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Title: Pretty pictures and pleasant rhymes for dear children
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Title: Pretty pictures and pleasant rhymes for dear children
Physical Description: 32 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Walker, James P ( James Perkins ), 1829-1868
Avery, Samuel Putnam, 1822-1904 ( Engraver )
Weir, Harrison, 1824-1906 ( Illustrator )
Leavitt & Allen ( Publisher )
Lossing & Barritt ( Engraver )
Publisher: Leavitt & Allen
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1863
Subject: Picture books for children   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1863   ( lcsh )
Hand-colored illustrations -- 1863   ( local )
Bldn -- 1863
Genre: Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Hand-colored illustrations   ( local )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: by J.P.W.
General Note: Page order irregular.
General Note: Illustrations are hand-colored.
General Note: Some illustrations engraved by Lossing & Barritt and Avery after H. Weir.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00003422
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002341726
oclc - 33214012
notis - ALU5643
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c ul


Ijl A7VI rT

d: AL .I.E11,




A777=Ab /IC=



TI pity thii little 'irl. don't you ?
To be out in the rain without cloak
or shoe.


"- .l I,

FIrecl, tirel of playing; with hoop,
do', ii.nd drunm,
Is asking his mother when father will
C'Ol Ij(

A tid-,' ;.v h r .l- .1,o .nniy r-'ooks:
You can see herI-- ho'w nice he lookc.
With cap and books le's otf to school:
Johnny don't muean to i'grow up a fool.

-~--~ --- ---- '"
--_~ .___~ __~_p~--U--~- -----~-1-----=---~;;;-~,-r~~ -;~---;;;3-;-;----------- -2(

David you see,
With book on knee,
Showing the pictures to Ann;
Would you like to know
What pleases them so?
Turn over these leaves and you can.



~- II Il--l-P I ~--- -------- -~-- --- ---- Ib ----- I' II I I I I

,iII $IIfl'iii\ibR j(IljI 1;
I; 1
j~, /"""""""""'""""""""""


I0le' yOl sn-',
lTiiuler tro0,
FIathln.r, IMother, and Je1.-Ji.',
IKNate. Luctv, HIinryi, anl DBes i.

',2 1 ,,
-., o ** ,, :; ,

,- i .;';- ? ,- ^ -
_~ I ._

ITow S ,e)n:i tlii-; c,.t 1 ,'ks,
P rchei.l upl ol ; -t. it
Wouldn't any on:' tllinlk
li-' was kecupinL,, a s.: I
Itslv keepn a.hol

--- -- -,.- -

,v 1, be -till, cini't. ciha-i e those geese,
Caunt you let them re4t in peace ;'

,~~ ~~~--~-~ ~-~-~-;~a~-u~;-;;-~s~cw~~; ~.r-;K-ra~-~-~P~~-urxnual-~i~~:-*n*~~

Come back and take the baby nurse,
Or she will scream till she is hoarse.

,/ ~a

Blow, blow, crack your cheeks;
Mercy! how the trumpet squeaks.

This poor little boy is very sick:
Don't you hope he will get well quick ?

See this dear little kitten, she's climbed the top shelf,
And as she looks down, she says to herself,
If I wasn't afraid of that monstrous dog Tray,
I'd jump down on the carpet, and have a good play.

_____________________ _~___
I -~ _-L-- I -~ I -d-~-L,~~~JI~PUL~~~U~(~LSEI~d~~~_~ll -9P___L111 ~- .--C~-----CI _PLYI~UIF~IIIL---nC--~~ 1-_~-

I guess these boys are late to school,
Or else that they have broken some rule.

See these children, one in doors, one
What do you suppose they are talk-
ing about ?

See the King on his throne and the
Queen at his feet;
Should you not think he might give
her a seat ?

Blow the fire and hurry the cakes,
The kettle boils, the biscuit bakes.

,41 la --~- IL~-~eDI~ 1 II knr~IP.r~W--~t~L~~~IILl~s Is~r~rh-ur-TCIIIC~e~lx~ IIC-dsIslPI --
II_ -


Shut your eyes, mother is near,
Go to sleep and never fear.


China, where we get our tea,
these queer people that you see.

Is it not sad ? this bird is dead;
See how it droops its little head.

..1, lyII 1ll

Be off, you rat,
Or look out for the cat.

Isn't it fin,
To see this dog run ?

