wants of a residential section are opening up. Small hotels, boarding and room-
ing houses, curio shops, bowling alleys and supply stores are needed and the demands
for these are growing.

Kesidence of W. H. Gold, Belle Isle

�. .


"r~z~- j
- .N.I1;Z*L.`

Atlantic Boulevard, First Road Built on Miami Beach

I A,


A Swimming Pool at Miami Beach

Recreation and Pleasure

FISHING enthusiasts from all quarters of the globe have come here doubting the
reports of the wonderful fishing in the ocean and bay waters, but after a few days
concede all that has been said.
Biscayne Bay and the Ocean waters hereabout are famous for the variety, size
and remarkable catches of game fish. There are 700 known varieties of fish in Florida
waters, or about one-fifth of the entire fauna of America north of Panama. Trolling for
King fish, Blue fish, Spanish Mackerel and Spotted Sea Trout furnish sport of the most
exciting kind. The rarest of all sport, tarpon fishing, is a feature and attracts fishermen
from all over the world. H. H. Smith, U. S. Commissioner of Fish verifies this-" There
are 700 species of fish in the waters of South Florida." Fishing commercially is carried
on with growing results and 1,800 people are supported by it.
Salt water bathing is enjoyed the year round, both in the surf and in the three fine
swimming pools, where interesting feats of swimming and diving are often performed by
local or visiting experts. The pools are brilliantly lighted at night and a plunge or a
dash in the surf is a favorite evening's diversion.

Miami Beach Golf Course, looking South

Golf and Tennis

FOR lovers of golf a striking 18 hole golf course with an ideal sod has recently been
completed. This course lies on both sides of a canal, the canal making a noteworthy
hazzard. On the banks of the canal is the attractive Golf Club House with all
conveniences. For tennis enthusiasts a liberal number of courts have been provided.

Winter Boat Racing
BISCAYNE Bay, between Miami and Miami Beach, 30 miles in length and 2 miles
in width, is probably the finest land locked harbor in the South. Here at Miami
Beach on January 15th and 16th, 1915, the first annual mid-winter regatta was
held. The regatta was in charge of Carl C. Fisher who laid out the course, built a grand
stand for the people, secured the fastest speed boats and cruisers in this country to
Mr. Robert E. Power of Cleveland, Ohio, editor of "Power Boating" was the princi-
pal Judge of the Regatta and writes of it as follows:

"Under sunny skies land 'sparkling waters, fanned to freshness by a brisk'south-
easterly breeze, Baby Reliance V. the marvelous 30 foot hydroplane owned by Com-
modore J. Stuart Blackton of New York, sped across the finish line a victor in the First
Miami Beach Championship power boat regatta. It was a fitting opening for the 1915
season, an opening which will be perpetuated. There is no doubt about Miami Beach
and its enthusiasm for power boating in all its phases. I saw more pleasure craft gathered
along the course and more people assembled purposely to see the Regatta here than at
any other race meet in this country, excepting of course, the International Trophy races
at Huntington in 1912."

r"--------~~ ~~ - -. - - ---- --- - -- --,7



Golf Club House. Miami Beach

-- --

Automobiles Parked Between Smith's and Hardie's Casinos



Government Jetties, from Miami Beach

T HE prices placed upon the lots in the various companies have always been conserva-
tive and the terms liberal. The original purchasers bought for homes and many
for the benefit of increased values, which they have more than realized, some as
high as 100 per cent. This can be gathered from the assessed valuation which in 1912
amounted to $7,720.00 and in 1916 to $500,000.00. This is only the beginning and from
now until the Causeway is completed the wise prospective homemakers and investors
will anticipate the intensified growth of Miami Beach. The question may be asked, what
will contribute to this development? Apart from the seaside advantages, the accessibility
of Miami Beach, and consideration of the prices for which lots are selling in Miami,
one can secure a home site in Miami Beach more reasonably than in Miami. The growth
of the city values have increased 900 per cent in five years.
1911 $ 1,656,975
1912 1,999,418
1913 4,638,837
1914 6,635,857
1915 13,251,400
Assessments are based on one third valuation. The permanency of the buildings and

improvements are noted in a recent issue of "The Concrete Age," which calls Miami
"The Cement City" and says the world's greatest per capital consumption of cement has
been at Miami, Florida, for the last three years. The business section is of reinforced
concrete, while in the residential district one sees miles of bungalows, cottages and palatial
residences all built of the permanent material. The business section is paved with wood
blocks and the residential district with asphalt.


