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 Captain Christie's errand
 The return voyage. West Cliff cottage...
 A visit to Rockhaven lighthous...
 Sorrowful news for Joe Lockwoo...
 Dolly and the captain hold opposite...
 Joe Lockwood comes to West Cliff....
 A lesson for Nelly
 An old acquaintance, and talk of...
 Joe made menseful -- Mrs. Thornhill's...
 A venture and a loss
 Self-denial -- The ice quite...
 A rash project discovered and ended...
 Dorothy goes to Sandsend on a sorrowful...
 Sought, found, and rescued
 Kindly plotters disappointed -...
 A door opens - Joe bids farewell...
 An evening with a new acquaint...
 Nelly's first eranings - Dorothy's...
 A long step forward
 Out and home again

Title: Captain Christie's granddaughter
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Title: Captain Christie's granddaughter
Series Title: Captain Christie's granddaughter
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Language: English
Creator: Lamb, Ruth
Publisher: John Morgan
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Manufacturer: Robert K. Burt, printer
Publication Date: 1864
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    The return voyage. West Cliff cottage and old Dorothy
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    Joe Lockwood comes to West Cliff. Captain Christie turns tale-teller
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    A lesson for Nelly
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    An old acquaintance, and talk of old times
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    Joe made menseful -- Mrs. Thornhill's tea party
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    A venture and a loss
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    Self-denial -- The ice quite melted
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    A rash project discovered and ended -- Uncle Richard
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    Dorothy goes to Sandsend on a sorrowful errand
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    Sought, found, and rescued
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    Kindly plotters disappointed - A secret friend
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    A door opens - Joe bids farewell to West Cliff cottage for a time
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    An evening with a new acquaintance
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    Nelly's first eranings - Dorothy's opinion of photography
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    A long step forward
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    Out and home again
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The Bald~u Lbmary
Rm 3 'u"vhe

I ---c~ -LIIII

_ _



~ ~~inm -I me
AW "n Oft MWW~IllrH I



2n MANY =a Go PWIMa r~a

a AmauwA to= amwin3





ma mam m's maU I

u m om Tra.-w awcmuW rrm Uu
Dom . . 1

A "r B somarm smous . .

eoaMewO 3Smn m om UIKmwoo. 41

Bomr naD mEam &imm W .O!E .rm t

am leaLwOOu oo mm T wm M.-eansu em
W TA s ZnAam m. . . W

A Lmow i a Ain . . T

iOE -Mn masUL.--o WanOUI 'g lua rTAs 1M

rr`*TOT^--Wi-'l "'"


mmL,-q m m . . l.

A &m SM ma a00MAm Au m I fwar
S . . . 1M

a Mum uaa sm A sAomm ws 10
slonm los an asND aM ... .10
smr nams ruam .- samrm ammum IT1
A s omosm.-oun 1ms WMw& w m Wau
.oau! ea A m .. . .
A SY1 wrn A 3W aMV=avwnaM 1.
nm 's m sumnmes.-Dooes orma w

A amS a ua . . . M

mWam . . M

Cqti (rist'is cibnugttr.

Own= as lm s ias.
SI maor you'll be gdoip bek with ,
OCptain?" mid the muer .o th AAIlrl, *
quer od tab of a sitemr vUoh glied Ibtw
Hll ad Boohav rather mn thanm t y
yn ago. y T weod were adied" to a P
wger who Van just stepping ahM adI wrh at
one paMsed to answer.
"I hardly haow yet" he rplieL "WhrM
y say you should be redy to go bo k ?
"To-morro night, it all go vl. I t ra
ay itwll be at twelre or tbEiMbor. I d't
karo whether we hall havme ay pmm-m r
"Ah, that wlbe too so. It vil at be
pomble fe Bm to retu by tha te, so yam
mnot o nat oa sm. Maybe I B be mdy
fr you by th nezt voyqe."
"Alway gla to Ms you mo baod thA mr

$ OdWh an dos MuWm dmoA=.
AI Clapes," add th mate d the smim;
"thkeu I m vqr si y thIe mMai tht
bdgs you hme 1w."
"1tmk y, tnk ye. PLha I may ne
po bik to ooCg e alome: I am b n a
Iei Msrmmr Ir you, hat ts waomtal."
k spears vwla te bId, ad he tdne
zpilly way to Uide th modi tht wr
gIAu fga hi ey, % ad ith a nod li plae o
bUling ood meingh, he lft the mait a th
Awmhio, ud huanid aweed without hiding
th buy people who thronged te snto .
"Pooer old Oaptri Ohrirle in d ateoble,"
Msamke the made, he looked sa his lat

"I noiod tht h b emed vwy dull ad elet
al th eg ttip, b ad that i not a uual thin
with hi," mtumned tM n twd. "Is it i a.-
oesm a ddath, sir?"
"Tm," mid the mai. e ku easom fom
Boekha to athld the han m his daughtr-
"'TI t wrold b the idow d his only on,
would it not, ir?"
"YT; th old getlima b d Ib a r ning
n he ig witth hb little da ter to dwll
dwe his roe at NBoothave, d Vwa gertti
rythlngde mart sad tri r them at his
petly cottage 1 th weAt lif."
Ah, the, that was what made hbi td that

mid 1M- anm rmti b up. U fts

,, W,,
tm" i mlrM, Ih k a. w m tMf
people &e ugh th d gmOR mimn abge bt

Snot a at wy U ad He is ot dzi by We
Dearo I haldd wasn a preat ddalr.
But he as mt bm limb aj, ut goin b ekwuis
a d iewrdibtwe. Hr li aMd bdkhma.
hasu sn many a rway Ind, ad tb mr a
rough bem n Mh imaw. mH r is as whe
ao iOw hardyy"
Ae, but it was not ezaay whA e iawa
that waited it His hair was om a y i
gpy vwm lu hear t th i di at hi m's del~a
of yellow feer away at Prmamboe; bat Gee
moA th fterwards it wan vS wMiM O yam m t
now. However, the's a dI iemes bibusm
Ohuiast and som am who have d a poet
trial: may people tmun .our4mp.ml, ar m
always haring their Cormblu; he is omaly
the oppeite. oH was always r homeuI a im
am Br a uail, but still hl was a IMs hl
rougiWk in his mmMn tll his ieat pgd l to
mad sac the he hm bern goas ald Mal a
omsU--I mea as a good wvmm," aMel b
mater of the BrA s, corecting himewl as h
motied th sewrnd mMat a wry bce, mal s
membared that bh had a wif wh ra pwesd
tempw made his hom miaMeri.

4 =h =n eam s m mm.
"I'v haud peoph ey At he im v1y kHd,
si," miembl the we.-
"I, lsn m own m malde im mu m us .
dls6 e etheo Ipopie in t.rouM, m bh In
always eMpMraly Mare r ea that aybor y
mUlm he~ bd mnews .d He wol ddo
emtr y in th womd to mse thm a blowd tat
i, beemaru you ee, ,h heam the nw d his
me' dea& in a meaer that gav hi a shook L
hsm amer g ove."
"I Mn't my that I mer head about tt, rir.
How agt it ber" iquind tb tmeward with a
lok d et interest.
"'ll tel you, Mtewud. 'o old Captain was
hmward bound, and at tha time his o
would aso be, -s thought, oa his way to old
LhgOla Tomn Jame Chls vti waM mMt
df a biqu tht miled from Lierpool; ad
h wVas imt a sNma s ever trod a dik.
It happ- tat the old COoptain-is feth -
l to gall at a port to obtain water, ml Ie
mat r pEtd his 0od ha d Mbe thee a iw
days ba him. He theefre asd th flrt
boatman on boud if tlhe YftuIed, Oqptam
ams Chrilti, lhd called there? 'The Pl-
ed wVs her, *r, a week ago but the ap.
times am Marty 'Yor mY mtake,
Mad,' mid ol Chrisie; 'Martyn was chi
mats.' 'Yes, he was before he boom matAr;
but he took the plc o the eMptain, who died

mum. mf em. a '
wL moedl d his smd f YAW bJee mlMo

Ar," mew s. o h w a an mer- d Irhe
m lW" pane* l r a momea
"It was ide Oredd l6 1t hl tena
white deat, th mA sam md he mod sme
him with b had to go oat d the em tof ieM
Ihae a el d hm to ota"rhembhm mA laqu
about his mo'se rveeL 1e blema woet an
desk mpla, md wha the e hmd t whatv
NtioM the yoMng efta was to el ol ein mrd
hew a mory flr haring beer auhowfa tho
bearer od iltidia. H saMi theld simm
ber that pow oAd &ithmrm ae lag hes Med.
Well, nam th ewr tlied to go dowm imt th
aeb ajus thL, o they teouht wouM be
better to mLee tw mstr ato a rf A
litte. Butatletth ma owamesA Ito for
orde., mad he ad poor Capimia CUals ag
qdlt famoMibt aon th door."
"Dear, deer, thi would be a snowhl dght,
toe rm. 'IT eo getlememat havevary
teader heart to M so amk ovnsom."
"He a tead heart. But sA d l he bereft
a only a Chrtm ma n aI bear sM thegh
we awr west toi s bgai. RH blho
home gave up the ommand,ad s Ua
aomrtible little compteisy, he debuiimu to
ettle rat Blookhaven ad e a tr to hie ite

i. i. *

* nemw -mk w** in.
wriw uml bl A" wu pe. 1 b how d
Mr l Urbei ch ,rhGatol k mthrm lem
edtr n l, -,- tben,-, *b tlei, beans, so
he m-~eing s ebher h a R hawa.Iw
w a taing ht, a'wo bom toM; fareh NA
lt whtwaM dewed WIth. But they wo a
amns to ie another, asl ametbhiug mewblh
amidA them both."
"'Wha vr that, ir9"
"AlettrM pepoarJam. It am rngp
t talk d a letter a dad uan, but it t
a*ly epuaul. wrote ijtr th $y day
bf=a r .v teahm ad th ,...d Mt
brlM t it had ber delaed its pupg; so
that th Itar ear sftA thd had that pued It
ka lo bMes m dai th. gre."
"I doo't s that tM omw be mh comeoa-
tm fn mslving it, ir, muder noh dhn.-
Ay, but hu wa; r that letter that
poram iritAe wav'fManA watching la it
he bllded to the putihoa thi wsu tging
moud Ui, -d mid that th Rmough aomualy
pauosd to its anm be he Ml a tmeaqil a it
he wm by hi omwn aei beae hknr on
Whmoa he ml red with puaet .rw BHiS
wee we, 'Th dmral Ge is my rege, wd
demeaMth M th mWahdtig mam.'"
"I Mw whe tfh emoort eam hom, Wi,"
plid th tewrd.

"TUY 4 ma it A *hm I l- o wute

bis dWeagheA4*ow O sam te ia wM hi at
rdaavm a -se au he m have Me ~
mde ieay irhe. se was hallway haid her
himben' lhor, ea sis toowaie hlkthim d
All; so im Was ttl th Aty shola k bu,
a hom r thr ~a. He was pspu to
thd he aad he lirt B ld when rr tham
Athe m wo very l. Nnow a i dea, poo
ftil nd wd be ba il t emown. He has
a ly th litle p(eado"il leA to lom."
"Theim the ittle amaughte i thi pmS gIr
Uh aid eL aod, iaybe, bring bak with U to
lothaeM?" Nrem ed the i toer
"Yus," aefred th mate of the wariMal:
"ad I do hope h will av her with him, A I
blier otbia lighted srio half s s ak
harlig tle dt to loQaa eame r. It wll
twiMe vou thr ol men likE woidbie seod the
"It is a gAd thing, I do Mlievn ir, to el
that yo h e a hlple astaurs depemling e&
y fr th qpply d allits wate. I kaw t
thougt dof ounatee at home help to hep
m right aMy a im"
"No doubt, toward; I know sometngf d
that with my ha do bo ad girl. Thee is
oe diledlty wlioh I hany Captain COhitize wl
soomn iperie. He will fi d the litt leal

OmW abe akwe t ammw a s .m
11te sat flt-Ir d b e erl e WLhLf
U dLtels wR do his abes, ai it. he Ame
rldu nte I>M q jlm**e, b dili 'Nlb ehp
to lb' i a Is the dM al h mwauld take
aTk a smq bobl" d thi b a IttHtO m

"6abim s pleiMW uouh at RoskkhaT,
mtamAl the M rlmw e a i& gh d dmshg d
dheulm whik masme to my that b end tb
owm rook od yonpIt quits monah, f t da
too mr, to p oide ith bed b tte, md th
otha makln med*d by thes mael p opl a
mok s by tlhir edd.
"Nver thiak tL e's one too may," rsmpod
the aMla, tharily. "I hav ma ohldPrm
th yes have, mad y I do belime th whre
emr a w amouth om God always s me& at
to lt I be bound if you wee skd whih
a your mall people you wold pat with, you
oald aet hoo one, though they i make big
hbl a t he bad loar."
nh sl ld rmihd, ad owned he dhoud not
ik to miir th eight ofe sy io, or the
mse d at as do those moaou voice whidt
swdmed him, somewhat boitromy it mt be
owed, as eas oouioa whm he arid at
sehawr. And thus the cmavemti anded.
s wae buima m ttam to be attdedl to.
It Ammus was to be -loaded, au agia

caraL m ina a ISm .
sIwIm p m, O--&
'-Men hipw he m an d^ boa nMow ma
sbw-d had too nam b do eb dhk am* abmo
O~lI hlawe L me sM mOwlU weM wkUMA
hadl eglhthimto aL
I the muanwil tu ib Io pa.oer hel
adhed th door atf t hAos witue whi lay
the rioms o his duhir-lawk. Hi lip
qui rad, andt th teas down his hsb,
he thought po his di ipoated bop, aMl o
th difMert goia hbm. this would ib Am th
me he d bem looking foirwn to. He' ld
rnoonsd an having a dauhtir iae whio, lMs
was lying ded. No pla d his had b. lme,
no arti r d f rnitar purched, o lit adlm-
eat added to his pretty ottage at RBooBak ,
without his st ds omdring how it would mt her
who he loved to pieta ls mib No
wader h paued on the doanto ap though b
oould saroly bMar to etr and e wht wrold
dmey amU O9tom rUi fr ner.
Yet there was a gleam d light r pied
through th darkness of th house o d d ; fir
when Optain Chritie at legi summoned on-
rage to eter, his Ms it was not one that
minded him d his eat loum, but r a dat th
little living terem whish, if t played God, who
had at off the Sower, to qp"e thr bd, woull
heaoefath be all hi own. For at the sadl
his step in the enteane-hall, a tiny igae ep-
pered, and despite the solmn stillne of that

