Group Title: Eric Williams Memorial Collection newsletter.
Title: Eric Williams Memorial Collection newsletter. Fall 2000.
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Title: Eric Williams Memorial Collection newsletter. Fall 2000.
Uniform Title: Eric Williams Memorial Collection newsletter.
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Creator: Eric Williams Memorial Collection
Publisher: Eric Williams Memorial Collection
Publication Date: Fall 2000
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JLI ~4pQz/mj &A(i4I c rpd 1it 14c~c/


Fall 2000

Colin Powell Commemorates Trinidad and Tobago's History

ttl:i; \,l l v e i U d nation.
I Ibct \\11 & ow t u. illihi,-s 1Dr
\ inlliI:i:n,' ir ar,,s andd arhuiv cs ,,,AiLtinL
ott' .ii thllusint d I..I rifles and i;ur
IIhL Id-1L '~ L L :i ..LJi t clt s. t 1 i) ,:'L' ii
IbiE I ri.ll ier, 3 iL i I ,LiI. ll I 1 '.i .1LL C
mmLtiire 0 1 i I, iwi'L iherre is alsi a
tr:Jll.:31 .iini. I .J i. i i, r ~'.aiil g rOsOn.
I ,,n lv m irvc t iof it, ki ni II in i1-
l -ari bb ijid i. t ( r4ihiean. ir scI t to
t ,r.i 'iIi a L'.U akin 14 a liU, ~
1'r'.,'ru .l I ihra.rfr. tl'int unfold
beiei5s r dic pve.P plc 1r: o nii.Iad and
Irbagct, anld Tl:'f the V id- CaLibb.can.
A. SL: .h. it pII ri Ides a living Ilgav to the
Lpursii of Iiistuoical debate iand at1al;4 i
ihr tlih tl ] ,rskin. liil.,i and
collectiLons c I )r, \V Iilli a s.
P IA Ate 1ilt1l3 I dy CP lit1.211 t.
LI.I C, I ,'rL l .rtil .n. r rLu'Ni Lein v( r theI
I\\'N L V. W 1.'iIL ir will, m:itLlV t be
tti i1t3j L 11iCF I IJI at WJIf it is
eriv3so iegi Cthr the egNisO wilfl iassume a
role iis .1 h.ave.n for resarch ,lt riglootit [he
Caribbean and indeed the world. I I hpS
/P ie' .li .i.,rc 1 of rinid: adanul bbaga /,n[. Iir, / ,t'ii Ea i Fr a l,///,t tia ,e. tO proVikIe C r.e-of-the-art facilities to
(km Lmi.?. G Le "," Pol UISA 5Jr. i/n 6ortornd," /'riiw pd t Pro- ie Ch (ancefor (omptwn bring history t th.e tpie- and the
LBou; eL'. P'a. 1 rP (.Am,/-Arar Rev A ,.,'d in 4Are.1r ,no'd. j,,c,....: ,-J ,:. people bi hisroryv '

T he idea sf rabliJiiig an in-.,gtg
CA e ity (0 oC.xpjlt I- [ i'y .'IJLL
sehiJ..hilp of he laie [r. F.I'LL Eisuace
\''i liQtn, and die tinitc-s I wl hic h 1 i iViL l
and w'ikl kud has sImIdI L'L[ a gntL'Ilea.iiii. Thec
Collectidciin imHk ro or even I-toire the
retCF.CL'LLL i sCLit.tew i death on MaJc1h 2J9.
Sl91. it was then that rhe l-i-v-e.r-old
1-r-ai Williams (.iniiell first old her
.u IIu-r Ehat she "wanted his books and
pal prs.
This iced bore ui oin LTf) i. h 22.
1I9' di hr l. (ugl the teu l r isv 0 u1 i, vLiiLI .ls.I
Uliliv''r iti'L'i.', ui L o [ L r[ .rta1 irins the 'w4rId

