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Title: Coral Gables: Miami's Master Suburb (164)
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Title: Coral Gables: Miami's Master Suburb (164)
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Creator: Dammers & Gillette and Harry A. Burnes
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JIff Viam /l as/er Suiuri
)":^,. ,.. --------------
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~- .i :r
* ~'~s
a8Llba~slil~--- ~

3Q A IAMI CALLS! All that Florida offers to the winter visitor in
Wealth of tropical scenery, in azure skies and opalescent seas, in
beautiful trees and shrubs, and flowers, in climate that has no
equal in any part of our beloved country-in all of these Miami is supreme.
No city in the entire South offers such an overflowing measure of delights
to the winter visitor.
SMIAMI CALLS! Her beaches offer incomparable ocean bathing. The
adjacent waters are famous as the finest fishing grounds on the Atlantic
seaboard. Golf courses offer joys that only devotees can appreciate.
Yachting, motor boat racing, aeroplaning, polo, and other recreational ac-
tivities abound. And for motoring there are the finest paved roads in
every direction.
MIAMI CALLS! The finest hotels and apartment houses welcome you
cordially. Magnificent suburbs afford exceptional opportunities for the
larger and better life. And Coral Gables-the most beautiful and distinc-
tive suburban residential park in the Southland tenders its open-armed in-
vitation to you to make your home here.
MIAMI CALLS! Invites-and expects you.

View of Miami-the Magic City
Page One




i i


ORAL GABLES, pre-eminent among the high-grade suburban prop-
erties of Miami, by reason of its surpassing natural beauty, high
elevation, exceptional location, and especially because of the mag-
nificent development work accomplished there, is situated in the
southwestern section of Greater-Miami, three miles from the cen-
ter of the city, and less than one and one-half miles from the
city's western corporate limits. It adjoins the City of Silver
Bluff on its eastern boundary, and is about a half mile from the beauti-
ful city of Coconut Grove. In the proposed extension of Miami's corporate
limits on the west and southwest, Coral Gables will be in fact the Keystone
of Greater Miami.
Miami's Great Future Inseparably Linked With Coral Gables
Miami, known far and wide as the Magic City, is the fastest growing
city in our country. Its increase at the time of the last census was 440 per
cent. Its population now is nearly 50,000, and within the next ten years
it will from present indications surely reach 150,000. Miami cannot grow
to the east because of Biscayne Bay and Miami Beach-a separately incor-
porated city. It has the cities of Coconut Grove and Silver Bluff on the
south, and so must grow and must inevitably continue to grow toward the
Page Two

A I3



Coral Way-Coral Gables' Main East and West Boulevard
The New Ponce de Leon Plaza in the Foreground

Page Three

~.? i --


West and Southwest where Coral Gables lies. For the last three years
the growth in the western section has been greater by far than in any oth-
er direction.
There are many important factors which contribute in large measure
to the growth of Miami and which assure inevitably the greatness of Coral
Gables. One of these is the drainage and development of the great Ever-
glade country several miles to the west of Coral Gables. Another is the
opening up of the tremendous truck gardening areas of Kendal, Larkin,
Goulds, Peters and numerous other places on the South, all the way to
Homestead. Seven-eighths of all of the grapefruit, tomatoes, avocadoes
and tropical fruits of the great Miami district are raised south of Coral
Gables. The five great highways of Southern Florida, over which
the products of these splendidly fertile sections seek their best market,
pass directly through or around Coral Gables. These are the Southern
Dixie Highway, Overseas Highway, Cape Sable Highway, Tamiami Trail
and Bird Road. A sixth highway of especial importance is the proposed
extension of Coral Way-Coral Gables' main east and west boulevard to
Biscayne Bay.
Highest Elevation in Southern Florida
Coral Gables is naturally the heights of Miami. Its high, dry, gently
Page Four


$ .-b.
-~i .c

Columbus Plaza and its Delightful Relation to the Fine Residences
That Surround it on Every Side.

