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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: January 1941
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ASg v *C N1 IFA l IlJ i

President Vice-President
211 Taylor Arcade, 1777 Biscayne Boulevard
St. Petersburg Miami
Box 3747
Daytona Beach
1--R. Daniel Hart Pensacola 8--F. Duane Fullerton Lakeland
2--James A. Stripling Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
3--Sanford W. Goin Gainesville T0--Be!ford Shoumate Palm Beach
4--FrederickW. Bucky, Jr. Jacksonville 11--Robert E Hansen Ft. Lauderdale
5--Franeis W. Craig Daytona Beach 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
6--Arthur Beck Orlando 13--Upson C. Ewing Coral Gables
7-Archie G. Parish St. Petersburg

Object: The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.


The officers and directors of the Florida Association
of Architects wish you


Remember the past . for the good things and the
things to avoid . but don't live in the nast There's
no future in it

And while y --.L. . ...... lA e bacon
remember that applesauce goes a long way . Dish it
out at the breakfast table to start the day right with
yourself and the folks.

ANNUAL CONVENTION ... Giving the occasion
a general review we find it exceptionally fine from every
standpoint . except, perhaps, that of attendance,
although so close to the center of architectural popula-
tion of the State of Florida that over a hundred more
could reach the headquarters in an hour or so ... But
for a co-mingling of friendly folks and interested archi-
tects it was "Just fine." .. In the near future, perhaps,
the convention will be lengthened to three days instead
of the present two-day activities . with the mornings
of two days dedicated to general open sessions of the
various committees and a time for relaxation provided
for ,members to get acquainted and chat. . A good
share of the "Old Guard" attended and we missed
Rudolph Weaver, Francis Kennard, Frank Frimmer
and several others from the list of "Regulars." .
The Reverend N. J. Pilkenton started the convention
with an invocation meriting a sincere "Amen." . Ralph
Springer, Mayor of Hollywood, delivered an address of
welcome that indicated he knew all local architects by
their first name and familiarity with their sins as well
as their accomplishments caused a chuckle here and
there. . Mr. C. Edmund Worth, the Association's
attorney, hit the high spots regarding the passage of
legislation . District Reports for the year were 100%
complete. . Nine Directors present . Four absent.
. . Hart of District One and Stripling of District Two
are excused. . Dan would have had to travel over
700 miles and James over 500....
ANNUAL CONVENTION . .Gustav Bohland,
who possesses the ability and talent to transmute raw
materials into living images of transcendent beauty,
spoke regarding architectural sculpture. . The exhi-
bition of his work, together with that of Ralph Humes,
added much to the display of talent. ... C. F. Simpson,
Strucutral Engineer, with the Florida Portland Cement
Company of Tampa, gave forth some observations on
"Concrete Masonry Construction in Florida". ... See
special paragraph this issue. . Arthur D. McVoy,
Professor of City Planning, University of Florida,
Gainesville, lectured on "The Architect and Community
Planning" with many illustrated slides. . Those who
were absent' missed a fine talk on "Special Problems",
"Traffic", "Business Congestion" and the "Healthy
Development of Growth". ... Convention voted to raise
funds for legislation. . You'll hear more of this from
your District Director. . Dr. John C. Gifford of the
University of Miami rendered a clear, concise, conver-
sational talk on "Florida's Tropical Plants" at the
luncheon Satur'day. . His knowledge of Florida indi-
cated he had lived with its beauties since childhood. .
His chuckle and his ability to look at things from the
mirthful side were appreciated. . You do not acquire
those qualities over night. . For complete report on

all activities drop into the office of your District Director.
He has a copy of the complete minutes of the two
days' activities.

HOLD EVERYTHING . Bob Hansen of Fort
Lauderdale and our new Director for District No. 11
is somewhat disappointed with the Association's Con-
vention Banner . the material, he writes, is a bit
heavy for conversion into a sail . tch! tch! . such
wicked thoughts . P. S.. How about making a tent
with it for that fishing trip, Bob?

