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Title: Fellsmere Farms
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Fellsmere Farms
cA Review of FellsmeredAgncultural
Business and Scial Activities ~
Its Historyand Development-and
Its Exceptional Opportunities for
Good Living and Profitable Invest-


The Call of Florida's Farm (agnds

' HE history of Florida's develop-
ment forms one of the most re-
markable chapters in the progress of this
country during the past ten years. The
growth and expansion of the entire State
have been unique. Cities have multi-
plied their population many times. New
towns almost beyond number have been
created and have flourished. Property
enhancement, bank clearances, railroad
earnings and construction figures, all cer-
tify to the widespread prosperity which
has prevailed. In its increases of popu-
lation and building Florida during the
past few years has led every State of the
There is no phase of Florida's develop-
ment which is so basically sound, or so
economically justified, or so essentially
indispensable for its continued growth
and prosperity as is that of its rich farm
lands. The State is blessed with surpass-
ing climate. It has the richest soil in the

world. Three or even four crops a year
may be grown here and marketed at a
time when there is the heaviest demand
with high profit. It is also certain that
the demand will continue to increase
and that thousands of farmers will make
comfortable livings on small Florida
farms, with less work and more desirable
living conditions than can be obtained
in almost any other section of the coun-
There are basic facts which every man
who studies the question must recognize.
One of these is that Florida now needs
one hundred millions of dollars worth of
products which are imported annually
into the State, for the purchase of which
she now sends out of the State money
earned here. These are meat, lard, eggs,
dairy products, grain, hay, feed, flour,
meal, canned goods, fruits and vege-
tables, and practically all of them may
be grown in Florida under better condi-

All-Year Farming Under Ideal Conditions of Soil and Climate

Page 2

Fellsmere Farms

Felismere Farms Page 3

A Typical Farm at Fellsmere

tions and with larger profits to the grow-
ers than obtain elsewhere. The market
which already exists is rich in oppor-
tunity for those who take advantage of it.
The richness of Florida farm lands is
proven beyond all question by the figures
printed by the United States Department
of Agriculture. The crop values of sev-
eral states are quoted by this authority as
follows: Florida $109.76 per acre; Cali-
fornia $79.00 per acre; Delaware $46.00;
North Carolina $44.00; Pennsylvania
$40.00; New York $38.00; Mississippi
$34.00; Wisconsin $32.00; Alabama
$27.00; Georgia $24.00; Indiana $22.00;
Illinois $22.00; Iowa $21.00; Missouri
$21.00; Nebraska $15.00; Kansas $13.
Mr. L. M. Rhodes, Commissioner of
the Florida State Marketing Bureau, one
of the foremost authorities on Florida
crops, states that "on ten crops, the farm-
ers of Florida over a period of five years

have earned an average profit per acre
each year of $296.78. These crops are
tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, celery, cu-
cumbers, green peas, lettuce, snap beans,
strawberries and lettuce." It is also a re-
corded fact that there are only 80 crops
produced in the entire United States
which are shipped in carload quantities,
and 62 of these are grown in Florida, and
shipped when the demand is greatest and
there are practically no competing mar-
Florida needs thousands of farmers
and growers. She needs sturdy, intelli-
gent, industrious, ambitious men and wo-
men on her farms, and she offers them
in return the richest reward in profits,
ideal living conditions and contentment.
And in the very first rank of all the
widely known and highly developed farm
sections which Florida offers is Fells-

Fellsmere Farms

Page 3

Paae 4 Felismere Farms

realizationn of a Great Farm

F ELLSMERE was named after E.
Nelson Fell, an English engineer,
who spent many years in Florida actively
engaged in development work. As the
crowning effort of a most successful
career, he conceived the plan of creating
an immense agricultural area in the rich-
est reclaimed soil of the State, and se-
lected as the site a tract of more than
100 square miles in the St. John's River
watershed, in the heart of the most val-
uable Indian River citrus fruit section.
The location was ideal in every respect,
being about central between Jacksonville
and Miami, with surpassing conditions
as to climate, wide range of agricultural
products, and splendid shipping facilities.
Mr. Fell and his associates made an
exhaustive study and careful survey of
this 118,000 acres. A number of promi-
nent New York capitalists were inter-
ested and a company known as Fellsmere
Farms Company organized. The J. G.
White Eng. Corporation of New York,
which was a large stockholder, designed a
plan of reclamation and work was im-
mediately started on the property. For


many years this great engineering task
was carried on, often under the most dif-
ficult conditions, until nearly 300 miles
of canals, laterals and ditches were con-
structed. A standard gauge railroad six-
teen miles in length was built, connect-
ing the property with the Florida East
Coast Railroad at Sebastian, Florida. A
townsite, comprising approximately 640
acres, located in the eastern part of the
property, was laid out, which town was
named Fellsmere. During the year 1914
the town was incorporated and since has
been functioning under a commission
form of government. After incorpora-
tion of the townsite, bonds were sold and
the proceeds used for building streets,
sidewalks, light and ice plant and other
public improvements.
But let no one be deceived regarding
the difficulties of reclamation. Fellsmere
is today the outstanding example of per-
fected drainage in Florida, but it is only
so by virtue of tremendous outlay of cap-
ital, unlimited resources, and untiring
energy, and the experience gained during
more than fifteen years of keeping ever-
lastingly at the job. There are now ap-
proximately 60,000 acres of drained