Page Five


undulating ground is ideal for year-round residence; the cool, invigorating
breezes from the Gulf Stream sweep it constantly. Contrasted with the
ordinary developments of glade or sea level, Coral Gables is very high.
According to County engineers and other competent authorities Coral
Gables is the highest elevation in any direction around Miami, or, indeed,
in all Southern Florida. The high rock reef ridges of Coral Gables accord-
ing to these authorities, reach an elevation of thirty-one feet, whereas in
glade and sea level developments the maximum height is three to six feet
above sea level. Cool, comfortable, healthful living conditions the year
round, with days that are always delightful and nights conducive to sleep
--these are distinctive characteristics of Coral Gables that commend it
highly and constantly to the homeseeker and investor.

The Suburb With the $20,000,000 Development Program

Coral Gables has been under constant and continuous development
since 1896, under the same management and with. comprehensive far*
seeing vision and ideals. The magnificent fruit groves which made Coral
Gables famous long before it was ever sub-divided, are the result of this
splendid early stage of development, and the wide range of beautiful full
Page Six


Beautiful Rubber, Bamboo and Palms abound at Coral Gables
Home of Mrs. Althea F. Merrick

Page Seven


MnJl.Tf 'W '"'
pis'" .

~ea~a~98k~[Llr"'-*irLUWp I~i~L~Ye


grown tropical trees reveal the purpose and aim of its owner to make it sur-
passingly beautiful even from the beginning.
The Coral Gables development program is making Coral Gables the
most carefully planned, far-reaching, scientifically built project of its kind
which has ever been achieved in the South. More than two millions of dol-
lars have been expended already in its improvements, and it is only in its
second year of development. The entire program will require four to five
The visitor to Coral Gables today is amazed at the magnificent work
accomplished. He sees more than thirty miles of paved highways and
boulevards already built; over thirty miles of concrete sidewalks laid:
twenty miles of purest water piped and laid in every street and to every
home. He takes delight in the four beautiful Plazas, in the magnificent
240 feet arched gateway at the main entrance. He sees a business section
containing business buildings of the most modern and attractive types.
He sees the flowering fruition of the most extensive and carefully plan-
ned planting scheme ever conceived and carried out in this section. He'
will see a business section that meets the needs of this constantly growing
suburb, housed in buildings that are not surpassed by the wealthiest com-
Page Eight


Broad Streets, Good Walks, Extensive Planting of Trees, Shrubs, and Grass
are found in every part of Coral Gables.
Page Nine



The visitor will also take delight in the hundreds of homes now com-
pleted and under construction-homes of the beautiful native coral rock.
stately and imposing in design and setting-on which alone in the past
year more than a half million dollars have been expended.
In all of these, and in the development of two modern golf courses, in
delightful recreational centers, parks and parkways, an open air salt water
swimming pool, and in all of the things which make for beautiful, healthful
and delightful home surroundings, the great $20,000,000 Development
Program of Coral Gables is making Miami's Master Suburb a distinctive
residential park of surpassing beauty.
Magnificent Gateways and Plazas
Foremost among the great features which make Coral Gables distinc-
tive even among the finest suburban properties of the country, are its
magnificent Gateways and Plazas. These have been designed by the emi-
nent artist, Denman Fink, of Haworth, N. J., and have been rendered with
a fidelity to the finest examples of Old Spain. There are to be five en'
trances, of which the first at S. W. Eighth Street (Tamiami Trail), is
now completed. It is a beautiful structure of Coral Rock, 240 feet wide,
with a 40 foot arch in the center. In the spacious foreground, between the
Page Ten


- .