)L"r,. wltelln the rl.ri \\, \Nh', nori.i
( lc .i' t -.I n F\'' ) was il;n LL at
I 1f N[.Lin library td tIhe E [Iinversii tV t fe '
West Iitdie S ,:UWl). St. ALigtsi ie. in11 the
RI' il l i n' I 'riniddLl .Atid Tb.'xo.
generall Coin L. I o -iI. ft.'.\ ct.,
dedicated the Collection in the presence of
IrniJLid and Ibnh.'g.s, Act iE liesidcltm
'(anace Ra1uiadi. Prime MNi I Lis.tC l d U',
[ .and ,ty Pro-Vi L ( t ,IA i t ll.1 i ( ampus
April. il r C "in i p t i n i :i rniL' (iTratiidad and
1l4 ;airM:L Prl i-\i ( .imn. 'll Riex
N -IJ-[ ib-trd ( .t' aund boiler
distinguished ue Lsts. The ceremony WA-N

15 N .CF in it Eric 'll i.t11i

Ri has been nanm d to
a I -'NI-.C( ) pretigious
')Nccnilr\ of thc- \'o t d" IRLgiSicr
- t li' t.' \,ued Nanii,\, artenipt to
purce .- 'L the wo rld'r historical and
cultural lritnCge. 1I a n i iinL .
l.' NJ-., recxgniges the IWNI:
filt x. e,.ptoril ValLc and calls for
it [0o bu- ,j ,l1L'- Il f1E the [1 X.JnC lir t]
humaiani'y." .A plaque m ci'm0nMorMiItIg
this -giL.,iin "I,, S. n co be uLnrvcil-d.

. ........

. r

(-. .'.'S.". ,, -
*r 1-. R *.

Director's Forum

The 4Man iLibrary at rth
University of he \Vest I tle's.
Trin iidad and Thblago. is pl'.ased
to be the re i psi11 av of the Erric
\\Willims Mielmrrial (.]llecItiMn..
b0ns 0t"Mir1i, o n i-xli ii( I iF
|i4ogixrapli., extracrs at s.c<.lIe's
and m11ci11or.liia. together wih a
i'cu, r [In of '1 illiarn, t rudv,
.\s ,c rto this ine' wealth o in format ion
rht V ~i. J[I discover aiF indistrn'
AiL- resource fir riga1rlus arimr li
of r111iN it niltln[ his LtiarL L armL tlhe
era in wlia.t he lived.
.asr yvcar the E MC( received
international ir,.. gitirion with its
in-!isioni in hdie UNLS$L/o
M'iMrumt ry oif rh. \ I\'rld" RegisEcr.
his ecndorscmcnT iht-qivv. artn
clTeriiationit] apprecid.Eian of the
C.,ollcLtioiL L exc.t[it[i ;i] value
while it .MrultLL,AICoUslFy retflers its
tunic 1,.i. l iL,, si rii tii ,I4kly, it callJ
f-r Ihe ( Iillecrii tO be proLcltLcd
For The hentl -fr t dL;nrrwrilyv,
Already the confIerence p1apers1
that liwvc hbCil wriecn .1-.wd on
research done in the EWMC -
forCeast the iLlipfLr.'LrtiLCe Of
noteworhy pit1lit ICli(ons in [lhL
Ofr[Li-aiiift )ye rs.A

D)r. ,IuiA n Rr,'Pr' 1r/h-
Jtmtpus f.ibrari an

Media Spotlight

- BHn'k Diaspora 'at igia.he., North
A-erk'ia / I.,K, (Cli-brnirvj;
. IT M WITVF New York (ire RBoard
Of EI IIlTneariOn pirogiL-lli.n
inteLrviw vwieh Frica WdliLimns
('.in,I'll (lchbrLi.Lry)s

newspaper (FK-br uar );

- \Vellek'slev Ct ll L- : .i'n'ele t.', i- k
E. \V',iiia,,;U Land the ]Pan A\ rikcanis':
\-1 E-\W".1lc \Sth.scLiim exbhil (April:'

,t/.4..i., i/ t .-i rei n, ,*, ,,e ;
*. Cb.. si,.: \ ii C. (.o// r1,'.
/n-r iirdand The)f.f p i,;, wmtdi,.i
l ht(dio, I/-fidnad'and fTbago: 102
1-'r1, (Cori fer.'e ce bro,.iLlasts;
*. Rdio. ,livam i: Wi.'.
Pro-. onrit:rLncc-
i O111 LItt l' Cn .'ri i i
Post-( 'ntuierencL': interview
wish iE.riica \"iliiis (C ni, tl.

