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Title: Sunset in Provence, and other tales of martyr times
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Title: Sunset in Provence, and other tales of martyr times
Series Title: Sunset in Provence, and other tales of martyr times
Physical Description: Book
Creator: Heydenreich, L. W.
Publisher: T. Nelson and Sons
Place of Publication: London
New York
Publication Date: 1864
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The Baldwin Library
l i ersity






10. t


u^=============-====- ----- ==^

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-- ---- -.------- ^ *~7~



a Orpwaras0smw*L* .
1'mw jw M* mum"

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NIL ?Iamy.

by= .N 13oY3Nm

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W .APkm S .. *. -

k% ffG ..... .. m u.. ..
lbtddowLpw% l
miq VA M4 . .~

S% imoool~e




n ot far, Liake oer lebcaam .for me."
I The qpekr was ra kirut md po-
perow rtia about thtny yare of
'The roa in w"h he aet wa phbtly bito A F
bfumihd, not wirtbat that ir of ober ad dcdy
quaintan w uich we uadlly ocimt wI the interior af
a dwellig i ilmd oyta d ad a dhidb It wa
ae t ain aih a ap borned beb him L o the tab.
His youa(ng wife,I, stood byhib id,her bh eyes
sfed with tses, md her featss dowed by an
prodio of dran ae.
Iam sn reHe doe, Cal; but yoe haow He let those
He cam fr ar so daelo He les the be mpelmed
-rtred. Oh, Ca," she added with a look oft Mri
"He does not mrequch theviotece of ru He
did in those old days which you readtoa i the
."No, Ia," pUied Ca, ud b frae wa lijtd up
with fth and mcorae, "bat te mi lwals w ithe m
in the b ac 'ce le ont the Son Semam'"


pm to aki nf e lt-H ath rs b hk t
ui m at adB wld hen beem. Yet so k
MM. 1 west oMa him wul, "Yoe m dooe dO
Cald, yd y kaw k. Iae y a shaded thoe
peCIeIe lt -mr twelmO o ow Bhrouesa
koe yM for a Cavih, end hu lbd Ie eye on you.
God help I I n dll tis bWlo dmad couy, the
g at Spain and the mible Dik hm not a servant

=w iifg to aid tm in wesdo out the *alt of
roHi,' than the tllunOB of oar poor m-
wy Gooh."
"He camot bhrane," etuned Ca, "untilB my ho
hsooumer I unrui kiang PhilipofSpain
-ea the King of Gr, the Lnd rUk, who bath
thekeysof bh nd ofdeath. See hee;ad he dew
a little book ba beneath h leathem double Btat
th 0amn a low ry pieaceeding hoa room omvbad,
tck aepe the aodit' ear, aroma her to n aaniety
sa r na prd ni, if fr lei aCd t, dthe osible
appakeaomwhidh had jut before sled her mnd. "It
is or like Pha" she aid, d lighting a saMn lp
she hiied up ain. Left aoe, Cad opened the
e he held in hib hand. It u dhat e of the
pearote Rfnomed Cmache in nce nd the lar
ComuaeT-"The PalmU ofDeid,i tfaited ino taMch
ewe by Clemrt mtot;" for although Dutch wa hi

Uraid. -- ~-, hems lkii*Ia
hyyis doads. weal FMye. dut v# sasad
kethatd beclo wosmbfa mmrw bud ad am"
hr dwA book 6101k% Or OM N =h 04 11& W o
k Ifead in yow psmeud dwo be a to wd
yaw deemmau I
In the tis ow" dawe wy k rw lsot
marc and a" bbt N pp *pte fom4 we owp, ba
cemaron, or OW yet those bafte ar mpms
do( aMwellauto ccsy.o dkqmuiar ml
the Holy &B*i- opuayo a rMW sy r 1i0 "
us*aorb cmdaS Iaiopw T*,t-dowidda
the Laid,. pmre. in tho dae nd amy drop of
the wotn of Hh whick w be. to thksig soa wr
like dthat brA to Dad **We well at Deuil -
Otbe bood of the am *A& in jepayrdyo cLb*
liveL" Yet Ci camid no Fad this *ight He -
well awar do Lida's wede wanum or t mooldb
had gose to his daily w ad reait a by his w
ideateanddr dike mdpua. j4 in eomaiome
tht any rnet he mW&ht be sumad hm bis peae.
f heme to tbhed as dth "ke a W *iAa
sump 1i6to ladI Aacleowiteecam*lywu yet
It srb u asshut I emisied aim cssy.
For a bqaace 4dyer t gadine opp-i" th
Cavlaa of HRUsd ad dh adj*M pohs bad
eon)@ a mess. of tlls, thay had bean psmdmadl

li ls uned therd paeasl hammer of Athe |sw of
Ous 1Wg bk pr ter had Ihrl beeX hed

to Iee mnd the yeras of Ald'e qaed bhu-4hoe
mi yeams, me r a vesm i history Owis blood
mndl e, ad pojrofaoke." It wuuaifgratcry
wat up hA th bleeding country to hears-mchI a
ay that of Egypt, wh "thee not a house where
dee was ot ee dead.
Cul ws Moapt those who received the trth in the
lov of it dneg the interval of compartie quiet, and
She haid counted the cost, and held hiaser pepaed,
If sc rtoal his faith w ib hi blood. Yet, ere
It his Ft will, be would ldly be pared the fey
tiL And who cold blame hm fr th Had he not
Ls to live for, beside little kfirshied aIn petty
Mykee, and baby Cd It wua of thdse thougt a
he at motioolea,-his bhead testing on one hand, while
throther still held the islva-book of Clemeat Marot
But Card had acquired a hbit, to which pedps he
owed it that this eye was still so bight, his step so ,
and his lout so brave and heerl amidst the dangers
that surounded him. With hi thought nearly always
ch agd to payer, and thi comstat comnlm with
his a her i heave kept hia, ms it w in a quiet
plam abo the tos of his perilous and uncertain I.
He wa bledy, but very earnestly, laying his fesas for
thse he loved at the feet of Him who cared for him and

IUmwh m .1

u~ IM oe. O t Ih hfm b wA eM id
fwrIt: I Aoed N m g e hrm a oo(ig d1j
You MWed ot tir;Ii a be I mt l the ipMl ;"
md de umdo imp La hbM to e mlhr mdd of
moM A carl o mbservr aM M 0h k h lnd
ltb door fl little dlot so camudry ik cooald,
-ad perap disigmedly, bui n no way disinaul
aom the quain pnel=u widl bud tdr wlb mftma
noow You ad to pmi adt pel ha e dr do d .
your way into the dusk dorm n which ~ a clber
p msna ya vayin com t oe Ie d obm dedmd
it, Ma woaded "why popl built hoss sch a

her Medc for whatI heD l Cad rseertd to
tbe Oaua at lo htm wch her eanma had mred
hbi whn a thleadbl knca at t Lnsedor br*
her bac into the dW-ircomo pI and 1aL d
Th1em ws lile eMd dr toda oth ft mle d ex-
pectd al had o at lL Cd Itood bef her
pale ins but wih a ihing er ud sa epsilde of
km deermliatiam in his qie pa corrm ance amd

"It I, hken-"
Fly, Crd; .o, ly wile yo ."
"It is too lte-whithber hold Idy Ader lsd

i l hase, h a i a seem d se&gWb s iis.
i a se m at m she wd Me heea es lh a her
m ,sh Ud e with sddi, ips and age.,
sh i d hd s b dh am, abnd de hh Yha
MOmedsitl, towIdi e i- Itldoes tSh doord whiL
iab had leftop. *"Thme-ina ther-irno I
wl qop to thm." It uan the only p ta t od ed
even a posnelik y c eap; and i a amount mole,
Car, with e pbabool iia tighdly ped in his
hand, us camuipd t the dark soitade of tI domr,
whit Urs, hain canfily placed the paw, womt
ftrh to amt the itnden, not wri lthout a t termbingi
paw for stenqt and wisdom. And Ca in his sa.
ps and foaed ialWtliy, pmyd alsK and o ealnetly
that his whole oal oed to go up to hra n a
agonyt pplicatil his player was ineralcuble,
for words do not come in dch lomentsu thaee, the
sheilhts and deputhsa th ried soul beyond their
reach. It w notala ordeyforh hielf he ed,
i hoibe appebedido possessed his mind, that the
.pernecuors, baffed in their such for him, eight wak
their Taengece o his precious Li, or even o his
inoacent and heple children; such thip .had been
done, indeed it wold have been dicdtk to -me any
deed of violence ad arocity whih ad not been com-
aitted in that hapless country, bymen who basted and
oaa readily believed, dtt theie bhomatioon wae pu-

bdoibjl* -OM' k a AkW 660 1
dwd addy In Wod Im%%WC

vie bbL hd *e -m toamiiMe MR
w bhhbe Ifmm It wmm dohe
ca mis ead~fmeeibueeb
wd ae vj h.pbuumW htIm ill

"MI kwb suhy aqzn-id he hip bev&ht3hiud'
with him" Thm be bm1hA IrM vmd at &a hk lw
-. I. 9 dt Ib aoqdmgt h CaooW
caadmceo ad Iath, an w & @md -~e m b
phas ofoumeawm.h bond ha any beW*, w% m
ath the bhem ha snow W ut I ue amire
-9 mu~ hi L~ iha~a-tvp wghe hue,
*Asa he Sod MOO uV wowsdo bm
&= owahamdin the l~oAde wmbb&b
dqua-he iMW Om IAdbh the mah of al&d Nba
who hmd I -d Iu m b ed awoke in owr a do'
ane wies. Now they ore de bded ad
olimdy omto dumper, hyn mik the hbumeaemo
WIN tey ws~ater the duaiag N% they do s
thimk w"eth wheoq the t"Baf L d I t
poldc to d4 thm. wn, wiot the baa gnu tdoem
And now the a door be dumd healy-they m
ieee, than God I Cod brathe a=we khel-th is
A@& -n bm ft a. w ofbib wN of almw tO a
As. Am. wisbww to oneshs moWk ft a.
as 3

a m ..s- *eyr heue the mime mya, .nim
wl rtS t AWM iM sage -- to di I lM pmd
* A t e hqnhod hh *6 W do b

we sod im fD m(6 i -
eri tat a Ilehd -a 1 p* lha der Mid.,
an us mmd ree &to hoe.
*T hse d me, IU," -mg the mr w" Cmi
mitas-rte aMir wa m .
God hIs ved yo d.oa, Is m Imn. i hba
k o~m c ik, md loob hr palr mow d wh. dw
aedm the a nmomem ad bhi. mn
*"TaMn lt dthk ibm toa," Masseld C.IL
S.kuadh sglowdb g wed poed i* thbit *hs-
BO MW, nd k mvim badm tiM "nMad bb in ther
il to BH who hrd J s liudd his erab in tkir
aber of pr; i fef did he pny tat Hei wdd
Wli be hl hm to .A dMh ifm He orw t, or if no to
.rBmhm th.o .*hfl api br Hub a. Tae
wod we kw, ut aia ad In, M pok to One
vwho pic s a fe e nl*y. And i t- thes
cm MII oldea tim a muM hem i b d, ad waed,
adpa spd, "as mdi Ho who is iiYle,8 lu they
coddl othae done ud a1d they did A brWi
comhtlot fobowed Cufa pay. O thing wa m
cn4li, if he wished to me the melow's m go down, he
mrtlokfrfeltyflight. TwhinalWaddpiaew
cIn e; for the coabnty w' completely owepnd
by#* meeso at& n*mwek *f tyFman tht the lqrIpI

*a ~eUnah~hh s*

mumbd j aCdCod f a with IA% -- 'm
-mi boy uIm woo to am "m q whim be
had wIdy soedud the muleaf youst, II
h peb being- i- Iny o om. w doem.
He Woa& amh 6d.ads aim a ewpim ouf gKd Uaf
U A tho m mulder hr fiame weale if A
"And whegewil yen VtI srd WtW powr m vy
sawslry, asal tWed to lay uph bur mummy as (o
dom he got., rolaft to vaious u ommmoced wi
their u.S dwtog ~b abma
"Itisbau oyoudii mat d kolih aMa-b n
eildsI bdave thaes bams above m4t and fsmo
Father to pay t" He time added ca*l sad soft
"I am going ipia to kin bee L am. o
He went up; Msyk. sad th vMt ept, but Me
Fuane a wideewake, sad gol hia i Mm wih imp
Woadering qm.
"tWads'didC4S thy hdw iLspig buibad
IsMs Fa he In bemw. TIat in him, bay, love J
Ovl thy Ntavie, sad h*lp ad 6,ctty moth1 r
now hmwl" He mbeaced the weephg boy y
kid the athr chidr enit A awaking 6=4 sad
then W16 the bittue. f deet in his best toold to
go. ia methlg ataqethSm a preeadmeet 10 WE
t hbe 80001d dM *AMecuMaM& DO

haM )e wam I m e as d.I A
df As e*I t, *T t as iOs Ild, pnlhi
S2 pNhr m Ms bbnd, m4 la y my k alwas
ent Mli "- r s I aiddd, Im a lwr. to, md
if wo -.dio shekd bmo -a bet Mr e am Cl -r
iIV dArm Ih lUMnI.m, "bhl ,.l(, CuIr
Cot LLJmi a ui, m hd lb ma b d
KMp II md WdI dM ch*Anm to mi nd ml o it
Oly for my bad th, IdM, be caref Never
mk it mdl r hiw ll, and be *t r doons M
. bhed. Th sao lm cancome to yea, for it hdi
plae is aL -mm ts g.as Now God bewith
Atm IAum,. my -"
"And wt theC Caw." A momI t moa, md Lir
ood Alo the smbin of her lie e, perap for
r. canrely 4imed the doo, managed a few
MMM wuMl As prepadmio had lMt in cof eion,
Stm i don md'wept, antil t dawn of a cer.
lme Decamboe minuin aned he to the caMioeam
LMt lif, its e awle, casm d duis, imet ti


