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Coral Gables Miami's Master Suburb (165)
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Title: Coral Gables Miami's Master Suburb (165)
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Creator: Geo. E. Merrick
Publication Date: 1923
Copyright Date: 1923
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Y/orida' most beautiful and
finest developed suburb
at JAiami

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..... ....
C I r 4
lit ELLE

7 7-
,, ~ flt~ i. ldZPIB~I I~l-Fl-

Cora C,1t :. Contr (.1 5 th ceyle ofspot (~d scia aci ,tie


famis Yaster Subur

'P LEITTLE more than three years ago, George E. Mer-
rick of Miami, owner of the largest grapefruit and
avocado groves in Southern Florida, began the great
work of building a distinctive Spanish suburb which
would be a worthy expression of the finer sense of the city-a r eflex
of the architectural splendor of Old Spain in setting of tropical lux-

Coral Gables as it is today is the result of this great concept.
Its building has attracted country-wide attention both by reason
of the extraordinary scope of the improvements and of the consum-
mate artistry of the work. It is a suburb of distinction, character
and beauty, which compels the admiration of every one who sees it.

Briefly, in word and picture, the story of Coral Gables is told in
these pages. Not the complete story, perhaps, for even in the time
which the making of a book requires, Coral Gables grows apace and
new beauty is revealed daily. The work of yesterday is before you.
That of today and tomorrow adds to, rounds out and perfects all
that has before been accomplished; and Coral Gables grows con-
stantly in beauty and grandeur, each day marking new advance-
ment towards its goal and destiny-America's Finest Suburb.

t j
i ,


Granadai Bo:ulerard looking towards the Granada Entrance

Page four

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ML -j~asg

'rQ It~P

Shre the charm of .theledi the Gr r of Old

WThere the charm of the Tro/,c.s *is ,,inlled with the Griranteur of Old Srutia


__ __ _



':"`r *~j~bliA

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~ -C ='" L .::~`
2 ~ -1


T, cN S'!t.0'1i] ( mC( idf/{( EJ irw c'I' 0on2 S. I1. Eighth Sti'!
Magnificent Entrances and Plazas

SOUR first impression of Coral Gables received as you
behold its stately entrances and plazas will be one of
mingled amazement and delight. The two great en-
trances already completed, and the third, now under
construction, are among the finest examples of Spanish architec-
ture in this country. They were designed by Mr. Denman Fink, an
artist of national distinction, who has made long and painstaking
study of the architecture of the grand old cities of Madrid, Cordova,
Salamanco, Toledo and Seville for this es-
pecial purpose, and has brought to his work
here the best which Hispano-Moorish art can
bestow, as well as the spirit and charm of the
The Granada Entrance at Granada Bou-
levard and Southwest Eighth Street is over
three hundred feet long, with a beautiful arched
Gateway forty feet high, and pergolas, foun-
tains, rest seats, arches, and cloister walls on
Either side. Its dignified beauty has been
enriched by full grown palms and tropical
Shrubs and vines of the rarest kind.

PJagc six


The A\.er Commercial Entrance on Dongla_ HRoald
The New Commercial Entrance

I N EVERY WAY the Commercial Entrance on Douglas
Road at the junction of Alhambra Circle is even larger and
more impressive than the Granada Entrance. Its fine double
gateway is 160 feet long and the cloister wall extends for over
six hundred feet in graceful symmetry to form delightful minor en-
trances for other avenues in the Business Section. This is the gate-
way to the Business Section and also the shortest route from Miami
to the southern part of the property.
Mr. Fink is now directing the construction of the third great
entrance on S. W. Eighth street where the
Country Club Prado begins. Others will be
built within a few months at the corner of Doug-
las Road and S. W. Eighth street, and at
Flagler street, and Ponce de Leon Boulevard.
The last is located on Miami's principal busi-
ness street. The Gladeside Entrance at Coral
Way and Red Road, and the Coconut Grove
Entrance on Bird Road-making a grand
total of seven entrance gateways-will com-
plete this remarkable feature of the Great
Development Program,


