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Vol. 2, No, 2

President; Franklin S. Bunch-402 Florida Theatre Build-
ing, Jacksonville, 2
First Vice-President: Sanford W. Goin, Gainesville
Second Vice-President; Robert M. Little, Miami Beach
Third Vice-President: Frederick Seelmann, Palm Beach
Fourth Vice-President; Arthur Beck, Orlando
Fifth Vice-President: Francis R. Walton, Daytona Beach
Secretary-Treasurer: William A- McCarty, 250 N, E. 18th
Street, Miami
Florida North Chapter: Waiter R. Schulz, 10 S. Laura
.. Street, Jacioh~ille, 2
Florida CenLral Chapter: M1. Winifield Lott, St. Petersburg
South Chapter; Igor B, Polevitzky, Miami
Dayton Beach Chapter; G. M, Peek, De Land
Palm Beach Chapter: William Kemp Caler, Palm Beach
OBJECTS: The objects of the Association shall be to
unite the architectural profession within the State of Flor-
ida to promote and forward the objects of The American
Institute of Architects to stimulate and encourage con-
tinual improvement within the profession, cooperate with
other professions, promote and participate in the matters
of general public welfare, and represent and act for the
architectural profession in the State; and to promote edu-
cational and public relation programs for the advance-
ment of the profession,

The annual convention of the Florida Association of
Architects will be held in Winter Park on December 2,
3 and 4. Convention Headquarters will be the Seminole
Hotel, James Gamble Rogers, chairman of the Convention
Committee, has announced.
A seminar on City Planning and an' exhibit of work by
Florida Architects are being planned by the committee
in addition to the regular business and social program,
Further details will be sent to all members prior to the
convention. Howard Douglas Fiedler, publicity chairman,
plans to mail two additional notices to keep all architects
informed of the latest developments.
Francis H. Emerson is chairman of the Exhibition Com-
mittee. Inquiries concerning this phase of the convention
as well as all entries should be addressed directly to Mr.
Emerson, Winter Park, Florida.
Speakers for the seminar on City Planpning have not

accepted invitations, as we go to press; however, it is
hoped that William T- Arnett, director of the School of
Architecture, University of Florida, will act as director
and at least two speakers of national prominence will be
able to attend and lecture.
Rates at the Seminole Hotel are $6.00 single, and $10.00
double. This is a considerable reduction from the stand-
ard rates of the hotel which is known as one of the finest
tourist hotels in the state. Requests for reservations
should be addressed directly to the Seminole Hotel, Win-
ter Park, Florida.
The convention was originally scheduled for mid-
November but postponed to permit University of Florida
alumni to attend the annual Romecoming celebration in

The brochure, "Presentirtg Your Architect" has been
published through the efforts of the Association and the
South and North Florida Chapters, A copy is enclosed
with this issue of the Bulletin.
The committee believes that with wide circulation
among your clients and the building industry it will prove
to be of considerable value to all members of the pro-
Although the brochure speaks for itself and reflects
the thought, effort and cost that went into its compilation,
the committee realizes there is always room for improve-
mena. and will welcome criticism and suggestions.
Distribution of additional copies of the brochure will be
made to chapters by the secretary at $5.00 per hundred
in quantics of 200 or mutiples of 200 and at a rate of $1.00
per dozen for broken lots of less than 200 copies.
Distribution at chapter level is left to the several chap-

The Executive Board of the Association will meet at the
Seminole Hotel, Winter Park, at 7:30 p. m., December 2,
President Bunch has announced.
Following the successful patterns established in Gaines-
ville prior to the last convention, the meeting will be
open to all members who will be given an opportunity
to voice their opinions, air their views or present any
grievances. It was found that this procedure speeds up
action on the convention floor and facilitates the orderly
presentation of business to the general membership.


OCTOBER 30, 1948

: .. .

