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Title: FAA bulletin
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Publication Date: September 1947
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Vol. 1, No. 4

Ofcero :
President: Franklin S. Bunch-306 Florida Theatre Build-
ing, Jacksonville 2, Florida
First Vice-President: Marion I. Manley-385 University
Drive, Coral Gables, Florida
Second Vi.:e-President: Lee Hooper-Room 500. 218 W.
Church Street, Jacksonville, Florida
Third Vice-Presideat: Donovan DNan-P. 0. Box 310,
Lakeland, Florida
Secretary-Treasmmrer: Sanford W. Goin-P. 0- Box 677,
Gainesville, Florida
Florida North Chapter: Walter Sehults-10 S. Laura
Street, Jacksonville 2, Florida
Alternate: William K. Jackson-402 Florida Theatre
Building, Jacksonville 2, Florida
Florida Central Chapter: Felix Benton-210 S. Moody
Ave., Tampa, Florida
Alternate: F. Earl DeLoe-6 W. Church Street, Or-
lando, Florida
Florida South Chapter: Robert M. Little--605 Lincoln
Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Alternate: A Courtney Stewart-311 S. E. 7th St.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
OBJECTS:. The objects of the Association shall be to
unit, the architectural profession within the State of
Florida to promote and forward the objects of The
American Institute of Aredutecta; to stimulate and en-
courage continual improvement within the profession,
cooperate rith other professions, promote and participate
in the matters of general public welfare, and represent
and act for the arehiteemwral profession in the State; and
to promote educational and public relation programs for
the advancement of the profession.

The Florida Association of Architects of The American
Institute of Architeets will celebrate its first birthday in
Gainesville, Florida, November 13, 14 and 15. The Hotel
Thomas will serve as headquarters. Business sessions
will be held at the University of Florida.
The program has not yet been fully worked out in
every detail Bso another bulletin giving complete details
will be necessary. Tentatively, however, the program is
scheduled as follows:

Thursday afternoon: Registration.
Thursday evening: An open meeting of the Executive
Board whereat those who are pleased can point with
pride and those who are disgruntled can view with
alarm and those who are content with the status quo
can retire to the "incidental funds" room. (See your
local FAA director.)
Friday: Short business meetings interspersed with phase.
of School Planning to be presented as a seminar during
this convention.
Friday afternoon: Something special is being planned
for the ladies but that comes under another depart-
met and year secretary wouldn't know too much about
itL However, a definite statement will be issued in
the next bulletin.
Friday evening:
Early evening: A meeting of kindred souls in the
"incidental funds" room.
About 7:30 or 8:00: Banquet. Without undue brag-
ging, the Gainesville group intends for this to be
the banquet that will end all banquets.
Saturday morning: Business session.
SuLurday afternoon: Election of officers.
This convention will be the first one conducted under
our new constitution and by-lawa which, under Section
5, Article IV, Membership, require-
"The grant to and the exercise and use by a member
of each and every right and privilege granted by the
Constitution and By-Laws shall be conditioned upon
the professional conduct and good standing by pay-
mien of Association and Chapter dues of the member
in his Chapter."
Your Asociation card wl assist the Credentials Com-
mittee in quickly handling registration.

Upon recommendation of the Executive Board and in
accordance with the constitution and by-laws, the follow-
ing amendments are proposed for action at the annual
Section 1
That a sub-rection (e) bw added:


"(e) Officers of the Association shall take office at
the beginning of the Afeal year."

