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JANUARY, 1947 VOL 1, No. 1

President: Franklin S. Bunch-402 Florida Theatre Build-
ing, Jacksonville 2, Florida
First Vice-President: Marion I. Manley-385 University
Drive, Coral Gables, Florida
Second Vice-President: Lee Hooper-Room 500, 218 W.
Church Street, Jacksonville, Florida
Third Vice-President: Donovan Dean-P. 0, Box 810,
Lakeland, Florida
Secretary-Treasurer: Sanford W. Goin-P. O. Box 677,
Gainesville, Florida
Florida North Chapter: Walter Schult--10 S. Laura
Street, Jacksonville 2, Florida
Alternate: William K. Jackson-402 Florida Theatre
Building1 Jacksonville 2, Florida
Florida Central Chapter: Felix Benton-210 S. Moody
Ave., Tampa, Florida
Alternate: F. Earl DeLoe-- W. Church Street, Or-
lando, Florida
Florida South Chapter: Robert M, Little-605 Lincoln
Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Alternate; A Courtney Stewart-311 S. E. 7th St.,
Ft, Lauderdale, Florida
OBJECTS: ... The objects of the Association shall be to
unite the architectural profession within the State of
Florida to promote and forward the objects of The
American Institute of Architects; to stimulate and en-
courage continual improvement within the profession,
cooperate with other professions, promote and participate
in the matters of. general public welfare, and represent
and act for the architectural profession in the State; and
to promote educational and public relation programs for
the advancement of the profession.

This bulletin is the first to be issued by the new or-
ganiaation, The Florida Association of Architects of The
American Institute of Architects. This new group is a
direct descendant of the old F.A.A., incorporated tnder
the laws of the State of Florida in 1914. The formation
of the state organization as an integral part of the A.I.A.
is the result of years of work by the Unification Commit-
tee composed of Miss Marion Manley, Chairman, John

F. Skinner, Archie G. Parrish, Russell Seymour, Arthur
Beck and Norman F. Six.
At annual and semi-annual meetings for the past four
years the members of the old F.A.A. discussed pro and
con the relative advantages and disadvantages of the
unification program. As an outcome of these discussions
the new organization has been set up and endorsed almost
unanimously by those who have attended these meetings,
The principal objective in setting up The Florida Asso-
ciation of Architects, A.I.A., has been to unify all re-
putable registered architects residing in the state into
an active group with life and vigor to achieve the objects
as set forth in the new constitution. This new constitution
might be briefed somewhat along the following lines:

Brief of the
Article I. Name of Society:
EJolridaAssanciatim f .Architects .f the Amorican
Institute of Architects."
Article II. The Objects of the Association:
In ikdition to the objects of the old F.A.A,, the new
objects include the forwarding of the objects of
Article II[. Organization:
A non-profit organization,
Article IV. Membership:
All corporate and associate members of all Florida
Chapters, A.IA., are automatically members, and
the only members of the F.A,A., except for honorary
members who have .no right to vote. Therefore it
is incumbent that all A.I.A. Chapters in the State
maintain an intensive membership drive to get all
reputable, ethical, registered architects affiliated
with The Institute,
Article V. Officers of the Association:
Prescribes the duties, terms of office, manner of
election, qualification of a President, lat., 2nd., and

Vte-Preldeatxt Secretary and a Treazure
Only corporate members of ThI Institute to be

Article VL Bscstfie Bard:
To be ewpeed of drcer of The Asmoatife, the
immediate Past Preideat. and oem Directr from
each Chpter. Only corporate members of The
[nsttuat to be Director. Board to have authorit
to conduct the business of The Assoaton between
convention At least two meetings of the Board
per year.
Article VIL Committees:
Nominating committee to be appointed by the Prees-
dent at least 80 days prior to convention. Standing
conmittes and special committees to be appointed
by the Peeldent. Committee may rez est the
Beard to alloste money for Committee work if
Arlidk VUL Fbalada
FP ustyer to be maes cakledu yuwr. Treasm
of each of the Chaptes to eoaect fma eae at
their Chapter members d to rit to the Asm-
ciation Tresser, doe as set by the Associathi.
The Boud may raise money by vomlutar contrmb-
tions whan nedLd The Board to adopt an animl
budget All od wil and tagible assets of the
old F.A.A to be transferred to the new FAA. of
the AJ.A.

Article IX. Meetings of the Associatlon:
One annual convention per year. Special meetings
when necamtry. No proxiea or letter ballots.

Artiel X. Atdmeatsa:
Consttution and By-Laws may be amundod at any
meeting with 3 days prior notice to anl mners.
Institute must approve all amendment Imsitout
may order smasd ats

Of course, it may be seen that tr e architects in the
otate who do mt choose to affiliate with the AJ.A are
no longer members of the F.A.A. Bowever, since the
AJA. in recent years has roadened it attitude toward
membership there an certainly be no reason why any
riputable rigstel d practitioner should object to being
a member, In fIet, every man who considers his profes.
lson as a high calling and wishes to endorse the one
national organisation which has done more than any other
to elevate our services to a place of recognied authority
owes it to himself to get behind the A.LA. with his re-
sources and s time. The various AL.A. Chapters in the
state will be glad to assist in making applications and
hearing the applkant through the national headquarters
in Washington
To those archtects reading in other states nd regis-
terd in Porida who in the past bawe so gewousy sap-
parted the old F.A.A., we wish to expre or sincere
appreciation. We regret that under the ew set-up we
have been anabl to make provision for ffliation of these
practitioner with the organizatl Shold any of tUse
eot-ef-state men wish the Iblletin sent to them in the
fnture, a request to the Secretary wilt turn the trick. Any
architect moving into the state will fnld a ready welcome
and we will cordially invite participation in The Florida
Association of Architects, A,1.A.