lands, of which thousands of acres set out to fruit
groves, vegetable farms, poultry farms and grazing
lands bear ample proof of Fellsmere's unequalled
soil and climatic conditions. In September, 1925,
the waterfall for the nine months preceding was
fifteen inches greater than the average for any
twelve months within the records of Fellsmere,
without in any way endangering or harming the
crops planted in the drained area. Ten inches of
rain fell in one day in August, 1926, and twenty-
four hours later there was virtually no evidence of
it in this section.
During the fall of 1925, after many of the main
and lateral canals were completed, it was found
advisable, due to the heavy rains which Florida is
subject to during the summer and fall months, to
construct levees or dikes to insure proper drainage
during these periods of excessive rains and to pre-

Fellsmere Farms

Page 4

VT,,W,- t.r-#

Felismere Farms Page .5

W, r

Administration Building, Fellsmere Estates Corp., at Fellsmere

vent the possibility of an overflow from
water falling on a large area to the
south, west and north of the Fellsmere
property. Work was immediatley com-
menced and the diking system around
approximately 50,000 acres completed
the following year. Since then these
dikes have proven successful and very
beneficial to the project, as only that
water falling over the area of the Fells-
mere tract need be carried off through
the system of canals and ditches. The
general elevation of the Fellsmere tract
ranges from 20 to 25 2 feet above sea
level, a most important factor in obtain-
ing drainage results of the most satis-
factory kind.
As a necessary measure for the main-
tenance and extension of the drainage
system, installed at a great cost by the
Fellsmere Farms Company, the land
owners of Fellsmere organized during
the year 1919 a Drainage District under
the general laws of the State of Florida,
and last year bonds were issued in the
sum of $700,000 for the purpose of en-
larging, extending and perfecting the

system. This work was commenced last
November and is still in progress. The
plans covering this work were checked
and approved by several of the leading
drainage engineers of this country, in-
cluding Elliot & Harmon Engineering
Company, Washington and Memphis,
and George B. Hills Company, Jackson-
ville, Florida.
In September, 1923, the Ammoniate
Products Corporation purchased all
assets of the Fellsmere Company, spent
an additional million dollars on the prop-
erty in the way of rebuilding the railroad
and construction of a large humus plant,
which plant is used to manufacture from
the rich muck soils a base for commer-
cial fertilizer.
The farms now being offered for sale
are in the unsold portion within the
drainage district. The fact that these
lands are limited makes the opportunity
greater for present purchasers.
Fellsmere today offers unsurpassed
drainage facilities to buyers. As farming
land it is alone in its class.

Z :,4


or I

Fellsmere Farms

Page 5


, r 4 -

Fellsmere Farms

Q-.y.sse ts

F ROM its inception Fellsmere has possessed three
assets of inestimable value, which with each suc-
ceeding year have enhanced in worth. These are (a)
richness of soil; (b) elevation above sea level insur-
ing adequate drainage facilities; (c) location which
insures ideal climatic conditions for winter farming
and fruit growing. These were the three command-
ing features which led to its selection among all of
the great acreage areas some fifteen years ago; and
the same assets are bringing buyers here today.
Fellsmere has three classes of soil. First, the flat
woods land which is covered with scattering pine
timber and palmetto. The character is a dark sandy
loam and is an ideal soil for the growing of citrus
fruit and all varieties of vegetables. This type of
soil should not be confused with the sand ridge soils
so common in many parts of Florida, as in its virgin

I I, Al.t

Poled Tomatoes

A First-Year Crop of Beans



I J!

Page 6

Pelismere Faints Page 7

state it grows trees and vegeta-
tion which denote the presence
of plant food or humus in the
soil. Of this type there are ap-
proximately 10,000 acres still
available in the Fellsmere
Second, the prairie land
which is similar in character
to the flat woods land, differ-
ing insomuch as the vegetation
consists more or less of myrtle
and smaller growth and no
pine trees nor palmetto. It is
adapted to citrus culture and
vegetable growing of varied
kinds. It is not as rich in humus in its
virgin state as the pine land. Of this type
there are approximately 5,000 acres still
available in the Fellsmere tract.
Third, the muck lands which are in a
class by themselves and promise untold
possibilities. From thousands of samples
taken from all parts of the property and
submitted to various laboratories, we find
that this land has an ammonia content
of nearly four per cent. As this in-

Potatoes-One of Fellsmere's Best Crops

A Profitable Investment in Eggplant

gredient is the most costly when by its
absence it becomes necessary to apply it
to soil through the use of commercial fer-
tilizer, it can be readily understood that
soils containing this essential plant food
are extremely valuable. There are still
available in the Fellsmere drained tract
approximately 10,000 acres of this muck
soil ranging from several inches to ten
feet in depth.
Trees planted on shallow muck land
have proven very successful
and experiments have shown
that they come into full bear-
ing one or even two years
sooner than trees planted in
the lighter soils.
Well drained muck land will
produce bumper crops of al-
most all varieties of vege-
tables. Potatoes on Fellsmere
muck soils have yielded from
80 to 90 barrels per acre.
Forage crops yield an unbe-
lievable tonnage of hay or
green feed.