(9) Election of Ofcers
That nub-section (c) under Section 9 reading:
"The Directors, one from each Chapter, shall be elected
by each Chapter at its Annual Meeting.
"Alternate Directors, one from each Chapter, shall be
elected by each Chapter at its Annual Meeting, to
function for the director in case of his inability to
be changed to read:
"The Directors, one from each Chapter, shall be elected
by the Chapters prior to the Annual Meeting of the
"Alternate Directors, one from each Chapter, shall
be elected by each Chapter prior to the Annual
Meeting of the Association, to function for the
director in case of his inability to serve."
Upon recommendation of attorneys for the Association
and endorsement by the Executive Board, the following
resolution concerning the stat charter is presented for
action at the annual invention:
WHEREAS, this Association was formerly known
as The Florda Association of Architects and existed
as such until July 15, 1947, when an amended charter
was obtained from the Circuit Court of Duval County,
Florida, amending the charter and changing the name
of such Association to The Florida Association of
Architects of The American stiitute of Architects;
WHEREAS, the said former organization of The
Florida Association of Architects had by-lawis which
governed it In conjunction with the charter; and
WHEREAS, upon the issuance of the new and
amended charter July 15. 1947. creating The Florida
Association of Architecta of The American Institute
of Architects, thero was no meeting of such Asso-
ciation immediately following thereafter, nor up to
this time, in consequence of which the by-laws of this
AAsociation were and are at this time the by-laws of
the old organizatIon, The Florida Association of
Architects; and
WHEREAS, to eliminate any question concerning
the acts of The Florida Association of Architects of
The American Institute of Architects from Julny 1,
1947. to date, it is deemed advitable to confirm ad
approve the acts of the ofBers, executive board and
committees minee July 15. 1947; and
WHEREAS, It s advisable and desirable to adopt
a new set of by-laws for operation under said raw and
amended charter of July 15, 1947;
NOW, BE IT RESOLVED. That all actions taken
by the offers, executive board and committees of this
Association under the new and amended charter of
July 15, 1947, since that date, be and they are hereby
eeitrmed and approved;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the following
by-laws are hereby adopted which shall be the by-laws
of The Florida Ausociation of Architects of The Ameri-
can lastitute of Architects:


(1) Amendments
These By.Laws may be amended in the same manner
as the Charter.

(2) Suspension of By-Laws
These By-Laws may be suspended ant any meeting, for
the transaction of any spedal business by a two-thirds
vote of the members parent. When the special business
has been disposed of, the By-Laws thall immediately be
in force again.

(3) Respoanibility
The Association shall not be responsible for any vote
or statements of its officers or members nor be pledged
or bound in any manner except by the approval of the
Board, in conformity with the Charter and By-Lawn.

(4) Meetin Notices
Date, Time &ad Place of all meetings shall be stated
in the Notice therefore.

(5) Rules of Order
All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with
Robert's Rles of Order.

(6) Life Meabers
The status of the present Life Members shall comUeoo
in the Asociaton without further payment of dues and
each such Life Member shall be issued a paid-up "Life
Membership Card" for good standing.
(7) Retired Members
A member who eases to practke. architecture as a
gainful occupation and further ees all other gainful
occupation shall be eligible for "Retired Membership."
(8) Other Types of Memberships
Other types of membernhips may be created as the
neceassty arises in accordance with The American latitute
of Architects chapter By-Laws.
(9) Election of Oficers
(a) Ocers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of
the Asociatioa by a majority vote of the corporate mem-
bers present at said meeting.
(b) The vice-presidents, one from each chapter, shall
bo designated as first, second, third, etc., vice-presidents,
by ballot at the Annual Meeting.
f) The Directors, one from each Chapter, shall be
elected by each Chapter at its Annual Meeting-
Alternate Directors, one from each Chapter, shall be
elected by each Chapter at its Annual Meeting, to function
for the director n case of his ability to serve.

Our Firat Vice-President, Mirs Marion Manley of Miami
has been requected by the Executive Board to officially
represent the FAA at the Sixth Pan-American Congress
of Architects to be held in Imea, Peru. October 15 to 26.
Through the generosity of the Florida South Chapter
LIED ARTS are being sent to all of the delegates of the
Congress with a special presentation plate from the FAA.

