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Title: What Do I Want Most
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Title: What Do I Want Most
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1rr*1~L~1--r-" --T

4i)tilbrs t t4 e 4rct).

n MMS. 0. mrMur.


ama a.? *



AudmufAlsmEpki U O M I
*2 SUM114



w OVT32 ONRZ33D TNU 3101 3003

.*a WhI ft bw be*%.
-= 124M W U 3OWM02VT



iDit kb I W meut?


* WzLL,Ruth, here you am, jut ea*l
ly where I eft you.-drwn up clos iom
the corner of thi big old sof, dtha
book in your hand; and it nmI
doleful book wo for I se you; e w
crying. You had beer ha gne out
with mother and m But pray dt it
up now, and let 'me d you about our.
"I was so imewated in this asty,
Ether," replied BRth to dhi address of
her twin siter, that I could not bear


to leave it till I had come to the end;
but I have finished now."
The tears were still in Ruth's eyes a
she slowly closed the book and looked
up at her dater.
"Don't cry any more, Ruth," said
Esther: "What is the use? It' only a
try after all; andif it is really tre, it
was all over long ago, and I dare ay
the poor people shed tears enough them
selves over their troubles at the time; so
it can't do the least good for you to mourn
over tem now. Oh, Ruth if you were
Sducky as I a,there would be some
i w, hat is the matter?" required
Rath, sonywhat alarmed at her simer's

"Oh, I bhae plenty pftreoble. In te
tz plake, you know I am caued cae-
less, and eedlese-my things always
spoiled or worn out tosb and p.m
never seem to be. In the nt pme I

WMtI w0 I van in I

tbdi qst &a I a W INd li khu w
boy, it is p Wy .sWwn that in In

keeps me in eabet anldwt&s."
Iff tht in6%I" MUid adm gmdB,
"you need not has vuy badly, der.
Only try ad Isr 6be oaauhl-d
wiflctmd mg&abko. lAdtAdnbe
-ootb n whot Mot&rW hdo-eha
winatbehmadjImmus. IremPmhe
ww, abe maid we mih choose ou bak-
net ribbia, nd I W yu wham ymar
wets ging out, &rat I ahould be anY
with Ammentp Ihed. W&atdw
dU you mks?"
RV& We wag -0 A& 1 ~d ~~rLt

nola shop, md dwm we saws eamd
cot upon ibe F&be, bouss AA d 69
am bftuW Ilowe I em Mod
ist A m Em bWWsad thehm
Abba I In a few uammra. alm


and Flor1 ame ih. Modmr m se
edtwo m in straw bido.l for ij
s she iaid lhe intended t do, arnd th
id me I might choose ribbea fio a
-box which she placed been me. To
ll the truth, they did not look very pst
ty t me, compared with the py ones
whioh I had been admiring, and I trn-
ed away to see ha Flora's mother was
going ta bay for her. Fl ra was look
ing amoag the owermthoe.s beautiful
French owers--fr a wreath, o trim a
'splendid opework staw bat which she
was hbae. Come Esther,' aid se,
Ibelp me choose. Here ae moss-rome
beds, pink and white, and mout quitee
It maii, and ulieis of the y; and
here anAelAs of wheat, d a SllIt
of ting Anfdhe is a wreath entirely
Sgres How bright, al pretty IIthink
I wi b thi e Whatare you going to
antV Why don't you take thee moM
ron buds, you asd Ruth-the piak fr

wua o t e g V NneMt
m, aml tbhe wit r the other. They
VOdW bit lvly'm thee Mt Istrb
boantm.' Oh, ai ,. w e a o hlve
them a oKl wm k l domLr mother sw
buys us flower; he does ot think
proper that we hodld me them, md
sheA s she has a very good reason.
If I re you,' sid Flore 'j would
keep essing her til .be cmaged ber
mind, mad bought me ame lowrs.'
No, aid I, you would not You wodd
never tea my mother for any thinWma
tha oce, for you would find out, te
first time yob tried it, that it was notof
the let ue in te word. She is nev
ct but when de may. she imse
it, and ith is no mo t be mid.
"Presety mother caufleAt to a&
if I had made up my miAd which ribbn
Iliked be I oe her I did & ot li
any of those in tat box vey we-I
thought they A1 were ommo lokAing
thimg, not if s pmtty as some ode

10 VAT nO WAXrr aer

in the dp. Whboot ftaya anodier
word t me, mother took up a hie rib-
bon with a narrow green edge, and tld
Mi Arnold dse ~whed hert trim our
bonnets with that."
Oh! Esther," exclaimed Ruth, "you
were wrong. It was rode to speak to
mother in that way. Idare ay the rib-
bos were net and pretty after a; and
what more do we want? We are child-
re, you know, and our dress is not of
much'importance if we are alway tidy."
"I know I was wrong, Ruth, and I
felt rry the moment after I spoke. But
I envied Flora, and that made me Il-
eatured. Well; as we came on towads
home, mother topt t Mr. ClAon's tore,
and bought new book which he tld her
had jot been published-a book of trav-
eb. When we came out, I asked her if
itwasor Sam? She Mid No; it wa
fo R A.' Then I remembered tbat
when de took me o the she tore dt

--w. --- _WI -- ^

wma o t wAn mT 11

other day, and bought my bmew plems,
she tld Mr se d ouklM cNasnly tu d
you r fyour e MJ elnes, a you halwa
made your ioes lt lager th dan ml
Now do you wonder that I enied you
Ruth? But never mind, Ive gat the
brown jm ae, and they ame is times
handsomer tha our old back ones. And,
oh, if I don't make those brown gpiar
last, Ruth! You wil never ee me
beating my toes and heels against ti~
when I have them on, as you all say I
generally do."
That is a good resolution, mad I
hope you ll keepit, Ether. But pray
do not envy me, or any one els Te
can be just a caefl and n td M good
as any body e e, by t ing aad I -
Mure you need not desrue thing d
we have every thing we ought o wih
"TYo are miaatram, Rith; I ea think
of a great many things I. should 1e,

12 VEuf Do i WMM NOY I

which we do not have. No if you ad
I cannot dress andomly, I hold like
to ee mother wear elegant clothes. I
must cone, I ed to think last win-
ter, when I saw Mrs. Norton come into
church with that long, elegant father
waving so gracefully, how well such a
feather would look upon mother' hat,
iad how proud I should feel to ee one
there. As has a tall fine figure, and it
would have made her look quite like a
But flowers and feathers ar very
expensive, Ether,"
T know they are But tt doe not
amr the caq; I admire them, and
should like to hae them. I like al
beautiful things and handsome people.
I wish were handsome, Ruth."
"Why, Eather, what a strange humor
you are in this afternoon Ofwhatsort
of consequence i it tbat we should be
handsomet I never think of your looks


-I -t you as w as I y were a
beauty. Puhape we AhM be asi if
we had any beauty, mad that would poi
it al. Idoa'tasad eig pla"
Whatever you may hink about it,
Ruth, I mind it vy MaYok-aimg gray
eyes, ad a sm bby oMne, mad c light
hair, and much ort, fit hd mad fet."
"At fay rate," rsepied Ruth, lkua
ing, there is a pair of ua, fiwr y
says w'ook eaady slike, mad so wY
can keep eah other company. But I
say again, Ido not ce a straw about i."
"And: hea to bhar such a hateful
name as I have got," rejoined Ethaer.
SYours is bad enough, but min is wor.
They an very powor am indeed, al
though tdhy ame te Bibe. I don't
see why mother coud not have had u
christened Josephines ad Augms, or
Ada ad Ea,. or Gertrude ad Georgi-
anr, oat k=s at g J mr.i"
abled than Av,, and sAwt."

14 wVIA g I V a r uMr
"Yo know very wel." aid Roth,
"whymoder gave these name. You
weo named afir our dear, good aunt;
and my name is imNe- s and I would
not eamha it fr any odit if I oold."
But mine is too ly. Itjutgives
Sam a good sex for tesing m. Dom't
bear nim odie whoa I come down
Jfor edf 6r hch, or for a walk, saying
I here comes the queen?' and
he muttrs to Iimaelf Quee Eah-
er comes in royal sta.' It's too bad-
speak to father about this Vry night
I only wish hA had some oeueadish
name su. o as bmahadn ar, or Obar
diah, or eea Job-Te th at wold do.
niely. Theao whenever be veed meI
would pay bim the omplimen to qim
aferi b i bedh, and ask bow hi boils
were ftidng on".
"That would be wrong, er, amd
maher would be very muh di jlsa d
with you. I woder how y osa be i

WmE so I wA uWIt Is
mob a bad hum wilh ever bo a nd
ery ti,. Prmy try amd gt ot of
s-it qule distLms me ia n s y5JI a
But in spis of it ll, Ic t hlp lQh-
ing to dink bow much yoa widbh be
haiome. Jst al me now exacly
how you would like to loo"
"I ca t ll. any thing, Rth, be-
Msea I know you wl ksp it
you're I shok li ke Iarg k dare
and glosy black hair, d a a d t A; l
fl fonm, with beautiful hands, and m
nrder feet, so that when I adkd out 1
could be sre no oe would ay,'What
cllmy eft dat youg lady ba Then
I should want a nioe ir cmp im -
and you know if I looked so, Ruh, po-
pe would be aptf to ke a a myq m
and lik me. Now you won't tu what
I ha)e id; I wowla not have Sa
know it fi the wodd."
At that moment the door opened and
Master Samuel Bowad eared.

