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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: December 1940
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211 Taylor Arcade,
St. Petersburg

1777 Biscayne Boulevard

Box 3747
Daytona Beach
1--R. Daniel Hart Pensacola 8--Donald R. Pierce Lakeland
2--James A. Stripling Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
3--Sanford W. Goin Gainesville, 10--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
4-FrederickW. Bucky, Jr. Jacksonville ~--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
5--G. M. Peek DNLand 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
6--Richard B. Rogers Orlando 13--Gerard Pitt Miami
7--Archie G. Parish St. Petersburg

Object: . The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public wnifare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.





"'Every man owes it to the profession of which he is
a part to devote some time and effort and to make some
sacrifices toward the betterment of this profession from
which he expects so much."





PROGRESS .. State Association Members of The
American Institute of Architects:
State Association of California Architects. ........... .t 1933
Michigan Society of Architects ........................ .1933
Architects Society of Ohio.......................... 1935
The State Association of Wisconsin Architects. ......... 1935
Association of Kentucky Architects........... ...... 1938
Indiana Society of Architects ........... .............. 1940
Texas State Association of Architects. ........ ......... 1940
Oklahoma State Society of Architects. ................1940
Maryland Society, of Architects ...................... 1940
New Hampshire Society of Architects .................. 1940
Kansas Society of Architects .......................... 1940
Mississippi Association of Architects ................ .. 1940
The Florida Association of Architects ...... .......... 1940
Minnesota Association of Architects ................... 1940

COMMENT. . After a dull period of seven years,
1933-1939, with only five State Association Members,
the'successful achievement of nine additional State Asso-
ciation Members of The A. I. A. during 1940 indicates
the ability of the Committee on State Organizations of
The A. I. A., as well as the fact that much work was
being accomplished by State Association leaders within
their respective State groups . it is well . 1941
should see another subs antial increase to uphold that
old adage: "In Unity there is Strength."

President Elliott B. Hadley will attend the "Florida
-Center of the Americas" business conference and
Twenty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Florida State
Chamber of Commerce, Jacksonville, Hotel George
Washington, December 2 and 3, 1940 . .With The
F. A. A. Convention on December 5th, 6th and 7th at
Hollywood, the total spells a rather busy week for our

INVITATION . President Carl D. Brorein of the
Florida State Chamber of Commerce extends each mem-
ber of The Florida Association of Architects a cordial
invitation to attend the above business conference and
24th Annual Meeting . Sincerely hope that all of our
members residing within or near Jacksonville will be in

REMINDER ... To all Directors and all Committee
Chairmen . Please have that Annual Report ready
before the Convention opens.

the_ nomination of the architect whom you prefer as
Director for your District during 1941, please submit
your recommendation to the present Director so that
it will be included in his Annual Report at the Con-

DETAIL . Thanks to Director James Stripling
the following is submitted as a guide where itemizing
is a requirement . .
A Belgian Artist was employed to renovate and re-
touch the great oil paintings in an old church in Belgium.
When the work was finished he rendered his bill for
$67.30. The church wardens asked him for an itemized
bill, and the following was duly presented, audited and
For correcting the Ten Commandments ................ $5.12
For renewing Heaven and adjusting stars .............. 7.14
For touching up Purgatory and restoring lost souls . 3.06
For brightening up the flames of hell and putting new
tails on the Devil, and doing odd jobs for the Damned 7.17
For putting new stone in David's sling and enlarging
head of Goliath .. ... ...... .. .............. 6.13
For mending shirt of Prodigal Son and cleaning his ear 3.39
For embellishing Pontius Pilate and putting new ribbon
on his bonnet .............. ................. 3.02
For putting new tail and comb on Peter's rooster .. 2.20
For repluming and reguilding left wing of the Guardian
Angel ............. . .. .. ...... ........ .. 5.18
For washing the servants of the High Priest and putting
carmine on his cheek............ .................. 5.02
For taking the spots off the son of Tobias............... 10.30
For putting earrings on Sarah's ear ..... ...... ..... 5.26
For decorating Noah's Ark and putting a new head on
Shem ......... ....... ...... ............ ..... . 4.31

TOTAL........ ...... ... .. ..... $67.30

BOYS' PARADISE .. .Wood of the umbrella tree,
used by Australian farmers for fence posts, smells like
Raspberry jam.

