Title: Davenport Home of the Holly Hill Fruit & Grove Company
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Title: Davenport Home of the Holly Hill Fruit & Grove Company
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%~~1 ~




IGH up in the hills of Polk County, on the crown of the Ridge Section of Florida, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the
Gulf of M1exico, is Davenport, the home of Holly Hill Groves. Davenport is 181 miles south of Jacksonville, Florida's largest
city, and 58 miles from Tampa, the state's greatest seaport, and is on the main line of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and the
Dixie Highway. At a cost of three million dollars, Polk County constructed Florida's best system of hard-surfaced roads,
connecting every town with every other town within the confines of the county-a statement said to be true of no other county
in the United States. You will enjoy living in this delightful section where the breezes from the gulf and the trade winds
from the ocean maintain an annual average temperature of seventy degrees, with no extremes of either heat or cold.

The supply of water is abundant, being pure, soft, cool and latter company was founded by him in 1893 and has grown to a
wholesome. rating of over one million dollars and is the largest independent
You have the choice of over 600 spring-fed, fresh-water lakes for manufacturer of fertilizers in the state. Mr. Wilson is the senior
bathing, boating and fishing. member of Wilson-Mason Co., cotton factors; director in the Florida
The hunter is rewarded by plentiful results, as all game that National Bank, an officer in the Mason Forwarding Co., Southern
abound in Florida is found here. States Bag Company and the Florida Agricultural Supply Co., all
Golf, tennis, and other outdoor sports can be enjoyed twelve with headquarters in Jacksonville. He has large interests through-
months in the year. out the state, is well known and is possessed of a thorough knowledge
This section, exceptionally favored by Nature and truly in the of Florida conditions, is an enthusiastic believer in the future of the
heart of "The Land of Eternal Youth," is world-famous for its state and has taken an active part in her progress, recognizing that
production of high-quality citrus fruit, this county shipping more the time was coming when Florida would be appreciated asone of the
oranges and grapefruit than any other county in the entire state. nation's chief assets, not only because of its superb climate for health
Success in the citrus-fruit industry, like success elsewhere, de- and pleasure but because of its limitless agricultural potentialities.
pends upon experience, good judgment, ability, efficient manage- Messrs. Frank I. Wheeler and Bavless XW. Haynes are officers of
ment, diligent attention and working capital. the Wilson & Toomer Fertilizer Co., and vice-president and secretary-
The Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Company owns, unincumbered, treasurer, respectively, of the Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Company.
numerous groves and grove property in Florida, its largest opera- They have been actively associated with Mr. Wilson for a number
tions being at Davenport-Holly Hill Groves-consisting of over of years, are men of means, have the interests of Florida at heart and
5,000 acres. This property was selected after a thorough knowledge are vitally interested in its prosperity. at heart and
of conditions in all sections of the state, both on account of its beauty Fre vitany Cntereste r mts Prosperity.
and also its adaptability to the growing of oranges and grapefruit. Frank W. Crisp, general manager, is a graduate of Clemson
Five thousand acres of Holly Hill Groves located on these scenic Agricultural College. He entered the employ of the WVilson&Toomer
hills will make Davenport the center of the world's most beautiful Fertilizer Co. some ten years ago and was subsequently made sales
park, as we are beautifying the property as well as planting groves, manager, which position he held for a number of years, is a practical .
The Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Company is a subsidiary of Wilson and successful grove owner, besides having that rare gift of vision
& Toomer Fertilizer Co., of Jacksonville, Florida, manufacturers of which enables him to direct the building of Holly Hill Groves, mak- (
the famous "Ideal" fertilizers, and recognized as one of the largest ing of them the beauty spot of all Florida.
and best-posted organizations in this state, specializing in the care W. Paul Henry, assistant manager of this company, has been
and handling of citrus fruit properties. associated with Mr. Crisp a number of years and is an able assistant
Mr. Lorenzo A. Wilson is president of both the Holly Hill Grove in furthering the ambitious plans of the company in making Holly
& Fruit Company and the Wilson & Toomer Fertilizer Co. The Hill Groves the best that brains and money can produce.

