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-------------r-i ------ l- -



ASSm11NKF'-A HlltK

President Vice-President
211 Taylor Arcade, 1777 Biscayne Boulevard
St. Petersburg Miami
Box -3747
Daytona Beach
1--R. Daniel Hart Pensacola 8--F. Duane Fullerton Lakelazid
2--James A. Stripling Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
3--Sanford W. Goin Gainesville 10--Belford Shoumate Palm Beach
4--FrederickW. Bucky,Jr. Jacksonville 11--Robert E Hansen Ft. Lauderdale
5--Francis W. Craig Daytona Beach 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
6--Arthur Beck Orlando 13--Upton C. Ewing Coral Gables
7-Archie G. Parish St. Petersburg

Object: .. The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.

APRIL 1941 VOL. 5 No. 4

will be called to order at nine o'clock on the morning of
Saturday, April 26th, 1941.


All architects registered in the State of Florida are
invited to attend.

due to the schedules at the University and the coming
A. I. A. Annual Convention, we discover that the
F. A. A. must advance the date for its semi-annual meet-
ing to the last Saturday in April instead of holding it
on the first Saturday in May . Therefore, please re-
member the date . and time .
9:00 A. M., Saturday, April 26, 1941.
If you forget the place that will be your own bit of
hard luck.
ACTIVITIES . We are jotting this down before
we hear from President Hadley so if there are any
changes just turn to the last paragraph on the last
p;'ge for final information, if any . There'll be the
usual business session until the luncheon hour. At that
time we'll adjourn to the dining room of the Hotel
Thomas for an informal luncheon . Leaving all de-
tails and arrangements for Rudolph Weaver and his
assistants to do with their usual competency . And
the afternoon business session will wind up the activities.
To those architects who have not visited the Uni-
versity we extend an extra special invitation to be pres-
ent . If for no other reason that all architects in
Florida should be interested in the School of Architec-
ture and Allied Arts at the University of Florida . .
The exhibits are worthwhile and through the courtesy of
the faculty all students attend our meetings.

LEGISLATION . .Attend the semi-annual meet-
ing and hear more than we could outline in three

EXECUTIVE BOARD ... Whose members are the
officers, and immediate Past-President, and the Direc-
tors of the Association, namely:
Elliott B. Hadley, President
Russell T. Pancoast, Immediate Past-President
Robert Law Weed, Vice President
E. F. De La Haye, Secretary-Treasurer
R. Daniel Hart, Director District No. 1
James A. Stripling, Director District No. 2
Sanford W. Goin, Director District No. 3
Frederick W. Bucky, Director District No. 4
Francis W. Craig, Director District No. 5
Arthur Beck, Director District No. 6
Archie G. Parish, Director District No. 7
F. Duane Fullerton, Director District No. 8
Richard W. Rummell, Director District No. 9
Belford Shoumate, Director District No. 10
Robert E. Hansen, Director District No. 11
Robert M. Little, Director District No. 12
Upton C. Ewing, Director District No. 13
are hereby notified, individually and collectively, to be
present at the semi-annual meeting of said board on
Friday evening, April 25, 1941, at Hotel Thomas, in
Gainesville, Florida. The meeting will be called to or-
der at 8 P. M. and will last until business is completed.

DISTRICT REPORTS ... At this time we remind
all DISTRICT DIRECTORS regarding reports of
activities within their respective districts to be pre-
sented at the semi-annual meeting. If impossible to at-
tend the meeting please mail your report to the secre-

MITTEE . Mellen C. Greeley of Jacksonville has
been appointed by President Rogers of the State
Board of Architecture as their member of this commit-

Genial H. P. Whitworth, better known by all and sun-
dry as "Whit," sends in the following information:
The 1941 officers of this Chapter of the A. I. A. are
as follows:
Miss Marion I. Manley, President
Mr. Gerard Pitt, Vice-President
Mr. Henry P. Whitworth, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. Richard Kiehnel, Director
Mr. Bruce P. Kitchell, Director
Mr. Vladimir E. Virrick, Director

COMMENT . If we know our architects it is a
foregone conclusion that the Florida South Chapter wi'l
have a successful administration during 1941 . Those
boys are not going to let down that little lady they ad-
mire . As the owl said, "To Whit; To who." Let's
have a bit of publicity for the general public once in a

