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Title: Paul and Virginia
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Title: Paul and Virginia
Series Title: Paul and Virginia
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de
Publisher: J. A. and U. P. James
Place of Publication: Cincinnati
Manufacturer: A. C. James, stereotyper
Publication Date: 1850
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2 rollowlag transatU of "Paul ad lVmk "
i writtm at Purl, ami tL bonn d ofb-
me's tyimy. During ftat gloomy poes I
I dUieltto find oeaptlom wlhlb mit hAt
days qk Zattyoif r weary lgh. I**
ty bad vahdb; ad md tl so o mm a rsimi
j aobhlean daupol, whle, while Itdr me
mea, pencuted in detal, ln. msu
ring, sad wn, rmdl, wm meempeu wt
bpr. nx r dchb of domdleiry T it M
ady eomapd sh sto eamm to l pmu a
ualpt volume, where I had tnc poUL-
I sn od whlb I ho d eam whtl, bk g
rifgof thbedrb impNlaM as my Witk
m freh timne that 6 dfade Prim ilhdi
ao my pea aceaBomed sto ul low le imp~ o
r Semuh, osa .wsy hve dwm, dt si
riod, Ltho ihmg of desolai anrd depar
ik buaded my ifgieti, mnd dwedt upe
er eu, wriinal u fr. Ihrm pl~ymm*
rr Mnmi Lad im pl; Ih fr Lhadid ms

tinme utocratical iosignia, and sometlmee count
revolutionary allusions. and when the administn
to of police happened to think the writer a conspl
rtor, they punished the reader u hi accomplice
In this situation I gave mylf the tuk of em
ploying a few bour every day, in translating t
charming little novel of Berasdin 8t Pierre, ent
tied "Paul and Viginia;" and I found the mo
voting relief In wandering from my own gloom
rdeetiDoM to thoew cheating cemo of the Maur
thr, which e has admably described. I b li
eompoed a few Soonets adapted to the peellk
production of ttt prt of the globe, which u
fatmrpend In the wek. Some, adeed, aur lo
so well as prt of th tthtranstion, which I h
ace iupplled, bsving been ent to the Municips
ity of Par, in order to be exained ua EngU
pers: whe they till remsan, miagled wil
twvolilary placed, motions, nd haragu
nd ar not likely to be retoed to my posMeal
With epect to the traeudi I can only ba
te4dgre Ikte kuble aeritof not having defir
1be hasty of te arigln. I have, indeed, te
ne libety with my utbor, which it is ft I sboa]
mowledpthat of eittlig several pages a go
edl observation, which, however excellent
theelvMe, would bo pased ever wkh fmpaeiue
by the glish seeder, whn they iterupt the p
tL s Nmtam. this repect, the two meat

seem to change character : and while the srio
and reflecting Englishman require, in novel will-
ing a well u on the theatre, a rapid succeselo of
incidents, much bustle and stage effect, without
suffering the author to appear himself, and stop the
progress of the story; the gay and restless Frenh-
man listed attentively to long philoeophlcalredlc.
tioal, while the catastrophe of the drama hangp in
My last poetical production (the Soawe which
are it d erspersed this work) my perhaps herd
even more imperfect than my earlier compositels;
since, after a long exile from England, I cans
ly matter myself that my ear ie become mre atteed
to the harmony of a laguge, with the sounds of
which it s seldom gladdened; or that my poetil
tute is improved by living in a country where arts
have given place to arm. But the public wll,
perhaps, receive with indulgence a wek wkri
under such peculiar circumstances; not copose
In the calm of literary leisure, or in pursuit of lt-
erary fame, but amid the turbulence of the met
cruel ensations, and in order to escape awhile fh
overwhelming misery,W.
H. Mr.


on tem e"S. cos at te mowntahh W" *0
Ama Pat Leub in dw wpm a pi" oflJ
ave oetghV t=ado ofI oamftm% a*
lao tuated er ohn 7%n hie
an oftmwmea doh miwhs or. eml. haum"
urneuc north hi sa the mou.hIreue
Iro~ md W" --~
nub fb~ ift dm X Lk orri
=Ht of Dbow wy, &W ~~ IJ 1
414WmH ibm te Am %0,zi
Twereo doe churc, 9" rlq thiie, Is
mibadg a kiir~l jv a
Lamb. Om tM *M in W m d 1 *Y
of th ft end 1une hun &d -nu% e

b@,suaodey t (pe of M bamtaaz sas
rbrn ~ eoan emr Seud mabce ofyI
mmea s IN. upom the load
of at MW. mw bom Tim awbmL
dwoubded do lky f do TWA: a HM m do
tft aqmM c ooour m do aw: u .If=m
Few of Em"Ta, vd" menum at rY
baCft bft upm dw beL l uo

At the entrance of the valley which present
tboe various objects, the echoes of the mountain
incesatl repeat the hollow murmu of the
wiod th the eighborbg foaren and the
tumultea dA hn of t e wave which break at a
distance upon the cli. But near the ruined cot-
tap all i calm and still, sad the only object
which there meet the eye are rude teep rocks,
that rise like a su ndi rampt. Lre
clumps of tee grow at their b on their rt
fides, sad ee on their maijeti tope, where the
lids eem to T di t ohe owo which their
bold Zot 2 0thc,< pWid the vivid olors of
Srob no tob ger and brown o dec1iie
md swel the aura m of the llI rive whlc
ws at their feet, caed the river of ru-Palms.
Withi this eaminese einp the maot poe nd
at peace. 'auosely does the eehrne a wbi.
peaefthepsla.tepredin teb bd leavee,
1& Ice pe".jf whc Wmriftlduaced b
t-i w akoaflifht Ull r ' this dep rley, whi ta m ely hl me It
Bre~ eeKat btk of dy the ay of Uiht
arm ewwm the ssmamdt reeb; Mad e
p peers, rising oe the we a ofthe mom.
t4, pear ke time of gld ad parple gl meam
ea m sreky.
STo ts me rI o to nsort, where I m
ejlayt ae the rhmes a the etemre lad.
ape, ud the charm of Onimbrarr d oetade.
Oni day, when I was seted at te oo df theo
tagea, ad cm ilt their uala, a m d
veeed iL years, e mesr the HTe we
dreemed l gprb of the bJbd his at
were bre, and be lead poa a If a bay;

hl hkr wu whbi, ud the rmmof his co
tease w@ diled ntlr im I bowed
him wkhrtb t; Ib rura thdo edo: Id,
she at whh atm me samenes, ma
mad pk'L.ue t a the bIek whb I w
matil Enarangmed byth mak oft coaeae, I
thn addnrsd bim:
" Fthb, qa ~ tel m to whm thes e tae
one kbekloged sam," splibd ata oMU-,
".thom mw f d rM r t istlUd al
wwo, t_ My W-R Pw of ntwo
lies, who tse fehd l Ih Wised.
Thbir howy r whhemrY nrp.e-
sian hkis wt~y hdi, will pums mw .
Imn to itlaet helf la th tIe ft a Ibw arlauM
ladiwidaMl What EmepM e ram
nes to hi imageilaiom mt sadmi
lrT amMlety if meiand i ts i eaC te
m* Y^ fttrii
little be1d .d I t
" hmarK mmaurs so
etirsa ya hae have lega, I pl
CM*. U n e To aInin i Bh
Stli b e go ol mwed, thte ite smm

Is wieb be leaIe Ui he us hUerla, n I
himws. to leaml tshe fa of the pas,
M I g ais Tom, a yeawa wha wae a
nti eM m hawfte lg vmas m lishued
A L.* I .L- A L *

his for e thiU ilead, whar ho auveh dli.
He broulhh htbr a Ta weam whom he lred
t= mderly, d by a h as N om tenderly
blovd. h I r ihr mar aml" fmi-
ly of the n mme rL bt he ha mid hr
wibout fpetme, ud l a m to the will o
her vrlatior, who reh their comem, beemr
he was f"udtuft1 of -t drcpided f.om pa.
mats wbh hao claito aeMUft. oofker do
kn Tour, let his wMie at aot L embued
for Madeaser, i order to prc- L few slaveh
to u&saaL h in f rm pl l ia thi Inlad.
He ladl at tht uI yl u o ba coh rm.
meMoM about the middle of Oenkr d moo af-
sIr hi urrivl did of theU l fver, which
PIrnvdi ka tha co ix r~y t of d yu,
Wd which will frernam the t of .1e
uaropaea miatl to fom ada e tGe t
ftel t Ifis le bt wie slead upa by the
nracltyof e ; a.ad his wvife who was p-.
fLktly w widow in a Mco"try whm

