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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: January 1940
Subject: Architecture -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Architecture -- Caribbean Area   ( lcsh )
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*; ,jt ^ I Spec.


211 Taylor Arcade,'
St. Petersburg

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stripling
3--Sanford W. Goin
4--FrederickW. Bucky, J
5--G. M. Peek
6--Richard B. Rogers
7--Archie G. Parrish

1777 Biscayne boulevard

Box 3747
Daytona Beach
Pensacola 8--Donald R. Pierce Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
Gainesville 10--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
Jr. Jacksonville 11--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
DeLand 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
Orlando 13--Gerard Pitt Miami
St. Petersburg

Object: . The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.




Each year end is a harbor. Briefly we pause to
review the voyage of the past twelve months. Thank-
ful are we for our many friends. Thankful for their
efforts and kind wishes,-for their part in helping to
bring us into port. Looking forward to meeting them
again and often during the coming years we confiden-
tially set our sails to catch the winds of 1940. To
you all we wish






'* -, '

CONVENTION NOTES . Sixty architects
present . No more, no less ... Several "Old
Timers" or "Regulars" again appeared on the scene
. and a number of new faces were present . With
much ground to cover during the business sessions
your officers thank you for your fine cooperation, and
the very few diversions from the question . Am
sure you impressed the visitors as a fine group of citi-
zens intent upon the work to be done, seriously and
MINUTES . Complete minutes have been given
to the stenographer and in all probability Directors
will receive a copy with this Bulletin. If interested
in any particular item the minutes will be on file for
your use . And we hope you will discuss them at
your District Meetings.
BY-LAWS .. A new set of By-Laws was adopted
at the Convention . For the purpose of making
possible the affiiliation of The Florida Association of
Architects with the American Institute of Architects
. . We trust it will receive the approval of The Insti-
tute . .There may be some minor changes to be
made at the semi-annual meeting, but until that time
we will operate under the By-Laws as now approved.
. Copies will be sent to those who send in their
dues and thus become voting members.
CONSTITUTION .. Gone with the wind.
OBJECT . New wording and a broader field.
See front page.
MEMBERSHIPS . "An architect becomes a
VOTING MEMBER when he has applied for mem-
bership and paid his dues. Every voting member may
exercise all the rights that are conferred on him by
law and these By-Laws or by the Executive Board in
accordance therewith, including the right to vote and
hold office and act as representative or delegate of the
Association when duly authorized to do so."
"Any architect registered in Florida who has signi-
fied his desire to be a member of the Association and
has qualified but fails to pay the dues prescribed in
the By-Laws for voting membership shall be classified
as an Associate Member. An Associate member may
attend and speak at any meeting, but he shall not be
eligible to hold office, vote, or act as a delegate of
the Association."
"Any person over eighteen years of age who has had
at least one year's experience as a draftsman or in per-
forming the other recognized functions of architectural
service during the employment by one or more regis-
tered architects, or one year's attendance at a recog-
nized school or department of architecture, may, upon
application and upon payment of dues as hereinafter
provided, be admitted to Junior Associate membership.
A Junior Associate Member may attend and speak at
any meeting but shall not be eligible to vote, hold office,
or act as a delegate of the Association."