CORAL SABLIES GO mmmrs-w~.~~sirimsumm


A section of Plaza Ponce de Lt.(n, Coral W'ay
Six Beautiful Plazas Now Completed

O LESS commanding in beauty and appeal are the six
magnificent plazas now completed. These are the
Ponce de Leon at Coral Way and Granada Boulevard;
Columbus Plaza, at Coral Way and Columbus Boule-
vard; Balboa Plaza at the intersection of Coral Way,
DeSoto Boulevard and South Greenway Drive; LeJeune Plaza, at
Coral Way and LeJeune Road; Granada Plaza, at Granada Boule-
vard and Alhambra Circle; and Segovia Plaza, on Coral Way.
Ponce de Leon and Columbus Plazas are
each over 600 feet in circumference; Balboa
Plaza more than four hundred feet long; but
mere figures convey only an idea of vast pro-
portions, and cannot reveal their marvelous
beauty, or the charm of tropical flowers and
vines which have enhanced that beauty in ex-
traordinary degree. The fact that there are
in the Development Program at least ten
more of these Plazas to be constructed will
give you a fairly adequate idea of the greatness
S- and wondrous beauty that is Coral Gables.
Poge eight

Delightful Bits of Plaza Beauty which every visitor enjoys


i.I~"-" c .~I~?
~ly~S .IC. i, 1994"0~'




A part of Columbus Plaza with its wealth of Palms and Fruit Groves
Coral Gables' Superior Location

ORAL GABLES lies in the southwestern part of Greater
Miami, three miles from the center of the city. It enjoys
the highest elevation in Dade County, with pure, whole-
some air and cool invigorating gulf stream breezes all the
year round. It is in the heart and cen-
ter of the fastest growing section in the
Miami district.
The five most important highways of
Southern Florida-industrial and pleas-
1 ure arteries which contribute mightily to
the wealth and prosperity of Miami-
pass directly through or around Coral
Gables. These are the Southern Dixie
Highway, Overseas Highway, Cape
Sable Highway, Tamiami Trail (South-
west Eighth Street) and Bird Road.
Coral Way, a most important highway
in its extension to Brickell Avenue and
also five miles west of Coral Gables, is
the suburb's main east and west bou-


Page ten

t .. fl-4



Another view of Columbus Plaza looking west on Coral Way
Coral Gables' Natural Advantages

I TS NATURAL advantages in comparatively high elevation,
healthful and comfortable living all the year round, unsur-
passed drinking water and fertile soil, made Coral Gables
one of the most desirable residential sections of the Miami dis-
trict and the center of SouthernFlorida's greatest fruit growing district
long before the development of the property as a distinctive suburb
was contemplated. The same great advantages are sound assets
today for those who appreciate their importance in better living.
Coral Gables with the large additions of
property which have been made during the e
past year, covers approximately four square
miles, or 2500 acres. The largest part of this ;
has been developed for over twenty-five years 1 .
as grape-fruit, orange and avocado groves.
Development in town planning on a scale
which had never before been attempted in
this country began in 1921, and the first offer-
ing of building plots was made in that year.
The magnificently matured suburb which
visitors see today is, therefore, only a little
more than three years old.

