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 The introduction touching master...
 How Tyll Owlglass was horn, and...
 How that Owlglass, when that lie...
 How all the boors did cry out shame...
 How Owlglass did learn to dance...
 How Owlglass did move two hundred...
 How that Owlglass his mother did...
 How Owlglass did deceive a baker...
 How Owlglass, with other children,...
 How Owlglass brought it about that...
 How Owlglass was again moved of...
 How Owlglass crept into a beehive;...
 How Owlglass for little money did...
 How Owlglass did cat the roasted...
 How Owlglass did publish abroad...
 How Owlglass did cure the sick...
 How Owlglass bought bread according...
 How Owlglass became a doctor, and...
 How that Owlglass became a drawer...
 How that Owlglass did at Brunswick...
 How Owlglass did again hire him...
 Telleth of what manner of thinking...
 How that Owlglass did hire him...
 How that Owlglass did have golden...
 How that Owlglass did have a great...
 How that Owlglass did make confession...
 How that Owlglass was forbidden...
 How that Owlglass did buy an inheritance...
 How that Owlglass painted the forbears...
 How that Owlglass was for little...
 How that Owlglass did tell his...
 How that Owlglass conferred with...
 How that Owlglass did on a time...
 How that Owlglass did cause an...
 How that Owlglass did kill a hog,...
 How that Owlglass at Nugenstadten,...
 Telleth how that Owlglass journeyed...
 How that Owlglass did make the...
 How that Owlglass did at Bamberg...
 How that Owlglass did make a wager...
 How that Owlglass did have much...
 How that Owlglass journeyed unto...
 How that Owlglass without money...
 How that Owlglass, with a knavish...
 How that Owlglass did hire him...
 How that Owlglass did cause all...
 How that Owlglass did speak a word...
 How that Owlglass, at Frankfort-on-the-Main,...
 How that Owlglass served a shoemaker,...
 How that Owlglass bought eggs and...
 How that Owlglass made a soup for...
 This chapter is a special chapter,...
 Telleth how that Owlglass at Einbeck...
 How that Owlglass hired him to...
 How that Owlglass caused three...
 How that Owlglass assembled all...
 How that Owlglass beat wool upon...
 How that Owlglass was hired by...
 How that Owlglass on a time at...
 How that Owlglass, being servant...
 How that Owlglass for a tanner...
 How that Owlglass was groom unto...
 How that Owlglass beguiled the...
 How that Owlglass 'scaped hanging...
 How that Owlglass, at Helmstadt,...
 How that Owlglass, at Erfurt, beguiled...
 Telleth how that good Master Owlglass...
 Touching the faults of the which...
 How that Owlglass at Dresden, became...
 How that Owlglass did hire himself...
 How that Owlglass became a maker...
 How that Owlglass of a boor at...
 How that at Hildesheim Owlglass...
 How that at Greifswald good Master...
 How that Owlglass did, at Wismar,...
 How that Owlglass wrought a great...
 How that an old woman mocked the...
 How that Owlglass gained money...
 How that, at Oltzen, Owlglass did...
 How that Owlglass most strangely...
 How that Owlglass ran great peril...
 How with good luck Owlglass told...
 How that Owlglass did at Bremen...
 How that Owlglass spake unto twelve...
 How that in a city of Saxony Owlglass...
 How that in the good city of Hamburg...
 How that Owlglass did cause the...
 How that Owlglass paid his host...
 How that Owlglass, at Lubeck, did...
 How that Owlglass, at Stassfurt,...
 How that our noble master gave...
 How that Owlglass caused a Hollander...
 How that Owlglass caused a woman...
 How that Owlglass sold a horse,...
 How that of a horse-dealer Owlglass...
 How that in the land of Brunswick...
 How that without money Owlglass...
 How that Owlglass sold unto the...
 How that Owlglass hired himself...
 How that Owlglass gat him to the...
 How Owlglass would fain have been...
 How in Berlin Owlglass was an officer,...
 How that in his latter clays Owlglass...
 How that when at Mollen Owlglass...
 How that when Owlglass was sick...
 Saith, how that to a greedy priest...
 How that Owlglass in three parts...
 How that at Mo11en Owlglass died,...
 How that our for ever prized Master...
