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MARCH, 1947

- Ofera; --
President: Franklin S. Bunch-O02 Florida Theatre Build-
ing, Jacksonville 2, Florida
First Vice-President, Marion I. Manley-385 University
Drive, Coral Gables, Florida
Second Vice-President; Lee Hooper-Room 500, 218 W.
Church Street, Jacksonville, Florida
Third Vice-President:. Donovan Dean-P. 0. Box 310,
Lakeland, Florida
Secretary-Treasurer: Sanford W, Goin-P. 0, Box 677,
Gainesville, Florida
Florida North Chapter: Walter Schultz-10 S. Laura
Street, Jacksonville 2, Florida
Alternate: William K. Jackson-402 Florida Theatre
Building, Jacksonville 2, Florida
Florida Central Chapter: Felix Benton-210 S. Moody
Ave., Tampa, Florida
Alternate: F. Earl DeLoe-6 W. Church Street, Or-
lando, Florida
Florida South Chapter: Robert M. Little-605 Lincoln
Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Alternate: A Courtney Stewart-311 S, E. 7th St.,
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
OBJECS: . The objects of the Association shall be to
unite the architectural profession within the State of
Florida to promote and forward the objects of The
American Institute of Architects; to stimulate and en-
courage continual improvement within the profession,
cooperate with other profesSions, promote and participate
in the matters of general public welfare, and represent
and act for the architectural profession in the State; and
to promote educational and public relation programs for
the advancement of the profession.

The following is a copy of the .Thirty-second Annual
Report of the Florida State Board of Architecture (or-
ganized July 15, 1915) as submitted December 12, 1946
to Governor Millard F. Caldwell by Mellen C. Greeley,
In compliance with the Acts to regulate the practice
of Architecture in Florida, approved May 29,. 1915, and

TECTURE herewith submits ils thirty-second annual
report of receipts and expenditures and of the trans-
actions of the board for the period commencing December
1, 1945, and ending November 30, 1946.
The office of the board and of the Secretary is located
at Room 502, No. 218 West Church Street, Jacksonville 2.
Members of the Board Expires
Archie Gale Parish, ALA., St. Petersburg....... July 1, 1947
Mellen C. Greeley, F.A.I.A., Jacksonville .......July 1, 1947
Jame Gamble Rogers, II, A.LA.,
Winter Park .......................... .......-......July 1, 1949
William T. Arnett, A.LA,, Gainesville..............July 1, 1949
Russell T. Pancoast, AI.A., Miami Beach........July 1, 1947

Mr. William T. Arnett was appointed a member of the
board on July 22, 1946, to complete the term of Mr.
Frederick T. Hannaford, who resigned on July 15, 1946.
Mr. Russell T, Pancoast was appointed a member of
the board on July 27, 194I to complete the term of Mr.
John L. Skinner, who resigned on March 21, 1946.
At the annual meeting held in January, 1946, Mr.
Parish was re-elected President and Mr. Greeley was
re-elected Secretary-Treasurer, both for terms of one
During the period covered by this report the board
held four meetings. The annual meeting was held Jan-
uary 7-11, 1946, and the semi-annual meeting was. held
June 10-14, 1946. Both meetings were held in Jackson-
ville, A special meeting was held in Gainesville on April
19 and 20, 1946, and another special meeting was held
in St. Petersburg on November 15-17, 1946.

At the four meetings held during the year one hundred
ive (105) new applications for registration were received
and given consideration. These included ten (10) appli-
cations for reinstatement. In addition to the new appli-
cations considered at the meetings thirty-one (31) others,
previously received, were reviewed.

Vol.' 1, No. 2

At the date of ths rport thee are fote (14)
hew appliatlams on lte for colideration at future m t-

Of the one hundred thirty-lx (136) total of old and
new applications given unidmertion by the beant regis-
tratih was wanted and cert cates isesed to fity (S0)
aruitects by exenmptian upn s missiao of aoeeptabie
credtilu and to tea (10) upon their peoi the boed's
ex~ iniatns Beistration was renstated Mad certifiates
issued to ten (10) architects who previously were rgis.-
tored In Florida. A total of seventy (70) certificates
were lsmued,
By rules of the board and In accordance with pra-
graph I of Setion 467-1 of the Act n applicant who
has passed a standard N.CA.J.Bfl exmaltiua in aotbr
state may, tpen saplution, be registered sad dmitted
to praete forthkwith, mnd a ertiEate of gitratntio
isaed to him in due course. Pour apPteants were d-
mitted to practice threagh procedure

