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Group Title: Bulletin State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture
Title: What and when to plant in Florida
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Title: What and when to plant in Florida
Series Title: Bulletin State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture
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Language: English
Creator: Scott, John M ( John Marcus )
Publisher: State of Florida, Dept. of Agriculture
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: 1931
Subject: Agriculture -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Crops -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: by John M. Scott.
General Note: On cover: "(Reprint)" and "Prepared and published in cooperation with the College of Agriculture, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida."
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Bulletin No. 1 New Series

What and When to Pla.nt

in tFlorida

I i ep1 i l. S I

hIOIIN Nl. S<1>Tr

State of Florida
Department of Agriculture
NATIIAN MI.AY4. ('CMiiiii-.ollrl'

I'reli rr: l -1 llt l a nldiis .d ill n q rto liIIl \'il II ln, ( 'Iuhi'g oir
.-ri .l1eur .. I 'lniv r.i- it"y ,i f vhlieri l:I. (;;ii ville. Fl ri'iln.


May, 1931


The climate and soils of Florida are such that it is possible
to grow crops of various kinds at all seasons of the year, in-
cluding both vegetable and general field crops. The general field
crops are usually planted in early spring and summer, while
the truck crops are usually planted during the fall, winter, and
early spring months.
The value in dollars and cents of the truck crops varies from
year to year, )but runs into the millions of dollars. A large
number of the truck crops are produced in from 45 to 130 days
from time of planting, and nearly all of them may be classed
as short season crops. 'This is why, in many cases, two crops a
year may be grown on the same land, the vegetable crops ldur-
ing the fall and winter months, and feed and forage crops from
May to October.

What and When to Plant in Florida
BIi .1ollX 31. S i.rTr
Prepared and published in cooperation with the College of Agriculture.
University of Florida. (ainesville.

Pertile f ill lands lmay be found in almost ai ny section of
Florida whici, for the convenience e of' those seeking informa-
tion about thle State. has been divided into three sections. anld a
list of crops that may be gr-own in each of the sections.

Alachua. liaker. Bay. Iradford. ('alhoun. ('lay. ('oluinlia,
D)ixie. Duval. Escambia. Franklin. Flagler. Gadsllen. Gilchrist.
(;ulf. Iamilton. Holmes. .ackson. .Jeferson. Lfa;yette. Leon,
IilUrty, Madison, Nassau, Okaloosa. I'ntnam. Santa Rosa, St.
Johns, SuiwanTce. Taylor, UInion, Walton, Washington, Wa-
kulla. Area. 14.414.560 acres.

Irevard, ('ilirs, Ilernando, Hillshoronlgh, TIake,. Ievy, ari-
on, Orange, Osecola. Paso, Pinellas, I'olk, Se.niniiie, SIneI'r,
\'Volsia. Area, 9.164.800 acres.

IBroward, (Charlotte. Collier, Dade. I)eSoto, (Glades. Hardee,
llendry, Highlands, Indian River. Lee. Manatee, Martin, Mon-
roe. )keechleeli Palmi HBeach. Sarasota. St. Litici. Area. 11,-
376.680 acres.

The following, is a list of leading crops raised colunmercially
in North Florida:
Cotton. etorn.l oats. susoalr cale. so'lLiiiinn call. .lJapase cane,
lolhaco, r.ice. field pes. soy beans, velvet be vlv anl haIy. cow pea
hay, Natal grass. kudzn lhay, native grass hay, millet, rye, vel-
vet beans, peanuts. sweet potatoes. Irish potatoes, cabbage,
waterillnlolls. tomatoes. string beans. entullller's, onions. lett ne,
lima beans. e1..'' plants. cantaloupes. English peas. beets,
sipi aslies. )peppers. strawberries. pecanls. peachess. tis. pears,
Japanese persimmols, grapes, plums, oranges and irrapefruit
in limited (qilantity.


Bp~t,.i.i.= Si'SgiT-1 Jlanuiuary. Fothrtuary. Sejltert-miir. 4i(f letlr.
Ni,.vinen .r.
lA -Ns 11h1-11. April, Mit.li.git SA jrI.3I Septom lier.