JACKSONVILLE . The Jacksonville architects
are preparing to launch another series of "Educational"
advertisements in the Jacksonville Sunday Times-
Union. This program is under the direction of Eugene
Cellar, Franklin S. Bunch and William D. Kemp.
Russell Seymour is in charge of investigating the
local conditions for suitable emergency air raid pre-
J. Vance Duncan has been ordered on extended ac-
tive duty training with the U. S. Army in California.
Wellington W. Cummer is an ensign at Charleston. Jo-
seph H. Bryson is first lieutenant of Ordinance at Au-
gusta. And on March the eighth, Frederick W. Bucky
reported for duty with the IV Army Corps.

ELECTION . With the reporting for duty of
Frederick W. Bucky, District No. 4 of the F. A. A. is
temporarily without a director. Ballots will soon be
sent to all voting members residing within District No.
4 in order that they may elect a new director. This is
as set up in the by-laws.

NEW CHARTER. . All details progressing in
proper order. The advertisement will appear in the
Jacksonville Times-Union on Sunday, March 30th, and
an audience and hearing has been set for Friday, April
4th, with the court in Duval County. Expect to report
in May BULLETIN that all is sealed, signed, and re-
x- - x

GERARD PITT notifies us that he has moved his
office to 1102 Congress Building in Miami . O. K.,
Gerard, we'll remember where to call on our next visit
.. and remember to notify Mellen Greeley of the
State Board of Architecture so you will be correctly
listed in the next roster . Success.

BULLETIN . "Congratulations upon the very
interesting and complete BULLETIN just received. It
is full of news and should be carefully read by every
architect" . Mel.
"The BULLETIN, just arrived, reminds me that we
owe you many thanks for your work" . Bob.
"Please accept my appreciation for the BULLETIN.
I look forward to its appearance each month with its
breezy bits and humor as well as the professional in-
formation it contains" . .Frank.
"Congregations on the good work in getting out the
March BULLETIN" . Hadley.
"I read the last issue of the BULLETIN with great
pleasure. It inspired me to #naik you the enclosed
check"... Whit.
Nine or twelve other letters boosting for the BUL-
LETIN were received and frankly gentlemen, we were
pleased to have satisfied you .. Quite unexpectedly, I
assure you, because we've tried harder many times .
In fact such a good feeling pervaded the office that we
found ourself offering a cigarette to "a salesman and
the office cat benefitted by an extra saucer of milk.
All of which leads up to the poien that one of the
main objectives of the BULLETIN is to cause a larger
number of architects to join the association as ACTIVE
MEMBERS . Wish we could convince a couple hun-
dred Florida architects ,where their duty lies . (and
lies) . So far we have found it tough sledding with
the majority . But our courage is very good as we con-
tinue with our ninth year as secretary and perhaps some
day the sun will shine up our alley . But we'll never
get used to seeing sixty-five percent of Florida's archi-
tects willing to let the other fellow carry the load .
'Pour l'amour de Mique, it isn't logical for educated
folks to be that way! . .