Swome Too deliuao t o pre ooeteem o
ellef hr amy other -e aIer the death of hi
whm am he loved. misfotume armed her with
Mge, nd ahe maeol to aurivato with her
dave a ItIe spot of anbd. d per fo r hr-
Vlfthe mmu ofram l I. as lalladnaei t
a deut, and whm the groe was let to the
.hales of the settler, she avoided those spote which
were mot fertile and most fTmble to ersmaies;
and mekiIng omm nook of the me M-
nt asylum, whrLe die a live omary Md
uhmIow, the beat her way m the tow towed
e mo. wbe she wlhand to shale huma


a in a Mt. All di orwstuemr, A ba see
of common latied, yTr reanf amMt ath
pai to hte d af w imadm deelate; a
rocke could lfor a ramplat aglt dfort-; a
f the calm of maue could bhthtm am of t
oul. That Priderse, which lead Its vpon
wha, we ask but he apply f owur mmsMr
want, bad a Uleshg Ibsre fhr MadIie de I
Tour, whMh maboriches mr paIM n par
chase; this M-uwa M.
U 1Th b to Madame debu l rwlsd hr
lreedy be ea Irah ted a yer b WONu&a
of a live lty gt drd sedd Vm
tim t M hae (har hetr wa sr Luer --
an ortf a lailef w .. 10
little t-ie liatfe. he d l.g Mu dea h abem
ou lowed by therwa me adrhA*
fat tsoy pa i m* fh le l omw lip homhe

l, Mlaaahe laod, who rl fr
Mh *baisaedi ha,,l and arddwente
dacawad rele toe am e sela
rs a aF% --domA -'f sod ION *_-_

med to am e hwMr bibr md 8I=p09
whre her hult mih h caslU, to b e
ny dLatet fm# statoby wrem As W IN
the only prtiu ofrtpior a eai glut-ha.
ton. WIN onoboiso-Wj. blMMi
an sk ro iT* wlith whM ~is wZZ
like do ha tOi ae. = M aeIn Jdo1
Tourlled by hewr n woman, hud am
i *Mhi he chilMd. Soted b iH rb a
a puma i a ha tir o wat asI eh11
own, Madm do Is Tr rnted, h fewr wml
Met wa domly efeled byfth setle ;-,


sunsieu to ie e aidda es than esteem, rhe cae.
hoed. without disguise, the on of which she
had ben lity. Asfor m,' sid be. Idesa
my fte: Iat y un, -y! at one rhTiee
aid ul And, sobig, se ofed bl M
am de I* both be ht and her Mendship
Tat kd, affected by thisMdr naela, prs.
ed her in hIer Ina, and mladimdAh. Ao iy
Hreve wll put &s and to my mmiWortae, sino
t ipireM you, to whom I mm a strme wktl
mM oe s towad me Ith I hae ver experi.
mmsldoam own relates '
"Is wifa: and, alhogh my hbkati
la a half from hece, in the wood,
bmund t:op, mouola. I coMidred myself
N her mlgr. the itiM of Erope, trt.
smeme ees a diMaUe, sepswtm famlU
whom mbbusad ; bMt l nw colomae we
p7midwr t as am4bor from whom we
Sdividd w soods ad mounians; and
*se all, w h i il tuis r had litl
leasuee the Indies, l b ao ne
fp Lehlmt to h ulm l, mbehiy tow rl
-esrs seemed iis ty the a tIn. No

Sd I Txoye d MO th m

Ia dte =of r. p Ir told t he
has, far thbe imweskts Oldr UN, Md
is prIevet tm l mi rOf uy othLr Msetr.s we
Meseay they hLbold drivid bietwem thm th

iopety of this wild eaqmesd valley, wish is
Aly tw9ty a sau li eastmt. They weMded
that ta to m, ad I maikd out two -w
tdoif ad. o Ol h lAds O the i ue l
io. arn, ham the P f that kra k
clouds, whoa ir the mdid rv ir Pem.
PluM, to that wQA Ubwhc yos a e the
umi of the ria, md which is edl th
CAmona's orth, bw the rM enbae Ib he bt.
It i dtifmlt to a dl alo th wild prse
o wlosw the "Bl rofwb wie n-b e whhi
fagmeb o loek, or wrn hto hemesl frmed
bytornt*; et k rocs noble smm. lad m-
Sland is campued iL the. lim Mg sag
the buhk d the rir it VlrIM, the ea.
isg whom we a mewr satd, fto woIm the
river ta he a btw those two hill4, el
Ithllltotethllsa. TTom teaUl eft*
tiMg of ome meadow lald ; peth
comni is Is 'Wed, but at vdehem
tbe other; BS las. m ly oJ bos t s
marshy, ad Is watherlw L ar hed usa asut.
a i will WysU ely to the tabe of tth
tichlaL Whoe ad th divided the )iIJ
praM ded amsghbor to dmw lobtr fti, i
"ar po-Mi-o T7hW podt" d Ma
cam thm Mort, of Na Sdt kI Towui *
kuIr, a i bre aLd ac seemedM ui
wth hir t hlii M. TihMy al maa t
dle. t eir "bl&c*As t,&th t y =
eUp. ud theo comeahao of mtUal kid aN&
Mrpt's waoQ stated ar the etsrr
tho =lly,. u ont O bemedery of hbr ow
plmtadsk. O to hat prt I MIt semie

af~r teotlw dwellia of Madm d sa Toer. md
th rtwo Ma dk Mh ile t y pmd all the
advantage of ih a thn r own
. I ~ m lf eut palbdm hr e msua.
iegh Iavew of F.Plmu fom the
inw, I de ir to conste t tho two coaMotg,
fwhih you n ow disom Ma Jer the aue
m the rlo Yet, alu I thes sim rma ut oo
may bats fr my ruemembne Time, w"hh
so spdly duutrov he prdod mmmte d em.
sleem, in tshi dneat to e tMhose of fd.
AU*s if to rpetMt my rgre to thlM tLhoer
of Gritc*
u w heiul Ir eoef caih, whmIMd.
m Ldk wasr dilredof a ai. I had
be tim odthif Nanut csh0(, who war
thsrl a= oyfvra. Maadm a is
Tear mto per, the .me fo&er her
owi, amo, Is with er fid,, wo ave h
a tma eof he will be btuoma,'
hdMav p wwl he I shve
MM the tim Madame i Te uowmed,
fe two It"* tenhmie had d ORb., b
1sl1 ame prods., pe ris h irp
Sbtro thema whbrc I Me-.illy
m ~' Ikmprevemem, but hkirm bih Ith
bon of the tw l.r ove amlws.
h*.. eHm I Denin. wu .S.i-khy *
Ilust, h advosed I Tun e: be poe d

I. wrkdwh im berr a"l TP
m, lah Marse of und m; were moN t rtile,
bs ac.h Apsca m see UL..
a peer, he nkwed m~n; wiet It mmea

fnieKl, he planted whet; ad rle* hmeh mI s
u wwe mrshy. He thew the neds if pid
and eecmbers at tr Ibotf lh rootsh w dthey
loved to ellab. and deoan with thrk lzIriet
folie. In dry pot be cultirted the Mwe
tao; the cotton tr flouh4Ml oup t he
and the sgr cau pw Le Ith dlm sl.
rwred esee plto a coffee e a t IM, whoe
the palo. &MOiU mBOL b 0"nemnel t "A -
tals ~e, wb lpk thlr glm lea
the beas of the riv.ler, ed teo
Illl bat *M*teeMl thei e. ld ,
dram ariw fe w y- PO t-oef
chaom awoy bb f" tee. omeo e he
employed ei edUlml ea, la hekasm-
le, sometIese hChIW of eel wIN*
the seloiswe, i ~lre wi Pethts. Be
wo imbc atteoshe to Me-a to
Madam de is TOIur, wteie
he had menrded at the timedt
he was eM l oif
bAMe at M 1. w md of
afew ast of geealuwe;;
and a t of sta l lo ItNm
the. oowd. 1e wae ly, T, 'heme
all, hkiLwl. It wa Ihr me to ppm YSl
meeal, to Mr the pouk, md e 1 e ]01t
Pot 'tlfMad eull SMlt iC ofr htb
plutaiebU which wen t very eomder .,
add to the pesm(ug I Ihve sJow -
_tosd two 1ot,,-wi w5 Ie MM q biup
crbremdl rilMpeetwh t eta.
" Made de k Tnour and her id were ea-.
plyed btm th meanl tl the erWmies

na cotton for the usef their amilie. Des.
&tiMt all th i w thi which their own ldm ty
could Py, walJked Ibout thr hebit.
tik wmi thtiir- t bms, ud horm we a c-
voiemes riesr for Sunay, whn. at an
hor, they attended m at the duch of the
dek Grove. which you ae under. ThU church
is hr amore distant th rt t Lods they ml-
doems vis the town, ledt ty IU beheated
with conteat, becomes thy were dressed II the
ydlavw. Blut e M.ithat e rml I