10 sm Q e s emeamanm.
hmae at eemuomies A SW have ad her

mas ewrd.hi with a gad ery,l be
herself into hi'seatrh s was in a m o
mt mIld ad dmrped to his Inm.
Oadter my Igmrdht hi" drl ald, s
sh pld his trmowd shak to her with her
nmel Ab iad uhid it with lhr mey lips.
Aa tm shI Ud her eed, @l oered rith
uvLy Camp oaflt Lhadr, ediag on hs bosom.
I* fimeryea,wsim tlh old rm nola th
.me to mind, eM lid, "I. a lt ashamed whim
I remember that a eulh thought lid my heart
at that moment Whm the little eAtres hed
remtod may bosom, ad I felt her p sing m
with a lr tiny sawegth, I was almost gld that
th shd hNa Mabody with ao wrong a l on
herlom a duty a myZel I abnoat fr the
young mother who lay da in that upper cha-
ber, a r whom last yearnings aftr earth mst
has bm eawmed by thoughts of hr little me.
I bl dl whim I rdetod that no ertas Ibut
myself oald hm my right to thiL, the oaly
shdl of my only ae."
But th Optin's heart was deeply tomIed
when h looked on t th b M t e dead. His
tem a n ask nin whi they told him that the
modt had b quithed hr tiny daughter, a pfe
doms o ir, to hb husband's other. Further,
ds had mid with her dying lips, that sh was

me ge ma. II
vd mmaed en s wvMl am bed IM h ule
Ndy vwMd a hmlds hed b as helaim um's
pam siAU wind 4 so lang a 9 eaWe

Wha they toM this to Oasinsa theLe a
old mn's m am li is th e thlughk a
adld, rad -be Md nal', Wia Gos aMip I
will adr to ba hier tto toh opsloa di1m ,
Mai hild her s t dsmrt partial my earh
tk ure to be smcouvled i hMesir."
The mat day ths was a quit hmMal, al
Nely, sl da d a bNIe was held t b hr pa-
fethM's am by Al vde dd her modUa's geae.
He had lid her out d th mourani g ash, sad
whi he tht prPeme d those lpa ha, dh
oeaM aot boes to pls heL r oa the pound, laot
dsh should min th* amst smmuside by t
olup dhis ptrol ms aud. o,~ thL
th soma rriM io th litl hapel, ad by at.
gpavide, Ndy's hMed rd up oh pe d.
ftabt's briwt; and though d obbed piMhgyA
whe the oda w loas iWe t lteo gmue, As
dlng cdoser sad lser to hd e us d Soad I t
in the deep Ion wiah had beam diqplyal in s
msap ways, m dming her arms tir d rls


Ms Ul'rM TO~ria. WaTT MW OWi AarDm
aM Doon2sT.
T n we anmy thi to be agerd besd
Ompeih lis and his little p.ncld eooul
rams to Bockha. Bone of th houebho
ftmitar ha4 to be sold, amd sMao pardoas d hb
lat mothr' posmmlou a u w to be ream
hr Nly, rwhm sh grew up to womanhood, Whd
o be psck nmdy r trave So ot Jre Ud
made two voyag to BoobaveM ad bek bWbe
Optain Chietbe mad little N was remdy to be
ib pmsnges~
It ws at uight o'look an a fle Jy mamang
th the old m em"ia Ndey amm th plak
ad plad lth littl Ige ~ i th dek o d the
Akimrsn la th rm weekwhioh bad elap
oe her moatur's dmth, the child's grl had in
ageat meaMur pred lway. God iser redous
to the lambs His ook, in that He has made
lasting smow an unusual thing W agogRt them.
I m be very sad, otd weep bitter toers fO
a dMut ime, but th bright, buoyant, ildish
mature ah away trouble, d their pibi prone




&MO- 1r" 40m kNW Of a eI R b W ^ mB IMII
m kine mut ae tmry d M m ,en haS
by da s aeMele h Cir IfMik8At
Them fw. wmth N* Widei By &e gbm

she, r mrem emMd e 6 rlg tio mywhat
mr otdf m plsa m tadM 'm etage wr sM -in
mouinga about the haom t Ge me er As
had Iot. If tb trub t mm be ti, CK
Christi hd in ti abot time peMed Umi
ardly too iandulgt to Nelly. I hi. de piy h
his mphamL grndbnlk, and anxiety to rpomt
her om filing th want dt a mother, he alu
sroebly allowed hIr to experimmo m wanrt at
D. On the anmtry, hi who le dy wa to Ai
out hruk plwureu for his darling, ean th
Vwy to th quay where teamemr lay, he stppeo
rsevl timmo to purch top a -d mw ek he.
So it happened that whim Nedli's panm b
planted her ual feet upo th dmok a the .hi
k4M, a showr af wamteau whimb ihA wa
uWale to hold fdll at he eet.
There was quite a murmr amomnr t ma
belonging to the rtemer whrm theym t e tro
puasgem come an bod. Kidly lob pened
over their weathe-beatm io, and rough has
wee played caressingly on hem ti ow
pd "God bles he."
"So you are taking the lite oM blk with
yoe, OlCain," mid th master of th tumur.

14 UmmM smate eaauum.&u n.
"We dshaM he a lehy p g wih =Alk a
p1,d heIh -as t," mld he stb ed NitDy
fAlm emb as bespok .
"Yea, poor d is db .6 new," ans=el
the Captaa, with a sig at thought r the
mAl daugh he had hlt, mld a miN athe ed-.
l siM thetheod eflt aethe iU's loe. "he
i pIu s tonb She hu got l thea Sltion
that Ihol bken divided, if Go ad dso
willd i, agt tim."
"Ayre, u. We'v thought d dtald yo
a bowed b, sad at Rookhavr evabody w
askng whea you wn coming home. I don't
bedile them' me in the paie, man, woman, or
hddl, but rwt widh you wiL"
"They m vWry kind, I kow. I alwas ed
to sy, whm I was thouaMd of mile away in
Jeilp lakdl tha thlt wvu ao eouatrb like de
old oglanu d, an, i it, thU is no spot lik Book-
hawu to m. I w born th, uad I ho pto
die d b buriedth& To b ras I did think
that whi I tured my back on a ing lif
sad ga4t maa for good in th old plae, the
woald be mon bfes to brights my howm. But
God's will be doa I am th~kl this ow
epaed to me," ad the old Cptai pt his am
ounad Nlky sad p dse her olesly he spoke,
while hi trmulou vois told de dep esow
bom with Ohrti ndpigntn.
"You asta't talk about dyjia ad babg

bmi, Oatie," w the m "yw m mm
dl. I ut I al"may my wd id w tr
tal Mway to yesis at o- -el bo atthy v
iMt, we madB t bte obeat" m. AmA
whi I have me a hfdmA ilms the ,
you h mave aveml a thoummad."
"I owa I olda HL tl live a w ye mmo
a or mbake," M aota Cl mahi, ga i ao
famly t hi pgiardild.
"Aye; that lie hkad Wlam yoes e faly
to ma th th ialrgeit abl ewr vfwuht
oold do. I em aMy mudesitad tht."
The natr's ttion was Mowattasted by two
pamsagr, ar m r aiv oa boad th Brm Wk
They we godtlem ead o- th lm glised
with a soorl air t the msmewbat msty
sommodarn ti n fmieud by thi litde tsmr.
"Sul we go, thkik yonm" h akeLt.
"If th Mapti wil tik us," etumand hi
oampaoimwith a mile. "It is Blom qrS O
o we m y url put up with lit lH ieaemi.
am. Th krAme is uhd y intended fr aouy.
ing good, sd is not tbh fitted up liI a
meular pafnr rn ."
The other gilmaM thin iind aiftaeyaoU
be p am e dw at s u su, at as beaig tod
tht the would be plMty at Say oobles oat,
sad he could be leaded omas me th me, though
**A LIM wodd tad] omdb mqMta
tha se woMld act go.ll, him sumpaaes
srpeedto go.

Neat mle a sl.r wai wli is etr web
ol bby. ie was g toing I Rsha s a m
her h Ast i wham ship be hanl hwI t
disibergeItoee. IemwemaltAh psnagem
ml I a La br mnutM. r tLhe AwelI w
*mig avay fSar ot lharbour. Mbrly Cbd
qtiluae in hefr pmadth arms, ped back
pa o th town and piers tharoge wit people
a lg as bhe could- msthin, and, deightel with
th aovlty o her position, ragot how dort a
tim Mhl ped rie she wept at r i moth

Bd Nally lof Hulns had, hower, applied
hersl very diligatly to nredmg the contets d
her pMrdl, an hd do ddedrly estea m wee
thn were good r her. In conMquce of this
too graet indulgeoc, the motion of t*he enl
afsteod her mo sooner than it might otherwise
hwe dons. Before they were hirly round Spu.
Point the olor led fom Nlly's oheeb, dt
roy lip became ple md ahy, and he lay help.
Iam and uable to look at saything, in her grand-
ather's arms. Not that th little maid had
greedily kept all the weets to hrelt She had
doaed to shae them with gadthe, with the
the sailors and p agers, and had en Ielve
to push a lump ofi sug-ar dy into the mouth d
the tiny baby which lay on its moth's lap. But
A latter wam fored to Seme her, with many
mile. ad than, that baby wasr too little to

= q=..-' =w *-. d ?ll

I1e4 mp m a wl.r b vh *fue snem. "l

flly oa I maty MMoomaodat lifed by
th ArmissAf, Mad da btWtl whether h
oould pit up wit t e ar a short tim Ak
ah li tt Wy," msid h yes have d o
what e-asdem maM. I tMOght yom wuMd
whra I aw you so aduestous maqm t thw ay
id oomai. TYo wll haow btt Imr mot

But the othr gftlMas, his cumpal, loo
tearedy at Nlly, ad said it a nt to b a-
peted that then word be much wisdo r a he.
ight beneath tho A fo lan oels.
Oaptain Chr(stie mil& at the l speakr, n
p ed his little pale-aed lamb to his bi t,
whilk the matter of the A ik a *owead, and
matted that it would brwell if t* gCtl
who laughed at a child's ufrhlag did no hve a
taste himself before they wr well ronad fam-
borough Head. He proved a tnre popht, m
thM tih "kind gmtla.m," M tiny Nelly lld
the plMMslt-d passenger, proved himself
worthy of the name she had gvm him. He
took the cying baby in his arm, ad cad It
up and down upon the dek till he aed it to

lep. the, whir n i oeapedoa laaghetd
hin hr udertiklg a mases plee, be quietly
Mad, "I wua a Hli bby myself oae, ad
depadt cm tender a d gentle head. Bries,
I loved mnd honou~ d my mober, nd the emes-
brome d her maes mo fel indly to all moth
for her ske."
Then he had his gat warm plaid brought up
fom the ebn, and wrapped earetly round the
iaor's rife, who was not sufiently protected
firo the dating praywhioh flw over th bul-
warks lle a hower of in. And u the gentle-
man moved om place to place, always heery,
always tryig to make everybody a little more
comfortable, all on board looked pleasantly at
him, an felt somewhat the happier for his pre-

Sueoh i the power of that voluntary kindle
which ca nothing to those who eerie it, ad,
pfrwimpd l Chkri*iUm ien, is the mark whereby
the dislples of or Blessed Lord e known.
Very soo the kind gentleman' service were
required by his companion, who become more
wretchedly i than ay one ele on board. Nelly
Chritie wa beginning to feel better, and, remem-
bering how th now miserable-looking man hd
laughed at her a while ago, he whipered to her
graadlther, "Im glad he in so white and il,
because he laughed at me."
"H h, Nelly. My bidie mut act say so,"

retamod a ol Optl. "If .hl l h.s W
be juast a ankaMd tat geaieealr was a lit

"Bt, GiMddther, n ulMad. Be id
laugh at me."
Woe them, we must d e ry r him, Nely,
and pray od to give him a ind hert, istied of
a had one, ald that will be turning good for
evil, darling."
Nelly could hardly understand this at tft, but
by-and-by even arh was moved to pity by seeing
how week and M the gtleman was. S6 lid
of her grandiAthers knee, and guided by his
hand, nreahed the ide of th poor ialid, and
sid, "Ihope you'll oa be better; I am, yos
see, Md I was vr ll.".
The gentleman's pale e flushed fnd r a
moment. The hild's kind words touched him
more deeply than the bitteret reproach oould
have dne. He thanked her in a low vioe, ad
added, "I think, lite on, yo fel maors for me
thd I did for you."
Child as she was, Nelly eould now nderstad
something of the power ee of a kind word in
ofteming the heert ead o ing away unloving
If h wished this gentleman better though,
how muoh more did she rejoice that the kMid one
continued quite well, and sh told her grand-
father that he deserved to be so, beasue he was

