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Title: Florida land of health
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Title: Florida land of health
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Creator: Kellogg, John Harvey, 1852-1943
Florida -- Dept. of Agriculture
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Environmental conditions -- Florida   ( lcsh )
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Statement of Responsibility: by John Harvey Kellogg.
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Bulletin No. 65


Land of

Miami Springs, Florida
And other Eminent Authorities

NATHAN MAYO, Commissioner



Special Series

Florida, Land of Health

Miami Springs, Florida

The World Is Just Beginning to Realize Inestimable Value of
Florida's Climate; Within Next 25 Years It
Should Be Most Popular of All States

0-LORIDA has a great future. Within the next 25
r years, probably in less time than that, it will be the
most popular of all the states since it possesses health-
promoting and life-lengthening climate qualities not found
so highly developed nor in such well balanced combination
in any other state. In deed, after personally visiting and
carefully studying most of the great health resorts of the
world, and thoroughly informing myself concerning those
which I have not visited, I feel no hesitation in saying
that Florida's climate is unique and probably the finest
in the world for promoting and prolonging life and health.
The protection of the Gulf Stream gives it a winter
temperature 10 to 15 degrees warmer than that of other
sections of the same latitude, while its peninsular form
and the cooling breezes which sweep over it from every
direction except the north insure a cooler summer than
is to be found in any other sea level region in the United
States. The weather bureau records show a summer
temperature in South Florida (Miami) so high as 94 de-
grees but once in 20 years. No more than three or four
times a year does the temperature at Miami reach so high
as 93 degrees. And sunshine is almost perpetual. In a
large part of the State there is sunshine practically every
day of the year and the temperature of the air is rarely
low enough to require artificial heat, even in midwinter.
A notable climatic quality is the small difference between
the day and night temperatures, which is rarely so much
as 20 degrees, often not more than 6 to 10 degrees.
These climatic qualities are worth more to Florida than
coal or iron, or gold mines, oil deposits or similar natural
resources, for the reason that they are a monopoly which


the State may enjoy for all time and can never be taken
away, whereas diamond mines and gas wells sooner or
later become exhausted. Florida's climatic advantages are
a priceless natural endowment of which she can never be
deprived and which will endure without depreciation for
all time. Florida's assets are its climate, its sunshine, its
amazingly pure air, and its equable temperature. These
are commodities of inestimable value which the world is
just beginning to appreciate.
In Northern States, to say nothing of other countries,
there are millions who are suffering from disease and
dropping into premature graves who might be restored
to health by Florida sunshine, or enabled to live comfort-
able and normal lives for many years in spite of their
In the United States, 300,000 die annually because of
diseased hearts or arteries, and for every one of these
there are ten more suffering from these maladies, an ag-
gregate of 3,000,000, half of whom might be saved by the
aid of Florida sunshine and the opportunity for out-of-
door living which this peerless climate affords. Professor
Plesch, of the University of Berlin, one of the world's
most eminent clinicians, has shown that a large proportion
of persons suffering from these diseases, usually regarded
as incurable, may be cured by fresh air, sunshine, rest,
proper diet and right living habits. I, myself, have seen
hundreds of persons suffering from these maladies snatch-
ed away from the hands of the undertaker and given many
long years of comfortable, happy and useful life.
More than 100,000 persons die annually in this country
from Bright's disease, and a million persons are on the
Road to the cemetery by this route. Extremes of heat and
cold are deadly to these persons with damaged kidneys, a
large proportion of whom might more than double their
longevity by the aid of Florida's weather equanimity.
The United States loses more than 100,000 of its citizens
annually through pneumonia, a cold weather disease. In
January, February and March the New York Times often
publishes nearly a page of notices of the death of eminent
people, most of whom might have remained alive for many
years in Florida, but lacked the stamina to withstand the
attack of the pneumonia germ when their resistance was
weakened by northern winter hardships.
Twenty-two thousand die annually of diabetis in spite
of insulin, and, according to Joslyn, a million more are
r on the road to the same exit, more than half of whom