Pellsmere Parms

Page 7

Page 8 Felismere Farms

Sugar cane and grain crops have been grown with
great success.
A lifetime of farming will not exhaust the supply
of plant food in Fellsmere muck lands. It is made
up of decomposed vegetation which process of de-
composition has been in progress over thousands
of years. It is humus, and humus is to plant life
what wheat is to the human body.
The entire Fellsmere tract is underlaid with a
clay or marl sub-soil which contains a large amount
of lime. Due to the presence of this sub-soil, it is
possible to practice surface irrigation during some
of the winter months when, as a rule, precipitation
is light. Artesian wells can be drilled and have
proven successful on all parts of the Fellsmere tract.
An unlimited water supply is available by this
method and the first cost which is nominal is the
only expense connected with an artesian well. Arte-
sian water has been found on all parts of the prop-
erty at a depth of 360 to 500 feet. A four-inch well
costs from ninety cents to one dollar per foot, com-
With adequate drainage, an unlimited water
supply, unequalled climate, proximity to the largest
markets of the world, with splendid transportation
facilities, Fellsmere is the outstanding agricultural
development of America.
The National City Bank of New York in its
monthly bulletin, September, 1926, gives the fol-
lowing statistics:
"The following table comparing various measures
of growth for Florida and for the United States
Onions Yield Heavily in This Rich Soil

A Field of Cabbage

shows that even before the re-
cent boom the state was grow-
ing at a rate faster than that
for the country as a whole.
Growth of Florida com-
pared with that of the United
States as a whole (increase
from 1900 to 1920).

I 1

Florida ..... 83% 58% 512% 495% 524%
United States. 39% 31% 281% 392% 447%

The recognized attractions
of Florida in the way of cli-
mate, soil and proximity to
the great centers of population
constitute a substantial basis
for further growth, while the
large sums invested in rail-
ways, roads and other sound
improvements all represent
permanent facilities which will
contribute to the advancement
of the state."

Page 8

Fellsmere Farms

Golden 'Profits in Oranges and Qrapefruit

T HERE are about seven hundred acres now
planted in fruit groves at Fellsmere, and this
number increases every year. These groves are
among the finest in all Florida, and in point of
production will gross as high in profits per acre as
any of the famous fruit areas of the State. In these
are grown oranges, grapefruit, King oranges, tan-
gerines, tangelos, limes, kumquats, guavas, man-
goes, avocados, persimmons and plums.
The best known groves are those owned by
Messrs. Mudge, Bass, Heiser, Jones, Nourse, Mar-
tell, Mack, Hughes, Green, Dixon and Feazel.
This season Col. Mudge sold his crop of grapefruit
on the trees for $5000. His grove covers about nine
S acres of land. Mr. Nourse, on four acres, raised a
crop which he sold on the trees for $2600. Some
growers sell their fruit in bulk, others box and sell
it to the trade at prices netting them $4.50 to $6.00
per box f. o. b. Fellsmere. These figures prove in-
disputably that Fellsmere fruit groves produce in

A Fellsmere Fruit Grove

Fellsmere Farms

Page 9

Page 10Felismere Farms

excess of $500 per acre. Fells-
mere oranges are of the very
finest quality, ranking among
the finest selected fruit of the
famous Indian River orange
section. Indian River oranges
have taken grand prizes in
Florida State and County agri-
cultural fairs for the past seven
years. The most successful va-
rieties grown at Fellsmere are
Parson Brown, Pineapple, Va-
lencia, Lue Gim Gong and
Fellsmere orange trees bear
three or four years after plant-
ing, and while waiting for the
trees to bear, the thrifty grower
plants in his orchard vegetables
of various kinds with profitable
return. Good nursery stock for orange
or grapefruit cultivation costs from 50
cents to $1.00 per tree. The trees are

Pride of Possession Is Justified Here

planted in 25 foot squares, making 69
trees to the acre.
The most successful varieties of grape-

A Ten-Acre Orange and Grapefruit Grove

Fellsmere Farms

Page 10

Felismere Farms Paae ii

Maximum of Prosperity With Minimum of Effort

fruit are Walters, Duncan, Triumph, In-
man and Marsh Seedless. This fine fruit
comes into bearing a little earlier than
the orange. A ten-year-old grapefruit
tree will bear a dozen boxes of fruit sell-
ing at $2.00 to $3.00 per box.
Fellsmere soil is also splendidly
adapted for the growth of tangerines,
King oranges, tangelos and other de-
licious fruit. This is particularly true of
tangerines, for the reason that the soil
has ample moisture for rich, juicy fruit
in heavy bearing quantities. In recent
years, Fellsmere tangerines have brought
as high as $6.00 to $8.00 per box.