14o ym imome sop so dik*~r

hooded, wrth a ubuhedme em hu Itro
three mooftch sim b bubsia duuI-ne -l ad com
wWrd of dtA budvesd bw 7%b wa siot wom
dha do epeted, yet do bWd pub d = dosa
you mWhe boeo ho Ip h4 u mr na Niud to dm

"BA HmW lik aramu, p k1 b pow
cld&&=emhsoone now tolookbetmo. Ildd I
woot go, hr dkr nboL"
Hane 1idaeHp qoiwd too, but b*um of meum
fo he gudy wok the bf* 6= ker hw m, mboome
hberddoskdmbood&aw huto a mc TImw
something in due weep tendraes that nplW his
mood blewt wmw *cv bkid smum.or, uw"
IeIL-Id MAd ovesa oed bi. RAW ften a "in
dobL of beta tanm ma leiit. am% bw bow ha

f d am 4d a oawda hra tnaooin
ko as am 6"bi% 10lw um on* 6 bm ad
he al l bi IIIbls i l, l,'er hBd. n u
mmnd ia mi u Na%"Psrw c he
adM biu wy day wad paid l wh he banr i
mht m, a wht we can te ia a fe weed Cai,
heri stad back to God a the hope of ob-
tlshe a b atmr itihr his bmily, had bI n-
opisd th 9it bfrs by mo of the bruet 's
MScnet Ct; sad nWam whit they qpobk, he au m*uad
lg befm that nreaiM jdrgi to amwr r the abm
aCofne. Hmdi set dodb that he woudd aule
C"ee L Ahlta 'ritwa ubat oe ma tolookfor,
nit d es on,hr cld he qak to her of ar
It a not asrmy, he oan hert dhied al. The
aowd in the idujmoa-thr prm spy bca-t e
sist lSue of y mppthy ad ippremd man-
euecreatis sad thets d va wglace that meime
wes eacely .pprmd, thouh i might be death to
heM th dm-the chdb-the t-tbe pled Lato
--es Mheoui la d mle the alght,-h theo Ile
p of abe. sad the few feet of blcknd eae-the
wme eve-day ralitias t tthe mmand wmen of Hal.
Iad tbe hubdnd yeuz a Theai was ircel a
Cahiet biwLy in the Pirovice that did not maber
UmoI it member om t' letwho "ws n ot, fr
Godtoak h" bythtchuiot fr tohenB. WeU
ludMed u for the muow if looking beynd the

-rm~r, '' (~"

MaMO Of WNWd ft PMMb4f 00 NPllll

And Ua w k it M ih At Am K= 21*.'
'mMob no cmupk*- 4.us ad An had
"bp qa bor hm in moamdamm WM at
big&i rAsusd ud wo able* Mywup*3md
bar boit *3dom, it o v tAle pa
br do Cmld do Scabsto anw W. PlbuIM a
Aasmum Hu feajwhtagno b VIAr bihau0
*he, basl e at lth hpmaaw% bat tad bag #
BiauLb vs *FM!As amid; "h eo b" d&

N Thun ah not oad k ana t* It
biktad, -cWow*i d o1 wa btol A* He bu
is 1d1r, tan OWsd be ian us. boxy had opo
6W boodwoom. "I would abmt vm OW' he
W&ad,4 mmario ta wa bIy- l taka vild
fi srian ; s his I itolMd podl@a dad
ha whk booim=0sdhhis Oq JoMunddhA
gas do a mI ham u P ?dm 11*.,
& day of I i o w Vamm him ocoms o -

Itwa Ill mu. dam k Af a ma pow Ih Ad
adsr duketo sme CIadhspis uft aboe Md;iad

Pe M m n na w am
sfet *,. ad, bad As c. d doer m
gil soht ti s bat w m h- m .iMst mow
- alb, km so bmem b.tw* awnd
age Isha mdie mat Iwoe~ ier isase) he tas
it&h m.PhMah Yet be mot me dai uw a
lid at wh tm ceacmt, ad Ito ipk a wrd o

*0"G HMe lh aid aN, L he sMain linqd, ty-
1igb toIfe hbr.
HE lid hi had an i bmet a "Wha t n Wt I
Sbim Lm yes9" h askd, wi atw lu kih towdar
Slegtlh Ia bher uttm weabame ad agony wa
pI 1* UI, ad is mms d asmld, "Tel h to
nmremb who hu mid, 'Be th mlhfl uto deth,
sad I wiB githee s tm If If.'"
"Thme poke a Ibo's wifek.-q m a e 3et's 1*
miid H-- Ms h ,w L
Them wun am ti tb the iPm hNim wl Met
thtis aio sm d b bUd e i s wie thA.
CQi4, i the meinsthe, had whamed a goad cofas
Al bAfm hirs idg Accodag to the art tter of
s --m- r edic* not Wm an rmstallOs con6d
the heUt Lom the peny of death, i h it would
piene a mition of his paldhmmt; but it wodd
*- that the ty of tam Rmib puth for co
dam led the ot maBequintly wt dimgud the law,

ad w A a Am poes t gim d'p
tws emt vas to CA I om umwqnes -ta
s ca iM rdw ood hi in tca btm of -
lowadio,.l mad mdd i s wmpl libam
*Do yr not loni m wi d dem ir mbed th

"God khows, nd Cal, "AIt i whed
waod w e of gold, ad my ow, I weald it k a ly
to hav them wth me, em bed I to Ineas bi
watr, ud in bondae."
"You be time," m rn id is)uihs "a mma
the e o o r oapiiom."
"NJthrw for wib chime, mr tahe wId,c I
my God and is Wh," mewmd the pi-

NoBthng now smimd but topa mMa the M
and cmy it into hml-oWo bIp -ry qukly
doe in those day. TMwe .cmamr of CtM's dum
need not be puticmlary cod. He oml diW m
somM d did,--maw vwm, m w chsll, a pit
ampany. Of may moetg thmo a nod smaim
rme pahp om riam tsy viaiDbl ih maic
acres, "Fpr having ecWed so d lo by is ws
mach; far vi A thio i dladm thi e u er, so
maoch mmrn Of th.M, touchig todas mab
tmB old dmacdr sad auyolois, difraing imips
n. e JIe.. s ...... s..

p-ois% ye -hp he k on beb-t he mN
d 14J( flf

wrn sMve hma a the aI hbow by I L'in hm
the una Ome hr oa of oomdmem sad
triumph as M thk p a they p- d my. The
mab of the "wk ubed amy o f no"* would U
as mpt shm- yt doM we a lhei &ml 6a
u f o am ite y dWiAd who, d Am r d Aimr
HMI r' ap A I a, fond the tma too bitter aad
nedmd to dink. To quote the doqumt words of a
popdu hlmtou a: "The chronic contain the lis at
umth obcm.. mr j but their umm, bdly proe
Souced i their likf-te, sound bumrouly in ow eas,
and wid nee ig duougk the trupet io hme; yet
they wur ae who dad d and d ad u much u mm
cs dne and suf, ad far the noblet c e which ca-
inspire h ity. Fatic they cetaimly m not it
famaiidm codalls in borwithoat c aonAepadi reality.
For the ll a tible reality. Te emperor ad h
edicts wo reaietie; the ae, the stake, ware rlies;
and the beism with which m took each other by the
had and walked eto the Imes or with which warn
a a on( of triumph while the pedier was
siolling the earth oer their lirin feo wasm a reality
ado.* And al too, w that glory beyod, in oetai
eaecttin of which they w c illing thu to srL
Of thee "obscu martin" it wa Cari lot to be
*aM|sII|| la. .uA'kqull*

book w"ch isL bhe os tee Imia bMek tof tm
hi*dl by &Mihd whchei mo ethet oscsiMe"
ame of Aadipa wih pead of ht lnt hu mr o kt
glioa fror er. Whea lte hm Much el s i ,
and td she ts of God@ at la Vi dAf sa q
HK Tula enatId Ir's dweiMg o mo S. He
bmaut to her ft the lUp of td dead word of
strength and comafo; and tom tde load hadt l d ht
touch hens no mm o eu atha, r iecous tok,
French Pmlm-book witd the lad f fded down over t
I X pie .e mdlai u ,l11a d.e-

Having at long interval andr wh a i lning oie oMd
her an he knew, he broiht her inet, the baby Carl,
and laid him byher side; he the iat down litte at,
ud "listeup h voice ad wept. Sdidnomeep.
And now Lis was a idow, sad her cd espLss,
the widow and orphen ofua maqnyd Cabli Inhow
may obscure bomes there ept sad agodssd Mch a
these Ah, Rome, "between aM ad ye there is a
great ul ed" a glf killed to oealowig waith tem of
agnid,--wqe to Lim who would pemade a to bridge
acro th*t chalI Rome, that by thy scaieI Wlet
deceived n nation, bow truly a the mid to be

1 ~ do bW I Wi of do ad w% do
bbuid of~ 164o Jm. isdy am ih own

&Y a o dl dou u J" It

m... ist hru byr A.~I~ a. .1 wwJ ~ a. ue
bYe. he. cbi .dyu.hLi us. d~ gwI .

* m "he *a am wbg ebwbdmo m pd
6- b bb % b i umno"so is INo
bvsryo. lpw I b. Whwd. IY4 mblw mdwdm.
*Am rbevA" ba do bNKI dP dwo VA kd9hr ~kdy

EWym.. m. jW$ hmkbimwsYm bbw.rI..

h-div -'Y1uwwvwm b*C'dwwbell
qg .su. 3.dr~YZIWMhembd.wh
damL611*r lmmm 4 1I


Arf t wanootI u wthnWrovMIwheg 1dLi ue
h uac honrm "a honor wadpst ilah s*"
SheaMao we porpu'7,heenrad ail
Ath It rlh da ellebal stoSedowabmehDe
wight ofdhwaer uaphto fl Ceia Amd
mot likely thi wed ha ben the aed of l, d dno
litlnd Imng in their feehblamn, dma her bac to
lif Cures chidmea mu t Mt ~rwV, Im r ss lhir
motha's bhe t be. So whn her hbmieds iowe
was wdl4gh exhaunited, the young widow hooak -a
her dauy torpor, and begm tao m il y mand lat to
uply the sneemies of her choldrn Not wikh my
pleere in herw aor yhopehimes but Joet beme
k met be done. Yet a e A ouaid, her ilef bree
randuly les agonlhing, smay a pmyer to her hbubl'e
God tmoe fto b heart, and may a teer dt btoalht
wi it healiBg uad comut dqoppdr ipo her wek.
S weD ro mband in after times Lthe t p alH tMe
that wn ne of Im ed bitt ra. It rwas u


Je r undr i heq wh W,' r @M ad
** @ itr a s t ber.i bt iUd *A qeps
ILrw as cha li y arr her Mrsp i tir
Ils erih O of *thom. dda ~lanl tric of
amory wo wMh we a ll hM flm i med to troms
poit hir ina momat btI d quiet ma of a is In o-
ilg chchyald, whse asewa a thdsmrs, brit mo
doubt wth at early unMB An aisb t ds hbd lot
w aid dits, and am n i apm daysd hean
amd to can JW minow, sh and Caid ha vited the
spot toglcbr, and Cal had spoken to he thee of Him
who i dM Remnetn and the MM And now, whra
a reet eia place ppeed that peacfial gam, con-
oted with *e hud of abe and i fe fe at of
blackead cay in te mket.plal *And yet he too
shdl ime," though LU, sad his own oick, trong and
cle, yet mtle as it hd onded beside his aby's
pam, emed to npe the bleed woad, I know that
he *6 fie sgin at the mremecti of the lbt day."
Se bowed her head and wept in lisce; bet ihobht
while shq wept of the glods morning wlm de dead in
a Chit se be ned iinaoptible, ad o Him those
voice thy shAl come forh, ad was comfted Th
nad- u and domwy-

Moo thi pud away and years The was son,

69end bobs dhom ewam lbm w hm we so.
dspq. Cada thus w e thn oeem

ho~p ptheasth *3aom t he s 1 0 Lad,

JaigMns WhMeef doth the wey( Mhe wid
peapoqwt whiiern s aB they baM, dt dal Mry
trdechomly "Thouart m pr eyes to b.
hold evil, and c not look on niquky; 1wh nf1
looked tho pon thm that dil edmmmly, mnd
oldest thy oumpe whien he wihed do-es 6St -Im
tht s more srighte then her RB whten dn
hoghts came, dhe praed; te ted to to s ki
humble umt ad iove, and at lat "He oaoe, and
nruked the wind ad the mea, thee wA a peat