16 wVA 0 1 wanr MWS.t

Wed 'thavt e m Sm kowy kir the
wold," emlainmed be. Wlidt aet
Coam Rth, te me what ece the
queen ha got noW."
You know I never tell secets," aid
Wel, te, girls, let the secret go,
and come out here: Ben and I want to
dhow you something."
Ruth and Rther folCowed dteir brother
out of te house.
Now, ladies," said be, "ebre is a
hanefori yowl The sign i up, and we
are al ready for cuumm "er.
The boys had contied to fusten a
lbg tick over the brn door, Am which
was Mpeanded one of Ether' new
browse gaiters. As they appached,
Benianni commence walking tp and
down before it, ringing a maB bel, and
saying, For sale-eay qusaty of the
highly embmed royal braw gaiters, of

wame a w haE

Poor wiAi r rns ovlwindg wki is

her bes es thead comMfat ber, md
dig tim. tikir wd o

her hssyr umig of trials d t

id.'t I an yVm Rat, dhat I wa
alws miboky I Jit boasr I pid
a Ulie maw upa it is d -amron, aul
Pw it in dwi idon dy, it mu sh
out, a"dm d blboyp mmt A" it! I
that provoking Soa I I cannot bSr it
any longer-I muO tAl mther night.
I am lmowt worried to death."
Try to forgive him thi tim, Es ier ,"
uid Rth. We should besorry aee
famin trube. I khlw you ar worried,
but I think you w feel better after tea,
and it is almost time for that."
Samuel wam not an il-natured boy,
though he was disposed to ridicule hi

as WAU as I WAM i

dIImS, IM isv.S d JIMY m hN
dsit. for adrmizdow, In spite of
kdoaffarct d do nisor, wbie had so
rki1ss bher be lmmded io gve bh
-lerm *mt Tay mftuomm. Be bod
baoi~g a prmy Whbo uvi& sc d his
pocket mucyt mg Sod it visk will
&gwr od whi be know do was ex
lvwhel god; mid vbi~ma&'riy *inwaec
a, he Whoio&hiaiasd&PA m
Sit in doikdka and .oam tm ia
mumner, Bodmer was dm 5"A
mud qutibte ready to h" bis u


d~Lsaid be commosit va
tbmp a yehbwa* 1'dis b and ..
ploin p acspbfa(* goqd wh!& wo
should- do weE I ,h% 3w
alm I it ibay by 'dw &Wsel mad
Aim by bbs.r aqimes *w -an
cr brvimb rs ir~iri
bi~os& m h elbg mmd 1'
h s Gad, ow Umber md
HsaBely Fbho Fa qphd 4e. -
cmrligtrim ins ld d r U~aji~ r
mrs iami w' ma do ampwe


S w~A tfo s VAw T Massr

uiproidedw ru. 8 wve naotrut
- oun, Hi d ibeve tdat bowever diiesent
they may be from whUat would have
chabos fr oeomves, He win keep His
pmmis, and make thm all "wrk
together" for our good t
Edber Howaid was the bild ofChris-
tia pareto, and hd ben well in-
ructed in her duty. But d had not
yet leaned amtsmeMt. She thought
ht dodd be a pmt ddl happier, if
is codd indulge her pemi for
lothe. I this die wa mib a fmW
igt hawe had 4l tha t h aUdd os l
Smd "tl hre, beem fr xasM happy.
We kor wht kmi( Solaoh 0d,
r L coi d td d-whha r
doil Ilppt ON fiSm N dmM
mm t hmy bhe m t manyjoy*"-
to ad yM, h bd& udd v &Ul wa
,Iwea Lof apiit."
2h MM hoppiow No in hebl.g

wow w I WAUW SM n
do bow 1 wh 111111
mdeled wM q* blinumdi s For

ibqy hIs mtea
Wbmmw a sd cW his M md
praysM dspmd 4a d&' #L p
Overeame n* hok or med me
dtriv Saara Ckila ,ii, ha bas

mId dome a beaw A& 6m if be bed
,(dsd a hap of gold, .ih aloid mm,
16m daheaporgsa.w porMab e lp

Docto BorHwd was a apuebb
pbhyuiianriding in a phaimt w" in
E lutAgi He had masted in Sh
no Is~sbr g butis bbLam.L
a No Hi i wasa
-OOM, wf& arict
4"n hiIh relied bhe to
an to al dt was SOO" a'
hm a w"ich Fasyiku phood
Ows han d hwhblm is d

a *m I WAM

-of 1wdommo.dodooe-im
pmain.d the cInI I d orery, and
eedmrd~eavaoiD up ahotIirm in
the mAw d bImoGoL BUM4 69
ShMs8 was now in W I 1 -bue year,
mad the win.maw R& -Mad' ush
an* twemilv Bihjrmik Dwrw* do
of a idowned iw o N.Howard
whe lied nh dor was sylug in
the &.ily, md .mosofhig ushdl mii bis

The dos had saved hum his %oAe
e gh to buy a good bwau; ad being
novr in de primdeof W mad having an
earuu-m psaed~s he ru able lo~iv
Am beasly, WA give his a.o
-d-'g" d a good adoamm
> wev -Ahilirencfp d #dbb
g pi health. Saoma wu a
bo t b m s W tomy, e
~* appoaesinounsshof it ulim4
Ie -my gyidae of pwassum vW
it mmaiamas olash lad mid, do'

-J rn-irrr waimu mgiwll *
dom -WbW sin sks Iil mo

god qwrMiu I b-% a eumsmb

lto bib toyi V ed apm^uska
-~~i Ib; bwJr. gab
begoo d md soimMblw Those

do as n oist inyrws& Iff-d
mnUb.~e~ V"d a" ba plosty dbeab
ofa nsw do.. vug aidIand ie, mindm
of atMW &Ma b ow" madw r-i aw
bw is do boo-4 ol~s d adermmb
at podat bidiffimoo a bin

~sqmbuiws TM oliiid toia"
o f WmpPWOM Umiur ew.
~bssmmpss h
Mbiam 0, $nt. maba ;

kwoib; amA.. the oOnrg. whe

va oI VW M

do. put of 3 her dm e w in
pulses be" ha v r e pmusd hr to t
ti Ifauylofu yymgue rdme y
poe that Bobk was huhh.4 1he-In
"e app- d m- I wbb le Ezstr
itnhde G ehepW, thy W sib.
Sahe wrmg. I inihS have gil b 6be
themo a oeme, Ia which they yeah ha
been uinot piowvd at Rob's nd.
kwc., mid greety admired IZui'u
prmptoe and industry. But I wshe
to hoy cue of zloures -week poi of
ebhiahk a ; a fismlI-
me which. is wamuy minrn smumamg
yeag SlW, wee at eamy Gaa. I
mesa aOessmv bIe of imary d and,
pay--Now ltoug~h they may an q
ineit, thM is gamely my" thia gk.
usfi themm appear more, Wii 1

leads to warm nuemd in ehv3 i

Vnu, SO I VATM NoW ?

How muob hard.eaned umsogwhlch j
might bae booe beer spent, bhve bhl
bands and f&iabmr en laribshd on need-
leo and onhooming drem; and how
many poor odlish girs, who are known
to have no pecuniary resource but their
own ezrtioo, will oil night and day to
attire themselves a ladies of indepen-
dent fortune, fIgetting that i so doing
they vihs bo* duiia pe-ips end
good re
Let hope thte M. Howaidt sme
her daughor's fh, sad, like a good
chBi .a mobrw ain toa a is eat,
amd pam a Visu i its nowm his
for Ase sh mue Was the ym% lum-
mtala eommimu d to her ome-.me fir a
py d oiulWdd which hbas as aid
joys and is fet pa-ing away-Man
looketh a the ootwud appesane, buat
Gwd lobah the heant,d dthe is r
"imaNd admiiIg, w V hi chaM


RLw was sm um y absumed with
her new book that it nearly emepd her
recobecdtio that ths was a dmumiker
in the house, at wak apoe mme pnlty
pink -0gas md twhe ambiWlMkch
lnd bee poschbsed for 6mer sd hr-
Ml Wbeas was ead bt ha a
dra tried on, d sL absh waMk
rather pg wvitot it alepheir, I-a be
ditarbed. But the was ao empe.
ather, on the ootrmy, iwa am td
art, ly inerm. ims t.he an ib, g m d
pmakip tb d -hsim Ba so n il sin
ap". them. She aold uh thMu d ,o

a. I wWr ui U

do ob We bvd Id wAs ibu ad au A
ibM Sued b a. bI -I d .d, w 1Ak
so ni w bI er pink gkgbsm
"And via a 1b-1a11i gim it be,
Raw' md di.. "I dusM waneude
if dasy waft Wkm for uiL"
Wak" zspfid Ruth, "U ppow Apy
ars.-Iwht demI They wmau met be
any soos COa&Mueab if dhy wave
and weAmM b enkma af ditosd*r,
fw o o moratlg dm." -
"Not I, Wadesd Thin ib n= I
dould like beaw dtham ID r
dreams, ad lock ired gAy'iVom
DBut you need m"t"ak my body
.WillN mp our gingham.s ms *u.
EZvey ems km os that another soe i
buy piak ilksr f ui, mad fier may pit I
am gld sbe doa moVt"
"Whes I am a w awIn k, and
buy m m dyown Y=2 some bow i
VwE dI m Ian hposslm.Iumgh
d' I mipoaulbaype diam."