DUES . Dues for Voting Members are the same
as in previous years,-Five Dollars . Dues for
Junior Associate Members are one dollar each year.
INFORMATION .. There will be no "dues in
arrears" at any time . .If you pay your dues for
1940 you become a Voting Member with full privileges
.,. Failure to pay dues in any year automatically reg-
isters you as an Associate Member. . And you regain
your Voting Member status when you again pay current
dues. . There is no obligation to be a Voting Member
year after year with the possibility of back dues piling
up . You make your own rating.
S MORE INFORMATION Some time ago we
received a letter from Thomas Pym Cope, Secretary,
Committee on State Organization of The American
Institute of Architects, together with a pamphlet giving
information about The A. I. A. Taking advantage of
the offer of additional copies for distribution your sec-
retary has just received copies by express and so we
ask you to read the document accompanying this Bulle-
tin. It should help to clear up the somewhat dubious
and cloudy conception some architects have about The
American Institute of Architects . Read it and
save it.
S QUOTES . From above mentioned document.
"The fruits of the many activities of The Institute are
enjoyed by every architect and should constitute an
obligation on each to make some contribution for the
common good, preferably through active participation"
... "In all of this The Institute needs the active sup-
port of all architects. It will welcome into its mem-
bership every architect who is willing to conform to its
principles, and participate in the program set forth in
this circular."
REMARK Well worth applying the above
thoughts to your State Association.
CONVENTION NOTES: .. .Presidents come and
Presidents go but the Secretary lasts forever . So
it appears from this side of the fence . And after
pondering deeply for the proper excuse to give for
accepting another year as chief cook and bottle washer,
can you imagine our surprise to discover none was
needed . Bless her heart and understanding ..
Guess she understood a mere refusal would be like
trying to put out a forest fire with an atomizer.
ADDRESSES . We note so many new addresses
in the roster sent out by The State Board of Archi-
tecture we will not attempt to give them in the Bulletin.
Sufficient to say it has been quite a chore to set up new
plates for the addressograph. If you know of any
architect not receiving the Bulletin because he has
changed his location please let us know.
THOUGHT ... There are two sides to every counter.
The only way to make your side important is to satisfy
the customer.

HELP ... Some time ago we saw a headline "Royal
Oak Sunk". Don't believe it,-it's in Michigan . .
Perhaps it is just going down . At any rate Fred
C. Thompson writes from there saying he let Florida
sand seep into his shoes five or six times during the
past ten years and now desires to locate work in an
architectural office and wants to stay permanently. If
interested write him for details.
CONVENTION NOTES: . "Kenny" Miller of
Orlando made a tip-top toastmaster at the banquet ..
Confessed to your secretary that he will join the bene-
dicts during January . While Mrs.-to-be knows
plenty about sculpture Kenny will discover she also
knows how to make plans .. Weed and Seelmann
staged a comedy in three parts at our table Bob
Little, at another table, was the third part . Mem-
ber traveling longest distance,-Laurence N. Loeb,
from White Plains, N. Y. . Our hat's off to jolly
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Traynor, genial host and hostess,
at the cocktail party . "Real Folks" . Hope
Santa Claus left them everything except his whiskers.
BULLETIN ... To be monthly and to be mailed to
every architect registered in the State of Florida. Con-
tributory items will be appreciated by the secretary.
Send in your District news. Fred M. Traynor, vice-
president of the Florida Portland Cement Company of
Tampa, says he likes the Bulletin, reads all of it and
swipes some of the things we have to say . And
he gave us permission to use anything that appears
on that unique Florida blotter they issue once a month.
SSo all of you who know Palm Beach is 102 miles east
of Jacksonville just raise your right hand. And all of
you who know that the entire continent of South
America lies to the east of Tampa, Florida, can have
the day off to go fishing. Personally we had to refer
to the globe before we were convinced.
LEGISLATION . According to convention action
the Secretary will 'send to all architects registered in
Florida a copy of the present Registration Act together
with a copy of the new Bill regarding registration, as
presented by the Association's Legislative Committee at
the past session of the State Legislature. If you have
kept track of this item through the Bulletin you will
recall the Bill was withdrawn by the Legislative Com-
mittee as several items had been added to the Bill, by
outside interests and the sponsor, without the knowledge
or approval of the Legislative Committee.
Study that Bill not as a product of the Legislative
Committee but as their compilation of the consensus
of opinion by architects as to what the Bill should con-
tain. Please do not criticize the Committee,---it is your
Bill, not their's.
And then discuss it at a District meeting, sending
your comments to Frederick G. Seelmann, Chairman,
Legislative Committee, Plaza Circle, Palm Beach,