-, \ .^ ._ -.-- ".... .. .... --





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Bayard F. Floyd, horticulturist, is also horticulturist to the WVilson
& Toomer Fertilizer Co., and prior to his connection with this organ-
ization was plant physiologist to the Florida Agricultural Experi-
ment Station. He is a graduate of Indiana University and also of
the University of Missouri, where he was a professor in horticulture
before coming to Florida. Mr. Floyd is an authority in the citrus-
fruit world.
Holly Hill Groves are subdivided into five-acre tracts, giving to
each an improved frontage as there is a highway every half mile
east and west and every quarter mile north and south throughout
the entire property.
We are planting ornate hedges of hibiscus as a border for each
grove; adorned with large leaves and the year-round blossom that
flames forth from the hedges, this plant forms an ideal setting for the
groves that rise with the hills as the background.
Adding to the picturesqueness of the scene are Australian silk
oaks between the highway and the grove, thus furnishing a restful
and extremely pleasant home location for the owner.
On each five acres we guarantee 245 trees and are planting ap-
proximately one-third Pineapple oranges, one-third Valencia oranges
and one-third grapefruit. Pineapple oranges are shipped from Decem-
ber to March, and for over twenty-five years have been regarded as
Florida's best midseason variety of orange. The Valencia is a late
orange marketed from February to June and has no equal in the
citrus world. These varieties are the standard of Florida and always
bring the top of the orange market. Grapefruit, Florida's monopoly,
is ever increasing in demand and is marketed from November to June.
Our plan of operation consists of clearing the land, planting the
trees, beautifying the groves and improving the road, paying all ex-
penses of cultivation and fertilization and everything pertaining to
the care and management of the grove for five years from the date
of planting.
Holly Hill Groves are sold under our five-year management plan
in units of five acres, and on the basis of the payment of 20 per cent
of the purchase price each year for five years, with no interest on
deferred payments until after maturity, no taxes, no assessments or
any other expenses of any kind.
The trees commence bearing the third year, but no return should
be expected from the first year's crop. However, the older the grove
the more fruit is borne and all fruit produced during the company's

I'S__ Q...


five years of management belongs to the purchaser, the fruit being sold
by the company and the amount received, less what it costs to pick
and pack the product, is sent direct to the owner, or applied against
the purchase price.
A purchaser of a Holly Hill Grove knows the maximum amount
his grove will cost him. No assessments are added to this cost.
At the end of the five-year period the company will continue its
care and cultivation of the grove on actual cost basis plus 10 per cent
so that you are assured of the care and management by our organ-
ization as long as it is desired. It is our idea to have the most
efficient groves in the state of Florida, demonstrating without any
question or doubt, the superiority of our organization. You can see
what this will mean to us both as an advertising feature and also
from the increase in business that our parent company will enjoy
from the large acreage of Holly Hill Groves.
A grove six years old, when it has received efficient care and
management, conservatively speaking, should produce an income of
from $300 per acre upward.
A number of groves six and seven years old, in the vicinity of
Holly Hill Groves, have produced over $500 per acre in fruit, and
there are groves eight, nine and ten years old that have netted the
owners around $1,000 per acre.
Two thousand dollars per acre is not a high price for a bearing
grove in this section. There are few, if any, six-year-old groves in
good condition located on the Ridge Section that can be bought for
less than $1,500 per acre, even though they are just crude groves
without improvements. We know of groves selling as high as $3,000
per acre. None of the groves, however, have been beautified on as
extensive scale as have Holly Hill Groves.
It is our firm belief that your Holly Hill Grove at the end of our
five-year period will be the most attractive property in Florida both
from the standpoint of a home-site, either winter or a permanent
one, and as an income producer.
Numbered among the purchasers of Holly Hill Groves are some
of Florida's most influential and highly successful business men.
Such confidence in the citrus-fruit industry and in our organization
prompts us to state that Holly Hill Groves are good and sound
investments. You will be pleased with Holly Hill Groves and we
invite you to come and see them.






____ ~ 'K)> Ar:i~~t miD 4,. is >1< ______ _______________________
____ t#AQ '' ~ ~ -,

Croquet Court in the Holly Hill Inn Grounds, Showing a Packing House and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Station in the Background

A.- 1 .

Looking east, show ing the south porch of the Holly Hill Inn and the orange grove surrounding, which is located between the Inn and the Dixie Highway. Please
note the Poinsettias, which is the State flower, and the Cannas growing around the edge of the porch. In the center of the flower bed shown are Poppies and
Nasturtium growing in January.