3B **UM M I WAM -
"And I will by very plk @oIA* ,
Mad rae my7 Ioey tPo sped for book
and picture. I'l brve a 1did li-
bnry, sad red i m w aI pime."
"I have been thinking" aid Estr,
sfter a short pas inq the omnyerm on,
" tdt after all, those whisk sad ewm n'b-
boar will look very wdl wit our sum-
nr dresss. Any thiog aswe with a
white dret and green iake a beam-
titd coontrst with pink-mnd so does
hbrow Oh, yes I aM'lhkyth this me
my brown gaiter win be just the very
thing with my pink gingham."
"So they wil, EIer. Too certainly
hwe good tMt, ad I Id say you
wo~ud awy choose prety dtngi i you
had your own way."
The new dresses wre nihed and
deposited in the wardrobe ready or use.
The boant cam home ham the mulli.
nar's, aM the 1bs week dew toward

a as. om* ofw as s m*-
no e..a w.m en er w6t peder
wiWg br m, Wk wa m as qWos
ma.d. Tbrn vftinm dudms i *6
uky, id an meas had nrn*6d 6st k
looked as if a storm wen ri
lbther wa rdeaW, Iad der wa an
pshq damlisey~ m her ..
Oh Au. wea.d o lso winmdw
MMd lh ed mL, md at i ee of
her Ath e if be & it wi mia th
next day. he hald ahdwy Ibad ech
of de boyp h esm qia emOMs, 8d
Ra& about haf a domes di; but ot
--al wlth th opium le y bl
g Imdo dmhe he tL appei

Iceam tN"a my d&W*Wt rupied
tbe doleor ) nay d-VwalM be sry
weoom, m r w h ragumest used iL "
But 8uday is n ao 4 Ady Ir .
mb, f..r,," mid lathr.
"I bow th*eWa saM inea p
i1 *ta *d 3lr-


NmOW S A wa i a

uuMuea -agoef a Lnlay Iind*;bw
volow it ehould mm vm, W wd
ONa NE mush depaivAds We sit al
mom m d wAL md A4*sh dp d mi.
bzlu amd Wh&-.bbes coa Mawrto
giet w church."
This answww did mt urnm 1w so
.EZAW mind a ease, thomh Ishe osuld
arzbi objctonao i Shehbed-opr1l
anoidpadsua w the &D anw, which she
did naM wi give up..
Sam whd had moc krswduese,
obseved her anxiety, and gesed its
cause. H.e know dat vamq was her
bno-1g- fimk and oh m mlgy
smnod bhiomu by wammdilag omdi
flying it; fw it asayed. bin & .
iawr,wha mu misr zupuas seek a
Lg should have msha wwomik-
n~aac r ( gRU into a
mom whesa s be ad Defr-
Mda s~mghe ashdL 'Vs:in
may ddo ami


"I don't know what you man, Sam-
uel," siid she.
"I mean, haa any thing new been
bought for you girl-any new summer
Oh! if it i that, I can tell yo. Our
new dresses are fished.-You know
Miss Willis has been here this week
making themf"
What are they"
Pink ginghams and white cambrics
Esther says they fit us beautifully."
"Well, is that all "
Let me see h--our bonnets came
home this morning. I have not seen
them yet, but Ether says they are very
"Now rve got it, Ben!" exclaimed
Samuel; The queen wants a air day
How nicely we kaf look!"
"Do you care about th,
atht" inquired Benjamia.
No; pot much."

8 wVAT SO I waIr aot?

,,I tamot mo. And'f it khod be
ever so pleasant, you wil be juot U
likely to frget your nw bomnet and put
on your old one."
Come, Ben,". amid Samuel, a tde
bel rang f 2tea; gofr r ." .
The aky grew darker ad daser, and
the propect r poor ~lier, aI m more
gloomy. .As they returned d the plor
after tea, she heard her bmroer my, "I
am mre it will rmin iad tmrrow,
Ben, and we IhaB have a rw time
getting to cchrc. I dh lif the queen
over the p6ddlea, ad you met tke
care of RIth. Wo't I be eadre of
Ether began to feel again that Ae
bhad a large he oftrobe. hewet
that igh diappointed ad ri-
)kingS fxIward to a gloomy day
4 yet larned that ee a
la'8 a rd aMkia as M wo
I k#It gsa day of ret sad


spiritual refreshment-a precious oppor-
tunity for private prayer and reading the
word of God, for examining our hearts
and lives, and making good resolutions,
for reflecting on God's mercy and good-
ness to us, and our duty tdo Him. Oh
how can the sacred hours of Sunday be
a weariness, while we have so much to
thank God for, so much to pray for, and
so much to accomplish in his service!
It is a great mistake to suppose, as
some young persons do, that Sunday is
necessarily a dull, tedious day, from
which all cheerful and pleasant things
must be banished. It arises from their
ignorance of what true religion is. Reli-
gion was designed to make us happy
both now and hereafter. The very word
Gospel means good tidings. The angeq.
sang for joy when Christ was bornm-
"Glory to God in the hight, and on
earth peace, good-will towb' men. "
Certainly then, the day which rset apart

w -

V~WUA0. 1 WAB int

of joy ad Oaduses,
M&M UAM, Aa bv. eto althlhusaean
SMdy oima =7 wamly dutyir acO
patim; and hqowau they coma with
pqwisi~ty Luge in their ordinry
aMiM ais, it 400 2o 0 bw hai they
met aed and -o- K i m. Every
9* *W V6o reads td booak ki, that bh
masan i~motsl sool, ad mve go ,I
li"e in another wod when he has de-
Par"td lon this; w hat h e hasua ha
tul siMc which zap be enewd and
saactfead b d m b can be it f heavm.
PWuap bhet"ibavery Ikds oftWie d-.
ioeg w~ee&whaie Alis bqgle ad
activitiyaiuad bhim and ha too lisooc-
piod; but in the Milmof do. day of
srm be MyCaA- touio Mdthees sol
-n .ad iusumber that the eUORA he
beginsI onGod and imaa chrieras
*UaW, Aie er aind **i barn, it

la -p-
rA. I&it

maw I I nw Um

lnb .eawd hr u *,a1

T* Umd"OWyew aI
And MWO OW awi IW

Tbe & f and mot Win~
1vAs -~k .~ -

yor j 11 Renuminber
lowa ym lb w mh p it by a $ ,
&NSon todier urmu g an&BIe mkwo &
by Irk bmd can d yous iand day.
Few ofmdhimn; be uammd asbinmA
tdo 'amda. of a kind Ev.
emay Fadm; but amim dot S od
cwno m yamd wim yem f be
humb Wimobw Yo. am wang
during 6s. we, lt mt Snday pan
widourt cowwwng Your &vim, play
(w pariost ad Am belp fa avoid m
is far. Yen weid-mts yu mm
it il- dand ned s 6s f Youmu
h avew xsb h n-o y en wow

36 WAI Do 1 WAN? UW t

abot thdie hoU or glde. Only In
every ting you s, lead your mid to
God; fr every thing that i cuious and
beaetifd in nature is the work of his Al-
mighty had. You may reot, a o, that
there a glorious thing in GOod's uni-
vere which we cannot now ee or ima-
ine, which win be revealed o as bure
Aw.er Think of the vat company of
angel and pure spirits who ar serving
God in heaven, and who, a the Bible
tesl us, rejoice "over one inner tat
repeotsth." You cannot Bear their joy-
fil sogs, or mo how promptly dtey
move to do Hir wi; but you know that
if you are Ood's obedit child, you wiB
hereafer be made "equml =s the an-
gel.," your Saviour as Uaid it.
And I am N e. hr aMe fw who
hav not,in te other wald, ome dear
relative or ricd-pertaps a tber or
amoer, a Ibther or ltr, or a ksaoo
matme and their memory may com


WAV~ Is A wAXT M ? 't

a y Samng&W others tbhoughb 0
*tis hoy day, to enoonur agyou in th
path which leads to God' right hbad.
If you wat acdve employment, i
there not some one about you more igno
rant than .youmnl to whom you cmi
teach something good which you have
leaned Or can you not do ommeting
to ait or oblie ome oder pearaom i
the fmily? Acts of kidney wel b-
com the Sabhbh.
I am sre,if you couider wel what I
have maid, you will see dta you never
need ask a a Snday morning, even
though it loos trmmy and dimr What
shal I do with myself today?
Ewer had looked forward t po ing
on her new co ,as the dmo iumpomtah
boiness of te coming day; and -e
pected to be happy in the consieoo e
of being wel dreed. B alas I it
aod pobably ain, and Ihmrood ose
alher aniciptde jNI Mnt I


How itte do we know "what sham be
on the morrow." In spie of ks her's fre.
bodings, the sun shone brightly ad the
birds sang sweetly on Sunday morning.
There had been some fine sowers in the
night, aad every thing looked fresh and
green, and she joyfuly exclaimed as she
aroe, "OhRuth, what a lovely day!"
Esther was i fine spirits. She had
not neglected to learn her Sunday school
leson, for, ahoogh she did not feel the
interest in it which it deserved, she was
too proud to run the rik of ppearing
stopid, and being reproved for emaies.
It so happened that e leoo for d4t

SUj i wiA ot NO
f pot or th slra chp-
dO. O at. a,---s CI
m these em- And why take y
* thgt for rniment?. Cosiude the ulies
of the flid, how they pow; they toil
not s other do they pi And yae I ay
uolo you, t ven Sm onhma in da his
glory u not arrayed ike oe of tdhes."
Oe wodd sppose that under the
citcm.w.mi, theee words would Mbh
appeared very striking to Ether; bat;
range to msy, he badird over ths
bestifulh pssge ofcriptwre as tdhogh
it had so menig, md, as oo asu he
fek rae that &e cold repeat it *ec
raody, ahe 6amned to des.
Sbe srvyed herself ia th glasrwii
gnat as i be e having th cbam-
ber, add aid to Ratb, The bIm
ar m ry prmt sAr L Tet Flora was
righ.t-the meoto< beds wodbd hav
boM an iupwovem t. I upper for
too wil wmea r new m boImml wdy"