THE climate is the most delightful in the world. The highest and lowest recorded
temperatures of Miami, Los Angeles and California are as follows:


�Los Angeles
San Diego
The following








Range of Tc
Los Angeles
San Diego


is the report from the U. S. Department of Agriculture Weather

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sept.
72 66 66 70 77 79 81 81
76 74 75 78 82 85 86 85
68 58 57 63 71 74 76 76

78 84 83 90 87 88 91

55 43

Oct. Nov. Dec.
79 73 66

83 78 72

75 69 59

88 88 82 79

71 68 51 47

44 46 65 65 70 70

The rainy season is in the summer, in marked contrast to the Pacific slope, where
winter residents find wet and stormy weather. The famous Riviera cannot compare,
in winter climate, with Miami. The mean temperature of Nice from November to April
is 49.13 while Miami's average for the same period is 69.2. The Riviera enjoys 981 hours
of sunshine from November 1st to April 30th-Miami's average total for the same period
is 1,225 hours.



View of Miami Beach, from the Carl G. Fisher Tower

Miami Has Grown Faster Than Any Other City

Miami is here shown with other growing cities from all sections of the United States.
In the percentage of increase, Miami leads the list, its population increase being nearly
four times as great as its nearest competitor.

MIAMI-190 Per Cent

Jacksonville-59.7 Per Cent

Hartford,Conn.-46.5 PerCent

Detroit--44.2 Per Cent

Fort Worth-36.4 Per Cent

Oklahoma City-34 Per Cent

Kansas City-30.8 Per Cent

Des Moines-22.73 Per Cent

Nashville-22.32 Per Cent

Memphis-22.03 Per Cent

Richmond-21.44 Per Cent

Duluth-17.22 Per Cent

Milwaukee-15 Per Cent

Dayton-11.5 Per Cent

Mobile-10.63 Per Cent

St. Louis-10.6 Per Cent

Albany, N. Y.-7.7 Per Cent

o 50

0 M a0.
CL a~


Jacksonville, Fla.........

Hartford, Conn ........

Detroit, M ich...........

Ft. Worth, Texas .......

Oklahoma City, Okla....

Kansas City, Mo........

Des Moines, Iowa .......

Nashville, Tenn.........

Memphis, Tenn ........

Richmond, Va. .........

Duluth, Minn ..........

Milwaukee, Wis .........

Dayton, Ohio ..........

M obile, Ala............

St. Louis, Mo. .........

Albany, N. Y...........




















































Artesian Well, i066 Feet Deep
Flowing 220,000 gallons a day. Analysis shows water of excellent quality.

Crispy Facts
SEPTEMBER 3, 1885, Ocean Beach land, now Miami Beach, was sold for 75c per
acre, then platted and sold as high as $3,500.00 per acre. After the completion of
the Causeway we expect it to reach $30,000 per acre.
Miami has 75,000 visitors and winter residents. Permanent population now 22,000.
Miami has direct water connections with Jacksonville, Key West and Nassau; is
only 41 hours from New York; 46 hours from Boston; 48 hours from Chicago. Miami is
the Southern terminus of the Montreal, Canada to Miami International Highway. And
centering in Miami are 500 miles of automobile highway. The first official tour over the
Dixie Highway began at Chicago, October 9, and ended at Miami, October 24th, 1915.

*P- " -.-,N

Residence of J. S. Collins, Builder of Collins Bridge.

From Miami Beach can be seen the Gulf Stream 40 miles wide and only two miles
from shore at this point. Here on hotel and Casino verandas guests view a never ending
procession of big ocean liners as they pass toward Cuba, Gulf ports and the Panama
Miami Beach has one of the largest wireless stations in the United States.
Three commodious up-to-date Casinos with large pools for adults and children and
facilities for surf bathing.
Building lots range in value from $800 to $10,000.
Apartment and boarding houses give good accommodations; furnished houses for
Miami Beach has miles of shaded oiled roads and cement side-walks.
Miami Beach is the lungs of Miami City and Dade County, and here peace and
mutual interests flourish.

The "Boston Braves," 1915 World's Champions, trained in Miami last season.

The temperature during the winter months ranges from 50 up to 80 degrees. The
thermometer seldom rises as high in the summer months as in the north and west.

Water at Miami Beach is piped from artesian wells.

Behind Miami Beach and its development are some of the most successful men in
the United States: Messrs. Carl G. Fisher, James H. Snowden, John S. Collins, J. N.
Lummus, J. E. Lummus, Henry McSweeney, George G. Snowden and J. A. McDonald.