Page eleven


Le Jeune Road looking up Alhambra Circle

Sixty Miles of Modern Streets

ONCEIVED of with broadest vision and carried out by
experts of national achievement, Coral Gables' development
program is splendidly exemplified in the beauty and extent
of its avenues, streets and boulevards. There are more
than sixty miles of these streets finished now, about one-half of the
total mileage of streets which will be built in the completed suburb.
Of these the longest is Alhambra Circle which begins at the Commercial
Entrance on Douglas Road, and encircles the
entire suburb, including both golf courses, for
four miles, and ends at the Coconut Grove En-
trance on Bird Road. Alhambra Circle is 120
feet wide, with a 30-ft. parkway in the center for
its entire length. Alhambra Plaza,the princi-
pal street of the Business Section is 140 feet
Side. Granada Boulevard, 100 feet wide, ex-
tends for two miles north and south through
~ the center of the suburb, and has a delightful
Parkway on each side. Coral Way, the main
g east and west avenue, is also two miles long.
Page twelve


i i


A Few of Coral Gables' Fine Boulevards. Toledo Street in Center

I- ~

1'5 ~~
~ Ic~i"~-8~
i~c~- a
~pa~aba~s~c"~d~sl~hW*r;:E --.: '.L*S ,_
r. ~~~

~ -r..
Iss~i~~2~tl. 1;:'liiiri


Home of J. W. Humphreys on Granada Boulevard
The Country Club Prado

SEWEST and most notable of all of Coral Gables'
beautiful thoroughfares is the Country Club Prado,
in the western part of the property. The Prado is
about one and one-half miles in length, and 200 feet
wide, with a Ioo ft. parkway in the center. The
new entrance on S. W. Eighth Street is at the northern end of the
Prado, and the Coconut Grove Golf course at its southern end.
Planting on an extraordinary scale has beautified this fine avenue
to a degree which fairly earns for it its rank among the finest resi-
dential streets of this country. All of these fine
...lj .. boulevards, and practically all of the streets
.in the suburb, are built of crushed coral stone,
hardened and asphalted. A short motor trip
to Coral Gables, with its magnificent fruit
groves and parks, its entrances and plazas,
and its hundreds of Spanish homes, is among
1 the best tours which the city affords, and one
,:I. B* which homefolks and visitors heartily enjoy.
Thirty miles of cement sidewalks have also
[! Been built at Coral Gables. In the Business
.... Section the walks are ten feet wide; in all resi-
-'.- . :I. dential sections five or four feet wide.

Page fourteen

.N "

. .,.. ........"
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... ... ........

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~s~~,.,,,, IP -I s~~ r PX

"'~s~' L~L~~~ I_;:~3 1~s~b ~ 1~La


6''`' ~ spapkp-~ ~ s C -- -- --.... .......UU~

xx .. ..



Witntv pns euyo h upr~Hm

CORAL',ABLES 0 -imors-lism-syBlsB

..- - -.- ...-.- - --
Corner of Balboa Plaza near Golf Course

Grapefruit and Avocado Groves

ROM its earliest days, long before the project of build-
ing a beautiful suburb was entertained, Coral Gables
has been famous for its fruit groves. There are more
than 600 acres of these, including the largest grapefruit
and avocado pear groves in Southern Florida. In the
lovely tropical Spring their fragrance fills the air, and during the
winter season the trees are heavy-laden with golden fruit. They also
provide the most delightful settings for fine homes. A Coral Gables
plot with fruit-bearing trees will not only provide the table with
delicious fruit, but has also a real earning power for the owner which
makes it a profitable investment.
In the wise and far-seeing develop-
ment of Coral Gables the value of these
fruit trees is never overlooked. When
the building of homes, or the opening up
of new streets, necessitates their removal,
the trees are defoliated, then carefully
dug up and transplanted around homes.
Every part of the suburb is therefore
beautified and benefitted by the groves.