Is Florida Growing?
The Florida Power and Light Company, one of
the largest public utilities in this State, shows gross
earnings of $1,196,048.00 for July of this year,
compared with $764,001.00 for July 1925. Also
the net increase for July 1926 was '42% greater
than the corresponding month of last year. The

first seven months of 1926 for the same company
show 66% increase in gross and 49% increase in
net earnings over the same period of 1925.

No State Income Tax
No Inheritance Tax
The equalized method of taxation has made it
unnecessary to resort to the taxing of incomes or
the levying of a state income tax in this state.
This inducement alone has and is causing the in-
vestment of vast sums of money each year by people
living in states where the state income and inheri-
tance tax is a burden upon the living and a penalty
upon the inheritance of those to follow.
* * *

A Natural Monopoly
Endowing Florida with its three hundred and
sixty days of sunshine and unexcelled climatic con-
ditions as well as abundant rainfall gives Florida
a natural monopoly of soil and climate which
makes it possible to raise many products on a
profitable basis which cannot be produced else-
where and for which there is a ready demand at
premium prices.

Fellsmere Farms

Page 11

Page 12 Felismere Farms

Ideal Florida Homes

F ELLSMERE is rich not alone in
soil and all of the things which
make farming successful and profitable,
but also in the attributes which make
home life enjoyable, and in the homes
themselves. The population of the city
is made up of men and women who
own and operate their own holdings, or
who are in the employ of the Corpora-
tion or industrial interests. Besides
these all-year-round residents the com-
munity has its generous quota of annual
winter visitors who come for the balmy
climate and delightful outdoor life. A
large percentage of those who come here
at first as winter visitors return again
and again, and many of them become
landowners and permanent residents of
the community.
Fellsmere homes as pictured in these
pages show all of the joys of Florida
home life. Modest and unpretentious in
size and cost, but Every Home Has It
offering a wealth of
comfort and con- A
tentment to every
owner. Beautified
by Washingtonia
and date palms,
bamboo, and euca-
lyptus trees; flowing
hibiscus, alamanda,
myrtle and bou-
gainvillea; and as a
fitting background
the rich green of the
fruit groves or the
broad reaches of
growing crops.
Fellsmere's home
life is linked insep-
arably with prac-
tical farming.
Many of its most
attractive homes


are located on the farms themselves;
others are built in the city, close to the
commercial and business center.
Others still are located on the half-
acre plots near the center, where small
gardens supply every table need. For
either the rich or those of modest means,
Fellsmere has something real and worth-
while to offer. The whole Fellsmere plan
is a complete, well-rounded and balanced
scheme of city building, which will grow
in beauty and importance with the devel-
opment of the farmlands surrounding it
on every side. And besides the activities
which are centered around its commu-
nity life, Fellsmere also has ocean bath-
ing at Vero Beach and Winter Beach,
unsurpassed fishing at Sebastian Inlet,
hunting around Blue Cypress Lake in
season, and other sports which are the
Bamboo and Palms delight of its resi-
: A winter home in
Florida is one of the
cherished ambitions
S of many good people
S in the North and
SWest-a permanent
haven to which they
may retire eachwin-
ter to enjoy all of
the joys of Florida's
wonderful climate,
and at the same
time escape the rig-
ors and dangers of
Northern winters.
What better place
can you find for
such an ideal home
than Fellsmere,
with its delightful
sunshine and flow-
ers, fruit groves and
small farms?

Page 12

Fellsmere Farms

Fe/ismere Farms Page iL~

R. Stallings



D. M. Dominici

Fellsmere Farms

Page 1,

Mr. Cottingham

,I Wonderful Opportunity
F LORIDA agricultural possibilities today pos-
sess an outstanding money-making opportu-
nity that cannot fail to be recognized, appreciated
and taken advantage of when properly presented.
When that time comes there will not be enough
land in Florida to go around.
The Central Western farmer and the Northern
farmer are using serious efforts to induce the Fed-
eral Government to enact laws which will enable
him to secure assistance from the Federal Govern-
ment in order that he may make a decent return
upon his investment. That he needs assistance is
well evidenced by the fact that, taken as a whole,
according to bulletins published by the U. S. De-
partment of Agriculture, the combined farm capi-
tal depleted from Forty-seven Billion Dollars in
1919-1920 to Thirty-two Billion Dollars last year.

What would happen to business in general
if the United States Steel Corporation had
experienced such poor business as to make
it necessary to charge off one-third of its
capital over a period of five years. And yet,
our largest industry and the very base of
our national economic structure was forced
to do this very thing.
The agricultural problem in the United
States has ceased to be a sectional problem
but has become a National issue, not so
much that it represents a depressed condi-
tion in any one business activity, but as it
relates to our very National existence. A
Nation's life, both social -and political, is
measured by its ability to feed itself.

