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FEBRUARY 21, 1949

President: Robert M. Little, 605 Lincoln Road, Miami
First Vice-President: William A. McCarty, Miami
Second Vice-President: Frederick G. Seelmann, Palm
Third Vice-President: John F. Adamst Jacksonville
Fourth Vice-President: Jack McCandless, St. Petersburg
Fifth Vice-President: Francis W. Craig, Daytona Beach
Florida South Chapter: Igor B. Polevitzky, Miami
Palm Beach Chapter: William Kemp Caler, Palm Beach
Florida North Chapter: John L. R. Grand, Gainesville
Florida Central Chapter: M. Winfield Lott, St. Petersburg
Daytona Beach Chapter: E. N. Snead, Daytona Beach.
OBJECTS: The objects of the Association shall be to
unite the architectural profession within the State of
Florida to promote and forward the objects of the Ameri-
can Institute of architects ; to stimulate and encourage
continual improvement within the profession, cooperate
with other professions, promote and participate in the
matters of general public welfare, and represent and act
for the architectural profession in the State; and to pro-
mote educational and public relation programs for the
advancement of the profession.

DISTRIBUTION: The Executive Board has again
established the policy of continuing to send the Bulletin
to all members of the FAA and to other registered archi-
tects in the State of Florida,

The last annual convention of the Association was held
in Winter Park, December 2, 3 and 4, with a good attend-
ance from the entire state.
The highlight of the convention, of course, was the
Seminar on Community Planning conducted through the.
cooperation of the University of Florida College of Arch-
itecture and Allied Arts and the General Extension Divi-
The local committee, composed of architects from the
Central Florida area, let it be known that they were not
to take second place to entertaining committees from any
other section of the state and provided a very interesting
and varied program.
FLORIDA BUILDER: Considerable discussion took
place on the convention floor concerning the publication,

FLORIDA BUILDER, and it was pointed out that Mr.
Cowles, Editor of this magazine, had been most coopera-
tive with the architects of Florida by giving good cover-
age to the news of the Association and by publishing the
work of Florida architects. Mr. Cowles had requested en-
dorsement of group subscription but after careful con-
sideration, the Association felt that it would rather not
endorse the magazine as its official publication. However,
it was moved, seconded and carried that the Association
requests the individual members to subscribe to and sup-
port the magazine in appreciation of the work done for
the profession.
FAA MEDAL: Architectural associations have long
been inclined to recognize ability in design. The Florida
Association at its last convention, however, established
a medal to be given to the student in Architecture at the
University of Florida "who has made the most outstand-
ing contribution in leadership and service among his fel-
As an Association matter, this type of award seems
particularly fitting in that the students who make out-
standing contributions in leadership and service during
the time in school are likely to be the ones who will make
the same contributions in their professional life and there-
fore benefit the profession as a whole.
SEMINAR: Those who attended the convention were
particularly fortunate in meeting and hearing the speak-
ers on the Seminar on Community Planning. The Seminar
covered the following subjects;
"Objectives in Community Planning"-Sydney Carter,
A.S.P.O.; Planning, Consultant; member of staff
of Department of Architecture, University of
"Problems in Community Planning"-Arthur D. Mc-
Voy, A.I.P.; Director, Department of Planning,
Baltimore; former member of staff of School of
Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology
"The Architect and Community Planning"-Henry S.
Churchill, A.I.A.; Architect and Planning Consult-
ant; Vice-Chairman, Committee on Urban Plan-
ning, A.IA.; author of the recent book, "The City
is the People."
"Planning for Democracy"--Dr. Arthur J. Waterman,
Jr.; Director of Research, Public Administration
Clearing Service, University of Florida,
Copies of the papers presented at this Seminar have
been assembled into a very attractive booklet and are

Vol. 3, No. 1

available to members of the Association from the College
of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Florida,
Gainesville, at 25c each,
LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE: As is usually the case
at all conventions, general discussion finally narrowed
down to our immediate problems and after much dis-
cussion the following official action was taken with re-
gard to legislation:
It was moved, seconded and passed "that the Execu-
tive Board, through the President, appoint a Legislative
Committee with full power to negotiate and act for the
Association in legislative matters from this meeting un-
til the next annual meeting. That the committee so ap-
pointed shall have power to negotiate with the Florida
Engineering Society, and that they shall have power if,
in their opinion, it becomes necessary to engage legal
counsel, and that they shall have power to introduce or
not introduce changes at the next meeting of the Legis-
lature and that these changes shall be at their discretion.
It is recommended to the committee that if changes are
made that they incorporate a change which will change
the annual renewal fee to a maximum of $25 per year,
the amount of said fee to be at the discretion of the
Board, and that date of the Annual Report to the Gov-
ernor be changed from December 1 each year to July 1
each year,."
The following members have now been appointed on
this Legislative Committee:,
Franklin S. Bunch, Chairman, Jacksonville
Prentiss Huddleston, Tallahassee
Harry Griffin, Daytona Beach
Elliott Hadley, St. Petersburg
Igor Polevitzky, Miami
William Kemp Caler, Palm Beach
Chairman Bunch, in his usual efficient and vigorous
way, started in immediately and has requested your sec-
retary to ask all members of the Association to confer
with the members of the Committee living in their vicinity
so that this Committee can be prepared to fully represent
the membership at large in any action which might be
desirable in the forthcoming Legislature.
Regardless of whether or not your Legislative Com-
mittee sees fit to initiate any legislation, it seems proper.
at this time to point out to the membership at large that
much can be accomplished at the local level, Become
acquainted with your local representative and senator so
that just in case some unexpected move is made in the
forthcoming Legislature which will meet in April of this
year, the profession will have "a friend in court."
DUES RAISED: The convention voted to increase the
dues for 1949 to $15.00 so as to finance the expanding
services of the Association to the profession. In this con-
nection, it should be pointed out that under the organiza-
tion set-up of the Association as a representative of all
the AIA Chapters in Florida, we have been able to sup-
port the State Board of Architecture in handling cases of
malpractice that they would not have been able to handle
under funds available to them from the State.
Funds were also made available to the Chapters on
the basis of two-thirds by the local Chapter and one-third
by the State Association for the investigation of cases
of alleged malpractice in the local areas,
We have recognized the fact that we cannot build
monumental buildings at warehouse prices.
The Treasurer noted with keen interest the action of
the Florida South Chapter in assuming responsibility for