 Telleth what stood upon his...
 How in after time our most excellent...
 Reciteth a few grave reflections...
 Appendix A: Bibliographical notes...
 Appendix B: The historical Eulenspiegel...
 Appendix C: Dr. Thomas Murnar the...
 Appendix D: The verse inserted...
 Appendix E: The Bakala legend of...
 Appendix F: Works akin to the Eulenspiegel...
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Group Title: The marvellous adventures and rare conceits of Master Tyll Owlglass : newly collected, chronicled and set forth, in our English tongue
Title: The Marvellous adventures and rare conceits of Master Tyll Owlglass
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 Material Information
Title: The Marvellous adventures and rare conceits of Master Tyll Owlglass : newly collected, chronicled and set forth, in our English tongue
Uniform Title: Eulenspiegel (Satire)
Physical Description: xxxi, 255 p., 6 leaves of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 19 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Mackenzie, Kenneth R. H ( Kenneth Robert Henderson ), 1833-1886 ( Author, Primary )
Forrester, Alfred Henry, 1804-1872 ( Illustrator )
Trübner & Co ( Publisher )
Wertheimer and Co ( Printer )
Publisher: Trübner & Co.
Place of Publication: London
Manufacturer: Wertheimer and Co.
Publication Date: 1860
Subjects / Keywords: Fools and jesters -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Deception -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Practical jokes -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Honesty -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Satires -- 1860   ( rbgenr )
Pictorial cloth bindings (Binding) -- 1860   ( rbbin )
Baldwin -- 1860
Genre: Satires   ( rbgenr )
Pictorial cloth bindings (Binding)   ( rbbin )
novel   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Summary: Tyll Owlglass, an unintelligent yet cunning peasant, shows his superiority over the dishonest and patronizing townspeople, clergy, and nobility through a series of pranks and practical jokes.
Statement of Responsibility: by by Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie ; and adorned with many most diverting and cunning devices by Alfred Crowquill.
Funding: Brittle Books Program
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00003232
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002233589
oclc - 14031907
notis - ALH3998
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Table of Contents
    Front Cover
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    Half Title
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    Title Page
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    Table of Contents
        Page xxiii
        Page xxiv
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    List of Illustrations
        Page xxxii
    The introduction touching master Tyll Owlglass
        Page 1
    How Tyll Owlglass was horn, and was on one clay three times christened
        Page 2
    How that Owlglass, when that lie was a child, slid give a marvellous answer to a man that asked the way
        Page 3
        Page 4
    How all the boors did cry out shame upon owlglass for his knavery; and how he rode upon a horse behind his father
        Page 5
    How Owlglass did learn to dance upon a rope, and did fall therefrom into the River Scale
        Page 6
        Page 7
    How Owlglass did move two hundred young people, that they did give unto him their shoes, with the which he made rare sport upon his rope
        Page 8
    How that Owlglass his mother did move him that lie should learn a handicraft
        Page 9
    How Owlglass did deceive a baker at Strasfurt, and got bread for his mother
        Page 10
    How Owlglass, with other children, was forced to eat fat soup, and gat blows likewise
        Page 11
    How Owlglass brought it about that the stingy farmer's poultry drew for baits
        Page 12
    How Owlglass was again moved of his mother to depart to a foreign land, that he might learn a handicraft
        Page 13
    How Owlglass crept into a beehive; how two thieves came by night to steal honey; what honey they did steal; and how Owlglass made it come to pass, that the thieves did fight one with the other, and did leave the beehive standing
        Page 14
        Page 14a
        Page 15
    How Owlglass for little money did have a singing bird for his dinner
        Page 16
    How Owlglass did cat the roasted chicken from off the spit
        Page 17
        Page 18
    How Owlglass did publish abroad that he would fly from off the roof of the town-house at Magdeburg
        Page 19
        Page 20
    How Owlglass did cure the sick folks in the hospital at Niirnbug in one day, and what came thereafter
        Page 21
        Page 22
        Page 22a