ORLANDO . Arthur Beck, director for District
6, visited with your secretary at Orlando's Bowling
Center on March the ninth while we captained our
bowling team from Daytona Beach to a 3 game victory
over New Smyrna Beach. Between strikes and splits
Art promised quick action on a combination member-
ship and legislative fund drive . All District 6 boys
are busy . Attention Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pancoast,
(bowling enthusiasts) . The score: Daytona' Beach,
2897 pins; New Smyrna Beach, 2545 pins . Not so
bad for three grandfathers and two cripples . P. S.
Art must be working out a whale of a program . .no
Report to date.
R. P. I.... The February, 1941, issue of The Octa-
gon, the journal of the American Institute of Architects,
contains 39 papers from as many different schools
where architecture is taught that make some of the most
interesting reading we have ever found within its pages.
They are in answer by an invitation to the heads of all
schools of architecture in the United States to present
to it for publication and study, papers setting out the
objectives of the educational programs of their schools
and the philosophies underlying those programs. We
quote: "Some of the philosophies differ so widely that
it is difficult to determine if oureducators have a cori-
mon objective, a common aim, even a common agree-
Smert as to what an architect should be and as to what
his relationship to society and to his clients and to his
profession should be." "Is this apparent lack of under-
standing of what the architect needs to maintain his po-
-sition in his profession and the position of his profes-
sion in society a contributing cause and perhaps a pri-
mary reason for his failure to secure the recognition he
thinks he is entitled to?"
No particular teaching system is criticised for, as
true as all circles are round, the comment closes with,
nad we quote once more, "A common goal may be ap-
proached by many roads."
To us, arid particularly, perhaps, because R. P. I.
is our alma mammy, there appeared much, food' for
thought in the third paragraph 6f the paper. by Ralph
G. Gulley, Head, Department of Architecture of Reris-
selaer Polytechnic Institute wherein he says:
"In attempting to discharge our responsibilities as
a school, we try not to lose sight of the following: That
the public will think of the profession of architecture as
the profession thinks of itself-that the profession is
privileged to be as indispensable as it wishes to equip it-
self to be-that the profession, thus far, has not taken
full advantage of its potentia'ities for either service or
In other wtrds, the rise or fall of the architectural
profession is placed squarely upon the shoulders of the
architects themselves,--in 4heir home life, in their com-
munity service, and in their professional ability ... The
, only team that wins a contest by going backwards is a
tug-o'-war crew.

LEGISLATION .. Have YOU contacted the
members of the Legislature from your district regard-
ing the proposed bill? Indications and comments by
legislators indicate that many of them have not seen an
architect and wouldn't know one by sight or name . .
Are YOU going to let your -procrastination help to kill
your own bill?

LEGISLATION . The engineers are also sub-
mitting a bill of their own.
-*# -*'

Previously given . . .. 82
This list, for March . . . 34

Total to March 28, 1941 ... . . . 116
Total for 1940 ... .. 133
Total for 1941 ?
Atkinson, Carl N. . . . St. Petersburg
Bunch, Franklin S.. . ......Jacksonville
Cellar, A. Eugene ...... Jacksonville
Clarke, L. Phillips . -. 'West Palm Beach
Elliott, M. Leo . Tampa -
Emerson, Francis H. Pensacola
Fullerton, F. Duane... . Lakeland
Fulton, George Jr. .... Saraspta
Geiger, August M. . Miami Beach
Greeley, Mellen C.. .. Jacksonville
Harris, Clyde E. .Jacksonville
Henderson, T. Hunter .. ...Miami Beach
Hendrick, Charles .. ... Warrenton
Hopkins, A. C., . ... Jacksonville
Jahelka, Robert G. . . .Ft. Lauderdale
King, Wm. Manly. ...West Palm Beach
Lawson, John Scott Palm Beach
Look, James H. .. P ensacola
Lott, Winfield . St. Petersburg
Lukens, Bayard C. . . Hollywood
Nellenbogen, V. N .. .. Miami Beach
Pierce, A. H... . Daytona. Beich
Polevitzky, Igor B. . . Miami Beach
Reeder, Edwin T ... . Miami
Rempe, Edward T. Jr... Miami Beach
Russell, T. Trip .. ,. Miami Beach
Seelmann, Frederick G Palm Beach
Skinner, John L. Miami" Beach
Smith, Bruce ... .. . Miami
Southwell, Arnold . .Miami Beach
Virrick, Vladimir- E. . . . Miami Beach
Volk, John L. ... . Palmn Beach
Weed, Robert Law . . ... Miami
Whitworth, Henry P. . .. Miami
Previously given . . . 8
This list, for March .... . 1

Total to March 28, 1941 . . 9
Edward Wolz . . . Miami

CQMMENT . Voting membership total rapidly
approaching 1940 total . With the end of the year
nine months away the Association may find itself with
two hundred or more voting members by December . .
Ed Wolz boosts the total Junior Associate Membership

to 9 ... one better than the 1940 total .. Think about
this membership business seriously, fellows, or we'll be-
gin to think that Florida has the largest number of first
class second rate architects of any state in the Union.

MEMBERSHIP . Our total membership of 116
to March 28th is composed of 75 regulars, 20 who
failed to remit in 1940, and 20 new members . That
200 membership mark is a darn sight nearer than I
'thought it would be at this time. Thanks a lot.