Page sixteen

Snapshots Taken in the Famous Fruit Groves of Coral Gables

7t -4 7R, ri~e


Homee of F. Dix on Gr~iifrul Boulevard
Every Fruit Plot Has Earning Power

j f / HEN fruit-bearing plots are purchased, the trees are
looked after carefully, fertilized and sprayed fre-
quently, and the fruit picked and marketed each sea-
son. The buyer of these fruit plots, therefore, enjoys
an assured income from his investment. From a full-grown avocado
tree the yield is frequently in excess of one hundred dollars' worth of
fruit, and with several trees on a plot there is a real profit to be gained
by the ownership of one or more of these plots.: The superiority of
these Coral Gables plots over the barren and
treeless land of the average new development
cannot be emphasized too strongly.
7 -'7 Practically every kind of tropical and
semi-tropical fruit flourishes at Coral Gables.
S Oranges, tangerines, mangoes, guavas, sap-
podillas, limes, rose apples and innumerable
other varieties are found there in abundance.
For citrus fruit and avocados it is the best
land in Florida. The soil is rich and fertile,
Sand as well adapted to this purpose as it is to
i ardening, or to the growth of the richest and
rarest of flowers.

Page eighteen




1 I


Trees and Shrubs make an Ideal Setting for the Dix Home



a~ :s


0 Af

L-_ rl II r
II -- . ti~ \ , i irT~1 r'i~zII~11~3
;" U(rJ 1"/

... I

The First Tee of the Coral Gables Golf Course
Country Club and Outdoor Sport

SOLF, tennis, bathing, saddle-pony riding, dancing-in
fact all of the wholesome outdoor sports which make for
better living today-are a part of the everyday life of
residents of Coral Gables; and the pleasure derived from
a favorite sport is here enhanced a hundred-fold by being able to
enjoy it right at home.
The Country Club House, built last winter and now being en-
larged to twice its former size, is the finest building of its kind in
Florida. It is a charming Spanish structure of native coral rock
with Spanish tile roof, spacious loggias and palm garden, dining
room and grill, locker, lounge, and guest rooms, and every appoint-
ment which golfers desire.
The Club House is located at the junction of Granada Boule-
vard and North Greenway Drive, overlooking the golf course. In
the rear is the Dansante with terraza marble
floor, encircled by full-grown coconut palms,
and the Tea Garden, which have proved so
Popular with Miami's best people ever since
their opening. Afternoon and evening dances
at the Club House are notable events in the
suburb's social calendar.

Page twenty



Residence of Captain John A. Cook at Columbus Plaza

Planting on a Magnificent Scale

J LORIDA'S flora is the richest and most varied of any
State in the Union, the wealth and charm of whose
beauty is best exemplified by the magnificent tropical
foliage of the Miami district. In the beautification of
Coral Gables this fact has been taken advantage of in
a really remarkable way. The plan was adopted to make the
suburb as superior in the beauty of its trees and flowers as it is
distinctive in its entrances and plazas, its fine Spanish homes, and
buildings. This plan has been carried out
with such wonderful results that the planting
Si program of Coral Gables has become one of
;_ .. its most brilliant achievements.
."-: During the three years of development
V. -. work more than 100,000 trees, shrubs, and
flowering plants of the rarest varieties were
set out. Entire avenues and boulevards
were planted in eucalyptus, pithecolobium,
Royal poincianna, rubber, coconut, royal and
J other palms. The work was done under the
direction of the ablest landscape architects and
gardeners in this country.

Page twenty-six


:: "" *^* ,
*, i .t -


L % ii

Dignity and Charm of Spanish Style as shown in Captain Cook's Home

F~l~rr~rr; _~X*l~rl'~l`v i ~;a
in F.`i. cP,"-`~ Ilu



Home of Edwin G. Bishop on Coral Way
The Entire Suburb Beautified with Flowers

SEMARKABLE effects in color harmony were obtained
in the planting work by the setting out of hibiscus,
oleander, duranti, acalypha, dwarf poincianna and
other delightful flowering plants, all of winter blossom.
The attractive bougainvillea in varied shades, bignonia,
solanum, alamanda, are found everywhere in profusion.
The beautification of Coral Gables has not been confined to
parks, parkways or a few of its principal streets. The planting has
been done wisely and skillfully in every sec-
Stion, and so intensive has been the work that
in many cases it has preceded the opening up
Sof streets. It also embraces the popular fea-
ture of setting out plants and flowers in the
awn of every home, which has added greatly
to the beauty of the suburb and given its
residents the richest of tropical flowers at
their very doors. The remarkable growth of
these trees and flowers even in the short space
of time which has elapsed since the plant-
ing, justifies all that may be said of the rich-
ness of the soil at Coral Gables.