- I:,yi, /l/chtdi lfitnmt a.'!r1 Hio-Uk ,.
i,' }i',- il "I iha itS, and 'nsit]L.Lm'i
- t f'i-'., ,.i/gazri/?Jl. 1 rff ic.a 1
publicaLii, of the )Organiz.aritn o
AntmricaiI States, eIglise i and
51.mdsli -L-t[tilits (i I:ru 1:

- Fh idt I IrterilatLonal L niv icE
iCU) Eric 1-.. \'illianms ,\lMemolriai
Lecture (Scjnepetil-r;:

-Miami H/e'-pdld (,Sq.-ptcilimbr [
C(.aribbt'i {.onItI, niw-spaper:
RAio, A/atmi.- WAXY. WV'G,.
T-, i Ph-. I\VS WI.RN'
7enidet dand 7hbbt./, prita media.,

(.a rib r'ea A'"-' York /.t/av .b\/A,
iiW. ,[ipeir (()K tbeir iNo jnleri

* ( nrii."tau fle a., [W AI..,Y in- \ight
nIaJia Ic i l N ven.'ri eruJr.e' [Lc i.L er)T

* ,' i-)' -!V )'t rk 1 .,' *ifFA d.tmr
arcicI-e aboLT I W1(MC inaui4,gra:ion
iy c ien. (Ctin 1. Powell (ULSA i R.)
(Apiil 26j;
. fv magazine. Black-isastLeS
ptLlLIIcarinr in Dallas. tL.xas
iC Ict(licri;
- 7: RFO- Altirumiqp, segment
imed in Trinllidad ialnd Ibasg on
Eric Williams and the IVWMC,
aired at the 19c K AnnmuIl Readintg
]KLs iv.l, JddicatiLc to .MCarihbcari
writers (C. iciber[.

New Acquisitions
T'h e Reece Rcipelrs PRL.pLr of Sil
.-Lai Rec e,-. Cabinet ,i.L .try, and
PLet limn elnt SL, riEtarI in the ( )fitl.
if the Prinic Miti is[r. D1)tinMtcLd
by his VwiLaLm. Lady Erna RIcc'L.

N.u Jinal Archive oy-vecrnnimen Uf
Trinidad and Tobago- A.ii and
Vid r' r.ipL's. 1 IK 1'01' 1 phai .il ri phs
[hL- dIc l,] F" I-.ris ]l.. \ '"iliHni.s.

~i----iii I -I ~--- II -~---~--- ---~

rl~T, C~

SResearch Reports

Williams and Africa

by Prof Coin PaLser

T he Eric Williams Memorial
Collection provides the single
most important repository of papers of
this outstanding scholar and
statesman. Indefatigable as a
politician, Williams had the scholar's
trained mind and critical optic. This
was evident in the remarkable series of
reports to his Cabiner on several
African nations in 1964, A confirmed
internationalist, Caribbeanist, and
Pan-Africanist, Williams was
committed to Africa's struggle for
independence and associated his
nation with its cause.
But Dr. Williams never
romanticised the African peoples. He
found much to praise, but was also
distressed by certain conditions. After
visiting Senegal, he noted that it was
"tied hand and foot to France, and
nobody attempts to conceal it." He
thought the outstandingg characteristic
of Sierra Leone was the domination of
Great Britain." Similarly, he condcuded
the "dominant feature of Lberia is the
domination of the USA."
MWiliams condemned "the
enormous waste of public funds" that
he observed in Liberia, and its
ridiculous protocol. He admired
President Nkrumah of Ghanas
leadership and vision, and thought
"Kenyas economic potential probably
exceeds that of any other (African)
country." The low level of technical
competence in Uganda and
Tanganyika surprised him, He was
particularly struck by the paucity of
teachers, doctors, lawyers and
stenographers in East African