might in this climate, by the aid of Florida's wonderful
citrus products and miracle-working sunshine, be enabled
to double their longevity and in many cases to dispense
with insulin through the special dietetic advantages which
this region affords.
And there are several million victims of rheumatism, in
its various forms, to whom cold and temperature changes
bring crippling tortures, a large share of whom might find
deliverance from their sufferings through the warm, heal-
ing rays of Florida sunhine.
And, according to carefully considered estimates of stat-
istical experts, not less than 50,000,000 suffer annually
from that most common of all infections, the common cold,
a disease which owes its origin to indoor confinement and
lack of the vitalizing influence of the ultra-violet rays.
In the northern parts of the United States the little sun-
shine which appears during the winter months contains
scarcely a trace of the essential ultra-violet rays, which
in Florida sunshine are always present in abundance.
Then, too, there is tuberculosis, which a quarter of a
century ago was "captain of the men of death," now ranks
fifth in the list of great destroyers in this country, and
might be made to disappear from the mortality lists.
There is that most formidable enemy of life and health,
senility, or old age, formerly regarded as a physiologic
state, but now known to be a disease against which one
may take precautions, the same as against smallpox or in-
In ancient Rome the home of every citizen had a solarium,
and Pliny, a naturalist and commander of the Roman fleet,
tells of his friend Firpo who kept himself young by taking
daily sun baths; and history tells us that the messenger
who was sent to him with an order to go with his fleet to
the relief of Pompeii and Herculaneum at the time of the
great eruption of Vesuvius which buried them, found him
taking his usual daily sun bath.
In less than a hundred years, the average length of life
in America has risen from 40 to 60 years, a gain of 50
percent. A boy born today has 60 years ahead of him.
But this increase applies only to the young. The longevity
of persons past middle age has increased only 36 days
instead of 20 years, and in the case of persons past 60 there
has been an actual decrease. In other words, we are suf-
fering from an epidemic or endemic of old age. Old Father
Time is gaining on us. The best way to escape him is to
flee to Florida. Thousands of persons have found rejuve-


nation in the biologic out-of-door life for which this fav-
ored region offers the finest opportunity in the world.
One evidence of this remarkable vitalizing influence of
the climate is an observation frequently made by smokers.
I have often heard this remark: "I can smoke more in
Florida than I could at home in the North without feeling
hurt by it." The reason is that the vitalizing sunshine
enables the body to tolerate a large amount of nicotine, so
the smoker ha; his choice to smoke twice as much or live
twice as long.
When the merits of Florida's climate as a means of
combating old age come to be known and appreciated,
millions of wealthy Americans who have retired from their
business or professional activities will find in the pellucid
atmosphere. health-promoting sunshine and tropical luxur-
iance of Florida a refuge where the old man with the sickle
may be held at bay far beyond the average longevity fore-
cast. 1 do not know of another place in all the world where
a person past middle life who wants to prolong his existence
to the utmost limit can enjoy so favorable an opportunity
for attaining his goal. Florida is destined to become the
most popular winter resort in the world when its merits
are fully understood. I received a few days ago a telephone
call from London from a wealthy Englishman who will be
bringing his family here shortly instead of going to Monte
Carlo, where for many years his winters have been spent.
The real estate boom gave Florida a great boost in de-
velopment and prepared the way for the next thing in
order, a great health boom. If you will get your Legislature
to appoint a commission authorized to make a health survey
of all Florida, to establish thorough-going health inspection
in the public schools and to organize throughout the State
a real health campaign, you may prepare the way for a
boom that will not burst, but will grow from year to year
until your State becomes known the world over for its
achievements. It will be necessary to set your doctors and
other scientific experts at work collecting scientific data.
There are already in this State thousands of persons who
have been rescued from the torturing clutches of rheum-
atism, who have found relief from high blood pressure, who
have been cured of lung tuberculosis or joint tuberculosis,
and who have found renewed youth and vigor through the
healing virtues of Florida air and sunshine. Through the
co-operation of the medical profession the actual facts in
relation to all these individual experiences could be collected