Fellsmere Far*s

Page 14


What Will Grow Best
in Fellsmere?

VERY planter in Fellsmere de-
cides this question for himself,
according to his own experience and
ideas. There is a wide diversity of
choice in things which may be grown
with a definite assurance of profit.
For the first year beans, tomatoes,
peppers and cabbage do remarkably
well on the new land. Returns are
realized on these crops within three U 1
months after planting. A great many
owners favor orange and grapefruit
groves. Vegetable gardens can be -
successfully carried on over a period
of four or five years between the citrus
trees and in this way the grove can
be brought to bearing at a minimum
M. E. Church at Fellsmere
The Marion Fell Library

of expense--and at the same time
pay a definite return each year
to the owner.
Farming is not a gamble in
Florida. The loss of a crop here
does not mean the loss of a grow-
ing season. There are records be-
yond number of growers who
have lost their first planting and
then replanted with greater profit
than ever. Farming in Florida
is an industry, which, when fol-
lowed intelligently and assidu-
ously, brings assured results.

Fellsmere Farms

Page 19

Florida's Balmy Sunshine at its Best

p ELLSMERE'S splendid location in
the central section of Florida in-
sures equable, balmy climate all of the
year round. There is an almost nation-
wide impression that Florida's summers
are excessively hot.' This is not so.
There is a steady, almost unceasing flow
of sunshine, continuing day after day,
with the temperature always ranging
from 85 to 90 degrees." There are few
cloudy or rainy days outside of the rainy
season. Constantly changing tempera-
tures as in the north-2one day hot and
the next cold-are unknown here. The
severe extremes of heat splls never oc-
cur. But there ,is ever and always a
balmy sunshine which makes for good
health and long life for the resident, and
remarkable crops for the farmer.
In the winter season the climate is one
of practically continuous sunshine with
the temperature averaging from 52 to 78
degrees. The visitor from the north, leav-
ing ice and snowjbeh-nd, comes by the

FE LZ,&E,, E, Fz O,,//,!
Arbwu ^mw .,w'amf*n/wmw ,_uywrw.
#/V' ,/. ac/w )Iv)

M 0 8 82 7 44 46 7 /49 8 4/9/ B3 9395 90 MS 0MS A 44
ar W. 1 as O s. 77, 7. a s a4 sat 8.o -4 s083 0 4 a .0 S.e 2 &AD

24M 0 7/.4 'r0 7'1.4 7./ 0. 7. 734 7 l.,7,7 7 3 70 .7 7 '2 .7
y*>* .1 70.2 7 2.4 40 467, 72.7 7/13 447 70.4 7t.2 T 73 .9.
Aw 7&' 4 60:7 7d.Ajd 75 75 .27 .
1/.7 9 40S 49&9.3 OX.25 9.078 04249.8 544 .906.7 6 $7# ". 52 M.7 t4
A 742- 7/.0 72.3 7/A 270.7 2.0 747S 71.8 90W 7^1/ 7W.727 W.Q 7/.7z

thousands-weary of fighting the rigor-
ous winter he has left behind. He changes
his heavy clothes as soon as he arrives.
He is fortunate, indeed, if he can change
his mental attitude regarding Florida as
quickly, and adjust his mind to the new
order of not only weather, but of all con-
ditions of life. For Florida-and Fells-
mere especially-offers him not only
finest climate, but better health, the open
air life, lengthened days, and prosperity
to a degree which he has never known.
Please read carefully the records of
temperature and of rainfall given below,
compiled by the U. S. Weather Bureau
for Fellsmere and vicinity.
* * *
Who Are Fellsmere Investors?
Fellsmere buyers come from every state in the
Union, and from every walk in life. A very small
percentage are speculators.
Far-seeing and shrewd buyers, after looking over
Fellsmere, appreciate the sound values here offered
and purchase land either for farm development or
for winter homes.

zFLLIS E AZE. FW/49/..
A l0XC," /o/9/ o^/' 0" "4

1.2 6 s-4 AV a m 04W io 9440, / 00 no.4 27 0 2 .2 4A
.v ^ 1 w a'. oM w 1o I. .