Although Williams saw in African
unity, "a powerful political movement
towards decolonisation," he was
acutely conscious of the internal and
external obstacles it confronted.
Extenally, rhe threat emanated from the
former colonial powers thai sill wanted
to retn some degree of power.
Internally, Williams identified a variety
of political tensions and disputes that
undermined the quest for African unity,
He urged college students to
liberate themselves from intellectuall"
colonialism and wanted to see
universities develop "the important
field of African Studies." He believed
that "...rhe movement for African
unity which has developed very
powerfully in recent months has nor
yet extended to the intellectual field."
Dr. Williams, the historian, also
criticized African scholars for not

devoting adequate attention to
studying slave trade history, slavery,
and the impact of Africans on the
societies of the Diaspora. "It is almost
as if Africans have been upset by their
previous history and seek by the simple
formula of forgetting slavery to behave
as if i didn't exist at all,"
These comment do not capture
adequately Dr. Williams' deep
understanding of the African reality in
the 1960's. His embrace of Africa was
bereft of empty sentimentalism and
romantic condescension, nor did his
identification with it mean that he
looked askance at other heritages.
Indeed, his life's work was dedicated to
honoring and appreciating all of the
world's peoples on their own terms.

Colin Palmer is Dodge Proffsr of
History at~d Pneton Uriversity

Visitors of Note
S Dr Richard Backett University of Houston, USA
S Caribbean Assoiaton of ProfessionaS and Scholars
S Faculy ofMorris Bron College, Alanta, GGeogia, USA
Frotm Lebon, Regional Council Member and President of the Martinique
Commission, Caribbean
Rah Schustler, A ciated Pre
SEdward E. Schumaker II. US Ambassador
Madame Zhang Songdian Ambassador of he Peoples Republic of China
Dr Paul Sutcn University of Hull, UK
Prof. G~rdon Conway, Chairman, Rockefeler Foundation, USA

I .......... -




1t.V. t
.. /v ..
r.d} "...
-9 Z9",9~~~~ r



Presio nt Diana (.hapman With. W //ksi,
(ol'tg., Ianchin ," tire /C'nnfn".

2000: "t-'i kWi. Wflaun andrhe A/4
A rica is f loment"
W i 1-L' %"1 i l' 1l-i M!AY N-' %' "lk'l.l, I ;' ,NI
( I N-- 1: I t: ELY lim)tN \ lUv\ I l- 14 1 AN
rIll \KW B. I n B) ,. [ .N'lil i ,.
I IA~ ARH UNi L l iN': I
',, M it tt* jrsit,'iot ( ,:.', .
I 'ivitL'rict F [il t- W s( ]IUdies. I S.i:
Brinklcik;, tir' L ,c:[ f ni ,if Ne_, L York
3'Id...i: Iat E Scli!;[" ( l ~.ltbn l ia; i Hsward;
S InrilI C .i:oli' a (15 i liS l I .l 1 ; 1 ili rli,
OlkV'-: 1ittmbi}: Rocwhestr.

1 'l9l L.Wilian lemornd

]7" "R..: iMT + 'RArHIt AI L'"-.I', l RIl IY.

S1-L 's fir ,i nLl d n -c-:iin Ii .(li tc ,
]',.11Lirul spc.kI.i'l was D)r. 1-'li II [ iCL
1 r.cIklin. Professor I.Emcrictis cf LDuke
University, dIr, Fr-nkliu is, arguably,. nut
only A t, uIL,'? prCrlii'r BlL.k list5o ian.
hIL' At.1.m [c.tL7hi a I toward Unlvcrsicy with
IXr. Williams during the 19('.