40 WAT DO I wAsM aMO
I am not diaupsed to find&k
the fact that Esther was pisa-d wl
her new clothes. But she attached ee
mweA irportaem to tdem. She ahbwd
them to engros too many of her
thoughts, and had a vain, conceited air,
as thouh* she was CooUsm of looking
wel and deserving to be looked at and
admired.' This made her appear idicu-
lous, ands I.have aid before, ofte pro-
woked her brother to sy mad do thing
which were calculated to mortify her.
The doctor was called out of church
that morning to se a sick peon, and
when Mrs. Howard was relming home
aer service with the children, Samuel,
who was walking by the side of hiscomin
just behind the gir took the opportunity
to make sme remarks upon the diew of
several persons who wer puing down
the stret. "See, Ben," he eamin ,
" tb"thr 8goea, t p d MisM. ortom kad-
ed wib Iary, with MiU Floa marching

wma "O I VAsw MfT

at e m db-d dr.ee im the beamli
Mi Dma, wkh ber hAiing si dress."
",Don't ey any thing against Laura
D oman, samn l for I have takel pau
dthlar notiOe of her, and Ue re to
ay she nvr thinks of her drms ay
mob thdm our Rut does, no muer hmow
. handome it is."
SWell rm sgld mother dess or
girls in a plain way. However, the
qum a rld l fa co. See her rlno
be w slk off if she were really
dressed in atin."
Samuel went n talking in a manner
ot at all booming the day. H was
abaotbaly fiolicksome; and perosiviug
that the ing ofre OEhs Iga itns
bad got looee, and was trailing apon
round, he ooold not rest itb tep-
tion o pce his foot upon it Ior a mo-
ment, in odWer make hebr top and tu
nmPdmand lo dioomcerted wb she
f that somedig was out of order.

a wVa aT I Vwwr sw

The consequase was a bla- d
tuning asMd hAe 8lW frwwud "pe td
pavement. Samuel fd k s ef eamad
the moent he wr he HL Hempeng
fbward lift her up, but aforitnamly
logt hi baanc, d lfe off the si.
walk inmo a gnter, which, owig to d
ate rap, was we fiBed with muddy
water. It was difi to ell which
present~ dth more inelgant appear
Ether with her brnsed sad bent bom
aet and rd ce, or Samud with his
Sclothes bepattered with mrd.
Mn. Howard and Ruth were eirely
ignoraat of the cause of acidea ,
* ad, u dre time and plce woe d -t
admit of an xpmanto t Iey mabde
the best of their way home.
sther had her upioiom of Samuel, .
but there was no need of aoouig him.
He came frwaMl*and ceA ed, amd
sb him to hi room a pend thmr-

bsge ~ a """""""""""'~~m ^r

Vw W I WAt use, 0

fr bis 66W to czperra vid b)m
morning bit Uhvirw.
Mrs. Howard 20119d 3dAe dis.
etdred dmso beat the An -w- bo-
aft iD Mu ProPer shape, Md bade b
Pat it wmey, a" tr yo 0Cmpoinse M
Eer weI. ID her NOem W d stAU
down tb eagmf sad MAmoe over I
sSee, Ruth," d&e m4i tdo we
mmsaread down bar &m, "k is shiest
rined-that bruin vM always do*,
and peoplswIdLhit kis.d' bImn-- W
",Never -mind, aid Ruda, "I *M
ezchae wiA you if WmOt& vi allow
me; I II n" a cae about dh o m~
and I ds't beli ay body wl mooin
it on me."
"O O, Ruth,di, RuchI ec~ed her,
with a ib bumr of gpie-MBen is
another troublsejsabadl I e mhe
auhkekist pss im te w vemd. -I cpa
mat hau ans thmy d&s# t"a

S44 WAT 0o I WA f m tf
She had just dico ed that na h
fa l he had gased the maaocco upoa
one of her gaites, and made a bas po
of coonsiderable i
"I eee it, dear,-ad i is tpo bd," said
Rh. "*I wish I had a pir just like
them, o that I Oould exchange wviyou;
but I suppose yo would not liketo
take my black ones, though they ar
almot as good as new."
"It would not be of t least use,
Roth. Something would be sure to hap-
pen to them the first time I we them.
You me how it is with me."
"Does your fae feel badly, Ether
It loos very red; te ar two spots-
a on your obeek, and d older on
your chin."
"Yes but I can be ar it. A4
bat yoiing my cothe in thi way."
Mas Howard now eatmid the cham-
ber, sad fading her's fan ibrised,
bathed i with cold war, and l her


W-M I WA1 MwAV O 4

she wodd i* biged to Iayy .b home
the et of teday. be bade her op
worrying about her clo which could
do no good at any time, nd was empe
cially impper on Sunday. S ma
minded her of the bUssn eamed hat
morni, sad advised her to Meet *pon
it, sad k herself if she had o taken
too moh "thought fr raiment;" moa
than was neessary fr a child who had
no caM about prodding for hseneu and
was in no danger of offering fom the
want of any thing need or proper.
Esther knew she deserved this int
from her mother; but she was too much
distreed and moratied to foSiet the ai
cmtmane at onoe, and, after her dmoer
left the room, he continued to lament it.
" Itis wore," mid she, *yes a great deal
woe tan a rainy Sunday. I weader
Ruth why y never have any mishaps
and trobaes-they all come to- s."
As the rednaes siided ftm Esther's

* 4 VAo 0o0 X WATn OWt
rae, two ie blck sad bihn poeam
peasd, which so disfigoed her, that dh
was enirely reecied to the ide of
ema ning at home in tde abnoo.6
When te fmily wre leeaing to go Io
churab, her mother put into her hand th
flowing aneodte, which she bhad met
with a shoet time before.
*"Beftrches, (galder 'to ilMiah,
consort of Fiederick I) bad oe itde
daughter with whoe religioUr iUtro-
tion be bad taken great pi. When
this child was fire year of ae, the
queen saw her oe day, while visiting
ts royal gardans at Shoohaun s ad
was so much plead with her, tht, a
week awards, she pteWr d a wish
to se t lite girl again. The father
accordingly brought his atis child to
th pale, and a pge conducted ber
iao h royal pres e. Shm appsaehbed
dt-queea with naaght courtMy, kissed
her robe, aad modetly oek de seat

Wit mgo I WAN!ua-I

which had been placed f her by dhe
quew's order, near her own pna.
From this position be oould ovrook the
table at which the qMe was dining with
theldies of her court; and they watched
with interest to ee the effect of so much
splendor o the mpl ciild. She looked
carelely on the costly dresses of th
guess, te gold aI d mpos U n the
tablb and the pomp with which al wa
coddacted s aad dthe, ftlding h hands,
dse won with her clear childish vice,

d w view oamed d thye
AR te aMt ~ -e struck with
mrprie at seeing so mch fiIpeo-
emoatMo sad piet4 in one a yemag.
Tean g led t eye of the ladies aad
th e qae M dwdm e Ahql y INild I
bow r we we below you.'"

0 .


W mN Samuel came down Lint the pw-
o the next morning, he fund his sinrs
alone. There was an epression of or-
row on bi fc, a look which seemed to
may," I would do any thing, or sufer any
thing, if I could undo what happened
eaker did not look bppy, ad te
braisd poe wee ri visible upon her
fce Samuel went immndis ey toward
her, and in the most aodta moe anr
ezpirued his rgret and bepdher to
ocrgive him if he had not so already.
*Ihrgive you, SBm, ad be, be-
case I know I ought o; but I think it

a a mas AiYg fi boys i Won dmir
musts, and I romU Iffe ye. bees if
you did me d6 it."
"C oamm amid Uom, Vh. at
tht mmmit- e Id =01 o lohI
haviutdim dr eid. Rob md I biv
pscte, ad wel do v a winemton mm
peace, al d nbl ORuIImbmos I have
no &* Sm ksm mbas"an am#to
mamiy dmw himsK mmld Kdbw is net
so crag as fm dmy bim paudom
"hi. ml mesd wiiaowr belp,"
mid the qodme Roh. "Thy m good
ftiemdm aping, MA t&M in to be no.