L i ---- ---- .I .~.~~



.0 ... o g.,, .
--1-.'. ..... :,_ .. .L _.. 4;' ...::;':- -.-;. .."- ^

L -.- ....-.. --:. ....HILL_- -
g" ^IH^^^^^I~ lS~iHSSS ^Sillik^ ^T -.. ,- ........ : ,.. ,.. , ,-,,, ,,,..,,-,.-.. t* _1--, ^- .,-"A,"~^^o
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s J^- B ti 1 1

Holly Hill Inn, in the heart of Holly Hill Groves. In the grounds is a bearing orange grove, a beautiful flower and rose garden, with a nice tennis court and
croquet grounds.

Typical Growth on Land Now Being Made Into Holly Hill G roves. Crystal Lake and Young Groves in Background



zr ;

---- . . . . . . . . .-Tl


*L; At


... .^ ; ;- --.

". -- ". o -: -

. ,.

. .: - ** -. ., -,-
t^* ;

N -"- ^ ^


Land Cleared and Newly Set in Citrus Fruit Trees. Note Contour of Land and Roadways


li. '~`~--. -:'--?.,Jr, .

St_>uc _~ -__ ___


Building Roads Through Holly Hill Groves

' / >

3 iCk2<~tcQc-sl 2 40-



4- -a~

- "~- ~,e2 ~- '-w


-~- -sa

% %-.

I4 jc$



Good Roads, Lakes and High Rolling Land Help You to Enjoy Life in Holly Hill Groves




_-.-_ -_-"_ -- 7' P. -
, . ,.. .... ... . . .. _. r - ... - .. -



t: ; o .'-.1" *"--" ^-4

, ... -, i -.... .a, .* .. .- .
,, ...- ," o"'" .-.,* .c *-: '^ '" .*''"
, . ... ..... .'*.. '' "': ,-3 ., ,, ^ .;,... . ,,.^ -^
tt *'-*'
-7g ~ A-


.. "1*:%. .., .. - o ._
', ... >, ..;,, .. p. S .' "

Citizens of Florida Own This-160 Acres Two-year-old Holly Hill Groves


D~ 'D~ip'17k:' <7 A ~ ___ __
________ - ~'-u &E ffVUI S

Officers and employs of Wilson & Toomer FertilizerCompay ofJacksonville, Florida,celebratin first bloomromtwo-year-old treeson their seventy-three-
acre Holly Hill Grove known as "Ideal Grove." Site shown has been selected for club house and named "Honeymoon Point."

I HI 1

Honeymoon Point, Crystal Lake. Note How Close Pine Trees Grow to Water Edge, Showing Perfect Drainage

Efficient Handling Has Produced These Large Trees in Such a Short Period of Time. The Owner is Shown Admiring Their Progress and is Justified in His Expression of Pride.

------ ----------------------------------------,_ ....... (T ..... :? .... .. ._ __ ___~~ ........ --..............-..---_-._*---._._^.._ ..

'* "" """*"" -- -' "' -- -' "' -- "'-* .. ," *'- "s .'.. ld .^ ^M '" "

On the right-hand side you will notice a shade, under which are propagated cuttings of various varieties of tropical plants, including the flowers that are
used for the hedges. The ohtrnaetl sad m trees^ shown are Australian Silk Oaks. The grove on the left, also show on opposite page is twenty-one months
odnteo nhrgtsnemtsl
6.. H ," i

' : : :' ::" ; ...:

-- ------. .., .. IM

lo b; .-..... .. . ....

,. . 4._ 1 , : ; ..

":. . ", '
,.-. ;- ...k .. ,i;

On t e rgh -a d si ey u wil n tc a s a e u d r w ic.r ro a ae uti gf a iu v reisof. tropical.plants, .,c. .o

uefor thergthandges.ideyornamelnotiealshade, under which areApsraliangil aks.cThengsrofvarionstherieftiesoshonontopialplansiteludigte, foesta r
old and the one on the right is nine months old.


0 W stt


, 16, 11

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tLL f' 0E4i"%it- Pa.

p-a 418,*4I~ ~

4, a%~S~
aflt00 V*P~b.