Over 350 IL:is nm.s altcnldlud, .tlnA!g wilth
SL iijr. iLnm 111f In ridi.t Mc morial (College:
1 m-1t.' rd- St.let Unive'rsity ci New 'Yerk'
UJnivcrsiy of iiarn i and I.ini.vrsirv io
rhK West Indivs,.

199x "-d/4lk q"
Vol. 20, No. i
I.\L I' I II \'1l N i i 1 FiNS beti
1 1iErL issue dicdik<.[ii to work 1w and
.tlmurt )r. Eric lF. W'llI.LLns. l:irnt time
rhat [his prestigious journal iof -afs .;lcl
IL' r.i 'T. d fI ,O FtI ,'[ n shl e work of ai
ulli[LL.;t' Wrilitr,

1996: "GaitWajism and Slak ry Fif

PaR C(oini/a G(rib bek._'i
UN K'I l,,l0 l T EL'IF. W -.. lN, n)lEl ,
t -xt I 1Sill I) n Y IH W F. ]. B, IFE' RL'
i 's ri fi ln -, NHI' I ,) M I :\ 1" i i I'N AMI
t U1F Coi 1 I Ii' | I 1!< A lilt 11\ Am] Il. 1tN
Ri \i 'Rt I1 (fl t'i, li

Tcar4 mic 1W rt'prst'ntltimfln: C i.,7lir-..I'": 1Pu' o
RiUL. F:.' k.:r'. Odcnse (),.Vt.w4Pl:
Sorbonn"e {( :.,vr t.)., Ytkk:icihLi.
I K. BrrLiclk King Alli'cd- (Isolkge; North
L(tiiM.o on-. A: (iTFin-h iDuke; I-'lriid.
Inrcrnacional Universiit; Mcdg;ar Evers
('o]l'g%-; X i.11mih; .11in.-n,.oia. North
(Catrolina (c_.nt ra!.- Rl-sarCh Insituir for
the Study of M.,ti; S]p,-linrL;i (C IkCr.;

I ,9 : "Br4itsh Capitdifmn C .d Q
S'rtVry, fm Legtcy f'Eric E. Wlliams'
tklu i L..' r\. r 1 1 I,' iAt 111%' ) IS,
UO-X SI-\lRi i.; ; I Tr F lb it' F-I I J.R
C<1( .'i%-'IF Nk AN1D SlJ in CIl-N i .[It.
Bin 1;1, h 11'1iv
Iact emici Represrn.ation: -:M
Algonqun ICoxjclg-c," W. :L \ci). :
Uiniv rsitty t'th Wta 'si Indies. VNta i:
Ahmrnadu I-Ia. (1AK: 1.Lt1 A-rtlixi; H1ill;
)Oxford.; St. Arnhon's (Cll.-gi Warwick.
ISA: L C(1llegL <,1 the Hnly Cross; Kantss:
MI]:; Plnulinlvani;;: Yale.

Dr: johnl /H/opeF Frlk/hl, /'fofitSr tEmrmn t !is .UnierfiY, FI", 1999

~ ~ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~ ;;;;;;; ~ ~ _~........................

- : ,j
s fl/A

SI Highlights

On The Horizon

S In cmtinmleiiloraiion of rhe upcoming
40th anniversary of trndcpendJcnlcc.
Alriari Camrps-Campins, prominent
arhisi, has iagtred ito Iinit lB!.
VWilliams at I'rinidad and "lobagos ... .
flig-raising ceremony, cAlebrating its
]ildCJ LdCL crC frein 1Briiaii,. at
midnight on AiuguI t L 3[. 1962.

S ]hr New York Plkili. ] ihLrryrI s
Schi=mniburit Cemnr is interestedr in
hin1.111^g an 'ri Williams
C rILjLrLIKL c Lc, LL Willi ;1tr [ a)
EWMC Museum cxhibirion, under
the diretsiin of Plrk. Winston
Janes (Crolumbia) and Colin Palnmer
IPrincron). Arrarigrners ar in :W/C fusem sp l ge fence o- Srph tg a

"ihe EWM('C intends to work with
L.OTporli at'e S.jlt n4Ir and tLhe MiniLstrv
of Education in 'rinEdad and Tohbago
to promote school field trips to the
MusM.' .- SrULtLrtrd lesso plans
will also bc a component.