(:All~l'lc ,Y1~1(A1 1 ive11 l, AugustII)', Sillelih i. OcolerMw in
('('R- l'-. Lriiary Marclh. April.
4 *(eTTi, 'N 2larel. A"w april.
( AIMIAGE.l 1 IoetlHr too l'e1,ruary.
C ~ I i Lfiii 11 ', Ifie ll loll', )ctolir
4I.fl r. FIiI~ .Jniiir v. February. Mitreli. Nivieal'r.
(ANTAIAwit-M--N-arel. April.
4 rumt* i a-Felraary. March. April.
EGO; PlAN r--Felorary Marea. April. .July. .iligt.
ItN(;l~lMII ',.:~~~-lVEA-Fli-bary, Murelt, A\pril, Sepiienther, htoe
(MeNvil pea).
IRI I l"ITATIE -. un iary. Fe'lormory\. Mat areb. April. Ama)iat.
se-p t *talier.
KALEj M~archa. S~eputenlwr. 4 )tfilpqr. Novendimer.
KEIsi IA\V lularecl, A pril.
K0l ii.-I AIW r1- i'i, A11 ail. A aII ISd.
L.EEK- .lja aa uar%. F-li,riatr,. l. arch. -pteilwrm. e htohm-r.
.E:rTui- I-: Jlanuary. Feblruary. So-pie1 .nhr. 4 Iet''h.'r. N' i%-nI1 r.
( )"MoNN-J iinun ry. Feblruuary, A lagust St-pto-mbaer. O-4 ibiler.

4)Klt.%- -MN J11-4-. A pIi.i May. i- lt
P n.uLaiil,- l"..hruary. .MI;reh. April
PAF.IR~NIV Febhruiary. Marnh. Ap jril. 4 htc-6-.r. Nq-\-#-mim.r.
ltADISIM- ~;Januianry., F.ebruary. Mu rth. Ap ril, Septembler, 4 )-
I ailoi-', N~(wemIIborI, Ih-vohernla.
P0TAIIA.I4 S lT'liraimiv. Mareh. April. AnlIria.:. Septembe~.r. '

SUGAR~t 4 *.%s : -Ie-belrsiiry and M~areh.
STRAW 1111: iaiuLa.-S-----.u lilt ry. N-pe~iimler. November. l)t'evvmb-'.r
SWE"A~a' I 'a'ATOES A prilI, Many, .11i1(,

SIN'ill\ Ii Febrita ry. .mvu'.ut. S.;tt emlIl)r. IIh'tlfier.
Sq 1-aa March. ip;ril. May. Ativii.t.
Tup~RN I" .Janiiarv. Felortiar'y. Ma rch. April. A lwaa~t. S.~epaloin.-r.
4 )atatler.

TMIACA PneEiL'ANTs- M~uagrel. AXpril.
~~TIR l ~i' \-----~i~aeI.April.


Forage Crops
BuItM CLOVEu-September to November.
JAPAN CI.oviE:--May. June, July.
BEu.MUDA GRASS-March. April, May, June, July. August, Sep-
tember, October.
('CAIPTr GRASS-Mharch to J.uly.
VEIAET BEANS-March. April. May.
PIANirTs-March. April. May. June. July.
IYE AND IRAI'E-January. February, October. November and
SorNt;iu1-March to June.
Vi'Ercir-October. November. December.
Soy BEANS-March to June.
Cow PEAS--3Mach to July.
BE(a;AR WEED-1[ay to July.
Kr izr--December. Janua ry. February.

Oats. Bunch Velvet Beans, Rape.
Oats. C'ow Peas. Rape.
Irish Potatoes, (orn.
Irish Potatoes and Cow Peas or Velvet Beans.

Good Silage Crops
Corn, Napier Grass. Sorgihum. Japanese Cane.

Fruits and Berries
The leading fruits and berries of this section are the fig,
peach. pear. satsuma, grapes, plum, persimmon, blueberries,
strawberry, blackberry, and dewberries.
The Satsnima is a supplement to the round orange, making
Florida an all-year orange producer, as the two overlap in
seasons of ripening.

