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 Shem and his posterity
 Ham and his posterity
 A view of the world

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,. Th a ,:







I. Introduction, . . 9
II. Noah's Sons, . . . . 12
III. Men grow wicked, . . . 15
IV. The Tower of Babel . . ... 18
V. The language of Men confounded, 21
VI. Men scattered, . . . .... 24
VII. The Divisions of the Earth, . . 27
VIII. Japheth and his Posterity, . . 30
IX. Shem and his Posterity, . . 36
X. Ham and his Posterity, . . 44
XI. A View of the World, . . . 49


* k,~.





THIS book will tell of many things,
That useful are and true;
Attention give to all its words,
And you will find it so.

When Noah came forth from the ark,
No life on earth was found;
For all the men who once had lived,
Were in the waters drown'd.


The waters of the flood were dried,-
From mountp.in, valley, plain;
And from on high Jehovah's smile,
Did bless the earth again.

And life sprang up in many forms,
And fill'd the land around;
And beasts, and birds, and fish, and man,
Did every where abound.

But all mankind, from Noah sprung,
Or from his family;
They fill'd one place, they spake one speech,
As you must plainly see.

But now we see, that various forms
Of men all o'er abound;
Now different colour, different speech,
And different names are found.


Then men did dwell together all,
But now are scattered wide;
The continents and islands far,
Do bear the living tide.

How came men thus so wide dispersed?
And how their different names ?
These things to you in simple verse,
This history proclaims.




I SAID, that men from Noah sprang,
And from his family ;-
His sons were with him in the ark;
Shem, Ham, and Japheth, three.

By these three sons the world was fill'd,
They spread both far and wide;
And from a little family,
They sprang on every side.

Now Shem and Japheth both were bless'd,
And walk'd in wisdom's ways;
They kept the word that Noah taught,
And loved him all their days.


But Ham, whom Noah Canaan called,
His father did abuse,
Nor loved him as his brethren did,
And did his word refuse.

And when he did his father wrong,
And brought to sight his shame,
His brethren came with anxious hearts,
And saved their father's name.

So Noah did pronounce a curse,
On Ham, his youngest son,
And met at once with punishment,
The evil he had done.

"A servant's servant shall he be,
His brethren to obey;
Because he did not love regard,
And walk'd in folly's way."


But for the love his other sons
Did to him freely show,
He promised them prosperity,
And did his love bestow.




AS men upon the earth increased,
They left the Lord at length;
They soon forgot His great commands,
And trusted in their strength.

They followed their own evil hearts;
Their every thought was vain;
And though they knew the power of God,
They turn'd to sin again.

And God look'd down from heaven above,
And saw their sinful state;
But said-" I will not them destroy,
Their wickedness is great."


How vain and sinful are our hearts,
We soon forget the Lord,
And though He visits us with wrath,
Yet we despise His word.

And should His mercy toward us move,-
What base ingratitude!-
We follow still our sinful ways,
And turn from every good.

And though Jehovah sent a flood,
And drown'd mankind therein,
Yet how rebellious men did prove
Against His law to sin.

But God would not again destroy,
Though men should wicked prove;
But show'd to them from day to day,
His wisdom, power and love.


How merciful and great is God;
How just are all His ways;
His works deserve our deepest thought,
And our most fervent praise.

And why should men so wicked be,
And not receive His grace?
When God so kindly to them shows
The smiling of His face.




AND now men's thoughts had grown so vain,
That they forgot God's power;
And for their safety they agreed
To build themselves a tower.

In Shinar's plain they found a spot,
On which their tower to raise;
With which their name to magnify,
And publish forth their praise.

They thought to build their tower strong,
And also very high:
And said-" Come let us make the top
Reach upward to the sky."


Some say that they did fear a flood
Would drown the earth again;
But if their tower reached the sky,
The waters would be vain.

A better reason is, that they
Were grown so proud and strong,
The tower would be a monument,
That would their fame prolong.

To work they went, and made their brick,
And did commence to build;
They saw their work did upward rise;
Their hearts with pride were fill'd.

From day to day, from week to week,
The men were toiling on,
And forward look'd unto the time,
The great work should be done.