M emn s mmas ina.&wm.
e y gel. a hais brthei srdia i, l
at fIb mm th M i tme d alm boin d w
asmted by a vee whick was ediM in da
-m dieties as h ANdJI bt, as th
steMrn west liter, it gadl the other ip.
How delight wa litt Nefl whim r hre4
the etitel th Mdlor' ife that it wa he
husband's vessel. Te d coaud not imagine
how knew i in t ise h ip looked just Ike
hundreds o other to hir ineaprieMoed es.
But there was o mitak about t. Th eamer
and the other vend Memm so ti t lth he-
bead nd wif could s each other o the deks.
The captain held up the tiny baby which had bee
born during its taher's absem that ih might m
it for the rst time, ad thee was wing of
hate and handkerohlefi and a lusty cher o wl-
ame between the sailors.
Somehow, in her gladnes at the eight of he
husband, the poor wife's m-sicknoes vanished,
and e, Nelly, sad the baby, wee abl to be ft
friends during the remainder of the oyage to
How pleased the little lie was to see th bold
olif on the Yorkshire coat, ad to observe the
see-bird flyig in nd out of the crevi, or to
note the unwieldy porpoises, of which he saw
many between Hull sad Bookbavea.
Towards ening, the two gentlemen we put
on board a fishing ooble to be loaded at Bear-

be o. OM a(Ithe A Moms% m g s
* head atbs the brdwma tome a pet *
mb a barl "-r the hthlb mn," aId ML
sM was vy m7 held, thegh a the S
thi emesdingl d l tI ft he owm.
Lmd oaD at ta o'dok at igh tiy*e m la
rirht Boekhav. The pleaO looked baMntl
in the dew moaght. Nly ea die high
dith, ad right at the vey top of tIhe a hfe
&huro with a ln mwit. & S had b mneely
malp, but the thou ht io b dag o to oed-
&tha's home rwoud her.
"S1e, Nelly," maid Cptaim Christie, ther is
Bookhavem Cahu high on the dli Whm we
go thee you wil have to dlimb up a two hua-
dred tome itpi, holMipg by GrzadbtaW' had.
And the grey old Abbey is just by, en thl dI
too. Pa t it ha falln dowa, mul the wr
blows tlamgh the Mahed widow, Dfe thmre
mo gra md stains g in them vow, but Isis
beatifl rui still. And theu is the lighhoe,
with ter U loumid i It is upom a s k,
ma whim th id is up it dasb the lighthou
wlla. Ba, thli trin md, hrowihm three
,dde, two ylows am a d."
Nelt's eye wre grattry kactd by the wo.
solving light and he dpped her hads, aso rt
ydlow, ed the nd, thlad fn upoa he te. I
Bt her pgadthor bade he look a little high
p ea the dlit a ty to Ad another light

shlnaig Ihe a ther. iheeM gad steadily
la th d rasm sram amdthm s, "I s it,
aQnmdl er. I tht f otler l t lighthouse "
"NoNdly. Ta ii thought, e, f that
eight stds in th window ot We)Cuff Oottago
our own bomn my daring. Old Dorothy h
pled a amp in the window uad lef the shuttle
uamnclosed, to show that she is expeting he master
and his little Nlly home to-night. Eh I what
that" suddenly claimed the Captain. "I'm
thIaing the Bu shs mells the ground."
ttle Nlly gave a nt cy as h.r grndbther
made ths' eolumation, fr sh felt a queer, grat
ig smestion, and heard rumbling sound beneath
her feet.
"Don't be tightened my pet. Were ec -
ing the bar, and the water i so low, that th
Bruhik.d has just grad upon the rook which
is hidden mndr the s ner the entrance of the
harbour. But she i of again now, all right.
It weu only a touch, to tell us the rook was
Nelly f very gkd that it wI only a touch,
ad y soon after the Brn u lyU quite till
upon the wates. The mater aid he must wait
r the tide to low before he could go into the
harbour with the tesaer.
"Th, shall we have to stay her all eight,
O dhther~" asked the little laie, in sgom
dismay, for she thought, if so, the light in Wet

-m mMS. S
Cm e ap WU nlk -mn a' ma..7 t"a
wehmeo to tho tMsvme.
"Oo dedig. Looka e-t y v wl m
bora wdU k t ip ac m hsb dbu7."
he boat looked =h9the wats wide, bUt
wit her grmdthAer's kid armu arod her,
NUlly felt no fa, and dr h nd it vey pleast
to be rowed to ihore ans th m mrumming
waves that glittered li liver in the moodlih
On they ame ne a nro ot da s hkobsm t im
mraoe of the water, sd the cure oi th boat
hd to be changed a lleot to meddle with
thee. Captain hristiwe planned to Nely that
the black knob, u @ called them, wer pies
of ork, and a they loaed theymrvdto shor
that a net, whiah the &ihakma would draw p
by-and-by, lay ar smy down blow the sill
wter. And far away, too, there was a plems t,
musacal ound of voies, which told of other
fiher singing they drew in their lad as.
At length the boat pounded upo ths bech,
and Nelly was lifted auhoe, and in a lis tim
found henlf within the walle o Wm aiO
Cottage She thought the outside of her mp d-
fther's cottage hom looked pretty, but eo was
till more pleed whan she aw the iuide.
Inded, before he entered sh head a women's
Obhey voice exlaiming, "Eh, Captain; Wbt Im
glad to have you back again. And whr's the
littlegidl MI Nelly, homy, how areyou Oosm

p.- -iir-----

M4 An mal ma eammmnem.
a a ais Mle l Ae t Wm kat em,
Sis H bw- -- "
"IUhe t am efit hi Doly?" setun
tlsa C4Mls with a 0igh, e looked d mm-
what seaewhfly .4 hifs (rMdelu' Wt gh ee.
Umb monmdlly, We VmMW@ ,, r, m
"&* b that. i Bt, der heart, w and b
ftheu l Ao tl pd ou little osmbem, and mat
thGik fdpaet load. Let m ta o ffyour dlage,
hoaey," AW added, timing to NUlly, "*ad th
your pgadp and lyeoa he Ol supperr"
Th1 iMadly Toes sound pliem*tl in Nely'
em, sad dse lt iadied to ie b r kgrendlahe'
old seat Dorothy Story, or "John Chridis's
Dolly," as everybody (eled the good dame. Be
it known that Bookhave folk we mh given to
the use of Christin m, sad thobug their
oqitlity i of the wrmet, they we not eNr-
molom. Em Dolly's mutr, though a nma of
atuffe age, was jut Jon C tie to wary
inhabitant t Bookabee .
Dolly helf was charming sample of th old
d hoolo rnt. She had bew nanssm d in
the Amfilb whl Nely's fther as baby; yem
aterwamrd she had wat"od by th death-bed o
COptain hrist own wi, and now that her old
aster was comingto alde rhore, who so tto
takeerge ohis modet hoeold eDoly? "Ir
mot a Ae body like those f ting ervant les
wb asks their gowns sik out till they a't get
haough do orway with a pl in their had,

hoIum b mpb t Imm m bw dIw.
wayd aw v P t a bl d ass tas im amem.
la to dk ek bhir r ml lt e. E ff
I do m to eep houms O ye sht d hem
ting less dal wholeomie et mask an yea wo
"weA to whom thi mitnm wa Ihi Md a&e
not whb the ik-up alm d of imme would
yew ham All my ways kus dlM-mA, md
"I an otld-hmeDo body mydq bust tho

He knew the good dam of onld, ad o an~
"I think s, Dolly. Atm beag ed to your
ways in those bygoae times I should take bly
to th dight of ne of those ly-away alseas y
talk about. And bide, she could nota be tiat
with my Nelly. But mind, I don't want yo to
doal ths work. Tou mut hae ai to hlp
yo, and to train into a decnt boay like yo lf."
Help What I haealms togo about asiag
dirt far a to dean air her? Nay, Joh9ba Chii
Im either so old nor o week but vwhr lm
manage to keep th* house straight and do may
duty to you ad th btaimr Wmm another bo
binsaW other pair aof hands to help, a ye ueB
ft, I sll thiak it tim ar Doly to be SOt
rm Wet r Ciff Oola."
"ThIe, Dolly, my woman, bm it a your m
ly, an damot om' t yoarl with wak, dihe

a @AM=a omaess & ma$ns&Wm.
NPs ImA t EHl w wha I wu bek

Io ba (hpoia (laide eMld matta wi th
his bein epr bIem h lea1 Beha ead
mnw te good womaa' h rta r fll d lVn end
waleme wbh the taer nard tsi their.
A wry picture ot asiness w Dolly in h
dark stff gpm- t made so high a to hidb hr
mowy aeckkcrf beneath--er equally whit
cap with d boder and plain black Albbo,
sMd hr okhkaIt amslin o. Her H o ewa
jt a little wrn ed, but had Atil that batifil,
sy hu which tell of health prerved by tm-
pesmnoe d aezrdw. Altogether the impeion
produced by Dolly oad th home itolf upmo thd
mind of the little oyager was vy plant
Thi, how gently a removed th ohild'e out-e-
door garments; and when, os taking way the rht,
Nelly' e was flly shown, ksh claimed in-
volmai ly, "Dow, but he's bonny." Then, ai
"ab&a that e pni might engendr vanity in
the little har, she added, To be ure, look
matter nothing. It's better to b good than
"And better AM to be both good ad bonay, if
our Make pleass" reMamd Captain hutiS.
"Bt now lt mypethavemr auppr and go to
the little bedroom, which is just lik a bird'-nst,
sL't it, Doly?"
"It is tht. Now, i Nely, what vill y

amlss d-- m e hm i w an k M if
wsM lke I -."
"u lber a lIN* mi lk b df bare, ir
you plse, Doly."
"Nothiag ele I Why yc'Ieft your appte
bbidld you," returnedthe old rant, wih a laok
o diLappomentt aatd adPi her ala cookery hi
to temptthechd. "Wom'tyouahaw mouth
of heemes kead sclme ter o to it "
he had moie swet things this maing, ad
wAS very Ma-sik Sft them, so he arest auMs
any to-night. Sho will fnd her appoite vh
she hu had run on the Wa t 0 sid
the captain.
"Then, I dan say, .laia br and milk wil
snit her stomach better."
Little Nelly was oom served and matid.
Then, belor her grandhther took his own meal,
he knelt with his am around hr, thaakd God
for having brought them maf home, and akd Hi
continued c sad blersing, in a very few simple
wrd Ths done, th ti child was right glad
to rt her hed on am ot plow in th little
bird's-net of a haber. Atastth bed seemd
to move the &AmAUdsha dlla bule.s av
aw minutes Nelly lot a conoomae, md lay
in the wet found leep of hildhoo
When Optain Chrstie wet to hi owa om,
he pmaMd at his gaduhld's dor to lism, l

M ON csametW n m amum .
hm Mse d to k t 2is aft umes. R
Sr eatlel ebm y tl DOelre ye when i
sone M atel.A that with th *A l e. Old
par tm M anlfw to be at dr m lehr,
hew m mma i di nw aqe IAp n th
dkght he gn itha tI Her edt m ias o
ir emr I as t fllow, a hmd mand u mo
the NW eeek whMieh ited o liatIs hbd,
whfle th or w as upon the white woMlld.
Oaptal Chriie wv shafid to hi the mnd
k lst he should awaken the young leeper,
but he bt and touched th little outistketb
bnd with his Ip; and w he turned away a
ter might have be seem glistemlag upoa It,
while he mmmed a pr hat h might be
led to tain up this little me in the ath
and her ofGod, and that as sh should gmr in
yen she aMght also gow in gnoe, and in the
knowledge the Lr dTJes.

Borm Doly and her maIs ha bem ev
timn imto Nel'r romn to me itf A wer awat e
an the morig after her arrival at Beekho
bee sh actually did opus her eys. They
would not disturb her, and ooMnqum y th l
girl had to break t by herl l S waes r
wildtobe out on the oli and her gmadh&er
was jst anzious totake hr; mo m so a tho
meal was over, they tated hand in hai. The
child lqedpr her hInds with daligt A she r
the wIves rmc on the shm below th di
and qreeding A wof white ohmoar the an.
Mor and more boldly they advarud, wail t
lighthoem rook, which wr at fit bu, was
covered, ad the qpay was thrown pao itL was
lik wreathe amow-flowar.
Prom the dif they went into th town, ma
there Nly ws asoished to ee how everyloy
rtoppe he gr ndher and smid kind rwor to
her, though sh hew one a them. But whm
Bohavem foh& aw that tiny figen a l ded in
black bide John Ohririe, they needed not to be


taS wh ie was, ad tmil hAmd wb.ul
to Gt oheL tayr, teir em amIhbm'S

In th ame they were busy in Inpaig
tLe bom whidc had aritd m tthe BwJa ,
Sthey did nt go out agin. Many l t rr
adown Joh Chdier' wrinkled oherk a he
bright to ight varioo foreign rarities whih
his o B delighted to obtain in ar.-sway leads
to please his young wife ad child. Even Nely'
eye grew dim as she watod her gadfather
ead Dolly, and recognied, one after another, tb
trur that hu ornamented the home of her
father and mother.
The Captain noticed the oild'is adnar ad
unelNh ways, ad whipered to his houekeepr,
"We mudt not let Nelly se us; we will keep
orrow Am that young heart if we can." And
so they lef the work in which they were engaged,
and the Omptain told Nelly wonderful tle of
what h had en during his Toyages, until her
eyeq fairly parked again. Then, a evening
came, the hild' attention was drawn to the light-
houe, which she could mee distintly from all the
froat windows of Wet Cli Cottage Indeed, had
not the curtain been drawn to shut it out, the
bright light would have ahone on her face as he
lay in bed the night before.
"randfather, the lights e pretty," rhe cried;
"I do love to watch them, turning round ad

A vIlYt w mimn i
.-a dwq.; hi yw, ms lledw, im
rel. I Ib th red beat."
2b nreda bth, bgh homy," ad Db*
"bdat am th lito6 Bw look L ay do i
winte ti. Th, when evrythg she Iais elk,
ud the doad hm eoemel up the ltae t
ghtid a the rmok n *a brao gide to eor
"Aguide, Doy! Why, what ane thr lIhts

"Ak Grandhthea, hoe, hll tell you blNr
tha I an"
The child bonded away rom the window, md
ws in a moment on her grandfathr' k ,
waiting until he wa ready to mswerher qutin.
Down went the book he wa riding, &ad o
went Oaptain Chritie's spewtale. Thm em-
ciroling Nelly with his rm, he said, "Dosmy
darling remember that last night whe we w
ery er Rookhaven, the Brmui went so close
to the rook that we ft a grating and rumbling
al throughthe eeO"l
Th child remembered it well, and recalled her
feeling of fear when that strage jaring moad
fell pon her ear
"Well, at the e*trane t this habour, a
undenedth the a, there i a lge rook At
some time aofth tide a veal could not pa ovr
it safety, mad it is ony whe the water is
gting high t thtre is aisia t covering to

aw amm m Mr mmo T IL
Alhe ueek Ar hh e eI is te de we &. Int

Mi M, auh to plWeM the boYvem d th
vael em btochi tho rek. Now, If th
Nlo t&h aumed eamh a dibagree e bel i
mink what it be wham ir Sr windk ow nad
wreme rm eer May a gy lt ship ha
bee d.ri a those snka rook; th sharp
polt hkve pies thr ogh oak and copper
eaily -a we aoul puh the a er through
paper, m the water has uhed in, ad the
hbip hl mank down, ly to be s.- igm ia
beoke farigmet which strew the aboe after a

"And the sclan, Grnmdther?" mid Nely,
with ma axious look.
ITrnu, during. Sometimes brave men, fom
the land, k their ow liv to try to se the
shipwreked mariners, but sometime they try in
vain, ad th roring sm swallows up both me
Mad ruvel."
Grandhth, were you not afid whr you
were at m Inquid the child, with an awe-
sricki I look
Ye, my de ," retumed the f aptai, imply.
" BAt thdt w bebr God taught me to remember
that He would m for Hi. people, whether o
m or aknd. Afer He made me love Him I
er felt aaid. I ed to think of the beaitl
werd in the Bibl* 'ear no, for I a with tMh,'


N* r *a toaugt oa dkd Ow a summa
IalWM4 g" l &Am gn to ea ."