The counties comprising North Florida produce four-fifths of
the pecans of the State.


The Central Division comprises fifteen counties with an area
of 9.164.800 acres. This division produces the Iulk of the citrus
fruit and the garden truck of the State. Its shores are laved
on the east by the Atlantic and on tlie west by the Gulf of
lMexi(o. the high land ridge occupies tIle center.

I RISSKI.S SeRno'Ts-January. February. March, September, Oe-
tober, Nove mber.
BEANs-February. March. September.
BEETs-January. February. March. September. ( )et lcer. Novem-
'AMA(cE-JanuIlIaIry, February. October. November. December.
('ANTALOUPES- tFebruary. MaIlrch.
(CAUI'FLOWER-J anuary (seed) ; March, June (seed) July,
August. September. October.
('I*(I'MEM HERS-Septemlber to. Marchi.
COLLARDS-Januilary. February. March. April. May. August.
September, November, December.
('CEEI -J.une1, (seed) ; July (seed); September to February.
('(rCOTTO-February. March. April.
(oxi-.January (early) i February. March. April.
DASH EENs-March. April.
E((; PILANT-Jan1 uary. February, spring erop; July, fall crop.
ENc(;ISII P:EAs-September to March.
IliS PiHOTATO:S-September. fall erop: November to Marchl
spring crop.
KOIII.-R m .Marcli. April. Augus't.
KAi.u-:--Feblruary. March. August. Sepl:emilber. October. Novem-
her, Decembler.
LEE:K- January, February. March. Septlemlber. O(t)bert Decem-
I.ITTc(E--Jallary. February. Septeml(er. ()ct!ober. November.
1''STAi)m-January. February, 3arch,. April. August. Septenm-
ber, Octob er, Novemllber.
ONION SETS-Jlanlary. February. IMar'lh. April. August. Sep-
tember, October. November.
O()A.s-January. November. December.
P'ARSLEY-February. .Marchl. April. ,1unne. July.
I'AISNIi's-Febriuiry,. Marclh, April. September. ( )tobler, Novenm-
PI'M'KINS- -May. J tlle. July.


PEPPERS'-January, February, March, spring crop; July to
October, fall crop.
RADISHES-January, February, March, April, September,
RUTABAGAS-February, March, September to December.
IRAPE-January, February, October, November, December.
SWEET POTATOES-March, April, May, June, July.
SqrAsII-Mareh, April. May, June, July, August, September.
STRAWBERRIES-August to November.
SPIlNACIn-February, August, September. October, November.
SPAxIsl ONIONs-January, February, March.
TOM ATOES-September to March, July.
TurnIxs-.January, February, March, April, August, Septem-
ber, November, December.
WATER.M1ELONS-January to March.

Forage Crops
BERMULDA GRAss-M-arch. April. May. June. July. August. Sep-
tember. October.
CARPET GRASS-Marelc to July.
VELVTr BEANS--Maarch to May.
PEANUTS-,March. April, May, June, July.
RYv: AND RAPE-January, February. October to December.
VET'rc-October to January.
SoY BEANS-April, May. June.
Cow PEAs-April to July.
BEG;:AR WEED-April, May, June.
KIODzL-November, December, January.


The shorter the length of time required for a crop to mature,
tihe greater number can be grown on the same land. The fol-
lowing may be mentioned:
Oats, Bunch Velvet Beans.
Oats, ('ow Peas.
Irish Potatoes, Corn.
Irish Potatoes. Cow Peas or Velvet Beans.
Tomatoes, Lettuce, English Peas.
A number of vegetables may be planted in the fall for winter
shipping and then followed by field crops in spring.
Silage Crops-Corn, Japanese Cane, Napier Grass.


