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ATITO. -Spec .



First National Bank Building
Miami Beach
First Vice President
Professional Building

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stripling,
3--William T. Arnett
4--LeeRoy Sheftall
5--G. M. Peek
6--W. Kenneth Miller
7--Elliott B. Hadley

Second Vice President
517 West University Avenue
Box 3747
Daytona Beach

Pensacola 8--Harry A. MacEwen Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
Gainesville 10--Nat G. Walker Ft. Myers
Jacksonville 11--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
DeLand 12--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
Orlando 13--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
St. Petersburg 14--Robert L. Weed Miami
15--John A. Long Key West



Object: "To organize and unite in fellowship the architects
of the State of Florida and to combine their efforts to pro-
mote the artistic, scientific and practical efficiency of the pro-

After wading through the heavy correspondence re-
ceived from individual architects and District Directors
we are believing that there will be plenty of action at
the coming Annual Convention, December 9th and 10th,
in Jacksonville.
President Pancoast informs me that the Legislative
Committee has been very active and will be ready with
its final recommendations.
District 1 held a meeting in Daniel Hart's office and
they plan a big meeting for October. Some day we
hope to visit Pensacola to see what they do up there.
District 2. Director Stripling reports no meeting
held in September, but plans a meeting for October.
District 3, under the guidance of Director Arnett
held its meeting in Gainsville on September 27th.
Eight architects discussed legislative matters, affilia-
tion with the A. I. A. and the exhibition at Tackson-
ville in December. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

3I 1262 05919 8803IIII I
3 1262 05919 8803

whose Palm Beach Office is managed by Frederick G.
Seelmann, our past president for two years, and at
that time we termed their work outstanding.
The following items show the result of always trying
to design better architecture and these men are to be
congratulated in the recognition they have been given.
Choices Made From Photographs in Paris Exhibition
Nineteen awards have been made by the French
government to American Architects whose work was
entered in a photographic exhibition of American ar-
chitecture in the United States Pavilion at the Paris
International Exposition of 1937, according to an an-
nouncement yesterday by the American Institute of
Architects, 115 East Fortieth Street.
The following awards were made to architects in the
metropolitan area:
In industrial and commercial architecture, two grand
prizes were given to the architectural firms of Rein-
hard & Hofmeister, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and Shreve,
Lamb & Harmon, 11 East Forty-fourth Street. Rein-
hard & Hofmeister participated in the designing of
Rockefeller Center and Shreve, Lamb & Harmon in the
design of the Empire State Building.
Diplomas of honor in the same field were won by
Voorhees, Gamlin & Walker, 101 Park Avenue, for the
design of the Irving Trust Company. Silver medals
were given to Howe & Lescaze for the Philadelphia
Savings Fund Building and to Fouilhoux, Howells &
Hood for photographs of the News Building and the
Rockefeller Apartments. Neither is listed as a firm
at present. Awards for residential architecture went
to Treanor & Fatio, of 3 East Forty-fourth Street, and
George Howe, of 128 East Thirty-seventh Street.
105 West 40th Street, N. Y. C.
August 25, 1938
Re: International Exposition.,Paris 1937
Messrs. Treanor & Fatio
3 East 44th Street
New York, N. Y.
Dear Messrs. Treanor & Fatio:
I have just learned unofficially that, in the Journal
Official of July 22, the awards to exhibitors at the
above exposition were listed and that you received a
"Gold Medal" in Residential Architecture.
I am delighted that the merits of your work were
recognized and wish to extend to you my hearty con-

threat arrived. After reading what that storm did to
the northern states we believe they did the right thing.
District 14. In the absence of Director Robert L.
Weed, Robert F. Smith called a meeting September
26th, and thirty architects gathered in the Sunshine
Room of the Florida Power and Light Co. in Miami.
They discussed legislation and their notes are being
forwarded to the Legislative Committee. Also tackled
local problems regarding raising of standards of
design and construction.
District 15, way down in Key West, had another
100% meeting September 23rd and, as stated in previ-
ous issue, they plan the long trek to the Convention in