Se t Car C ds chldi "the Book" wich be ad
loved, mand o it pge she bend eamad may a
holy bioo. Nor did she lhm in vin, for the Loa
hmsefwas her taadmer, and "who echetdh like Ni'
Three was oae vase in the Book he thoht very
dmkdl, it w thl "Love your ermic "Love
Ca's maddet does m ak m to do thiet A i
no in homn nate." Thden the o uld summ Him
who payed, Fthe4, fo-gs e an& d hI" to 6e,
or a lat to do He did; but th pmdr o tld to
of r alwa ded way i werds Ie dh "0 L4d, I

oemm Ol shla t haiB Hii wld m e
bIed heu
i I 0 l i * ill i
Id whai me0 m mew.ecomlased to a paet;
her beltsda deaL semed to put lwsimo table
batter baft M hur ad es thp mad at the ame
tim to smd her aml endois the diagur As is.
ca d in anglectigl theda. Han Tisan moa-
stated wh her on hot iqndeme eand tried to swaken
her memrnal solktlde God wil take cae of the
chiidrW," he wIrld s er, "if anything happen to
ame as he h take are of me and them theie dhee
yea; bat let the comeqmce be what they will, I
ewp to te oidl wonhip." 'his was the mlt
prtlyfaith, and prtly of matter inditsnoe to life, its
b'ihte and pReeiousnes wre goe for ewem, she
hld it vey loowly, and only for her children's
lke. For some a or other die was allowed to pur-
ae her comie aimokeia, although victim a obscure
and hepleis as dhe was were being daily acridced to
the deamo of pesectloan. Her feeble health gave a
omt of pretet for her absence fto the public rite of the
Clech; and ne of her children wae as yet old
eoh to take their ft oomamunion, the delinquencea
of the little heretic bousehold happily escaped observe
Four yean paed away, and then theie came a
change; a great and happy change for Holland-da-

ow "Ami ib 1amo o Ima
TM is 6p bw yl d A~ & md 4b my
* *A dAkwI4 ke n ow m imm t A
bw hom *of#" ow Is I I* omw 4L~1 *4

ozumpwtheuau .mtohm;c Tsdvunbeftma

7% bwe Is uwo-4u W# g*g 6r OW pW 6AW
7UIe am of Go& arbd dk2 ay, -d thy
BYm a Mah Peaor bwbl 8a4d gow Is -

of Ars tyrman wWn Uslft k r I
edl Is~ r t Is fthe ppd- h hsl do
N *O 0 O nou -, Mee h I 7 w s w thm

bwa to sA* 0 &ge emae-ft my bw*^s who &di
vw th =&-4(w a, d11t8 who"ad" is I
dungem 1-Wthwi go& watchwotden 691 Ithe m
w- 40 d *Is the "at bo e am bb"
u ownd s* A# RM rob" ad* bw bw am
- -u "I w bwin -o bu t HeeL

Tama Aiet dnue mdm inow 0* s
*so%, ad seadams whawu tohe IAhrn dd4 IA,
ebb& an k* f *I F=4 bare te do Am uW6

M mnirg

bm"W M1twp Khr dm f umt, a ya
sm a dp ew md m mtaa thm ah dm. A
boMk a de mlst dor, Im ad lur, y =ortain,
a Ir m Itd t lebId th, hl thdM kador, mMled
es ltam taBk. Uim htamd tom asdte elm
bt kw npas d sbh t hearty, and ih ila pater

*Mot, ra p--ruo act aaid, idd Fnstaartiii
to hbb h
B IA tooL k a maX l l h rb bandan wye
li; Ih bmuid the door, and looking owt int t
dmtas- lbMd wru w wanted.
"For Gods b' a elpd ihlue i t- hmy
eNem I11 pUyed a voice u emloM Vih tWmnI.
l Who ab tis ft me" mid Lme
ir Gods sob et s ba ntead dM awitie i
a of gi Th a" r '-coming-hb e-downdhi

b hi ay of eamty he adauced on ep a r
de hr op door; the iat rofd 's likle Alp b b"ed
SMs hisce, pe wkh fear it was, ad As recogied
hMbrMbeua mrdeNrA thC amdl vqu .Mr I
It co r ao pal cofict ar to opeM wide te
dor, d to say,'In e me ofJei nCbh-mom
lta Ths l iisan scap ed a -lutly; the
hdl i brs n ordid not icous thew h or he

wer dB lm pga hit d% yMBg WMo' almy
sd at mamy watm. ls le d dmh -

the adw omroid Uw dp d t Ukon 0M MW
ath habl d IbaIh ts heulrpem r b i hkdc
thde ger qthe iome f lib s khq i sohla i aniti
tem -uangely.
Fma," Ishe mid, tamn(g crrly to lb woMerb
boy, *bok th door, md ask B Mem nlk."
She thbn qirand s idy p ped bk dar pandl t
ithe aCt vkort sme d to b e to B mdowim*
ShD I ber fletrr he bakld
0 jO Uir ea-d Lbt, qit* q -e- wa-
hea my hubad ru hid wMit yo and your daa
s uoded the hoMs lr hm na vati. Ebtar wihr

de pa There b bno Iagmb sl manle to be
goae Lawah; al that -M ped alo msl-Oed hml
ivn herthebictoy. He had eml ed hr to do bt
cur wiold hne wibc, nay more, rMwt H hiwr
dird; and oa her clb bow theren imd to be
plainly wTirn His liing, "Child at yar ater a

a-we have-U this u atoaryhuewhm hitMny lha
it, or halwe caln imaiai to owu ad, to ta the

0ms I. is kx l p ,
m-obw d diei~S DMMN b bb uiini

io% a a 60m ft O suh d Umip
I ro- I" e - amupd Ismbr 4bd

I C~s .a* a u@M the wask ka eml yso a
so ad uk, bet to ArIw4 by d lo W Ps
hdau4 w-=& adra*. Win ad *oM1 sm
awbm We. Nome med .win. "holthe
0Oudpn "de9 090 aWS CM yS
SAd ay paws, asa iVt dw du "pews d Ga OW
i Ofr 60 I ia Lad Jon Ci., whinh dIk uske
pmd drob a th pumbe ad eyi. soa a ruiAm
*Mud -w zmi d mmud sing is akvo
otweIo d Io dw s% do Cob Im
wa- nrnw biy thbisks it am woth whbie t oaudi
Ual ye d% md itkG be a bq *Ia hat, IS = so.
seww( do Ow h@Mus d od i" bivi d mit
Iu oifmdn, m dist n bti a mm is
dou dwW gmi Work m dm dmW smhm J
P at bms ~ WI



. .,WILU Ir do ,v m.r" 71* im of
th pom d w dsa iin to to thr dm
bnumm t haLt h d toM bemL haln
af de Comt of Todlo; ad dthoh thO lipa t
atIed md the am tat hbd thA hve bam fr
mo sithan ax centmim mouldeg in dm, o hMat
may till ,virte to their ch W for Whe s the ieMth
f a noble pupo e, of heroic es l tim. What
it te younl ay4lMd Rags, Vicomr of Bedise d-
dmd be would ner do as he stood cMati9, al-
mt defy the powal.hea dof his hMt His o
words ri enplm.
"My lod and a y uncle may command my Mr ice in
ay la*vl war, mad my obedience so far as hno and
condemn pamin"
The old a intasptd him wih a anWr gste
" HIm the Conts of Toalome eer abd amht of
their varm contany to honor or comnscid
"My liad omnk I am your salts som cbut yor

Spdi l h added udny
md in a aer tme; "yo coamd a-a-y, yea
omme mW," d he bowed L Wd bed i y at the
wrod, ao .ribt mylf .essrvedly to aor Holy
Aher th ope, in dw peroma of isolate "
"I do, a thm doat la liv e w ad beds. If ty
seine had ot infected thee irth ti heresy, where
fene theeldn sthashtetet"
"I- ae mo o eg Tll llw- eestial Wars of
aw aM es w ar w te thak leae Set m the
C0mt aksh whale I ealst Not tt I iear the
dua of a pabec peane, though measbins they
idg hate lpsed it % the IpHI l saabe who speaks
the lava so,* ad wist o sMnaed ad obe-
dient Cathlic."
The Cpars reye sad a etsh ad hme ad ndig-
6adM enusd I n fets "Det the tnat me wridr
tIt*I e a delMaid; buLt the, with a dot, he ceaed
his bow, a4d, lhnimg his dboulde, mid in a ae aof
tdeisd caulmfn, "A bight might pend his days
Ie jly in a his laIds bmre or his good steed
olrig the chase, thn kneeling at the tamb of
sa of mey doubtiful repe, with a scordrd of a
oak tandia oaer him scouge in head. Bt.

PIM a IN COOK of TOWSONsd r dr of Ga pod l4i0% Pkm at
Cu-M.in L t lmdhewau.u

fm rm na *
nobw, dw bob m Pn m aMa~ oflom
Aslao ad h r 6@ m% -w w OW -m
ad bupeime A D" na ty etMay *a*, Me
-e ve doE 3 b la myU km 6laa t bo
wnel*t in bis 0al.ad I~ myso o odd &a-
hoow ikof ua embpadihl it
ad iray,) yowil coa m adw v fts ad bmmW
"Nodmi" npWA*d yovolaimmd WhoIll; yiO

ma myad sethme g o sadve Caddie do In
udL Of my rehamo-ad h~ nesmumbeen dosst
weers'been tm en =6 ml-oo hld dost sm
Urn beV abbor Uh Mu ad le UlO Abgafa
mad Patema hmriea
-Thm Jet the sams oh/ their bhso4 ad dcy
thir awUL bWh, aid U Coat d Todsugs so
vowe wib h ay immdaso ( a amosiamom of
baing in Uw wuq wis he tild hbd no made,
iuntiad his smomy mgd tap,, ad doing U
whole of their pottacted islew be bed bow mom:
log down, his owan bheft as4 u wi mU6@ gaem
mictims efwl h.yoew wo
"They oW reurnd Us *hm, ;"ben Uo p
tis h, will leyl You adoer Uba Whato
you a ia Y am snida dm U4; L Mo ad
hio atelli been tbathin pws into Uwk book aod
birn to make hqwia or be hbumyf A obaqa

p l eM kb y i s am a hbe dsi, "JAd I
Lme- i i of dwhic I hd dr to *spok or.
ASM Iut I Aodd dowkb h1 them iIs aGod in h
*t M tohe to o Teit6s, d, mie
a al Iad sed ato i olaio. TIe ladel sa.-
qm ia eoblr fhe the Cmr ds wih l thL whle
m asm theik sad evey vil psod in the I
heat At kt, the Indl Ift wlrh os but the
Crairdr wmieb his diret ev ane O tom e imont
d pla m-o that wmamhood which erm y te
kiht shod protect t k e e penae of his he ts but
bbod-- dit cdhdhood wickh ppel, with the
a ,o r of its weaknes, to l that is bIaun writia
a. Did ty e ot bn--"
"It i mes to dwe o a rocdtie that we al
l nt, the Count hatnpted uaeaiy.
*Iat it is not damd to pr-nt them i Lar
T7l mIch at hlet I my; bhbIe they do dach thip
in the lands of Bedie the lord of Beaze wl amcrice
0 Foolh boyI what wold you dot Cn yom rape
together, oati f yr lads of d ieie and Abi, so
uy as eht or ten thoumnd e Yetyou talk if
yo dremed of making the Seld spin*t a host of three
hundred tk d, beded by ah chie as the Duke
of B udy and the nible De M tfoLt"
"lmau defeadmypeople,"'id theViscoauntofeAeLs.

Srm waram
-DtabAai l hat d-l hp-Ms Wi *
pIih wih lhm, ia w AtMe tperi rwli bit
adia poember
Rayaed looted stbdy in hs muWss b; Mi
owm wa vy pl5 but Ms vil c wu m th d ca
he anred, "I wilplishw wih6 ht
"If thou m rt mn, I me Ti lat commol tohe
shalt emhrbe from my lip I e thee ow; lmeae I l
place hoot a hoe's deld, st I i d the qurte
in the p until thy r amisi i lodged wih owr loid
the Leate, md a bnach f our admit bours ve
ftm utlr min.
"My lord edlaimid Raymond im a tos of indi(
-at -rrie
"Go-do nottept ma too fr."
"It time indeed tht I h otld g, i it be thm the
ComWt fToulouse hboan the ties of blood ad itend-
hip, ad the solem bond of a co&nct e cmot hve

"Dot thou dam to qpek of dtat cmarct edi t
supy Count "It is Ai who hat fIotta. Cold
the madman who nbhes apon certain n dem of
claiming the hio, the had of---
"Fobear, my lod; at les t tl t a~e ot be
named between ,m mid the yrth in a tone of dep
emotion; ad he tued aay his fcLs A moment
afterward he esinned mae cohly, "I mot dofld

I MSWi Adff
s4 .IS..of m ENW 4MI m
m. bI-t dhtpM 7 sId i ,I* hIr a
Aa peheap lb S ,be l m inequi q-
b e, ad bos ViM Tbe d Pelm ha d4M fr i
peopI Ms blbhb Coert lymid of Tir my
rakd of s heu i r em tm do" Mr, r
wIM h e -- al- A h ow i e ame a gl
amlhtJW h.b hens*oI 3. etard to
bhM heI h of lmt aMhuYt doe he bld
bak thr ia mmmr, mid i4d, "My lid comA
d" dso. sa ln hop bs poMhIe aUdr do th
pi-h @beir Th waoir ad pea* ir uh Iot
aM ,lalieg year cocademca may aoat AV be yeuL
God nt ye do ot Mint, who nrqe a midl-
lia, ht yes did act ct a nober purt H ande
fMm the al, ad his ay, yd be oAhe Ul-eig
hm a soo bmds beils b the comoad hetily
Msomat a hisim page, tM atlladea Lne bad
hbgs wi Mu.s hbM i s upid adsmm J
The Comt of Torimm ad Raymod do Baite met
aso m on sat. The br w mem tm RmM to ad
iM d&hgaMd pomu ih di paresoi pow wM
wu ecmi ine ad aswd hi heato of tbs ir do.
miism, ad doufg ibMebs ewVli to a tnmnd
tatrg Mrmsldeah. hthelr, depabeg bt o-
odM took s home ad w irth tees wore aOm L
lI we diw'hhmy peoerlr Sotel pd hedid.