and validated and scattered broadcast as proofs of what
Florida climate can do.
Laws should be passed requiring every hotel, apartment
house, hospital, asylum and every college or schoolhouse
to be provided with facilities for sun bathing and out-of-
door exercise. Physical perfection contests in schools and
at county fairs should create at least as great an interest
in the development of superior boys and girls and splendid
men and women as in the production of fine horses, cattle,
pigs and chickens. By the proper effort, the whole State
might be raised to a high pitch of enthusiasm to make
the people of Florida the healthiest and the longest lived
people in the world. Carefully garnered statistics would
soon produce indubitable evidence of a gain in this direction,
and such testimony in support of the claims made for
Florida would be unimpeachable. If the people of this region
will join in a great health boom, it will put Florida on the
map as the health center of the world, which it may be
and will be if its great health possibilities are utilized and
properly exploited.


The Importance of Sunlight:
Man's natural experience first taught him that sunlight
was the greatest and most essential force in life-the origin
and support of all life. Science teaches us how and why
this is true and we begin to know that directly or through
other agencies sunlight is life. Through these studies we
find that to live we must depend on sunlight and its product;
so in selecting a place to live one should consider that
environment which contributes most to mental and physical
comfort. Then he should consider the importance of find-
ing a location where sunlight is most abundant and where
the rays of light reach the earth in the most direct way,
because on the distance travelled by the rays of light de-
pends their value as life-givers. The combination suggested
here creates the most tolerable living condition.
Florida, because of the things enumerated, has the best
combination of these features. It is undertaken here to

tell with authority why every ailment known is due to lack
of these fundamental factors in life, to correct illness, re-
store and prolong life, and get the best combination of
these livable conditions. These essentials must be pro-
2-Its effect on Climate:
The effect of sunlight on climate is thermal and chemical.
They regulate life processes, furnish energy and electro-
chemical force entering into life and its environment. In
Florida the sunlight is richer in ultra-violet rays because
of the location of the State relative to the sun. This is
especially true in winter when these chemical rays are most
needed. In Florida the amount of these rays is increased
and their effects are enhanced by reflective media such as
humidity, water surfaces and green foliage. They are
more active because the atmosphere is free from dust and
3-Florida's Accessibility to Ultra-Violet Rays:
It is possible in Florida to be more continuously under
the influence of these life-giving rays, as it is possible to
be out in the open more hours per day by reason of the
mildness of climate. Further north it is necessary to be
indoors more of the time because of the cold and the benefits
are more limited since the sunlight is poorer in violet rays.
At Saranac a great hospital is being built and enormous
sums are being spent for glass roofs which allow these
delicate rays to pass through, yet the authorities say there
is serious doubt as to whether they will get enough of the
sun rays to be protected. (2)
In Florida expensive buildings are unnecessary. Every-
where sunshine is abundant; beautiful flowers and foliage
create an inviting environment and while enjoying the visi-
ble creations of nature one can absorb the invisible rays
of light in greater abundance than in any other place hav-
ing all the advantages mentioned.
These ultra-violet rays have bactericidal properties which
add to their value as protectors against infectious disease-.
(3). Cold saps vitality, lowers resistance, destroys energy
and fosters disease. The ill are always short of energy in
the body, and sunlight is the only source from which to re-
build body energy.
It is amply and authentically shown in this brief that
the nearness of a locality to the sun gives it a larger


