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Title: Stories for children: a book for all little girls and boys
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Title: Stories for children: a book for all little girls and boys
Series Title: Stories for children: a book for all little girls and boys
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Mrs. Coleman ( Editor )
Publisher: Samuel Raynor
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1853
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.i X :


A 3009 FOR

ILL LIYII 111 AID loys.


No. 76 NOVW3S1.


Iv ?.
at P.A. ., -

f4 sOt 2 f w- fmnn


M~ PAME Of= DM ................. 11
M 4"6n WMar AMM NOW ik .............. 0..r
"uP rim .................. ...... ........~....~.......~~~
ANAM Or M SWA^ ......~~....................... 1

Frr ............. ...:...... ............................... a



mbbw*,Wdw : .:

~a zhiuir iIumI Am
An Whsan*Y HE b

A, swam ".4 beow r
&k aim;
'gWoe dbW


Tc wp., ..~~(1

S iuroauiau.


TM kmubs wer eppbig on de Fee%
TTlewl Were haa d "hcc
Arai frimb hung 8W3 &lOuiOl,
Above 16 hert bnia;
WWLe =BASG hrow a ta womm torffic
awhre bg thyg the dr,
Arifamd q *w m% k sange lows,


The littl dmrb saw,
ha bw ithmgd o 64ato%,
mwi the dre wthy won;

For wmths i bww.1 A l so Mf gPut
And @Rm "log wM
Hung oea wab Ir ,mI md as av
go beuiM and bhhL

And "img ibJCr 4~f

~adabtwrk b h,9 aw

Wbwo in her am am *A tbo ch .
And WwW itor md Owq
Alnd be& it play mrm So r@4
In joy hr evammm
I "r4

i V.
Awq it an with mWhM gle,
To Jos te ulttle aw,

m drhr bmrds bmdd
Then m ow hia pUSL so"
TbIlay hqld iq h W iAte M%
UgOWMa t&* I hAd Mt so AW.

4.b .4

-m w~Sr A"w RAMS

im io in lb-. "i dwi'.t ASI6lri
to gna Amd kvo, fthi *u
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waMl be waft5Sin bw We
peug. rn 1Iplr .
pwtag ad a l~rQ

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b.b ob*8 tadwmon ef

the blwdiod me of them p"u d *m
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in the opmm dkuad ii ud to ha tht
it o elm by, d wu beadig ovra a

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emhbow I" opM G..d., away doe ran,
ilk hwoeubgIskN qu h g t*

.ind by 60 ibxAb d y a' yemg
L..A a am, Wml Wnm.l tob
doIqupc roio.k

-r~w iaz. U... UL
4, my pmO s oh.mrw4k 46

bow-Im wE .mmbe .Me is .qo
W Ud a omm ben irdo"runs

I m ~ ~~mAh

#ad y b. vp-ilb y btoovdw
T&M ~sW wit A, Af a hadW
w fa *ohm; a% b #p 4066 40100
Gem& *A, -06Y,~ LQIC:J
rminbelstgh SYI;l~LI.

mpd wq As rb riaCIm wn~
law**asmd .% 4ft.

14 M im~ W, OM

U& Svue &t ol iMi v as pied with
&s b6u6 m m1te d-ak"se tAa
F467dl IA Im and b ftgb~ tohe
fsewdl mom Ml .msumu a* wowM
il #aiep rsmms hmffdw drmi or
GM ft we bsm ink bwuioh.es howk
hmWA TA t -1 IA M ml dl4
m bYdilS t, iPi ,~
ks ew viigOap gvmw in brw iha

Eas AM


A K3331N 1AABT TALly
3?.M A., A. *&T.

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Au'r meY b#. m, wg~4

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NMI* P hebp ad a-badJIm nab wwo do fi
SI deep yMpa-bodd fSw dr&w
lo' be wom' of -'bit Rm M Md~p-
mbbl bw %=A v we 60 db.t-W SbOw
dtwmesk d in buw drqndosbooby
&o dw 'a pm Ow M ov) md~r~ b
tPeon&dapamd. bhintowb, 6 d

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bsua in a w lie, a uds .1bb

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mb~ng ho" AM ado

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"qw bb uy'IW X&.0dS U

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hAS bmiw r ahb m.be..
-glwr. Nw Me m IY 4mk".

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f ow ur; ad hs

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or is _Mwvwa m mrbmo d1%. w
"O .w #rr,`Y smeh mrow=,= Aidw
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a Wb tis to i A h-aid wie do dvim
no aq WW V4; be i &m i goC
bwo to hd him md A* m d o b aw

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u, h. body miny mit t asmo
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to 1m, g d A. )d *9 el. ur,
f* Ami, &a &a IfkL fa to aLIoo
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ad-d dew. w bu.m a&S bi
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they lvd s"i other drldy.
In the winter, when t&e mow nas lying
deep upon bil and lpd, HiWlde fell ick, and
her parts were Japeat uuiety on her
aMeonit .0w h tewumeaie toa est-
was burning with fevr heat, and hiveriag'

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myJa," Der I I, it is ater now, du
there are to be ewar tLis ueM."
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ad my, "Far may ova h#A lI
-the asdt re*h m boo ish gaPm
lope; there I oa se plenty i isr-
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only tM. d thoIMs Dif "d bmrims-ely
*rm" '*M children M~t r -a, .fg,
to eodh ohd, "What nomn po or H

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1mB" Eth. I~ e b. .1 ub~ud

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hphh. /15~PY qr dI a
mBr p mD ~iSr iL~Lu.bmLt


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m amdo, lo"ed wy,
The birds qey "o"ld
A"bt do mapbol;
And bI-ul he Jw b~lhpqd
At a so t*e Veen.
-BIA *6 Ih uo *9 &MI1
*sou H& oubms~

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she wu Amt d th shreq.
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'th wwoodluad 4he WWi




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re"try f VICUlIMa. & aseed a w f g.
T$in Sr .emmrI si Be.oow iyllC
f usdyaely beend with *
Lr SWMdk-Mia-M* eow print. 4

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~DT~ ISU ..anw N? ANS I.A AD 3
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ly r Elou. M es,. m*

Iri yewu peqik t helk rYC~

.1Mw.. DIM 4~lom."-C:mrntsAn ~Ezsma.

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