THE SAGn 6o0W.

M Ui hImw l d AIs AUe ob a is
um idad do roiw i oW 0 dw

aN w~ r~Iuby, hiYddm) -d -4 9 IiI i
bV#AiSU em dwWaud w~wM~wp.4 -
Ud a I@" bdk sad p bi do inIis.Ioia
Wbu Do In lquel. mWL *m wu dm
He Ube akid it pomgebm p m *god of b
awngd wi ibk fe awkia ad hmty cmepe
of he CaOn of Tooloom to maba So dde of &e
cafaw =,wand f. dile beat oito mmeiu
poo*,; bt bti dutdiem of bb poIW k'
dingd fte aqw of dube Akad di mu bed
baum doqepf am k weined iWo heLnp
ye tb a din yrodowm of be d&awm eads
I *oir* thoq bWrmhL bhowS be cbhm to die mLwa
th aba"idak hrbhe mWd aon dtbb nmiL k ad
Mometo wimmuud sbW tbaumto of e OgJg
ad 6elapldd-in Ii Uih bed bbt bupubor

0 iarPi~erstam
dh1 pe ape thsl NsM i eedtue ih thg
lMitmp md ar of Me Coa of Talem M wt
whAch It asM had o tar- ari bI t puhqa be
nveled by the am ampngel of his e hbe tead t
as th*e loy btemea of the ce=l, en hdo wladi
oed cocedaled them a bhi view. thee pa ed
oer is a look of s alma ddat etieone;
he was aming hime whh the comg of despair, bat
it was asmour that ateuad whit it uacgheerd-a
cobm worm above a emot woumd
Aar rid tog hr sowm time at a rapid pace, he
heckd i seed a tie, aud a d, "Headi* The
page spmred his mot ptey to dthe side of his mat'
hone, adnmaed his blae (dk eyes, 0 of loe ate ad
hum of a sohem ime, iaquidhllyr to hi. The
boywas f oble blth; it is wel known tha the die,
which bi doilsaf jais ofiae doth and plmed
cap bdetok d, was codidered in that age the mor It
ting ppatmon r the duties of knighthood. He
looked ed ad oht abl so for one o0
yI bat thi ight fiave ua hen fm evident
Iough iNt 11ympthy with te onw iW bef lord.
Igomeat of de bera which had brought them to
Tooloose, the pg fmdoor n cecues. Aomoeg t
t* rtaine of both houses rmosM wese iof the
popped since betwem the young ViscoUmt of
Bisem d the beautifd ead only dpghtar of Coat

pmp VL. Tels e inbft u d ws41
cous In 1Mb1 ml 4ed0 Ii w wt eUNmOW
ad.wLh a son ea ims ew, wh am, a b adm as
vouwrhd wim to te vbomr'" whim h aIdy leallr
and her tadtea told teir bead dqt ere
emboldery, and misned to the a m*M d d I r of
the toumbdolr, wha could obmk dmt pl who
loved his m- er cood e am tat o tiebn
obMade-probbly a quanl betwoe the nds and
nephew-had ui pectdly aiumal He waru tMh
very hdly of the Count, upon hm e Iof comws o
th e atir bme, when his lords voice cadd N to his
"Hemrideak Var,* sid he, "*tbh hbat nevr to
me thy history. I know it Loa othar, bat would hin
har i now aBic thiW -on lip
"Thte is but little to tl amy noble lod," plied
the boy adlr.
lTh weat baum midst Mto uand white MUSl
yooadei" Mid the knight, pointing towaudi a Sil white
line MU the horizon, whoe the distant Pycn em Mgt
be ather dramed dthn is .
"No, my ld, answered the pgs; "I her bean
there with our kindred, at Minabe, bat I wa ben in
oar own aed of La Vaw. I sceo member my
hthr, the laod of La Va he f in b ttle maur th
tea ya ago; but my mother, the Lady Gile-eh,

o e mr led lowa k u h of h-.was a hs O
a VA7*pedhrA md uM4 dbhemlw po wa
men a- P o a wo i pady *s mm.
fiftd Ownub wewmm in miner; moc1i dmidte
uLshimd is ocn ",6e aum was twoem her

AEn dw boy ppedabrudy, mcomes by hh
modem, i low vicomes o vmw t
mdi.. Iii jLi m~e A ICEp~ ammed a*U

his o-s bwaM ad hffime modkeu, Adlaide 4ot
Tedeue, whamsch. w by the mo oels.
bod of desuebodemd w dis er. w"ih 4S edst re
e Aldly Oif de milqueum. How demt ern bert
urn the ranqui lie h ohe AbfIpala mle y I ad yie
dds bad m sanr and q"t Irelhem dlam -m
aptivedi& he dwm dm 42 do One aed gi~r of
dhie ,- benang W hmto cesm 0 1 haIe hawrd of
th good deeded the Lady Gi de de ka VTa, he
mid ampuskmt. "No dobt try dervd the
kdadGod, snd wer et I g by him."
Had looked -1a d Aw mcwu=
dko be =e m mode*dya d ka lowr vice 401
an um God bhan aftrplme dtem, myder WIA
0 9he p Hem IHoed ho, md bhd fqisa
Jew &p r the bloed &~a mL Me M dome
mpalyhema her hJew b hara d WHe fer His pm
md lea, md eWagedso us*tojde 9mI. AS
hor lb nom Sa m" of di Jim.Aleu ls te

"M Asm" OEMU 0
pp deg b ORK NO Od 6* 10
a oea#P bspa be at ?ebw aft dld d0,

NAt air," I med, "tam wa a mrnrf Wr
ia t lad, d or plo* od s o ah wr ba "me
hat dte Cnuda um cmi- Ow a~0 of Ia
Tir col not wet be daided, ad w b had bet
hftl amen o owr al s; but my mt I
brlhr-,th nobue Lod Abadk, a bes d d M
caol., o on h lp, ad emonapi tos do e&
baadhold otto t bet Ou a-lOmnM lb% (wd
wm an orf ow o l*lA oeid ureaL*n snmM,)
et all amid lad.ooblo s, o k med bre t
to at o mt nh God d to a~me m a o lM S
tim to td a d. Sce hid wl eied l wthk
wha the Cinradma cme It my be we iA boro
wemid thm out, but bl I orw Wl of poMldi
failed-whatcoldrwe dot My ande ad b himb
deemd i whet to marede, mkal sdh Iam
they cold rhl the d edum Woal0d s God they ad
mid like Kbg Dyld, betterr h B i o the b"ad of
the Lod God wn Ito an basdi of r
*"TlI hWl moaning, wbna the com gOet -
throew open to owr emie, my mother ad I st *le
in our aprtmen DDAce and ight wse alike .ii
poibe, and u ft wa thodht bet to W aid d
of atmpft eidh, hde wodd not alow em oqr
ci 4

p 1a M Is's r.
pro-d tmimm o rier- MudIL. Wedrnde
glost, b g t theo d ao --ast n d m# m mdk
ald hir a ~ tme we didr t Atlat *re id
'Lt u pa t God.' eS M enk d payed,'O od
onr Fale, sa lm a to h fe Thysam, an if
h kbe ritae quickly i omeW Thee, the the
m d of our s anio Chl- T'n I e rose md aMod
beidk m, b i vry pale bet cad I id kLek,
hi lid her bal do my hedad aid in a sma ve,
'My s pni e thy mother thn wilt nae dy the
Lod dly niarl.'
"I mamd, Mother, I procm;' nd e beat
d4m nd kised my row,r lonsm biag ki~l-I fed it
dtil-tlI wrs m M."-II- HeId f few rmmo mad
dthm cmaed wcm h at h least u d Iahm I bin
not haw loga it was e the door was dey tht npen,
amd ome dx or sr fe Sre looking Comesd nreaed
in, the fammot had ae min his land, there was
blood p i, and I iid me the white acm on his
am was teaked with blood. 'Yild, Ieticl' he
aed bandising his wepom. My mother id, 'We
yield, only lead without violence to your geaeraL'
The wnech spra frweal ad useied .her m as if to
dg her with thb% I tbhw ayslf. him and stnuc
him with sl my might
"Blrmly dome, boy,--well"
"He raised his axe, the room seemed to fll on e,

I Is me, a im rm I mob" slpsin it'
- S do mood* IN d da.o bwh b mwt

011-1- 11M a. a., Wbu. 1. .7..

in my voled inse tbla *a% Wbm b sy'so wr
OW t adead, bot hk r@ ook d 61 m at
Pasuamy had aduo lo bhidd ma b fawe
Mdood.AtheI Ah a~mauitomah d wlVat
-l .scoudd In dumburLig v o&a. hoharrow
while, whc sao"e Gou em sho covrud. W am
0149Ano mya.7 tI Alt balm mo loo"e bhock hsat
Woht th black I *%WON of wood min
otherobubhith half asmad by be -oa d a. pound
- -anaio"dW slaf l 4i wbil% *we

"of whl h*m, dost a..v Weak r ald hym"d
"My bod ratmmed a. pq, "in a*t co.~pa
a.7y ..me to dem* in on smat som, orns a
handled -ic and woean; beside thus. wen kWht

Undo Ahiic lhL Inutetkahr(emrtb a.
a. Ladr* mad ta. bofs'. it heaved, med hi. dl
ice Nmed to diLat with the paaion AlAMd Ii
a DOW to cat in37 lot with a. tha wAit &W
am 60a.oung iiwm~t &oqoady to hbma~ He
added aoud, #IBLM thy 1 mother, wW to ehrr
"NOt AIM mIyJ wid a. pg

9p mf PAUi dOM.
"A ag mmldm haI ble dm c mme oer m at
vht I bhdM. I ta le cry la d, but isomth
ch ed my vole, d ls s* p mr Ib of the widow,
I Mto the pounM d a foa osmcidoum I. How
loa I lay m I ow noa, Ib it im was stilt whem I
ft ommem touch m, ad eaMd old GMan' vaoie.
I whlpnd 'Gato, tdel me in pity whm i my
mother, doea he liver His ansr was, 'She lis,
com wih me, I will tke you to her.' God fgire
him -bat the ie d my life, f the hope it brmoht
me ent new strength thm h my feeble limber He
bound my wound, pMe e a draught o waW, dhen a
dclk roud my a elders, and led me thoh the long
pmge to a all pivatedodr o the cade. There
uan, lio mwp ed inn a clo, stood waring wih two
bmmus Gaton exchangd a few word with him too
low for me to hr, and pat om ing into his hand.
Then we mounted, and a G*to did I saw in the
moonlight that hra we the hitet white aro Whe
the setries challenged us,he ge them the pawoad
ar thenight (Thewound of S Seb.s a,' I think it
wra,) so e rode away fely, and being meciflly pe.
red through many dangers, at lat e reached yor
town of Besies, where my noble lord so kindly and
icrMr l took as under his protection"
t he cold Gato induce one of those pitile
wretched to aid your escape" asked the Viscomt

*U7 &os rIttes l
wy dM ns n to plM a glame my m-e,
had coamslld hir jew" ime H m. aMy
lad Iham aet GMson, Mlmk f a Cholb, w e to
hem baea in o dirgr; bt hLy wo e o G- m m d
and that he would hve bess ra ggd to dms ia
spite, as he d it,La bIcaf A lAtbm ied alts .a
di' wel asir of mh oa nt o pron etioss thdt he
was neithr an Albigemse r a.Patam, air of anyp
whateveT, had not a capind ader. whm hie co
served aaint d Xoom in spm*, rmsdass hmb bor he
aryofa soldime AMnd dm he lmtaged l, Nl
wfar mea. H sHeood t r my den r modi wr a *
mend for r er h and dhoam death atdMr m bfe
at the price of fkouni her a b r. O why asl I
not there Whydid Goddey mheadie etodie wi
"Because dm wet too youg to die, poor ch,"
Mid his moter kindly.
"Oh, ao my lard; boys yopr th I Lhvdild ei
this for the m of Cui* They alwed Gasto to
comaeueaoh to qiak with hem. e sid God was
with ha, ad ahe was Mot aid; then he added low,
'Remeaber the chu I gave the.' T1chat e was
to save me. he puti itohs ahd hr er a gof
pearl that she always wre rond her noek, ad a hli

beolk me r mede dm parpeMhds a gU kM t y led
ho awa to d G loam hp eds bar to h a,
aed m th adwm. Sm was md." l B the boy'
oice was chkbed by ooidoa, ad be was anabn to

"H*ed do I V r, said the Vi oun in to o
deep aling. God helping e, I w Aihthe my nawrd
intheebam othee mareMamnta I nari
T' e pa looked up inL sip 1 My lrd wiv n,
cano tt t h the Cmdamr
"IM etdodir t lng"etmrned hRamad,"orgive
up thM, my dli, ad A the mn rw n am d dcikbd
who hbod thy hli to be delt wih au we the people
of l Vo. I have ad morkh, boy. Thom buh
given me what I needed-a thought to nve my aim in
the coaict ad to make my bet bhd and wa d with
veqnap e,n u it hold be for so a sumle.
ben thu was ilaence ain between then tnhl and
SattMend, and the page drpped aoac mm u into
place behid; and s he did so he mmr d to h l,
"'And Jamni. d, Father, fo, re Ibm for they know
not wht they do.' Merad Saviioar, teh hinin Tia
amn m and in The own way."