supply of ultra-violet rays. This is because these rays are
delicate and easily destroyed by certain atmospheric con-
taminations and the shorter the distance they have to travel
the greater the amount that will reach the earth. Florida
is nearer the sun at all times than any other part of the
United States. Its atmosphere is less contaminated with
smoke and dust and the ultra-violet rays are less interfered
with in reaching the earth. (4)
4-The Energizing Effect of Sunlight:
We are indebted to the sun for all energy. Energy comes
direct from the sun and may be stored in various elements.
Photosynthesis, the most important of all natural pro-
cesses, is in a real sense the storage of energy and life by
sun rays. All the activities of life are due to sun rays. All
food is stored sunlight. Plants store energy from the sun,
examples of which are coal and petroleum.
The warmth of our bodies and the energy of mind and
muscle are transmitted sun rays. The maintenance of all
life, preservation of health and length of life depend on
sunlight. Sunlight is nature's permit to live. Ultra-violet
rays are responsible for chemical physiological and ther-
apeutic actions of life.
Due to climate, soil elements and very rich sunlight,
Florida has the lowest tuberculosis incidence of the sixteen
southern states.
The therapy of light is inseparably linked with the
names of Rollier, Finson, Koch, and Bernhard, together
with a large number of German, French and American
authorities notably Hess and Steenbock.
5-Physiological Effects of Sunlight:
Physiological action of ultra-violet rays of light may be
grouped theoretically and practically as follows: The effect
on growth and nutrition, inhibitive action on bacterial
growth, the influence on the anti-microbe resistance of
higher organisms, stimulating effect on calcium and mineral
The climate effects of sunlight have been reported rather
continuously and accurately for over fifty years. First,
the investigation has been along the line of an anti-infection
and anti-inflamation agent. More recently much study
has been given to its action on cholesterol, and through it
on the calcium phosphoric metabolism in rickets and bone
disease, and still more recently its influence over nerve


action through the agency of calcium, phosphorus and
other minerals. (5)
6-The Combined Effects of Ultra-Violet Rays and
Always in these studies an ample supply of calcium is
necessary before the rays can produce ample appropria-
tion of calcium. Calcium metabolism always depends on
ultra-violet rays of light, either direct or stored as vita-
mins. (6)
Rickets has become the established criterion for study-
ing the effects of ultra-violet rays on calcium and phos-
phoric metabolism. It becomes necessary, therefore, to
broaden the application of this word by including under
the term rickets those various manifestations in adults as
well as children arising from faulty calcium metabolism. (7)
To be sure of getting the combination of factors so vital
to health and life, we must be sure to have a locality in
which the sun's rays reach the earth without great loss of
the chemical rays and where the soils contain these chemical
elements in sufficient quantity to assure their presence
in the diet. (8)
7-Florida's Advantage Over Territory Deficient in Such
a Combination:
Florida is the logical place to secure immunity against
disease because of the richness of her sunlight in ultra-
violet rays and also because all foods produced, matured
and ripened here have stores of energy and are rich in the
mineral elements which are nature's agencies for coopera-
ting to produce mental and physical attitudes conducive to
the most satisfactory results. (9)
Ultra-violet rays of light and calcium-phosphorus com-
pounds are nature's great fundamental forces and chemical
agents which enter into the creation of life and mainten-
ance of life and longevity. They aid the body in the appro-
priation of other food elements. Where they are abund-
antly supplied with other necessary food factors resistance
and the ability to overcome disease is at its height. (10)
Florida's climate macs possible outdoor life for all
domestic animals and poultry. Her sunlight, rich in ultra-
violet rays, assures abundant calcium and other mineral
appropriations. Her products are supplied more adequate-
ly with elements necessary to the health of man. Vegetables
and fruit grown where industrial development causes large


amounts of dust and smoke in the atmosphere will develop
deficiencies in their products because of the diminishing
supply of ultra-violet light.
We get energy from sunlight, which is the source of all
food and life. To live abundantly, we must have high
energy, and the high level must be maintained in order to
get maximal development of health and life. Lowering the
level leads to poor health and weak vitality-low resistance.
We must have fresh food rich in mineral elements and an
abundance of ultra-violet rays of light.
Ultra-violet rays of light control calcium metabolism.
Calcium metabolism controls the metabolism of all other
mineral elements. Calcium metabolism regulates and de-
termines functions of the sympathetic nervous system,
thereby controlling the body disturbances known as meta-
bolic diseases, especially poor heart action, poor kidney
action, neurosis of various kinds due to irritability of the
vegetative nervous system. (11)
Nature has given to calcium a dominant role in all physi-
ological processes but calcium is the most timid of all the
chemical elements. It will not force its way. It will not
contend against other elements for place. It must domi-
nate by the support of other natural forces. The only way
we know to persuade calcium to enter into life structures
is by the influence of the ultra-violet rays of light. The
distances ultra-violet rays of light have to travel, the clarity
of the atmosphere, determine the richness of these rays
when they reach the earth. Florida being always nearer
to the sun than any other part of the United States and hav-
ing a solar marine atmosphere which is free from dust
and smoke, she receives the ultra-violet rays of light in
large proportion and with more energy than any other
section of the country. Coupled with the fact that Florida
soils have an abundance of calcium and phosphorus, the
appropriation by the body of these elements is bound to be
greater than in any other part of the country. (12)
1-Definition and Significance:
Skyshine is understood to be the reflected rays of light.
The reflecting media are the sky, certain kinds of humidity,
water surfaces and green foliage. Authorities estimate
that these reflected rays are approximately one-half to
two-thirds as effective as the direct rays.