The Famous Fruit Groves of Coral Gables-Now a Center of Beautiful Homes

Page Eleven

low-we 0-


far-stretched arms of the gateway, Mr. Fink has designed a charming
plaza, with water pools, pergolas, and quaint flag walks of coral rock.
This is known as the Miami Entrance. The others, to be built this
year, are: Bayside Entrance, at Le Jeune Road and Coral Way; Silver
Bluff Entrance at Coral Way and Douglas Road, adjoining the City line of
Silver Bluff; Country Club Entrance on Douglas Road, just south of S. W.
8th Street; and Gladeside Entrance on Red Road.
The four Great Plazas now completed, and photographs of one of
which are reproduced in this booklet, are a never-ending delight to visitors.
These four Plazas are all creations of Mr. Fink, and have been built of a
combination of rock and stucco in masterly form, aged by the painter's
skill, and pronounced by competent master artists to be the finest examples
of Spanish style in this country.
The Ponce de Leon Plaza is circular in form and its circumference
measures 720 feet. There are four sections in the Plaza, each made up of
stately gateposts, pergolas, fountains and pools, Spanish doorways, and*
rest-seats. It is as magnificent in its delightful artistry as it is command-
ing in proportions. Built in the very heart of Coral Gables, at the junc-
tion of Coral Way and Granada Boulevard, the two great thoroughfares of
Page Twelve



- Ic

Picking the Grapefruit from Twenty-year Old Trees on Coral Way

Page Thirteen


the suburb, surrounded by stately residences and fruitful groves, the Ponce
de Leon Plaza is a worthy monument to the larger and better life to which
it invites its admirers.
The Columbus Plaza at Columbus Boulevard and Coral Way, Balboa
Plaza at Coral Way and DeSoto Boulevard, and DeSoto Plaza at Avenue
Sevilla and DeSoto Boulevard are also remarkable examples of Spanish
architecture, and a constant delight to residents and visitors. Because of
their massive proportions it is almost impossible to reproduce them with
justice. The double page illustration in the center of this book shows only
a part of one section, or one-fourth of the Ponce de Leon Plaza.

The Coral Gables Water System
The Coral Gables water system is one of the great features to which
we point with pride. For many years Coral Gables water has been famous
for purity, softness and sweetness. Now that same superior water is car-
ried in four inch mains to every section of the great suburb, and every
home is provided for. There are more than twenty miles of water mains
laid now, with eight 8-inch wells, and two splendid steel towers, one
60 feet high with a tank capacity of 30,000 gallons, and one 80 feet high
Page Fourteen



* "*r; ~

Alhambra Circle, the splendid four-mile parked Boulevard-One of the
Finest Avenues in Florida.
Page Fifteen

.ia a

~h~ ~~g~


The Beautiful Ponce de Leon Plaza at Coral Gables. Only a part

Page Sixteen

A~_ g--~


)art of one section of this Magnificent Structure is here Shown.

Page Seventeen

ilii~-. -- - i
.ij. - -- -1

of 100,000 gallons now building. A separate system has been arranged
for the sprinkling and irrigation of the golf courses. All of the towers
supply water under high pressure for fire protection and the system is
scientifically interlocked, so that in the event of unforeseen trouble in any
section, ample water may be supplied by the others.
Only the person who knows Florida well, and is versed in the difficul-
ties which municipalities encounter in obtaining good drinking water, can
appreciate what a magnificent asset Coral Gables possesses in its superior
water, and what a boon it is for home owners to have pure drinking water
right in their own faucets.

The Famous Coral Gables Fruit Grove
The magnificent fruit groves at Coral Gables are one of its chief at-
tractions for visitors and greatest assets for investors. Over 600 acres of
the entire development are covered with grapefruit, avocadoes, oranges.,
tangerines, mangoes, guavas, sappodillas and many other delightful tropi-
cal fruits. Twenty-five years of tremendous effort have gone into the
upbuilding of these magnificent groves-now at their best-and the home-
builder may set his home among a profusion of thoroughly matured tropi-
Page Eighteen



A Coral Gables Home set among Royal Poincianna and Eucalyptis Trees
Home of Geo. E. Merrick.
Page Nineteen


cal fruit trees, instead of in the barren, raw, treeless plots of the average
new development.
The grapefruit groves are the oldest and finest in Dade County. The
first carload of fruit shipped from the Miami district was picked at Coral
Gables. The largest shipments of grapefruit each season for many years
have invariably been those from Coral Gables. The groves are now at
their period of greatest production, and the buyer of fruit lots is assured
of an income from the fruit alone of $50 to $100 per lot for the year.
Over 150 acres are planted in alligator pears, or avocadoes, in a won-
derful range of varieties. One hundred dollars worth of avocadoes have
in one year been picked from a single tree at Coral Gables. When one has
seven to fifteen of these trees on a lot, it can readily be seen that in addi-
tion to having delicious fruit for the table, there is a real profit to be made
from one or two Coral Gables fruit bearing lots.

