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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: February 1940
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211 Taylor A
St. Peters

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stripling
3--Sanford W. Goin
,4--FrederickW. Bucky, J
5--G: M. Peek
6--Richard B. Rogers
7--Archie G. Parrish

6I10 Spec.
'! 1 1
i F32

nt Vice-President
arcade, 1777 Biscayne Boulevard
burg Miami
Box 3747
Daytona Beach
Pensacola 8-Donald R. Pierce Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocca
Gainesville 10--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
r. Jacksonville 11--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
DeLand 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
Orlando 13--Gerard Pitt Miami
St. Petersburg

Object: . The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.



3n Memory of


e5Caster cArchitect


It is proper that the BULLETIN dedicate a few lines
in memory of Dwight James Baum, architect, who
suddenly passed away December 13, 1939.
Born in Little Falls, N. Y., on June 24, 1886, and
studied architecture at Syracuse University, receiving
his bachelor's degree in 1909.
After several years in New York offices, Mr. Baum
began practicing independently in 1915.
In 1932 the American Institute of Architects an-
nounced he had won the gold medal for the-best small
house built in the United States during the years 1926-
1930. Presentation of the medal was made by President
Hoover. Among his best-known works are the Robert
Law estate at Port Chester, N. Y.; the home of Charles
Evans Hughes, Jr., at Riverdale on Hudson, N. Y.;
the'home of Powell Crossley, Jr., at Cincinnati,; the
Venetian palace of John Ringling in Sarasota, Florida.
He,was the architect, among other buildings, of the
Hotel El Verona and the Court House at Sarasota,
Florida; of the Recreational Center and bottling plant
at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and of buildings at Syracuse
-University, and Clarkson, Hartwick, Middlebury and
Wells Colleges. In New York he was the architect of
the Federal Building at Flushing, Queens; of the Great
War Memorial Tower at Riverdale and of structures at
the New York World's Fair. He had exhibited at the
Paris Salon, in London, in Berlin, and in South Ameri-
can cities. He was a Fellow of the American Institute
of Architects and vice-chairman of the Building Com-
mittee, and a member of other architectural and art
societies. He was treasurer of the. National Sculpture
Mr. Baum had written on architectural topics and"
lectured widely on the development of domestic archi-
tecture in Amrerica.
Mr. Baum was married in 1912 to Miss Katherine
Crouse, of Syracuse. Surviving besides Mrs. Baum are
three sons, Dwight Crouse Baum, John Leach Baum
and Peter. Ackerman Baum.

SECkETARY'S NOTE: Dwight James Baum was
a member of the Florida Association of Architects for
fifteen years, 1925 through 1939. Although not a resi-
dent of Florida, his interest in the State and the Asso-
ciation was evident in many ways. We will miss his
encouraging words regarding the growth in our mem-
bership and the enjoymenthe received from the BULLE-
TIN. May his star ever shine and history record his

MEMBERSHIP This being the principal source
of income as well as the yardstick for measuring the
usefulness of our Association, not forgetting that it is
also the barometer indicating the interest of Florida
Architects in their State Association, it pleases the
Secretary to inform you that the number of paid-up
memberships to date, January 25, 1940, is more than
three times the number for any previous year during
the same period. Worthy of note is that this first list
includes e'even architects who have renewed their mem-
bersh:p and six new members. Thanks a lot, folks,
because it certainly helps to make the Secretary-Treas-
urer's job delightful.


Previously given, 0.

Franklin O. Adams /
R. S. Adler -
Will:am T. Arnett
Roy A. Benjamin
George Bruce
Rolland C. Buckley
Frederick W. Bucky, Jr.
E. F. De La Haye
L. Murray Dixon
E. A. Ehmann
Upton C. Ewing
S. Ralph Fetner
Frank Frimmer
Sanford W. Goin
Mellen C. Greeley
Ell-ott B. Hadley
Curtis E. Haley
R. Daniel Hart
Wm. W. Hatcher
T. Hunter Henderson, Jr.
Hal F. Hentz
Laurance Hitt
P. R. L. Hogner
A. C. Hopkins
Raymond F. Houlihan
Louis Kamper
Forrest M. Kelley
F. J. Kennard v
Richard Kiehnel v-
Bruce P. Kitchell

Total, 60.

Robert M. Little
Jack McCandless
Robert M. Nevins, Jr.
Russell T. Pancoast v
Archie G. Parish
E. Dean Parmelee
G. M. Peek
Henry G. Perring
Donald R. Pierce
John E. Pierson
SGerard Pitt /
Jefferson D. Powell /
Max Chas. Price
Jas. Gamble Rogers, II /
Richard W. Rummell
Albert M. Saxe
Carlos B. Schoeppl
David Shotwell
Norman F. Six v
Ivan H. Smith >
George H. Spohn
Hans R. Stamm
Courtney Stewart '
James A. Stripling
Henry L. Taylor
Rudolph Weaver -
S.,J. Welch
Henry P. Whitworth <
Edgar S. Wortman
Chandler C. Yonge

* -X- -

Adolph Frimmer, John A. Reid, Bruce Smith, Jr.
Ivan H. Smith, of Jacksonville, has been appointed
a member of the Committee on State Organization, A.
I. A., and Robert Law Weed, is also on that Committee
for the F. A. A.