Page twenty-eight


A Group of Fine Residences built this year on Granada Boulevard


Imposing Residence of Dr. E. E. Dammers, Columbus Plaza
Full Grown Coconut Trees Set Out

D URING the past year the chief feature of the planting
program has been the setting out of full grown coconut
trees. More than two thousand of these trees, thirty to
forty feet high, purchased at great cost, and with almost
infinite labor have been taken from every part of the Miami district
and transplanted at Coral Gables. These fine large trees supplement
in a notable way the planting of several thousand smaller coconuts
during the first year. They add immensely to the beauty of en-
trances and plazas, parkways and golf courses,
-t fand provide ideal settings for Coral Gables
beautiful homes.
: The great planting program has steadily
Increased in proportions during the past
Year. This was inevitable because all phases
of activity in the suburb have increased tre-
mendously this summer, and besides the open-
ing up of new streets and residential sections,
the planting of former seasons must be cared
for. The splendid nursery at Coral Gables
contains more than 1oo,ooo plants which are
carefully nurtured until ready for planting in
Other parts of the suburb.

Page thirty


bw X




__ .1

Spanish Architecture strikes'a note of real distinction in Dr. Dammers' Home


: j
I ~-~



Granada Boulevard Residence of J. M. Murrell
Hundreds of Distinctive Homes

SUST as Coral Gables in its marvelous growth and develop-
ment has achieved a degree of greatness never before
attained in so short a time by a suburban property in this
country, so also does it take first rank by reason of its
achievements in the building of beautiful homes. This is
quite as it should be. Coral Gables is first and last a
distinctive residential suburb. All that has been accomplished in the
way of magnificent beautifying improvements has been done
to make it more desirable for home-builders,
and to surround these homes with all of
the advantages and refinements of better
The building of three hundred homes was
an important feature of this year's great De-
Svelopment Program. With what care the
work was planned, and with what consummate
skill it was accomplished is best of all evi-
denced in the distinctive quality and superb
beauty of the homes themselves. The visitor
to Coral Gables can see these in every section
of the suburb, and may study them with both
pleasure and profit.

Page thirty-two

-t-, ^^^ H."~


gIa al

Even the Modest Homes possess Distinctiveness in unusual Degree


Home of S. A. Ryan, Avenue Castile

Advantages of Spanish Architecture

SUCH of the beauty of these delightful Coral Gables homes
is found in the rare fidelity to Spanish style in which
they have been rendered by Miami's best architects.
Much of it is found in their luxurious and harmonious
settings. Much of it is due to the native coral stone of which so many
are built. But the result of all combined certainly has given to Coral
Gables an assemblage of homes which for uniform quality, attrac-
tiveness and permanence cannot be surpassed.
In history and tradition, climate and foliage,
Florida is more closely allied with Spain than
with any other country, and Spanish architec-
ture rightfully belongs here. Not only does
it harmonize better with tropical skies and
trees, but it adds material comfort to home
life. Spacious loggias and patios, large living
rooms, open sleeping rooms, tiled porches and
I terraces are inseparable with home life here.
Our architects have incorporated them in
Coral Gables homes of the most pleasing
Spanish type, and the fine old Spanish tile
roofs add a final note of distinction.

