Lake Butler : Union County The Garden Spot of Florida (829)
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Title: Lake Butler : Union County The Garden Spot of Florida (829)
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MUCH has been written about Florida as a whole,
this little bookler, however, is of a parcel midway
between Peninsular and West Florida. Union Coun-
ty has a population of 4,873 and an area of 143,-
000 acres. Although a new county, through the
efforts of the original settlers it has recorded a
steady 'growth in population and development. The
Santa Fe River forms the southern boundary, while
two of its tributaries, New River and the Olustee,
form the eastern and western border of the Coun-
ty. Many lakes dot this territory, Palestine, aie
Butler, Fisher and Dowling. These lakes with the
rivers afford ample drainage for the entire county.
County bonds to the value of $800,000 dollars
have been voted and sold to be used in making
about 73 miles of highway improvements. $180,000
has been accepted by the State Road Department
and the construction of Road 28 is moving rapidly.
The contract for Road 49 has been given and its
completion is looked for in the next few months.
The Road Bond Trustees have worked out feasible
plans for the building of sand clay lateral roads
to link up the hard surfaced highways.
Another feature of this section is the artesian
wells, which may be drilled at a very low cost.
Of the total area about 3,00D acres are under

cultivation, the remainder is in cut over land, pas-
turage and merchantable timber.
The committee,for the selection of a suitable
place for a state farm, purchased 17,000 acres of
Union County land and has built the model prison
farm of America. This alone is convincing evi-

.;. 'P' .. " " ductive, if not more productive, than 80 or 100
S . '. acres in some other states. This apparent phenom-
. . . . enon is easily explained; Florida soil does not
bake in the sunshine; does not clod in breaking;
harrows are not necessary to level the soil; and
i, - rollers are not required to smooth it down; further-
O.'. .. . .,. more, the farming season extends over the whole
year and many crops can be rotated.

dence that the soil is good.
The settled portions of Union County are made

up of communities and small farms, which are
rapidly being d"e(."veloped. It is not strange that the
farms are small when it is realized that 10 or 12
'r- .. a ; -, F lrr . 1and v-ill often be as pro- ,.e .*I 4 -.:

Union is too for north for intensive orange
culture, though Satsuma oranges are among the
coming features of the County, many young trees
being on their way to maturity. The acreage of
pecans is large, most of the trees are too young
for their maximum of fruit. Peaches, pears, plums

grapes and Japanese persimmons for home use are
grown by most farmers.
Fine herds of cattle are rapidly replacing the
common herd. As the range cattle disappear, dairy
cows take their place. 10,028 cattle are now on
hand and 1,043 were sold in '24. Hogs are also
an important item with 9,529 on hand. Poultry
is raised extensively.

The average temperature for the year was 70(
degrees F. with August the warmest month, aver-
aging 81.4 degrees, January the, coolest with 56.4
degrees. The total rainfall was 37 inches for the
The Southern railroad extends southeast and
the main line of the Atlantic Coast Line, south-
west through the county, the two lines, intersecting

at Lake Butler.
Lake Butler, on the lake of the same name, is
the county seat with a population of about 1,200.
It is.'a picturesque little town with ample transpor-
tation facilities for outside markets. Lake Butler
has a most complete muricipally owned electric
light, ice and cold storage plant. A beautiful park,
state credited high school and splendid churches


are adequate for the settlers.
Worthington, nine miles south of Lake Butler,
is a town of importance, it has the record of being
one of the most healthful points in the state, since
it is situated on the banks of the Santa Fe River
ard has the famous sulphur springs, whose waters
are noted for their medicinal properties. A
splendid hotel operated in connection with the

springs is open the entire year. The Atlantic Coast
Line and a main highway from Gainesville furnish
ample transportation facilities.
lDukes is a community of prosperous farmers.
Besides their produce for home use many carlot
shipments cf beans, cucumbers, Irish potatoes and
watermellons are made each season.
Frovidence is another center of farmers. Staple

crops together with extensive stock and poultry
raising make them a comfortable people.
Raiford on the highway and Atlantic Coast
Line railroad is a thriving little town; has an ex-
cellent Junior High school and churches. Besides
produce grown for home market and single ship-
ments the car lot shipments are heavy.
Johnstown was settled by one of the pioneer

developers of the north about 1902, he has waited
many years for his vision to become realized, just
now a northern syndicate has purchased consider-
able acreage and together they have mapped out a
large development for this locality. Johnstown is
on the highway and Atlantic Coast Line railway.
There are a number of other communities of
the County worthy of mention such as Guilford

and Union City, naval stores centers. Midway and
The Union County Chamber of Commerce, under
whose direction this booklet has been prepared, has
in the past two years done much to advance the
civic, commercial and industrial welfare of this
district. It is the purpose of the Chamber of Com-
merce to encourage every worthy enterprise

throughout the district; to assist the homeseeker to
become comfortably located, whether in town or in
the country; and to give our visitors every oppor-
tunity to see for themselves the advantages of this
section which are briefly set forth in this book-
let. The present officers and directors of this
organization are:
MRS. MARY E. JOHNSON, Acting Secretary
MRS. I. F. LAMB, Worthington, Florida.
A. D. ANDREWS, Raiford, Florida.
LEVIS 0. JONES, Johnstolwn, Florida.
A. L. DRIGGERS, Providence, Florida.
J. J. BLACKWELDER, Palestine, Florida.
S. M. DUKES, Dukes, Florida.
Information not supplied in this booklet will be
cheerfully and promptly furnished, upon request
made to
Address: Lake Butler, Florida.


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