"W6d4, &hW un dned Ueqjami

1* I.p -oL I oekmw doe wWC4
and I bobwton is hekhr ome of i
h nhd bet pbmwo s in Mm yaw
bee A* aq API W; and eseadly#W
Ruth b emr W., Ma APWW
em; I *ly, I mysel have me6


rr r rurAMrs

N wwT M Xu wv aneiNt
inthe boot ud dhoe buihess, a bd
me you gaier.".
Eher had so much amddeam i er
cousin's ohgeu itywelitn that
dse at d e cam ed wvih i request.
Benjami took the g i r bt b own
rooam where e bad, among other Mae-
ure, a ba of pinstwhih new seemed
to him particdley valley. By te aid
of a ael brush, and a litl coloring
which mnached th marqoco, he soon
Mccoeeded in levering the dd&oed spt
so neaty that it could only be ditin-
guib ed by icose dmmino.
When be returned with it, the gir
Fem asonihad addduidWted. "You.
mse' id he playful, rn an os.
I hbve y pMyilem andUy Pi. I gat-
erely use thean am per. Me saom-
tmesepint omn esma nmeims on
jvory; bat who wil Po say that
la y ron dvl r mpy his skill
ion loIterf


- ,Bowahr co mb murany
IrMjkg ulswi hr ofvim wo co w

Odom an os mmbskOvals
"mk am so Is& 9010 n WA, bb
dwsoehsar," sm lot s, Ad yo wd.AD
iswhomYouwemAor fm pot be
wha rWd n Ie *0* fik andmw
body wa be da view."
h moomto A vwy dp o 8 eI
NORM INus) my, nw w pohor d*
diat;" bte, rommbawg him po, be

Bu~jmiuwmt4.* mAmbe-bod
dARAs mouurklmdh~ fm emy usA.
i dh~is whisk be 1 dim snme
df Au.e wmM &qf dmA.w ofilmo
ion .. l~rd i odbe wuld blesel
jgready ti, he di heom. ofmaya
present, whosmaw k mgt he b dn.
UsNer w..m bet 0 Slwer, "I
wilvuk a 6b deysvyu $bmu Mr.
Airt, ii iLsoam a my Is""

M Vm Ma wA me uMWe

Fmrumy fir bs er; wb ulmd
hao bee mo tiAed t s i aof ap.
peering bfr hner y Png oao.upai
dig sa.d As ve w hu by r bril,
dto tof which she sd IRad vrn
mambe wasu now eq.ying a vaaWia

conoing C~crmalmm, r it uer J,
way i look uapoa d bdiht ide of
tia, soi md-. the beo d hat oodd
mat b.eped.
On that fanooa tdo ti miMr- wmt
w hit lias wab lbuket is P a=
abe at ds s, A.d th, da, ovru
whi d. boys ha d train a ruea i s.
Ty dWee d it tho' Ldi' bowIer."
I u in .A ibn Sdi y w; bfr itvu
a bve day in Jd m ad oti6 m wm
*i filMoom.
As gh sad dher Vlw sw qietdy ds.
dig is p-a-aM poat, bl dy ea.
pgad wid ti ir sedia, a gil vith
lu doak my a -d ding hair a-
^ .


bo.ihg dAms d &, Mak
qick wMd A 11A -mw Uhu Unw
so doak of bur rrsrry a donOesd

tboeb hwar w AsuWa. s w
"He r. sea m, dbw& SAW
chimed doi; "I dolitd to m
yo.. I could bhrdezy wk A h
o'clock =4 mmd Ad an -ib we
to come cut emlir;" and do sMdu
amaut i do sm bnalh, "Mumm
Mas bw% MAu a. Iiay Miny 4'hu
d'e,'d rm Ic aMyjin trpXwlsm"
Havhig fiimbded No humried uwwime
do "hotive ob d bid awe bs
handsoms -k ink a ber borwns
brmhed her cob bom hbr bcem
mad b ped 1 rtoto.
*Who am bimlamr fdiming
dho Learn, boess bed bem
dot Ismmm I LI wb d an h o
dI beaginlhmm, wMe k ina, "d

6 wnVa no I VAM moeWr
h ao ift not a hu|h it hi dealsed
by or Cretor as a means of ejoyment.
Te*; Lmra was a very handsome child.
But she attached no iportamone to her
beauty; the seldom thought o her looks.
She were beautiful clo~i; but she
drought no mre of them than moat chil-
dren who wear plain ones do of then,
fwr she had always been accustomed to
them. When Mis Kitty put on her
clean whit cambric dress and pretty
new green ailk embroidared apron, it did
not occur t her tbht mse dmiod awaken
any admktia in her young friends;
but she said. as b was having home,
"I hope.I am all aet and nice, Kitty-
Bath ad Esther ae always ."
Laarm was the daughter of a rich
Wet India planter, and the only mor
vivig "hid of her pares. Her faher
had bee dead hbout thdi yea, sad it
was e of his lat uqms, that ds
Amold be brought to America for her

wEal a I wam am ?

edwH. MMU D bMe.. d .m br .
for am ma a yewr is w n hld,
sad Lae was aused~i t e so du
wirik Ra d a w B ru aed.
Mr. Duemaa did anot s: ach ia
society. Her morws had giv her a
diutt for comay. MShe hd, how-
eer, a few squaakaoes whom he val-
aed, aad'asng then wen Dotor ad
Mr. Howard. m1rn was vJy fd d
the girs. If either was favarie with.
her, it wuas sthr; perhpIs fr thir res
som-hes was a~en in troble,md, od II
things in the world, leara'as 4iiad
her loved to symathi wlh sad coma
*o". the dis.trsd.
Mn. D oas had brou#t with her to
Amnri a mulhtfo weas, who had
shawys been Lka'is pa*l r atted-
ant. Thi wu the person spokn d as
i. Kitty. she wia i ry dgmed
looking wamm, ad lways wroe =a
head a briht col0d Madim b-s

8 wnSO I wA N Mn

dhief ta s mBy aflaUged m a whlas
rings i hera a nd on hkringe, mad
a mElia apron as wvhi as aw. Sbe
had the care of Laws' dods, md,
when Lawm was too yoag o go out by
khert n a b in h e in abit of attam -
ing her. Kitty was so kind-heaitd nad
so food of young people, tht they could
not he nig her; an d dhen th peoI .
arity of her dresM, and her fieiga a
cent when she spokedheped to make hae
Larm was the one great object o car
and inteist bod wih her mother and
her fisiflt Kitty. very thing was
done to gratif and amues her. She
was naturally a pleaat tmpered child,
ful of animtid, warm-bearte d agn-
erous, and wthal very foid of taking
when she could find a listner.
Pehap no girl ever bhad rwer trials.
sdie wvangll w bought hr
t seemed as iVf d was moth


ag ba fr bor to opra Al n U mo-
* id van reMadyto oomagm In b
comus Bow m.U ldoh i&
sound I So had sot -cuind tdo
habit of ftsting and wzyg wbia%&
- YOM peretuel m' i. It in
hum ds she bad movr wom piny elb
Wio of em a virk is ber Membe 09
Kivy, and'I I hm put -fieo
OR abures is e GO WOR ofin rd

Mms Dumeaa waee a q@ie woma, with
=maw% md now dhu wom
a oherk hers whih W afbo
d o in d .mderuood and ngrde&
What Loao would have bm under the
sdisry uiek wh childrom hew, we
aennot may. Domhils abor bad Ge--
Sre evichio dhAdmi a mnaWtawe, But
le bad iin imimbmebe de "andaeLmo
her of Comwm is tdo.eyu rib 3.3
dm mma br .am' bbed .m

d* Wan aM I WArN uIM t

-ight led dhe at of her ie aessdig
o that good begin g. Itisoly doing
Laara jdusie o my that, in whatsle
he did or aid, she tried o be goered
by chritian piciples
Thi, te, wasse girl whom BRth
ad Esther were so delighed to weltom .
o their pleasat arbr. Laara at oe
observed the bruie ob her fimd's aoe,
and expressed he warmest sympathy.
But never mind, Ether," said se, "it
will soon be we again; I a glad yo
did not hurt yourwf any wmo-rm
se it wil not spoil yaw vacasim.
ome down wih. my mammo a ooai-
inMtsyoorsm on purple to invite you
mad RBth a come ad sped Thursday
with me. It is my birthday, ad
amma wishes me to ejao iV"
Ia a moment Esther' eye we filled
wirtea r. "Don't yoe Bh" she
S red, f "how ocky I aai How
IJ l t beow that ms. Dumonm and Miss

-WOW M I VANY urn? .0

Kitty d me w ia &r bo
"u um my hwm"
"N, inI" mid Lmus,
away do -m; "any vadd ba6
ing at &D d idaummq l y y'vw be
-wy yas bad a &L An& bsv.. dhyn
may he l gain by Tbooday.' Rm
was a a of comuahima, mmd Isr
change dws abjet TaI7Wg opJoin
pamA ob ib u d i -s aamm
of Wt .Adwsism, bour,, not
die only -wm mmh W"ab e w
-d lae a umd mar bw nm W ;
* tim -nahut hathu The v
mimW 6dq ma" Ew d.M w",
wuosbitd spies it, md &i it somy
at omm Ew. aIDI&-be fivrt atit*mus
her duty m a abrdodn hM to oppm
.al tanThe ida burnt of lb on
cherisbed =bhy, nb@m hk4
aad it guod am sd me pm ind
hat bume.
"I~~ *Ouitm nvly peally wha I

40 m ft I vaMn mmIi

&Ambiad,"sid Lua, "batam I d
amarmnk shaboeat it. Iuaw it ina
dAm, sad When I wet hm. I saedl
mto buykr it fosr EM.eis
'gme..., my dar; yea do ad need
i.' Them I mid, 'Ohl pImus, da
.msandn, ao in mh ih v so -very
am rme Kitty act k mmmm id
hurt 0 tgW"
"To maot be very mpp, Lm,,"
mid Rather; "Yao have every ,hipglh
budt ar MiMb for."
"Of owum I m bayp, hrdo" mgid
s.1m bhaineg at hit young B&.d wiSh
urn ammhrneft; "bat eve you fin.
sm I hbo eery. An my bhst Cem
wilh hr?" -
64YGIBMIS I bee; you moiaeras
pbetq ot monJy, sad buys you d tdo
play &hp you vow$
"*Dit you knaw, EAur, d" am
-me Very mae thngd tlmt omwM eW
bayI I@@WON Yoe Of. fuI

ombe va d bm sA yam
bau #B% mi *tb b
w uh mutemy ym m 3mmy m

,amI b. OW*. .b; soom
body be. nmemg a viA bri d a
we odwyi be summud v&wbo god
has livew u&."
4, w *a, inwbw s sid Be&; k
ins jotwhat &Weanb W unSSft
wu- ayS I- h evemmg iw we.od
=s demm di i, wh e. se qbd
die kas part of s y duty ovwlemy

mulghhar.m~'' rld,*t
-"m~ v.wauos bw w
do omwcbim," mg mda bywo
Ih be. hw bih eye&. so -
Wd *m amywo md coi adlr aYes,

mm11, buue w & IVAwe VO

aod SAW-so lay. You n&s

0- mew o m wa u Mf
"W Wr," A id RK loa~ a he
work which e had replacd i dth be
ket, "t dis oment I titk I doki-
le abore a things a lide swing m-
dchi, which wokl do d my msdlbwM k
ftr am, pad bIm me tme mt red, or a
hum ad. ook at th tresa aad low r
fiom morning till night.*
That is oeofade amit thing I
ever herd," aid Lwas) "I dli tall
Kitty-i wil make her lagh iheustBy-
Come now, EAher, it is your taa at;
what do wat mot V"
"Oh, I want a gret many dthiml I
shoold lie to be abb to buy whawvetr
ml y- m t 'y b Clhemd ad
an moebt of bue ifl ainm. I wm
N, io be nich."
"Ah, sther," mid Laa eumeay,
"We omomt have e y ang, Mad yo
ha got what is bear thm as dhes.
If ZIhd a s mr, a dear twi t wr, who
mood be my camels compI I think

wk I* I wAwe uml

I dao" very ids Mt we wm
d ue I od- em f % skie a l.
'ir, b py.Mi but nd irsAl I wst