2-Factors Underlying Florida's Richness of Skyshines:
Florida's advantages as to skyshine are in the fact that
she is surrounded by water, that she has a great many
lakes which reflect these rays, that she possesses a humidity
which tend to concentrate and store these rays in atomized
sea water. The combination of these rays with sea water
has not been studied, but, unquestionably, there are forces
generated there which are carried to the body through the
air passages.
3-Beneficial Effects:
Because Florida has an abundance of green foilage the
year around, the reflection from foliage is quite a con-
sideration. Florida is the only State abundantly supplied
with the last two mentioned agencies. which by reflection
add materially to her supply of ultra-violet rays of light.
1-Preliminary Explanation:
Humidity, like climate, is a rather vague term and does
not carry the same meaning to everyone.
What is often called humidity and that quality in atmos-
phere which is so objectionable under this classification
is static, moist air due to barometric influence. Florida
has very few such days owing to the fact that her climate
is solar and marine; also to the prevalence of gulf and
ocean breezes and her general topography. Moisture usually
prevalent in Florida atmosphere is not what is generally
termed humidity but is really atomized sea water, as ex-
plained later.
This so-called humidity is one of Florida's great health-
building assets and as scientific research reveals more of
the facts relative to this particular atmosphere it will be
more and more appreciated. It constitutes another one of
the cooperative influences which nature has given to
2-Unique Qualities of Florida's HT-wmidity:
Florida's humidity, like many of her other features, is
unique and unusual in that it is largely composed of atom-
ized sea water. Sea water contains practically all the known
mineral elements so that the atomized sea water brought


by the breezes from ocean surfs contain these mineral salts
and they are deposited on the surface of Florida's land
area, thereby improving the soils' chemistry and enhancing
the food value of crops grown on these soils. As shown by
E. Hiltner and M. Kronberger, eminent German scientists,
and N. O. Johnson, F. G. Kraus, C. A. Saher and R. A. Goff,
plants absorb mineral elements and plant foods through
their foliage and structures.
3-Effects on the Body:
The character of these mineral salts and combinations
are such that they will be absorbed by the mucous mem-
branes lining the air passages of animals and man. Their
beneficial effects on the organisms are considerable.
There is a certain amount of electrolytic action brought
about by these combinations and the atmospheric elements
and the action of the sun's rays effect changes which make
these atoms of sea water somewhat akin to vitamins in
their physiological effects. Body cells are stimulated by
these mineral elements and the electric charge is sufficient
to influence cell activity.

(1) Hess, of New York, one of the greatest authorities
on this subject, has found that the sunlight in that district
during the winter does not afford enough of these ultra-
violet rays to assure ample physiological effect.
(2) Dr. Walter Eddy, of Columbia University, says
that ultra-violet rays through these special glasses are
effective only in the direct line of the rays and that the
rays thus secured cannot take the place of outdoor sunshine.
(3) Charles Sheard and George M. Higgins, of the
Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, say: "We are forced to
the conclusion that the presence of ultra-violet rays of sun-
light is essential to normal growth."
The editor of the Journal of the American Medical Asso-
ciation says editorially: "Nature appears not to have been
bountiful in the provision of antirachitic products."
Of all the known vitamins none is so poorly distributed
among foods as the antirachitics factor. Less than a de-
cade ago such a factor was discovered in sunshine with its
potent rays in the ultra-violet region. Hess and Weinstock
have ventured the hypothesis that rickets is a pathologic