~>i~2 4;

Carl G. Fisher Residence


The C. W. Kotcher Home

The 1917 Regatta

THIRTEEN fast boats are listed as among those likely to be entrants in the next
annual motor boat regatta on Biscayne Bay Jan. 18, 19, 20. Some are last year's
favorites and others are new speed creations built specially for the coming races.
Carl G. Fisher, chairman of the regatta committee, makes known the fact that he
is well pleased with the prospects for the most successful regatta held so far at Miami.
Following is the list of probable entries:


"Shadow III"

"Betty M. III"

"Raven III"
"Betty M. I"
King Fisher

Huston Weyth
H. Matheson
A. Curtis James
James Deering
Charles Deering
Com. Kotcher
O. J. Mulford
E. L. King
Nicolas Metzer

Twin Screw Van Blerck
Twin Screw Van Blerck
Twin Screw Van Blerck
Twin Screw Speedway
Twin Screw Speedway
Twin Screw Speedway
Single(Albany) Van Blerck
Twin Screw Van Blerck
Twin Screw Gray
Twin Screw Speedway
Twin Screw Van Blerck
Twin Screw Van Blerck
40 Footer

400 H.P.
250 H.P.
250 H.P.
400 H.P.
400 H.P.
300 H.P.
400 H.P.
250 H.P.
200 H.P.
400 H.P.
250 H.P.
250 H.P.

Residence of' J.N. Lummus

The Miami Ocean View Company
Incorporated. Capital, $200,000
Composed of the following men: Carl G. Fisher, John H. Levi, Z. T. Merritt, James H.
Snowden, George G. Snowden, Henry McSweeney, J. N. Lummus, J. E. Lummus,
J. A. McDonald.
This is strictly a high class sub-division. Lots now selling from $900.00 up-prices
will be increased without notice.
J. N. Lummus, Vice-president
The Lummus Investment Company Building,
Miami Beach, Florida.

_ _�__ ____~


The Thos. J. Pancoast Residence

The Miami Beach Improvement Company

O NE of the pioneer companies in the development of Miami Beach, whose holdings
along the Indian Creek offer wonderful opportunities for the most exclusive homes
combining the advantages of both ocean beach and the sheltered waters of Indian
The officers of the company are J. S. Collins, President; T. J. Pancoast, Secretary
and Treasurer. Office, corner near Wireless Station, Miami Beach.


I - i


' \

it \j

The Lummus Investment Company Building

The Lummus Investment Company
NCORPORATrED and organized 1916. Headed by J. N. Lummus, who has been
associated with the development of Miami from the beginning-for many years head
of the largest Abstract Company in Miami and President of The Southern Bank &
Trust Company and now Vice-president of The Miami Ocean View Company. His
enthusiasm in the development of Miami Beach property caused him to accept the
Presidency of The Ocean Beach Realty Company, which has now only a few lots for
sale. The best guarantee of the stability of the Town of Miami Beach and its future
growth and increase in values is evidenced by Mr. Lummus transferring all his time and
interests to Miami Beach. The reliability of the President of the Company and his

reputation for square dealing insures for every inquirer and client information founded
upon fact and'generous treatment.
The Lummus Investment Company is strongly recommending to prospective home
builders or conservative speculators the purchase of lot or lots in the Miami Ocean
View Company's tract. The tract is excellently located, practically in the center of the
Beach improvements. The south line of this tract is on Fifth Street. The Causeway will
connect with this street, and when the Causeway is finished this property will be only
fifteen minutes from the heart of the city by electric line connection. When one considers
the boulevarded streets 75 feet wide; the avenues of shade trees and shrubbery, lawns,
water, electric light and sewerage; the rock bottom prices, now $1,000.00 for corner and
$800.00 for inside lots, are already below their value and will quickly advance. The build-
ing restrictions exclude any house costing less than $2,500.00.

Write or ask the Lummus Investment Company about houses for sale or rent,
furnished or unfurnished. Special bargains in listed lots. Exclusive listings are specially
advertised. You can be shown just what you want on sea or bay front or on the main


The C. W. McCutcheon Home on Belle Isle

The Carmen Residence

Alton Beach Realty Company

THE liberal development policy of this company has resulted in many beautiful
landscape effects and their holdings include some of the most attractive propos-
itions to be found anywhere.
The officers of the company are; Carl G. Fisher, President, W. E. Brown,
Superintendent. Office on Lincoln Road.

De-iXincdl and Printed 1Iv
The Tropic Press
Mia:i Beach

WmL2 ,,T-7,raw.

L- K> Qc/4-

LOO c#

S' -


.., an --. -ac . .m :i - s.w
-- #1

-- -

106$S �

. . _ ...., .,,_.;-;-:-_r;- I _!1~~~-T~ --i ....... ~:~~` ;- - _- ,---- ----- -.

I i

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