TVy bai wa as e ea 1iM* a IM *
we we a Ing wIA hm I0g16ouse, Nd*,"

...1 mod nm i b m so &A *

stanm ds As hs p arnie ds v mw

be dogleo, gBh In a ~ f Vthyw ll omh
ieNy hstla wad ag IlMat *IrL "D."

"Iker owi,"MiuNg I. "'Othu NiHys
tro oth saM, Keep awvh Ahm w or thf
&trpH gkv wpiman you Whiibo Mn ."
"'a io. Now Nl kMw an @bot itL"
zo a piait hlo av ut limem' rll

4O.ly me tagn wat uighseaase thI a "
"Oh yme," aml the OapO boik a ousI
0aem, "thab Oft Higao a t Ad7r bodY
Sb t
" WMra, I "
"YT, yes ad m. Nlly, thdse m wm

S m ame mmohn m oira % i

w e ed woams ed ,A de s q, mdl ts
Mb .e(bI mm r wM Ge has rM m to
metogdheMhearthitewad e." Asth
Olb, ,qshs hUl s hbado ml mea* a th
em SUI wMr lhe tbhls bti Wbsem.
"Tam domt eel th a gh l osm do yse,
Of-UlMr )"
"Ih is GoQ'l own l a mr, N t, i Mat? "
Te, Neft ho tat; hddi a dIe ws, he
ewll sad ib saed p@qe m he mmm had
tmugh r as m a k as h yog ad emM
emre h--a at hl valme Id Ppue hm
he 1* mi w ha it somewhat s amt okiC

Im a br mm the Bb hwas op r in a
dirrt ple, aLd ne Nelly ned, Thy wmd
in a lamp %ato my e6, and a light unto my

o your tmh BDbl is the Ochitom's iht
houe, to warn hid saiint path oft im, ad to
showhimBwhvleimay. Butlwilnnottslyo
more now, fr homse om Dolly, mad I know Ar
will sy that it is ti for my bidie togo to hr
mst for the night."
The evening tayr wa sld, ad QOnadMth
sea in NeiNy's M the avioukr's itatie to
Mttl dbiAre, am d thu ed das thr child, the
swom day at BokhMa. But bamen dhe lept
he adm not help takfg a lat peop at St light

em ite enk, ml hr ther l
dinm@Jl Gn a Mb 4= Waves m
Altshe wa ms s nlmBA Ieis .EmN^ am
elr. Ea m al.
Wlh" a Awt ib r se y'e sawd da
Boe-wm, dhwas Wel tfe b mas a Nie
hrNwoe in th sewe at i atetoem, mI U i
-am about th*ouk the amt lmed y at&*&Wn
wi th lghthswe ha r k. so "ld he
prdith eUjoyed MaM a w isea mii tAh
hantcg smmmy a th asighbobtodud, on aa
auteb r, whtLm atid*e r dowart*h la *
Sa Md mld a eln at the liighth1m lmeL
they hamd two mBM 4Md the Mm orf
e of them. Nily thoout l a lomely
plh fr thm to live in, mad b *is Jo*
Lockwoodltfhehadamoth&r myl lr

Jo was the boy above mtmioed, saA locked
about a yer odr than e m ly hrlnZ but was
really two yem ar mnior. He tas a Try aby
ad, with pals checks n dark ye ad halir. He
semed unwillig to hae any talk with Nely,
who w miineud to be hiadly, ad drmw domr
to him htMr instead of peeking.
"My led is so grMt talker, amiy," mR tdh
hpirt the lighthoaue. "He does't meeBak
yoaug sompajy me, ad he ba mithr mother,
bodtr, nor @itr, rwn hlt."
he mwa ighed, ad th& adied, He we not

P" rAn m k t 1 =Ym
hem via alwmi dal bd h e isPotsou

lb mm. &a mend job a lool at fod
bodsmm ah ias b" at his dm.qe4ter, "A
Ue& xv M.A Corbi clude hu a Assor .h
Usedin i1e. bummIlh Noe6Mil IK dhe wm

"Des Iss le a mw smwm boe P" a

Sin beim ahepyb head jkmloi e 1A m ImwtS
bb hisfa,. I my I* mm too ama aMile
Mwo he as&,b aem maq aaI als at