reaction when deprived of the solar irradiation which is
an essential complement to diet.
Tisdale and Brown, in a paper read before the American
Pediatric Society says: "The antirachitic effect of sunshine
is largely dependent on the altitude of the sun. The nearer
the course of the sun is to any point on the earth as to
latitude, the greater is its latitude. We believe that the
increased antirachitic effect is due to increased intensity
of the rays ranging from 302 to 295 millimeters rather than
to the shorter rays which did not get through at the lower
(4) The editor of the Journal of the American Medical
Association, replying to an inquiry, says: "In acute respira-
tory infections and tendency to tuberculosis, select a loca-
tion free from sharp changes in temperature, severe winter
weather and low temperatures. Mild weather and sunshine
are important." The solar marine climate of Florida favors
regular weather and tends to prevent quick changes char-
acteristic of most climates.
E. E. Robertson, of Toronto, in the American Journal
of Hygiene, reports that experiments made by him show
that rachitic rats exposed to the sun from 11:00 A. M. to
1:00 P. M. for four weeks have an increased resistance to
infection when compared to those kept inside. Of 263 sun-
exposed, 57% survived. Of 241 kept inside, 32% survived.
May Mellanby believes that the most important specific
influence affecting the structure of the teeth is the ultra-
violet rays of light.
G. Popoviciu, in Revue Francaise de Pediatric, says:
"Ultra-violet rays increase especially the phosphorus con-
tent of the blood in bone tuberculosis."
(5) Some investigators have shown effects which are
necessarily due to the enhancement of the body's ability to
kill bacteria.
J. E. Conce and Karl Kossourt have recently studied the
action of ultra-violet irradiation on the bactericidal prop-
erty of the blood and proved its marked effect.
F. M. Pottinger has for many years ably studied the
respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, hay-fever and asthma.
He has shown the basis for and the marked advantage by
employing calcium in the treatment of these diseases be-
cause of its control of the reactions of the various systems
composing the pulmonary neurocellular mechanisms; also
the therapeutic basis for the relationship of the iron content
of the cell to symptoms of disease with special reference
to calcium and its therapeutic application. Many striking



and interesting cases are reported in support of his theories.
The results in treating asthmatic paroxysms are most
striking. Of course, ultra-violet rays of light are essential
to the proper metabolism of calcium.
W. Cramer, of London, has shown the danger of an
under supply of ultra-violet rays and shows the similarity
of their effects. He stresses the fact that while enough of
these vital elements may be added to prevent obvious ill
health yet it may not be enough to permit the organism
to reach its full development.
(6) Lorand says: "Low calcium appropriation and
low blood supply of calcium are in close relation to mental
(7) Daniels, Armstrong and Hutton, doing research
for the National Child Welfare Association, have proved
that nasal sinusitis can be produced by lack of sunlight and
calcium and phosphorus. They also show that nasal sinus-
itis can be cured and prevented by an ample supply of
sunlight, calcium and phosphorus. Abscess in the ears
mastoiditis are also produced by lack of these elements and
cured by ample supply of the same. These brilliant show-
ings prove that ultra-violet rays in sufficient quantities
protect the body against the invasion of disease bacteria
through the mucous membranes of air passages.
In this connection, Cramer has shown that ample sup-
plies of vitamins or ultra-violet rays of light so change the
conditions of the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract
as to practically prevent the passage of bacteria into the
blood stream.
These two carefully constructed reports show most con-
clusively that the ultra-violet rays of light are capable of
guarding air passages and the digestive tract against the
invasion of disease bacteria. These are the two principal
portals through which most diseases reach the circulation
and affect the body. To properly guard these entrances is
a long step towards overcoming diseases.
In 1919 Huldschinsky first demonstrated the effect of
ultra-violet rays on calcium metabolism. In 1921 Hess and
Unger showed the same effects. In 1925 Hess and Wein-
stock fed irradiated human skin to a series of rats and pro-
duced ample appropriation of calcium, thus proving that
stored sunlight in the ergosterol of the skin produced cal-
cium appropriation in the bodies of these animals.
A very striking illustration of the fact that locality alone
does not determine the richness of violet rays is the report
by Hess that Ancon and Colon in the Panama Canal area