But God was watching all the while,
And saw their vain design;
He saw their evil thoughts forsook
His love and law divine.




HOW vain the thoughts of foolish men,
That they His power oppose,
When God, in glancing but His eye,
Could blast His greatest foes.

The strength of man is very weak,
The great Jehovah's breath
Could in an instant break his power,
And send him unto death.

Jehovah look'd upon the world,
And saw their works of sin,
He heard their words of pride and boast;
His soul was moved within.


So God came down unto the place,
Where they the tower did build;
He changed their speech, and all their mouths
With great confusion fill'd.

One language only did men speak,
But when the Lord came down,
They could not understand a tongue,
Nor could they speak their own.

So they no longer could engage
Together in their toil;
But they were scattered every where,
Jehovah's fearful spoil.

Their language thus God did confound,
God smote their hearts with shame;
The broken tower impressive tells
Their folly and their name.


The place was Babel called, because
The Lord did there confuse
The speech of proud and wicked men,
Who did His law refuse.




AND now no man could understand,
The speech his fellow spake,
But when they talk'd their many tongues
Did great confusion make.

So they were scattered far and near,
Through all the earth abroad,
Because they did refuse to love
And serve Jehovah, God.

And thus the power of God was shown,
To sinful man again;
How thoughtless, foolish, are the hearts
Of all the sons of men!


For had men kept the will of God,
They would not thus have been
Dispersed o'er all the earth, to feel
The punishment of sin.

Ah! who can bear Jehovah's power,
The judgment of His hand!
And when He is provoked by sin,
Who can His wrath withstand?

Yet man will not withhold from sin,
But brave and dare His power;
They sin from day to day, and break
His law from hour to hour.

In every land, and every tongue,-
Wherever men are found,
They sin against God's love,-their guilt
Doth more and more abound.


If men would read and understand,
The providence of God,
And contemplate His wondrous power,
According to His Word,

Then God would ever smile in love,
On all the earth abroad,
And all mankind would sweetly prove,
The goodness of the Lord.




TWO great divisions of the earth,
We see on every hand,
Which God at first did make and name,
The water and the land.

The waters of the seas are great,
They spread immense around,
Sometimes they peaceful lay, in calm
But rage when storms abound.

The seas are full of islands too,
Some large, and others small,
And travellers tell us there is life,
Abounding in them all.


The great divisions of the land
Are four; there's Africa,
And then there's Europe; Asia too,
And then America.

When God confounded all their speech,
And scattered men abroad;
'Tis said that they to every place
Were guided by the Lord.

For though the Lord did punish them,
And send them far and wide,
Yet He in mercy did descend
To be their safest guide.

God overrules the works of man,
And worketh His own will,
His presence now is every where,
His power the earth doth fill.


He led them o'er the spacious earth,
Though they saw not His hand,
Nor did acknowledge Him, nor keep
His holy, great command.





NOW Japheth was the oldest son,
And he was greatly blest,
His tents were much enlarged and he
In every place found rest.

Of Japheth it was truly said,
His servant should be Ham;
'Twas also said that he should dwell,
Within the tents of Shem.

When men were scattered o'er the earth,
The sons of Japheth came
To Northern Asia, there they made
Themselves a mighty name.


They grew a people large and strong
They spread both far and wide,
The land and islands of the sea,
They filled on every side.

In acts of warfare they were skilled,
A brave and hardy race,
Of massive form and muscles strong,
Of rough, but pleasing face.

All Northern Asia they o'errun,-
And built the cities sure,
Their monuments of strength and ski
Do to this day endure.

And now they've spread o'er
They every where abound,
Wherever human life is seen,
Are sons of Japheth found.

all the earth,



In Europe, and America,
All o'er the islands too,
Is heard the speech of Japheth's sons,
And seen what they can do.

Thus God did Japheth much enlarge,
And stretch his borders far,
And gave him happiness in peace
Prosperity in war.

The red men of America,
Are sons of Japheth too;-
And wise men tell us how they came,
And we believe them true:-

They wander'd far up in the North,
Where narrow straits divide
Great Asia from America,-
And cross'd the cold dark tide.


k.. 'lake
Ir.,,: 1 ^- !"
lai :l


-N s


They roam'd Columbia's forests vast,
As free as mountain air,
They lived contented, none but they
Could claim a dwelling there.