The certficate of twelve (12) regitrants wera er-
voked and their regitrti cancelled as of Septemabe 1
19M, for the fostowti reasons:
Of Acemo t Death
CrLNo. Name Addres
130 Barge, Flippen ODaid....... ........Aanta Ga.
982 Curtis, Victor Marr............Safety Harbor, Fla.
1070 Dochiawn, Stephen...................P.... alm Beach, FIa-
1023 Masaena, Gabriel F.............. -Wlmington DeL
93 McCormick, Wn. D.__.. _Pttbargh, Pa.
1030 MeMiexhas J. .. Chariotte, N. C.
609 Shanklia Willim. Jr._ -.Col Gabes, Fta
S37 Walker, Nat Gallart .. ._St Myers, Fla.
1392 Walick, P deriA ..-..- .- Wntr Fack, Pla.
1177 W ey, M. Ctlffrd-- ......... ..Lowell I
By Their Own Request or for Non-Payment
of Annual Renewal Fee
520 Murphy, James T- -...... .. ....Lkelfnd, Fl.
115$ Sndl. JMoarce ....... Angeles, Calif.
As of Dee ler I, 1945 ,thes wre Mix ihadred and
Aix (606) arebitect holding certificates of registration
in Florida. Darg the period covered by this report,
seventy (70) certifisate were sued or authorized, and
twelve (12) oertifteates wera cancelled, leaving a total
of six hundred, sixty-four (664) architects registered as
of Deesmber 1, 1949.

As of December 1, 1946, ai hundred and two (602)
architeet hare pad the current anua renewal fee
forty-ive (45) are exempt became of the date of grant-
Ing of cartlftcate, nine (0) are exempt because of their
being still In service in the Armed Forces of the United
States and eight'() have failed to pay the required fee.
Certifcates have bean isjsed to the nine architects still
in serime although they pay so loe as required by
Chapter 3188, N.e 251, Aete of 1941

During the annual and semi-annual meetings, written
or "Junior" uxaminatlonM were conducted. These exam.
inations emh required three days of eight hours each and
one day of twele bours, a total of thirty-eix hours.

At the Janmary emaut atien ten () eppIcat we
pmrut, of whom fire (5) passed meoMafuilr: two (2)
Upon oriinal examination and three (8) uapn re-Cera
At the Jutn examination twenty. (0S) applic lt were
present, of whom three (3) passed, all on orbigial enam-
At the two regular omeecin "Senior mexauaminm
wer conducted of two (2) applicants both of whan
pasMd succesdull-
Throe (3) archtoects already rgistared in Florida p-
peaed for examination rt change their stats from
"tegsbsered by paiminatlon in Florldn" to "Registered
by Standard National Council of Architectural Registra
tion Board Examin iaon." One of them wa from "Junior
to N.C.A-BJ. "J&nion, o r from "Junir" to N.C.A.RB
"SEno" and one was from "Senior to N.C.A-RB.
This board has nmaiutaind membership in the National
Coucll of Archltectual Regditration Board. and thrcu rh
suchb membership han continued Its contate with" th
Reglitntion Boards of other states. Thee contacts have
been vialable in obtaining iform lon about appliants,
epeelaly thee who are already regitered in other state&
Thre members of the board attmded the mamal on-
ventle of the N.CJA.E. at Miami Beach

From the organization of the board in July 1915 to
November 3s, 1940, eighteen hundred, eighty-six (1880)
applications have been fled, inehldint appUication for
reiultatt ent.
Three hmdrd, m ietry-skt aplieal have taken the
"Junior" or writtli erranhnai. Pft uadred and
forttee (1514) certificate of regstratimr bave been
laued, of which asx'bddred sixty-tar (864) are eurro n
as noted above.

become of this board' s derived entirely from fees
paid by members of the architectural profession, for sp.
pli tlona examination, mrnstratin and naml re-
newar of eertUcates. For this remon expedi tae of
the boad must be kept within the lmeit of the fund
available during the year.
I the period covered by tiWa reprt fees received have
enabled the boad to meet. all of its financial obligations
and. to carry.on all of its functional activities, and to con-
tribute to the General Fnd of the State a percentage o
its gros income, as is required by law.
On February 1, 194,. the board conformed to Chapter
22ha Iaw of 5, which became effective Juse 11,
1945, and discoat~n ed the practice of ssing its own
check for expenm which ad been n fame sace its
organization. Expense items e now paid by warrant
from the State Treasurer, upon requiiition by the board,
from funds collected by the board and then tranierred
to the State Treasurer.
Funds received by the boed are deposited In a local
bank ad ar then tranu ered periodkcaf t the State