have less sunlight than New York City. He says: "The
dominant factor in regard to the activity of ultra-violet
rays is not so much the number of hours of sun-light as it
is the quality and intensity of the light."
Hess also says: "Moreover, although it is certain that
other solar radiances must have marked and definite effect
on the human organisms, at the present time we know of
no other specific action. It seems most probable that this
field will be extended and that before long we shall associ-
ate light of other wave-lengths with definite disorders or
at least with definite activities of the body."
(8) Higgins and Sherad, of the Mayo Clinic and Mayo
Foundation, say that ultra-violet rays of light appear to
bear a distinct relationship to the physiology of the para-
thyroid glands.
Scale Harris, in a paper read before the American Medi-
cal Association, subject, The Role of Vitamins in the Eti-
ology and Cure of Gastric Duodenal Ulcers, quotes Mc-
Carrison extensively and stresses the importance of the
elements contained in sunlight, and says: "The recent ad-
vances in the study of nutrition have brought out some
amazing facts which should be applied in the treatment of
ulcers." It is an accepted conclusion by nutrition experts
that these elements stimulate nutrition generally. Russell
S. Bole, in discussing this paper, says: "There is ample
experimental evidence to show that profound changes occur
in the function and structure of the gastro-intestinal tract
as a result of deficiencies in the diet."
"McCarrison, Cramer and others point out that conges-
tive hemorrhage and atrophy and degenerative changes
can be consistently produced, and conclude that normal
gastric intestinal function cannot be maintained on such
diets. This is particularly interesting in view of the in-
creasingly prevalent feeling that ulcer is some measure due
to disordered function of the vegetative nervous system."
This latter statement is in keeping with the brilliant
findings of Pottinger which show that the vegetative nerv-
ous system is dominated or controlled by calcium and the
appropriation of calcium is controlled by ultra-violet rays
of light.
(9) Sir Robert McCarrison, the great English authority
on nutrition, in his classical studies of deficient disease,
says: "Lack of ultra-violet rays disturbs calcium metabo-
lism, puts an end to regenerative processes, depreciates
cellular functions, and depreciation of cellular functions is
the foundation on which disease is built. Extreme depre-


ciation means rapid dissolution and death; partial depre-
ciation means slow dissolution and disease." Conversely, in
a climate where ultra-violet rays are abundant and where
their effect is enhanced by every advantageous environ-
ment the recovery from disease is more probable. Develop-
ment of disease is less probable.
Hess says: "The nervous system does not function in
calcium deficiency, hyperirritability of the cerebral centers
and peripheral nerves. The increased dysfunction is sec-
ondary to a deficiency of calcium in the tissues and almost
the entire nervous system shows lack of stability."
(10) Power, Park and other co-workers of Johns Hop-
kins University, say: "Throughout the animal and per-
haps also the vegetable kingdom normal balance of active
light is required and the amount of certain food essentials
requisite to the maintenance of health. Under the unnat-
ural conditions imposed on animals by domestication or on
many by civilization it may be necessary to supply more
(11) Hess says: "The law of the vital importance of
the minimum applies to the radiation of the sun. Thus
rays which are furnished in the smallest amount and in
the least intensityare nevertheless the most indispensable."
(12) According to Bailey, of the University of Liver-
pool, vitamins are stores of high energy-bottled sunshine
which yield their energy to restore and maintain the vi-
tality of decadent tissues. Sunlight stored means vitamins.
Hess, Weinstock and Sherman, from the Department of
Pathology, Sloane Hospital for Women, Columbia Univer-
sity College of Physicians and Surgeons, in a preliminary
report of certain experimental work, say: "Ultra-violet ir-
radiation of a nursing woman brought about a marked in-
crease in the antirachitic potency of her milk. It is sug-
gested that such irradiation be employed in order to protect
infants from rickets and nursing women from the excessive
drain of calcium and phosphorus."

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