Page thirty-four

Z5 ,t .;' ;


AWI- 1~~

A Florida Home in such settings as these is a joy forever

Residence of George E. Merrick, South Greenway Drive

Careful and Wise Building Restrictions

SVERY section of the suburb has building restrictions
which protect home-owners in every way. These will be
found to cover not only the minimum cost of houses, but
building lines as well. On many of the principal avenues
it is necessary to own more than one lot in order to build. All houses
must be constructed of coral rock or stucco.
These restrictions have made possible the broad lawns and ex-
tensive planting, attractive garages and driveways, breathing spaces
for children, and garden plots for home-grown
vegetables and fruit. They insure also a
high standard of building which can never
be secured without restrictions.
At the same time there is nothing in Coral
Gables' restrictions which will prevent the
building of a modest home, providing it is of
stucco. There are streets in large numbers
where cost restrictions are as low as $4,000.
But the man who desires a $o0,ooo or $25,000
home will naturally select a street where re-
strictions are higher, and where he is assured
that similar homes will always be built.

Page thirty-six

CORAL GABLES 0 3,:ftU:20' ,5 2,-V1.57ER-SUBURSI~

A ,

r< 2 At

S- ,aA-1


4. nr ;

iv; vc-P

A group of new homes in the best Spanish style

I -.




Residence of Foster W. Taylor, North Greenway Drive

Leading Architects Design Coral Gables Homes

SARGE or small, each home here has been carefully planned
by Miami's leading architects. They are not the type of
houses which you will find in the average building devel-
opment. The finest residences in or around Miami have
been built by Richard Kiehnel, M. L. Hampton, H. Geo.
Fink, W. C. DeGarmo, Harold Hastings Mundy and L. D. Brumm,
and all of the houses at Coral Gables have been designed by these
architects. This is only a small part of the exceptional service
which Coral Gables provides without cost to those who build here.
There are large savings in building, econ-
omies in labor, materials and financing costs
which group building makes possible and
which benefit home-buyers greatly. These
savings make it possible to build at Coral
Gables at about twenty-five per cent. less than
in other sections of Miami.
The home-building plan also includes a
complete financing of construction, and the
advantage of buying on reasonable terms and
Extended payments.

Page thirty-eight

. I~
r. .r;
I 1 `"
Vj~r Ir

s15;- 4 -. -

7 -

Invitinq Porches and Spacious Lawns are features of every home

Parish Center of the Coral Gables Community Church

The Purest and Best Drinking Water

SNOWING the high value which is placed upon pure drink-
ing water in every part of Florida, the importance of Coral
Gables fine water is of first consideration. It is our own
supply, taken from our own six great wells, with four pump-
ing stations and three sixty-foot steel towers. More than
forty miles of six and four-inch mains are now laid to carry this
water to every home, and provide ample protection against fire.
Coral Gables has a lighting system which provides thirty miles
of White Way of the most modern type, be-
sides twenty additional miles of intersectional
street lighting. The power is taken from the
Miami Electric Lighting plant at full voltage
power, and distributed from our own plant in
Coral Gables. Electricity is provided for every
home for both lighting and cooking. More
than $200,000 has been expended in giving the
suburb the most complete and uptodate equip-
ment. The finely illuminated White Way at
Coral Gables provides one of the most delight-
ful evening drives that the winter visitors
may enjoy.

Page forty



- "d' r *= ".
I .,
; 1 ;v --C-i '^^ ^ *^1^ 'Ml-iiii-r,-iffS
L ~4 *iIlH-i~ H ~ H l~ I
';'' "''B^ ^ B SB'IB'B ^^


The New Coral Gables Grammar School
Schools and Churches

DUCATIONAL needs of children are splendidly cared
for in the new Grammar School just completed. This
is the first unit of an educational group which will in-
clude everything from kindergarten to High School grades.
The Sisters of St. Joseph, who have for many years conducted
St. Catherine's Academy in Miami, and St. Joseph's Academy in St.
Augustine, have purchased two blocks of land on the Indian Mound
Trail for the erection of a $250,000 College and Boarding School for
young women. The college will be in fine old
mission style, and the first unit to care for 300 7"- .
students is now under construction."
The Congregational Society has also se-
cured ground for a handsome Church which
will cost about $150,000, and will be erected in
1924. The Parish House of the new church
has already been built, and services are being
held there temporarily. Rev. O. T. Anderson
is in charge of the plans for the erection of
the new Church, as well as acting pastor -
this season.