ji . '*'^y^


if MI oodu hre .elhM.e Co Ciml d
SToadoi and lh *ViMd ho ldM pmmed
-1" lohmwh d .T mCom m
Tlo enm d lecona of Thi M.pes

pnrt e in piplei m for a hLtde =kldo bim
oviwbddeanroddL. IAic hMicaph wiofan iM
Wi the cm of im m=e4, he dot hefKp in Cka.
cwaoe, di me bi to nwk ith emy thumd po-
loag bi radeince to 3a h h a bhenad momt of
J- haibl idp ri ed *wihd wu 8% *0oi
they cal not lhaehi adfeetheat. TherlaM e
had taan Bedt by but,* end put A who wnm
fMad wibin is wad, to the Mbar of iday thMed,
* to te seid, wrihout diiamctioa of ag, ot Me, or of
caed. Whin the ferodio AnM, oebbot of the CG.
d wn reminded the there we y Good
Cathm in l awNo, and aMed by wta .mM JIt
they be dirtiid hra te bedto, l mmr-we,

198 Sm 4Uod va how An. hug 06 blos.
Amid do Miome. cini sd wa .0 boaIa.o
A lo w dmd modAmple w" bmra caimwy
Iwempn o bkowi% ibmj a la CAou On a
-bt pitme of6e s co Thy mied Le ciy
ofi Dodo, whom tey ImI mov people dmars
S am kmb tle waWdd; for *q WIad mmlah ya
mor ciir -iahm at the Iu n-. 114 11d and
mwdm th dmI k l" bulg sm by the aid -sopl
atciy, ft &q&a m able did noW L the* pw
dmck of OL Nomum both o omd .u Us
-pi -dim 0 L= w ubd, I mmd baw al
to seg meal a ody ded; be tjalar the wod
of th bak am *a dmbm In tork piedoo hbit
aor the i.1k could ILder *I bw being pot to o
mwud Ow. a*ly mcapufoAA mlte wut s ds mad
di&& NobLg so peWAwm am board oaf d=L
And wuhmt *head ben ~ mdit vas s an b;
a diit kr wa pA ~ad mdbnt,.a it appes lo a l&
dq* No hItg dael grn was whh was a and em .
-roo mk ldt ale mid Vmoomt wr sma a
lemede amaof dttu mmV
Ahi e ik Iiodd emI, tbe whelm of the
- -m -my abow dm a&ed tohm,
mdom.iwusadepluetCmrcmismL 1b iwmme
laymed hed a*, be a wild boer heaqk fi bay by
ita pvwms-duuitbg pt dm At Wol dare

*miu Was buiso susv at dwom .W a" h

man&d esm mr S &m As o. Si
ban pulmon Ward "w fine* 6 9 Oftlas
whm oi Miy wbiles up anls sm& ph
17s aeb of *t hum-thu Dae of Digmy and
the Coacst ofNOWciWecawd"61amyLwpwmd s-
A mDe Mmchet-bqem odepwtbechwAsodtdds
y*MVumotn tuI mwuocoaiapblealvaming
Whhpmadfpeahblh acc mmodauos W io head
sal dwmdl c mum h okal u-mmsu cem *A
oami mbot Iu* Se vim, odf qam essseceu
of hepign MA6 wIth humdeo bea ping p*l mL
Thuvas paidm ml phduumidpoabmwue ad
m kddialS, slLe dKgoafq A.,PefoU,
who accompaniLd the Imudg may, was aod mod
'ehofy the Visom mesad am Ihwd dacihcMO
to Iiu an hs be" Heactually I dG
inWarmsi with MN and uiumd to c dam p&a
wuemd by hi plet and Pamoios qM mad d
vsanlyelcquem. with which he inehiedthe zuinm
nsemi hemL*. Botthe L~hmomd a deaf..to,
his. vaim dalcu.,% and the only ramwhch t"he
prin who Vonad the sy woud af the people of

a. b bufh duma s s WetAenMmCr
.:7- iWw"oa-kk ddkmo rIA 9

I.M.r.. n.r .IaMu IaMeeWopa l I weiM

e mou'uUsMhto behYdlaUlxe, rth *taabado
a e d- amfy CIowNiddim And we me tod,
"he pdaed in d.ba qg buleelwffA wMin- mmbs
vborl I I *onm orf atccuddia mmwe
mdes the CradM lwd thir oame, and semed to
beaom r lebsolltud orytiealmg. *Ifmthe Le
ad sth Vlicat cci od y met," they id6 *they
vord be be MetD to air ?md otad, sad ag
woud be wn Ilrely, the Igate nt okixrf of
ak into Caseoue, to upe his peopoal po the
Vicor, eaSing bhi a i bfeoadut for hUl and
bis amuedes, Meed by the met olim oalt
Layaood, after w delibetio4, sped to viit the
cm pobtaby comiddeag thet the pemMtc or the
imdly md a powa K of ABasnB wea a macit
-atMe Wine ay madited fusuchy.
It is ny Ioral cm bth day appoimd for the V
cosmc ian t i pwi&t tw Lepe Anadsl a sort
ghtly dthdioe, he is soted bdbn a meA table at
Lthe ppr ad of a large ell fe hoase ad other
weo occupied the lower pt, piecOn of mor me
seatand amoadud Mi toiunewm, mdran pON
to nd io Upo cthe tble l Ud his omn mo
and aed glovei, ad a vy bmeli amod with a

jsmie ml ad oo.iY, a ba f s Im
sad am cmam block Waed c om thu6 =l
wi&" ebothum The ysusgiuis~em Ah~me
m hededId'i mprod thom bIn he- u.lg eshet
book md bb km mould home view. a aso
dth ecommdehgibe cmt ahebed hedmh semm
thot prsecosed peopk 1. bjbood bb vi heb
bee eIreI upon the pIobAle of db 11i,
herqr aj #A he bd mwd ateito all ithe
IaeIi eonly WLpoed an hhe of *Akgend acg
hrbhmdwpmewbfihymsdud V Itosbiadma
w hbiied cfte m ofa I boyedy d elmi m
hi whole w bIkh i were of a amg nd
releetbe of ula copbmled to wAm amus
bcsdlu to dsimor e Wki udes, And w daot
the ahs bus slved, ad *tha he goes ft to -o
cause of his people bde a JWdg tha he wel
know to be both pem ad reeatlem, he Is pay*
weWigiall the probables of fth ce. NortwkLhed
eg hi pbig -, he eq be th visibd of sow
mae, be sad the bmad of pant sms, ie bed nd
bravew k am he deeme it hsiswht cmu to takewit
him WhetItheylaerata toCmr e aid
he&w thmino wontotWepail Ye- he isiophy
bbgmeItbeho mutoplytet I mdaw Y
and b may yea be had In yeader c d h
ema be obeeid for bLbvk Of le om 16 he

.d6 OAnB OleF WAr."
aml dl ; a ; hip u le g the sme pm qu-
si of thelr M aiws, he npda it with mori o l,
ee wih bbIer hdit nu tle ist we to die in
coriC with b*Mother Chlrc t Who w0 mais the
ceami beIfe his eyeM and toch his cold mlnbed with
the said Hre mt not, g hwev in thisis hour
oactien, los hlmhelgli i that a of cofboed cn-
tadicty tqh God5 s lwr ad the Ch nd' law
bd, uas belisers, in codufict, be hascbpn to abide
O God's side ad to take the conequce. "Oh, all-
mcifddl wa the cr that am fom his beat, "to
Thee I app. Stand by me while I tie for ercy
and truuih-and by me if I M in that acred cause.
I ak it in the ame of' Ty Son, the ever. ciduL" He
nised his head dlwl, and sw his pge, Heari de
Vuas beae him.
"My led," said the boy, "the good father Scard*
waits withouL"
ULet" menter,"retumed the Vimsot,' sent for im
Hrd uhered in a venerable anu with gry hair and
beard, ad in plain da attie He bowed to the Vi
count, ad stood in silence, awaiting his plesu
"Wll, Bbe," mid Raymood, "what new"
"Noe, *yload, save that our people py day and
aW that tht He who kepeth Iel my keep you beneath
the shadow of his wip."
See Cmgulfr wasmr ek mm ela Abmigemi po

O"DeMt Vs hIrm him ummr et m lot Isesat

"Nayo, Visomt, k wouhd a beesa mibm I ould
be mslafed an far Im tMa we oemm, andw w kt
othearis ery am voma ad chDd, mam pt m
would pedb with hugIr rber the pe oar p to
the enemy I
"]haB e words, Babe, and not spob e at da
either. Now hearken, I go fah tody to make tam,
if o it my be, ot for mya bat for thee ald thy
people I pledge my kihtly wd that sthr tte
or prmie dl seve my frte fam thed s amd tdie.
Dst tho truet me"r
"I do, so help me God sid the old paor with deep
feeling. May Hew d thdee, ad He rnly wi"
A look at emotimopaeed oraerRyja d ce. "Th
people have ever dealt well with e ad mie," he ld,
tretching out hi had
Father Scud took it ad ined it to hi lipe while
he aid with great eameN m, "Woeld tht my good
lord could say,Thy people shal be my people, and y
God my God Would that he knew tha pe o faith
which ca keep the ear at peae in the midst of peril,
nuherg dmath itMelf-hat he Ikew .am who i at moe
the author at that ith ad it object,-thea indeed the
wrt that could come, wold but chdu e his coret
into a crown of g that would hine for ever ald er."

te "MW jler WSu."

lb pop -o Ad m o d d. m, m andb a
As 3il .4-'(lOMlr-- .4r Sd faedM
hi dlk ey4 M at em saker, thas b6 M beloved
yoM Im r hUi aO e Mpem of ernt eniry.
At lit Rayamd aid, wih Ma Idl ad ather lhtly,
.bSo the wooddt make a heetic, mic d. Tw
.mee to thMl ppo thei ad thy bnetm would s-
m to dth tra Chmh, and rve md blood and many
Bt the luta wos wre spoken pavely and a ad amd
thoah look i* plrc d the mile.
"Bue," he added aer a pse, "I smimoned thee
as a n of sen a tellgece d one rmpected by
tie amwn people I have a mc t to conAide to thee-
Heaus fWth hither a butn."
The boy obeyed, hRymod took i hom hi hand and
led aa the ptor, frbiddin Henri by a gaete to
olowd them. A comlderable time elpsed befe be
rent d, then he came alone, havi dimied Sicad.
Heri ventured to ask he pued, ist myl ard
pleam that I dshod Iatted him t the camp t
"No, m poor little heretic," returned the Viscount
kidly, those wild Cnderswould master little taing
thee to piece i their eald for mother Chrc, so Ihold
I lose te bebt pe a kniht eer had" Something in
his laods manner both to the pastor Siad and to him-
el~ touched the boy deeply. "He was never d," he

"I oh ., bad its 4. ps adn
dam h w ee M ame pl-4 m- it e te-
wml ofm Hi has rmh, d4 hm pmr pl le
Lhe mk qicklytdM te felot i m *Ak bm,
uobl" l, a bon ms ye eipm W.'
"Spek boldly, my id. God aknmM t ib Mtde I
e to but thm at yedoae the bt What
isitt Amordl Agodsd dr
Head drew a stra looig ttle olme be

SWilmy lordu codeom to te dthls wlth h It
wi ldo hLa good."
"' e boyi it plue thee; cenlt h dome so
ha. I thank tbe" And be took (e ile book
in is hand aud einoe d t 1iaml-. Ha Ik di
viru of a talimSo tin L th dk WM i tm amid
the band or the Im in the day f blel r will jt
ge me good smcce in the bims qpo whic I mo
go fedth*
Hemi ro up wdn pl "I lo haowmy
lWrd," e aesweed smpl. an t th I have neer
thoht; bet ift does ti o good, hr it e of J ems
tie good Saviour, who lovs m"

S"n AjMtr.I WIA"
*AN m.slglll squll es semb abt sanes

- 3l RMa md; "Od tM it s k h qiey.
P1 myel iagl" He ddled Ald-- And aow,Hre
tak my nwod s amd lmake I ui bit Uas tdo
cea--T1ame pmse.
The mex day dthee u better w mpbg ad waling
in Cuoem Then I oha chiesiin ret ued no
more fom the ftal cam the dmak abode treachery
ad violedc. Iag did the towfo wutch ad wai,
aioady kee io pe al in each otder's hieat. Det
when the sea of the secod day reached its meridian ,
mad no m age or tU~e came from the csmp, ven the
roqes hearted flt they were absdomed to their te.
The Albigeas would have been moe than humm hid
not a ew voies bee nised to ace their sbemt lord
s itshlesdemttiohof their came Btthe amur
wu huhed at once. "He would never forake us-
never," aidthey al *"Hi heat istrue u eieL But
lasl by this time he does not live, or only lives a cap.
Then wilder sad louder grew the voice of weepi
The people of Car one seemed already to behold the
swoads of the Cruader, red fim the slaughter of
BDeie, at their breasts. Hubads caped their wive,
Iad parents their children God help we mnt
diel" they munmuedin their deqip B am many

"khe ddww e agmei m6 te wo%
m aol r n0 m he-md mr'
Abe. do .et~g wd ** pupig of *A w
r -t:M *- ..