the collection of Association dues from its members and
heartily recommends similar action on the part of other
Chapters. This action on the part of the Florida South
Chapter was essentially recognition of the primary pre-
mise of the unification program that membership in the

Chapter carried with it automatic membership in the As-
As in the past. Association dues are payable through
your Chapter Treasurer.
FAA ATTORNEY: Another forward step taken at the
convention was the move to retain an attorney for the
Association, It was thoroughly discussed on the floor and
generally agreed to that we should select a young, cap-
able and ambitious attorney who would be instructed to
make a continuing study of the problems of the profession
and who would acquire an architectural attitude that would
enable him to analyze our legislative problems from the
standpoint of our profession as well as from the law in-
This is the long-range viewpoint. Your Executive
Board, after careful consideration, selected Mr. Benmont
Tench, Jr., of Gainesville, as possessing the over-all quali-
fications desired in our legal representative. It is under-
stood that Mr. Tench has already started work on a
solution to the problem of architects being required to
pay duplicate state occupational taxes where they operate
in more than their own county.
In order that the membership might know ,the general
thought behind the action of the convention in authorize
ing the employment of an attorney, the following extracts
from the minutes of the convention are quoted:
It is stated that "it was the consensus of the board
meeting that our organization had reached the point
where we should have legal counsel on all legislative mat-
ters all during the year so that problems could be condens-
ed into specific questions rather than evolve around con-
vention talk. No legislative expert would be necessary,
but employ counsel on a retainer basis who would do the
leg work and become familiar with the problems of the
architect and think of our problems as we do. It was
agreed that legal counsel is and could be an important
feature in our organization."
It was moved, seconded and carried that "the Con-
vention authorize the Executive Board to employ legal
counsel, using their discretion as to who would be employ-
ed and renumeration involved on a year-to-year basis."
infinite wisdom has seen fit to take from our membership
the following:
Lynn H. Boyer West Palm Beach
Nels S. Jacobson Ft.. Lauderdale
Earl V. Mark Jacksonville
Edward A. Nolan Miami
Charles Max Price Punta Gorda
WHEREAS, the profession has suffered a loss in the
passing of these distinguished architects,
Association of Architects of the A.I.A., in convention as-
sembled in the city of Winter Park, Florida, this fourth
day of December 1948, does hereby regret the absence of
these members from our rolls and further resolves that a
copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes and
a copy be sent to the closest survivor as an evidence of

We now point with pride to the following copy of a
news release of February 1, 1949:
The University of Florida annountmces that its School

of Architecture and Allied Arts has been redesignated as
the College of Architecture and Allied Arts. The college
is composed of the Department of Architecture, the De-
partment of Art, and the Bureau of Architectural and
Community Research.

William T. Arnett, a member of the faculty since 1929
and Director of the School since 1946, has been named
dean of the College and director of the Bureau of Archi-
tectural and Community Research.
John L. R. Grand, a member of the faculty since 1937,
has been named head of the Department of Architecture.
Other faculty members are Professor Thomas Larrick,
Associate Professor P. MK Torraca, M. H. Johnson and
Forrest MI Kelley, Assistant Professors Norman B. Flagg,
William B. Eaton, Sadi S. Koruturk, Harry L. Lindsey,
Armon E. Mabry, Edward M. Fearney, Howard R. Sebold,
Lionel T. Chadwick, James D. McVoy, and Arthur L.
Campbell, and Instructors Chester L. Craft, Harold C.
Rose, Sydney Carter, Robert L. Williams, Edmond M.
MacCollin, Joseph M. Shifalo, Robert L. Clemenzi, Arthur
.A. Smith, John B. Nora, and Anthony Pullara, and Teach-
ing Assistants Harry E. Burns, Kendall P. Starratt, Clar-
ence H. Bowes, Robert E. Browne and George C. Millican.
Hollis H. Holbrook, a member of the faculty since
1938, has been named head of the Department of Art.
Other faculty members are Associate Professor Pleasant
R. McIntosh, Assistant Professor Raymond L. Palm, In-
structors Melvin D. Sumners and Friedebald Daubas, and
Teaching Assistants Albert Stadler, Beda Z. Angle, and
Harrison W. Covington.
The University of Florida and the College of Archi-
tecture and Allied Arts have become widely known for
their pioneering work in the fields of general education
and architectural education.
At the University of Florida a two-year program of
basic education is required of all students. This core pro-
gram of non-specialized and non-vocational education
deals with those phases of basic education which should
be the common denominator of educated persons as in-
dividuals and as citizens in a free society,.
The College of Architecture and Allied Arts has
pioneered in the development of the project method in
architectural education. Beginning in 1935, the college
abandoned the fragmentation of separate professional
courses and has evolved a method whereby architecture
is taught as a unity. All of the instruction in architecture,
from the first through the fifth years, is carried on by
means of a succession of projects, each of which involves
the design of a building and a study of the problems in-
volved in the process.