REGISTRATION ACT .. Adopted by the Legis-
lature of the State of Florida at its regular session in
1915 . 25 years ago . the present Act governing
the practice of architecture within the State of Florida
leaves much to be desired regarding the need of present-
day protection for the public and the regulation of the
practice of architecture as a profession . The present
Act served its purpose for many years because certain
sections were not transgressed, but for at least ten or
more years it has suffered severely with competition
unsavory and the public generally has paid the bill, with
the profession of architecture in Florida accumulating
impressive blemishes and scars on its escutcheon and
shield . Many of us have been too self-centered, too
satisfied with what the public or our clients thought
of our own little sphere to care or be bothered about
the general result of inadequate legislation . And the
hard part of it all is that the public sense that attitude
and they give the entire profession a lower ating than
it deserves. ... So let us place the old Act and its trans-
gressors in the same class as Fifth Columnists as applied
to our fight to stop the undermining of architecture and
the restoration of fair play with the public. Enlist with
your Association to support the passage of proper legis-
lation, fair to the public, fair to other professions
and fair to you as an architect.

LEGISLATION . The Florida Association of
Architects, after several years of study applied to the
subject, is ready to make a determined effort to secure
the passage of a legislative bill which will eliminate
and/br correct controversial and obsolete sections of
the existing Act. Their main aim at this time is to set
their own house in proper order. . Every architect,
collectively and individually, owes his support to the
work being done by a hard-working and conscientious
Legislative Committee. . You can do much by con-
tacting your senators and representatives. . You can
assist materially by contributing to the Legislative Fund
through your District Director. . He is responsible
for the showing his district will make financially, as the
Secretary appears to have an extra busy year ahead.
You'll hear more about this item of legislation as the
months roll around. It deserves your support.

MEMBERSHIP .. Accompanying this BULLETIN
is a blue card which we hope every architect residing
within the State of Florida will fill out, attach five
dollars thereto for 1941 dues, and return to the Secre-
tary without delay. . For the benefit of those who
forget or who may not have been informed, we repeat
the following:
You control your membership status each year.
If you do not care to join up in 1942 you will not be
billed for dues.
There are no back dues for you to catch up.
Payment of dues gives you the rating of a Voting
Member for that year.
One hundred and twenty-six Voting Members for last
few months the BULLETIN has carried no notices regard-
ing this class of membership . because of light response
. we bring it to your attention once more at the start
of the year chiefly because of the American Institute of
Architects' Committee on Unification recently sent a
questionnaire to the Secretaries of all Chapter and State
Association members to make a survey regarding condi-
tions with respect to the Junior Associationship class.
.Our total J. A. membership for 1940 consisted of
seven, namely:
Kemp Caler John Arthur Reid
Adolph Frimmer Homer B. Scott
John LeGrand Bruce Smith, Jr.
D. Neil Webb
This total appears as an insignificant percentage of the
qualified draftsmen and students within the State of
Florida and seems to call for individual interest on
the part of registered architects . at least enough so
that they will call their employees' attention to this
class of membership and the fact that dues are but $1.00
per year . for your knowledge we quote the entire
section of the By-laws covering J. A. membership:
person over 18 years of age who has had at least one
'ear's experience as a draftsman or in performing the
other recognized functions of architectural service dur-
ing the employment by one or more registered architects,
or one year's attendance at a recognized school or depart-
ment of architecture, may, upon application, and upon
payment of dues as hereinafter provided, be admitted
to Junior Associate Membership. A Junior Associate
r ember may attend and speak at any meetings, but
shall not be eligible to vote, hold office, or act as delegate
of the Association."