A special reserve fund f at up some years ago is used
for purchase of reference books and certain permanent
equipment for the School of Architecturo and Allied Arts
at the University of Florkla. Transfer of fnda from

the neral fnd has beea made whneer thee was a
uirpaus at the end of tle reporting period
That rmain in this Special Reseve PFnd the sm
of m hundred, fifty-fve and 10/100 ($115.10) dollUa
there having been inly three iequisilna made during
the ycr, taeug thirty-Afve ad 6/1100 (M5.9) dors
Due to the rapid grwth of the enrlment in the
Sadot of Arcbitocr and Aled Arts ft ia boped that
the bard wil be Lble to ateri inanEs the merve
fund to tab. ar of the debnd expected to be made
for pmaasm a quipmr and book

ThIb is ttatbebd hert a repot of t treamra for
the period ommmdn g Decwber l, 9 ad mada
November 1b, 19N The report ~shws a bmkce am de-
pott 1 tth Atlatic Nationl Bank of Jtacks wv of
ow hundred, twnmty.ir ad 88/100 dan~it (IW ) and
a balastt i the oed of the State Trnmr of two
th mand. oi hmdred wevty ad 10/1004 doll
(M1I.lX0). A total of two thowund two hndrsd wiaEty
- een and UO/4I delair taSLWAOB) ,

just rece"id a copy of the following communication
from Nationr Headquarters A.LA. We hope thh bulletin
caii be printed and mailed this week but note ttht the
doidline in Marue 10, which is rutshng us and the printer:
February 24, 1947
To the President of Ech Chapter, State Assoeoation,
and Organiation of the A.LA.:
We bave been notified by the Department of State
that the Univerity of San hareos in Lima, Pen, det
stes to obtain the services f an architect from the
United States to assst in planning the butldons md
eaLpos for the University. We re writing to a
that otic of this request be conveyed to th mttab
at your Chaptr and that the iemben he Infonmed
that sa asrnteet deiring conmdena a io tide -.
shimn should mnd the following to thi o4ka in
A hbri teame of his wMmun for
the s.igIc. --
We ae informed that de buildiu program o the
Univraity of San Marc amoa ts crretly to some
U20M, o soles, or apprazimatey 3,j0,000.00.
The arhitect frm the United State will be ax-
peated to be a recogu~ a d aUhmrity oa Unlurty
arMhiltmtre d a* the beba of englasine Ia-
atved It ib amteipated that his roerices ca ll
for tayhig two month in Lima, where he weuld serve
as conuttant, starting and evaluating plans sub-
mtted by Plmrva architect, and making reommend-
saioee for the Improvemen of those plans.
The entire expenas for the visit of the architect
selected will be provided by the Universty of San
Mars. We are not informed as to the fe the Unl-
vesilty Il prepared to ofer. It is therefore asmed
that the fee wlU be a subject of negotiation between
the seloted architect and the University.
We request that all architects desiring consider-
ation have their qualifications and any other comments
or statements they desire to make in this office by
Monday, March 10. All submnalIons received at this

odell wil be forwnded throoh appropriate cbhhnnls,
witbhot eomm~t r modification by this otM
abro sols mar to be in d pHate.
Yoan very lHnruly,
DeM'tor of Publc mad Prfebioal
Reatom& AJL

eumaeittee or the Flmidr Soath Chapter At&L

Igar 3. FoleTfthy, Padshat
A. Csrtiner Sth rt, V te-PNddit
Francis J. halowshi, SewtuarTearer
Escrthe CaSi-tu*a:
George A. Cid
George Ha e

A- Cortley Stewart
Francis 3. TarLomb

moating of tb Florida North Chapter was d Februy
IA At wMicd time the following doecr and dirmwors
wore elected;
Officer .
WilliamiT. Arnett, President
W ianm D. Kemp, Vice-Prealdent
LAe Rooper, Secretary