fm thewld, tis serve to Malm tmhir
humble home. No so did Mahry and Doma
perceive them frm this elevated mo te sad
of the moutalin, Ml Csr to p them to a smsdM.
They disermed in the look ter domestics that
Which -th rntr iepins. They foued nla
er n-- anses, aid e Le,.-U tho-e
,b-esle which th M, and
rieeed thes service wish ae their MsoM
ia action. Ualed by the do e fsoilm want,
adl te m *th of iml iarl itsrmn wp
beah odtr tinder nam" of *omi
siaer They had but on will, one e,
table. AUll their ipsslB wee in memon
f sometimes a on mor a det than Wlaen
ship waned iti r hearts the pg of mavail-
Isganguigs. a pon nloe,uitowh vehw
life; a the embln lam rise toward heaves,
whI It Nao lIer hiany alhosmt neamrth.
11TfM la Toar srimlim, leavr g the

hbouul csrm Mpwt, wmdwrl ouB a ;
ury o Lpiuso sM which l me seaitbn tof
nimid afthr l b frn.t anntlmm mo >ilm* pdt aMMerI
d hehWt emWh sb meal rag
have u. bo8t6eu smh pmond bAt h
du rai d muuaholy In th luu nte
aRl, uhmoug her rim v in ill
mart, tl ma bI er th eWiimrw
,lMM.n-. w M Tan y t hrb pMea-
U jm*dy o burpu.lp3i ki
m s di r.mi.".l h bo.i l wI,


aftv lO- Iton o rh"swnrm
hTud.. I a m niom Ouym
C rM I m- I wmo lit b

ad, paI ew LawOu amy a l mw aON

Tb mufth bu mIwl" haillk

thM toad mau mend hdr. wthmkm i.

tu u misi ^ustu rawt hu m W* of tr *

menR w-on I &. d

mrimue ch th mt arul bos ast whis
lthey meid arl or a ufto blel wid the
ti of ailmdship tbst tlae ffeti which
My a ed,' id aduM dI la Tour,' we
dll eah of s have two he lm, and eac of our
child will have two mot .' As two bds
wish smn oai two tre of the -M kid, after
tm t ha l ke. all their nbratohemd
GOaING fllt, if ech.Mp d f th
mteraml st, be graftedoo r trina e;
s those two hldrei, deprived of other M-p
poet, bibeld oetlmt mo tender tho thof
o and duter, brother and sister, when x-
haelmad at th breat of tboe who had given th
bir. While th wr yt ia their crdle, their
Mllctahnd rCirL irof udt iU pect
ofepgl 0 e0tO w bwUt his pMEood da
own ca, ea called fth the tear of bter in-
T Tmie lfotue of oea mo~t had u~a
ern hAfyloin m a ILn.: bed been
made to aais herself above
hbr hear iot O the ether by deocend-
f omher rank. Bet ths bud conelatlon In
to Ithat their oatse eildron, r
o rn bd t prtJmd'e of Zm tom pidu. -
e which pom.oiw mot ptou Noaun of
our hrpprn, would *aioy at ones the pfur
of love nd th Mn of sqalr rikry.
"NsolU ezceed hat a*srnat wUich
tibe 0Onr0 din r tTh othew.
ad at that i he sied, ad wa
n ccdsMet bu e Virgia, th aerieM
oe f the di d; ad tahe.Vrl&W

uFppw her eomplaie whe he o d that hPl
w unhappy. Wha I em hier, I ura y
found them quite nlmhd, which is the cuso ea
ths country, toting la their walk, ad hold
euh other by tho hm nd under the ame, -m we
rpret the coellatonofthe Twine. Atufl
thse ints oa reassned to be eare nd
were fuad lying n the same cradle, r eb,
their bomr p d cle together. third hands
thrown roUnd each Other eck, sad dleeptg.
locked in ee amther's es.
"Whme thy~ km to spk, the l rst mns the
eant to give e other wee 4heme ofoth
8itr, ad childhood knows ao softer appdlatao
Thr education wed to ameot t hr ewe
frien dsh. by dietbIw to s Oy of thak
pmia-cI wease. In & sho t V *u i that
d doe houmsehold wrmoy, t* can of-ri
the raral pres., became t ofVlighh
woe labon wee always crowned with tbh peim.
and kles of her beether. As fr Pul, always h
o tiorbe uo th61a6 wit Doir IM.
cowd himwtit f flt hrid tfat wMJ^
whe.nf lIn hi ramble ia a beuW tilar-
r, AM ftuit,he a nmet of d b at top t
a tm, cllmbd up, aud beNught ithom toi b
Whm you metwith oe of theme children,
htbs mu the other wue ot di tLt. Oeiu ,
O down that mounialm, I saw V bi Lat
dsn guds, running toward tahei wish
her pi=oet thrown over her hed, In oder to
sasOMMS e t a howerof Mrin. At a
tlth t was alone but as I hMtamim
nadr to help Lron, I period
Pml bIl trhe -I- .l-.a

mtldy eavloped in the o a w vl y,end Ath
wmilughb hautly at b ei lied to-lbra
twOi ohrming hee, placed wita tir d to -,
swelled by the wind, called b m tyhie chAW
dre o Led. enclomed wthhi the me srbell.
"Their sole study was how roplm msd sI
each their. for of all other t hp eytwem pe.
mat, n knew aekher how io md Mar wrtS
They w eve dirturbed by rseamh into pMt
time, nor did their ret lty ea d besad the
bounds ofthat moatalm. Th believed world
mud at the I r of their ows ilad, nd all
their idwe and ad*etki w eaeded within h
limits. Their mutual te ra ad tht of their
atlMhe, emplod all the ma*y Of their mals.
Their ar bd never bee ed a rI h by lau
application to a mels iees. Their adis bad
er been feared by lssns of morality, per-
buoas to bemom ar uncea of ill. They had
merv heb tulthat they met nt t eel, beceue
reet w thi wnbIm =cmme or e n la-
t ds e bm s their simple fnd was eft to
M own disemti; or Mhi, bees they hd
mn truth to emeel. Their young im it
'ad meve been tende by the ida thiOd ha
paihmenats in store or nrtefAl children, dle
wHi tbm Alild d etiom aiMe mMurally lm ma
t.al fUadne. ll they ad been taht of ml-
Swus to love t: ad f they did not offer up
im n pnyr In the ckuch, whb er they we,
IU house, in the old., n the woods, they rai
toward hears their imoet hands, ina ther
beasts parifid by virtuous affecdes.
"Thus p das*ed ir rly childhood, Un ateam.
d6lA.. L ....A ..A L..LLA .l.. AL. .

they Pmtook with heir amothm th caM of the
bouihold. As loa -a the ery d the wabL
cock announced ithe eM beam rth mordinle-
rloe u, and l htBe toi draw WNtr rLOm a
ashbo( miM u thm i toth bo
ah prepared Wbhiom rm
ni i up tk, o int.e f l Nd bMkJ W e -' vo' I
eullaujre .mlp* and bhr chilyl mt 1t0
dUMoioft Jdo Teow, end awy smm
up tother their mms pBry.- Thb Immed
othf tvinr always TPa eddt therd hro
which thSooe pclok c Ibs t wr I
cotta M rtd p o the mao, uds r C ae O o
pdntain: aud whU e ,s ebm oi th'tbddiua
tree aflored tarV l t eds, i ts solid ~f A
niehed food reo y pnopd by ma.m; and hmel
dloy Iv, Sprd upmo the table, inPSI
want of linw. .
"Planibl ad a wholesome msoui men
aerl growth uad vi or tohe pnoe of
child, sad their counteaeus eiped d
puity and peace their sole At twelve
Si, oa d of Vlika waes n meM a
orhid: a piiml of IalI hair Ihdd harir
to which n blue eblu amn cil lips th
m"ahuebemaisHU miy. Hwayaeq iwUM
vivacwhil he i spoe; ht wise Meuwe iI
her hooa d a cut upward wbih prh It m
prom of amuo -lnum y, or hr of rtea
imlscboly. Al eitlgas 6m of PaJl dpk
th ,.of om.ly- ". nw.su tUllW tl
VL h; Uib was of rdhr tiUM; hirs
more aquilim; ad hi blek weud hav
bea too r fl er ahM I lf I u; M, by wMd
wteL r wM ad adl i Mthbm a aeek
MM me We 7 I modesW em Mq