-A6 A.21 .a 7,U XW7 3..- XA 2.S2 ASS a .53T MX A51/ 7. 4,

4, -7 48 9 6.4 744 8 .42 7. -. 24 8/4 107

424 42' 744 M/a .9 ./3 63 8/5 .s7.3r ML" 9 717 2.4/ 7.7
/ -.9 6/ 0 68 4 /42 &.,4 AID .4 744 ,," 2.3. / 6.,

069. 4 f7 1.4S /4 4 51/.t 7 35.7 247 .424. .32 2 -60 4.40 2.3

^y^./ 20 X .305 4.4 ,s ,.9 4SW

Page 20

Fellsmere Fa'rms

Transportation Facilities

/J BRIEF study of
the map of Flor-
ida printed on the back
page, will reveal at a
glance the strategic lo-
cation which the prop-
erty enjoys. The two
great markets for win-
ter vegetables of the
State Jacksonville
and Miami-are only a
matter of a few hours
The Fellsmere Rail-
road, sixteen miles in
length, runs from Se-
bastian to Fellsmere
(and also to a point six
miles west of the city)
connecting at Sebas-
tian with the Florida
East Coast Road. Every train from
Fellsmere to Sebastian carries mail, pas-
sengers, express and freight. Refrigerator
cars are at the command of shippers.
Carload shipments of fruit and vege-
tables are loaded at Fellsmere and reach
northern and western markets within two
to three days.
Water transportation from Jackson-

Machine Shop at Station

ville north is available at all times. Also
in the near future there will be deep wa-
ter transportation from Fort Pierce, only
25 miles south of Fellsmere, with unsur-
passed rail and highway facilities be-
tween the two cities.
Asphalt and cement highways of the
finest kind link up Fellsmere with Sebas-
tian and all of the cities north and south
on the Dixie Highway.

Passenger and Pullman Cars of Fellsmere Railroad

Fellsmere Farms

Page 21

Page 22 Felismere Farms

Phe Main Canal of the Fellsmere Drainage System

Felhmere's great

L. V I v M LW#ffgvv r s w %
ADEQUATE drainage is the basis
... of Fellsmere's superiority over all
of the reclaimed farm areas of Florida.
Without adequate drainage successful
and continued crops are not possible.
The Fellsmere Drainage District com-
prises about 50,000 acres-or about 84

Dredging Fellsmeres Fine Canals

Drainage System
The main canal is in the north side of
the property, flowing east for fourteen
miles into the Indian River north of
Sebastian. This main canal is 110 feet
wide, from 16 to 24 feet deep, and is dug
on grade.
Running into the main canal from north
to south at points two
S miles apart are four lat-
erals, 40 to 50 feet wide,
each eight and one'-half
miles in length; and
these laterals are inter-
sected by sub-lateral
ditches a quarter of a
mile apart, which are 15
feet wide and five feet
Every 10O-acre farm is
drained perfectly by
th e se sub-laterals
through farm ditches.

Fellsmere Farms

Page 22

Also each farm has right
of way to a dedicated
road built up on the
spoil bank of the ca-
Fellsmere's canals, lat-
erals and sub-laterals
comprise the 300-mile
improved drainage sys-
tem. There is no arti-
ficial pumping in the dis-
trict. The entire system-
is regulated by gravity
flow insured by 20 to 25
feet elevation above sea'
The Fellsmere Drain- Another View of Outlet Canal i Felmek
age District is the most completely tri.ct The drainage- is maintained and
drained area according to competent adequate upkeep assured by a nominal
authorities in the State of Florida. -t is maintenance tax.
quasi-municipal in effect, -being organ- The State, County and Drainage DNs-
ized under,Florida laws and managed by trict taxes for the current year are ap-
a Board of Supervisors who are elected proximately $2.50 per acre for Fellsmere
by the property owners within the dis- property owners.
Drainage Ditch on a Ten-Acre Farm

.'54 ,-..

Fellsmere Farms

Page 23

Page 24 Felismere Farms


JWells for fWater and


F ELLSMERE'S water sup-
ply is provided in ample
quantities by artesian wells,
The city plant supplies homes
and places of business. But
every section and farm in the
district has or can have its own
artesian wells and be entirely.
independent of the city plant.
Fellsmere's artesian wells
provide amply supply of pure,
wholesome water at a depth of
300 to 400 feet. Four-inch
pipes have been adopted as the
most practical for all-round
use, and these flow 1500 gallons
per minute. The water is not
only used for home needs, but also for
irrigation when necessary. There is, as
a rule, ample rainfall for all kinds of,

Practical Use of Artesian Well in Irrigation

A 1500-Gallon Artesian Well

planting, but should a dry spell come
the grower has always at hand his ar-
tesian well to irrigate his land.
Progressive growers at Fells-
mere are also using today their
artesian wells for the genera-
tion of electricity thereby
bringing into their homes and
farms the most modern equip-
ment in labor-saving material.
Fellsmere wells will produce
readily 250 watts per hour,
providing ample electricity for
lighting homes and barns, and
running electric refrigerators,
Swashing machines, separators
and other dairy machinery.
The first cost of these wells
is practically the only cost,
and they return splendid divi-
Sdends on the investment.
Fellsmere water has been
analyzed by a prominent
chemist and found to be abso-
lutely pure for drinking pur-
poses and has been proven
over a period of fifteen years
to be healthful, .