. Through the courtesy of the State Board of Arehl*
tecture we are able to publish in the bulletin from time
to time the lists of all prospective applicants for regis-
tration to practice architecture in Florida. This is con-

sidered a very progressive step as it permits the members
of the Association to know the names of those who seek
The following is a current list received from Mr.
Greeley Secretary to the Board:
Gruen, Max. Miami, Fla.-Junior Exam.
Gregvon, Wilfred Jonm, Atlanta, Ga--Junior Exam.
Lowe, Chester Norris, Shaker Heights, Ohio-Exemption
Keel. Wilfred Leonard, Atlanta, Ga.-Junior Exam.
Webb., Raybrn S.. Albany, Ga.-Senior Exam.
Edwards, John Raymond, Adrian. Ga.-Senior Exam.
Sch-umbohn, Henry F., Jr., New York. N. Y.-Pers. App.
Makzewski, Edmund W., Army-Reinstatement
Moeller, Donald H., Miami, Fla.-Junior Exam.
Perrow, Sidney H. Q, St Petersburg, Fla.-Exemption
Sprees, Walter J., Poughkeepoie, N. Y.-Senior Exam.
Greco, Charles R., Boston, Mass.-Perx. App.
Byrd, James Cosby, Venice, Fla.-Junior Exam.
Constantine, Augustus Edison, Charleston, S. C.-Re-
Maflit, Merle Robert, Columbus, Ohio-Exemption
Van Dusen, Fred C., Miami Beach, Fla.-Reinstatement
Godfrey, Chester Noyes, Boston, Masm.-Exemption

Some months ago Mr. Frank Cowles, Jr., Editor,
graciously offered to present sketches of Florida homes
by Florida architects in the FLORIDA BUILDER. Re-
quests for plans have previously bees made from time to
time but Gene Cellar, Chairman of our Publicity Com-
mittee. has asked that the following letter be published
in the bulletin:
"In an attempt to maintain the unwarranted opinion
yea have for my promptness I am writing this letter
asking that you put a notice in the next bulletin re-
questing all architects to submit, promptly, sketches
of houses to appear in the Florida Builder. Tell them
to send as many sketches as they want but do it
promptly and I will see that "first come first served"
and they will be published promptly. Although I am
not allergic (and if you see fit you may publish this
statement) to securing this type of free advertisement
for myself it would be nice to have some of the other
architects plans published also."

Inasmuch as Mr. Cowles has so graciously cooperated
with u., it is definitely up to us to help Gene with sketches
for this perfectly legitimate advertising.

NEW AIA CHAPTERS: ... Since the last bulletin was
issued, new chapters of the AIA have been formed at
Daytona Beach and Palm Beach.
The Daytona Beach Chapter has for its racers:
President __-- -Harry M. Griffin
Vke-President ..Alan J. MacDonogh
Secretary __ Fra R. Walton
Treasurer.. .- Franca W. Craig
while oMctrs for the new Palm Beach Chapter are:
President ......... ..-Marion S. Wyeth
Vice-President..... .............L. Phillips Clarke
Secretary ... ................. George J. Votaw
Treasurer ................................. Gustav A. Maass
We wish the new chapters success and hope that from
time to time other chapters will be formed so that the
Association will have strong "groups throughout the state
at the local level to serve Florida architects.

SHORT EDITORIAL: . From the title you might think
we had something serious in mind but being somewhat
like the inmate of a feeble-minded institute whom we
overheard one time saying that be couldn't play baseball
because he had his mind on croquet, your editor's mind
is on the convention and that brings on more talk.
The Seabee battalion stationed in G-adalnal was
preparing to make the Invasion of Bougainville with the
Marines. One of the "boys", an Irishman by the name
of Tom Brown who was crowding fifty, had been tenta-
tively assigned to the rear echelon as being too old to
stand the rigors of a combat landing. However, with the
true Irish temperament, Tom begged and pled until he
succeeded in securing the commander's permission to go
up with the rest of the fellows. The landing was pretty
rugged and after the first few days and nights of con-
tinual bombardment by the Japs, someone asked Tom
what he thought of the whole thing, to which he replied,
"Shure and I wouldn't have missed it for tin cints."

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