w mad, Joe lHkspfeO M7 madeh
is ping Ibo sha 1 A lame telmmw.
#- TWAbe bask at migh, vIM Soy mat?"as
Cobi Cbe.& "16t00 two at you nut
sheeps he has."
,Wei tIS Juat abmee. b aw ma
em' Iaqaes Puaook WkaW. amin Jo me
Uffmwmftwou heygorittygo.lo ol sewbe
&vedig at hAmdl Wood to ad AM es
thidp daa't hq,.m .ver day. I Was ai to
go btmaow I ea't job ina u g Seat

~~~~_ I&'- aumbpain

dm, bm I wn vW bq~d Wjam wgm
obuIdoi b~ Ampomif w U a
hum an m or km qu ft so dv
We m s t" b* m 70 M S
moY No a tm, ad I bm -o kMM
10 ft msbiaAby mD r. ismOW
11e olu be. Gvy I e. bLesi

"I Am hoII. b wtv bo &dL. wmI

*0 wadea yim huebw am 40 i "
"Nd em, Id 641 4I I wn mal
UpM hm~ aw u as& so ubmaw hr
to odw peopwo tomblI I had ft PW I* ofm
am saybeft whim mi vib va tobw Nor
b whm b rmR IAw*dy I m ami e.mkm
tegiwemmruibi, em L aM U jt.,ibU

adbe via dma km Nahem1 JA" will
it Sn."
"Asi hue ym l hk4 to Oink d1l6to%

$4m Y as% x CoiidomI bmv I intak.
b" V whi 10 g86 ei, d I -A I i km
ar1 m I69 ag Wy' 1 kY laq

(10 own= p wwwaw-- I LI
d 1w i% I wor edoim doI

nu -awod mi his d ~ ~ahy and

a.ow ,m Dd. ~Assmub. pad
edkods atMhind, wbbk~aokwl uel, ml
addede, "Y owarm boo' I laboum
taIn=INOwals; I budt W % lad ye-
"Od look vi, ear, ad daiss; 74 KEDas
- ee am ; i haoo t e beghmie He
14 as us Gtd itv vasM hid tA boedsaubs
aw u04 tusit& ftwu Wslmel. I Wes
mmmi, He ao Wader; I to so% md He my

2hs otw hoasi of da Ifghios bad berd
apPark o te omvsemdamm, m, toubt to
Capsl OEM%, he my eNsbol, "I ta Look-
weed, ir, tt ites otso mu lookig boakh *. *
dead sab ft his bad #pru. IW& tsic
the hM thatd MGMe Me I VIA tI.h amlaI.
Whydeat yen p to thls wladg mad he ass
iopsalid theiht A*& iuddbdla asotts
t*sksh1dsW eod? But, bhuyedrLho
Vwil "Mva VW b m lioobai aI&h Ulms
he in Adetv o i% mand m he is bokash ifreiy"
"Eta nouwe, I mStabspie ehe amy
uaiage. Asto tI*dwo he lapglbe
nuded, I At pay lwo a bluug an ti*u, nd,
i9 it pluse od, a los and hap II tgth."

A Vi n7 iva in lI Immen
"hme &A yes b e baimi% LJakneM,
I-gelest the --ptel0m
"Tibi i aa vm rrAm Ifm
ab i r al I e smbdmm my mob
m e hae m gmw ed bmab mad I Iw p m.
ad ey well, thselh -s t mm wh shml
s im e"m h4%d. Tin s to, iL m U m
bdve- w Mhod at ae Il m Im
Narly mAiW86 tIS*, mmdIught he% shold
ot mU likm to be loJ, md lhe in Ae lIghthl
mask Im to be Joe's hLr, Mlit Isre M
dagl hour, md the dae o d spda, a d4W
md mlght quite alomei IL M ll mU r
impmead by fi h lhing whm shd hbLw mli.
wood t he pgradh t talk f ai Mle oa
emd lbipmise, d dMowig ma ud wom.
whoseiskb had Mounded sev above theeagiy
dwi ad drtan.
"Aye," Mid Johb itle, "Jym oai ms
woeMl dight, d n do aoig to evm. Whr
th[ Lad ksaMe out Ms we re helpss.
Omaim NDy, we m ge gobe g. We *hl, p-
hapsa y mothw vit vbhe Doy ha kbe
bakiag tri% mad Mm my i lam "h bkig
Joe Mm.a"
'ey ble ood Iy to it lioghso Iommmm mad
thi aIsy Ml iwo va wmn to mpeo byth
OaptaiL. T ey we j hi tia to dopw
irn th sook bae tSh tid -m in; but, a
they looWkd bhak im tGh door d Weit i

* .3 ~3 -u
Maw SW awa oIm bi mash a
*smk t" am so a..,MD no vu
=a sm"k 31ms N;
ASUMbe S mm m m mY Urn."


memra mn=a mE nrwsO.
Nyr a mha pmihrM hal a god del d
tlk abolt ti li i pi- rl4d Lb, md ma I
hobmAwg da sp aeme m th h ma Ao
weobi dg MIIgmo Almnblg dho Adam
Joe LIdaloodl th oo e ahr Aldr
Wood. Btd wha M oomld Me m d he
mxity t Dlly, th ltter Mall, "Oh, dr,
h ay, yae m't loak. b Id bTh e bde
ymH ]DtL. *rml bwA a af t p1m. Oam
ow, do yew ti d ahmmig. YTrn gmid
ri llHk to kshr a haLlU d Ndly's mW-
TIeth to apy, dy rnm amt u gi-
aseeslwm, 1r bw log= hag hal wm am.
plea imo b It Im d bbm e bo vMR
-M d h( amgyMmt, ml tohlel haeg da
vwhat h do dia thi I wa d lbag
rw pmdhcer; Wt Dolly Ak w hadM, b,
Ui, *"B~matr W Ah m bkor d an% h auy.
IM log a b pi, f pa4 Mtm ar pat 1d f

Thu ashaord, Ndo plMe away I* ft

* A19.&W WA rig ma L .
aam t emown= =N oa

-r amos4 .4 -A l s baA
m mo to 6 M sel A hr h at Ar a
sm em 69 to aIs soilm@ Albt aownimaL.
Delead dat edoor ma wata the prba.
ft he la so t&g. Ne'w oat u... i
As wla4 d har sb w ilt aml reuy as
IL6 tamio to lau a Dauoy.
"A*ihe i a ietoi" sloqgaind At good
dame, "bet I dMbt, I doubt, Johna Oridte
pol he. he mnr grt a abrp wad, Mad a
do jut aM ih wvih him. MEL aboud go
to hodo r somhow it 't natural old llb
Wo tha mtar adt mA cam n oaMlvr to that

Dolly oald e quite plf y that Ntly led
hi gmadiathr whitr l obeM*, but dhe wu
quite oblhioM of As 6at that the yougtar
tyamusd ovr hr in a equg degp, aoly, U
h coomaloMldy looked rave, d gave th* litt
aw ugp ablw at tiu, A hd man idm that al
wM au a atar teeche thna othrwiMe.
Bft if ar a vwy s heat beat moda a eom-
what pgal sxtairr, it biadI ma adixg-pla
bMawth Dorltlyaty' white kolidL On 6t
vay day beoe, MWJ ly had bem buy ooa-
Iruig a tha grotto i the gaurdo, ad wh
1k.. wM medy, As allowing omamt&
tak pim.

his pimM aMn wi a ie a tWe im dy
allb agel
"OmeM 1., N tim, I. a dea."
"Ir, Dolly, Pmr eamh," anm is As il,
bkt IgomM building taLway ugh Lhen helda
AftLr smeval mnmmone, Dolly gp dted atld v
mi, eo pab her oheaid an ovm her hed, m
lad th. litl e Wbt to the tibe.
There wus a ite lIeae hom Doill, aboru
e dld doing they were Mi but mothifn m
maoum, ad Nelly's amd was by ao mem
trobed beyond the momm. Aebrwards, wh
A* m d her prdhtr m wee lm togiLer,
apqi oidells took the BMb., n td ker
about atr Blemd aniour, vho, thog He m
al power, le an zipi atshoolk, ad syt
should fellow in Hir itqp, bybiDg mubjeet to the
lowly oupeit, Jasemh of Namod, Ad ais
modthr M Wy. Ti h merad Or some-
how a vy few gale woTds hot hor gm a-
6t"r did moe then a Doy. lolt...
May a time dming the day ait Iamekwd
was tobe laB aome ina ith li ome did Ndly
waider whrt e was dab, whetd ri he Ms l
Mearlyll tob thereby Mast At Uht h*
watded vwith gt ie pia r th liht but
in val. Again ead spin he tnMed hom the

----------- ~i_______

blo ber PMHAW@ ib"a num

"ImmeY, mos^ *, wr J w ^ ei
thueosshem. bbaqIethas."

SMIN& Cb db 119A M WANA Pn all At
*AI- doi. fthelb Aslaw ei am. hae

11Loomoomm vu glug to be uI.. hr a 151.
while. Rs m m benbumas Athel&y. Uinmr
wehe.a la ow b m te pow Lkaw At my
vd% I an o nf ik Ow boon XW to
-mmpool gAmsb If D~oldkh V lighs not

Dofty, N*eimd mL hi, psa all A bob4
ml Wahg *W" by dtk*iw atl oAhuvmdom
"i thuas Wasno W Ightdw C4% wiusl hIs
omadli, ld bismd dowa As dKU uu.,l
to amtidsAsa t ~u.its absme, A~thAM
- of Ing tw LgI Mn -i Mod s.Moa
tb a thywould have dae In te dq& of

up. thdwr vIM..a Gluy "r" py ey- to as
darnes. Bat johi. Jah, &" M"1 ush e
ask moa .3.a e fttml.a s soaple at
MARIN to what he hrAl hhaMd hetmiktado&
to15 byN**moss lod admamomd in pinking
of ahat bdma rowng mawss te rack to his

Shm ir ,- n his

mS Ndeft, sbmd W smo Oe, m-
W in a1 nid ams -

M 4 It hee g ne ml was
1MA by 3etd Mu lo aempis a&m s

ahs m ase s MHe hUeat bges eod Mad
b poa biikmbw ps b nM i ni t mp
he my Asest heyiW bats 60 em atu Go
MLPw wMaw oI nem Mbek a mtead sh
Amh ar Loanood. He was o la n t
woo', so tahy ent Imghr, 1l 1llI by va

As mln as tA Igh th f m l bekyol' &e
the Otals my what wea Mte maine. "He has
beeM mlhte with pesbele," he elaal.
"Ser, the sit dh d hik Lee ia Hi tlr. I
dm thr u ws take hm the whor d aet
id. Poor l m o The rill A i uhmg
hom little Jo."
A mae pjet esieerin MwarIb m l ek-
woodl'se a bthe a(t tteml theme wetl
asdlheirotoqMpek, buthaL Iea. Noaigr n
Siurtidrlate m r oeml hi lifps. At the
-ar mammrt, t tra of Cahtain Celei
eosjte was rownd, akr od the f em
salel iasood'a ight hied, Lwhlah l power.
m agela whe he semd to heM fi
"Imit l,owr,"i sa th lam. "He

*-a QShW-tl| -- l-
ues Msiito Ng upu hes (s Mwi n
agmka .* t n, ,t,?
A mam dsl hal, l wMet be
p-ilmmv k -p we shade on I a
leekwood's hmorn emMel So as1

n duldn .
"Don't tebis youmNf aboet my poor
aow," Mtmd los -a0tala "mI' look ar
drt btMim mrl iute. F bee in Bok*-
Lnaes 14honl muany a Vis, sad I aow an
aboot I."
Bat s t ol hi ova M onsm, .who wmoard t
hadbng Lo od ooloBe, how he supposed t hat
happed, harly direoted oea d the am to iwr
beak to bos r tha dotor, wifle th othr
waT ld by Logkwood, sad he himself as eml
to th lat. He we son down again.
ThWs," aid he, BAookhe llht is iaeinag
ow, d r y little lsm an the Wet Oi wll lm
two yellows and a d as aL he eveag is
o ns, that I believe o hanm will com do th
delay. Now wr t get Lokomod to bed."
As t ry wemen did the rough a~b.-
mm and Ompina Chdsle pIr th o medl
ri sad, ad on poor Loakwood wr lying
quiey in his bed. But AiM the iad khg
trying to pek, yet always in vain, ad tL
twitching of his ditoratd mouh told of pedel,
uxioa thoglh.I

S boe Mume"~
S_- n I m ae" l oe G ip

abed al& Ie" yen weai o
"Ays e ths I%" mi=VTl MOm as
w Iekwei mp the Otai's h wl
b l to. "lde dor Im ls boy, bo e
He has bMer Mth, mot, bothe, MAl dt
to Jo."
"Don't be UIa my fari," sid Wptal
Cities, Mhaily. "I wll take m af o. He
shall t ad or this middle, dA uAt ye
e able to look air him, I wil."
Another pu of the aptaa's had tol
ho grated poo ioktoo was r this -m.
Ma AAer thls lay stil, his oe at tro
wothad,l his mind ombrs. Not b lofa.
rd thr boat beionhte k W th othr A semas,
and with him th door. A hdly d nm,
hdavolmtueerto tasaurso, e(oompmed t
so thee no &ba that the inkai wold be
negloted. Whe t&h doctor named to town,
th* Olptai soaompeuld him, as be had omisel
togo hiulf to Asdale Wood to lA t other
hthous.m n ad litd Jo. On the way
thither b aked what th doctor thought
lk 'oosd's aw.
"It is y dobhl whether will eo,"
vwas inply. "He is by no min stog,

m* o- Im my --y

E has dse eure doM* m many Mea gMvt,
-. htiamel bmmom .ia r ioeI

wMI 4m, ,K henM be* h al bmaad = waldM
" lulMt o o li IJe Imh. lAh w. I
dUIe qnt wol aM Sm Tll b i ele a W

omt d I hm my maow. f boyd
'I hae, j thoqh muy y. IiAt yab Ile u
Sbi thi mJooewodply thu mb-y a Ipmw-,
"m. What wR bheom dt h t r Imk-

"Iht la my ownItle Nly. Ah wel! TIf
the wiet ehou come, tlom wil be hzom WI

R" Wh, yw mto ae to my toht y.a m"l

ed osf Jo* Io, okd It dmUiUg- to ih t.
the we-hauhpem

"I hap hirM Iay get ll,d but wd
moug poo idLr Nob odly widl isp e pboe.
dam i Joe with you, *ft dboll om d that."
Dy thin tm they had tneted the ehae, ml
th sy prted. noe doetar herim ham-
wad to Mad meldie for lokwood; th 0ap

PUNMis A&" WeAi Bohn. be dqk 66
.&i vok.. my u as bbP84=a af
h% VW bad bur Im 0 $=As* a pmlbb
aith .bb8 1 h1Ad bad u Mui bb wu
dftg by We ius' W h dk I* hs AIM
monmw. Af Iugh As @M hem= md i
Soe mcmw, Ml Soe bay af t So% daoqg Ms
ahd leA hm h" ih wo sll ebb te pm
tse IN* pan whs oUed ft ]iwin. a
wa orn whim Gapt Cbde ae to
blbrbg dq md soad lww w*W md mob=
Ase cld's dab s. lookkAd, tba h gm&
lom to 2rmy him Dy them thew enA
made sp whi the shmAusoby ueoc
od the ViMrA wladw Lad byhsd wh4 Ab hr
a tdme herot h Mls in *=bem.

oIOr as m ourI or BIT O aB o I mIno I n.
BoamaTI Alk w not a little fInteretld ia
the ocommao of the preodiig ilght. The
ab se d the light, and the way if which it vw
dimsovend, omed the general bjed ot of over-
adti, d the ame of Joha Chrlde's gpand-
hld ras every taogue. Old woman foaook
their wash-tabs, and with arm -kimbo goseiped
onaide their doors. iEhe-wifrs dimo d it as
they marched along with their bIskrets n their
heed, and between the t"nui of utteiang their
not nUmudial orie. But perhaps the barber'
shop-by no mem the only on in Rookhavemn,
but that which was th great reMort oft spring
mm-was, above al other plame, the mot attao
tive. Many a time that day was the tory tld
how the man who should have gone to the light
house weat 6drking findsd, how little Nelly
Chriadi missed the light, ad her graddher
weat out in a boat, fond Lookwood smlnses,
ad mself set the light going.
B3l her, sr's as good as she's Any," aid
an old seeman; "and it's my prayer that Jolh

Usrfl -m hkm a teng Ia he th ate

i- m r Iin his ala Igl
Whom vas ia mal of E O em
th lomgu. in the opi m d a si dm osepa
Ubth d IM m n s l o vska t C iin m asi

"I hoe can to be thma to the ittl Iam,"
said; "Iv wuoomigin t my v l,e lI
kbwr vwheiboutb I hold be, that light vm
not ini ta d I lt pulled I d p sm g
ooM a Nlitt, think it Mwoal i be in view,
but that alraion waol hoe b ht me might
Sathw rok Th lig hbo ou Jud tjl tiin
Mse from running ground. WhMom little
m did you my dr wv?"
John Christie' little graddbl She liv:'
with himaponths We CliM vrwybody kho
thm both."
Ad I mudt know John Cist, fior I' a
aookhav lad, though it's may a ye s I
setfootinit. I mt sehim tomorwifIam
pad, and the child too."
And -or enough, on the amt maniag, the
spsak made his appearme at OCptain ChiilWe
door. He followed by a little ebin boy who
arried a panrot in a gorgeous age. he captain
wM at home, nd ready to give a Milc' s wnlomI
to a bother mariner md towasman, So t w two
t don mand chatted together. Nelly' eye

waon A by h part, Ml the m
t wirth la "iM owl y ke mb h a
Pl tl" bh h tirbeng hLaM dh hat in
bhisobm pSlm.
"Tm, iled, hat wod Nd ly." But de
ald, oGmlalhr oe t go to m mw, ma I
woAl sdr go without tha he shod Mh m
Bt I g to sa, md r j js com tam pol-
part lad. Ibis i th age cO talk lmata
well aM litu girl, md if iGuather win lt
ym haw him, I will giv him to you."
It woun be diMen to pl* m tAhe ,rpure me
deght o Noely the Me i d pomaing m o a
taeon. Her graudthtr was so pleased,
1r what patifld hIs during was a so e dof
happias to himbss
Ah, but that is not all," id *th vitor, ml
outof his pocket he took little box whch, on
being opned, diplayd a beautibM odl oakl