South Floridn presents the truly semii-tropical part of the
United States. It comprises eighteen counties with an area
of 11.376.680 acres. It has one of the( largest inland fresh
water lakes in the world. Miami. "The City Wonderful," is
on the east coast, Fort Myers on the west and Key West, at the
southern extremity of the lUnited States, in touch with the
trade of the southern hemisphere.
'itrus fruit growing, trucking and live stock raising are the
principal industries. More than five million acres of this divi-
sion was originally under shallow water-tlie Everglades. Since
drainage and reclamation have proved it to be of wonderful
agricultural possibilities, it is being turned into ranlches, field
crops and trucking farms.
lE:ANs-September to April; June, butter beans.
BET'rs-.January. February, March, September, October. No-
BIrssEI.s SpRuo'rT--January. February. March. September. Oe-
tober. November.
('CCCu'MBnERs-September to March.
(CAIBA(;E.-October to Febl''ruary.
C'oN-January to March.
C('aOTs-January. February. August, September. October.
(CAULILOWER-.Ianuary (seed) ; February. March. August
(seed) ; September.
COLLARDS-Janulary, February, August, September. October.
November. December .
CANT.Ai.OUPEs-February. March.
D.AsIiNs-.January to April.
E(c; I) LANTS-.J aI1nuar Fy, February, spring crop; July, August.
l'all crop.
ExN;LSiI PEA-S-t.ptember to March.
IISIt PlOTATOES--November to March. spring crop: September.
fall crop.
KAil:-January, F'ebruary, March, August, September. October.
KOIIL-IAII--J aI Iinuary. April, August.
LETTU'uC-Sepltember to January.
MrsT.ak'r .-January. March. August. September. ()Otober. No-
venmber December.
OKlHA-February, March, September.
ONIONS-January (seed) ; February, March. April. August,
September. October. November. December.
Puerm~its-January. February, spring crop: July to October. fall
Pt'. mi'KINS-MIarech. April, May, June, .uly.


RADISHEs-January, February, March, September, October,
November, December.
RAPE-January, February, October, November, December.
RUTABAGAS-August, September, October, November.
SQUTASH-February, March, April, May, June, July, August,
SPINAcHI-January, February, August, September, October,
SWEET POTATOEs-April, May, June, J uly.
SUGAR CANE--January, February.
STRIAWBEnRES--September, October, November, December.
TolATMroEs-September to February; July for fall crop.
TuNxw's-January to October.
VELVET BEANs-March, April.
WATERMELONS-January to March.
Forage Crops
Para Grass, Natal Grass, Sorghum, Napier Grass, Bermuda
Grass, Carpet Grass, Saint Augustine Grass, Cow Peas, Soy
Beans, Velvet Beans, Millet, Oats, Rye. To the above list may
be added a number of native wild grasses.
South Florida grows crops all the time so that the number
of things that can be grown in a year on the same land depends
on the length of time it takes to mature the crops that are
Silage crops are the same as those of other divisions of the

Florida also is a State of rare products, many of which are
grown commercially, while others are being introduced. Among
those now grown commercially are:
Australian blackberries, avocados, blueberries, bananas,
coconuts, chayotes, cherimoyas, maumee apples, mangos,
mangosteens, Natal plums, ornamental plants, palms, papayas,
pineapples, sapodillas, sugar apples, tangelos, tung oil trees.
Corn and Cow Peas.
Corn and Soy Beans.
Corn and Peanuts.
Corn and Velvet Beans.
Or any of the above may be planted alone.
Irish Potatoes followed by Corn.
Oats followed by Peanuts.
Vetch followed by Corn or Cotton.



General Istructions for the Comercial Production of Vegetale Crops

,ll Ir k l i dlt ,1 14 IS ll 11 111l i or l, pI r llicil IIn Ilionnl l''lill giltiillllhi,
Biy FlorYdi il rill'ers Silh '111e l i ls IHi, Illi, tillr nill 's, i ]spliinnell nild
I'Iln iil ,,'%s, wu'li irle groi l i dnliily fir IHal ar k li IIn lls sl iil,, are
i1il liilil,
l lll-l nf i r I I Widl i rll l r li d lllll d ell l o lllll tln s, theI rnill
flr gr iiv i llll n 'ii 1 crop III ilie Soollierl |i n ir l rlt 1 ,11e i I e I II I ill W I nply, III
gIlo illg ll s il I II| l l 111 (eilriil or N rillv ii si'rlmllu (11 (it e i lm le',