"Tou rse a good gir, Law, a g st
dald b r'i the I," id Esthb pI igl
bher War, mea hAe r hiend,
"and pr wih ir ithe amo al of
the tks. k mkhu me quis auhad
of Umyl Lot a be ywour uis-we
love 7ou."
"I had siter Ioe, Ether, but sbe
died when I vas a vry lid girl, oly
two yoa old. I cannot usmnbwr har,
but Mi. IKfy olam talk to me aboot bhr.
Hb -ae was Caiuil. She was
yJ d d whm I wn bnk swd Khi
say she wVpt fr joy Am she aw m
firn O d ithei e tig bmal s
died, sh ashd for me; and thm she
kisMd me, ad said a a sweit Ub
prayer tt ovry body the mm wept
maidaM Am'i' Hwr i i k a

gaudm at "Aem. Kity aud esa
take me dmi on a pleasant SBnday oesr,
ing, and it is oe of the ftt bing I
can remember. There is a whie mbl
monamet over the grave, a a racing
around i. It ays upo it, sacredd to
the meimry of Caroibe, th beloved
daughter of John and Mary DnmeaL.'
Then there re the dam dt her bih*
her bapdim, and her death and below
them A member of Christ, a d of
God, and di of t ag m i of
Heavm' Kitty would ay, Look thee
my dear t muand see what yoe were
=a&d at your chriasieg.' Thus 6he
wod 1e@ me what a poad Addle
14d my siseri Ce.1 no w ben-hw AM
fil isa aying her prayse, d tloying
her pMaes, aMd pehing the truth
always, and how kind i was to eery
one. kitty sl me abaou my ebriBn-
ing iW The bishop ema ew f *ow ar
p--- w my sut mld arme, wh

W I.- A

e mu w ir mum? SS

"Thb yoe m et vnmed in
chouh," aid RBh.
"No; k Im in ow dirg hL AB
Mthe Mr, ao m i, *sad Kityl y it
wa abiM can I iht o a lims Citz-

atU him.
,imh, wh s, do r liop m kL mn+ in bh

"Piaps ud to mad the rio in the
hafl wry Bmday, beom we could '*
pod wcheo Mamma played the pulmu
upm th e ar am, md we A mg, mo
the Hlekb bay a.p.we. wbho bwr ti
bdbwr. I t d by pi in ~ m ly
camir, mad we we w happy thu" s.
But oh, there was one dark day when we
were an tagther in that hal the la
time. Evey body wu crying. The
wasno mui thea-it wual ad. The
bihop wa bthi, iaad r tied tD aMn

O6 was 0 1 wAA aum If

ua, amd preached abtO the & nwereetion.
We laid dear papa by the side of Car
line, and ten our happy dayn at Aho
were al ended. Aterward mamma wa
ill a long time;and every dthg was r o
changed, I was glad when we ame to
America. I amn I ought be happy
now, for mamma does every ding to
make me so; bat tiM I wieA I had a

Ruth and Esther listened with mIch
interest to what Laura tod thdN, and
they both thought they ahoold lov her
more than eer, since dbe had had *
much mruw. Even E~aB purcsired,
* comparing her owa ooditioa wki
Laeam's, that dse had, as the whole,
quibt as moch to esoy amd be thdakf
Whie auth mt poodring upon Lan
ra' story, Ether no out io the garden
ton if Ihe coa ud da HW r ipe strM-
merries fr her, and mlbr rp petty

wsa e ar e eeI rt 07
bunab of Gow am. "Thmrbu im e o
ele oomig on Thmnday ao vit m,.
Ruth," mid Lama, bedss you and
Esther-it i poor liate Mary Lodge."
"Bout May cannot walk t yar
bhous," aid Ruxh w oih some rpi.
"No; doh cuaota bat I @.U vi
send Kitty in te cardage r her, and
we dll ty to mke her e oy t day."
"Ohl I am vry glad," aid. Ruth;
"I know sb wil enjoy it,and it wm be
a plemat chage fior her, aAer being
confined t th hboe so long. Ibedli
bse slam gope out Poor Mayl I
think, Lana, if she ad be here ju
now whaem n w e each i g what me
wamtd mo, we ca g es what ds
would hIve mid."
"Yes, Rath, I have no doubt a
would gie May dim ~e hea, o be able
to wak bout as h egd do. Ah I
what a sd tfdg it is te ick ud

so WE- 3o I WAr unw

The girls ooA te aiom to join
E. her; aud when Lam's two boor
had p.sed, i e t e-l IbsfmUly
home, having obtded permiseo foam
M. Howued tht Rath ad Edther
abBl spend her hbtdy with br,
and SMaUel d Bjan- dmi ld oM cw
to tea.
That night, s was madreing,
Lam said to her .aum, da, "Kity, I
have had a disoaM. fd di this
IaoXan. I enied th gids wbe I aw
them o happy together, ad I thought it
was hard that I had aosier ol me."
"It was vy narual my dear; bat
god gives as hat is best,.d we muat
trmt Himm aad be can nyt is a
bad thing-you murt drive it at of
your heMt; r ifytesit rs stay it wi
keep growing bigger and biger,tlthem
is aso oom lt fr good sad happy
fAiLeb Think of AD yomr .ieing.,
and keep a tbakMi spirit, my dci."

WAV SO I wmA xoT? O

Laura maid her prayes very eamnedy
and whn she uiered wtht peddti
"deliver us from evil," mhe knew that
God would hear her, ad help her to
overcome every wrong m .eing. So with
a quiet mind she lay down o sleep, ad
awaoe in the moalia .g appy and
merry a t de birds dat were nging at
her window .


Ma. DUxoNA's residence ws a hand-
some cottage m a retired part of the
town. In fiont there was a large yard
with a border of flowers. On one side
of this yard was a noble old pine tree,
and on the other a fine hore-cesnut
which was now covered with blossoms.
On the south side of the house was a
beautiful lawn, with shady elms and
gracefully waving willows. A large
glass door opened fro a parlor upon
this lawn, and thi wa favorite sitting
room in summer. Here Laura brought
all her playtings whatever she could
find amnou her numerous treasures which

iAs @Ih- wadd smar t same s ul
easnink heryong iMdl, and hs do
waited so rese them dm the mornig
of hBer dvwe ~hd*ay. "* Bh bine
booka" hbe aid, "U id dhe hd have
ploty to look Ia md nmd,if he fbls
like it. And BMr likM petty tdig;
mo, Kity,if yoa piesme, we% tab* down
my b oM keep kes. And poor ltd
Mary wi lie to Me Al the dols. I do
not ezty know w ht Flora lik but I
belie she like tdhe sme kiMl of din
tht Ether doe."
Laor pmased, mad preoly sid, "I
think I do not like Floras I do the other.
grk, but I Upe I halb be polt mad
kind to her, oc mamma wished her t
be inised."
"We cannot love every body fike,
butwe muo be dind aad polite to an"
said Kitty, "nd aner makes uy body
heel emsnpcsl ly whm bady
oos to irait me."