THANKS . We take this opportunity to extend
our appreciation to Oscar T. Johnson, General Manager
of the Hollywood Beach Hotel, for his cooperation with
The Florida Association of Architects to mak-e this
Annual Convention the finest meeting ever held by our

IMPORTANT . In order that the BULLETIN and
other data reaches you please inform the Secretary
regarding change in address . Last week we checked
the addresses of all architects registered in the State
of Florida with cards that had been sent in with dues
and with the new issue of the Roster as published by
the Florida State Board of Architecture and found that
over 200 addresses needed correction.

Forty States now are operating under registration
laws for.architects in addition to the District of Colum-
bia, Alaska, Hawaii, the Philippine Islands and Puerto
Rico . States without registration laws are Kansas,
Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Hamp-

shire, Vermont, and Wyoming. These States, with the
possible exception of Vermont, are making a definite
effort to pass registration laws, according to the Com-
mittee on Registration Laws of the American Institute
of Architects, of which C. Julian Oberwarth of Frank-
fort, Ky., is chairman.

LEGISLATION ... On November 9th, the members
of the Legislative Committee, together with representa-
tives of the Florida State Board of Architecture and
officers of The Florida Association of Architects, met
at the San Juan Hotel, Orlando, Florida, to discuss the
Legislative Program and proposed changes to the Archi-
tects' Registration Act. Present were: Frederick G.
Seelmann, of Palm Beach; Russell T. Pancoast, of
Miami; Mellen C. Greeley and Franklin S. Bunch, of
Jacksonville; William T. Arnett, of Gainesville; James
A. Stripling, of Tallahassee; James Gamble Rogers, of
Winter Park; Elliott B. Hadley, of St. Petersburg; M.
LeoElliott, of Tampa; and E. F. De La Haye, of
Daytona Beach .. The final result is the copy of the
proposed bill accompanying this BULLETIN.

HOW TRUE ... "In a general way, the public knows
what to expect from a physician, a dentist, or lawyer,
but the average prospective builder looks upon the archi-
tect as a mere "exterior decorator", one to be avoided
if he can persuade his contractor, or so-called builder,
to assume such duties. If architecture received only
a fraction of the publicity that is given to the medical
profession, to dentistry, or to law, there would be little
need for specialized information of the nature that is
so much neglected as to cause the public to form false
ideas and to express unfounded opinions as to the value
of architectural services.
"Do ,we hang our code of ethics too high, or is it
that we are indolent in publicizing and benefiting our
profession as a group? I regret to say I feel it is basi-
cally the latter.
"Architects should instruct home builders how to dis-
tinguish between a speculative-built house and a well-
constructed building. While not all architects are in-
terested in the residential field, it is the home owner
who also builds the commercial and industrial structures.
"It cannot be repeated too often that the profession
of architecture is just what its members are willing to
make it. We should think and act unitedly and unsel-
fishly if we are to deserve the respect and recognition
of the buying public."-Paul Gerhardt, Jr., President
Illiwofis Society of Architects.