with gold p. "Yomut putthiroud your
ack. It win mr thor n lips of you, d
yo must keep it for my sake."
Nelly was very willing, but til she could
hardly nodertend why this tanger wa so kind,
ma dsr akmd lim i e brought the part ml
acklme o purpose r h. This qua=tta
owed an expliaatiom, ml the Abild fcd that
tha paMaats wr another omquenr d he
avin discovend the shbam of the light, Ma

iso hmrd td h as reins ci m
vm bulr anA ese ervw PO1 m
maE imutmus hhs4ae isvudr

olais cih@6 beimm. m Uht as mbe
huml do NiM saWs beadl a sAme tms
via is =A lAmby. k a 6 be al a
Omi dihAasu to mamimiegaaksmi

lald d burlie haa i dope% mlambe
hand it byso mms may fm nhme what he
M ltobem m ofjagmant Thmit 6o9 s
dwa cmmim empuealmnip via pMMI-up
pPMA md so 1 1 1 1 f eftory WMA vu
so bequeutly alviaiuslv by do cd viam at
Doomeh u, as do poud slag Ltsquiatau o
ssh sand bead s bim "Johb Cbdsm
bommy bdm' smus her smitamatled m= IA
tmhir ha age bs shil haLr bummis l
ham anr is isblmr m e ms Wiaded ho
the conpvauehlp at ahlnam, ud Usa a
tirn dozing tis day at Dally almost at bu
wiW and by sming, "Wha and I is mw,
The ol ams wl aid ggei d cA othing ml
the smiAs, but is aswer wald b% "'r
tis at thA, Doily; I wish I hod =abob* to

Aaetulwdis. Weafllyea hthesompamy
at iim tbaose is me Alugu, an jut as It is
tru tht "we a t( put old heass an yoa

M64 a mghUmf e ism
hsee M M is t wemest ileg nm al
heass dLm tO lo Ind psLng mm.
Nedtrhad b**lM l ii eays i u,
tdii ba ?mWt, all bar lpk i4ilr

Jlg sad diwbUay tig her hbea wlr her
madrt-bohedsd whr, d mor ie stood lila dy
p2t e1 t o thO vdow, rwisl hr prAd-
hthr wrld a e had to look loagr.th
umel, h Oaptain Chr ibl had go to pay hi
dly i h tto the ghtiousm. this e lad wnr
6ld to do ais poor Lookwood's mimem; but
today Nly thought he would mrr co. At
lest sh saw Mi, sad away she r down th*
gaIdM-path to mtbim. He lifted hr tendrly
ad imd her shk, bat she sv that his ee
was grave, ad she chbe the glad laugh sad
elzri as which the igh&t atd r praIdMthsr
m bmroaht to her ips.
Aa boos poor Lockwood ?" Makd Doly.
Well, I do belit," rentsd th Cptain,
"the MOaKbi hIs tkhin him ho."
"Ehl der,demr. Thehsded. Aadtkspoor
lad has Maithr f adr nor mother. I doubt that
would toableth dyiagme. Itwassmtrl."
"Whih GQod was pldaseA tomakeme th a.
strmnat ad lighting. I hare promised to re
tr ths boy to th bet of my power "
"That was jut like you, Johna Oimte," sai

sods the mi@ tw I kew y. pow MWs

bhirg =4 though his ItonuMes smMd t h
'M uolf r3 kI lr F F

"Aandiwer h Lgb4 Inppoe ysO hrwe mt
th lea to Alhda to his maoe's kia, ad you'
gop im now and them."
Oaptai Cakiss oped his ey wridse wh
Dolly id ts. It was r idaet sh had lt iha
th sn mta the p ri mad by hi. ad
fdt moa thma deb(M whether she would
appoN wheno fIthr e.i ht4o d.
"Inded, Dolly," he amew d, "that wold b
a poor way at keeping m. pmiM. To at
Aslual Wood ha" enough to do wirk Lhir ow
Bltl swum, without taking Jlo LIokwood ito
th brgain."
SThen you'll has to pay somehing towIad
his ee," malgsd Dolly, with a Iles gtiad
look. "Wheisheaowf"
"O, he's at ths ghtho i at prest. Poor
hilo thy willen fr him ti after th herl;
th, pl God, an go well, I shBl hng Mui
bsM to be a play delow a tin Whoer to m1y ltl.
Nedy. What do you my, dealing Wil yom be
good to his por led who hs nobody else to a
irnim "

Of swum agps, g. at as m.
Wt I.,m, *.... p a a, -, ad.
vh 11am1igmen 6but aniift As Oap.
bowb' su mi poebsa a wM4 d inat

mry &ams a her Ualy hfily b % mad as
milld|, "'te olb that I amwmr pa e rt
br. What I bu tkt boy tht h- be
bo-g& up la Mghthu a m o at bal womam
sarot his t so t haik i Mns mamm, to rbe
a sompai to tht dew bhhi I As well tom t
otage lWte a* 'qhom o, a w wase at ae,.
A oh d rii I womd at you."
"Why Dol'ly, womN, wat's sonr you "
aad the O~Fata. "If pow Job hs hal ano
ood man 0 to ne for a hr a hinms Mhr
yp to be a mortrto a rothrsM b Irve
Showr yo do it to aop your het wide
mouh to btb in moter."
"A4 but Miss Nlyr's difrat,1" penited
Doly; "sb 'a ya owm, While that led
"HNE o Prathier, poor allow I"
Am thea, iV'e W, m they awliways sough
ad ris. They brk, d Hot, t d tor, mad
poil wht they ay their hinds oa, lads do."
"Poor Joe sa't ip bin a ld," meekly
sggste the dta. "I waladmymgloes,
Dolly; ad te was Nly's Ather: if wr
wom- ated as a boy, you did hi."
"A,% I wm a young lsa thm, bet I amr
spetod whaM I eanM hu to take ars o' yo md

TA h, i ad da h, do In% m ya o
Tom vu my Man hum lee IieLmL
0I bMli, he hal 6n e m h b b
* hbe ws a li b$M, M Mrw, it Ir
T t p smI sel ile em ModW pm
hme. Joe wrl Mt a be he mh to ysle,
"I'm ta Mem he k't," iwn lue dinmil

"Why, Dolly, D ,D I mrw Msught t he
yomteMk lb ltht. I bdimao yewldlSbet
of ptfy ar ts dmdate ."
"Aud so I -m. Who dmu sq I M% pis
him? ButIden't want himhu. Ieis amy
a oMea feel fra bhad, Lo aWeas,
without tai ir Into tabr eMs, ml mILag
him lie ir on. Whet wen bipm d
and my dating im N ly if I toe h le
I do't how, or lr I laod k o atkAti a
noti to quAit, d A whb e In at M door,
I d mM walk out at t otw. But I Gn't
leem my bhi."
Doly med th mommd Ndly t ta c m" -
aI of ti paeek, huggel h to hr wbent,
delt li a r doum lab, md thm, with tsr*
ey m~ faused chek s et o to 1 b In t
dinmerh, wh, hower, Ah did ao dign to
pMrt. Ti spcild ti COpta's aym
d td mme, aud thme Dolly, frm bug iy

s Ohmasn a emsuxSa
mmwy a i, Mbe m m ma 1lMspeaMdl,
ba--smesheha*- mile d im i oatubt alslly,
dhe prMsta d wi tmes mt se'd l ( M hr
flk Ar dlOet OiCpt ChKle a Nfll, ad if o
be J*e Lokwedm l O 4 ame, why h mut, but
isb ouM l r b k b imf r li vnd to be
hmadma yems ol.
Dolly vws lhe a et m ay mw peoa.
Se wM very wllig to piy th o uartons led
d J aiW. ws Ilmeted his orphan condition,
buatid not bh to b put out of her ordinary
wy to supply a mothe' plm to him. She
would ha fd him it h wer hlaipy, ad be.
towed tl mMel right eheral, bat did not
wils him to eat ca th shadowa f r ,re ot
A sh sdKd, bse would ha endnred may sufraing
if by w doing de could ham smed the OCptain
sad Ndrly on the lie, but thea inoohatis
ad didty weat togeth in the matter. She lored
he mastr sad his glredAild ith all the de-
vrt4 af tir hr b t, mbt sh andutamood not the
pineie a that law which bids u love our mne-
mie, or or thogt it needil to be kind to
those wh wdre-bei in no way aletod sy oa
der to br. .
Howme, Capain C r ise Md le mo.
Doly ne that o th subject of Joe Lookwood
his miad was made up, so sh remained pmive
base she dut no loge oppose, sad heated
M t to bring his housekper to a better mind.

mom AM I

AL. T bukim uybb i
=ohg. Toe dm't give ysi6W umb frw
&s moiamv doi bin I yi Teen a as"
b6my ffrr d you bomi bi Smo in a
darn m beihw dSqh yer as. bs Is i
b asnornd dry rnd utihuAd"

MS mOOOom00- Mo wIa aOm. GuI
On rm be" & uaasn&
0ma we ha M*ough that th ighL t d that
hida, pal, A wuld div. all DoUly p Ijdima
away. Onetaily notoig mou hae bem mr-en
mal soh balbtamro mi sadirO, p Mdy aImaMl,
rwhil was Dol' de iptiom at fd in gaml,
thm we Joe Loohwod, whb th. OClltap
broht him to Wai ClHf Cottage ar thi
hlthes mammal. Ne was glr d to am him, al
the Oaptain di all in hi power toL th child,
but DollD omly welco. wo an agradou
"humph!" whr bh enterd, md diSmed
widly haor Ndy'. fat ipeso mhe T e
mur, howemr, beld not Dols nyoldno, and
hilm did a1 that sld be dame o pmoOtth
boy halng it. Hr also d mush toi NeIlw
hima and mmoor tw s hildrem boom
hiads. Joe's ahymas began to w r sway,
Sough ho ilsmvelby Ahank horm Dolly, aad
eer lid iitote al@oI with the shap.
tomed woman vwhom Voie w sao shin to him,
but ike sao mae to Nelly ad th Captai&
01 ofom Nelly dai ghtein ohibing her

aii amm -m mensm.
t. a mmd tsmee to &ee a "A
smeiaks weve NAt q.be 'D 3m n
" I-s lK "Sqp R-- I* r M is
maing I w" k a w-r le hs y
sad lmoosd dass ise& he eld nsMIp
"IMDl'the, ter dlodM .
It Ihappne met bmI er alw W t seAm.
t* arpel, r l Was blar wf h aw* m r,
so Nekt Iaselel to dimn her amet.
"TYo knor w Wtt ight aw ler We t e
and thewas o mlgt e m dse&k to gidl iS
abipe?" A^e, Aet deep &dawn @ig w"hulw
absoo a ob toMl tAt e rrmmumbed. NdI
caaotid bhr iay,, mad tol hr s was hi to
fnd out thre w no light. "And i t opleop
Mld ituwa a good t t, ram et~Am a goo
giri oS teing Grahtier. Am dint yes al
It wasgood boght, Joe?"
"YTe," sid Joe; in he rmembead at it
was taogh Newi thought At mad *teme
to his wiekm athr.
Oaptasi Cikidel hd a lWmr p atia *e h
ohild 's tk, -ad when twM es ed meall m
to hirs d Neby he mr tdl as h kM%,e
playing hi dismagae mr rem Jioe, 7 mwl,
i"Ist.o, dere, Md rm tk youa ity abotb
Tn Dmor oa Dmw a W m Dumroa.
"On very e ag lrtg msing At sm
ainig eight overhead, d tih sy wa so

a Gomm Wmmm mI ssasIum
mN Il dw tt a s dl we e be msM.
W 4s gr eim m every bi do d iMen ml
theheimglpe I am rme tig tfildea p. e
bern odesk wit ka-work by am" fa l dw
trioW edder bea clymebtag. Aatheamagsim
mwoembn sk ecUie; hr, a th, pUie's thleai
the drop of dew hung lib ows ai beod, n
they ghlitred, too, in the sehlash Im tell you.
It o happen that ue olitary dow-drop ung
in the middle da thread whioh Mw upended
lost like swiag, aad therefd no otr drops
cold adhae to the lide. Moreover, t wa on
ti very r niet purt o the hldgerow, sad
littered ecordigy. It did ot troubleb itself to
observe whithr ay kindred dew-drop hone in
tih UMas y ; but, addressing the leav in its
Sasighboauiod, and the spider,-which, coiled in
theembr of theeb, was busily peeping out of its
may ey in sarch of a breakat,-- id, 'Do
notice how beautifully I hin. There ia light
jt in tihsate moe which shootout eaarming
raysad seives tthe whole neighboubood.'
"'Th dw-drop waited a momet expoting an
swemr, but atm came. The leave were too busy
dining in as muh moisture as they could, aad
spreading thmaselve out uade the warm mn-
bhin, ad the pider too deeply occupied in bind-
ing the fly he had caught, with goesamer coad,
to pay any ttebatica to the speech of the dew-

amm -am am amdoam.
"'I wish wv lgh' meehl SL dwh.
deq; amy bain wemM M mek o
*bl, sough, m fa hat me, I elswhthr
fme insllmd metrs -emdm wmiar, b

In ffii.-v %
th lea musoe by my beauty am sdlmeh.. I
gabts tarsmb whm I thik of thir soubs ml

'Th drow.dbop did e Wod mrbS, but As
mo=io, a dagsrows ao to hu was eamed by
th sofdle goiag on betwm th pidr ad t
fly, for th lattr hd a am o an md as ma
ntuol objctm to hafing hs gs ti Though,
how r, th dow-dop obtaiMd o e -s fh
thoepartiularly addreMdl, Ah hrmd a voice p.
parenly preceding hom the prond, which "id,
' riend dwr-drop, yo have o IgbM youseal
You have not the powr to smd out a sgle ry;
aad if it were not tt th smn is sh g upoa
you, there would be no Marus fL ny spm to
admie your berighta
The dow-drop was mhot sok dumb by th
adulltyofthis peoh. At bat Ash fd t oolined
to tr th spMa with silet cotempt 'Fr,'
idm sh to hrs 'th very postioa hooeo i
shows that he is ot worhy of my noM' But
something idoed he to glane towads th spot
whece the oie proeedd, ad them hr sing
bMema grtly modisl. She aw what appmd
to h a bt of gas, bu t mthoe wit a I ar
that *" th glas windows i tin bothoM had

64 4mAW g miS m.
1 4kib kand 6 A ld" As, Al s*oA
Iemkr mht be IpMum p lmlpoM rC
hea Ubsm Alm low podsia pI IaIs d beWe. Is
mTe bMK *a Ele weeds, & Asughw
As, 'i niommirs, but disaelhli people
me (e-MMuetee.'
"'I do Mct umdlm you, rir,' A dm i, 'I
hnkyomaMtbjesting who you MygthtI d
o light; or, prhap, youa have not oolsa
to gle your eye in thi dieio. Or its,'
dr 8dd4d, In a l- niuting toin, 'thI your
own IEtardinay briliaMy ha noded you
iasemible tho humbler lute of ya nigh-
"'I not jting,' answered thl diamond,
for mMk ~M tA quality o th meond spker,
'aithir hay, my anighbour been aotioed by
me. In t, I have bee obeerida you ifor
tiae Pl m ed repetlig your iBmwan poion.
As to my own brilliant, permit me to asm you
that I l fom tb si e eautr tt tydo. I
owe all th little brightens I por, not to say
fadwelling virtue of my own, but imply to the
redetio of the snm' ray.'
"'Impoible I' idthe dewdrop. 'And ato
my posidi being inseore I Well, thee is some.
iag in that, for perops who oompy leated
poitiom ae ever exposed to danger from the
ny o thorM amond them. It is very poprly
aid, He that is down needs fr o fl,"' mad

mmm m a. 'u

fol, th siel m tMhk dshe Mntl w a
i .Atir am& -n- A gmb w n. a.-,
Vida* d a bw h -- L

-Mdokl a mo- m i do muftib t- --
d, uboin the h= ahmn c h ma umw
Imtk, she apieall to the diamol hi ral.
*" Puqef the my abhMb yeml ink.
yo up in epowr awqa sbhel tbMe wa
'I doa't s M to k homm I dm Ia I
shal do vMry wl, atsr al,' namdl tho rw.
dop,e m me fehing se aMA regaini aB
ha selfuf.dmlcsy thra tbs M ese to vrtue.
But a tht e ro momi -m th anal bMuggl
btwemr toV pidrUsa lpsy. I ds inat
death oth lIetmr, md tslt IM Monvm n jla)
th dew-drop to the gPod, wlmt i w ahrbed
in am imtant, ma a Stuedt ibt boast bmemb
lost fr we.
"'Ah!' sighed tLh dium-whc whle it
ndetad mras lfigt l amrod, d mad am
gd to behold l beauty, was yet hmule, sa
'sibed ll tMh pri d of i ahing to tr -m
whme its light om,-it is pity th dow-drop
navr Lmm that b sib eal y was t of it
Md that it wM lmin a p op owhih saMr or
lar vws a to hbrk beseth it.'"
Lto chil e had Iudtened with nrt a mlom
to Captain ChrstWe story, d whe it wa

0 QUIIW cm uls'
- oiamm rmam'rs einhmUme .
ah^ i, N*ell b a "OmemeAr, what ad *
ya ishk abod tt t-l?"
"a Imathg rt alitle gd a a yl shute
-me." Nly edoird, O* r emh ra mberd tha
ah had spoh boaMtflly o her own goods,