Results are what you expect, consequences are what
you get.

dent Hadley delivered an appropriate introduction for
Miss Marion I. Manly, A. I. A., only to learn that she
would not be present until the luncheon hour . and
your Secretary had his turn when he discovered four
receipted bills without the cancelled check attached .
Had failed to ask the bank for the monthly statement
issued while we were vacationing .. . K. now .. .
*x- -*- *
DANGEROUS GROUND .. Every once in a while
beauty befuddles us to the point that we sometimes wish
we had attained our childhood ambition to become a
hermit. All we have to say at this time, folks, is that
hereafter we will hesitate before we answer a lovely
little woman when she propounds two questions simul-
taneously. . One answerable by "Yes" and the other
by "No." . We should have answered the last question

NMEMBERSHIP . Eleven architects have sent in
their dues to date for 1941 without waiting for the blue
card. . When they receive their card the Secretary
hopes they will sign it and return it with the notation
"1941 Dues Paid". . The card is a check on the
address we have in the file. . The February BULLETIN
will contain a list of all members sending in their dues
on or before January the 28th, when we put it to bed
with the printer.

O. T. J. . For 13 years we completed our daily
work, and maybe a little bit more, for an "Old Timer"
who was a "Daddy" to us. ... The kind so seldom seen
in the rush and competition of today.... And we went
home from the office with our head high and a good
feeling down inside when we had felt his hand grip our
shoulder as he inspected our work and heard him say,
"0. T. J." ... That meant "On the Job." ...
And so with the same kind of meaning we give those
three letters to Franklin O. Adams in addition to his
F.A.I.A. for his talk before the Florida Association of
Building and Loan Societies at their annual convention
in St. Petersburg on December 6 and 7.
Frank's subject was "The Architect and the Lending
Result: The Florida Association of Building and
Loan Societies voted at the convention the appointment
of a committee to cooperate with The Florida Associa-
tion of Architects and other organizations, looking for-
ward to the establishment of a Florida Building Con-
gress, as advocated by Adams in his address.

MISS PRINTZ . One advertisement for a hus-
band brought a Virginia woman nineteen reptiles . She
is still unmarried.

OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS... All officers for
1940 were re-elected to serve for 1941. . New Direc-
tors for 1941 are Francis W. Craig, Director for District
No. 5 ... Arthur Beck for District No. 6 . F. Duane
Fullerton for District No. 8 . Belford Shoumate for
District No. 10 . Robert E. Hansen for District No.
11 ... Upton C. Ewing for District No. 13 ... Directors
for Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 12 were re-elected.
.See front page of BULLETIN.

lowing from Benno Hibler and received after the
Convention, is of interest .
"December &, 1940.
My Dear Mr. De La Haye:
The Convention may be interested to know that some
of its immediate members are quite actively engaged
in the National Defense Program.
While not now a member of the F. A. A., I am, never-
theless, registered in Florida and a member of the A.
I. A. For the past three months I have been active in
the United States Army, having been offered an oppor-
tunity to serve due to the fact that I hold a Commission
in the Reserve Corps. Many architects hold reserve
ccirmissions. Not a few have been called and I have
seen several prominent architects in Washington serving
as Majors and Colonels.
Due to this duty I shall be unable to attend the Con-
vention, a fact I very much regret.
Very truly yours,
Bernard C. (Benno) Hibler."

REMARKS . Benno was a member of The F. A. A.
previous to our set-up in the new by-laws which limits
Voting Membership to architects residing within the
State of Florida. . He is a First Lieutenant in the
Corps of Engineers and is an aide to Brigadier General
C. L. Sturdevant. . Benno is also secretary for the
Federal Architect, which is published quarterly . and
we are partial to secretaries.

TO DIRECTORS . Please endeavor to send in to
the Secretary the names and contributions of the archi-
tects aiding the Legislative Fund . before January
27th . Names will be published in the February
BULLETIN, but amounts will be withheld . Over one
hundred dollars received from one district to date to
start the ball rolling.
Sincerely yours,
E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,
The Florida Association of Architects.


I111111 l l 1111 Ill
3 1262 05919 8977

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