This list, 60.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, May 5, 1892. Gradu-
ated from Manual Training School, 1911. Entered
architect's office as apprentice and received early train-
ing with several architects in Indianapolis. Enlisted in
U. S. Army, April, 1917, and served overseas 18 months
in 42nd (Rainbow) Division. Received commission as
Lieutenant in French Artillery School . Discharged
May, 1922. Resumed employment in architect's office
in 1923. Came to St. Petersburg, Florida, October,
and then entered business in own name in Indianapolis
1925. After four years in architect's offices opened own
office May, 1929. Married in 1927 and has a son 9 years
of age. Member Rotary Club, American Legion, Junior
Chamber of Commerce and St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

COMMENTS That, fellows, gives you very briefly
Elliott's history to date . It took a crowbar to pry
out this information, but your Secretary was persistent.
. Incidentally, Wilbur B. Shook, one of Elliott's
friends, was elected President of the Indiana Society
of Architects for 1940 . Wilbur writes that Bill
McGuire has a picture hanging in his office showing an
early group of local draftsmen when the Indianapolis
Architectural Club was first organized and Elliott is in
"full bloom" in that picture . They hold him in high
regard up there and still count him one of the gang ...
From what we can gather Elliott has had a faculty for
making friends ever since his pants were held up by
safety pins and he winked at his nurse.
Although Christmas is over we still observe a few
well-filled stockings.
-*- *x
DONE GONE -Yesterday's breeze is of no value
to the sailboat in today's race.
-x- *x
AMEN After our recent experience with the Legis-
lature we wonder if the chaplain prays for the members
or. if he just looks them over and then prays for the

"Snow, snow, more beautiful snow.
How I wish to the South I could go!
I'd rather be in Daytona Beach
Where the blasts of winter seldom reach.
I'd rather fish with my old friend Del
Than be up here where the weather is ."
Better see Doc Harvey, Ted. Your case is serious.
P. S. Send down your old overcoat, willya?
All those in favor of having a stenographer at the
next convention say "Ah!" Move seconded by John

AFFILIATION All required documents have been
sent to The A. I. A. for their consideration and we'll
give you a report soon after we receive their reply.
Have received fine letters from Frederic A. Fletcher,
Chairman, and Thomas Pym Cope, Secretary, of the
Committee on State Organization, A. I. A., assuring
full cooperation to expedite the matter . Indiana
Society of Architects, also planning affiliation, went
through the process of adopting new By-Laws at their
annual meeting January 19 and 20 . Sent them
copies of our By-Laws and that part of our minutes
pertaining to action on them . .President Shook says
they helped a lot.


Planning and Program Commi
Franklin O. Adams, Chairman
Mellen C. Greeley
Frederick G. Seelmann
Rudolph Weaver
W. Kenneth Miller
Bernard W. Close
Archie G. Parish
Norman F. Six ..
Civic :Improvement
W. Kenneth Miller,
Eliot C. Fletcher
John M. Crowell
Publicity Committee
.' C. R. Stageberg,
F. W. Bucky, Jr.
William M. McCarty
.:Educational Committee
John L. R. Grand,
Henry P. Whitworth
Frederick T. Hannaford

ittee Unexpired Term
S2 years
2 years
S 1 year
1 year
3 years
3 years
4 years
4 years
Special Legislative
F. G. Seelmann,
Russell T. Pancoast
George H. Spohn
Membership Committee
James A. Stripling,
All Directors
Trustees, University Fund
Rudolph Weaver,
William T. Arnett
Frank A. Parziale

Legislative Committee
Robert Fitch Smith, Chairman M. Leo Elliott
James A. Stripling William T. Arnett
E. A. Ehmann
3x --*
Other committees to be announced later.

SATURDAY'S NOTE--The first bath tub in the
White House was installed by President Fillmore's wife.

OMIGOSH! We begin to wonder if some of the boys
have ganged up to keep our old fishing' pole in the
corner . Four concerns have written for a list of the
architects registered in Florida .. and all claim an
architect told them we could do it . Sorry . We
have but one copy of the Roster and our "Pick and
Hunt System" is not equal to typing off 559 names and
addresses one time, let alone four times, in any one
month . Please refer these requests to the State Board
of Architecture . We did.

CENTURY OF PROGRESS -The census of 1840
gave Flor'da a population of 54,477 as compared with
34,735 in 1830, an increase of nearly 57%, in spite of
the Indian War. Not a town in the Territory, however,
had as many as 2,000 inhabitants . .It will be inter-
esting to note the result of the 1940 census . Our
guess is about 1,730,000.

Frederick A. Henderich of St. Augustine was elected
President of the Florida North Chapter A. I. A. for

Impossible for State Board of Architects to furnish
copies of present Registration Act to accompany copies
of proposed Bill. If you do not have one in your file
you'll have to take a peek at the other fellow's copy.
Hope to give you, copies of Proposed Bill with this

E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,
The Florida Association of Architects.


3 1262 05919 8894

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