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Title: Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Campmeeting Association Twent-Ninth Annual Convention January 3rd to March 4th, 1923 Cassadaga, Volusia County, Fl
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Title: Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Campmeeting Association Twent-Ninth Annual Convention January 3rd to March 4th, 1923 Cassadaga, Volusia County, Fl
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Conference: Southern Cassadage Spiritualist Campmeeting Association
Publisher: The Southern Cassadage Spiritualist Camp
Place of Publication: Cassadaga, Fla.
Manufacturer: The Sheldon Press
Publication Date: 1923
Copyright Date: 1923
Subject: Cassadaga, Florida
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Bibliographic ID: UF00004452
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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ITA", i,

W" I' J7, "A -h


TIC 4 7 ::4

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'All" IR,

. . . . . . ....... ...... . . . .....

w w ,w


The Sheldon Press, Burlington, Vermont


FTER looking Florida all over come here and you will
feel like exclaiming, Eureka!. It is God's country,
second to none in the world. We are growing. Here
you will find the Southern home of Spiritualism! Come and
be one among us! A feast and a cordial welcome awaits you.


.' ( .

.. .l l
". ..

* .... :-.;J': .

' ** l
': ** ...*^ *




The N. S. A. Declaration of Principles
The following represents the principles adopted by the 1899 National Con-
vention of the Spiritualists of America and reaffirmed at the National Convention
held in Washington, D. C., October, 1903.
1.-"We believe in Infinite Intelligence.
2.-We believe that the phenomena of nature, physical and spiritual, are
the expression of Infinite Intelligence.
3.-We affirm that a correct understanding of such expressions, and living
in accordance therewith constitutes the true religion.
4.-We affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual con-
tinues after the change called death.
5.-We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scien-
tifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.
6.-We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule,
'Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you do ye even so unto them.'
7.-We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes
his own happiness or unhappiness as he obeys or disobeys Nature's psychic laws.
8.---W affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any
human soul, here or hereafter."

Minister's Horn

4~. *k


Entrance to Carp and Postoffice

*, ..*

The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Campmeeting Association, Cassadaga, Florida

President ..... .............. ............ JOSEPH SLATER, Cassadaga, Fla.
Vice-President................. ........... GEORGE H. DIMICK, Cassadaga, Fla.
Secretary........................... GORDON MONTGOMERY, Lily Dale, N. Y.
Corresponding Secretary ................. EDGAR D. ELDRIDGE, Cassadaga, Fla.
Treasurer................................. CHARLES L. MEYLER, Meadville, Pa.
Trustees..............J. H. FINE, Scotrum, Pa., M. C. ANDERSON, Lake Helen, Fla.
Cassadaga Camp is beautifully located on high pine bluffs overlooking a
chain of lakes the largest of which is Lake Colby.- The Camp and lakes are bor-
dered on all sides by natural forests of giant pines, uncut, unboxed, and in all
their native beauty.
The Camp is 125 miles south of Jacksonville, on the A. C. L. and western
branch of the Florida East Coast Railroad, a line between New Smyrna and Orange
City Junction, connecting the East Coast Railroad with the Atlantic Coast Rail-
road system, thus giving a choice, of routes from Jacksonville.

Residence of President Joseph Slater



This band of workers is one of the greatest helps the association has. In its
endeavor to entertain the public they have card parties each week; one evening's
entertainment of music, readings and sometimes by presenting plays of a dramatic
order-Local talent always being used. Two dances are given each week; one
orchestra dance open to, and very enthusiastically supported by the general public;
and one, popularly known as "Campers' Dance"; social tea parties are a special
feature of the camp and to these everybody is invited. Here you get acquainted
and enjoy a social afternoon.

The Bazaar is open every week day and here the ladies have a large variety
of fancy articles, souvenirs, post cards, etc., on sale. The ladies solicit your dona-
tions of articles to this department, and will gladly acknowledge receipt of same
through the chairman, Mrs. Charles L. Meyler, Meadville, Pa.

Cassadaga is fortunate in having an excellent library on the grounds, to
which the interested student can go and find profitable recreation. This depart-
ment is under the direct supervision of Mrs. Chas. L. Meyler. Those wishing to
make contributions to this department should address their shipments to Mrs.
Meyler, care of Library. Books, magazines, newspapers, reference books, etc.,
are most earnestly solicited and any contributions will be deeply appreciated.