*My chim," id d. paler M4 -ds i dw
do ymeh toe deeper. It h nr dmt we mm
coias to dm d thr dt, y et ih Got doMd hIl
wemy llm bved. Os r moble Vb~s eenme be W
u, mdid to m the mbaes to a mucN pame, whi
iamubnethiaeadiredoe, mlierdrniruml d
tl it nmat the mat yoe k ow aI- m fle
therildt hd f r ew. ItA a mit eS dk.
nM iofle mes it& podibl far er eMliss to H
the npmap utemVud. Let,. hkal eam mms i
the duadch t the door of which I Md, mad dhe cMa
tk emves to the di pirtedMin of Ahiy God.
Let a thn eape tble, uad the d e o flath
in His m.,whithom He y pm to leid a; for
the whole manb i Mh, ad the fhibs the
Iqar -m amgat -o p owd pesed the po
propL "*God be paid.-rb-hhe ot fomk t
wa the aM thought dthmt lmaba md pi
fobrthdk. And the reuneat mer ouhe d addd
words lie them Father Sicad is idt; he is a ood
aim, we wmi all flor hbh."
At the dsk midi~ ho Lthe aUMsod rM dof
ia I

"1 o', m o on eowd pOP m w. W, abbs-

* md -wir a n am l cr and a l & ar
fmt .It nrd a lt mlamnAly eemin. Mo-
Ai- cmaid ltkr Mlab I tir nM mM s hld Airk
Si ci ebya b had. The lick ad agid mrm
im by their Maide wik a dl ce a d dMdaum
tht c.hacmasmM pemritad; forsflag had not made
th. poor people hnd lnd Padei a towI d h &a.
Ahmt at oI* lmanmt t Sicd anled Hari de i
Var, who in the rly part of dte evening hd made
Wtm vry we w He nemubabd havin o t nl
In the 6ctb, mad bulmming tithlIr, fond hbm adn
hkoig hi einst Ace raised upmwda and hiL huad
dclmped p yr. He bIde I lm in a te of atmh
iM imamiditly Mad fonow him.
Hari ae, but aid vry call, "I am pmying br
my ua, ad I wiA to ray hobe util the CnMade
eate the town, that if he be a captive they my a ow
e to go to bhm mad re him."
Nay, my o," replied the puWtor; "it is fooish,
diouh a bhae and aenrmu tbhoh They would
mader doee, or fare dee peecace by toture to dey
thyli. Itiwh o g I*tom uch peil,thol hwe hold
ac it barely wn God maad i Came."
Dat He ril si h bach
"Thi ddlaymy rin musl," uicard nly. "Yet

rawws w re s d. ,

I go, my, h ," ald i lU betal he mmw t
in a low voic "I dll my dma l d,lt r al tt;
ad dt bOle pale, Molud csmmotce wmek* qd
pealr. Thy bosh joined she biad fI gil- wMch
immdieaelyben ydmaith;amd t.heepmned
that when the am o oun se in 1 gay ovw ts oy,.
t hon upon demred rmpeb and emptyol bou Not
a livg wiu lek tin Caunome Vanly h4
mood of esia been easnd to me WlMd ad
tlae the men of Cuarceoe to peli He wdd ot
hbve it dts, tbase mother lot va appoimed hk
HeAfl, bt they wa rad. And it m bdr fobr

*^t :


iemidmwlnter. The sow hasfalen in Dealer,
coefin, with its potles il, u if in pity,
the chaed and blackeed mina, and the
seseMwos so lateI blood has owed in rie All
is deation tee, made only more deary by the troops
of tough ald ie Cnrue who tread the stes, and
occry chof the dweligp u thbei ha left habitable
-dwellings which once were MAw, but which have now
mo in common with the den of wild bets. For
having killed, th pole also took po n. Butlitle
joy or plt did nch posesion bring. Thearm ofdthe
"white ra hot onlyailedthem to pull downandto
de y; their common wua not in any sese to tore
or to build. Woe for the houses, "even many hose
put and hir," left without inhabitat, for the frtle
paim utimled, and the fiitf llad changed into a deer I
Yet one or two gneortios may to a certain extent
air thee evil, for "that which hath been shall be
a;in;* and communities sometimes possm a marvel-

less "lri, &idr M lh cL wMm am (a P-A

y-ds ad ollcyode, and soe th dch IImedie spin,
and LInpedoc may aBe as m- in h* sreim,
the abtinnad ofrnam a ulas for *e plea .d
Peel mak, e colooikon a dieo low m dilr,
Sho buM twhas& er a ps Ul^ se Irdy l, m d
simple mnnum--4or Am thee comers ascond l;
their has gmne down in blood and for e I Ite
Albigase, ar a ne hbe" cenaed to sali pel
ammred by t*e myrmidoa of aro, for the "- tei
many ofJ Cr .crh
lath lees ora the ps that dsop 6 ps or path-
way, time hAu t amNusquy dWid away the scorm
and the boety, leading only the hld d d colomles
br of static &ac o imey tmhmd mea, wmes,
and children, "who wen all di sad d@ed,V ama
amM who were "based together ia oep B ," W Mah
and ch a fat e or city doeemed-we my sed of
these thiga t of the agdag ai whk do
went up fom all these, entering into "the me of the
Lard of Saboth," what accord maoit We bI n
deed, an occasional limpe of the joy with which sead-
fu confesors sealed their M with their blood--l a
foot-rieat, and only a few, of that est army of mgu
who trod the way to heaven fro one corner ofB p

I Is

i tI a e blig l i ad delesm heo
tf Pmrpl MheeUm a Moth taeh thM that of
itoiny. L wthe ( vbh i the rof Pat ,it
S 4ive to the e of h la i a e to M bna& dihthe
oIr th soda of tem hat we I s r thie wTd o
Go dm" alkig tk hc blio ro u ; while i
the m Toa, th ear of fih may h "a pt voice
from bmr," ig to the witaee of Jen, "Come
ip ~aker."
The cadeeo f Bier ha aed the at the dow
Phleed dimauled, Sd prtl dstoyed by re, the
vdtoe c dd ce of the yumy Vneou-whee the
p ad Roger Taifer held hiW cout, and the Trubad
ovn aug the paieI of the beautiM Adeide de Too.
om--b ow oalct to beed a a piio. The crl
and pdediouDe Koaeaft,* whoe Mrices to the caue
hav bee nwaded by a pt of the bd lads of the
captie Viscout, se little Tvale poo ncb a reidence.
9dcet for hil ppoee if ts goor wall be stil strong
eouh to keep. aot a aowd of igno bhees awaiting

h* hs tOo *r kwm I, I| tmm of Webnid toe Cm- i dkfat.

.L OOImVw* ull lll p,.B0
steala sal k AmesdeMeeThal - thsadWhinee pi>

.ri*(1 U i bpl h lban uge eLl AI flpl ul i t
ri>. i^*i^,T r~lly liriirU

ad j wm is p dit b piIn
suc a Iea eqpd* ft qW Isu ladsI
dA& owns = dA* am% tits(L bdp of do p~mb
retier o Do Moodlor
A bu*oand kit, bebd is aa MP PsrN
ad"wA is bnd in bb b=4d, im od ddaim
Tkuw gp oladdin gahod rond tha eminb
way hr be obaquody, or he ais som a pu dm
the glrabkratd Ku, I 3iamlaiYd.
tor," H. hobsphavhmhbb qrw dtmuakmab .
doai e*ami;'mdaubedouaabbl qa ly
t at* auomin a rck duum, wo so a Ids quit,

-vwft m a oung 4 1 4a Popor NN
sang.ftc. gmmechieftbainfmaL
Yor blNmaing bok &h.4 odd the oajb (rw
he W14 uncwaioelg his he"d
TheiiNor dream tohbe
"TbeDoeMontfor hu a~ 6AU InhMuap.
ftam be Ahve i the LqwfOK and. viaw a
ikeen ga' dthe Smavme -~b ualiar to hbs
The soilds's gYo h; bemu bb to1111%ciasin.
dawDa but little. He maid haui*, ad in the -u


p -L~I
*Ihm ew -b boomamdubn 0i Iajm plef

U3qp S IU3 th he ngj *he is ab-
A" a M of "ha emmdn ma with bhme us
aledleloma" He aidediviawM~er,"Andaihell
& musandlel to the aaieb.
-%hdhwr I- r the &o capta in, uIy

rft. rts el he eoeW % iWmad his aool,
dockmand mam.Imad wit a little boated..-
"Yth in it a piy faher, ums it "a forfthemakeof
Holy ORSo yo3. and of se oblea Hemp;
goods t^~ and c, owlan bowing himselfd-
out wis most undeutegi comp
Asor peal ora the Dowiname hrod im.
It m is M lew he Uid "for AN. a tal eof ut, use
IQ MW mme idaiwhot vim no o hetme Thu dot
Pi, a the biwkuid tequerer Hoeeerdabaat
to tl- AWAY, dme Added lowl, "Who i that bqyt
"hA&iii k e of the peauee, fh, vho pmp
at hhe MV ISandufhsrtohim RelieiLngitWbe
th will a Holy amch teh all poule ueatlemas
and ay diould he hown, I haoe given hinm poami.

dsa. Fil" a tn lbe, i I mt s ,e- ihh." 2h%

pod gIIas dm d Ob sMe k Mm to uuu t A a
o rang mspplest bad uslne his ef seas by n SIU of.
two lAw p" of cr udoidmbi mS dl
"'AbsolWo te," id the aflr wih apia B. a t
isitjk y Miead( Iack r e have e d s Ip
ean and log tea ."
"Irik that," amnw d the sldier; "a d(er tuocm
Oebe wal than to quit the," and the Mar peim d a.
A few m events aoe, and HealI de Viar had ob.
tied the dedre of his hbt, that Mr l it had hand
muy prilsk ad endured o hardMlps He mood
once amoe i tl pem a of his lad tho Vbson of
Besimea He stood ia his pman, yet he Wn r hi
Masteuri the ndi of enotioB which be t the t sar
to hi eye and drove the colour h blb chek, k pad
mroid the drety coefirdtlem halL 7UVisout dta,
and neither to qeek to hima nar to cl him to his ide,
there was something in this so sug thdt it child his
heut. Atlath be saw the object of his senh at ame d
of the Ro, reclining on a reds coMch coeed with a
piece of tape"iy which had been tam hom the waI.
Another mamat found him ao his knes beside him,
prag b hand to h lipsp Mydear mstelhe
alaoused in a choking voica
The once p ad and ferayar d yon khightoeped
his qe Incungid, Md and theion hM, htt did mI

wk. Hb iha Mn- mid ple, b in epmise,
Ihoqg neome l m. c d md mt *lheppy i t tod id
past Matr tda of puent-- =b9 i

"Do yo aot rmembr me, myood lo dr id the
"Hemit Yes," moad eaed saoly. "Yea
my child, I remember thee. But old fees come to me
so ofte now, a I lie her betwit sleep sad waking
that I doubt f this be not also a drem.
Woan oat byt.maety ad by tail, the boy could re-
train h tean n longer. hiding hi face in the
tapeaty of the coach, he wept and sobbed load for
some minutes. He fsed this was the wort thing he
cold have done; bat it proved the best, f it roied
the dyin mn Aom his torpor. Half raing himself
Rayond idlaid waed head on the boy's hed, uy
ing gently, "Poor child, do not eep Mor help and
comfort thn thou cant know have come to me in these
dakt houb Look hee" and with his other haad he
souht for something on the coach It wu sooa foud,
and light Ahbed tbroqh Hei's teas u he reconised
his own it-his moth's little book, the Gopel of S.
John. UBtbywhatlsut~ b chance thoerer" aed
the Viscount, with something like a Irei of his naIal
anmatin of manner. "Art thou alo a prisoerl"

"IceefuymmhewaEagum pg h
lod, end to share his fenaM* asm d NMAL
* amoa lua ilpuld u lbad withL He
did not qeahk, but rang hm if wh m k dibuah
drewthe boy towa-d him and embomsed him. "Ae
and fidAl chid," he mn med at ~a, thldhsl
o till, whe the rt-- I demed w yff hfat
by the world."
Henri kaw how to sribe chord sare toe rmpd t
hiatech. UMy lord,"he mid, *the mneant ae ed
fro Carcumeo are u and trt to make ood their
reatet to another lad."
Raymo l featms brihtened. "Thak GodI the
Ai hs not been in ain. Hat any manI a ed the
command amoigt them "
"Ye4 my lord; they al consent to obey the ood
Putar Sicud."
"It is wel. Where oe mn know to command,
and the rut to obey, th e is hope. Tho didst lea
Carcasome in their company then r
"But with the settled purpose of qutitn them, and
return to yo uas peedily I might."
"Did they know this purpose of thin 1*"
I dreamed of stealin away in oet lest they mhold
hider me. But this pla emesed I grateNul to Sicrd,
wholoedme as a their. So I coded a to him"
"And he tried to dibda thee, I warrant "

"Wmi a rt i bhemd I sdIJ sm mrmled Il
Mhg yeor the phlae whm you wren.
"Mypti," aid ql mord, wth a smile of ueinp-
ti, mn- sd Am HremI m
"Btwhm I rcd my pmiand pl d bhow I wold
bdbe te oldirs to W m what I wanted, he yieddd,
ad blmed m na pi yd God I mi(ht pepe. And
thm dh people ce round me, ad I think they wld
hav had m tak l a the gold ad jri they had
momt tbm; and miom mned to go with me, br
tht would oly have ba dam gr and no hIp,
frt soldier do not cue for a boy ike me a h
u for a promw ma, mad wea the mobs tbiok I m
the miant, f mome lid or lkht, nd not am n l Abii
or a hretic. fr the gold, they pred it po me
so mbch tdt I took a few mark to pay my chuges by
the way, bat for gaining my wil frm the Cnrud
I have what is better than old." And he Ctioauly
drew h beneath his jerkin what had been a spring of
iee peur, bt the sting wa Iokem, d moe tha
half the peas we gose.
"Tho hut h gien all for me, poo child," mid Ray
"Ad has not my good lord given all for me and
mner arewered the boy though his team "Our
people would hare MOcriid their lives to sere you, he
added; words canot tell bow they mowIed for you."