Pellsmere Farms

Page 24

Business Adctivities of Felsmere
F ELLSMERE has in its
business section prac-
tically-all of the stores which
supply the needs of a grow-
ig and prosperous commu-
nity. The Fellsmere Rail-
road runs from Sebastian to
Fellsmere, carrying passen-
gers and freight between -the
two points. The post office,
telegraph .office, telephone..
exchange, electric light plant
and water works are utili-
ties of indispensable value.
here as elsewhere. The two
hotels -make comfortable
hundreds of guests. A
weekly -newspaper printed A.. attractive Bank Building
here chronicles happenings
not only of .Fellsmere but also of all eral store, two packing houses and also
Indian River County. twvo garages to give modern and valuable
And besides these, Fellsmere has.. its service to motorists.
dry goods and millinery shops, grocery A motion picture theatre gives show-
stores, meat market, hardware and gen- ings which are much enjoyedL
View of Fellsmere's Business District


Page 25

Profts, Contentment and Independence

on Ten Aicres at Fellsmere

HERE is no guesswork or gamble
about farming at Fellsmere, for the
very good reason that*practically every
element which makes farming an uncer-.
tainty as to profits has been removed.
Climate-soil-drainage-of the very
best kind assure this. The United States
Department of Agriculture gives this
section 360 growing days per year-
against 120 days which make up the
growing season of the northern states.
It is therefore possible for the. farmer
here to plant two to four crops a year.
And logically, a ten-acre farm with three
crops is the equivalent in productivity of,
the thirty-acre farm in sections growing
only one crop a year.
The grower at Fellsmere practices in-
tensive cultivation, and his success
proves that he is right. We therefore

advise the man who is starting here to
plant not more than ten acres the first
The farmer of a ten-acre tract first pre-
pares his ground for planting, and re-
gardleis of season lmay start his work in
any month of the year. But mostof the
crops here are winter crops, planned care-
fully to insure shipping from 'thanksgiv-
ing, to May.
If the grower wishes a fruit-grove he
will set out oranges, grapefruit, tanger-
ines or kumquats first, and use the land
between his trees for vegetables which
will be ready for market in 60 to 90 days.
The vegetables he grows will, with a
cow or two and chickens, make him prac-
tically self-supporting from the start, and
he will with ordinary thrift and persever-

Fellsmere Farming Offers Rich Opportunities

Page 26

Fellsmere Farms

Felismere Farms Pa9e 27


ance, be putting money in the bank after is attested by the following figures of
90 days. crop yields in past years: Eggplant,
The productivity of the Fellsmere land $1400 per acre; bell peppers, $600 to
$800 per acre; celery,
A Residential Street in Fellsmere $1500 per acre; toma-
toes, $1000 per acre;
potatoes, $1200 per
* acre; beans,,$1000 per
: : acre; onions, $500 per
A splendid market
for all of these vege-
tables exists all the year
round and always at
high prices.
Everyone who buys
land at Fellsmere to
cultivate will receive
expert advice from men
who have lived here for
years, and who keep in
close touch with the
most recent research
and newest methods,

Fellsmere Farms

Page 27

Fishing, Hunting and Other Sport

F LORIDA offers an endless round
of pleasure and sport for its resi-
dents, as well as rich opportunities
for independence and prosperity-
and Fellsmere has its own share of
these in unbounded measure.
Those who delight in fishing will
find one of the richest fields in the
entire State at Sebastian Inlet, where
deep-sea fish abound. Sebastian River
is another favorite resort for anglers,
and the Fellsmere canals have their
own attractions also. And for the
hardy, experienced camper, who takes
his fishing seriously and likes it best-
in virgin waters, Blue Cypress Lake
offers unlimited sources of joy.
The back country adjoining Fellsmere
is plentifully supplied with game, and the
hardy hunter during the season will find
wild duck, quail, snipe and wild turkey

A Day's Catch of Bass'

Scenic Beauty of Sebastian River

in plenty. While those who venture out
to Blue Cypress can try their luck and
mettle at even larger game.
For those who enjoy their sport on
good fairways and model greens, the golf
courses at Vero Beach and San Sebastian
hold keen delight.
Baseball and tennis are enjoyed at

All-year-round bathing is enjoyed at Vero Beach
and Winter Beach-both only a short motor trip
from Fellsmere. These beaches are unsurpassed
for ocean beauty and bathing. The building of the
proposed causeway across Indian River to the ocean
will in the very near future bring ocean bathing vir-
tually to Fellsmere's front door. The money has al-
ready been voted for this causeway. It will be built
from the Dixie Highway, at the entrance to Fells-
mere, directly to the ocean front, and like all of
the famous causeways of the State will open up a
delightful resort for all of the residents of Fells-
mere and Sebastian.

Records show that there are 80 crops grown in the United
States which are shipped in carload quantities. Of these,
Florida produces 62. And best of all, Florida crops reach the
market when there is practically no competition.