This society was formed for the purpose of beautifying our grounds, streets
and parks; visiting and aiding the sick, and to extend a cordial welcome to all
It is composed for the most part of Ladies who own their own homes, but they
also aim to accept into associate membership the men who are willing to work and
aid them in making Cassadaga a more attractive place for residents and visitors.
PRESIDENT,.......................................................... M iss Elizabeth Satterthwait
VICE PRESIDENT.................... ............................Mrs. G. Montgomery
SEC R ETA R Y ,.................................................... ........................................ ........... M rs. Spencer
TREASURER................................. ....................... .......................... M rs. Edgar Eldridge




The annual session will open January 3rd and will continue until March 4th,
The management takes great pleasure in announcing that Dean Frederick
Edwards, formerly of Detroit, Michigan, will be heard from our rostrum this sea-
son, as well as other prominent lecturers and message bearers.
There will be at least four lectures, followed by messages each week, also
class work during the week.
The "conference" or "thought exchange" will continue its work with the
same degree of enthusiasm as in the past.
Our Association is now an auxiliary to the N. S. A.

A Children's Progressive Lyceum has been organized which will be under
the able supervision of Mrs. Grace Boettner of Boston, Mass.



Boat Landing in Camp



This fine building is located on a bluff overlooking Lake Colby. During a
former season important improvements were made, looking to the comfort of the
audiences. The sides have been enclosed and six large windows, contributed by gener-
ous friends, together with the addition of heating stoves, adapt it to all vicissitudes of
cool or hot weather. It has a large stage, comfortable seats and will hold five
hundred people. This building has been carpeted, and is lighted by electricity.
The Association now owns a large general store-building, leased to Herbert
Hollely, who carries in it a complete, fresh, clean stock of staple groceries; and for
the convenience of those at the Camp a recognized United States Post Office has
been established. All mail should be addressed: "Cassadaga, Fla., Volusia Co."
Particulars concerning Camp and season of 1923 will be found from time to
time in the "Progressive Thinker," "The National Spiritualist" and the "Banner
of Life." Every Spiritualist should subscribe for one or all of these papers and
keep up with the times.
The society extends invitations to all good mediums of all phases to visit our
groundsrand demonstrate to the world the truth of our religion. Our gates are
open to all honest mediums and we hope to have them with us, and we will pro-
tect them, for without them Spiritualism would die.

Lake Colby

Two of the Pretty Winter Homes in Camp

Winter Home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Loud of Detroit, Mich.

You are offered every convenience of a metropolitan hotel at Cassadaga,
Fla. Our Hotel Building is modern and so arranged that each guest has an outside
room. Also rooms with private bath and rooms with running water. Electricity
and steam radiator in each room. Table service first class.
During the season 1922 and 1923 the Hotel will be under the personal man-
agement of Mrs. Emma Downing and daughter, Mrs. Maude Gear, of Union City,
Ind. They have conducted the Lake Brady, Ohio, and Chesterfield, Ind., Spirit-
ualist Camp Hotel and Dining Room for the past ten years. Their dependable ser-
vice has won for them a wide circle of friends, among northern Spiritualists and
the traveling public. They announce the following rates for the coming season.
Room and board from $15.00 to $20.00 per week, difference in price being
in location of rooms. Meal tickets issued. Hotel open to guests Dec. 1st, 1922
and closes Apr. 15 th, 1923.
Autos meet incoming trains at Lake Helen Station three fourths of a mile
from Camp on branch of F. E. C. and A. C. L. Ry. Make Cassadaga Hotel your
winter home in Florida and enjoy ease, comfort and pleasure in the sunny south-
land., Come to Cassadaga where the roses never fade.
Patrons of the Hotel are assured courteous treatment, airy rooms and good
eats. You are welcome.
Write for reservations or information to Mrs. Maude Gear, Union City,
Ind., until Nov. 15th, 1922. After that date address her at Cassadaga, Florida.


Hotel Cassadaga

Three deep rock wells have been drilled and the water piped to two large
tanks on Prospect Hill. Two electric motors supply the force which distributes.
the water through the pipe lines to all the cottages and public buildings, giving an
abundance of water for all purposes.
The water plant has been so'improved as to furnish ample fire protection.

Harmony Hall, built by the Association for light housekeeping, is one of the
conveniences of the Camp. This building is constructed in suites of three rooms,
to be let separately or together. A kitchen in center accommodates those renting
rooms on either side. These rooms are 12x14 feet in size, and are furnished with
beds, pillows and comfortable, chairs, rocker, table and lamp. The kitchen has
one cook stove with two sets of furniture, broom, dust pan, two of each. All else
must be supplied by the occupants.