Adams, Franklin O. . Tampa
Arnett, William T. .. ... Gainesville
Atkinson, Carl N. ... St. Petersburg
Atwater, Montgomery ... .Miami
Avery, Lester .. .. ...Miami
Beck, Arthur .. . Orlando
Benjamin, R. A. .... Jacksonville
Benton, Felix .. Tampa
Bittner, Robert .. ... Gainesville
Bruce, George .... Miami
Bucky, Frederick W., Jr. Jacksonville
Bunch, Franklin S. . ... Jacksonville
Cellar, A. Eugene .. Jacksonville
Childs, G. Sherman. ... .. Lake Worth
Clarke, L. Phillips West Palm Beach
Crawford, William G. . . Ft. Lauderdale
Crowell, John M... Clearwater
Danison, Robert A.. . ... St. Petersburg
De La Haye, E. F. ...Daytona Beach
Dixon, L. Murray. . . . iami Beach
Ehmann, E. A. Miami
Elliott, M. Leo Tampa
Ewing, Upton C.. . Coral Gables
Fatio, Maurice Palm Beach
Ferendino, Andrew J. . Miami Beach
Fetner, S. Ralph . Jacksonville
Fitchner, E. D. . Tallahassee
Forrest, A. L...... St. Petersburg
France, Roy F.... /. .... Miami Beach
Frimmer, Frank .... .. Tampa
Fulton, Guy C.. .. .. Gainesville
Fulwood, C. W., Jr. .. ... St. Petersburg
Geiger, August . Miami Beach
Gibbs, Homer G... . .Winter Haven
Goin, Sanford W. . Gainesville
Greeley, Mellen C. ... Jacksonville
Griffin, Harry M. Daytona Beach
Hadley, Elliott B. ..- St. Petersburg
Haley, Curtis E. . Miami
Hannaford, Frederick T. . Gainesville
Hart, R. Daniel . Pensacola
Hatcher, William W.. .. .Fort Pierce
Henderson, T. Hunter, Jr,. .. .. Miami Beach
Hitt, Laurance W, .. Winter Park
Hobson, Melvin C. ..... Lake City
Hohauser, Henry . Miami Beach
Hopkins,' A. C. .... Jacksonville
Jackson, William K. .... Miami
Jacobson, N. S. Fort Lauderdale
Jahelka, Robert G. . Fort Lauderdale
Kelley, Forest M., Jr.... .. Gainesville
Kemp, William D. .... Jacksonville
Kennard, Francis J. ..... Tampa
Kiehnel, Richard Miami
Kitchell, Bruce P. .... West Palm Beach
Lawson, John Scott Palm Beach
Little, Robert M. .....Miami Beach
Lowry, Willard Miami Beach
Lukens, Bayard C. ... Hollywood
Maass, Gustav A. Palm Beach
Mack, Clarence ....Palm Beach
Macneir, Donald B. Fort Lauderdale
McCandless, Jack St. Petersburg
Mendenhall, H. D. . . Tallahassee
Nellenbogen, Vjctor H. . . Miami Beach
Nelson, Harry O. . Miami Beach
Nevins, Robert M., Jr.. . . West Palm Beach
Nieder, Chas. P. . Miami
Pancoast, Russell T. . . Miami Beach

Parish, Archie G .St. Petersburg
Parmelee, E. D. . .. Miami
Parziale, Frank A. . Ocala
Peek, G. M. DeLand
Pendergrass, Sanford H.., Miami
Pierce, Albert H. .. Daytona Beach
Pierce, Donald R. . ... Lakeland
Pierson, John E., Jr. . Gainesville
Pitt, Gerard Miami
Polevitzky, I. B. . . Miami Beach
Powell, Jefferson D. .....Jacksonville
Price, Max Chas. Punta Gorda
Raymond, W. Oakley .... Coral Gables
Reeder, Edwin T. Miami
Robertson, E. L..... .Miami
Rogers, James Gamble... . inter Park
Rummell, Richard W. .. .. Cocoa
Russell, T. T. .. . . Miami Beach
Saxe, Albert M... .. Sarasota
Schoeppl, C. B.. .. Miami Beach
Seelmann, Frederick G. .. Palm Beach
Sheftall, LeeRoy Jacksonville
Shotwell, David .. .. . Naples
Six, Norman F.. . Tampa
Skeels, Norman A. ......Miami Beach
Skislewicz, Anton ... Miami
Smith, Ivan H. .... Jacksonville
Snyder, W. J. .. Miami Beach
Southwell, Arnold R. .. .Miami Beach
Spohn, George H. Miami
Stageberg, O. C. R. ... .. Gainesville
Start, Cedric .......Hollywood
Stewart, A. Courtney Fort Lauderdale
Stripling, James A. ... Tallahassee
Taylor, Henry L. .. .. St. Petersburg
Twitchell, Ralph S. . .Sarasota
Vaughn, William T. Fort Lauderdale
Votaw, George J. .... Palm Beach
Wakeling, Roy W. . ... Clearwater
Weaver, Rudolph.. ... Gainesville
Weed, Robert L. .. Miami
Welch, S. J. Pensacola
Whitworth, Henry P. Miami
Williams, Arthur L. ... ...Daytona Beach
Winn, Frank A., Jr. Tampa
Woods, Frank W. ... Miami Beach
Wortman, Edgar S. West Palm Beach
Wyeth, M. S. Palm Beach
Yonge, Chandler C. . Jacksonville

T. Pancoast and family many pleasant days with thei-
new cruiser the "Sandman" . and here's a chuckle
from the East Coast Shipping Record: "Miss Alice
has been engaged as Stewardess and Social
Hostess aboard the 'S S. Alexandria', which sails this
week. Before leaving port she wi!l have her barnacles

BLESSINGS ENOUGH . May this Christmas
bring to you the ful realization of what it means to be
an American.
Sincerely yours,
E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,

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3 1262 05919 8969

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