~ I II -- I --1 r ,~, _~r_ Ir Its

Pray, boys, do you think so much labor, toil and fuss,
Is well spent in catching this huge hippopotamus ?
Why yes, says Frank Jones, for I've often been told
That their teeth for five dollars a pound can be sold.

How sad Nelly looks! Her dear brother Ned,
Whom she loved so much, alas! is dead.

,;,;L~r;5E------I8------IC~Rs P~~I~~.AI

41-I-C -I~ --- -~ "l-1~Il~ s~~r~. ~ a-u~l

Hurry along, old fellow, do,
Or you are sure to get wet through.

',r ,)
I rll i,
II/ I ii II'
Iii ,I.
1 1~11;1.\1I I'''i' :' I'YI IC
"p~i ,,,
~-* ~ I 't'
L F~
1\1 ;~Fb

-, ,, -=-4

0 sister Jane, what have you there?
My dear little Kitty, I do declare !

What loves
Of Doves!


I L -- L I I ,, ~,~ _I tc~--- ~ II_ ~ I a.

Won't you please to buy this fish?
'Twill make a most delicious dish.

L II I I --- LI =I --I __ Il


This looks to me
Like a very old tree.

Why don't you hurry and get in doors,
Don't you see how fast it pours ?

One, two, three, four; that's too heavy a
If you all swing at once you will break
down the gate.

Stand back from off the track,
The train will be here in a minute;
Don't hurry, fret, or worry,
There's room for all within it.


1 .

The splendid church of St. Peter's at Rome :
You can see how it looks without going from

Alfred and Anna have fallen out;
Jane wants to know what it's all

Good news! a letter fiom dear
Aunt Meeks,
Inviting us to spend six weeks.

* j
r*^ ^
,L *'sA J

Kite and hoop and
and ball;
What a lucky boy t
them all.



o own

Come, girls, sit down if you want to look
At my beautiful new picture-book.

I do not believe that
you know
A finer looking dog
than Bruno.

I- P -L_ -YL I--1L

I --
- --


Evenicr Pst Exress Commrcia

Harprs'Weely,. ....,Lesie;


Suc Heesthe newsboy's TimcsaedeTrsaln,
ei o /rso


Evrpenin Pos, Eess, Comerie al
Such the newsboy's quick rehearsal.

Hot or cold, wet or dry,
Late, early, morn or night;
Such their everlasting cry,
In all directions, left and right.

-.: -.. ,'

Little children, one, two, three,
Have come to watch the "busy bee."

---- -- A I I

.,. I ---Y---C C- c~l -... -------DI ~. --


Pompeii, for many hundred years,
Was covered up from sight;
And only by chance, as it appears,
Were its wonders brought to light.

h-- .-'R.- .'. -.' ./..
Bunny sits so demurely, his red eyes winking,
I wonder of what he can be thinking.



-- ---


II~- ~ I I

This dog tried to steal a
Instead of which he got
a stone.

& m= -

Grapes, peaches and
Would you like some,
my dears ?

Pray tell me, if you can find out,
What these two children are about.

Hurrah! hurrah! school _
is done!
Now, my boys, we'll Fie, fie, do
have some fun. You're not

This little girl who looks up so bright,
Is asking her mother what she shall

not cry;
hurt, I was by.

See this juggler play-
ing a trick,
Balancing a bowl on
the end of a stick.

Never mind, Polly, you are secure;
Pussy can't get you, of that I am sure.


__ ~~~~
~dh -~L~(-I~'~~b~LI(I~LIIPP~i~illEQIIL~I LPI~~llX41Lgld3B~4~II~C---~--LI~IIRI -~ b--3P- -" ~1

Here are Towser and Tabby off for Rome;
I guess before lon ther- will wish themselves home.

7 >Sj ~ 1~;;~;;;;~;;;;~;k~;~;;

Drink, pretty creature, do not fear;
The hunters are not very near.

Oh! mother, Bob, sisters, come and see
This nest of birds that Dick gave me.

p LI I I lls ILIIIc- IL II II I J ~Y~I~ L Ir I ~II-~
I -


The Magic Lantern is a beautiful toy,
Affording the household unbounded joy.

In these huts the African negroes dwell;
We should not like them very well.

$;;~c~~n~n~~~sa~aPear_~re~aapsmsrsWwa~ ~-~----~p~,l~---


I,.,---- -


This fiery, wiry little
Will catch more rats

than any trap.

From this comfortable home
I've no wish to roam;
But all day I sing,
As happy as a king.