Ill I',I,, t ilinmilllilr l ll n sillucxl lonlx glvein 111 hi 8 talllI llif, of only) a
gioriil iiittlrle, anld 1il ll i h Ii v, i l lr'l liitei r a Wllrr i il leld n vurlous '
lioc'l niilllllllnl q
IIEEliES'i: Iloril' Airl irlll lru l E xIeuI,1inl Sillloi, lialn 1 Vllilr
Florida lath I'iarl l r ltl, l ii(of Agrli'lllllre, Tailniln,,e: I'. 11, Ilolh,' "S b.
TroIili l Vi'l'o ile, Iiiilr ilal"ll" ; iulld Willihm i;,imiiile, Ili)v l Couiiyn Agri.
rilillll r lApi ,l,

I I II' lli IIn 'A: IT
Illl' t II I' l III l ll iT 11 i'l 1 l ,i : 1i 1 .1 l:1', 1i: ) :) IIII:, l i l' II I, ST IiI II Ti IIII1T 1 t Ai lis
: 1 1171:11 I I'l:ll'lll,1111 11 11 11i11,1:t t l I' iT II l'lIl Isl IN IUrWS
I I .. ..... ... / ,' : ^L ,' I

fill R'nl well,
Irl; ilu i i ll, l l 'r
Il, k l .'lihl'iill ni Ml,,i'c li[ill lid i'r i l lily iilli rkil (ill
N H'iirdwcll's illii l'we ,'i lut \ft'n ils, w',ll ; I n l IkI, i |iin 1,11 da, l{liin l In ; IIn I (I, l 1 fill l f ild |inrli
I ,w Ii ll;ts ll' hi n ill drllii, ; lillt,,, I Ih I, Il,,i, pr li ,r I ,rrs 1$| 3 3 Ie ; n, l rr ip, In iuillh
lllr,,lk l ', l ll it' ,ll l lll.' ll ,,,{ ,llt lll y. l I | F norld{ (iill h iani
fill 1 | rll ,ell,
l''irlin dk|l

,hr11 L, 1 Il kll o1,11: 1 I li il[llu k I, II, l l II
U i ly W' illrl(, 1 1i
I',llll.Ul, l Ir h l leHll lll 11111 11 | Il' k nlx w11 lli ,.l it fell .]Fle rlill lr ,
I ,nishI liin 1ilr lidi; 1il'e, l y eI s
il'j'iili'il i gis' s qiiilli},

i ill I ,llli llll i li l i 0 ll l ii t1 1o
I il I
I111, Ii' uti h Is' III' slll 11

I l g lI i ft,l Sirlil ir'ril iilip
I l 'trllrni,

lidi .rlI ill Ih mlunr iii I slll li ii I o I'i crop i i h,
1I I) 111i11ki i iiiiiiaid July to li 'l 11, 11111l1 11K, i I 5l to Ills r list l
'll l li ,rl To| |lt Wlind,, wll, I' ix, lC, h ) IHE t IIIn i l li t t t, I *I l rull,| rf ll ll' hnld,
Iit lpror d iille dl li 11 111, 4 01111"1 ll Io n y ) I", II I iA ,otllo II I grow,
Iiiiii'l ii 'il l Sl i lli] 'll~iiiiiii'rk; I'l':l | ) ;lll In 75 2111 to ii 75 ;i s'll In is |a rr i n | r ',
i'i'lT illllS DIS I l fis I'rf 'iT l 's'ii llis l aliain' 2 I 1 li. Sitl, ti IMarch, li1is, l| ilrl' il is 1Il0 iukl'i1lll) I 2 f f ( 1 p l tiAirkei,
sti y fire I I