e od pinwad Fwr A c M-
RaphmA. A A r the, My k ofbp* toae
the wih m, md to krmw dh a lr* hbeal w
daro my oy Do at pm0thrt my osm w.
baed. My capMtyhs not beesl mat I ddl
ieely sret H dok And dls mat ha umm
oaer or later. TIM Do Montha t coaid nmer
enjoyed hia domain in pac whblt Kaamd Rgr d
,Beid lived.
"It bi he le wn o e at dom tid thing I" midb He

"ae calm, my.ci," -mw- hynm4 gm-y.
"Thou mea I am cabs. Thy book hat tauht
'In my F&ath hose se amy maMu )'" and e
looked qpwad, i lighted w i a bhail u pe
ion of hope ad coamldence
"You hr fod tbh Snowaor ,* Hini, hi
owm heat raised and ed lte a cal like that
the aer.
"* I nk He huah fMamd me," was the low ely, aad
he Imuraed hafto himet "Jem head. that tkey
had caIt h oat, lad-AKfiAOb--t words ar i
thy book." He panned f ehmmtio, and pointd to
the tble Some vi lay pon it, which Hnri oig
but he rafted i, and ak for wate yin, "B
of that wire, Hei taeitea nota, toach it at, it oldd
Larm thee,"-wao hidb rw HAid did ot ftBy or

i Cttveamitt
had mil le MV Ae wk A tAer t a mA h e at
hed, "Whrm bat r led hme, apdtl, I
anetly prd that I miht seive the boly site of
the Cheh. Upon ea coandio alone would the
prints mt my payer. I mut acknowledge my sin in
havin rested their' ar
SAnd that you would never do, my lo."
"Could I come bee Him who i the trthth itha
e on my lipet prchse the right to partake of H
holy acrment by a lihtful sin God fobid I-They
dedared me a heretic, acomunicated. Henri, thou
a ot tell how it waswii me then. All myliI
had leat upon the Church, trusted in her aid, and now
she fiook me, and I found myself &s a naked soul
trmling in the pmeence of my God, with death beside
me, and all the sin of my youth riing up before my
fae. Men have never called me coward, yet I own that
hm I shivered in idtoleable dread. Once it cromed
my mind that sice the Crnader believe that if he fel
in battle with the Albigense, the gates of paradise would
open before him and al his sin be blotted out, my con-
ict for truth and right might also be accepted by a
righteous God. But I felt the thought an utterable
aberdity. As if I should my, Behold, I have mispent
my lie, btI have given it at la in Thy cause'-wold
He accept it at my hands Tee was no help for me
there-anywhere. At let I tned to thy book, for I

u, 'La -t adl-d ho wft.tab L tto'
the- I x i hao M am myn e to hpe io rit
mcy.' And th I md dth Mimed Admow,---t
msag, gld mpim I lamed at He ib so Ma M
Judge, bt the mdi and loig OM, the Lab ot
God who bameth away tde -.th s oaf the weid-
atmlri Alm, mystmrengih l, I a ot l thMee
He hd told enong, however, to ll the dplr hat
of Had with radtitde ad ay.
SIt i wll with m aow,ihe atiMnd. *He hal
sid, 'POea I lave wit you, my prm I gie amo
you,' ad He i trath. Not oe good wold that He b
pokan bht fied or I ll i in dth hrt or. Thy
win my I died of a broken hrt, but the dost bh
better, my Heri."
"I do, and I wil tel the trth," bumt impetouly
bom Hearts Iip
"Nay, my chad, I'chuge thee, M thb liovt me,
al thy lip until thou t m ebeynd their power. A
wead, look at auqico, wold be thy deathkeant.
If thou canet, join thie own people, the gitive of
Cuarcao, and my God iv eetee sr, sad de takly
with thee a thou hat dealt with m."
"Hath my lead.no parting word, no mae for
tieDd or native r mAed Heoi in a ioke voice.
Som thought d long ag o ied the heat to the
dying youth, d hbrouh a hint glow to h pale c .

Ya teg did ihme e seaMs e ma pqgs hoip
to he is q a hi bemn adwas"tood. r t k wl s
a-t .a Iasmd was wmqii l ith the tla ad
nsqgt of aUfth poOlm., md pthe i pow to
~et i camly s id. At lLAg he mad, "I Lme no
musg, so nlhVe amvi who will mam sa. Yet
didt th dane to know, I shld be gld to iam
mght of my khmms, tbe Count of Toloe."
"Of the Cont, retard Head, I ha hea d no.
thdg speca nor yet of his so, but-"
"Wdl rid Raymood, obiering his hesitation
"At an im whee I topped on my way thhlr, I
oad rwmd a knigt who had been id tral of
the Lady Berice." Raymond head dhe nm with
gremar appmsnt calmam t an Heni pronoacmd it,
oclyaiht qump doermbL Ace. "Theyhre
bronht her to a coane in Spin for mfi ty during
these bous d. T kht id the war and its
consequMenes hd lcted4er deeply."
"weisk ae tde, sad at piece aid ymmood, "in
emythibg God h a nd for me. I hadoae a wid,
fnohe losing to send a token-"
SMy ld, I would ae the wid to do your piea-
nal lytl U ."
"No-eo-better u i it It might wake ad
aniels, aad I wo d not kn oae moment's pai
gm for m. I hve done aith thee thoiht nw.

** I *a e asms e,' a *

'. a a is .Ong b r@r4A4,,,i dwdl ,

"* atmhi a N-m-dr 4a, Aa MArald
mld lt w lch isd bt he heet whattM day aiI
mmed is de Male ias k 'om a tlitk
the om. ofthedyL -m ad ateaso f is 6rWi
by his de
"Leet in n h," said Isymod, "I im erm
loed the ti."
Heri went to the casmrat, 6ad wa h a plei
of tpesty which prtey mermd a airti. A lod
of light aled the rom inmmndael, ad a th boy
looked out a the go(eom am of godl ad dpple
doads he thought of the New Jemlem, "HaeIng th
glo of God, ud her lit libe uto a mme mot p.
Cd, even like a Jsper toe, dear u rtal" He
said, wtugning to the caM* "My derw mr e wEa
behold that Iud which has eed of the to Ohin
in t, for 'the mb is bth ht thae What lany
tht ill be I"
"It my be s" mered Raynd, "but I wt no
gloy, mr to ee His ace. He loes me, He wi
ceiveme, that is I kow, d al I need" Aer a
pau e added, "No I am wmy, I IoM to eep."
In a shot time be dept (r indeed it m anot aher a
at of stupor dthm deep), while Head wateo d nd
as 6

W*A*by Ma ftl do ftm Gf mb.

cL~cd- D s U~Em,
my un do fbds"Emm *A o W
d lwmd m dosd to eM viA -M W4-4bW
OWN" UK 0 wo dodit %* I I f ym Law

For a PW@* Assme am m aql oif L-4, 0h
spW tML pbh dw ad me heudae* The
won m Dmd

,@unsay in poovamos.



hea6d m heta nm, heued *th qda
1 vagle of the Dqe imae Alps a wlr
Sast dw nlbr oa the pIst dae, w0o
viim with hintr e tIh mcm susnsatd l th abe
do th slated N;g eed aid dmusA cult i Wa
poating himseo fr backwl A te apat b oam t
group of dle which forced mate the pWictm
hamlet of the Valey of the Gail, sood a Moiey
dwelling, in no way didigihd lam the ret eapt
by being somewhat smaller. It s aide and iople
though not without na air of homely comor% ad uas
tace od that idmamnt which wealt clau pod
ad power need otdetror. The lateior coma oioded
to the outwud indiciola It ws s and plainly
furninhed; the oterromwoau md frhoMlpMUSldp
but te himer chamber ws the peod domiile st oo
the liby, tady, ad .slpimpoama te Berh Araid,
an meaet ad aishM l ma p of t pimiuive CheMck o
the Valley. He is M d ia deep thoumt, psh


o* A a awmamasr

ha ap d isatm o b oe d em o day tMle
Iarked wd m pM" hanr ep the eiby. Him
whelm h ry lSe em thi lath brwh M: k tomdlta
rfnlra theMe ohm, bt hMi o spneci taema
in e poiesem of awhh Armsed felm himself a rid
H-. Th~e i an ale O t trw on mmdce; fhr
. oAm d,olik L mt y the Waldedi besa pract

da to hebtslo keen mad patit ob dmatiom, ad to
certaok e a s h oraly t nmitted, dtha tb ay
whr dtiAed Ao the pg of his book. These n a
hirk cp of the celebLed "Ncble LyoM," a domic
of the alys; ad last and beat of s, theme b the
Holy Scriptas of the Old ad New Testaments, pedect
and complete. It ism or -icwe rightly cal"The
_ook---dt the | houghtlil wcoentenaa of dte pastor
ofthe Alp i biding rerereatly. Armand has pamd
the prim of ife, bat he is naot old; his eye is bright ad
keen, and hs deuk browe lio r e a ly a*prinked with
'gay; the IHneo of his foe ae deep and strongly mabed,
tllng of Msin ail, mad coaict; and together his
eatdor is moble rather dmen winidg, bespeaking a mind
Omf thda omaihay power sad Ihtenit. It by the
aid of the omamudy reIng homiliar amase, we could
decipher the atiqd e direct through wMch the Weed of
Codis b auakiwgtohi heant,we w bould and dtt the

-- I '.Ik I.-

Ieuin ammom do SWWW4 m *Wf &*
h~aso- on hk Ohm so As paimmi md
4"y morning ofourwarift oW. to do Wdhm
nMmI W i the dobv of hi mmuyh~ AlpA
m a Auk with heumimia 1 ad ba .; srmis
slouoriabom? '" ofawL~wlwld~i IrlbY m
.wstudep theye w-hjn and bound kNw by
Samwd apibed Yweephudmbmdwb ul
a biing b@4d OWbe wit Ibauo yhMmw le -on
th lib ml d ado deftb theYrn ad hinm -
wi" h "Ih Chda Jvm ito do iOW of Goda.
.FadmU* Wli. bowmvt wem opmd laebmift
AmAd, him mid hm sLibl wmdm ham a. V#
tbomm he has ber comiemphalu tocmehbg ad
mtom esy fe me as cam venomous- Van
thm pmdmau emmar mad -c ay Iw his hu-
onm sonT 0 dot Idmwm t a i* e bQw u awl"
and the weak mas toct mor deed of
rumrna. wi... His loch beae. mrndII bm
ecys puw d. wit iNo% mad he arm his in widt
his b"a He numbed iii. dMand modhl"
ontl his rmevde wua dimbed by a 1Me hkbimmd
gKuaboud e&be ycmn ad, wo tripped hdyimoAs
', Nhr-.y hebo I- oid die dii, limbIarw Mmd
by hi ML

69 1 twA n

a I kiw U% my *Amr, he is a eag--aI te"I P
boy, ws lop bOt duk M a dde d, 'I t-ak
he is ben"; ay I o ehim s e li foom
H*Er lt M e *ahrld. Stin Be s d sIudea
wmuthe hdma t as oe thet pitN's he. In a
moment i dk, imbunt cheek ipr pde with co
tido, ad a kee obnrvr might hnw noticed tht his
limbH tUmebbd m h re to follr the child, which he
im divtely did leaving th Bible open o the table.
At tde door f e little poach tood a boy, Hi fhce pale,
hligt Ifobm wated with ant and tail, ad hi dmi
-which had once bopaieo neven co*-wr nan4o.le
The paorged at him for a momenteaely sd i
dlae, te tuned away, phaps to hide a look of
soaom ad diuppoitmeat He amn coanqur d the
momintay wekCeI hower, ad tunig t to the
boy he id, "Who art thebo, ad what doe th

The samer wu given m a dialect dewing cEmida-
ablra the ptoof the alle thaoh the pasor
appeared frtintesly to adentaad iL "I a a Pro.

aa gpod ambe, and I mb ',A ilMota pfnd
willw f n eid snnlked o tme selws eros, "'.
Al easwm roosr prlf ile lbe Coila m
chKd, and S i l din the iEam th lad."
The c dmvaalns cotem d by l ha sdi
S in the ir iowu df Pmroan d aim~ued
wn the than dily oMne m o~.igmt people
of the vq Alamdy y w andiu Ai m mee
desolaeod mouarmie bd mqouht i r *a thi me
placeoftthelhBiwhBmthbeiLrLh Mdahniy,and
tDer were vlIcod wih yepdhy ead *ida which
omtl ha sUb like dew ra tdir tided oand w
he~t It bqened however, thdt dthe a of the
*anger who viited the schded Valleyf b Gud
was the emp bo y, whom Ammi amr gmly took by
the had, and led into the cotgma. He m aM o d,
and lite Ale ft hd W4d, .ild, W al dhee,
and met them abesei wl t Aand lielf pomed
ut for m a cup of the red wine wi te vlige
smdoafenha e eadook He and dm on who
comedy eledd srch nAaent ad thna he somed
Mno &eiued, Amd led hi ieto th id&h* com, thte
he might rte, and empe tlhe queioin of little Ahe,
her i sme M m, nd their peaMt ahbour who
woeldd otbilf to ock to tb h bes cotl o ne e the
imqe hom P-owas. The boy tumed l ra tes
open Bble, ad having d fod the p he beM he