when has ster app.ardl ad thea plahd at her
lid, be becarm quieL. T r oft a d
n sloene, ad, from the grace of their attd,
he beutifl proportions of their fare, and their
d eet, you miht have fancld you beheld an
utiue p of white mePb, reneettIn oome
f tbe chidrn oNiob; i those "es whibh t
t meet those miles which wre answered
mUilM of the most tender oftes, had not ther
girve you the idea of thoee happy celeesl eit,
iwhoe nature is love, and who are not d to
have course to words Ir the epmon that
intuMakt snthmei L Ia the men time, Madam
is Is Tour, perceivig every day ome unfoldiag
paeo, some new baty In hr dkuwr, felt her
maternal misty enresse wit her tendenes.
Bh ihea Id tome, 'If I should die, wht will
come of Virinia without fortune 1'
Mad e d la Tour ha an wt la race,
who wa a woman of quality, rich, old, and a leat
boL Sih had behaved toward her alee wie so
much cruelty ap her m ur that Madame do
Il To r had dr tht no dMbe or mai -
u should eW r eoml rw to hae recoure to
IMr ha d-hel r mla tat when she became
a moer, the pride of resentment ws ted in the
ouner feeling of maternal tendenes. She
wote to her sunt, Inboml her of the sudde
death o r husband, the birth of her dauhr, mad
the dicltle In which ih was i volv edt a db-
taee om her own country, without support, ad
buadened with child. Be sneeied no anwer
but, notwithstanding that hih spirit which was
aMtarl to herch ter, she so hn er eased a
posg bheself to Irt matl ad erah; and,
al hshaw her zeltian woald ae era ardoM

ha frs having mtri me of merit, btd o of
noble birth, A.s cotbmine d to write Is be by vmay
,In hop ofl a jia uLr o -
durhl whieng rS, mitdr.n u tLe-d
may of her rem brance.
it Imgth. in im. thnrm Afterth dus-
wvl of Mouiur do kI Bourdoais tris ibad
Madam do Is Tour wasu informed that the m
or had a lSttr to give hei from hr d. 8h
flew to Pot Imob, nrIms as thiL occMi day
uPli i ber hkomly n-..t. Mmm6 l hl
iad Joy sub U thaw ietti roB.H
which M lost whMd tladB is diorb by am
owerfl sentiment. Monair d o BSouradi
slivered to her a lIte f om r unt, wb ba.
formed her, tiht she desmred her fto fabsvr i
married an advetrer a liberty; tot mii
placed pilo brouh thet their om
=udihmeint, d tba the lW death of her hi
bed et bconsidered s a vittion am bwkar
M;: t she had dop well in into a dite
island, rather thn diMboamr her by sm nalre
t in Fran: ad t ablotr il, i l% colm
w sbe bad tdea m r, sawy 1M gr
"rio e ept tLe kle tlm l terM ic
det cmen upoa th eoe d her niNe, sh
aihedbyeui.m on herself To .void,
sid, thbe dmost eivvtble d il of m I
had determind to rain in a s clld IA
truth, bing of ary ambitious tepr, she I
nMolTd oldy to mau arself to a m.,f bd
1ra0; Mad tl d wu very rick, bh fritun
was d otfaed a W t bri&TMe at court, l
tounmimeoriie th* mint -II -- of Ib
mind, ad the & n qwtd harpagMN

Sh dded, hi paetIcP, that, er i mtatr
driver die, -l o od neooedi her
Bsee to MonulIum de Ia B mad u. Thbs he
had indeed eeW, but La ma oer of late too eom.
me, and whieh rMd a patr-a perhaps eve
moe formidable than a dMolared unmy: for, In
abidr to Jui ef, sh. had ruelly slandered
Iher mIc, whu sh Mffected to pky her ak.
Madame do Ia Tor, whom no nmpse)odled
person could ave en wout fellng syith
aueempet, reeidred with the aCmot cooee
by Mnoaier d a kI Boudotales and whi she
ibie to him her own shuation, ad that of he
tUh e in plhd, We will M what r a be doos-
Sn-e o mo* aIy to eleve-why did ffr=t
Srasiebmtti e riltion I-You 're bn veh
SMadam do i kTr ntoBm ed to her ot
her boom thbbilg with all the bitean of d
Ilnt. Wh Ibe arrWiv, IMhe threw he
r,, a- elor, and thaMn a tr- d let'r Ittr
i 0 taem laM d to erM Md, Thio eb the
rsie ef eleven yr of patit epecttio'
A WadeM d I Tear was th yoly perM a the
HUit dole who could read, she aui k bo the
leM, whick she re d sload. c areda d Mhe
Mle, when Mararet excalmd, have
we to d writh yornlatios Hs God the e
akwavat I only ourfather! Haveweunt
huto been ppy Why, then, thi r l
Yes o anoe r.' sbo r Mnadame d Te
la tar, he thrw herself upon her Mek, ud
reag her h r arms, Myder friend 1' Ided
I" y drMw6"d!' But I Moot1mes soe

"At this lfb VrInb bunt Iato ten, and
pesd ber m 'hr'a and Muarlas htar
narty to bal U nd to hr bort: while Pal,
wtthb m h I with crie, ad, cluped
hi hbe.d= t r. and t l6 bbt, 64not
knowing whim to bime flor i ome ritMry.
The noe oam led Do oge end Mary teo tpot,
and the little habitation vunaded wld t ries
of distre. Ah, Madame!-y U od mistrd I-
My dear moter!--D not weo pw
'r*M teadr pOf af ro ld ectim at -
pled Madmoe I Tor orrem lib ta
Paul and Vbitgl I her arm, sad. mr l
them, cried, 'Y mare thim eu of i a
ulnafTZo ult "Ordhilhe T- ,ydoor
eh=i0, *M~ta bu nWemd oom a d i-
tance, but mly I .a eirr '
Paul and Virg did not umletantd
but, whm tey r that elm was calm, thy smile
and continued to asess bar. Tie b ty
was rurd, and what ad pa sedsul
transit torm, whleh aerve to give q w vee
to a beutihrl i:
t AlttoLth -l k'ear appead ea
in th prewmee of er b Sy, o s-m timeio sem-
muicted to ome the hdtep tLwt yedn hr
mlad, and soo after t frbbi gae me .t l

2 sb ab ume
asbDwpsnrI el t-qm--d
AM dt p b lmbt h b s.-

Whty d my tlm %m"M Mos imedim mei?
Whr giM the Gum art brf eMtp d of lw
Wit the *esm glew 4( hy'sl prpb hie?
Whm mning wihde kbm ie kWigt f e8rthimpw
WhichL rn plat doere wm'd lto
WSll the brd fmrdneam him maea
Tthe dMee wiem mla, me at bfe riple
Ial. asW tI hO b ums a my ear,
IbeLebel Ithhgiumefl.wI ,
jtA, sh It el pmfid met i mne I
The amiable dilpositiom of those children me.
bided itself daily. On a Sunday, their mother
saving to- at break of day to man, at the church
i the haddock Grove, the children prclved a
mo wom beneath the plant which shaded
hei habitation. 8he apponrd almost wanted to a
ikeleto, and had no other parmn thn a sh ed of
ourse cloth thrown am s un er loir. She fiun
mberif t Virginia's who wa peprein th
haiUl breibt, fad srdcd, y1 l(oodyoung ady
have pity o a poor slav. or a wholemon
ave wandrd o these mounta s, half ded
with hcuger, sd pussd by the huntos
mad their dos. I fed rom my meter, a rich
later of the Blck river, who has ued me a
re;' uad she showed her body marked by
a_ ofro the lush she had revived. Se
idd, I wau oing to dnrew 1ylf; but hearing
you lived hee, I said to ylf, sc*ne there
iti ll e ood white opi thi country, I
med not di yet.'
** irinV nweed with amotio Take court.
ge, B lrtt creature! hr s ood,'ad she
gave hr the brekfat he had prepn d, which the
slpo ave n a few milante devom d. When er
Whu asw &m :pMd, Vrias.t md to her' Unhep.
py WOBm I 'an wUnloUt m so a"-k foIiT

io of maweIar str I rdyilMuiMoe o
wU toschhrim wi pity. WWUIoa owm th
wayI' A Ln ofl bven!'m sw dthlposrme
1 womM, w'1 will folow yo= whm yo ldm-'
Crrnjled her brote r, d bZdX -*
comP r. "Tl7e ve led utow, Iy wlmli
und kPltas t, thusugh tbe ood, r m o-
tbm which tfey ehimbd wth dl<y,d acoss
riers, through which they wer ofbi to wde
At lth the reached the footode s upon
the borderof the Black Bver. T y
alvd a well-built hous, mImaded b to.
dver pltabt ald a gart maebr of sbve
aployd at their various laber. Teir master
wu widweM ntm withe a pipe ln hisboh,
Mad a swih a hl hnd. H wua tall, thin .
ure, of a brown complex.; hb eyes wIe
in his bad, and his drk eybr s were j to-
gather. Virini, Ibol u byt bthe h drew
uar, and wlt much eotio bgd hbla, or the
love of God, to pdo peor e, who stood
tumbling a few pace be Id The M at sn
paid li tte ttato to the chidre, who, he rw,
were manly dresL But when he obseved the
elu o Vi 'a fI., and the p loa of
beMru tiee tmes, which hd fapd~
beneath er blu esp; wbhn he ard the ofttone
of her oe, whi bled, s well as her own
rfta, whiln e s mped Mi comnPeo; he
took the pipe bfwoals antb,id lhl p u
aLea, genm with a telbl e th, that he pudMd
hi iv, not for the lovof hMeve, but of Ir
who aid foutlerse. Vhhk ade a
to th slave to pwek bMr mi, ad inaly
pOf tway, owle by hePl.
"l~ 2T Wr up tie neipic twey Wai