I I II lllir i hlg ii
l~il~l'LmN Hlorlib ll~ihinish

1111111 n io I'llat
ll ,wel l lll rii lll .
Il' ; I'ln i f mil
iiiiiiiii r, i

II Fe llll .l u11 1l ." lli
Iit ll, ilhli.l i'il 'llts $. 21lli, ll" 1 l' |lip' 1 ft, shill 1ih liil III l,
5irlil nll iii'r i'l', hnil itlitiel,
'liihy, Hill iT I


liltg ~nSIn n l 'ink: lamni'k;l

4 i 1iiiiiil liii i so111r,
f TT I ('rain Il',tr n W ds i I 'pt I [i. s I l ill' drillage i s

Vm fal Wax | Ibl i i .r v
IWil ls, Ierrnmii I Low Ilninnilm'k: : I .1 I lk Ill, Sit. ,I rn 1 c )il I !, 12l11.' 11 t i, I nI a f ii Ille i Silrai
II ) liS t ill ,un tll rii Wnii t '3 I'l liii 'l i'r irre,. I:all 'r l 's .$ 25 1.' li ; 1 in, ,ila c'in le im l

S 1ii, sls I

IllEil IliTljila l

I Aliiski I rtrii u11 ly
mi;NiliJ ils li li'iIr illulu
11,61a Mcril L vll

I ty libl

I rl'l i 'lI' l l rl ll n IIiirr
IlrIlll,:I I llslrhl l @er

,lei I n: I iiiiiiiiii
Illlll k llltllltl, 'k

Illll'k IIIWoods, lI

Siii lull y,
1 14:il e.lly, l

IFhll Woids, wl'
hilrill l: Ili in
r,,' l k li t i'

ll |hsII s, I I, 11 :1. 'il l Silk l ln W 5 Il: y
S lls. I, r a I'rn'

lhlly' in ih'i.

lirlii [r iii, wr iiii r 5'
I '1 ri i'l ''rlt I 111

f.' 1 ll h llll
'\w ,s1

bel al:lsirin,

S IIIo Ii i lint 11'

I II, s I nIn'i ii'nitli',

; I I ;III fall shipping
'rrili', $5 t hi fi t. 1y ii 'rip. ,
I ;lll ITlllr< ,ll.

| I'' ll Nl bI efor'i
|l|liil lllgl Ill' lii i'
I1S l ft1 1 11. Ii p irly iiI stl t ir
II in. srly with Iri
Ile: ,I l rii lartio.ns

I'liTY ilIS l'ir I i'r li
iSii ) I Pu n Slifii rst' l'I'li | ut Siii. l r lniiB ti l
1illllil I1I 11 Wit toods, ass
I ill h III',ll
rI I 'lu ,li lor,
STIRAllli. llsinnry I l W : 11.1ii. ] 5l; >,l h i' I' n
I'll l lll1:'. lilii lik,. II ll,,c'k, !i l .' ; li. ;:i,.!X n ,.il I in i u @ la ls '

I Inusld1 11l' 'Ip i
W'lI:T N lN IS wl''f 'IIergriIII
I olllllll lk' l l'l

TillEI,t 1 lrihrll Iiri

Sliiii Ii lll

IT'rin timuiin
ATERl t'l'riia iiaillt'
MitIfaS Irish lra'v

ll iii l'k,

1| ill. Ils,
,all: I 1 11 1
' il l a l' r
a rrr '

l l isl

llll ix,. lli 11 I
IS ills, I i I ii 1 i' si l 1 i i
I !' 1 if' s il a l l silii, lir'lixs,
I'IrIll ,: I r I
[ hitrs,. [

I'rllrl,: I1'i I nI.MlllIIs. l,ii11 is lu s 'iIu 'ratl'i ulsi
Il 'klll: 'llll I fll S It, i u I hl,, 51 l)llsl l ir I
I hlli lllll I l lil l ,1 ni n' ',,
' I |11 11

linei n1 il;li

ar .

I fl I, All 111,1 10 llu is

I l I In f p ll' l In iir Ii 1
ll. il I i sllll l li all

e lii i'i th ii sr

I It If l lliwll r r
hI lIIal I llr'n fi
l hiIii 'll i lio ll t
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Prepared by M R, AEilg, Florlid Elxp~rlm l Slion
For Amril Priuct Grower

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SI for ilrlol.

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