And Pour L'Amour de Mique don't say you didn't
have a chance to know about it later.
If possible you will get these papers with the Febru-
ary Bulletin.
"MEL" GREELEY: ... To you all architects extend
greetings and sincere appreciation for the exceptional
manner in which you fill the post of Secretary and
Treasurer of the Florida State Board of Architecture.
Your Annual Report to the Governor, a copy of which
is on my desk before me, and from which you read
important items at the convention, is all that such a
report should be. Congratulations, Mel.
P.S. . Send me those copies of present Regis-
tration Act any time, Mel.
FISHING . It is plain to see that our fishing
is going to require planning with all the duties set forth
at the Convention. However, our friend, Scudder, from
St. Petersburg, sends the following clipping from local
paper, so we know our kinfolks are upholding the family
Bordeaux, France-(AP)-A giant carp weighing
69.5 pounds and four feet long, was caught in the River
Crosse by Eugene De La Haye of this city. Ichthyolo-
gists estimated its age at from 120 to 140 years.
P.S. No. 2 .. Embryo efforts . We use that size
for bait.
ELLIOTT B. HADLEY . As President of The
Florida Association of Architects you have responsi-
bilities andduties to assume and perform. In a great
measure ,the success of The Florida Association of
Architects depends upon your activities for 1940. We
feel sure that the particular bunch of characteristics,
cross-currents, and ambitions that make you what you
are will be put to work for the Association's advance-
ment. Your many letters to the Secretary, year in and
year out, have long indicated your strong interest in
Association matters. Your efforts to make the Annual
Convention a success were noticeably successful and
trust that same "Pep" will be with you throughout the
year. We pledge you our support to the limit.
Franklin O. Adams Carl N. Atkinson
Felix Benton J. M. Crowell
Garry A. Boyle C. W. Fulwood
M. Leo Elliott Elliott B. Hadley
Eliot C. Fletcher Winfield Lott
F. J. Kennard Jack McCandless
F., D. Parslow A. G. Parish
Norman F. Six J. Bruce Smith
Frank A. Winn Henry L. Taylor
J. W. Vickery
W. B. Harvard
for your part in making the 26th Annual Convention
a success and for being present at the Convention.

CONVENTION NOTES: . Thanks to Mrs.
Taylor for bringing Henry with her . Long time no
see . Henry was President back in '32 when we
first took over the secretaryship . See you both at
the next convention . Thanks to Rudolph Weaver
for the fine work done with the F. A. A. Student Loan
Fund . And more of the same to Henry Hohauser
of Miami Beach for the new fund he started at the
University of Florida.
LEGISLATIVE FUND . .Realizing the import-
ance and necessity of funds for legislative purposes
action at the convention opened up the previously
closed account for that purpose. Subscriptions will be
received by the Secretary, deposited to this account for
the sole purpose intended, and information given in each
issue of the Bulletin. See accompanying blank.
CONVENTION NOTES: . Thanks to Mrs.
Elizabeth B. Lawton and to Mrs. Harry M. Griffin our
sincere appreciation for their talks on Roadside Beauti-
fication . and for their ability as leaders and speakers
Also to the Hon. C. Edmund Worth, who gave the
address at the banquet . Almost convinced us that
a lawyer knows more about the architectural profession
than does an architect.
DUES . The membership blank accompanying
this Bulletin, has, like the old tune, "A meaning all its
own". Hope you will recognize its value and become
a Voting Member. Results will be in the Bulletin each
CONVENTION NOTES: . Still chuckling over
the story of where Willie got the elastic for his sling-
shot . Beck accused us of taking a nap during the
session . Just closed our eyes in order to concen-
trate and avoid the winks from the rear . And
anyway, we had a stenographer taking down the pro-
ceedings . that's an unnecessary remark for those who
were present . So you noticed 'em, too ... Well, we
found out that acrobatic dancing is beneficial . It
aids other things besides the liver.
RUSSELL T. PANCOAST . Russ, just a few
words of praise for you as retiring President. After
two years in harness together there are many things
that could be said regarding your ability and hard work,
and the faithfulness and sincerity of purpose behind
the results achieved during that time. May your shadow
never grow less, Skipper, and may there be plenty of
satisfaction in the years to come.
E, F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,

II3 1262 0599I 88861111
3 1262 05919 8886

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