desclted; md, luhavinu d th smml s uatr
themselves the fcet o lk oercam_ with 1i
ip ue, b aw d hir 'tl s lM d Iettheir e
tap t md bad wased re league- ham
break of o l Uid to Vbgin, My Adl
uiter, it ii pt eaM, ua I am s you a tU
tyband wm we sal fld diuer hese;
- go d tihre iute aIea. Maid ask the a
f the por slave fr *oufs d. b' 'Ohm,'
ed Vhia; 'be Mightem am too much. Rimen
er what mma w omethe ayi, the hbesd of th
wiebnd i like e ilan the mouth.' 'What shall
wedo, at' ad Pl: the i tws pee e a
it; sUd I hall ot e able to Ad eae a bt
rind ora lm to reeek ye.' gearely had La
mo ed theb word, when they heard Oe
M f Wat whih bll kea a -ighmi
N ck. am thiter, ad having aud
their their t this crystal pring, t he d
fewereewhieh grew a theboirder oft
While the wer ruderiMgn the waods in Msel
of mern iuAL evurisha, Vhgiab plu a y"e
d taeew. The kid of ir is fiie d a
etop oft tis tir-, idri wk Iowav
fram amselltmee sueaem ; bt, althm
t*lk Q( te tre Wrn wamt ishebr thde a ms'
k w above ixtyleta hight. The wood of
tree hL composed of Afe laiols;a bt the bark
as hand sthlt turm thl.4 the bi hest,
Psal wa not wee srlr wia h A
legth eltholaof eating eto the pal tIees
t a new dielty ocewSad, hle hd no a1e wll
wie to trile be; Mad, thewOle Ilwea
k cord with rehe, I dot'dO AIt le D-
ble toand Illat. NIeseolty, howemr, Ia
La pediletw, maid th m el inrvetiem ha

*ri-en om Ime pised lai tmh *mt ldanthetwsh
tiom. Paul determine to kdo a n in oh ma.
mdro thP agrees. Wilh isdhe p md d stme
he Me a small bob In tl IemdI f da t et
wo lse dry, which b held brE hi b ai h
tO _hd -a the c-r bemeh d a dWems
Met d wod awm s wr vb he 0. e:G
ild aweed I tMommUll ioo kli' Immi whd
he Mid wtrh hb i, d m M I Mspily be-
twe his hbdm, I a few aim-e .and
fal Th hrpe* ws eg lrdrgpb tohim ,

a ofla thissd phemk Sho odf 0ic O
Pa imC -wu -m-l .

tlent Ms theyll ha in th te mg r:
ad met Am h Io h hr lo4 sha toals

WmL7W bmt ll, hoMrMchM tL kmo
e Mr semaeda h we thtr C t st _y

o sad di a- s wp of dor ftW. nor
ove hU a-emal wLh its thr r ee ep

M m~ldwy. OMlp oI IleW lmm
dlwudMd t M Ll e Smr L OIalN
toiir nIi* *AY IY bf W -i
pmU4 OT ee 4
sew ~r~ ~la1U
at now: we m" post an we d norsim

noetheam ide: d rived, ter an hour's wal
om the bee oa ld a La rWtrem.
"A t g art do tof s Wiand is so lltteh aow,
erve mow, tat many of kI rive and moeaMtiMN
have not yet ive a name. The river, on t
beaa of which our tnravlm a tood, volls fml
overabbeddf ro nTheole ofthwateri
aed VrU and she dea not wade tl h
ensm: imtleasml toeok heo ui hbi am
nd we.t thu loaded over the lippry roc
which formd the bd of the river, ev at d It
tutustuoua mo b of i wa 'Do ot e snald,
erled h t Vbilakl; I dI W aM wkh
If Lthe leabl tf the IBk Ri w e nie
you be paudn of his ske, I wold hav foug
with him.' What!' Umweed Vfrlgai. w
thd pFt wiead iualI T9 wbht have I expMef
ya t OndrlMs vl ow diiok k l s to di
ooId!d id is s say to ob wMog.'
Wha Paul had ceMeeI th river ee wid t
eomahUt job ey JO crwryil Ub itr, ad be
Uiwed be ws ale to eimb in tt way the mwo
te atrthe Thm PMs, wlr s till at th
diee a of half la wi; bt hig to ooi
Uled, and h w u obld to nst dBn abb
uad to ent hUBl byr ~ si, Vb them ai
to bia, My dw. r bri dti us Kln D aodw
Shave. Vill som 0gRth left, = -uit
& el; do lve here, and netuo. hom ob
to etb the lar of our odMs.' O, ,'Mei
Pul, I will Dotleaveyo. rigt m a
in this wood, I will light a aid rldaw
either pal tree: yo shll et the cabbag-; 4
I wil fomu a ov of the leaves to sabeer oyes.
I tLhe rwa ti, beg a Uitwe nteed
rdwhiv tis t tOre an old taee, w"dh hlL

er the beak of the river, sonm long leae of
Nut's t'ow, which grew -ar is re Whit
hoe leaves As mde a mr of bugkia, with whieh
e covered hr fet, tha wem bleeding lom the
a dof theoy th: f, l. ir IageW e-
lIb o go god, As id iit to pu m her showr.
JPeeiBg bhr fet opld by the fr .. the
Mves, she hrdok o br ach of d boe, aud ea-
tmed ber walk lesai with oe had sn the sta
ad with te other ac Rhal.
They walkd ea slowly thrnB th wood,
at from the hig o the ,ass t thI heM
I thtr fol tbeT e lost iht of d m ss
alo of the Thr by whb" they dha dl-
acted their course, ad em of tho m, which
wr now setting. At eigth woy adadm wit.
at peredTli fr m tVe m petk4 which
heyhd bithto walked, and i uad i lv" in
Slayrinthof ees sand sodu, whh apppd to
ave no opnngt Paul made Viriniait down,
while he bac&rkwud d and frw b 'ha ol
n search ofda path wblih Mht ld them et
tis thick wood: bt all hie nr arcse weo il
rain. Heclimbedto th p f a tree, ae whm
oh hoped at least to dim othe m ouhii of t
Three Fam but all b emld p eolve a ra
im wee te tops of tr omm n of wkbi ware
bdd y thelasbetbam of the setting sa Al.
r eady shdwe of the malm woos spread
alm thebst tho vrUa y. Toe wind easd,
u lta doe, at the evening hour Tbi mao
proonod a seized In those awful soliadme,
Woicenulledto aro.o d by MM eryatthdesce,
who eam to a tImps da U qu064 s*ot
Pul, in the o httmeater woulml bar his
roles, aldo s load as he was able Com,

co to the help of Vigfia.' But thi ecl*s of
the foree alone answered hi eull, amd repetl

bt ouve to pems the Wl tidt ded. et
washamd, a begai to weep-. Vbi' to

h Dov ot -wei my do r t oe1 ors I sllM dle
Iy bsd tipsensy of all yed r somew, sa
Ithna bour motr sfea b t hais mome. k I

o wem b do MniNot iven a od. wd
tea bMh. o dry i i t LOa iv vbe
hu M el at hy npe ud. wneth a rbid own

wie and began to wee. Virgnin mSe to

nW be will her ume'
"orl tOetW t h m ir hed dteir pMra IwhM
t ay maM bua y d a dog. tI It t w y
some hsntur' mid u' who bes otnigt
to la, in t a for to dr b r,
r ather th dog barred Iai wh moe vl-
olae. naly,' d Virgis itIs ideal our
own dog; ye. I know his e rwe theas
near hune I at the otd of ouwn munltait
moint Wer Fidl w ast their feet, barki,
howl, 7, ad dwuarn thm with hl eta.
ro.m. B nhy bad mefta iutheir i,
they aw Domingo runnlng towad them. Atthe
liht of t& good old gro, who wept with joy,
thy began to weep too without b abl to Ut
term word. When Domingo hd recovered hi-.
mslf a itts. Oh. my dear hidrn,' cried be,
*heow aemble bae yo me yod r mothbae
How much wan they samh um whe they