How noble is the red man's race!
How brave and free his life;
How fleet his foot, how strong his hand,
When in the hunting strife.

Alas! these tribes are near extinct,
Their brethren have pursued
Them to the mountains of the west,
And even there intrude

Upon their lonely dwelling place,
And fill their hearts with fear;
And of them now it may be said-
"They have no dwelling here."


How great the changes of the earth,
As day by day it rolls,
There's nothing standing sure and firm
Between the extended poles.

But while all things thus change and fade,
To man's glad hope is given,
Beyond the varying scenes of time,
A happy rest in Heaven.




AND Noah blest his second son,
Whose name, you know, was Shem;
The Lord, the great Jehovah, loved
And favours show'd to him.

And God is called the Lord of Shem,
From him sprang forth the Jews;
That people, honor'd of the Lord,
But did his Son refuse.

This people did in bondage dwell,
In Egypt's wicked land;
But from their bondage they were brought
By God's all-powerful hand.


Jehovah led them forth, and did
Divide the rolling sea;
Their enemies pursuing them,
Were drown'd in infamy.

God led them through the wilderness,
And did their wants provide,
And when they fought their enemies,
Was always at their side.

He gave them water from the rock,
And manna from on high;
A cloud to lead them day and night,
Hung out beneath the sky.

And unto them He gave His law,
From Sinai's mountain top;
He was their strength, their hiding place,
Their life and joy and hope.


He brought them to the promised land,
Dividing Jordan's wave,
No fear possessed them in the flood,
Jehovah's arm did save.

The Jews then dwelt in Palestine,
In Canaan's happy land;
But, though God favour'd them, they did
Refuse His great command.

The land with milk and honey flow'd,
Their enemies were slain;
God saved them by His power, yet they
Did from His love refrain.

He mercy did most freely show,
And did His grace extend;
But they did violate His law,
And on themselves depend.


He gave them priests and prophets too,
To teach them in His way,
But still their hard, rebellious hearts,
Did sin from day to day.

He gave them wisest, richest kings,
To rule them by His law,
But these they did despise and shun,
And from their word withdraw.

God show'd them favours every day,
But they did still rebel;
Ingratitude and every sin,
Did in their bosoms dwell.

And when they would not turn, repent
And keep His faithful word,
Then God with power made bare His arm,
And scattered them abroad.


He sent them to captivity,
And they were badly used;
Because they did rebellious prove,
And all God's love refused.

In captive chains they did repent,
And bow before the Lord;
So God returned them to their land,
According to His Word.

Again they did refuse His Word,
Again they did rebel;
And all their sinful ways to us,
The Scriptures faithful tell.

God gave them all His promises
That Christ should come and die,
To save all people from their sins,
And raise them up on high.


They long did for Messias wait,
And gloried in His name,
They thought that He their king should be,
And give to them great fame.

After long time Jehovah sent
His dear beloved Son;
The Scriptures tell us plain and true
That wondrous things were done.

He spake with words of gracious love,
And miracles He wrought;
He heal'd the sick, that unto Him
In multitudes were brought.

The Jews would not acknowledge Him
To be God's only Son;
Though all his wondrous, loving works,
Did fully make Him known.


They therefore did Him persecute;-
The Son of God most high!
They brought Him unto Pilate's bar;
And did Him crucify.

Oh! wicked hearts oh! cruel hands!
To kill the Son of God;
Who came with thoughts of peace and love,
To save them by His word.

And now God's wrath toward them was great,
He did with them forbear.
They knew His greatness and His truth,
But did His anger dare.

Their enemies upon them came,
And drove them from their land,
Because they did refuse to hear,
And serve God's great command.


God scattered them in all the earth,
A by-word and a shame;
Where'er they go, they faithfully
God's punishment proclaim,

Yet God has promised to receive
Them if they will return;
His judgment toward them will withdraw,
His anger cease to burn.

He also said, that He would bring
Them unto their own land,
From all the corners of the earth,
By His all-powerful hand.

The Jewish people still refuse
To honour Christ the Lord,
They do not own Him as God's Son,
Nor trust His loving word.