The new Executive Board of the FAA held its organi-
zational-meeting at Winter Park on January 15, 1949.
Full membership at the Executive Board meetings held
quarterly for the past two years has been very gratifying
and has resulted in the Association handling a considerable
volume of business. These men come from different parts
of the state at their own expense four times a year. Their
attendance indicates their belief in the Association and
its efforts to accomplish something for the profession.
In addition to usual business conducted at such meet-
ings, the Board directed the Secretary to advise the Chap-
ters and the membership that there are still considerable
numbers of the brochure, "Presenting Your Architect,"
available and they can be furnished at $1.00 per dozen or
$5.00 per hundred in lots of two hundred or more.
NEXT CONVENTION CITY: Daytona Beach has been
selected as the next convention city. Tom Grand, member
of the Board and member of the faculty of the College
of Architecture and Allied Arts, has been requested to

work with the officials of the General Extension Division
in securing another Seminar for this convention.
Board designated its President, Bob Little, as FAA dele-

gate to the National AIA Convention to be held in Hous-
ton in March,

The January issue of the Journal carries an article on
"Tax-relief for Architects" by Louis Justement, F.A.I.A.,
which was very interesting to your editor and we are
wondering if all of you read it. Mr. Justement describes
the "Silverson Plan" which overcomes some of the tax
inequities which affect professional men.
Space limitations prohibit our giving complete cover-
age to the entire article but the following extract will
present the plan in substance:
"It 'is proposed that these discrimination and injus-
tides be rectified as soon as Congress can be persuaded
to do so, by the following change in the tax law:
"The adoption of a personal individual retirement
plan, Under such a plan every person with earned income
(whether partner, self-employed, or employee) would be
permitted to set aside some of his income for his old age.
This he would do by purchasing from current earned in-
come a limited amount of special, non-negotiable Govern-
ment bonds, the cost of which would be excluded from-
his income in the year of purchase for tax purposes. The
suggested limit is 15% of earned income or $10,000, which-
ever is less. In later life, when he cashes any of the bonds,
the proceeds thereof become taxable as income in the
year in which cashed."
The article goes on to state that the Institute expects
to have a bill on this subject introduced early In the next
session of Congress and that it is the hope of the Com-
mittee handling this matter that they can count on the
active support of the members. It is definitely something
to be thinking about

To go from the sublime to the ridiculous, and tax-relief
would be sublime, I cannot help but want to mention a
little story that was told me the other night and which
might also apply to Bill McCarty who, I understand, also
serves his community in a like manner.
At one of our recent meetings another City Commis-
sioner and I were violently opposed to a matter that was
being supported by the other three members. We of the
opposition, both being junior members of some six months
standing, were approached by one of the interested public
and were advised that he felt the following story might
be appropriate to our position.
It seems that there were two little baby rabbits play-
ing on the lawni. A neighboring bulldog and one of his
friends observing the rabbits mentioned to each other:
"Let's go chase the little rabbits just for fun," which they
did. After dodging about for some time, the little rabbits
ran into a hole under a tree. The little girl rabbit asked
the little boy rabbit what they should do next and the
little boy rabbit replied: "Hell, let's stay here until we
outnumber them."

As a matter of general information, the following is
a list of the officers of the five AIA Chapters in Florida:
Alfred B. Parker, President
John E. Peterson, Vice President
Frank E. Watson, Secretary

T. Trip Russell, Treasurer

George J. Votaw, President
Gustav A. Maass, Vice President

Robert N. Nevins, Jr., Secretary
William Johnson, Treasurer

Lee Hooper, President
Walter B, Schultz, Vice President
Thomas Larrick, Secretary
A. Eugene Cellar, Treasurer

Laurance W. Hitt, President
Felix Benton, Vice President
Francis H. Emerson, Secretary-Treasurer

Gouveneur M. Peek, President
Ralph F. Spicer, Vice President
Francis W. Craig, Secretary
Francis R. Walton, Treasurer

Please furnish the FAA Secretary with two copies of the
latest roster of your Chapter members. We would like to
check our mailing lists so that the Bulletin will reach all
of the members.

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