trmed rom m e, where I wmt with tbm, sed
4 udIaK l e Mway,wo w at work at alk-
6 dbimsee, could ot tell M were yo wee
m. I Mrn backward md forward abouthe pis-
im, not bawin whem to look for yeT. At
t I ook omi a your old clothe, and sbowh
em to Fdlle, th por amhel, a f h de dsr-
od m, inmoeditely be to se l M pah;
id conducted me eo~iamUly w Lkk l, to
a Bl Sk Mar It was there a p r tobid
at you had beaht bek a a womsa, his
a-e, nd that kbe s puel hr ard
Iwtadt pward! bO eowdl r to m wMh her
at ehsimd to a bdos of wood, sd iso colar
IDl tlhe hooks hotaMd ramd hr wask.
irom tinm lrido, still on th seM, led
p t- pmphs of dth Bi l1m, wbres he
p at dad barkd with all hil Thb
arton rin of a spriW. mer &- m h
us, sad eaes to a awh was *Uis gill .
l at i led me to thw b mWrat. Weasia
e of the meumtins of the ThiPa, P .d atim
Ml a t heom bomm. Oa, oeat. ad Miha
M, the o ps nMtmod thom with ca Lb,
lit, ad very lag gd lWd v h a liquor
.-aps..a .r wr.., ,..., ,o,, N
M whiM k their motd = Wi mr Viia.
kl~las thl stblleolUecm o l poar slae,
u etas MaesM whish ty ha given their
Ither. s repeated mrmal dame, Oh, how
ult is to d good.'
SWhile she sad l wre takig rf neshmeL ,
Makiled aOs, Nad hbvh 6000
a ptaf.rticulr adW r woo,
6b banu hm quits gCMMefo, t at a
nit HMm% bm us& a tkwbhWe hWtod, o

dymr ,TiL s wrmh tMprend be
IM3lu tlnd rer -r IW dt Mewl
b4 le swerMll uadi Doming
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g in saro a ru or sma prm he l
to&,' mM he% wim IMe t emry ye ibe&h b
gfF Ml my ml Bt mnw ye nro pew. big,
ad l mp old.' While h wM ths -
Tdemrm, a Mop" d N m Memv eliMMd dtha
Peat tM*igbM he m *Oo
d;h d htomer _
UIe w-e peple do m" Le bd. We w imt
Mses ths mBe wltlt h. wome of tw e afelM
.iver. T-won to uk fto her I of h r
ry m baam upem W should.' He "m madw
ad u r 6t he a ireM Im me
Iyat othur with tiae oefbeb d'
Vrogl, wey phemO ft upo i Ismhm Gao.
Driql *marshalh hiss, emnhhM<
tinh md thMi~, e maiil d VA Ibii NO
**** ^. t-h -r- ir
the wha s owead mvrwhelmd wsh- -
irItm. = AWekI, byi thi msaa, UaMe
tau., witm, 0 b*, ylat hr aGe
maer hea. a ged i lewe"d.'
of the muoh, M rtiha of wiob mlsavd
am were ld. s had they bg to
yma1,, mY Iseam1?' M.' -Is Y

eshel sythm m .* ls Thary der temMri
wr th imae l Yes, ita h -s;' ad eeM *

ADm I' Inu Ma& do ais 7ow, ora w

Wud re, I wre we &-- is bl uuin o a
wIa I, ONs &M 66
cr muma day% to I I I ow br Iom*
mwmlob do wu oyef -o"
Mdah daIs To hw ofolw ed '- ifr i

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foo l t~iueh a lgl~he h=9

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he. w R whht msthue ers, w zkmud. Yt.
repy m ii sbs fdbpeIg m,. mollicedow
"iv. darn' ever

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ammdgA uissbLsdnwith dtLdadthnor *~a&,

mad ova thukl thuweeaw Omlyd WIN
ftE rlao % ~ Errrhbuly
ue~o~ by blaa wh dliYY (g rlbmwth

Rwtheam, womis, &NNW h
bolve -w If W,
GPMr ure is burn ataovble hUm.
pemss atL lb shieb
op.~ ~ 2 to aver tmuae. badm

tiof utar filld their ainds wlth mnthdmuit
delht. They adord the bounty of tht Prvi.
de* whih hed eal bled mto spread abandma
ad beauty smid those bharrm mect, uad to *dwy
Ueoe an d ipl plas.m wMhio re ver
ale mr newm It w., ebly, i th
ia-dnM a mid tht Madedela T corM
sda d Ulowint ....et.

an eteI MIe m e I mar Mi

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Ak 11 m Mr m 'seriit p nder ipm,
Io ta wnI yo all ,lS am ndil pil-,
WAm W Ide phsm mtI me. *u.i U%,
WbI p-m6 fbm "m ash waI paw wK.
whl te tretM ML Qmllr ite m

"Phl, at twelve earof e, was treoger and
IM"n eUt Oth M X mrW at Mumm, uad
had w"hi DaMa

IroBtii anacM. and reId
hedi ofwhu of Q(so hk aa fartmthe
with dte a ta pdcla with a
twet crPe, whihn te lu p m ofd the
re lower. Those trN, Ubwee alrabd
ofd coeademble sil, plkcd round this Utl

meloee. Re had hsi own m es medof d ay
tnm which the mooed yr bem Ifowme hr b.
'i apgthle. enIeed with eg elartan white
lowm which baIk pem ItIe the ysta a ie .
dut of a luster. ~r Phtea ilu, whch u
high ir b h A n f luoed brcam The
pappwW tm, the taa of wblch, wtbMt hiMUebes,
frms aeolume et round with ram ma ber-
Son their head larp Ive lmh tloa do tbe fg
The seeds and rnmdel of the tri, tr-
am llia, mango alllgtor ", he avt,
brad tree, ad he u row-v eum lms, wwe
Ditedwkipialonh ; (b lgMtieor dsirof
tor both bshde and halt. His lnditroo bands
had dflamd the ribee of nastum m o the most
hrren parts the pltattio. evenl kade of
aloes, the common Inian f, aoed wih yeow
flower, potted with red, uthe taor ve-Mtd
toueb.thltle, p w apon the deIk esidmb other
rocks, and emed to aim at rmebias the log un-
us, which, loaded with blae or e beIo lowrn ,
hung saetM d ov the tepeat pt o the m -
tai. Those tee wr dipomi in su a mamer
that yu could command te whole at a view.
He Mid placed in the middle of this hllow, the
phu of the lowest growth: behid fw the
shrbt; tbhe trees of au ordlrY hb : abve
which lao majestIa ly the yf m e lrS
which border the elrcumfemee. Thus n its
cnter this extesive enelloeme aeused Ihe a ver-
dat mphitheater pred with t s sad Lnwem ,
otain il a rarity of v tables, a chanl of me-
dw lad.ad fldd of frie and cen. In bleeding
th vegetable productions to his own tte, he


mM.les, -he wd throwa pe- lob Fame

d-ht, and m_ the bwdn o spd b r a
in I el wOlder o ed lma obrse dm l

i*U vad. e fLei hable lbe dlef
Iba hl. huab d lise ur rit dl ltbe
puoo, omtf thk- Il wo ba fea e
so.... we sea, a I bm id.h r, bebleh

mli renc iedr to ecoplil this ei.
3* hed pMeaa a wiSbe Lp Imhw adl .n el-
ad sambato. odar b aea d6 a&.
I. bad W*e t wc pt weeoadvandl b n-
by, and of wuhu v arm aeda tiad o b
hi ei eAmnte to tho efar. hre id dhw
-.M adate- or the mot rd apot; amd
ad blmadfa beamenow vaity, amis walSW
rMl the a fu of ats sw wild wit d-
ulh which Uaw bleak up bhaM ,
ware asasd an the mnit ofapand
if th tulMd, hbe Jd bhme and IIse u
mdat aher hba ha laid eautw, uad lasted b
mrot of ,b a sb beatadosa lowar sam
m. abater s MbhMilofavetalhaimbbeh**l b
b bhet tn tIsee ulary ahapale 1rmid weeo
mOyed wih a, onr whBbtah b thBaM
be met bautilM lans TiM Psa..OW
of agd wie, whis bat ovr te hrda If tLe
suam, fml veud carVe h-pMaHl to he
ma, and whe you idot ooban es m idu
btheht of they. Tha r&ledto almapr

li turM k the egimwet" omwS a saw"
(d g, hded with huh Hs wee a Add 4p
wiuh ae m,, ain greabd" ftem do&avi
rlwiurstas b. dL l

Ibsl k No OaW M be abound em d mom
ana mb do h -w kb mWt& m4

or noPmsift ="&do twYI co h
b~eta pei~in do veb& &.kW mkjin

60 dwwww1 ofsql I I obf
whLe smchve. am dI SO* ., wan
aim-. beo1 ofd b a

whic I w ",uas amd &M. w hml
we dhemdsd Iat a TeemMLmhh w
ea Sao dhmvy of fibsif N. ad Yb
asklr, qa, had a blob" a
c baY1 haid U~i whaYa hamamhlsL h way at
sad w-"

ever~ plsasmsfhve bt, hzhu my huisra

aulahatm, kmsmbmeuffahIlmmysb
bmmdp" 7m md bfha

md" of a A=, mordld m bot he we no

alone; tht othdr mN, that v ryt .hm
Mt, and thought, d saomed Uke M hf i
lascrlptlom to u an mnt asMUMlel wlhth -
-onge W eIn son E slabs
woT oK aIt, iN& I- al 6toogb ibodi
eand Istaphe the felU ing of It
g a thought h sid th zura he s

and Vir=ia's lLgt. thoe libee f sBmoI
----fnmUldPlr*bW sll
tVbmm ow pn' .