Page forty-one

U_ (a Am LES cuira- r. za

E-_- A,, M S u

Coral Gables Inn, the New Hotel at Coral Gables
Coral Gables Distinctive Business Section

SMONG the many other great features which Coral
Gables enjoys is that of a Business Section developed
on the same high standard which obtains in all of its
fine residential sections.
The business section lies on the eastern side of the property,
between LeJuene Road and Douglas Road. Its southern boundary
is Coral Way, now being extended on the east to Brickell Avenue
and on the west five miles beyond Coral Gables. It adjoins the town
of Silver Bluff and is but a half mile from Coconut Grove. In strate-
gical location it has no superior in the entire
SMiami district for the development of a com-
mercial section. For besides the large and
constantly growing needs of Coral Gables
residents it is the logical trading center of
Western Miami; Silver Bluff, which has no
business section; a large part of Coconut
S Grove, to which it is more closely related than
Coconut Grove's own business section; and
also of the prosperous fruit, truck-gardening
and sugar-growing districts which lie to the
west and south of Coral Gables.

Page forUy-two

'/1 I



L- 1

-B -t^ 41
_s Y w .'ff:;


Side View of the Arcade Store Building Business ,

* J-' .-'l
t r'- r '

'?i-l :

: ~ ~
r': -.


The Parker Art Printing Association Building
A Fine Group of Business Buildings

JIRST among the business structures in this fine section
is the arcade store building, now in use by retail business
of various kinds. It is the finest commercial building
of pure Spanish design in Florida. The Alcazar Tea
Room and Parker Print Shop are two more fine samples.
The New Administration Building, the imposing Bank and Post-
office, Garage and Utility buildings, the new Transportation build-
ing, Cement Block plants and the fine Coral Gables School all
possess distinctive architectural features of a high order.
Besides the above buildings, the Fire De-
S apartment quarters, Stabile cement works, two
large warehouses and several other industrial
plants are located in the Business Section.
The construction permits for the first ten
months of 1924 amounted to $4,500,000.
This amount will be far exceeded next year ac-
SH cording to present indications. A new apart-
ment hotel, containing fifty rooms has just
been completed and a fine bank building, post
office, telephone exchange, and several busi-
ness buildings are now under construction, and
will be occupied as soon as completed.
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Fine New Businese Buildings at Coral Gables

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IGH standards of development have made the streets of the
Business Section of the very finest kind. Alhambra
Plaza, extending from Lejeune Road to Douglas Road, is
140 feet wide, with ten foot sidewalks on either side, and
a beautiful parkway in the center of the plaza. Alhambra
Circle, branching from Alhambra Plaza to the magnificent Bayside
Entrance on Douglas Road is 120 feet wide; and Avenue Alameda,
is 100 feet wide.
The Business Section, while it is the only
part of the property in which business buildings
Smay be erected, is not restricted exclusively
to commercial structures. A considerable
part of it is devoted to residential areas, and
already a large number of fine Spanish houses
Shave been built here.
Thus the Business Section splendidly
keeps pace with the remarkable growth and
development of Coral Gables, growing every
S day in usefulness, power and attractiveness,
greater beauty and distinction.

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Industrial Plants in the Business Section


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ItrE;L- '

>.^-.**<--/ -

,IfGzmi. Aaszt' Siz6ur

Owner and Developer

Executive Counsel

Real Estate Counsel

General Sales Manager

Business Manager

Manager of Advertising

Artist-Designer of Entrances and Plazas

P. E. PAIST, Supervisor of Color

General Manager of Development and Construction

FRANK M. BUTTON, Landscape Architect

W. C. BLISS, Civil Engineer

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