-P -=-- --~--~_pl--- I L-- l~ I- ---I -Ii,

One of these men looks sick and pale,
As the other does hearty and hale.

By practice and patience Alice at last
Could play difficult music correctly
and fast.

W, though witty
and wise,
could work.




Morgan, I am happy to say,
the Bible every day.

T was a trifler
and more
fond of

--.yC ~L~e C -----, lu~sar Ir ~a~ru ----~~a -rpl----1 c I ~-- ~o~lln---L-r-0;~-~. II st
------- --


Ride, ride, with all your speed,
For the news you carry is important

'Tis a furious storm,
How the ship is tossed;
I sincerely hope
That it will not be lost.


L I- II I II I -----~- ~-~. ~ I -~,.~.I--- -- I~-- ~----------~nppl-~-"-. II .r


Universal respect has been won
By the missionary, LIVINGSTON;
He modesty, valor and goodness combined,
In proportions we very seldom find.

These birds are holding a council of war-
A graver assemblage I never saw.

Dangerous work, it appears to me,
Hunting these huge fellows must be.

_ _ii

IL- l I -I I- I --j

In England a great many years ago,
The Emperor Bonaparte, of whom you know,
Was bitterly hated, dreaded and feared,
And his name used often, so it appeared,
By nurse and school-marm,
As threat and alarm.
They, their children often told,
If they were not good-
They certainly should
To terrible "Boney" surely be sold.
1 I ~

ii \



xi.~* : --
_______________ 41 ~ 7VJU

Here lies the body of Charles the First,
Of English kings, neither best nor worst.

"I /
:,g !1 lifl I

S/ The sailors dance while the
S f gentleman plays,
For the Tars have free and
easy ways.

American man-o'-war's-men
are these,
The other, and the boy, are

The name of the instrument
B it I do not know
SBut it strongly resembles an
old banjo.


I'- ------------- --- ------


.i_ -fSB^

~u -
----, -
_~CPi ~
----- -

Poh Mr. Owl, don't look so wise,
We know the wisdom is all in your eyes.

N. 'j7 .:

The Newfoundland is b
Gentle, powerful, me
And should you chance
Be sure he would trj


This man is an Artist, I know very
You see lie has lots of pictures to

loved by all,
Adest and brave,
e in the water to fall,
r your life to save.

'tlbd~llCllp I ~----- ~~_mn~a~r~-L~--~-=~



Knives to grind! Poor fellow! I fear your chance is small,
Pray be so kind Of getting away from the bull at all;
As to give a job But if you run fast
To poor old Bob. You may at last.

The sun has set, and work is done,
Now for an evening of innocent fun.
Pile up the fire,
Higher and higher!
While in the chimney corner snug,
Or before the fire, upon the rug,
We strive, with humorous song and joke,
Mirth and good nature to provoke.

While_ n_ the chimney corner snug,


a~Ac~- *--L----C- Yl~eV-~- CL -~---LIPI -1IL st LLI I YslP~Y I __ I L I
I '

These men are engaged in deadly strife;
I fear one or the other will lose his life.

This ancient house, with its poplar tree,
Has a terrible gloomy look to me.

Polly in her handsome cage,
Enjoys her quarters I'll engage.

While this little babe doth sleep,
Angels a watch about it keep.

A water-fall,
That is all.

This building has an imposing look;
'Tis built of white marble, so I read in a book.

You'd best hurry home, 'twill
soon be night,
The sun has almost sunk from


.- . .: ,: ...' ...... -* ..*.
The poodle is the ladies'.pet,
He will often more attention get,
A softer couch and more delicate food
Than the sweetest little baby could.

I --II-I --IL- I -- L -I -*

_ I _I I I I m r. I ------ 17





_ --- -- __ -~- -now~

- Iba II a I= a I I-
-- I~--` -I~-

Uncle, by his watch, will tell us all,
How long it takes the stone to fall;
Then by cyphering we can tell
Just how many feet deep is the well.

Our bird is dead that #e loved so much;
We neyer shall get another such. -

These matchless columns, it appears,
Have stood for many hundred years;
In vain you'd search the wide world through,
To find their equal, old or new.

L I,

II -- I I - L --rrrrub -. ~-shs~-l-s ---al--I-- L- e~-r--~L _

j1 if -

Irrllllll~l~11 ________________________________________________k

You had better run from this giant straight,
Lest a moment hence should be too late.

Ball playing is a cheerful, healthy game,
Whether Base, or Cricket, or Racket's its name.

I. IIc --- ~ I* r -- -

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