Two Modern Golf Courses
In two fine, modern golf courses Coral Gables enjoys another great
feature which not only appeals to the residents of the great suburb, but
which will be appreciated in the highest degree by every investor who
Page Twenty



A Stately and Commodious Residence of Rock on Coral Way
Home of Mr. John Bond
Page Twenty-one


knows how land adjoining golf courses constantly and quickly enhances in
value. The Coral Gables Golf Course, a splendid nine-hole field, will be
opened on January 1st, 1923. Langford & Moreau, of Chicago, the most
famous golf course architects in the country, have laid out the course, and
provided it with the newest ideas in traps and bunkers to bother the un-
wary. The course is over three thousand yards in length, with one 500
yard hole, and two more of nearly that length. A splendid $30,000 club
house is in course of construction, with every appointment for the conven-
ience of players. The roadway around the course is planted in coconuts and
rare tropical shrubs and trees that will afford added pleasure to the game.
Home owners and lot purchasers at Coral Gables receive one share of stock
as well as membership in the Coral Gables Club.
The professional 18-hole course at Coral Gables is also under construc-
tion, and will be ready for play January 1, 1924. Langford & Moreau have
also planned this splendid field. It will be known as the Coconut Grove
Golf Club, and its membership is already composed of more than 1504
prominent Miamians. The course as planned requires more than 140 acres
of land, with a $40,000 club house, and when finished it will not be ex-
celled by even the finest golf fields of the North. It is the only course
Page Twenty-two



Charming House in a Setting of Surpassing Natural Beauty
Home of Mrs. Jessie L. Briggs
Page Twenty-three


&i; J



with a single exception within five miles of the city to which Miamians
and visitors will have access.
Five Miles of Beautiful White Way
In proper measure with all of the other extensive improvements and
developments at Coral Gables, there is ample and even exceptional electric
lighting service not only for boulevards and streets, but also for homes.
The new Six-Mile White Way is the symbol and proof of how well this
work has been done. Coral Way and Granada Boulevard, each two miles
in length, together with Alhambra Circle, and all of the Plazas and En-
trances are beautiful parts of this White Way. All streets and avenues
have been amply provided with electric lights, from specially designed
standards which add immensely to the attractiveness of this feature.
Every home is also equipped with complete lighting and kitchen service.
The Coral Gables electric service is obtained from the Miami Electric
Light Company, which sends the "juice" over special wires direct to the
Coral Gables Electric Service Station, where it is transformed and relayed
to the streets and homes of the suburb. More than 26 miles of surface and
underground cables have already been laid and every section of the proper-
ty adequately served.
The Coral Gables Utilities Corporation, controlling the electric service
Page Twenty-four


A Typical Coral Gables House of Native Coral Rock with Tiled Roof
Home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gilbert Bishop
Page Twenty-five



and other utilities, is a co-operative organization in which every purchaser
of two lots becomes a share owner.
Coral Gables Beautiful Homes
We point with pardonable pride to the magnificent things that have
been accomplished at Coral Gables because they are facts that interest peo-
ple worth while, and because they are monuments to the great achieve-
ment that is Coral Gables. And when we take up the subject of Coral
Gables homes we know that here is a matter that has the strongest possible
appeal for every man and woman.
Attractive homes-better homes-more and more homes to make
happy and comfortable not only the constantly increasing population of
Miami, but also to meet in an especial way the needs and demands of many
of the hundred thousand visitors who come to Miami to admire and enjoy-
and who end in frequently becoming permanent citizens here.
The great ideal which from the beginning has been the incentive and
guide of its owner, has been to build Coral Gables with all of its surpassing*
natural beauty into a distinctive all-year-round residential suburb. It pos-
sesses everything that makes for better home life. It enjoys wide, broad
streets and avenues, rich tropical trees and plants in rare degree, high
Page Twenty-six