The. EWM(.. iin collaboratioin with
Canboulay Productions. p*lan9s [t
present the stunnrling dramatic
prcscrLn;i[[cn If Williams'
autobiography, brnrrd Hu- er,-r at
various vCI'r'lULtL in iinidad and
Toagoi. it will be fiElm'd for TV

broadcast, IFr frcnm kling snMilyS 1lie
L ofa na imn nd rmakeis ftir compelling
viewing i;in ;Iri er whi-l ildren
iiMreasingJ1ly are without roots or a
sense of history, let alone the
i1prihlTk' ihal ttilev Lkr LrcaIct.' ]i.

* Dr. Kenneth Kaut.da, first l'rEtirukli
S [f th,. Republlie oiF ZamLba and
archi.itc of its independence from.
Great Briain, will -deiver hi e c irid
anr utal E.rt E'. W"illi.ElI L'li ,Oti.1
[.cmur e at Horida international
L.nivershei. on ()Ocrlbr 16, 20t0.
L ir'e tevsent is part of F I .s
ii[ri L[Eshed Africana Scholars
lI'ccure SE'ries.

* CapitAlismn & .Slavr and From
C?.litvbudvtp...Cipnr'; Tm..H. i.itsry
of thle Clrihhean 1492- 1969 will
Ic I'cll. il'ctd in lapa;i l ;n.u.- d[Cr .
biaus of dhijrr varrs,

I ): Akenn 'er/Jr fitfiwn tt rs t ,fthie //pubimiofn Zmbife. Ynarsir wfhly
i/nmidt/, I966. PrA Mwe tIfnii.' t. \ isfia s, nz IISTt' i*/ l .. 'f .f /rf fi A :

11- ------


......._ ......._ _

kA Pr r
1 6 ... R
9 /V//.V
2; *',,
C.f U/

History Revisited

Back in Time...

he he-misphcre'slrsi., soon to bc
,exprided. liqKul]h;dL natural ga.S
{LN.tI) plant, cs.taliished in Trinidad aInd
Tobago in 199A. had its gncsis under a
Williams administration in 197..3-
F-videneid in thec opening iihrc line'. of
Eric, \'illi;rns' pet-rmsal nci.pad dis-
played in the -W IC Ni Museumn. (slicnw
at right) ITrilid;id an d lIl.ago'.
resources specifically oil and gas reserves
- corn andcd intense international
interest. Ittdeed .s itnlch thcn, \vilih the
IMvailting energy crisis, as now.
Acutely aware o' the longtcrn m impact
of his dcisccm.i, whi hi% councrys economic future for
generations, Williarm convened a
conlcrenc.'e ,f inuternat.inacL ,and n;it!o[;il
energy and finanijtal professionals as well
as the commnin'y-ui---llrge. Tlhe mandate
was the r,il m ali.s;ntiim i n11 uI iiiliti itiori tof
the counti'irs natural resources. He
deferred considerationn of an Arnoco, Id.
project tfr gEis xpr tic when price
negotiations Filcd, opting instead o fully
exploit Trinidad andi 'bagol hiydrocar-
bon r the c luntt r frocL its economic depen-
dInce on sugar and other .LAgiciTltural
To Oihat end, he iImplieuecied a
developrni-ni plan prminwed by the
South Trinidadl (h11diutclr of (COnmicrcu Ie,
Ct ablis'hing chu ]'J. l.isas IndLuscri;il
Estate, a world-class olnlplexf. It is now
the cenrrepi-ec,' 1I '1Irnidadl .1md Ctb;g;ixuo,
industrial dvcprlopicni. As he then
scae1d, "1 k)r at I'. lisas, suigr cane
ghv e way to wire rot ,..
OIUVC WaM 0 rI'cC i Mdk'
'ith liu p ntcnmil for downstream
inidus[cris. and the pro4lll of greater
Vue acucr liIg 1 I tCh LIun-cetX rid gais,
this pi,.n would go on Io foster the social
anlid economic deveopmrncr of l iiinidal
and Tobago. i |&opl-.