SMay the brother of Hr, ld daIe s yes,
and tb lther o the U u ide yo; and My
yo onlyf the eath ofI upbr.'b
"I eqa tbhs lined ViL =pa tl bAk ha
agm true.dr tle sbade or whi l o
times d btislf. iadsr to cotnmplte the
aksated semt
VAlmobaslleR II -- -- M -K
py m th", my "o, to hnow only theip-s
SAnd above the door of MadLm dIe I To(l %
at a whrmthe b amlles usd to lssm A. I
pluAtbbUM d k:

E lHa cibalm comselmo", and a Ift %m.ssMad
of dedit.'
But Vlrglah did adt owoe of my WIN de
d, ht wr I ad p at the fht W hwr
w athdira was to bb e too laImed. *I
should e" libed blte,' di he, *o* have no
niseribed, Alvarvolgdg er o y r o awsmd.'
"The wlb rof those rappy wilie ariiedl

uself to everything uound them. The had
givem me. the mot temdr, t toobject. a ppea.
mace the rmet indideeat. A border of erae,
pIntain, mid read uee., -d mia g oM
awud whe yrteh and hal Va~lrm dusMo,
wa called Comor. An old tb be- th th
dhbde of which Maume do Ia To ard Um
eed to late their mmobtmes, wa etIled,
Tim Wiped Away. ThTe nro the aIm of
Britany ad Norandy to etr peril IoMud
whee they had wn m, rawemrmIrt, ad or.
Domingo and ising,w in, la iitatie of their
mitu to the places of thr birth in
AfiMe, gave the usaimeAra uo l A d Fo
Dt the spo where gew the bri wu r the m
wove bullets, and whe they had pW a e-
bls aee. Thus, with the vodikd r their
nsestive ellnrate those axddfIe chirdAh-
d te de lusions which b ld a to ar matve
caWtr, ed softeed their reets h m a r
land. Almu! Ihvesee smited by thosud
h1a" ppelltion, (hose tre, t6M fo-tes,
tbomr oa which now ofm rewn, which
now, le the plains of Greeeopresent uethg fkt
Binas ed eatingg veieamKsMese.
"Niher the nesgt of her liprep a
mer t dolighli omntbe Spot whih sheak
ed, could hlmih fTm omteJ of Ibam de k
TIb thie wmer attedchmeet to IMr Md e m ry.
Whie the hMiarl fits of th dite pdnt
the Wte dof hw lTy, sh dell d to etn them
whik were mre gpo ., lM eePse they
wee the yW ed 1- of her erio housMe.
ether Ui ptL e p i ddieed to owen ad
of meth elimes, I faud the llUowlM some to


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mm wh% "adb lw% wbmoo bhum
LWft,~dd Is l SuE I. hu

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clow wp~m wk was Of
Vkgia. At th. wat of te Wck w k
momn of the Dowy of rftmibbip. is a mesk
&Mr wbomee bWAss a haatala, tab1 Down ka
Morve, a Ita" sofa mushy go: In te itst aWof
&%o Aai __ I'hpas At the thie Marpret was
L9bw da ho nosd k a pme" d as lo
ftscoon whib had c besauI~maadwhbado
alaiodaG tha s% Idat of Me re In or-
ww- do tm W& No brolridm to am& ftL

smodw oesU kb h mimu o view.,at do
Of W& mr hr yxdaoeit bam-
e"rdd J I an I pr dd t
&*oue f irul. ho gw d mmm p.

thel as the wwo I ofas 1 *d
b u t d w y r a w a t S o o f t w e l v e j =Y e
.1mw. thami*a~u AJw S, amL m i


dOWN bo 6r the du. erbebei Im
ow" plmt t e meek of doe reek Mi
hsm 1as V wodesembidby smoer Om b
rowaS StW m hui kW hpbo of n i
odwmwitbwkg W&*mw; mdpf
of wuv vdflmtgmeumsrpemi Ys f
fdbbsmadf asUb esbeWbiNK
11"r at rlr- old wo' I- O 0ir
kMs, do a of wh~ik sh "

d ut. an d of d swe~oi", slu
do odor of ft u, uhied be meg d"li
cins perfume Ewa be bep Mut of do
dmpeevhfoum1, Hmi t= lnew, o ar a
rbr ho ofL dmmw OWN ~r Y

bI be giLam qbe sus Ih rt4
~jto ow hAs **how of Bomwe
wth seshrebw dob sardim poked n L
69 wbk bird ofb w with
do fw of.6a9 of doluh&Mer
Vb&rghb eto m do heed. of *b

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of ttwo con beu, &W thme be ime
Sheil bI e lve -w e howet -m be
me la wh ic tow awse be ids d
10Ad eAW kM ee apes combshe
" a rwa-Wr. Pad, d" ybgbkVI~J
au hfld oUt.. spotI E1K: od d
awkwbdw finalL a UA milt. of ;ip mef

The old Wide. 6Utowing their Tyew, eetabllm
themselves b this mew col.n. Vtwjln at aIoed
Unso, dibtbrted ao~ them $WI of s m&L
l, ad am sl"s. As am me doe ymd o the
wLLlh blackbid, doe amaJU iy. =*a Uls
ofwhic Iasm a: the cardnl, theiblso Atke
bled, wft ke plumap doe sa of bIn, buims
thi b-'rn-th tee am MW"
demandeu m rn 6*141me p."
d dao mail Pool e to chasmre their sports,
the rI-st, .amd dia e l
in ineoaeno mid in the s 1oenirfn bko
How many do", o n e vemy epok bIs

p re ds t designing yes., while already
spieoed bthe tlea the if sesla ye
uaderth b apmlrrlie au mnydu,
rneatit tbhdf dis.rocsa, have I parbkm,
with them of your aura mposts, whicb cost
mrnlmsill Ms. GOW Aild,**wlbmik B
omi of "l placed lea a es ha,,.
-AL- at-" nowttr r them now(
ieue ed, te ml S aAWtb eeO ad the
am dilkio jsle
"11The cavaidon w otmle and beosot a
the repi. Paul .a lof9 lises of 1e
Tbsid ies. of th mWasaw. He was fsdau&.
MA=4! some plan of e"mmoded. for thei
owkwety. Hlamb discovered thathde psi.
yew rouk diets that the blly cidrcl wa
~It I~L~r tu mr L~k dU~was M~

Aiot shade, ad Vbhla lght le b et
Akasd *hawhe'
"h the mr l maIYm the twoe mim lb sm.
lad to ilpkt the a, ad e phd mSl
B Wai, ma ste of pa, and = of 0mb ..
sh. am I steel wee r mn d eaM h-

mnr o UllM trfdi eder aId to uta ,

oh noUbe Ina per" awre ="l.W
utmuats of aireultume wen d the po.
MstiMe which wm Urte Ale ,f e: hidof
im shaves of con, sad hates of lM
nel. Scm degr. of luxwy is eal, smbd
ru p .lty s d V rgidb n 2hl bwa h
M=hrod runc t to p"ros Gdret
b from the ju)if the War me COM er n
ad l cidtrie
* Whe lght erne, ths baims spped to.
Rw thb light of lamp: ltrirwih, Md.
- As M Tour or m st red idhoiris of
nveiu lost during the eigL oneh if dt t f
is of Barepe s u re aftby bahm; r told
i dimal ale of somee apwed chen l. thre
ytd tunit upoM the sect of a dMest lead.
Ie th ia their chidem lItned wi elq.r
frut t *hr hhjo e- ush*wl r g M
b eiIe ad rrlmal naItma a emYeaemd
U anlswsd mobN uMiuw t
t hei two amli, wsa"a atrlsd to
imetha they we to seWMe lir t he
as niw, wUiskh fe tasns a 6h rsf it
hair cottes; s.d sometimes by tholleW whag,
hibh kinrght to their u the distet merM
if the waves breaking qm the ie. Tb
lmed God for their pmemol soaty. f aL
eir feeli became stuol the an oif

"MJame do Ia thea eamflread ITsic
sane afcthg hs btry of the OW or YNew Tef-
omet. Bar eibs emamml but Itle cam Ibee
MOA bol ocks, 61 ahsk 640d017 Mudded b amuld-
Fnut No dot r: of d timb !snlt~
uk. ib tI oihgameLThasih ]ad
so pauthutr Ado M to pommr, ud odth
- m zs. dr ay vu to th bafhy,
aol mM wIskrrlr uaedlu Yso holy tough
whr h reww admoei "b 1 o~I~ne
bobusilat hmaaY. Amed d
dom* Ib supree powerletheir msdo wrTo
coomham pa ge, u w"hde In do
!- meMmiwlom heg dmro I sem.-
palld bymbbt to e ba Ibma of mnawe
adIN thmfinUI do 0 ch g ir n,
me meal b do lommomem mhikand w arehan
a! bie dpsm r gy MAW "a.
At 0 elmb omuechie adme mudc cams a
-lapse- ribe ut 0-quho e h ss
beustohoy Omek peuemiemef my maber of this
Nab umalut. boawat misrmi t tombs pfstlh
thale byar meg ts M6by
Mumng muted br piet; khmd tTemS
qhl loIw mll VbW be~ r smadv
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weak mom IreUL Istowom Iardor to rn&
we e mama, a"y bY wimy T
dy to ph rch at ber aiOG, Iarta ra