Mld s kae that her randither had warnd
ber agin mad again net to be prod because
popla ttred and paid her about tht matter
at the eghthems.
"Yes, Nelly; I hard my own dear li
lamri say something about her 'good thought.'
Doe she know who put good thoughts into our
almine "
Net child spokS, o Grandthe tuned to
that bible which was neva r fr out of his each,
and ead thee wods, "Not that we ar saint
of ourselves to think anything as of mrelves,
but our ndiM may is of God."
hear what this book tells us, ohildrn;
"adifr m Nely w enabled to be of service on
that eight, she wu made the insrument of good
by H who woekt in us both to will and to
do of His good pleason.' Nelly, when you
looked a the light that night you had no thought
of anything mapt watching it turn and seeing
tt red ad then yellow."
"No, only, Grandather, I wonded if Joe had
ehom, or whether his father were by himself"
"Th you. J anot take merit to yourlf be-
cam yoa were of use without any idethat you

am am m u- ssarmaem. fl
wMi besso. Dea Is p Ie, sdall.bti h
CGl ht He g ao M&Sh a Bib gt m ish.
mdt l god. And, deir ilm, If do si
dspgd upon it is aised or Hemly ethr
who warth in a, bemss we dofm-lves do at
love tis rigL WSe olib th MIs dow-dop
alms thl 8 shiE qpo and wam our eam
heiar, thm will be mly di sea da rh ."
The n, OGrn dfthia I" sadelal Nelly.
"Yes, the aSu of Bghteou es. Tat is
of the Bible ames f the Lmd Jes. Ther
a ma y uros who think aty ma do all by
themselves, and they like the drwdrop in my
fabl; but the um som who have e taught
of God to s their own weakness, d they
ue like the dimond; they know that al thr
light and peos ar hom above. Feeling their
own we he, they psy afr *sgth, and we
know that 'h that skLh rnoith, he
that seeketh Sdth.' "
Joe's dark eyes had lighted up during th time
that mptain aChrist was speaking, though he
himself mid not a word; but when hi fiemd
oseed, he whinGud, "Oaptain, will yoU tell s
another story "
"It youalke, Joe; a able about
Tan Two. PiuA I TH GAuIIE.
"Onae upon a time, and in the very early
mmer days, two little pla-t popped their grMn

a mno Gnomes

Mhels ami thr p i to ow we aird a.
mDe ab nme seehm tm t, sone wa..
S.as p.lamm pt iem is a saiiial pla
m ,t- .q d lath @ e- atm oesemLd. At
.tmo haW bo e cay two iog .M Iema
ebm mtSe porm 1 as m lift it, bet a tS y
wMa waeM ml tade *Iney pew im ay.
"AAer a tih leam. were any, ,mi afr
h otalk ha breaod ot it a dinotiome o d
mal it me, Mo tht thiy med to haw a hir
p rpc at lif. Tha outer dter wau nmovd
the, r O the wer om vu aiaig gloiuly,
a.d oaNy soft viald jut atied the mleae a1lib.
Th pha raJoiad i tho wamt, edrm fed
by the mild mt r. The o hbgp md so
7 pioast that as of hm, which had a grt
opio at its own s gth, sid, 'I eanot imad-
etmdwythogudertkqptusolong eolsdLe. It
w vIy Ml&h a him to shut r up undr gr
whe othsr ejoing what h has ly ju
gia to uL. hik at what plesrn we hm
bee dld.'
"*'I don't know that,' rotued the odr,
thoughtfl*y. Th air is very wam md pleseat
now, but do. yo not remember how, some week
ago, we fltthe wind come into uoldmd cil,
when oar shelterng gls had bee raid a
little; ad again, Maoter ti, the asia fl in
ai tormats that smo pleas in our ielbo-r.
hood, whih looked tager than we, wm bate

mm im e-m meUPm. 6
unm, o temir ,m, glnam behrm t hinl

UW,. in he s d ame.' w
*** ha i jm u ye.,' nl sthe i qpeTne
in a pdah tom. 'Tro ealwhe dM4 th
giardm. I hkor a wll m ye do hAt te
wnm La ming oer mly m"km whd a
shte mlW be m be, but t t win o
eom n owr bb kipt LaI proml hrQy. It
w dma b t m r om e d rf sb oa, deqpd
pon it.'
"Th odth lit*l plet did at adg, sh
&ond he weedr enly iniated he eompMeai
ritheot onviiasi g he; ." in thE hw ema pl
ib wmdhy of imittion, a it I always bdt to
et mgypeoplealom.
"TowardT we ng 'h gurdr wt to he
plb we the two pln we, n d, uJ, he
stoopd down to eaine tha oMeIARl. He
alo brought wat d qspiald it temdri o
t-e, that they might be vefehed aer the heat
ao the day wu pet. B th o little plat
fttha thia b w him But uh iidigs.
tin w gain emed when sh hird him mrto
the boy at his mde, 'Peteh m tbem two be
lme. I must me thm pl m o a w night
loage. It dothm goodto ak he irkdumag
th day tUm, but the m teadar y sad an

s GAWAW M mammG.
be pelmily eemAel to the oeM. sa-bs m
"Dhe bdLgeme w mom eB mough by the
pwmens --tm tlH M Il e plan p
lder e. Bt dto le th glArs wa a khdl
Aelter rl theo gudmer a himd, while th other
demsod them a prisa d a jailr.
Tl sme thg happened fmr mevel xalgt,
ail teb iapatim th amos ltti plant
welsel its height. ITa me a chasing 'I
taik we mod sot cor thm plai again,' mll
t gardmerto his boy. wether is qdute*
me ead e th me of ti warm yet huh a l
thy hale th hbrr.'
"'I have known that this og while' a med
thMe e-wldlittle pleat.
"The gardimr knew nothing o the irn d hd
bmhe ia hrel m still h he etaded his
wateil me to*bothls. ITh is orething
thm plgrant ll d et,' he sid. 'They e
healthy, and likely to do well, but they ee not
ang noughto tdad by tlmelveM. We must
gine e@ a piop. This am nasas it lth mst;'
and I huS id this he ltoab th plant whih
imagind it eded aMither sdeltr am help of ay
kiad. Howr very u it was,tobe aue!
"The boy wat fo and nreti d with two met
gudretoks, which the gndmer parosedl to
pl dloe to th stems iot t two pleats, taking
ae to hid* the pops asuh a pMoaible beeth

m owm mainm. n 11
he olusalg hm es ,m- om w I to
a Isdv MA dw g m wt to tnA M

"'What do you tlak ofs bee mitad
m..4 b.WWdy -m as wth argr..
M% fyh bmbli WAf I.
*,Thinkl Why, whnIthkd so-m
canm I hkoa oI h ~ hl tha t Mw a i lho
wad Oms I should be blow down; but nor,
though I am rself but a weak Hitd tng, I
baveno drd. I have something to ln an
which has plat d stnmgi to sply a ad
which I am ddldmt.'
*"I have so patirsw with you, assa-giilteA
thing,'" orte the other. 'You hve no popr
prda no sef-rmpeot. li on 7Yo prop, if you
ohooet; butk for m pat, I dha iAbho my la
podon by mining all aid. Ia s tong mou
to stad alnus.'
"The days opened uo. Each plawt lied a
throve; but the ow ast ite tandris ound At
hidda pop, and dng dlosly and thmakfally to
it for sppot, while th othe kpt itself as mh
a poblie part, I d poudly nudfe to vail
itlf ao th ad within its rah.
Tim aped on. Te little plats had g ow
to their fll stature, and now they wmn oove-d
wMi bods juM bursting into blunoom. n
wethr had bea all tt cold be wihed.
Brigt sunshine had wmId, and gtl aius
sfbe"td thiu; bt thi state of things was a

to dwsP. OO d( a s y wmV m
oY ro ank 66on rvd MM anil,
UMR wb d omI e in I e .m dMl th saa
bma- lows in tenb, hawing am-

-lita. A UM a olml oa the glant "at,
eommi d ft own weann, hal b glad to
ham a rmago pop to est a, tood tra -an
mw Obn as a owbg imowinrag, whm th
*ta war pu, it lifted l stdl had towrd
heam ad spred frt bright Aowm ad a
west perdl Dutw vwtd oth oth Ala!
it layr pebta o th g d,t pomldag bwd,
te opet molnr, ths gmqrm -M, al,
together with te iokem ra m, ovtrwhelmed by
the daam, a hopebm, amld ruin. 'h kind
pgat wu Mary Jar its aighbour, .d lrrme
ril table as the good ad l t gl* love
mm their mmim But it did ot boast. O
~ate rtrua it har woe that, it le to itMsl it
wouMd he bred so better; so, wih a thmahl
bhertitglabdlya owlaledfthtiterysiise.
wm owing to the pop, by which it had be
mrmMily Mntaied ia th hour of trid.
"After a tim, whm te flowerig san wasru
or, them we Mdi; aad a '*very tbo is
knows by its blfa so it was ida by tho who
beAMd the bfid of this me, I It has bMa mn-
taiMd by a power which ve eMart se, ar it
sad srt hen stood, or blommel, or boa m d
oft ml.t"

Gmm SMM r OMM-e -aSiSm. "
nimoed &eu uo s and Mkma -5eo%
sboMedl, by Me Meais Meaba, seodl h
to e qxalin l imI. Ih a Je M what *A
Otis muet to do, m- be K "Dm't ye
Gik tosem pim wi erm ma thk be c tM
"T--," odd Jo, "T ey wame tli l d
tecbing ad ladin, f pt ilmain #."
Aye; maid ar iad pmr.is o th a
grdar. They wth ovam ld tUad Ii.
Sone childfie. le atidd alodLn~ eling
tSir iPosme,t&y e gla to b helped; but
othee ame e-wldl, sod Mset to be gnied;
lie the lit perver pte they tiak thy m
bong aid wirs sd need nothing."
But the peop, Gnadhthr "
Ye, th pop my child. Ah, Nlly, we
ased an inward pop to support w; me rtat o
mortal ey eem e, yet without w k k we m
stend. If paw have bl what a blMed
it is to be able to ry, I Thy rod al tLy ler
they comrt me,' the a vmry aniom ttha thir
dabld shbould have the ne. But thy om
ol do a Htt. Thy my tell their ~ on oes
about the need aa aviour, about thir weemh
ad their ability to do right Mles God bestow
Hi giac upon tem, mld tir eye mopend to
underaid that they owen ll to Ht. The r.
done may plant ad water; but aloo owr Hoa
Taly father sees t to give a h uati seso, bhi
lbourwilbelin vain. And so it iLs id at Hi

f eems ama's .amarm li
74 Gaimn flmIn hu
mil em mleS Oe may plMA al meW
watmr bm t give&the inee.'"

Imfralie to ith hL t iar mhw was
deouag to tMeah, what a piy th pow little
plt wash ild"
"DlilUg sb m' tin ah a .
"Dtrokta l ldra" nolf mma ~ Onean OiNAM
takee wariing fm ite &ts, ad member that
hower easmy It may seemm s you to itmeadwhM
so tomptat ia am you wll nd that your bit
tnagth I. my wosmass whi th woRd, our
omn rl dldin, or thr whiapes of thr eil one,
semfl yoe. May our athr who is in heave
give you Hi H Spirit to be your teaher,
guids, and hid. The you vwil hets hidda in
you heart the prop which cam nmer al yo.
Witht may be trias a temd ptatons, but
within yo wl have a pen whah th wodd can
either give a take way. And as the tnee an
haown by tir frits, mso ar a God' dear
ahldm known to ach other by what they do
ad My."
Ghandthw Ohr iie'i rvoee esed, and th
dhildmi talhakd him fo hi ostori ad m
th would'try to member, not oly th tals,
but thi l1e thy wnr meant to tlea.

A iWin s 3Z.LY.
Dmm the mrad n months th "hdmm q
* gst dul of tim out at doo but the
ri I basmU aort and te werwat ad they
wm divn wi ida.
'Ill it Wi tht Osipei Chrite abow a
ts.-tdrl, and ha th S youuptm almost Isat
lms by his woout at hraway lnmds ad pail
by s.
We you evr tdipwm ed, OGadhart?"
Noly iquieid se eveala, vwh the wnirds v
coming round th eaotfage ad tde moud at th
wav beating an th di was libo thandr.
"TY, Nally, twr One when I was bt a
lad ofixta. We had to I our vm l and
take to he boat*, with but aMaty peision agrst
ths intMseod. W wem oa the oom of No-
way,raiditr waitm; butweL dgt hopmof
ruling land, and we t&d ou best, yo may be
n. On I mut te yoa tha we gpw umb
with old, and tho a tmi'le feling of drower
s-s m a.O Al lre w ntd ar to drp, aad
sermi at or number did fal into a abmbr

T1 0m emmm e =>-s-
hm vlhh SyW mr mn. I1 wa hl to
lhudtlah t a t art r dea orm t hbre r
loohkied ifll efqi iy dM g. It wasly
wh we tlea b ome blm tl v he td
they wo dea."
DIW yewt to d lpf" mbMl o.
nat I id, my bo, but t mate and my
HI by beatg m -with a ope' and whomever I
Icam~ to doo my o I toght him weal
thi; but w I h uwhat sMA end oft at
dlmpm yl ma gu IvMa MatI B omim.,
alao thio, I have so mmI alm lato a wo IM
Ipr th that, and going headloag to dereue-
tio, jeut thao poor ulipr wmnt, l ao ua-
adouly, to th death. And t m an awaknlg
blow has hdln. BoutimeM dolkn h bem
the blow, MatimesIs am otfortm or ieands, and
it ha bm vMy hd to ber. But tha the
awakneieol-o mnduteadwhautImea, der
ofldnra.-h bem ld to that th blow was
dealt in may, and retunid humble thenb to
tA Hwaenly artLr hom whow hand it ame."
N ly ad Jooe wee Sl I a minto or two,
ad than ter Hl* le el r o iom to know an
about Gand& 's doings, asd wht thr did
whan they aeded the led.
s" We re vry kiadly b Mid by rom hoa.
piftbl Norwegians, who rode d u t.o uMse-
amn we needed, and intmld o ded ooamnAs
two dy art, with Chrtidan rit. .'heb we

A Um 1 aIr.

joessmpe- a WW MVlB w9 sme oky Ib do p"
In doedl Mad M hemo had be a = ki Mi w
we we ar n tia r m pat lio bea haB d
wrtr, to ol gIra di mfirt. At Mdomo we
waited for th l ai al a ohr i4 beloP g
to the ownerI that al in whik we ld
]lgland, ad ia it we hom agap."
"' Whm r wmae myou Lt hipwmhed, Oa
Crise" lnqulird Joe.
Th tenibl* Goodwla mtls drlw is my good
Ap Awi anly tm Yn a go. We go ap
them during a thick i, ad oae em, the i
mall Cuhams of getting a agam. I had oan
hopeoTd ing the r l, but the vMryam the
* Good'iu,' as silor a l Am me ,treie dt
mom, and they took t tho boa dIred bThy
waatrd to join thm, and I, Malig di ple
at their abandeming At ship o soon, at fdt
renAed. The ete took hold af m with te i.
tutia n otf arng me to g, but my dogI aMeW,'
& bantiM Newfonidlaml, laid him Adt m hi
book in a minute, and thm played himself in hoot
oft growling, a it he would say, 'Ton had
better nottouch my masr aglai.'"
Wht a good fallow I" ealaimedl eMabilda.
Aye, Sanco wau gallant dog. Hower,
the mnm weo right afr all; d, sing that my
*l abhm of life wna to join thm, I topped
ato th bot ndwd we jt other away omthe

To carm.r gnmders J m ,
Veml in do Irilf r my peer s e r
hy hid s loths ad mealY7 g *te had a
"A whi d idyes rm, GsasdhtAh Mri
"My good dog Smahdo sad is."
I'2 chies loiokd to ee hrt the ohear mdb
might be whioh th Ca Otaia dnrawla h
his brestpoot; sad behod, it was a title
poe Bible. He hodwed tm the sy-lWr a
llow v d siined vith selWt-er, an whih was
St: the wrds: "T Jon Crisi ts little
Bibl i given by his loin mother, and wooom
pealed by the snt par that, uas grows in
year and itatue, he may grow in gre and in
th howledg of the lrd Tsu."
My motdhr ga it to me, childe" said