It WRgAO 1I0 .1 WAM r now
. uw4I ivy, ra y a o vm i
AOLht Anyu i e~mom fwMW7 I
"Yoar mama mid itwa bowr iait
iii te wheorgih had hem ... m v May
eudd be mon Skely to fgiued iV

We wil new hve. -w Olsd Lear
eammiing her Somm d go in mmh of
Ruch amd Eashar.
Neatdy dmmed is fhir sew whil
amabrm and bhok el kpurs, th doWoo
mim"rs oft off pay do mr~wimad is
looking ax fresh and mweut ae two row
bad, Widn w be hd wm.d about
hem As dimnm., they .y.,u a Sid of
t**i awsmatioe who was goinginado
-om direolim She had an a bd&
liac silk dress, and an opean-rk maw.
%ommet with a green wreath wround it
This was aee Nrkos, sad she io was
going mtohednmyi& Laumm Flom
w84 dimu e years ofago, "al taIW tdon
amherd the odor s&*,but s0idlo kws

V "Iu', V? U

dook cli. in mowj. md u mnfy
y9md wl th The day was .k,
aad*dokb A lin@=qkimmdtfr
Uqaawam vm wu hey u& s wvim
oy oladd 'bpoba a, vmR1 6sy
1ma.d Mm. Doinn Seamamalfwey
-o *6s.d *6 6 ugo wa r Wdsed,
ad No Kitty wam for-May ILdge
Mary v the clsrrmf' duilter.
She bad bm very S iol a w, and
one ohw lMbe bd bass.. eamiraed
0 0hat ktweN a]MOat iuPsuihIir her to
waL She bhd now boo law WpvWW
uao&%, mad it vu Ebly* sie -w
always coadmue w. Dockr toward
ofa sad to spook of Nauy to bis
dautgolr Sbeu wso pWusa and m
udaesivet evey body loed as wD am
pitiedher. She widenweAt a vish
ww auemg bh yongi limad% but Jim
Duae. loom it xl W s rcremin
to do pairLBo vaMd tomod dot.
boaN -mmm day v o


74 WEAT Lr I WAT Mago

The carriae Won- Ieemd. Kitty
alighted, and, taking Mary in her am,
brought her into the hose, sad placed
her in a ..nal cumioed chair which had
been prepared fr her. Mary wa but
ten years old, nd wa now very dnder
and light. Lara received her very oor
dialy, took off her bonnet and gloves,
ad at down by her e de Mar' pae
face brightened with an empressio of
real please, which it did Lemr's beart
good to ee. Ruth and Eher too were
ghd to ee her; but Flora had few
kindly fdiegp; sMaihe- filled her
beat Now, thought dre, e baRl be
tied down to Mary al day, boosmm
Lar will not think it polite to ave
her. She cannot go upon the lawn or
into the garden with u, and so I suppoee
we shallhave to eay in the behoe a the
time. I wonder why they aseed her.
Aber Laur had aed with Mary a
few moat she let her to ame-- her

wArt o wVAr MtI

l wih dt dnbi; m wat to Ruatd
who was looking at a picture wih hng
over the mane-piece. "Tht is our
bhoe t Altona, RoDBa," ad bde.
At Asoma," amid Ruth impqrngly.
"Yes, that s the name of aou plint
tion and in dtt pleasant verandah we
usd to t in the evening and take our
tea. Those smal bildins are the ser-
vant' homuses ad those tree,wih the
bare trunks and long leave growing out
of dtb to, are cocoants. Yo cannot
imaguie hw graceful and beautifil tdey
are, Ruth, till you ee them in reality "
Laura went on entertaining Rth with
.ezplaninma of this and other pictures in
the room. In the meantime, the door
beoig ape, EZlder and Floa bad pased
into the dining rom; and, after looking
at a crwously ornameted clook with
much i r0et1 had gone to the id*oad
ad wee haptiog the iver which
was uaqeed paon it, wham Laurajoimed

T7S Vw a X WArAn uwt

the lr, vs -poy aumd
by a bewM wih a r idly chadi- rhi
arond it
That is owr chaistoing bowl, i ok
we Med t Aboo." aid Laua.
rther at ooe called out, "Oh Ruth,
Rth I comes ad Me the christeing
Larm ahoght of Mary, d quickly
aid, "c Dn't coame, Rah br it for
you aMd M~y to look at."
Stepping upon a chair, she took down
the bowi md aternee d ao the other room,
foBowed by Flor ad their. She
fad Rt by the de o My. Then
die tod ury what be had berA tld
InRh .ad swthe-that a Aml tarhey
were r fbro churc., d aoca miol
de bishop or some other minister came
out tom e them'ad ow a thiir chri
saiMM d Suma y .wvi n. ww hld
inthe lIrge hl. "Thrsa ny ow de
pap ws ivuig," -- addcB in a am a.

wie ~ I wu am t i
dcholy o aw tho~abMti athe sas
of that hide goop was now atherLB
"I am rqy ny for you, Lasure"
aid little Mary with tear n her ey.
* I am umre I dhou be ery w bhppy
without my fitber."
4Thank you, Mary: but you know
we cannot hae every thing; and, as
mamma say, sonow come to ever
one oi om way." Then wdecting a
moment, Laur ma d, "If you would like
to hear them, I will repeat the ver-
P~pa taught me about my baprim..
The girls maid they boold like it very
much, and so Lara,with moch earns
nMs,recited ite fowing,--
nb aptim I wa meb

Aa I am iali
Tmhe bledi .ww.
= a dolwnhi/ e
sahw& brit l h,

van su o a rrmm f

Amy aidg loo ONt 00bWs


Wia& I an boem dso dI
If I God's hyar would nodb
AnId a moldlr wora.

Ifr& that I theUl mimosee
OPPOW with anlmy .I#
Wh'.w weuld Ind my sedmd uq
Vram what I bmw is rot
WbIR ish ha mongbis 0b0

No,- $ I thu.l -,le
AM prq the HEly OhmS S. d

No andea, bhemeed iors de
my cbzidin up mm aid

And su, the Ckdh Va "
I humbly isdduse
An eI 0.1% h* Wed &* W"
Uadovbdm*b diko

MAO. dha t I dwW b"

Una my u uu4 ad

I d is am a
NP It m bd*ea
If* tum my bi mdf

And abi I a sklsv.

IbJ YI r Wl br
All dkd wo -ob hrvm

m ad mo OWM dal

That I Bb. dil rnm

Nm1m m*a I dl s
Fa m Nb Ad Rb -id bludg
oh! wlmdbovb~l

O uib ow nw lr ml
Andmwlb OWrmanddrNO

08 WNW W. 0 uin Wf

CofM I dir Chdlsar olA
h.1 hM ldCail Iai,
Aai mll my irthrig- awsl
Whel ithe elnk db i ft
Alml .y eye saea
Oh, tm. if I bm thle bhm.
EHLm in ua Lna m

Mary said she bid th. rn, and
thought her father wold be pleased to
have her commit these to memory; so
Laura promised to ask her mamnra to
write them down for her. h then
went on speaking of her gobime, and
her cousins "at home" -. a e called
it in the West Indies. Presety she
thought of her box of hsspe.ies, which
she had intended to sbow the girl.
They all gathered closely arm d Mis
Kitty, who exhibited, one by oue its
precious contents. T'I .,wer several
lockets, one, in pauticdr, which con-
tained some of her siusmr.Cao 's hair,

YuM 301 WA! MSA!I I

braided with that d helr other 'and
mother. This was attached t a finel
wrought chainwhich excited grmat dmi-
ratio. Then there wee eerl pretty
rings, and a el muuio-box,which was
wound up to play for dtr e rtammw
of the company. But he thing at which
Ruth looked with most delight was a
ue containing a Bible and Prayer-book
bound in crimson velvet, with gilt clasps
This had been given Laura by her god-
mother. At length Kitty opened a ca-
ket and exhibited a beautill et of cora
-a necklace, breastpin and bracdleta-
And now Ethers eyes sparked with
delight. She emlutd. that he bad
never in aI her life seen any thing so
beautiful! so plOdid I Flora joined
her in praiing and admiring them, but
Ruth and Mary said they thoht the
books far more .vaaable. Flora wa
pnood of her handsome things, but
she now saw tha. Laura bad moe than


she posessed; and envy arose in her
beart. She at once determined in her
mind that it was qie necessary forbher
to become the owner of a mt of corals,
and that she would do her bet to induce
her mother to by them. Esther, tough
she envied their possessor, never thought
of aspiring t trinkets like these; and
Ruth and Mary experienced only a sim-
ple emotion of pleasure in cooking at
them. When dinner was announced,
the girls were atoihed to find how
rapidly the morning had Iawn. In the
afmrnoon, Mn. Dmcan, who was fond
of children, devoted hernd to their en-
tetainment Shepropsed awalkin the
garden, and told Kitty to take ary in
her arms and bring her along, at she
too might shares u fy as possible in
the enjoyment. When they had walked
about as much a they wished, she had
the lite cushioned chair placed under a
large, shady elm upon the lawn fh


Mary, ad posed -Lt mms of the gkb
hould sit by e while oe at w t o
gather flow and hag hwt, ato .-e
into a wreathd and th they migt
choose a qmue i ad romw her.
Ruth odled to remam in w Mary;
ad Laur, sacompanied by the other
gi went in each of b ow er Lam
soon etaed to Mary, wimt a fow
the commencement of the wreahi while
Esther and Flos went n to other
more. Busily engaged in tlkig, they
walked to the end of td grde; whea,
looking over the wall into a ield eyod,
they spied oM pretty wild Sowor
which they thought would help to make
a varietyif they coold possibly oorive
to get them. Them they s .muod to
gather, as o bow they should mange
to get over the walL "Youa e," aid
Flora, "it wil n do for m to samoap
it; *my dress is so deaitses, the
thing would oil it; but yours is only cam

T- --`r

84 'WRA 30o I Wu@r mo?

brick, and if you hoold chaoe to get a
spot upon it, it wold easily wash out.
You are more expert at climbing too, and
I will give you my hand to help you."
Esther, wither accustomed wal, com-
menced climbing. She reached the top
of the wall, which was low, in safety;
Sbut unfortunately lost her footing on the
other side, and fell She gave a faint
cream, which alarmed Flora. "Are
you hrt, Esther," she inquired? "No;"
replied Esther sorrowfully; "'ve only
scratched.my hand a little against this
blackberry bush, but that is no matter;
Ive torn my apron in two places! Oh,
dear! it is just m y lock-what m they
say now!"
"I'm sorry, Esther, but we cannot
help it now; so make hate and pick the
oney-sckles, andlet us go back. Only
think how much worse i would have
Seen if had flen, and polled my silk
dress "