District 13 . Formation of a Coral Gables Archi-
tect's Association was announced this week by Upton
C. Ewing, who has been named president. Other of-
ficers include Carl Blohm, vice president and Carl
Apuzzo, secretary and treasurer.
According to Mr. Ewing, the new organization has
five objectives, namely:
To promote fellowship among fellow architects. To
maintain a high standard of practice and conduct on
the part of its members. To organize and unite the full
strength and secure the aggressive support of the regis-
tered architects in Coral Gables. To improve and pro-
mote building conditions and possibilities in the City of
Coral Gables. To educate the public in a cooperative
educational campaign on the wisdom and value of archi-
tectural service and to make the profession in general
a constant service to the community.
Those present at the founder's meeting on Tuesday
who are now charter members of the group, include
Leroy K. Albert, William Merriam, H. George Fink.
William Tschurmy, William Jackson, E. A. McKay and
the present officers.

The above is a step in the right direction and The
Florida Association of Architects desires to encourage
groups of architects to form local associations, believing
that if you can control or influence local conditions it
will take very little additional effort to control state
laws and their enforcement for the betterment and ad-
vancement of the profession.

And while we are with District 13 let's give a pat
on the back to Upton C. Ewing, Architect, Coral Gables,
for the view of the residence that made the cover il-
lustration of the.-July issue of the American Builder &
Building Age.

When The Florida Association of Architects held its
Annual Convention in Palm Beach in 1935, we had the
opportunity to admire the work of Treanor & Fatio,

District 4 held a joint meeting of the F. A. A. and
the A. I. A. at the Roosevelt Hotel in Jacksonville.
Twenty architects present and they tackled their Annual
Convention details and Committee Reports with vim
and vigor after an unusually delightful 'dinner.
You'll hear plenty from these men in the October
issue which will be devoted entirely to Convention ac-
District 5 has been holding regularly weekly meetings
in Alan MacDonough's office with Director Peek in
charge. Ten to eleven members present out of the
fourteen architects in this district indicates the interest
in checking over the Registration Act.
Frank D. Gheen, now of Columbus, Georgia, but
formerly a prominent figure at all our conventions and
district meetings, has been a guest of this district for
several weeks. We take this opportunity to relay typi-
cal Gheen greetings to all the old timers.
District 6 got together on September 23rd in Or-
lando with Kenny Miller and discussed the local Build-
ing Commission and the revision of local Building Code.
They plan weekly noon luncheon meetings from now
until Convention time. Seven present, several out of
town that day.
District 7 had fifteen present at a dinner meeting at
the St. Petersburg Yacht Club with Elliott B. Hadley
in charge. They had Legislation and Local Housing
for dessert. This was also on September 23rd.
District 9 is rather a problem district with two mem-
bers in Fort Pierce and two members in Cocoa, seventy
miles apart. But they held a meeting and decided to
attend the Convention. September 23rd was the date,
thanks to Richard Rummell, Director, who travelled.
District 11 held a meeting September 21st in the of-
fice of Treanor and Fatio in Palm Beach. According
to report by Director Bruce P. Kitchell they have had
several committee meetings about the Registration Act
and plan to again start their weekly luncheon meetings
about the middle of October.
District 12 blossomed out with a dinner meeting on
September 13th in Fort Lauderdale. They played "I
love you" "I love you not" with the State Legislation
and sent in a list of recommendations which we in turn
are sending to the Legislative Committee. With Court-
ney Stewart as Director and with Alexander Martin as
District Secretary this crew appears well organized to
do good work.
District 13 had eleven at their luncheon meeting held
September 20th in Miami Beach. Director Robert Little
reports they discussed the City Building Code, appoint-
ed a committee to handle the exhibit from their district
at the Convention, and agreed on nominations for Dis-
trict Director for 1939.
District 14 will hold a meeting on September 26th
in Miami. They were all set for a big meeting Tues-
day, September 20th, but canceled it when the storm

You will doubtless hear officially direct from Paris
in due course of time.
Very sincerely yours,
(Signed) Julian Clarence Levi, Chairman
Committee on Foreign Relations, A. I. A.