    How Owlglass bought bread according to the proverb: "To him that hath bread is bread given"
        Page 23
    How Owlglass became a doctor, and did cure many folk
        Page 23
        Page 24
    How that Owlglass became a drawer of teeth, and cured all by a wondrous pill
        Page 25
    How that Owlglass did at Brunswick hire him to a baker, and did there bake owls and monkey
        Page 26
        Page 27
        Page 28
    How Owlglass did again hire him unto a baker, and how he bolted meal in the moon's light
        Page 29
        Page 30
        Page 31
    Telleth of what manner of thinking was Owlglass, and how he formed his life according unto principles of virtue and goodness
        Page 32
    How that Owlglass did hire him to the Count of Anhalt to blow the horn on a tower; and when that enemies did approach, then blew he not, and when that they came not, then blew he
        Page 33
        Page 34
        Page 35
        Page 36
    How that Owlglass did have golden shoes struck unto his horse's feet
        Page 37
    How that Owlglass did have a great contention before the King of Poland with two other fools
        Page 38
    How that Owlglass did make confession to a priest, and took from him a silver box
        Page 39
    How that Owlglass was forbidden the dukedom of Lunenburg, and how he did cut open his horse and stand therein
        Page 40
        Page 41
    How that Owlglass did buy an inheritance in land from a boor, and how he sate therein in a cart
        Page 42
    How that Owlglass painted the forbears of the landgrave of Hessen, and told him that an if he were ignobly born, lie might not behold his painting
        Page 43
        Page 44
        Page 45
        Page 46
        Page 47
        Page 48
    How that Owlglass was for little money well entertained of two innkeeper
        Page 49
        Page 50
    How that Owlglass did tell his master how he might scape giving pork unto his neighbours
        Page 51
    How that Owlglass conferred with the rector and masters of the University of Prague in Bohemia, and how he did make answer unto their questions, and therein came off most wisely
        Page 52
        Page 53
    How that Owlglass did on a time mix him up in a marriage strife, and did soon end it with great renown
        Page 54
    How that Owlglass did cause an ass to read certain words out of a book at the great university of Erfurt
        Page 55
        Page 56
        Page 57
    How that Owlglass did kill a hog, and answered for his evil doings unto the burghmaster
        Page 58
        Page 59
        Page 60
    How that Owlglass at Nugenstadten, in the land of Thuringia, did wash the women's furs
        Page 61
        Page 62
    Telleth how that Owlglass journeyed about the land with a saint's head, and did beguile many therewith
        Page 63
        Page 64
    How that Owlglass did make the townwatch of Nurnberg to fall into the water which is called the Pegnitz
        Page 65
        Page 66
    How that Owlglass did at Bamberg eat for money
        Page 67
    How that Owlglass did make a wager with a Jew about a horse, and did deceive him
        Page 68
        Page 69
    How that Owlglass did have much money for an old hat
        Page 70
        Page 71
    How that Owlglass journeyed unto Rome to see the Pope, and how his holiness considered that Owlglass was a heretic
        Page 72
        Page 73
        Page 74
        Page 74a
    How that Owlglass without money bought poultry at Quedlingburg, and for security gave unto the farmer's wife the cock
        Page 75
    How that Owlglass, with a knavish confession, did beguile the priest of Riesenburg of his horse
        Page 76
        Page 77
        Page 78
        Page 79
    How that Owlglass did hire him to a smith, and what he did while with him
        Page 80
        Page 81
        Page 82
    How that Owlglass did cause all the tools, hammers, and tongs of a smith to be as one mass of iron
        Page 83
        Page 84
    How that Owlglass did speak a word of truth unto a smith, his wife, man, and maid, each one before the house
        Page 85
        Page 86
    How that Owlglass, at Frankfort-on-the-Main, did with guile delude two Jews of rings
        Page 87
    How that Owlglass served a shoemaker, and how that he inquired of him what shapes he should cut; and the master answered him, and said: ''Great and small, as the herdsman driveth forth to field." Therefore cut he oxen, cows, calves, sheep, and pigs
        Page 88
        Page 89
    How that Owlglass bought eggs and had them tightly packed
        Page 90
    How that Owlglass made a soup for a boor, and put therein shoemaker's oil; for that, in his nobility, he thought it good enow for the boor
        Page 91
        Page 92