. ..The 32nd Annual Neeting of the Florida Assiation
of Ardctects was held In St Petermburg Noew ber 15
and S1, the Executie Board meeting haing bee held
the hening of November 14.
The iial meeting ws called to oder by PretMent
StripHin, who introduce Mayor Geore Pattersoa of St.
Pfte.rsbMrg ud Mr. William F. Davnport of the St.
Pettrsburg Chamber of Commerce
The District Directors present gave verbal reports
indcatng interest in Association affairs throughout the
State, with quite's few of the reports covering work on
the part of architects in their local communities toward
reviilon of building codes or securing new building codes.
Reports from District 1 and District 5 indicated a desire
on the part of architects In the PensBaola and Daytona
Beach areas to form new Institute Chapters in those areas
with some prelininury work having been done toward
that end.
President Stripling reported completion of the unfies-
Uion program insouar as The Association was concered
and explained to the members that the Costitution and
By-Laws were to be passed by the Board of Directon of
the AIA. at their meter to be held in Decef ber I t
that the aetin woa be aetoctive to Novebear L
Franklin Bunch report that the WeIewr Memorial
Committee had beae working on the matter of securing
a Memorial Exhibition Room at the Unirverity of Florida
to honme Mr. Weawer's personal architectural library and
his large collection of prints, water colors, etc. Mr. Bunch
stated, however, that Mr. Guy C. Flton, Architect to
the State Board of Control. had indicated that it would
not be possible to include such a room under the present
construction program anrl suggested that thia matter be
held over until such time as a Fine Arta Building is
created at the University.
Mr. Greeley moved, seoonded by Dixon. that this or-
ganisation go on record and take action lading to the
formation of a Fine Arta Commision to offer asistnce
to the Governor and his Cabinet in reard to the develop-
meot of the Capitol City and that a comaettee e ap-
poitted to further this acti. So ordered.
Miss Mantley as Chairman of the Baemution Commit-
te, presented the following resolutIs, which were

Florida AondatUon of Architects
of the Amercan Inetitate of Arehitests
Unanimously Paused November 16, 1940

WHEREAS the measures taken during the past
several years, with their geneies, priorities, directives,
subsaies, rul. and regulations and retrietions, cn-
troling the production of bmkdings, particularly hu-
tng, and most particularly bouing for veteran, bave
prodaeed, and ar prodocing, relatively little of worth-
while resnts, except for the result produ ed by the
provkik which have enabled and do able more
liberal financing and safer loaning o mortgage, now
therefore be t
RESOLVED: By the Florida Association of Arci-
totes of the American Institute of Architect in regu-
lar meeting assembled, November 11, 1946, at St.
Petersburg, Florida, that it hereby respectfully peti-
Lions the Federal Government, the President and the
Congress of these United States, to make the earliest

eonvaeniet opportunity so to do, and to make null, void
and of no effect any and all federal aws, agencies.
priorities, subsidies, directives, restritions, rules and
regulations, relating to design, construction, equipment,
setting, finish, sale and use of buildings, exopt those
in effect prior to 1960.
RESOLVED: That the Secretar is hereby author-
ized and directed la tranmit a copy of this Re olution,
signed by the President of this Amoclation and him-
self, to:
1) The President of these United States.
2) The Seate of these United States.
3) The House of Reprentatives of these United
4) Each Senator and Representative in Congress
from Florida.
5) The Governor of Florida.
6) The American Institute of Architects,
7) Each Chapter of The American Institute of

WHEREAS: God in Mis infinite wisdom has seen
fit to take from our membership the following:
Flippen David Burge....... .........Atlanta, Georgia
Victor Marr Curtis ...... Safety Harbor, Florida
Stephen Dechmn_ -. .. Palm Beach, Florida
Gabriel F. Maena ...... ..Wilmligton, Delaware
Win. D. McCormic ........ Pittaburh, Pennsylvania
J, M, MeMichael................Chrlott, North Carolina
William Shanklin, Jr.... .....Coral Gables, Florida
Nat GaUlard Walker- .... ort Myers, Florida
SFred-rkk Walkh. .- ...--Winter Park, Florida
M. Clfford Woly._ ....L.. owel Indiana
Wayne Remley .................. ......Miarmi, Florida
WHEREAS: The profeid ion has suffered a loss in
the passing of these distinguiabed architects;
THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the lorida As-
neiation of Architects of the American Istitute of
Arehitects, in annual convention assembled in the City
of St. Petersburg this 16th day of November, 1046,
does hereby regret the absence of these members from
our rolls and further resolves that a copy of this
rsoluton beli p td upa the minutes and a copy be
sent to the cl]cet survivor as an expression of sym.
WHEREAS: The member architects of St. Peters-
burg and Tam'a have extended their graulous hos-
pitality to the Florida Aasoction of Architecls, A.LA.,
during its annual meeting. November 1I and 1I. 1946
THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the Florida As-
sociation of Architects, A.E. in annual coreentton
assembled in the City of St. Peternbuz, Florida, this
16th day of Novenmber, 1946, does hereby express its
appreciation and thanks for said hospitality and for
the friendly reception extended to It.