Page 28

Fellsmere Farms

Felismere FarmsPare 29


F'ELLSMERE already possesses a
great asset in location on the famous
Dixie Highway, its main entrance being
located on that famous travel artery a
half mile south of Sebastian. It will in
the near future reap the full benefit of
another great highway in the new cross-
state road now being built to Tampa.
The Tampa cross-state highway be-
gins at the Dixie Highway entrance to
Fellsmere and follows the Ocean Drive
to Fellsmere and the main canal bank
of Fellsmere which is the dividing line
between Brevard and
Indian River Coun-
ties--through the
Northern center of the
property to Osceola
County. Work on this
great trunk line is
well under way. Thir-
teen miles of hard sur-
faced road have already
been built, and a bond
issue of $300,000 voted
by Indian River Coun-
ty in 1925 is now being
used to construct the
eight additional miles
to the Western bound-
aries of the county.
Work on this great

highway is being vigorously pushed.
This great oceah-to-gulf highway will
be one of the most important arteries fot
pleasure and traffic in the State. It is
also the shortest direct route between the
east and west coasts. It ties up Fells-
mere with Lake Wales, Bartow, Plant
City and Tampa, and opens up millions
of acres of rich agricultural land to de-
velopment. From any point on the East
coast near Fellsmere it greatly reduces
the distance to Tampa and other progres-
sive cities on the west coast.

Blue Cypress Lake, Fellsmere

Fellsmere Parms

Page 29

Pa9e 30 Felismere Farms

Gf guaranteed Title

HE buyer of Fellsmere lands enjoys
every guarantee possible to insure
safety and safeguard his interests. He
has absolute confidence in the integrity of
the principal with whom he deals.
He has assurances of high authori-
ties regarding the quality of the soil.
He enjoys the reward of fifteen years
of constructive work in drainage per-
fection and the assurances that great
works brings to his aid.
He has climate which makes possi-
ble two to four crops a year. He has
the transportation facilities and the
markets which insure large profits.
And-besides all of these--he has
a guaranteed title insured and backed
by the New York Title & Mortgage
Company, with capital fund, of over
$14,000,000 to protect his interests in
that title. Upon issuing said title in-
surance the New York Title & Mort-
gage Company at its own cost defend
the insured in all actions founded upon
a. claim of title incumbrance or defect
which existed prigr to the issuance of
the policy and not excepted therein.

Figures Which Make You Think
The tipie is rapidly approaching when agri-
culture in Florida will be the outstanding busi-
ness of the State. When that time comes farm
land values will be stabilized, and measured by
the number of dollars that can be produced per
acre, per annum, as is the recognized practice
in other agricultural areas.
Florida land value when appraised in this
manner is far in excess of its present value. The
appraised method of fixing value is to multiply
the yearly crop value by ten. A grove which
produces $3,000 a year is well worth $30,000.
Land which produces vegetables to the amount
of $250 an acre is worth $2,500 per acre. This
method of figuring land values is almost uni-
versal. When you apply them to Fellsmere
crop values-averaging from $500 to $1,200 per
acre-the real value of the land in comparison
with that of other sections of the country is
really astonishing.

to Fellsmere Buyers

Therefore it is reasonable to assume that an in-
vestment in Fellsmere farm land, where the land
has been properly and adequately reclaimed, offers
an exceptionally great opportunity for substantial



Fellsmere Farms

Page 30


August 20, 1926.

Fellsmere Estates Corporation,

Fellsmere, Fla.


We have just completed the tests and analyses of samples

of soil you sent from Fellsmere Fla. We found these soils to

be well balanced and of excellent quality, suitable for diver-

sified farming and fruit raising on an intensive scale.

The location of Fellsmere with its sub-tropical climate

ia most favorable for heavy production of early maturing

varieties of vegetables and fruits, which will reach the market

when prices are at best due to the unfavorable growing season

in other sections.

The fact that the soil is underlaid with limestone has a

tendency to keep it sweet and frea from disease. It is quite

evident that Fellemere with its well-drained, rich muck land

will rapidly become one of the moat progressive and profitable

agricultural centreslit the South due to its favorable location

both as to climatic conditions and proximity to markets.

Your / ry traly,

A Fine Tribute to Fellsmere from One of America's Most Distinguished Agricultural Experts

Fellsmere Farms

Page 31

Fellsmere Farms

The !Cen Behind Fellsmere

President-Ammoniate Products Corporation;
President-E. S. Hughes & Co., Inc.-Investment Bankers;
President-Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Railway Co.;
Chairman of the Board-Farmers & Merchants National Bank of Abilene, Texas;
Chairman of the Board-Philadelphia & Norfolk Steamship Company;
President-Hucony Gas Company.

Industrial Finance; Former Vice-President of American Can Co.; Former Vice-President
of Willys Corporation.

Attorney-Member of Firm, Rushmore, Bisbee & Stern, New York.
Vice-President-Ammoniate Products Corporation.

Chairman of Board-Livingston Mines, Inc.

Of Sperry, McKee & Crane, New York.

Of Trimbey Machine Works, Glens Falls, New York.



Exclusive Sales Agents

Page 32


/ 0


6 u O, ,. a gi

"From Frost and Snow in Forty Hours to
Fellsinere's Fruit and Flowers"

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