    This chapter is a special chapter, telling how that a boot-maker sought to beguile Owlglass by greasing his boots, and how that Owlglass looked through the window, and brake it
        Page 93
        Page 94
    Telleth how that Owlglass at Einbeck became a brewer's man, and did seethe a dog which was called Hops
        Page 95
        Page 96
        Page 96a
    How that Owlglass hired him to a tailor, and sewed so secretly that it was not seen of any one
        Page 97
        Page 98
    How that Owlglass caused three tailors to fall from their board, and then would have persuaded the people that the wind had blown them down
        Page 99
        Page 100
    How that Owlglass assembled all the tailors throughout the whole land of Saxony, by proclaiming that he would teach them a mighty useful thing, that would get bread both for them and their children
        Page 101
        Page 102
    How that Owlglass beat wool upon a saint's day, and that very high
        Page 103
        Page 104
    How that Owlglass was hired by a furrier, and did sleep among the skins
        Page 105
        Page 106
    How that Owlglass on a time at Berlin did make wolves
        Page 107
        Page 108
    How that Owlglass, being servant to a great lord, did fetch for him wine and beer together in a most delectable manner
        Page 109
        Page 110
    How that Owlglass for a tanner prepared leather with stools and benches, at the good city of Brunswick on the Dam
        Page 111
    How that Owlglass was groom unto a noble lord, and what knavery he wrought unto his lord's horse, Rosimond
        Page 112
        Page 113
    How that Owlglass beguiled the drawer at the town-house cellar of Lubeck, and did for a can of wine give him a can of water
        Page 114
        Page 115
    How that Owlglass 'scaped hanging by his cunning, and would have hanged himself for a crown, yet did not
        Page 116
        Page 117
        Page 118
    How that Owlglass, at Helmstadt, caused a great pocket to be made
        Page 119
    How that Owlglass, at Erfurt, beguiled a butcher
        Page 120
        Page 121
    Telleth how that good Master Owlglass again beguiled the butcher at Erfurt, by pleasing him with a most grateful jingle
        Page 122
    Touching the faults of the which our noble Master Owlglass had a few; for he was was human, and in all human things is imperfection
        Page 123
        Page 124
    How that Owlglass at Dresden, became a carpenter, and for his pains earned little thanks
        Page 125
        Page 126
    How that Owlglass did hire himself unto the master of a saw mill
        Page 127
        Page 128
    How that Owlglass became a maker of spectacles, and perceived that trade was very bad
        Page 129
        Page 130
        Page 131
    How that Owlglass of a boor at the fair of Gerau took leather
        Page 132
    How that at Hildesheim Owlglass did hire himself unto a merchant, to be his cook, and what tricks he played unto him
        Page 133
        Page 134
        Page 135
        Page 136
        Page 137
        Page 138
        Page 139
    How that at Greifswald good Master Owlglass came unto the Rector of the University, and proclaimed himself to be a master in all languages, save in one only, to wit, the Spanish tongue
        Page 140
        Page 141
        Page 142
    How that Owlglass did, at Wismar, become a horse-dealer, and beguiled a merchant
        Page 143
        Page 144
    How that Owlglass wrought a great knavery upon a pipemaker, at Luneburg
        Page 145
        Page 146
        Page 147
    How that an old woman mocked the good Master Owlglass when that at Gerdau he lost his pocket
        Page 148
        Page 149
        Page 150
        Page 151
    How that Owlglass gained money by a horse
        Page 152
    How that, at Oltzen, Owlglass did beguile a boor of a piece of green cloth, and caused him to confess that it was blue
        Page 153
        Page 154
        Page 155
        Page 156
    How that Owlglass most strangely gat a potful of money
        Page 157
        Page 158
        Page 159
    How that Owlglass ran great peril of his neck for receiving the pot of money, yet gat fifteen shillings instead of a hanging
        Page 160
        Page 161
    How with good luck Owlglass told many that he had lost his money-girdle, and thereby came unto a warm fire
        Page 162
    How that Owlglass did at Bremen of the market women buy milk, and cause it to be poured altogether into one turn
        Page 163
    How that Owlglass spake unto twelve blind man, and persuaded them that he had unto them given twelve shillings, and how that they spent the money and came evilly off thereafter
        Page 164
        Page 165
        Page 166
        Page 167
        Page 168
    How that in a city of Saxony Owlglass sowed knaves
        Page 169