" -

I- ,


a t

Delightful Apartment of Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Ernest at Coral Gables

Overlooks the Coral Gables Golf Course
Page Twenty-seven

_ 7-

elevation and the finest of water-it possesses everything in fact that the
heart of man or woman craves for to make home beautiful. And it also
has hundreds of beautiful homes that are concrete and convincing exam-
ples of what Florida homes at their best can be.
There are more than a hundred homes now at Coral Gables-and more
than that number under construction there. The most active home build-
ing campaign in Greater Miami-where construction work during the past
year has been phenomenal-has been at Coral Gables. There are large,
imposing homes of native coral rock, all in the finest Spanish style of ar-
chitecture; there are modest, attractive bungalows a-plenty.
Home-builders are protected in the most far-seeing way. Careful
restrictions have been adopted; fixed building lines established; and the
man who wants to build a $4000 bungalow has ample selection of lots with-
out building alongside the man who has put $25,000 or more into a pala-
tial home.
The Coral Gables Home Building Plan, carefully conceived to make the
ownership of homes easy and secure, has done much for the tremendous
progress made at Coral Gables. Under this liberal plan, a person can se-
cure an attractive home at any price desired from $5,000 to $10,000, for a
small initial payment and the balance in monthly payments like rent. The
Page Twenty-eight



i! :"5

L:-' .r~

: ,.. ....-+ *''""^ J
LU.. : *.:'.
i +++ ; : :.,',' .s^:,+
.' I^ ""f. *+ W +
,| ,, ; 1.

A Building that is not Surpassed in Design in even the Largest Cities
The Coral Gables Garage on Alhambra Plaza
Page Twenty-nine



splendid features of this plan are that we finance the transaction entirely,
supply special plans and specifications by leading Miami architects free,
and save you from one-fourth to one-third the cost of the work. We sold
more than fifty homes to Miamians on this plan this year, and we offer
the same exceptional inducements to winter visitors. It is an opportuni-
ty to secure an ideal Florida home by paying for a few years just what you
would be obliged to pay for an apartment-and to own the home complete
at the end of that period.
Why should visitors pay $500 to $1500 a year for an apartment or
house, when the same amount invested in the purchase price of a Coral
Gables home will save you money and insure more enjoyment for your win-
ter in Florida?
A Modern Business Section
From its inception it has been carefully planned to provide Coral
Gables with a modern and efficient business section, and one that would
maintain in full degree the artistic concept of the great suburb. The open-'
ing up of the splendid new 140 foot Alhambra Plaza has made this possible
to an extraordinary degree. This Plaza running from two important
thoroughfares, Le Jeune Road and Douglas Road, is ideally located for this
Page Thirty


Proof that beauty can be preserved even in Utility Buildings
The Coral Gables Electric Service Station
Page Thirty-one




purpose. On it a distinctive store block in Spanish style, containing eight
stores, is now being built. These stores will be grocery, meat market,
bakery, dry goods, hardware and auto accessories, etc. This structure is
100 x 150 feet, designed by W. C. DeGarmo in the best Spanish style and
will cost $60,000. Distinctive features that reveal its strict adherence to
the Spanish type are the beautiful arched entrances, arcade fronts and de-
lightful facade with fountain. There is no such distinctively beautiful
Spanish business structure in Florida. In this fine business Plaza also is the
imposing garage and also the large two story structure devoted to the
electric lighting system, and the offices of the Coral Gables Utilities Cor-
poration, and various contractors engaged in work at Coral Gables. On
Le Jeune road a block away is the attractive Tea Room and Guest House.
Another building to be constructed this season will contain the Adminis-
tration offices and Postoffice. Still another building already planned will
be used as an auto salesroom and filling station.
Every building in the Coral Gables business section has received the4
same careful and skilful architectural attention which characterizes its
beautiful homes. All are in the best Spanish rendering, and instead of de-
tracting from the beauty of the suburb, they add immensely to its beauty.
Page Thirty-two




Selling Agents for Geo. E. Merrick Properties



_ _ly ~ __ ~I

_i~iUW~__ __II

I*I I__ I_ I __D_

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