The suites of three rooms will be let for the entire winter for from $60.00 to
$75.00, according to location, paid in advance. Water included, but electric light
extra. No subletting by renter only by consent of the official in charge of renting
the building.
Brigham Hall, now owned by the Association, has very desirable apart-
ments; also several desirable single rooms for those wishing to take meals outside;
prices nominal.
All persons wishing to rent rooms in either of the above places should cor-
respond with Gordon Montgomery, Sec., Lily Dale, N. Y., June 1st to Sept. 1st.
Autos meet all trains and convey passengers to the Camp.
Sports for the sportsman are found in wild game near by-turkeys, deer,
quail, etc., or with rod and reel in the vast number of beautiful lakelets which the
whole peninsula abounds in. In an hour's ride the resident of Cassadaga can be at
the ocean beach, where the surf fishing is unexcelled.
The public buildings and streets are lighted with electricity. Fifteen acres
of pine grove fronting the Lakes have been purchased, and the Association has now
in possession, 55 acres of land and water which constitutes one of the beauty
spots of Florida.
All are cordially invited. Come this year.

Apartment House-Harmony Hall

Brigham Hall
Both Apartment Houses Newly Painted Inside and Out

Lots are leased for 99 years, after the manner of the Lily Dale Camp in
Western New York. A yearly rental of from $5 to $8 is paid to the Association
for these lots-ground for tent privileges rented on application.
The expenses of the meetings are necessarily large on account of the long
distances which mediums and speakers must travel to reach Camp. To help
defray this expense, a small admission fee of 10 cents is charged on entering the
grounds, and 10 cents a day while remaining, unless a season ticket is held, which
can be purchased for $2.50 for the season. All parties having rooms and cottages
for rent will be held responsible for admission fee while the same is being occupied
during the season.
The climate of midwinter at Cassadaga is mostly like that of a northern
June. While it is essential to be provided with warm clothing for occasional cool
weather, it is positively necessary to be supplied with light waists, coats and thin
underclothing which are needed a greater part of the time.
Those contemplating the building of cottages should plan for stoves for
warming purposes, as occasionally, cooler days occur when a little fire is needed,
and as much of the time the weather is warm, extreme discomfort is felt unless
provision is made for such emergencies.

We are 33 hours from New York City, 27 hours from Washington. The
time from Chicago and other principal western cities is about the same. If you
are from the North and enjoy a delightful sea voyage, you can take the fine steam-
ers of either the Savannah Line, the Clyde Line or Merchants' and Miners' Line,
from Boston, New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore, to Charleston, Savannah or
Jacksonville, thence by rail the balance of the way, or, if you choose, you can at
Jacksonville take the St. Johns river steamer up the St. Johns to Deland.
All routes to Florida lead to Jacksonville. There are three routes from
Jacksonville to Cassadaga.
By the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad to Orange City Junction; change to
Orange City Branch for Lake Helen, six miles; if train is late telegraph ahead.
By the Florida East Coast Railroad to New Smyrna, change to the Orange
City Branch, 20 miles to Lake Helen.
By steamboat on the St. Johns River to Deland Landing; then by carriage
to Cassadaga, 9 miles. Boat leaves Jacksonville 2.30 p. m., arrive at landing 6.00
a. m. Before leaving Jacksonville better wire Edgar D. Eldridge, Lake Helen,
to be sure of a carriage at the landing.

Cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Hills

Residence of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gaston

Winter Home of Mr. R. McDonald

Fronting the Lake, Central Stevens Street, "South End," in Camp


A Part of Vermont Settlement at Cassadaga, Florida


ror' I


Within Two Miles of Camp
Within Twvo Miles of Camp


There are two routes from the middle Western States and Cincinnati to
Lake Helen. One is the Queen and Crescent Route; the other one the L. & N.
Both are shorter than any other route to points in Florida from Cincinnati and
the Northwest.

During the session of the campmeeting at Cassadaga, special service is run
by this line and its numerous connections, so that leaving Cincinnati in the morn-
ing, one arrives at Cassadaga next day in the afternoon. Solid vestibule trains
from Cincinnati to Jacksonville, with through sleeping cars daily. No change of
cars from Cincinnati to Jacksonville. Observation, cafe, parlor cars on daylight
trains between Cincinnati and Chattanooga.

All letters for information regarding the Camp should be addressed to the
Corresponding Secretary, Edgar D. Eldridge, Cassadaga, Fla.


Pavilion, Bazaar and Library

P. *. 5 N .

i4; I

Ni;A.-,, 7:N

..'Zit---. E4 'lg --

ow -

E -E

/,. .' A 1 C. i v i4 : Y *'.I I. -. ~, sf AV :F .


A FTER looking Florida all over come here and you will
feel like exclaiming, 'Eureka!, It is God's country,
second to none in the world. We are growing. Here
you will find the Southern home of Spiritualism! Come and
be one among us A feast and a cordial welcome awaits you.


The Sheldon Press, Burlington, Vermont

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