From the Office of the Secretary of the Board, Mellen
C. Greeley, Barnett National Bank Building, Jackson-
ville, Florida, we give you the following as published in
the Jacksonville Times Union, Miami Herald, Tampa
Tribune and Orlando Evening Reporter-Star, Septem-
ber 6th, 1938:
NEWS ITEM: The Florida State Board of Archi-
tecture held a special meeting in Miami, Florida, Aug-
ust 27, 1938, for the particular purpose of investigating
charges made against Edw. A. Nolan, a registered ar-
chitect of Miami, for alleged dishonest practices of the
profession of architecture.
After hearing a number of witnesses, the Board found
Mr. Nolan guilty of dishonest practices and adopted a
resolution revoking Mr. Nolan's certificate as an archi-
tect as of October 1, 1938. This is the first revocation
of an architect's certificate FOR CAUSE since the
Board was organized under the law in 1915.
The Board, at the same meeting, investigated a num-
ber of other charges against various registered archi-
tects and against persons alleged to be practicing archi-
tecture without being registered. However, no action
was taken against any other person.
The Board granted new registrations to two archi-
tects who are registered in other States and therefore,
qualified to become registered in Florida without ex-
amination. These new registrants are: Harold G.
Webb, New York City, and 'Thomas Vance Talley,
Lakeland, Florida.
The Board cancelled the registrations of the follow-
ing architects for the reasons given: (1) On accoTint of
death: Frank V. Bodine, Orlando; D. Anderson Dickey,
Hollywood, Florida; W. B. Eckler, West Palm Beach;
William H. Garnes, Vero Beach; B. Kingston Hall,
Miami Beach; Geo. L. Pfeiffer, Miami; Robert S.
Pringle, Atlanta, Georgia; Harry E. Reimer, Marshall-
town, Iowa; H. E. Wendell, St. Petersburg, Florida.
(2) On account of non-opayimnett of annual renewal fees
for the current and past years: James C. Gault, Miami;
Frank H. Griggs, Atlanta, Ga.; E. R. James, Atlanta.
Ga.; Max A. Montgomery, Cleveland Ohio; and John
Donald Tuttle, New York City.

In some ways the above of the Board vs. Nolan
should be called "Extra !" "Special Edition!" and while
we hope to see more and better action by the above
I-,'B rd we thank them for this effort. At least it is a
as';rt and we hope it will gain momentum. However,
cv'dencr of wrong doing must be -nccompanied by proof

sufficient to convict and that is often hard to secure-
and the action of the Board is entirely dependent upon
,the evidence and documents submitted to them.

Previously given--161 This list-7. Total-168
Robert Bittner .................... .................... Gainesville, Florida
S. Linzy Shepherd .................................. ........................ St. Louis, M issouri
P. R. L. Hogner ........................ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sanford H. Pendergrass ..................................... .. Miami, Florida
W illiam Cory H ale .................................................. Jacksonville, Florida
Henry P. Wentworth ....... ............... . Miami, Florida
Lester Avery ........ ...................... .... M iami, Florida

Rolland C. Buckley, 4000 Cathedral Avenue, Washington, D. C.

Fred Bucky, Jr., is busy as Chairman of the Exhi-
bition Committee for the Annual Convention, but when
he ends his letter with .
"If the architects desire to secure favorable legisla-
tion at Tallahassee next spring let them begin today to
GAIN. As I see it that is the difference between a
profession and a business." . We believe it contains
meat for all to digest, and so send it out to you.

Nevertheless, there'll always be some vegetarians and,
with a double meaning to the second word, we can truly
say-"The poor are always with us".
*- -*- *x
Architects and architecture are today receiving what
would have been called "sensational advertIsing" a few
years ago-see Life and catch the "Trane of the Air"
features. Note that many other advertisements now
carry "Consult an Architect" "Your Architect can Help
You." etc., and we cannot but feel that these special
features .and items reaching millions of people mus",
have a tremendous influence in bringing good des':gn
and ideas to the attention of the individual.

This publicity behooves all of us to do each job a bit
better than the last one and to know what to speC!Fy
and how to specify it.
*x -X*
We are going to give you a Convention Bullet'n for
November and already have considerable i ?forriat"i'n
on hand.

3Meanwhile draw a couple circles around the dates of
December 9th and 10th and plan to be in Jacksonville
for the Convention.
Your officers, directors, and many individuals have
worked hard and faithfully this year and merit, at least,
your attendance at the meeting.
E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,
The Florida Association of Architects

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