The Executive Board at its quarterly meeting in Jack-
sonville, July 31, placed a thousand dollars at the dis-
posal of the State Board of Architecture,
Acting on a resolution presented by MIellen C. Greeley,
secretary of the State Board, the Florida Association of-
ficers voted the funds to defray current costs of legal
services and court actions in the interests of the pro-
The resolution was also referred to the legislative com-
mittee for report and action from the floor at the annual
The text of the Resolution by the State Board is given
July 24, 1948
WHEREAS, the Architects of Florida have frequently
expressed a desire that the laws of Florida governing the
practice of Architecture be enforced, and
WHEREAS, the limited funds now available to the
Florida State Board of Architecture are insufficient to
pay the costs of court actions, essential legal services, and
traveling expenses of expert witnesses, and
WHEREAS, the limited funds now available are suf-
ficient only to cover the traveling expenses of members
of the Board to the four regular meetings required by
law, and are insufficient to cover necessary expenses in
connection with special meetings and hearings; there-
fore, be it
RESOLVED, that the Florida State Board of Architec-
ture request the Florida Association of Architects of the
American Institute of Architects to assume the financial
obligations of hearings and prosecutions over and above
those which can be paid from the limited funds npw avail-
able to the Board, including those on the attached list of
current expenses, and be it further
RESOLVED, that the Board request the Association to
indicate its desire as to whether or not it wishes to under-
write the financing of prosecutions as a continuing activ-
ity until such time as the annual fee can be adjusted to
permit financing such activity directly from the funds
available to the Board.
MELLEN C. GREELEY, Secretary-Treasurer.

Igor B. Polevitzky, well-known Miami architect, has ac-
cepted an invitation to address the Florida Federation of
Art at their annual convention in Orlando on December
3. Polevitzky will talk on the roll painting and sculpture
plays in modern architectural design, emphasizing the
necessity for collaboration between the artist and archi-
tect in the basic design as opposed to the too frequent
practice of attempting to apply art to finished building
as a pastry maker applies the icing to a wedding cake,

The Florida Federation of Art will hold its annual con-
vention in Orlando December 2, 3 and 4, These dates
coincide with those of the Association's convention in
nearby Winter Park.
A comprehensive exhibit of the works of Florida artists
will be hung during the Federation's convention. This
exhibit will be of considerable interest to those who at-
tend the Association's convention.
The Florida Federation of Art comprises some twenty-

eight art societies representing all sections of the state.
The Florida Association of Architects holds a member-
ship in the Art Federation and all architects are welcome
to attend the artists' sessions and are eligible to hang
their own work in the exhibitL Interested architects shall
contact Harold Hilton, President of the Federation, at 9
East State Street, Jacksonville, Fla.

Members are requested in a letter received from Wil-
liam Stanley Parker, chairman, Committee on Contract
Documents, A.I.A., to furnish information on bidding pro-
cedure in their respective area. Mr. Parker's letter is
quoted below;
"In developing 'A Guide to Bidding Procedure,' com-
mittees of The American Institute of Architects and the
Associated General Contractors of America discussed at
considerable length the relationships between general
contractors and sugeontractors in connection with sub-
bids and the time by which sub-bids should be received
by general contractors.
'A Guide to Bidding Procedure' prepared by the com-
mittee contains this sub-paragraph: 'It is desirable that
general bidders receive sub-bids sufficiently in advance
of the time for filing general bids to permit adequate
analysis and compilation. To make this possible a satis-
factory procedure for their handling is needed.' (The
underlining of the last sentence is to call special atten-
tion to this point.)
"The A.I.A. Committee and the AGC Special Commit-
tee in approving the above underlijied statement agreed
that committee work should be continued and that the
A.I.A. and the AGC should both endeavor to explore fur-
ther what i~ight be termed a 'satisfactory procedure for
the handling of sub-bids.'
"In order to obtain factual data and information with
respect to this particular subject, we are seeking infor-
mation from al elements of the industry, We solicit your
cooperation in answering the following questions:
1. Are bidding procedures and relationships satisfactory
in your territory with respect to general contractors
and subcontractors?
2. In general, do general contractors receive sub-bids
in time to study and consider them for inclusion in
the general bids?
3. If not, what in your opinion, are the prevailing rea.
sons for tardy submissions of sub-bids to general
4. If conditions are satisfactory are they due to any
particular bidding procedure that you have worked
out and established? If so, please explain briefly.
5. If conditions are not satisfactory, have you any sug-
gestions as to how they may be improved?
6. Do you have a so-called depository for sub-bids in
your area? If so, what has been its experience and
what are your reactions to its operation?
"The Associated General Contractors of America
through a Special Committee is likewise seeking answers
to these same questions and we would appreciate it very
much if you would furnish this information with respect
to your area at the very earliest opportunity and prior to
December 1st, 1948.
LSincerely yours,

William Stanley Parker, Chair-
man Committee on Contract
Documents, 120 Boylston Street,
Boston, Mans."


