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Title: FAA bulletin
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October 9 1%7 Vol. 14 o, 0


Presidents Franklin S. Bunch, 306 Florida Theatre Building, Jacksonville,
First Vice-Presidentz Marion I. Manley, 335 University Drive, Coral
Gables, Florida
Second Vice-President: Lee Hooper, Roc 500, 218 V. Church Street,
Jacksonville, Florida
Third Vice-Presidents Donovan Dean, P. 0. Box 310 Lakeland, Florida
Fourth Vice-Presidents E. F. De La Haye, Jr., 326 South Beach Street,
Daytona Beach, Florida
Fifth Vice-President: Frederick G. Seelran, Paramount Building, Palm
each, Florida
Secretary-Treasurer: Sanford V. Goin, P. 0. Box 677, Gainesville,


Florida North Chapters Walter Schults, 10 S. Laura Street, Jacksonville,
Alternates William K. Jackson, 306 Florida Theatre Building,
Jacksonville, Florida
Florida Central Chapters Felix Senton, I04 Franklin Street, Tarpe,
Alternates F. Earl DeLoe, 6 W. Church Street, Orlando, Florida
Florida South Chapters Robert M. Little, 605 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach,
Daytona Beach Chaptert Francis R. Walton, 532 Magnolia Avenue, Daytona
Bieaob, Florida
Palm Beach Chapters Willwan I. Celer, 206 Plasea Circle, Panlm Bech,

OBJECTSt...The objects of the Association shall be to unite the architeo..
tural profession within the state of Florida to promote and forward the
objects of The American Institute of Architects; to stimulate and encourage
continual improvement within the profession, cooperate with other pro-
fesalons, promote and participate in the matters of general public welfare,
and represent and act for the architectural profession in the States and
to prznote educational and public relation programs for the advaneraent
of the profession.



of the


of the


Before we make any apologies for a mimeographed bulletin instead of

the usual printed one, let us remind you that the business of the architec-

tural profession as a whole is of more importance to you over the long haul

than any individual Job or other business which might otherwise prevent you

from attending the convention.

There are a good rany reasons why this should be the biggest and best

convention we have ever held.

1. It is the first state convention of the A.I.A. During the past year

and for the first time the direction of the state organisation has come

directly from the chapters. The unification program has given an oppor-

tunity for the Association to make progress. A convention well attended

will add further impetus to a unified professional front for the coning


2. This is the first convention at which an open meeting of the Executive

Boardis specifically planned to afford the airing of controversial

points that might otherwise take up a considerable amount of time on

the floor of the convention. This meeting is scheduled for Thursday

night and when it is finished it is hoped that any points can be

boiled down so that the remaining convention time can bhe devoted to

short business sessions, so that

3. FPr the first time a coqprehensl7e educational program of interest to

all architects can be included in ths przgran in the forn of a Se nar

on Florida Schools. Thia Semin~r, under the sponsorship cf the Uni-

versity of Florida, is intended to provide interesting information on

how school construction will be financed under the revised educational

set-up in Florida as adopted by the last Legislature, pertinent infor-

mation on surveys which lead to the intelligent planning of construe-

tion programs, and many important features of school planning. Many

well qualified people in the educational and planning fields have con-

sented to give their tiae to this Seminar and it is expected that a

considerable number of people other than architects interested In the

planning of school programs and school construction will attend. De-

tails will be provided in the printed program which will soon be off

the press. You should receive your copy about November 3.

In order to break up the usual monotony of steady business meetings,

this convention will provide for short business sessions on Friday

and Saturday, at which time specific subjects will be handled for

each session. In between these sessions the different subjects of

the Seminar will be presented.

4. A representative of the State Improveoent Cocnission will outline the

new Federal Hospital Program for Florida. Several million dollars of

federal money will be used in the state in the next five years and it

is hoped that most of this coney will be spent for work planned by

Florida architects. Information coming froo such reliable sources

as to how this money can be obtained and speab will prove of value

to erohitects interested in hospital planning.

Now that the awtua s side of this convention has been outlined, your

secretary drifts back into his core noeral state of mind and requests that

you Join bin in pleasant contemplation of suoe of the lighter nooenta of

the convention (and if you are anything like I an, there xust be lighter

moments at any convention which I attend).

THB BANUETs Not that this coces first on the lighter moment program but,

because M. H. Johnson and his cohorts from the Gargoyle Club can hardly

contain themselves from divulging the program, we know it is going to be

good. The program promises never a dull noawnt and there will be no

serious after-dinner speeches.

fSPECIALLY FOM THE LADISs W hope that this convention will be a par-

tiwularly pleasant one for the ladies. The location and grounds of the

Hotel Thcoas provide an ideal place for any get-togethers which they cay

have planned or, if they prefer, (and my wife says that a lot of then do)

Just to come and relax away frcn the hubbub of big cities (or the little


The University of Florida has grown by such leaps and bounds that

it can hardly be recognized as the same place it was when our last con-

vention was held here. The Flavet Villeges for the housing of veterans

and their wives, the new construction, and the temporary educational

buildings will provide points of interest to be seen in a tour which is

planned for the ladies.

We also call to the attention of the ladies the feet that the ben-

quet is planned as ruch for their entertainment as for the men. In fact,

the whole scheme has been based around the foot that most convention ban-

quots are rather dry affairs for the wives.

INCIDENTAL UNDS ROOMs In Alachua County there are many waters, Alachua being

an old Indian name meaning, for this particular purpose, "Jug without a bottom.

We have Rattlesnake Branch, Sweetwater Branch, Hogtown Creek, and many

other beautiful streams frcc which from tire innecrial Southern Gentleman

have drawn inspiration. Of course the amount of inspiration which you

draw from branch water is largely determined by the proportion in which

it is mixed with other ingredients. Our particular reason in mentioning

the beautiful streams of Alachua County is to dispel any fears which might

have arisen in your mind from hearing that Alachua is a dry county. It

isn't that dry, and Art Campbell and Stew Morrison in charge of the

*Incidental Fluds Room" are versatile boys.


Ub cannot give you any specific room coots but have been advised by

the Manager of the Hotel Thomas that the costs will average 43.50 per day

per person. And while speaking of costs, though the program will also

furnish this information, we quotes


Corporate Members $6. If accompanied by wife, $10. Includes dinner Friday.

Practicing Associates. Same as corporate members.

Associates and Student Associates. None. Dinner Friday, $3.50.

There may have to be so doubling up in sane of the rooms but judging

front past experience this shouldn't really matter. The last convention I

attended, six of us set around in one rooa all one night.

Jin Garland, Chai man of the Rooms and Luncheon Coittee, will have

information concerning eating places and how to get there.

Don't forget that registration with the Credentials Cozmittee starts

Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

There is important business to be attended to and lots of fun to be had.

We' ll be seeing you.

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