captain Chrisie, with moistened yes. "She put
it into my hand whe I went to r fr the fiS
time; and om that day to thi it has ben my
aostnt oompaioa. Yo Mee its leaves a
stknd ad yellow, Ir it hs been wet with lt
water mny a time, but the preiou words re
Sti plain, and lwaye when I look on it I sem
to we again my dee mother, sad to her her It
wd aing a being fo her little Milor-boy.
I never aw her again, fr sh died while* I was
abset on my &ri voyage."
While Cptin Chriie weu intrNsing his
yomg editors with tales his boyhood or after

aw l% v to d a he -wmm t T ri
dense, uiach che er 1 Mbe te marmMM
hitJ e a min ONemable = N leb in
his sikhln, r r b lg gly a warning et
Lte ebow ad his jk or t heam ad h

MW O~da wold Mnelr sw amo sm mo l
thr did DoIly grumblng ma ; ir, h'owwmr
amoh hl might object to patduig Joe gm ma t
had a mill strong dslioke to tis spmdbg
he mser's money upo tme lad.
In hot M. pnythm spmt was riegrdd by
Doly as so amch take bar he darling Nelly,
oad le continued to look upon Joe in the liht
odan interloper. But or the O captain's mvaryilg
kindamr and Nelly' joy at having a playfllow,
th lad would have had hard time. Indeed,
when her master' back wa turned, Dolly wMtmd
no words on Joe, ant sh nver lot an oppor-
tity of tdling Nelly that a rud boy mwa no
compaion for a little lady. Still, n to a abild,
Dol ifjstice was apparent; fr Joe wu od &
shy, retiring nat r, and Is botero u in his
sports th th mar healthy "little lady" who,
in th old rvant' erye, could do nothing wymg.
But Dlly insisted that to be a lad wa also to b
a ontriver of ery deoiption of muichi a
tmse of dothe, the po or of an inatile
appetite; in hot, an wntmble young saima
Aad though Joe's daily lie was a prpetul con-

T, 7

N n -amum o --e w --- B

s- Cm"I 't a m o
hipeallc ~ DadlB i hum r is d teo weMt
In goq cimy amount eiepoedte wMem.
Aay pinm maay magie ths siie at Abip
und D s lMs ad b wi&h hr lis ai
th two b ldme If tu were my ple. le
om.btbl, Joe hd it; i my Inbol d ay,
t ht ut hoi p rto, miM the O d ein wer
lant; d evay Met. da@may tk a d ld
would lke wa set sid for NeDll. As, howrr,
gelMaMs ras not cm of th litt giid's alft,
his matter was of mall casmequen a- ah in-
vadably omamaled th halt of whatever dainty
was batowed apo her hr lher young oampanmio.
Hiertto aMithr Joe aor Nlly had beem at to
ehool; but when the gol spring days -amM
round sgia, arsugmenats wre made fr both
to beoma p spi under sultable teaohrM. The
boy's dark "ey lighted up i pleasure a th
proqpeo, and Nelly eoloed, hardly knowiag
whefore, mopt tht is was going to hae
what ahlduem delight Jn, a ohagp Dolly
heard of tSh arangemant with mingled doings.
OB gdgsd Joe the maoy that would be a.
pededomaisebooling, butijaloediln th oght
that r six hour a day at least should b rid
of te boy sltogseth.
Thi difraema betweM th hilden was som
nmaifeted whm they began their ioboo dutes.
At st N Gily's Ieo we learn d with gret


SIIl c sdTa*e Pam k Smemlm m yst

ham ," whi As A d*ed a lk rd ammp
Je h iham d to pld dla thL i m ~ he
dom a me Idl b gm he t b Ml rlB
hm e rmi her of c io e d so
Hare and tm Testl, ai4ag, We ihal se by
nd-by not Mur who mnlm te oeet mpM starn
ba who kb s it up the lMgest."
And trly the sble was ames api reslisd i
the persons of thme lid k. Nelly Wem
beame weary of making feve tihe i fig
anearo y to mater her le mae, while Joe workt
on slowly, it is tre but madely, mad made wevy
thing so thoroughly his own thi ome lemmed, h
never forgot it. Dolly urged her pt to wbrk
and meve donned her wspectd ith a vimr
hearing over the leoms whit Nelly pI das to
have learned; but is spite of .a hle mould io
Joe utterdy distaed his playmt, ad pingl
prai and favor where the littH girl Mw blmd
for idleoe.
Of course Dolly was greatly uaoed at tis.
She altnertaly oomed ad molded Nelly, Me
was half raxedat Joe for being more idaitrio
th hr darling. Had A bne the idle mo thm
would have been no omaig at all, we may
sur. At let Granadther interpoM. He did
not eoa or sold, but he told Nelly a le



A M m mM.

S m mis

"same yemole we "dp Iva IaSpNm
m-m. h-m. 0, asmi Dea, ws a p14
pwaU Mlow, nbi souh to a l dow a a
ia momiat, d hbp him daow tie. th
o r was a hie ra wimbo&, Uhary tind
oalI t baM ase ae brow, do t bido.le
ot. B was so bMasto look at tlly,
hIs a haW bm eat to a po int In pupp
de^m his till was m me iks a hob thea. mthi
' ol, having bh m shatnMod by a rmilr ope-
tion, d he was blind at one ye tough a blow
eorm a itom aimed by a Mld rabin wo hal
net hae tight that th Make of all thing. take.
not evn dt a little pe'ws 611s1 to the pound.
"Bht, despite his look of amd atd l ominm
Bat had good qualitn mough to rcoammmal
him to the frouram notiof i m masir. He
was igilant, making his on e do double dnly,
fathl, afotimnatt, coatetmd, and casely in him
ht, bid bd being thoroughly homsi. The
lUt quality obtained him thn hor of the rook;
r, Mid,id, e could met anuff to rwath th*
mot, and f h were ever mo hungybe would not
touoh it or Vllow any stnmger dog to intrude
without o lod a protet as to bring her to the
"Don was very alike Bauff in met thiap.
You should rdly d a hanadom dog. He

a r *a nso. U
Imu pIo ad ml, dad ,thh vmq a a
TiM ss lpk dl M tel l, wh e t wa
wuha aRi gims do 6m wa v atL
Iai I ms l, whma J ltal b a
gpm Tay peal was De mf a l Ame
drldiam but he mw by a mMa a go l a
belookeL He liblto lie bhibai Mhmm
with him rea hbad M iL g e him be pfws m
hi bq M lady taking Ina ut eim. He
wa toleabl y god-sametd to k i r e
thought hima too liHo saad gly to be wo&
oaing mhk about, mo somame th ay dongg
was a lowae to lep hi a omer o the ha I d a
am to Sti his Nmun body amsr It ad hi
gifatn aoqlbu se. *
"Thie w"hil thuwas wahow IMIA -Dat
made his wt appea ma at th home doing
the Iammar-but whm wiatr oam, a ftl ran
betwam the two dogs. Not that Buff wmt
to quarrel, bt Doa was jelowu d th pfhilge
he ajoyed. ThI little dog Mas always r iri
admitted to th bouos, nd, whether is par
loer a kbtIm, was slws allowed fto sakt
himtlf i ot of the An. But whf Dom
aMld to do th snau tmhu was an otary.
Mw Wppr amat deolaed he lfta plt dof
him (pret may pwsn ponM t whirtto-e lour,
the ook ownd that ih oall ad btrt to im
hnMty, fIr, O On oOmMiom, sh le ft aonId of,

onI me di I oth k mI, s m whan
-m be Dm wa ths and was gm It
Was only a em t eaa m imak l me. be
sM aet M a podlYnt t th I dae ha b
makes it; but e was r Ml bhi ]p with an air
tpgetatqjomemt At ay rate, she weald at
test him re. To corn als In as hig about
to pe t my pe hoa r tuing him ot at the
house, Don had upset and hiird to atoms with
me wave otb til a octly vas wrhih rtood on a
mrble dab In the hal
"-Thue vaios maisdmenomu, proved and
inspected, wee sdidrt to bash him h m the
house, thogh A did aot think o, and was
oustomd to protest against his eolusion by
atning violetly at th door and whining
loudly. Having nobody es to vent his ager
upoa, he hougt t to atteok Bff. 'Apety
thing,' mid he, that a mongrel purblind wrteh
like yo should be admitted to the house, ad I
have o better shelter than kennel, let the
weAer be what imay. You have hardly the
reagth ofa at.'
"'hI l led e that had got into the collar th
other day,' meekly interposed Snf. And Don
knew thii wa tru, dr the little dog had whisked
rouad, ened, and shake the rat beoe A had
hand out what the nois was about. 'I know
I'm a thadsome, but '
D was immensely amused, and iry rlled

t emen Ith ae. 'I N '

me, Al ,' he M I Ten m alil.'
h"I aIh p the Ir es m me m dim'
"' I I1 my me eye'
"'Towu give the MM that ye hae
bIa im the imo.'
"'Ia s a bry ane. IwMvld U hw
thlm whole If my opinion had beM ad ad
tahe. At may rtoe, I L- tLkl tmy e
d hting is aoe theo w !he ldghi
aDie awass me.'
"' Aad yr tnell t is th mo pr~e t t
to whieh the min s wam ippfi.'
"'.hat is maW tha d y I lsteme,' n-
tnied am; and he r e thought to hime
though did e otMta to mak the mnM
lobd, At my rat, i myf ta In nat vry oe-
meatl it hams Ma gIo iato tonUe by
ookin downs aI.'
"'I cold ark you to death with a bge
Stoe dmy paw. You ha so power to dr d
you mater if he wee aMbk, while I ould
Aighta hot, iaf bedlL.'
'I am well awr d my my delehs, aSu al
o your -gth, which, howre, I bow y s
woldi at ue toI iqe m,'n m nd aff; 'but
thi mch I oua my, If my maa wem attmeke
ad I oual noot daaod him, I coda eol the
wh wmald. I a ull, week, bob4sled, top

NM rmM Ime m--m-
mi, mdl aB d;o. but mm hmus "A
I el dlt pews I hM a Mi MMe m ft be
diem nset aeopt Am n umebg to sin abqn&
at mnhee, but i (rtpier to what I a%*l

* "At this o m t tho ook ma dir eM r q
os%, tNag, 'nBNt 84 OmO mld ga yeW
"Away mposmd tho lit dog f gld me
@pome, mA l Do. to diot his d*m. a baet
e night Slar with tbh msd f od whvih w
Sthiown down br the ps dog's disr.
"That M m nigtsb ha owe Mas a. Th
hoor ft lay othi out o doom ai m vemd moo
md windo, oitem d e la Don em md bin-
Mf artthe r atd of hbi b rid mn moved to
stir for motting; md h a pt o h ddemBanom,
though h thought hr boad srmelthhy oItatep
eoning romd the @eer aoft ho Th o ight
vw foggy, ed he oould m nobody who wv not
eao to him, d he w ald tao eo bbthelf to
r, iea derw to edminer ft Bo he toed
over ld vat to dlep agan.
IS~ BM thane *omamy, wM vwide awk
The Mlf4-de dogge wa soeatd to ret at
ateval dming th day, and i the evemig vw
a Ai faml y w e up ad m bling. H etoe,
eMught hard AbotteiSI ad,4 miig mo th
rmt am which he la, he eept to the ha de
ma ltamd. Nobody the; but he wos m

di.I A La d B .i HM
a*omi bb Inp tamp ml, wad, w.

*"'bnas tew lmi elby Wahmr bli

wbe soib id fslo pi, D r e as am

am d ]t lso d be& I* lm vd dom
deg. X d' J e dMI es l getd
.&SaW Es baoo, wike eg&; he uemr bhu
ar aetib' ml d fs mur, who ue thl
valnh qnules d bib Iatke h ddr l Mi.
Aaudbag he took hid l all co mhe
In'be to aecomy hIl, Mal wMAi dowaoeiae.

"opealmg ough a m. d tho isdws,, st y

bek soadM ir r em. Ihey ha, howewr,
leA behind hm .iled by wMak toy we
Bhmah"ke teed mal bwrwale pS*alAhe fmi
stmpting tomm emt buagleby.
"As yes MWy aug ins aarn.. poifrf
ori thm an; but, alas, i big Dat 'I
irl mot keep at ret, aMlim be mnyr loger,'
seil th mua; 'e hs Iatg, he~Aiu ml
rkght, s pOirl, bt b m igh n be
wek, bll, ml di(e4 ere h i too ide to a
my d hi. po. Ltl 8aN poor mollw, is
Ma l alf hal, hb t bah i w mny amIb
ula DOmm beeaml doe Uhi bet'"
Tlh mi cOga Ohdr's AMl bd hm

" IA-. mmms
sme~'ag mm w Isn o nmos a
P-d MM pegn be o a -m wye o
-mmUl aDim, Xd. y h on..M m m ni
ml ed bel,, tMe but liy dLo tM puti tm
trh Bl me. I anmr a i gl, ar ILme
wio si mew si, vwhn A IMhe ye, M
lrm lhum qidth, te, but dhe d m eaer.
SsoMatme hlMim f wi t hal, adt teaho
timp within her Ia se, ml oh o mly a
lit lfalrk wourald abl her to be of ue to
her Mleman, Ml mil mele to hbMl e w ill not
tae my Wrable. Doe. Nld ow sk li att i

"Ye, Gradither," whiMrpeo th lU as
hbe prened her dobk to his aid meltamed both
with a ter, "I ha1 bom t ide little gIL"
"H a, yo realy, Naly I1 what b to be
domet" He held Lr at a litt diaae, Ma
looked In her Ahe m loringl tL whie h rm.
posted, "What i to bdoe, Ndly ?"
"I mnt ry to b e better, G anmdt& na r
begin to wi to-morow."
"WIy aot thi very mniUte, dly The
l som am not yet well lHurd r t marine.
S ppa we ty to mmer tham ow ?"
Nlly agreed, Md at coae tdied out her
bood, wiping iaay her Item dn .did o. Joo
was willing to elp,d by a ing to work rit
a good wiln the IMo were moo mated md
SUld's miad met rat nrt.

A =1 a N. a
Wha As EI. dub b" doi v b aft
owa 0Vl, a wIU 61Wam so G"
06ophas an buhA at bibds m- Immk =A
s. gAmdlpmrm em rs mm *ml



]e M seart asm w ar
hi OW OWAUITAU0% flIU !E ciia
Porn al a at West hCl Ooa, nupt i thi dnorp
MUs. The young pl ot upwaprud, bat
tholda smed tol beat a md-.iiaL Bmem
Boekham peple Mid tdt captank OLd
looked yrw tham wm her elisquie ui
-M&duglb B nd pvbb*thq mn OiLh
Tim ad beled te wond sarnd by t death
of his ahildn, md in th ed deammai at Ntfy,
who had ipnod wtomrafly, ad te equally
wrong i, Ism douAMftratie a tiat Joo Look-
wood, he found iDaitts .tisitm and eomr.
Our old aquaintms Dolly, was not oe to altr
nah. Her dowtio to her mater an his
panhild was th ruling pandonthrlif. As
to Jo, wba he ould mot ubk hi, h
adlouly avoided bestowing as m th last
rmb d prj~ bWg p fc ty o od t m m
in er vry uameuoaablemeu.
Nt Joe wta happy spitDolly. Wheeem
te Oalpin ad Neflr mwt, 4he MaTmPl
t.m. Whor tey enabled a As shoen till

WI- Ml R--y - rll-- uM h (1,

spl~e m oh in elM ad mm swu m fMd,
Shiray AlM, t, i eMia le r an, s l
ellmbedl a mip tIAs ay e itasp b to
M.lt dm r wue m tm -ml. A1h
So too D s lase dilMg% aaIl I Oqlpe
HeI my adoptels o," Kll th wuthy Um,
"but I will nat giv n a @Im besee
tat would sm to put h a slp er to me
tam my Nlly, wMa omusta otbe. l e metl
an d i to Iput th dewar bela dl by l."
Aad a boxing bame to put that lighAMM
led evn rit you owm flub blood," mat-
tenr Doy i hIghL ddlpon.
"It tbow nothi ho Nelly, oed maha Jo*
el Mu thogh h lai somebody bloanging to
him, poor ladt" wa th depl. "Baide,
I hope my hrt i not mo anw but what I a
and som fr mome tan e in it."
Yo'l hae yeO way, Joahn Cbhritle," was
thd pisuletad sqoue "ad might d o y hou& ,
being s ye u' e ti mter, al It ill bnmes ame
to omaiit l yor I hae pleas serrMvt;
but I mlyhope you mayat haes toine saS
iiq tak lert with your own pemhetar."
He has gmesw m oa n etom as yer but
ameh mum thoashihi At Godgad e am

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