District 3 District 5
W. T. Arnett Ray S. Blinn
Guy C. Fulton Frank Craig
S. W. Goin E. De La Haye
F. T. Hannaford ,C. E. Gai'nett
F. M. Kelley, Jr. Harry M. Griffin
,G. D. Moore, Jr. A. J. MacDonough
J. E. Pierson A. Folger Snow
Rudolph -Weaver'
District 11
District 10 Nels Jacobson
Maurice Fatio Payard Lukens
Samuel Ogren D. B. Macneir
F. G. Seelmann T. Meyer
Belford Shoumate Cedric Start
E. S. Wortman H. Wohl
M. S. Wyeth M.-Wohl
District 12 \ District 13
A. J. Ferendino LeRoy K. Albert
August Geiger Lester Avery
T. H. Henderson Carl H. Blohm
Henry Hohauser Upton C. Ewing
Robert Little H. George Fink
V. H.' Nellenbogen W. Jackson
Harry O. Nelson Richard Kiehnel
R. T. Pancoast A. Laidler-Jones
J. E. Petersen Carl P. Lump
I. B. Polevitzky Marion I. Manley
T. T. Russell C. P. Nieder
C. B. Schoeppl Gerard Pitt
Norman Skeels E. L. Robertson
John L. Skinner W. Shanklin, Jr.
Arnold Southwell R. F. Smith
V. E. Virrick R. D. Weakley
Robert L. Weed
No contributions from Districts

March 28, 1941.
District 7
Franklin O. Adams
Carl Atkinson
Felix Benton
J. M. Crowell
R. F. Danison
Leo M. Elliott
Frank Frimmer
C. Wr. Fulwood
E. B. Hadley
W. B. Harvard
L. N. Iredell
'. J. Kennard
Philip Kennard
Henry Kohler
Winflied Lott
Winfield Lott
Jack McCandless
A rchie Parish
Max Chas. Price
Albert M. Saxe
David Shotwell
Norman F. Six
Theodore Skinner
Henry Taylor
John W. Vickery
Frank A. Winn, Jr.


1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 ...

At a benefit entertainment the other evening we be-
haved well through several amateur dances, but we had
to summon reserve control during one Terpsichorean
effort where the girls, (25 to 45) leaned backwards with
arms akimbo and then in that position surveyed over
their shoulders first the sole of their left shoe and then
the sole of their right shoe. It seemed as though they
were thinking, "I wonder what I stepped in now!"

We sometimes wonder if the performer of marriage
rites isn't tempted at times to mutter: "Do you take
this woman to be your awful wedded wife?" or vice

A BACKWARD GLANCE. The Architects of
this State and Nation do have a common object-to
serve society.-How well this will be done-rests
-entirely with the architects.- "United We Stand
-Divided We Stand Still," while the world about us
moves on.-"He cannot work in remote seclusion
like the painter and the sculptor."-The public sees
the results of his work during the process of erection.
-Undoubtedly we are witnesses of the passing of an
order-and realigning of human relationships.
"Young men expecting to study architecture as
a life work should be satisfied with nothing but the
best available.-The Architect no longer acts only as
a methodical checker-. The old attitude of mutual
distrust has been displaced by one of mutual confi-
dence.- The Architect is the one person properly
qualified by study, training and experience to be the
commander-in-chief of a building operation. The
Architect "on his own" is being crowded back into
an ever-narrowing field by bureaus.-Our freedom to
work where, when and how we can will never be
protected by any one except Architects.--To accom-
plish these purposes we must pull together or we shall
sink separately. -All that can be expected of any man
is for him to make the best of the things that are with-
in his power.-Public appreciation of the Architect
depends upon the Architect himself, and his employ-
ment must be a guarantee o f both aesthetic and eco-
nomic gains for the client--but it is never too late-
to include the "Golden Rule" as one of their New
Year's resolutions. Make the best of our oppor-
tunities- because we shall not pass this way again.-
Ralph C. Kempton, Editor, Ohio Architect.
.* -

IN CLOSING ... It is time for all of us to become
actively engaged in improving the regulations under
which we are practicing . Aid and abet the passage
of legislation that is constructed without leaving the
seams wide open . There's not much fun living in a
house with the roof off . And so we leave you to put
up your own arguments with those who fail to respond.

E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,


I I1262 05919 9009 IIII
3 1262 05919 9009

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