* p g a#f nIM~L
pi ~~e M wehs Ao rm d, Uhsmos e
ie d, lt k --- of -the-l m a cp a .1m
wdlr hr te -- w d o displ, ry I my I
ye, b lh e I in M hIs b eM.
May I thedm b L the a didpkl ofr coma
Lu dr sd the bmtm.
mtMea ed" d'the boy ue&.
S'Thl hb be twL to kmp tih UM o de.
hnend to the mifb, d to bbho the eosm wUch wickd
- m keo hsd imd ft the CMir of Chdit
"I hme. I m o f d the ect u c the Albi

"i Hei."
and Bb He A d uf

Art then ae, poor boy Have thy prnts, kia
folk, ni Ailad, Al prchedr"
A i the momr tl reply.
A faw o qudlilos ecitked pin diel act of
the boys hitly. He told them without emotion, but
with a quiet de which ather eembled the etaled
derpme of adnucmd yeuu than the quick dm-oo
lt,,riefd yo u Only o e he poke ma tly,
aud wk a imed chk d c indain eye. Impued
bth bb hbisppmnce d by mhgw which b&eMyd
leWrmey 6ut i h Ipeeoch and mienna, Aned
not thom lat of ole birth and Mlineag,

nrtarnl~d hlar i~a 'lrgili-
he edd; "for tm h ae hose L rM m*lsp
the hbi, ad my mooW-thm lb les wit h &-
"my mother died a blemed oly fr IhA heM d
Anrd ambrced h ; om who jied b s aud
in no other patent dof lib claimed b e af s
sympathies f te aimom Wlden.M, who b h r dn w
hi lineae ftoe mlar oe, nd in whose br tdhm'
bet a martyr's het Hcnrid old him bthe tit wr
the madoiqm his othL the i l ed ld ydl
Var, and the desodam of i ck dhdMheb M, be
fonmd r herwthh the gne. rmg Viount t
Bedes, whose cdivno deotnm to tL am f t
Albignes cost him lnd ad life Afar wiming
his mter's death in prion, the p p escaped with
difcay, to f iiUef i the midt of mra and
dangers, fitedles d wirtbot a re. He recoed
the stoie heard from his mother bren athe tah
who veud in the seclded Alpine valsadhe Jmoid
if poibe to makehis way to thdr abods Bec
jouney, performed in the winter soscIibned brnoe
and huardos in the eteme. His des both a the
place he oeqht to reach ad f the ways which ld It
were enceedimly nae, ad he feued tMary heil
by too minue inquiries Similar em fs kr
haing course to the muaaterie which itr a

*M l *A- q* It W pls dMue dat w, m
iL- |spe t ho I 6Wodadlsm. H.e coeml
ft Amend it hi emwr ef l inm tobhe ads of the
pdum ad meks mmemle. nedy pirlysed him;
amd' m ked th it wu Ms CI e he ad ner felt
ab at aier is m*se det, hua chelually
teed at lest eqal dgar in order to visit hi in

"Hat thou, then, ch a far o death asked the

"Oh bhmbe; I did ot fe death if death would
have co ao me like Ilep; in truth I was ote so tied
that lIloed fr it Bt Ieed torure;fr thbe might
I pedmcse yi poved a cowrd and a traiur, and
denid th Lad who bouht me-- honibe thoh, that
baited me night md day."
"And bea tde death o thy o en thou wert on
thytry to each him did uch tbo mO er come to

I eced notof them, I only thoht of i; for I
ved him."
"Ad u that love borethee harler throh the peril
th didm t bave r his sake, so would a stronger love
ave qhel thee in the ry tul, hld that been appointed
fr thee. tLy journey amat needs hIve been a

"It j etr the wed sor e who kowed me

hloWawaby ~a oA mo 1"mb~dadh b
bad *aC wr r Y ad be
mad toq I. rhrhe+ am.:Yr YmeinL~

mowed*,awelmeaaas IM*a kl. n Waa .dn

ftoh oa in his waob ad bob Me othe at
pat of my swy; nd uwh I lad ti it and vaebm
to wihdmraw, tylard hi. eaan AIowd W 1m
the hA, a gave mapid hw4 Daqig It w be
I vu a brv boy, wad had neWher g eVA-
God awad ban 1-t, in no* & Ma aum
pam hua. duau dr at the0 te e&% my. a
heatt wn dakin to th wry depwa.
"Bat od ba be b sow ae todmdm ft hy my
powar c
OYe. bxthe IVeeu led A-i;r ad beosed
hik fem to maml the powM tar*A & iubi bb
wesne ond wunin bwe manib to PeM -
7Ua pam tha er wasa *&No"
7tm Askh mW" bhamK d is waaw wewMl
Iarthr of a thmtf
T7 b awe& de mopr rdbFrd vu I- m
-oW fr the wader; md Awr m ans *mb
I0g hr the modee oft der, he ba heid&M
to res, ad as loa he 60 into a heaw, bet Wadh
owd a-*lMado* 1

a&btmi dg bb

hI. e aMM h ft wmIuIg ewue evm Mua
do. ad pop beliel rnL W snowbd 1h
bh but ow d ,h o vim ae4rte tbad

WIAI to b mhL Key kied add be wheN
O it ho bi, kt vur i IMdon of bhm, @oaI I
thee^ of ANet am of peudma. pMay, m-
tie m b No wid hoa doomed to iebh dep-
pokmL liv ye bad p-d gc Loe oly
md die ddld WI bi bo for ab dWit to a
VI ehinhg tow, khebbed dle4 by Ceshelc He
didON atsm.; for a mlmbmd of p- li g noah
whOw. a the tiee pow tha clu b in the pile%
viefoemed wh hy cwsdwW*Admtehibabk. ed mwi
todm deed of adeo the yong Weid&M b bhi
ha msi p- a- *d Aed add sewm aeowudo
obao m wnh hro blefeAe &be* bbL* Whet
ale tWs bhilts snih unfld a hl btsu tbe
*Wk eswo 1 t hAi bWeld Aid bed
um fb the pedore of dthe md uh in hed"
be bad banem bos W=7 =**c %~ muoi it
wu oe whid pfi md the ddyo nlihgh pasq so
a"m WhW W eb ez 02ft W bek, 0 buhg him
dr b~ *AM b 69@MObCILi
L~~~lt 3~~4I, I w..,uvbrm

hAd Ai dws mma bow& a w, m d mn
-auda l - ba ham ib
bie an= of habrm Rh .hup SON% 6
nak vas cmd adk eubuW @mobhim.
Be be lewd % AlaIe te doo md hmWW ef
W"~ d ku mm VAO dob bo ft bo
and Hp codd ad am hs urm 0 *bnwof bb
Auk wh bed h bi d tms pqaiy k bar
of -O bAawww .m g of bh isW d5ub 60#
am the isk -A *hrm vam ad &W
he bed lated Ido vny r p I-yI
VII bb tpape"=I h od hr beb A*
ytifdf we adaw thefv *A ammd bb
aollowa Hm wo made% who

wnie ams bp to wMIP tmy a UNWAMM

Aimd proed for yua sr wob 6a, bb ho
gas remondgl Wky *Amd bee ad aps mae"i
Ahoqhm beau bows dme boedo wbs v pW
mAd vii be kei be m ra the pebs
to dae the Wrm of dt qi; ai bb h& f 'te
ftd. b- of En to whm be pVad vs It -m
0" #ad childlic% ad b ohsq ka ibg sas ib-
aedlbk thea mm um ai rae hbb Weo m g be

n *ow* 10r0.

AMr do miMa, a dM ya wil do kAina-
hope ib *M he bdld, cam the hir disapptobs
mat; and I wmu wi* a fIi of ddrpedon teb he
nmmd to his w tyg to think tI a amed
jt a it hlad be besA the ppr of Abam hr
I el 'aend hkis suatto The poor bqoy o who
he had hes a n e wa odly an exbid wmdei r ofio
Pevce.. O- yl-did not the wr ds of his Book s
bhe the uanwoIy thgQhtl W ik a accident that
i tdon ovr the les his ayeI dhd mt upon the
puse, "I wain hqed, ad ye fed me; a anw,
rd ye took me "And i it Thi, O blmd Savior
-2n ihbe gais i I Typor, iwe-y, raeigdilsdplst
Have I ked Thee fr M, d i aTho given e
in b msad-Thysl ShMal I mr at the glAt
Rath lt me it in L thlkinelm s fu m Thine
own riohmL*


IU NIawoke m a abo troubled ab
with a bunin bow and tobB( pudl.
He iaed if with cold, ad yet h a
,mtane heat through eey vain. At h be could ot
reconect where lie was; bt looking up be aw his kd
hoat tn beodin oer his book in the lap lih tad
the sliht aided him in calling, thouh a dbm and
with dialty, the event of the pfceding dy. He
tried to thank his beaealy Father hrf baing led him
afely through as may danger; bat the epreios he
soqht refued to come to him. Once ad pin he
began his mple payer, ad as ofen did he los the
thread of his thoughts in a sort of tang mase. A
lat the words seemed to cnuge into a paoemion do
men and women with natural and ditorted aces;
they mocked and jeered at him as they peated, sad
eluded a hiseffcts to eie them. T hen bfoad him.
self at La Var, the hoe of his childhood; his their
stood beside him; but her look (that look caled so
Bm T

S0 A*Jr 1*?.0
Ann) wae t an mT.mimi e ad a do aw eued
ti on her, d el al the ao objecW s end.
Plmaly i the sm changed; thi om pdW glMy lld
with Sea Cmreda, and he gIood aloe in their idet.
He hb d their load voices, and w their rngy g nca
a they Iandihed their word, thnteing him with
hoible toetae; a loea bed paiet stood bef him
thustin crecifd into his fce, wantin to fore him to
kir i, uad conmi ding him to abjure the Albigenan
hermias "No, no," he cried aloud, "I will not deny
myySaviorl" With start he awoke; where was bet
On a coach in a quiet rooL, a kind pave-looking man
standing beide him, holding his hand inlis. le Bbe
soothed hi ith gentle words, telling him hi he was Msf
and monoa t Miendi and Moon aawat he held to his
brninglip a cup containing some cooling draght. "I
m not," cried Henri, tuning away his head; "Ae mid
to me, 'Bewaredit-touch it not I'"
"Drink, my child the Babe answered geaty but
frmly; "the medicine will do thee good." Mechacally,
and fom the hbit of obedience, Henri drained the ca.
It was the last action of which he retained any distinct
cosciouness, and many days and nights passed away
ere an interval of eason returned.
Carefully was the friendless stranger watched and
tended by the inhabitants of the cottage; the neighbours
too exhibited much sympathy, for was not the poor boy

oae of threied bIner, a m r rob AlU thL y
hedd o dert
The fever was of ainlet type; whedr Hnd in
his wandeui had been exposed to my in cio, or
whether it was merely consequence of the hIrdlp
he had undergone, and of the assiety and di- e of
his mind, was never cetainly known. Experience ad
taught the Burbe a fewr dple precautions against the
Ipead infection and these he used; but his t1U
was too strong and his charity too fervent, to alow him
weakly to shrink rom any daner that came to his in
the guise of a duty. But when day after day passed
away, and his remedies fled to produce a beneficial
effect, he fdt more depreed than he would have liked
to own. On that fint night of Henris aivl, be ac-
cepted him a a gitfom God to be rceved with rate-
ful joy, which was no doubt increed by ome hidden
and unaccountable association connecting the stranger
with his lost on. He could not explain this even to
himself but he certainly never looked on Henri's fce
without thinking of the one who "was not," at least for
him. Must be then diet Not if skiful tender cre or
fervent prayer could save him. But, alas, how often
have all these been in vain How many have been
"prayed for with deep sobs," and "prayed for with mute
lips," and clasped dose to loving hearts that feel a if
they must bteak without them,-and yet the dread fat

-e IDr Ir."
a P"m mr, "df tq e te fm God tha -eM
d Ihving asmtUi bt a Ikl d& t toth tst "lo
amdmmt Why then Ibodd th siMa e be spand
-tOhe that 1#ht be ihed for hi, tbogh sincere,
wodd not f m the eye that had watched his inacy;
and very moo, in a woad whem the is so amch to
weep for, the hand of T e would dry them, and he
would deep fgoae in a corer of the little mountain
chucard. And he was ready to go Even the di-
jointed utterances of his wandering mind told plainly
whee wre both hi teare and his eut Ofte he
seemed to fanI himself at L Var, with his mother, in
the old happy times before e Crusde came; almost
as oten at Beses and Carcassoe, with M whom be
called hi deur ord, hi good kind master. Bt holy
thought and words of prayer mingled with and coloured
ever dream. s eqently he repeated pr a of Scrp-
tare; and Mgot noticed specially that he seemed to
know the Gospel of Jom by hea r fom beginning to
At last the eer left him; but with it seemed to
depat strength, hope, and i'. One lovely aer
morning when all nature rejoiced and was gld, the sn-
besam that wakened the owner gently touched Henris
cod ple brow, rousing him from a short seep or a
stupor that resembled deep He looked up; Amaud
mt beside him; it was wooderul how many hoon the

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