.1 rC UAA^ A-l A^" ^
^iA^ *^! .iJ--


y, < ,

tnlin[g thcre lines state:
2 Rerunturwinsg. oiety
a) kr rg-J'iarkd oar 5h "

fl exart.., keer, in ground?

crca i1972-19 3

In 1997 for ,xmcplc, pr rpioDr
Trinidad and Obaugo was d- largt,
rc.piciun[t of direc foirignr invrtntment in
the hemisphere, w ond Ionly I i (nanda.+
and eatingng a gros do-mcni product on
par with that of Mexico and Br-ail.
C(ouncry srwide, we.l-develdmpd energy-
intensive iuc dusirl s t hrivc: cightt ;Imonia
.corhplexess,. five methanol units (now dhe
worEd' leading -CspX rtJr. ol' 1lr1il. a ilre;'
plhint. w iron and S mill, and lie
deveJopmnic n IC0 the adrldiii, i al ING
facility N will make the plans the wo-rld's
fourth largest.
'As a consequence of Williams'
resourFCC-ba sed Ci lElincinc LvIan- ul1'*:ll,
taken in 'w l7-V]ights by isuicce~sSi
ovcrn nitrs. Tr-inidad and "Ii-ogo has
more than C.Iuned iIs rcucnlt u Yir "frk
T mhr rYciTsiker, -A .iger in a S"a oftIu,.ssN
Cars." Thus is underwored ihe EWMIC
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Anc 11i alcain taedJ %LLW ItC 'I% LCL, IVe-%
Ang-srura, I.ld.
Bank of Nova hcotia
Tcrnmunde Biscui Comrnp)an I iJ
Britiih ]'ccroleum, Ltd.
BWIA Wcs, Indic Airway,
C aribban Steel Mill
Central ink
Chin/ .oi iri-
CI F:n arn i ,l,
Conpktcte CompLtCr SyiTcrni; Tk.bniltrgy
('Wlphera rs -and ('i Pi.' ro; LiL
[iii ~ih ig O n .A'i u -,i.iiL nL
G(rvcrnmenrat oFl'inidad*i ,riLd '[l1.1 t
Incernatioral Corl mun icaitons' N network
IT1 MeLtcad rincTnhips
Jack Warner
L j. Williar,, Lcd.
3'-ril and YWinnc \ah.ilt
.Mic[w t, rLl Company. I iL..
Natri-nl Cas Qc.iOmpany' I cld.
Narional InsLurance Propercv I v oii rne nic
Company, Ltd.
National Iicerries Conitrol IBard
Nation al Iretroleum Marknciia g tCci*mpianry. l d
NelaJ anid M lasN I lIdi t.i I td
Nesic, Ltd.
ITnrinilici. It,.
1'r'uI (i1' In"CIt ical PIt. DclpitLncrL
(..or[F.ratLiLit, Ild,
'rkie WaecclTous
Ra io .mion PnVowr 102 FM Radio
Republic [-irtk, Ltd.
ROnnld Jay Williams
RoyaIl Bank

Trinidad C Indm, I, Ltd,
Wesc IndIl n S bl klr,,kcr,. itd.
W illi:r, Ii. Si.n,l i .rd.
WYike Strcimrcs I crd.

RilIrwor, LMd
]osincn College
Brandeis Inriivsrsic
Brown a niversY.
(C/LAioc. Univcrsi Lof irgici.L itc1. rusI Ipk t1
iomersll tI' icrs%'iV
Ilorida Inticrrkcaion-Jl I.'I1n Cissy
Iriunads of tirtnicr r lc i a Idh-b-ob.

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