It was decided at the meeting that dues for 1947 will
be held at $10.00 per member.
President Striplng announced that the Board of
Directors would select the next annual meeting place,
Several other items of routine convention work were
taken care of and offers elected.

1945 Balance (Received of F. T. Hannmaord
January 30, 1946) ...-. .. ... .. 63582.
1946 daesm 01 @ $0.0 ._.._..- .f loO-
1947 does I @ #100 ............. 10.00
Junior Associate dues 4 @ $1.00 ........ 00

Gros Income 1948 ............ ......$2,024.00


Exchange .n checks _-. ..... $
i946 d ue A -........-..... -
Memberhip State Chamber of
Com m erce ........................................
Stationary end dues notices ..................
Stamps. postage and hil folders ........
Bulletins (including programs and
reservation cards for November
Convention) ... ---. -
Refund to Walter de Carmo for
overppayment of dues .................





Total Expenditures 1946 .......... .. 5.20
Balance 1946 ..-- -.... -... *.. 1,6-8.80
Total Basan .. .. .. ... 221

FACULTY MEMBERS: . We have been requested by
Bill Arnett to insert the following notice:
To provide for an increase in enrollment which has
been authorized for February 1947, the University of
Florida must have four additional faculty members in
Architecture. Two are needed to teach Fundamentals
of Architecture, one for Design and Delineation, and
one for Construction and Structures. Salaries will com-
pare favorably with those of Florida offices. It you are
interested, wire collect to the Director, Willam T.
Arnnet, A.I.A, School of Archtecture and Alied Arts,
University of Florida, Gaiesvilk.

NEWS AND COMMENTS: ... We are in receipt of a
report from Donovan Dean regarding the chapter meeting
of the Central District December 7, 194,0 Mr. Dean en-
closed nenmaper article and photograph published In
the local Lakeland papers the followai day:

A petition urging "removal of all government con-
trols on building and a restoration of the system of
free enterprise" to be presented to the 80th Congress
when it com'ens in January, was adopted in the form
of a resa]ution pasd Satulrday by the Central Florida
chapter of the Archltects' Institution of Ameria. meet-
ing in quarterly business session here.
The group met at the officto of Donuvan Dean, state
A.I.A. vice president, with Carl N. Atkinson, of St.
Pet rsburg, chapter president, in charge. It unani.
mously supported the motion presented by Dean that
such a petition be presented to congress.
It action followed charges maie by Dean and other
members that governmentt war-born agencies have
served their purpose and should be disbanded, *
specifically, the national housing administration, which
has European idea."

Speaking on behalf of the tenolton. Dean told the
1S-man group that "within six months of the dissolu-
tion (of the hoiLng administrationt tho building busi-
ness will return to its normal rtatun, barring such
other hidranes s rail embargo, trik, and pro-
ductian di&fetalt "
In addition to taking sweb a stand on the losing
situation th architects' gr p alo weat into detailed
disciumion of city planning methods as they relate to
the architectural field, before adjoornnth for a social
In addition to Atkinson, other. in attendance were
Bruce Smith, Norman F. Six, R. E. Jnssen, Felix
Benton and Franklin 0. Adams, Tnmpa; G. H. Spohn,
Francis H. Emerson, Henry P. Whitworth and J. Gam.
ble Roegrs, Winter Park; J. S. McOnndless and Elliott
B. Hadley. St. Petersburg; F. Earl DeLoe, Orlando, and
Dean and Albert J. Poteet, Lakeland.

In his letter Mr. Dean commented as follows:
Prom these new items, I believe y can see the
benefit to the profemion as a whole which can be
derived by the various architects making a point of

business to become well acquainted with the editors of
their local papers I know that by keeping the arcbi-
teetral profession before the general public in the
form of news itemn in the papers, their respect for the
profession will be duly credited. I think we shbld
emphasize the value of local architects pttng forth
an extra effort to be on better than speaking quaint-
ance with their local Inwnpaper persoafe. In fact, I
think this should be one of the main subjects on our
business agenda for our next state meeting.

frat regular meeting of Lhe Executive Board of the new
Flnrtda Association of Architects of the American Insti-
tute of Architects will be held in Room 806 Florida
Theatre Building, nacksonville, Florida, at 2:00 o'clock
Saturday afternoon, January 25, 1947.

Attention is called to Article VHI of the brieaag of the
new Constitution, in which it is set forth that dues for
Asociation membenbip ill be paid through the local
A.LA. Chapter Treasu rs.

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