-c*oa Jg~l~\~Ar~*979*4sll~~~-~9~ '~-r~~c`~ryr~a~i


f On
-0 16
1A 4
6 w V .04
if 14

p 41P 4L
-8 WA q W* Ito
dL I 0 @1". f
0 9 tow a ff
A Ir AL&
q 4 1; 4144, in
Ar 0
41 Op
W.,e in
lp _l* -Vq.
j6 Op &.
Ap to 4p 4r 10 c g 40* 0 &

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41 4
lp f' qb u 41 0' dP 9 t q 4
W 44# e W, TV & 0 !, p4ro-O -6 4 5. IL 4p P& Lw
fs W "qr 40
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040 alto a Wjreo Irv
V 0
14 k-
*a Vf
dF 0 If q 1,
GF 'w S. 8, Ow &'
'T v 4k
W" Ire N lb 0.4r:
.4.09 1-
4.1 Ar Or a 4,
jr Aft & ,
JIM, 0 a a 0 f 'p 4r it, t. 0 0
4 4" 11 It qb lp I's T % f
4FOO 04,1P49 'rjf it qw ipm.f 2 r 19 1 A 39
kV q V 4"a
Ir '(1p *006.*- V. .4 % 4FS
4 wo W'tl k.
W; 19,6
at* : - . ii is
V 0 0,3, 0 ip q dp 'q

-4.,,.-" -'*^ ^ ,*--
f ;- 7 V* rf^ , 9 -, j I ; , d 4 1, ., 0. 1* %, S'^ g ~ ."' -^ & -. IT&

j rp

V 1w j 'r 1, V, C-

Diagram of Holly Hill Groves


7wA _________iij~~~A7




'a *'.
4, 4



a 4



>5'.~ ;.. "6-p ,' A
7' -O ..'

A Nine-month-old Tree, Holly Hill Groves


Ir f




pc` 4'

, f

A- 7 went -e t

A Twenty-one-month-old Tsee, Holly Hill Groves


Trees twenty-one months old. Ground has been freshly worked with a disc harrow. Tree rows are afterwards worked with an Acme harrow, doing what is
known as a figure 8, alternating from the right side of one tree to the left side of the next one.

I I I- I

__ ^__ 1
~ _
----------Y---' ~i .--I 1_1_--_-- -____ _ -__-I-.-
r I" --I ----II- ~- ~-I
I "'
, n -- ------- t'~~; _
-~i;f~ : .;" s-- --
,,., I
'="' I`
'' ~L ~ ,
--------- ---

.=c ~
"- 1`
O :

: '~ ~?-''
..... s-r.
- -


Trees Twenty-one Months Old Just Started to Growing. How Will This Look When Five Years Old?


7rn~ ~

____ ___ ____ ___ __ ______ ____ __ ~fli flhl~i< ___ ___ ____ __ ____ ___ ____ ____
_________________ __ _ _- ______ & Itq cI_________________

2- iI c

Grove Located in Section 5, Holly Hill Groves

N Ali 'N

______ ______________________ ~ avnin ~-lE_ _____________


t I A41

-S I sc

'C -



Trees Twenty-one Months Old. Note Uniformity and Size


5'-- $ I-_ q j"- -A c, .'_t K ___._ "; J. --._ -_
i -"" ""> ""-'-"-= : .......... .--..--_-t t I.... ...

w AlF,
r-6 Lp- -


. $.
Iw "~
C' ?~Ea i i%*

1i -

m 1


A Five-year-old Tree, Holly Hill Groves




I ~? ~ .1~-' I ----I''-~- '

iljic_ C C

Six-year-old Valencia Orange Tree Located in the Grounds of the Holly Hill Inn



7W __ P.'7

Pardee Grove, Seven Years Old, on Holly Hills




- -

:46R~ '- -

Jf -. a' 1


Another Income-Producing Grove on Holly Hills


" 4 *.


r :.,.--; ...




Eight-year-old Grapefruit Grove on Holly Hills

V+ 2

The Profits and Pleasure to Be Derived from Holly Hill Groves Will Do You No Good Unless You Own One of Them

~-- ~ -- --~---- --




Grounds of Holly Hill Inn, With Dixie Highway and Packing House in Background

00, m i


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