Notice of Election to Membership in the American In-
stitute of Architects has been received from the Octagon
for the members listed below.
Palm Beach Chapter:
Lucious Draper Babcock, 290 Tuxedo Lane, West Palm
Beach, Fla- August 14, 1948.
Hilliard Thomas Smith, Jr., 1122 North Dixie Highway,
Lake Worth, Fla. August 14, 1948.
Dillard Duff, 833 Biscayne Drive, West Palm Beach, Fla.
May 14, 1948I
William Addison Stewart, Vero Beach, Sept. 17, 1948.
Florida North Chapter:
Edward Maurice Fearney, 204 Peabody IHall, University
of Florida, Gainesville, Fla, April 15, 1948.
Warren Candler Hendry, Jr., 910 Wayne Street, Jack-
sonville, Fla,. June 11, 1948,
Harry C. Powell, 1617-502 Ilildebrandt Building, Jack-
sonville, Fla. October 15, 1948,
Florida South Chapter:
William Gentry Crawford, 220 S- E. Lauderdale, Fla.
September 17, 1948.
William Allen Gilroy, Jr., 1638 N. E. Seventh Place,
FL Lauderdale, Fla, September 17, 1948.
Thomas John Rowland, 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami
Beach, Fla- October 15, 1948,

President Bunch announces the appointment of the fol-
lowing members to the Nominating Committee for the
purpose of nominating officers to serve the Association
during the ensuing year;
William T. Arnett, Chairman, Florida North
Harry Griffin, Daytona Beach
M. C. A. Henderson, Palm Beach
Jack McCandless, Florida Central
Igor B. Polevitzky, Florida South
The Nominating Committee will report prior to the elec-
tion of officers on the last day of the convention. Nomi-
nations may also be made from the floor.
The Committee will welcome recommendations and sug-
gestions from the membership.

The University of Florida announces a series of out-
standing exhibits of art and architecture to be hung in
the Florida Union Building throughout the scholastic year,
The exhibitions are being presented under the auspices
of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, The Florida
Union and the American Association of University
J. Hillis Miller, President of the University, in his fore.
word to the announcement states, "in step with the tre-
mendous growth of art interest in A7merica, the School
of Architecture and Allied Arts at the University of
Florida, in conjunction with the Florida Union, is contin-
uing its long-established policy of bringing to the campus
examples of the better works of art. We feel that we have
been extremely fortunate this year in securing some of
the outstanding exhibitions available in the country. It
gives me great pleasure to extend to you a most cordial
invitation to attend any or all of the exhibits. I feel
certain that you will find them of unusual interest,"
H. Hollis Holbrook, Professor of Art at the University

and Chairman of Exhibitions, has published the calendar
of exhibitions as given below:
OCTOBER-October 26 to November 16-- Masterpieces of
Louis Sullivan,
NOVEMBER-November 15 to November 25-Student
work from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.
November 15 to November 25 Florida Faces the
Future. Architectural land and use plan of the Univer-
sity of Florida.
DECEMBER-December 1 to 31-American Contempo-
rary Paintings from the Metropolitan Mvuseum of Art,
New York City.
December 1 to 15-Social Communication through
Greeting Cards. An exhibition of cards from Gartner
and Bender.
JANUARY-Student work from the School of Architec-
ture and Allied Arts,
FEBRUARY-February I to 15-South American Prints-
Loaned through the courtesy of the International Busi-
ness Machines Corporation.
February 20 through March 6--Contemporary American
Paintings. Selected by the Clearwater Museum from
New York City Galleries to be exhibited through the
MARCU-March 1 to 15-Advertising Art in the United
States. Modern Museum of Art,
March 15 to 30-Paintings by Cramer Swords. Ten
years of Painting.
APRIL--April 1 to 15-Brazil Builds. An exhibition of
the Architecture of Brazil.
April 15 to 30-Marsden Hartley-Paintings by a great
.. American Fainter, Brought to.the U..niversity of Florida
through the cooperation of the American Association
of University Women, Gainesville,