VuA do 1 Vose AT It

"You an a Miah, dimagreae gid,
Flora, ad do na bdm er are a il
dress said Esther indignantly; fr she
could not help perceirisg how lide rea
sympathy her comuanion 1k fr her.
"Indeed, Mis Howard!" mid Flora,
with much pretended dignity, "perhaps
I do not deserve the honor of your
Having said dti, Flora walked o
leaing Esther to get back without any
aais-tanc Esther gathered the owners
without observing tbht he was let alone;
and when she had daoe, thee dre stood
by the blackberry bush, wondering what
she should do net. At legth de
began to cry fromi vxatio. Itwasnot
long, however, befme de heard Lanra's
kind voioe; and t ne t moment a
hand was extended to help her over dthe
*Oh, Laural" id h e, "I oanaot
beak that selih Flora Notool She went

6 WRAW is I VAm ow I

off oa paurpe and let me ere, whem
she knew I could not get bask alone.
One, two, three, for, fivex,rZ, re"e,
eight, nine, ten," aid Lan, with much
emphaui; '"and here you ir, aely
over again.
So I am, tbaank to your goodnew
Laurt; but pray, whatare yo coundag ?"
It is a way I have,when I am afraid
ft saying something ele. I I stop and
count ten when I am angry, it keeps me
from saying a harsh thing, and ten I
have Ibs to be sony tor aferwards;
beside, it gie me 'time to remember
what you beard me say thi making in

tme vf str
ifjo kirN m Olp.lt fij
Them yaou arv agry, a,.ws a L"
"Yes, very angry, Ether; and yoo
hae no idea bow ole I ble o count
ten wheU I am with som pastms I

wa V so r er w a e W- Po

know ndly yes l;but try a-
to mind itra, sat at yp relf ld M e j
us muke haute back o uMay-4 boys
have come.
With some dilooky Iher restroied
herself fom any father expression of
her dipesue; aMd Muy's dsit at
receiving n nMs pFecetd acqiitioin to
her flowers, put har in a torably ood
humor, is sie of the tm wrnp
The wreath was son fAihed, sad it
was u-umou- agreed that Lsan.
should be owned. e aid e did
not appiroe their chooe, sd wied
they would choose me om Mee d r
queen; bt dtey would sot lisa t her.
Mrs. Daunes weas "sii in td pl
appruwedy esmged with 1AsL WI
but in relky wachig the young people
and eojoylg the eight of tir pieao
Laar in her embur.iret sn bo her .
mamms, a4snd, mr mging a few
wadss wilh her, satmned to herw yo

a8 YEAI Do I VAN 33?

compaioins. "If I accep the crown,"
said abe, "you mut Am pdminr to be
-obedient sb-cto."
Having obtained the desired promise,
Laura with many blhes received the
wreath upon her head
"Long live the queen !" exclaimed
Benjamin Darwin. They a. joined in
the merry mhot, Long ive the qeen "
Laura's fiat act of soveeignty was to
command the gentleme of her scout to
kneel before her; and, wcang tdem
each on the shoulder with a speg of
laurel which she had in hr band, be
aid, "Rie up Sir Bse ih Darwin,"
and Rie up Sir Saml BHoward."
"Oh!" el Mhimed Ruh, "Is haU
AuPl ud them. Don't you know, thmr,
we aw thi moving a piatare of Queen
alsmn nigh u ing soum p ien? m
. But A need a sword."
-And now," said Laun, ring Ska
her eat. it my y al pla=e thd

WnA 30 I WAxI MOgt
Lady Mny ildm tLrs dca wemu M
ano d buar my bom,." S.o sayl g,
doo theard *i p ny wreath Om
-ber owv d to- dite 1 hr Mr fid.
Mary, though gribd by th poot of
afction vo ahr Iba hm asn it
ramumaira whbms hadilAl b phled.
Sir Sams4- pe.4fruard.
begd IeW to cou.a-iN QEp.

bsMt, t ma .w heir omanMr Mrmm
am her, o be bohddd.
Th1m waso aok etf fi md aqsp
moEts sM i liu t t pru p omt 4f.

*.afmsam for dth.i P dds We
= be wak two headss aiW im deano

dI o m to twhe bogy% of thmum
thut he had bad n- gmatid to absimi

90 wva Soa iwAru Arn.?

their mbeim be tohe W ersm iM Chum c.
Itwar a thing she always loved sea,
and no man could be gSat ad good
without an habitual reverem It sacred
Then she gave to Flora and May
each a pretily bound eop of Mr. SbeNe.
wood's stories on the Obdsna m. Lasly
the baket ius mad to contain fr the
twin--6te, two pretty grae aprws,
embroidered like the one they had en
Laura wear.
They were all pleased, especially
Ether. Indeed, hardly any thing cold
have delighted her mor thai ar ileb
dre. Ruth woold hbae pa d a book,
but was too poio to qpps di-m-6d.
Mr. Duncam insisted e aher's Ilar-
ig her black apmrn whi h ds had w-
foctunately torn; and promised tha Kiay,
who had great skill dami, should
mead it nicely, and tab k hemne i a
day or two.


BsaL wve agre with Esther dht'hl
Nora was a ansl h, digreabb gSid?
Ala, itwa tootre! But ZEatr uid k
in anger. Let us acknowledge i wih
pity. Poor Flor! he might havebem
dierent,bad dshe enjoyed the cami d sod
a mother as Mr. Howard or Mr. Die-
can. Her mother was a gay, wve ly
woman, who eldom looked tls her own
heart. Had de known more of the d
buL of alFdbscipbe ad -gmowt ik
grace-ho hard it is to regulate the
-asd and mupers and -a etv-4he
woold bhae realed, peiap, what a
solemn vow, promise, ma pbhiion as


had made for her daughter at her bap-
tism; she would have regarded her fruts
with more tenderness, as the indications
of a depraved d d sinful nature, which
must be renewed and anctified by
God's Holy Spirit.
Flora was ofen told that she was ot
as good a she ought to be-tat she had
an unfortunately bad temper, which it
was to be hoped she would outgrow;
but she was never reminded o her obli-
gations as a baptied member of Christ's
Church. Her mother never talked with
her calmly and seriously about her beset-
tig sis, or taughtherhow to wach and
trive against them, or, above a to pray
for help to overcome them. Indeed, the
whole force ofthis mother's example was
calculated to give her child the impresnon
that although the fu of reigioa were
not to be neglected, dress and &hion
and worldly advaaeme were i ality
the chief thing worthy of ah.t.im.

VEAt so I WAt =oaI

The tme will surely come, wba
Flio will ealie bow moch a bidh
sponor might have assisted her a forem
ing a christian character. Habis dong
standing ar e not easily overcome; fu
which have been suofred to grow widh
our growth, ave taken such deep root
that t emey ae no eaiy extermiu d.
Happy then are those children whoe
parent strive to keep them in the way
of holie, to train them up'in the way
they should go Far better they s ould
be coarel fed and clothed, than that
their souls should suffer for want of sich
The day after the viit to an.Don-
can's, Rth and Esther were giving their
mother some sWcont of it. Mn. Bow
aid told lther she was. worry that d
made Flora an angry reply when he
spoke uncivily to her; and hoped s
would bereafer copy Laur's ample
t selfcontra and true poleina.

94 wAT sD I WAMr mapr

"Oh dear mother," replied lther,
rather impatiently, I wish I was "
"If you mean," replied the anoder,
"that yo wish you had no &ks lto coer
rect, no sins to repent oC it is a vary idle
wish. You cannotexpect tobeefrom
the infirmities which are common to our
nature. There s no oe lihvig wo has
not much to contend with, and ti is the
reason why the Bible calls the cristian
life a 'warfare,' and a racee' No one
can improve without making erios
efforts to doso; and if you reaBy wis to
be good, my child, you will try very
hard to become good."
Tear came into Esther's eyes. She
drew close to her mother's side, and,
takingher hand, aid, "I wish I might
neer displease you, mother, it always
makes me unhappy-but sometimes 1
have sch wrong feelings."
"I andersaad you, my dear," said
Mrs. Howard hoping dowa and missing

* f .

WNW I wA 31mrm m

her dmho ; and I boive wiht you
"I know, m her, I did nit behav
we shbow the bmIne ri-bboas day
you took me to tde milLner' but yo
were vy ki d, ad did not epo,, m."
"It was umo-MUry, beasw I aw
t aee that yoe wen smbl yoe had
done wmong. You ought to haw. beem
maidd to choose from dIe bos o rib-
boa I placed bed you."
SI know it, mother; but I eMa help
adanring buti d h thing, aid thod
French powers and ribbon was so
lovly I"
If you think tht I blame yoa, dw.
fr adminri beoaihl dinM y ap m m-
tiely idkeeM.L I hood be w~y sony
if you wem Lboapbh of appreciaing
them. Probably you did not hdl am
plhme than I did, n lookig at thoem
ribboas sad owersn. The display ao
tao and kmi in making them, and tbeir

9 6 lt Do DI wrAn mntO

besidl vMuiedes of olor, wese wed ol
culatd to ecie admiration. No, EAsdr
if you had imply admired them, I should
find no f k. But you meed them, when
you knew I did not choose to buy them
foryou. I wish you would try o be con-
tented with such thing as a provided
foryo. Be aured,mydear child, it i
a Chritia duty. You ar not odk enough
now to judge properly for yourself and
you ought to submit cheerfdi y tde
judgment of your parent. I should be
very sorry to ee you grow up with thi
p ion for finery."
Mother aid aEther, Flora Norto
told m yesterday tht he had head
her mother my he knew we might aB
drew better if you pleased, because
S other had a great deal of practice, ad
a fine income "
"I am taurlh ," replied Mrs. Howard,
that I learned early in life to setli
value on dress, compared with many

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