Yet many of them do repent,
And do believe in Him,
And God with pardon and with peace,
Appears in love to them.

As time rolls on will be revealed,
The wondrous hand of God;
And through all change on earth, shall stand
Forever sure His word.





THIS was the son that Noah cursed
For doing wickedly,
And said, that he a servant should
Unto his brethren be.

And Ham indeed has servant been,
To Shem and Japheth too,
We see the fearful evidence,
And know the curse is true.

The race of Ham at first was strong,
And grew exceeding great;
The sons of Ham were powerful,
And robed in kingly state.


They splendid cities built and large,
And did great empires found;
And o'er the world their mighty fame
Did everywhere abound.

They founded great Assyria's name,
And Egypt too they rear'd;
These empires told their name abroad,
And all their skill declared.

They founded Carthage, Sidon, Tyre,
Those splendid empires vast;
Whose monuments do tell to us
Of many ages past.

But still the curse has been pronounced,
And though they did exceed
Their brethren at the first, yet soon
Their greatness did recede.


Their cities and their empires fell,
Their glory soon did fade,
And all their pomp and all their power,
Is in oblivion laid.

The colour'd race from Ham
In Africa they dwell;
In Southern Africa they live,
As travellers do tell.


They're very black; the reason why
We do not clearly see;
Some say,-" Because the climate's hot!"
But here men disagree.

We all descended from one pair;
The black, the white, the red;
Of one blood God hath made mankind,
As Holy Writ hath said.


Our Father, God, the Great I AM,
Whose throne is in the Heaven;
Doth condescend to bless us all,
And unto us hath given

The promises of His dear love,
To cheer our weariness;
And gives His law, our feet to guide
In ways of happiness.

He loves us all, and every good
We have, from Him comes down,
On all He sends the rain and sun,
And doth our spirits crown

With all the riches of His grace,
Which was so dearly bought;
The sacrifice of His own Son,
Hath great salvation wrought.


We therefore should despise no man,
Or black, or red, or white,
For in the soul of every one,
Jehovah takes delight.






FOR five and twenty thousand miles,
As man may travel on,
O'er mountains, rivers, plains and seas,
Before his course is run.

Around the earth on which we dwell;
A vast, expansive ball!
This world Jehovah's power sustains,
Who is the Lord of all.

A thousand millions of mankind,
Do now upon it dwell;
The awful number that have died,
No human tongue tell.


These wondrous multitudes of men,
Of every age and clime,
Did spring from eight who left the ark;
Who in the course of time

Grew great and strong, and were dispersed,
As I to you did tell,
Till now o'er all the face of earth
Great multitudes do dwell.

We wonder at the miracle,
When Christ five thousand fed;
But do we ever praise that Power,
Which daily millions feed?

God from on high looks down to see,
The wants of sinful men;
He gives them health, He gives them strength,
He gives the sun and rain,


That He may all their wants supply,
Of shelter, clothing, food,
And with a father's tender heart,
Bestows them every good.

How great, how awful is this power,
That's present every where,
Doth stoop to bless the sons of men,
And hear their humble prayer.

When God dispersed mankind abroad,
It did His wisdom prove;
While it displayed omnipotence,
It show'd His wondrous love.

Now everywhere mankind are seen,
They dwell in every place,
Of various tongues, of various hue,
Of varied form and face.


Some dwell In deserts vast and wide,
And some in forests drear,
A million cities now are built,
And seen both far and near.

Yet so much love and wisdom guides,
That we do all unite
Our powers to make one family,
And do each other right.

The oceans now are filled with ships,
Which back and forward sail;
The steaming vessel thunders on,
And doth o'er floods prevail.

The land is laid with many tracks
Of iron, and thereon
The ponderous car is placed and doth
With fearful speeding run.


The telegraph doth stretch its wires
Along on every hand,
With instant speed, like light it bears
Our speech through all the land.

Behold the wisdom of the Lord,
Who gave intelligence
Unto the sons of men, to be
Their joy and their defence.

We, children, Lord, would offer thee,-
Loud as our tongues can raise,-
The tribute of our living hearts,
Our simple, fervent praise.


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