(Prepared by the Research Division, The Florida State
Chamber of Commerce)
Awarding of $189,028,000 in all types of construction
contracts in Florida through August of this year places
building in the State 49 per cent ahead of 1947, accord-
ing to the research and industrial division of the Florida
State Chamber of Commerce.
"So far this year private building (both residential and
industrial) has accounted for 75 per cent of the total
while in the same period of 1947 it accounted for a little
over half of total construction activity.
"The private construction total for the first eight
months of 1948 was greater by 104 per cent than during
the equivalent period of 1947. At the same time public
building dropped 17 per cent. Heavy awarding of con-
tracts in 1947 in order to advance the State building pro-
gram rapidly was the principal cause of this comparative
decrease. Much of this building awarded in 1947 has
been carried over into this year,
"A breakdown by types of construction for which con-
tracts have been awarded so far this year follows: Private
building (residential, assembly, commercial, office)
$131,203,000; private industrial (including private utili-
ties) $10,418,000; public engineering (waterworks, sewers,
dams, drainage, etc.) $17,035,000; roads, streets and
bridges $13,867,000 and public building by all govern-
ment levels $16,505,000."

The following list of Architects granted Registration
since the last issue of the Bulletin has been received
from the State Board of Architecture.
Certificate numbers, names and addresses:
February 16, 1948
1611-Hutchings, E. T,, 1208 Heyburn Building, Louisville
2, Kentucky
March II, 1948
1612-Edwards, H. Griffith, 175 Peachtree St., N. E., At-
lanta 3, Georgia
March 13, 194
1613--Chaney, Fay Abel, 3717 Eastern Avenue, Cinciin-
nati, Ohio
April Z1, 1948
1614-Bissell, Frank Harper, 94 Washington Street, South
Norwalk, Connecticut
Junme 11, 1948
1615-Johnson, Nils Victor, 1230 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio
1616-Obst, Harold A,, 721 Macy Street, West Palm
Beach, Florida
1617-Powell, Harry C., 502 Hildebrandt Bdilding, Jack-
sonville, Florida
1618-Fein, Gilbert M,., 1953 Marseille Drive, Miami
Beach, Florida
1619-Flagg, Norman Byron, University of Florida, 201
Peabody Hall, Gainesville, Florida
*, 1620-Taylor, William Garrett, 2547 lierschel Street, Jack-
sonville, Florida

1621-Obst, Emily V, (Mrs.), 721 Macy Street, West Palm
Beach, Florida
1622-Branan, Cicero Franklin, Jr., 309 N- Grandview
Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida
1623-Daniels, Werner A-, 3629 Herschel Street, Jackson-
ville, Florida
1624-Hodgdon, Nat C., 5614 Madison Street, Bethesda,
1625-Allen, Sherwood Thomas, 69 Holls Terrace,
Yonkers, New York
1626-Smith, J. Frazer, 165 Madison Avenue, Memphis,
1627-O'NeilI, John Belton, 824 S. E. 6th Court, Ft.
Lauderdale, Florida
1628-Renshaw, Larcht Campbell (Mrs.), Central Court,
Care E. D. Bullock, Tarpon Springs, Florida
1629-Smith, Hilliard Thomas, Jr., 1122 North Dixie High-
way, Lake Worth, Florida
1630-Del Gaudio, Matthew W-, 545 Fifth Avenue, New
York 17, New York
1631-Hall, Harold Edwin, 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami
Beach, Florida
1632-Pelham, George Frederic, Jr,, 19 W. 44th Street,
New York City, New York.
1633-Hogan, Merle Wmin., 1901 Grand River Avenue,
Detroit 23, Michigan
1634-Messineo, Joseph H., 533 Third Street, North St.
Petersburg, Florida
1635-Silberstein, Abe J,, 24 William Street, Newark, New

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