We qute from the write-up in tba FLORIDA TIMES-
UNION of February 14 as follows:
Chrlep F. rish, Tre facing an deir

to build w&5 of majr concern to the new emeuth

The ew president said that oraes and azubitecta
m bir e tor s t m:s d
Harold F. SaxeIlbya
Walter B. Schnlts
W, KEnyon Drake

ote r frtn those dwte-dtp in the FLORIDA TIMES-
UNION of Pebruary 14 a follows:
TI@ lomplex situation ner facifn anyonfte dtrfin

o balid was a major A eon to tlt nhiI ed ea tied
ianmitt of the am ch r dtrh the anatl mefo i.
The Taw preridet aid t skilled b ad i ag itets
su beiae uaLsd to teeept matedals aad worfamisfy
othr time those desired and spelrd& -Contractor,"
wid, see foerd to ntrdt lsb emumstod esrts.
la many teM .I.h .6*bo the uenerl ofvel rk-
abtimi. The iani er air Mg y sutd boudnf .dr-----
b rapidtl airiilng and as a reslt -aay desirabLe
ld tril, eomercial and ttutioMt building pmj-
ets are bainm haandmon beiamn of delra ezemMive
costs ad bother pr ibitko
"SL&a construction as i proeseding, facdinblg i
er bousig, doe so at the risk of becoming a poo
fManial inveutme st a wil as a ms itesse hbada e.
T'Ie Ittion to these problem is bond the epabi-
ties of the architects ate but if a gieral u r-
tanding of the problem is reasebd by all ths eo-
cerned with building and financing, a very neesuary
step n arriving at a solutia will have been taken,"
President Arnett denared.
BOOKS ON ARCITECTUB:.. Bill Arnett in inuing
a mimeaorapbed newa letter to the member of the Flor-
ida North Chapter announced what we believe to be of
pneral interest to the profession regarding Inter-library
loans, We quote:
Your local librarian will be glad to furnish you
with details of the inter.library loan plan whereby you
may borrow books from the University of Florida

LAbrarlee. Yao may ind a .title which appe0ia to you
in the followIngt lHy
PFneseh, Charles and Phkoseh, Walter: AIRPORT
PLANNING, N. Y, John Wiley. 194.
Giedia, Sigfried: SPACE, TIME AfND ARCHITEC-
TURE-The Growth of a New Tradition. Cam-
bride. Barard Preass 1
IN AMEICA. N. T, Oxford Press 194.
N. Y. John Wiley, 1932.
Roger, Tyler Stewart PLAN YOUR HOUSE TO
SUIT YOURSELF N. Y, Seribhnar 194.
S&riMah, tliet: THE CITY--It Growth, Its Decy,
Its Pture. Cambridge, arvard Prms, 1941.

NBWS AND COMMENTh: . We have a ltter from
Robert Bittnsr annmmiing the topenina of his prautke
in Oealr 106 South Orange Sket. It munt be the itre
of the proftescnm a we understand that Bob has bee
doing better than all right in hlie wresntlie establih-
rents. However, we are glad to welcome him back into
active prantk*.. President Franklin Bunch is trying
to locate a roll of 18 mm film taken at the Association
Convention in Jackonville in 198. This wa a movie
of the sarobtects Ra they entered the Roonevelt Hotl.
If anyone remembers anything about the film, will they
please get in touch with Frank? By action of the
Executive Board is was decided to send the Bulletin this
year to each architect In the State regardless of ALA.,

filiation. It was further decided to send the Bulletin
to other state organisation of the A.LA, with the re-
quet that we be placed on their mailing lists for any
publk tion which they issue.
We ae in receipt of correpondence Indicating that
action is beiag take in the formation of now AA.
Chapter in the Daytoa and West Pain Beach an
tender act operations the ew Conasttatin and By-
Law still preset a few pro1mes that only times and
careful study wll work oua Ont o these is the matter
of des in the PFAA. for Assoeist and Junior Azoeiste
members of the am n Chaptler. Thi s is a matter of
firt imprtace oa ate gsda of the next meeting f
the f ntim Board ad we hope to be able to rert
s seting pedan f after that meetig.
Yor editor would like to repeat himself in a quest
carried in bst year's blkmetins comerniag the submssion
of news which might be Interesng to the profesian by
the various member of the orgaiatIon. It wil be easy
to note from the subject matter of this bletin that our
saures of information have cosiated principally of the
FLORIDA TIMES-UNION and the bulletins and cr-
respondence tram the Florida North Chapter. This being
an all-PFlrida organisation, we certainly would weteome
some news from the wet, central and southern parts of
the state.

Bunch has called the next meeting u the Executive Board
fo Saturday, March 29, 2:00 P.M., in Room 306, Florida
Theatre Building, Jacksonville,

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