        Page 170
        Page 171
        Page 172
    How that in the good city of Hamburg Owlglass hired him unto a barber, and went thorough the casement unto his service
        Page 173
        Page 174
    How that Owlglass did cause the host of the inn at Eisleben to be beset with great terror, by showing unto him a wolf, of the which he professed no fear
        Page 175
        Page 176
        Page 177
        Page 178
        Page 179
    How that Owlglass paid his host with the ring of his money
        Page 180
    How that Owlglass, at Lubeck, did escape from a house, when that the watch would have taken him for his debts
        Page 181
    How that Owlglass, at Stassfurt, of a dog took the skin, the which he gave unto his hostess for her charges
        Page 182
        Page 183
    How that our noble master gave assurance unto the same hostess, that Owlglass lay upon the wheel
        Page 184
    How that Owlglass caused a Hollander front a plate to take an apple, the which evilly ended for the eater
        Page 185
        Page 186
    How that Owlglass caused a woman to break in pieces the whole of her wares, in the market-place at Bremen
        Page 187
        Page 188
        Page 189
        Page 190
    How that Owlglass sold a horse, the which would not go over trees
        Page 191
    How that of a horse-dealer Owlglass bought a horse and only paid half of the money therefor
        Page 192
    How that in the land of Brunswick Owlglass turned shepherd
        Page 193
        Page 194
    How that without money Owlglass bought a pair of shoes
        Page 195
    How that Owlglass sold unto the furriers, at Leipzig, a live cat, the which was sewed into the skin of a hare; and how rare sport came thereof
        Page 196
        Page 196a
    How that Owlglass hired himself unto a boor
        Page 197
        Page 198
    How that Owlglass gat him to the High School at Paris
        Page 199
    How Owlglass would fain have been an innkeeper at Rouen, but was beguiled by a one-eyed man, and again in turn cozened him
        Page 199
        Page 200
    How in Berlin Owlglass was an officer, and collected taxes of the boors
        Page 201
        Page 202
    How that in his latter clays Owlglass became a pious monk, and what came thereof
        Page 203
        Page 204
        Page 205
    How that when at Mollen Owlglass lay sick, his mother came unto him
        Page 206
    How that when Owlglass was sick unto death, he made confession of three things, the which it sorely troubled him he had not done
        Page 207
        Page 208
        Page 208a
    Saith, how that to a greedy priest Owlglass confessed his sins, and paid him handsomely for his pains
        Page 209
        Page 210
    How that Owlglass in three parts did divide all that belonged unto him ; and the one part gave he freely unto his friends, and another thereof humbly to the town council of Mollen, and the third part unto the priest there
        Page 211
    How that at Mo11en Owlglass died, and the swine did cast down the coffin when that the good priests sang the vigil
        Page 212
    How that our for ever prized Master Owlglass was buried
        Page 213
    Telleth what stood upon his grave-stone
        Page 214
    How in after time our most excellent Owlglass was esteemed so worthy that he was made a holy saint; and on the day of All Fools in April do the folk alway keep his memory, as also when they do a foolish thing, the which maketh him continually esteemed of great and small
        Page 215
    Reciteth a few grave reflections of this present chronicler
        Page 216
        Page 217
        Page 218
    Appendix A: Bibliographical notes for the Literary History of Eulenspiegel
        Page 219
        Page 220
        Page 221
        Page 222
        Page 223
        Page 224
        Page 225
        Page 226
        Page 227
        Page 228
        Page 229
        Page 230
        Page 231
        Page 232
        Page 233
        Page 234
        Page 235
        Page 236
        Page 237
        Page 238
        Page 239
    Appendix B: The historical Eulenspiegel and his gravestone
        Page 240
        Page 241
        Page 242
        Page 243
    Appendix C: Dr. Thomas Murnar the author of Eulenspiegel
        Page 244
        Page 245
        Page 246
    Appendix D: The verse inserted by William Copland in the English black-letter Howleglas of 1528
        Page 247
        Page 248
    Appendix E: The Bakala legend of the Valacqs analogous to Owlglass
        Page 249
        Page 250
        Page 251
    Appendix F: Works akin to the Eulenspiegel literature
        Page 252
        Page 253
        Page 254
        Page 255
    Back Cover
        Page 256
        Page 257
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