Aer amrs, be am came to lrequie mao
h~Iday-oathr b omed. u mfe, ON

&VL AmD ViB3iNIA. 4
2rNtaoght their device, meimes a chled Il
ho to I sic mothbr i Dthe liabood. Thy
ways took with thm nmei for tlrdir
Uses of ahout y, irUehlY ao l
n that oothg mamr N whieh =m meck
iweeg Wli N ti -iorfa tdr ahd
irhieh &e a 6 eat wirB
4hich wce us In numblemQ, the
iamelte of a weamed kl m d. dioMi
rmim whth w seek slime Uem iof the
Sntth ai k, while to obe.
hahd be Was pat"m. we .

heheed hea which or IV 01

attag. I eneed those some bef
Mr IiA Mrit bfy t bao ha

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earkO thm bbe e e een asv h
mur~ gb YIU wkrrYOak we
ma s (i sonY ~ rr y weels .W n ig s

I batwiLk a a mle; sio lndieine
w MISSe waged b the sense d the of

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Sroa wth ad use Gimbeats do

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msos l thi bliarwmg Omat:

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2het.mw W"m mhmh VA
ivb ts, nmom thd w mmnpma

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heioM acuinh UthbeitiyS itnh hd
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wuarp h. Th kr t luem*40 ial sbro-

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wnhborig e uiman. tdiaw water. Dmilq
wAMary, fpencmatod the shophadurUd M5hi

b;Z;:eh.moc bapead bw Mra
A- kllrr repulsed ahse
ehpheede, D~lr phchoaLrr~rl
Ipeab he b heedi the me
PeuLw ele, w~u i mmd r tegh the dells..
*wi wakrc i meb moe wmrred bles,

andLI, kal~ b, rdr me, m hsk the orld
udtheol Tbo Iin Itmhheia

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0 hef I -u, u esPa

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Ubmkm m-im nuAode~mgip e ld
prrq e. 0 rF.slim 1:=t Um*l*fied CA bom

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the .ue loI. w"e

J~fhss deeme wis p ls p wit bmuo
of w ats ofbiag tow t mills,
41, 0"Zo =ds Is Tom, rOS
M"Fl ber rel ows, br wihwrlo* d Mad w
;rdm d w bad ad whY km Yuprmk MCCOM&
bjr ft pd ixg ft i" bo

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have thoksimomi res in srow andl

sk of NW4~. dkd yen. Mt hav bwld oo
uss riod b wa ww of sris ar dW

deerations, light, or orchestra, Auitable to the
3.mi 7 soo. The srcn w generally p
Su opening of the fore, wbee ouch pu f d
the wool u woe foembl d I round AM me-
WmerM a olfol beeath wrhic we wer
shbsed fom the Ibddur the whole &y; but
when thU u daended to d the horlio% it
nyJs,lohM upoe t t re tba eeI, divelgr
amo the shkdows of the fbret in I m of
lig, whbch padu thbe mt eb l ffLct
ba ste 1 rdwhole of he broad d at
the nd of" so o;% nd e ms dual. s
of bright The Il h*, dlo r(% m1e
led tems bussth by i sroiN beeme, gowa
with the utdre of th tope sa r tm oeeld.
Their brow sa maory .ui appea tre.db
frmed lt eoleamfme of utqebase; d the
bi, whleh had trnd ln laie to their Id
@hdb to pass tM lMh M to see the ndL
U ce o f e d ~ r n i i th e i tar of d ay
with ta"e-Ml c -aral.
Night soo ovrto dn rh those funl on-
tortela et : bua th pryor the ir, ad the
mildnae of tdh ethmateilin l of our ilepin
in the wood securnA m th iqris Obf the ,
sad mO les suem ftr the Milea-uoe f robbers.
At owr retan ( fllowig day to row spctive
bb~ationwead *ft easled IN do a
te h Ui w tlhey had kbu Ilt L thl b Sd,
which th ad No eaowmens, thre was so eh
simplieity ud .ood alh, tht the deon dr mvnl
hoaus wrcT wtrlhot a IM. and a lock was a
olbet of culty 40 many a( (dth -tlvW
11o Ami hdmirbt my of this Swmad A.
mate, Mbdum do la Tsar oft en to Ithe quo
eeastion from dr to icht whkih bn place

btwmn the topics. and who i biwdh r he pa.
hdv Ied f rthat hour d tWUU the* dimd
doo which is so soothlea-3-red to tM
na. au7logo
G( tmde umehablEy. lhi mpgu isg a4
thellowig a.
lb as lh,4dmrw .

Wbhfr iuml e im plm" mlis
uTe s.Ms b hhe ahildn
Ni mbbN lr p e a o M
prw t purMn W. uIp lete bHm
Arn Nieb e. w bu di *Samn.
a 1sk- disebi.twhiwba I isla
Tbm mi pea.lim% Wft aer w OWig

OIMI.l l be. wIdMim1
"Phul nAd Vik lM sthmr Clok sr alJ-
mae, not boob Mchroolq Ubtor prM
Oysat as t t hahow do em ofthe
aby mdo a r "m the -m M r
tims wtm r thoe tee bees Irbls.
uad thyeon bi the mb t&9r = he"MwL.
Th I=" diffuMd au Iiereible
shas ee r cei v iin uatl. *It i tle to
dLs' m Vial, a,'* ts hadw of t Ue ata
tones a t their nots;' or,' hIt appeach";
tietmiade close their lav' Wlrh wiUo
equs tot s t' Itquirtd some herca
lathanelghabood. At tr tim t f mearh

eaum,' answered Vizin Tor vidt will be
the sll mre delgUbil,' rmessd her on e-
qulMtamo. Whe Ie wua asnd wee her
own M tad that of Pl, *My Imwot,' ad dse,
k os ld as tigrewt ee tre th mbeenbi;
ad I am uold u th Ittle co tree. Th mn-
goe have borne fruit twelve times, sad th or
tree bhve borne lowen lfr-and-twenty tim
ince I cam ht the world.' Their lives
linked to tem Wes lI thome of femu or dryds.
Thaew sM other histredlal pbei tI that of
tmBe vM f tir moM, o other chemlloly th
tht dof ir archau, sd me other phlosopy th
tht of d good, Md laling tha ves to th
will of heai.
"TLa gem w those while of mtue. No care
had toubbi tb pMc, to latmpenrce had
coruptd thei bllao mispled puesoo had
depravd their hIant Love, nmoc e, and pity,
pommd &th, mouls; md thom itllectual pae
ifldd thmselm in thr ftures, their itti-
td.s a their motie. Still in the morning of
,yhaWd a lei bloetrltihBlmes*; WaS Wree-
ly eh faiUM(a o pea s edour lst

a mMh s l M _. a w d mod et,
a sw. V, Wlias
ud odlai s Eve: ad PIl, m Uis, Nra
at tihe lu So meaubed wit t i shiidsty of a
WhAen sl wi Tgi, b has a t houstnd
timem tolds bm to sd y to her, dat his r rn
m labor, W1I I m waited, the oi& f w
aftMhb If frm tLe ommit of tim m
I prmiv yo is oe e vlatl* iU Iyon arerto
me In a aidrt of r oehn M acR Amhum*

reabu. If you go toward ur motM' h-er
the rutri whb it un to meet t its lo bu
a I he ie bhautdl, &Md a tep I e l nem
I lom h of yen thigh the ne, I hme
Med to see yo idwrto And ri. Some
thing or =y, I how aMt bo, n frm er
he ir ft 7yo hm psve d, e i tMh pues whe
you have bee meatd Whm I oome amr yo
you deliL all my mensm. The u of have
fi les e _l? than the blue of or ait *
the wr of amedwid bMird e po& kmal o
eoind o ouur vaole, i If ly touch ~e with
figer, my whole f me trembles wi ia
Do you member the day whm we~ ed m
the grat dtome dtho river of the 1bm hPOe
was very much lek he e we rahn d ll
but M Moon a I had tlaam oe u y sM Namr
to have wip lik a bid. Tedl mewn chem
youhave n achubetede Is la Wb dmI
O otr k have money thln uo. bItbl
ocaremee They embrace m much e
a you. I think it mua be roasmn.
hall never forge how you waled
the Black Rivr, to usk pdaor th o1or wu
desringslove Hmre, ykm taed ta
iegeeea- e whd h I haM bele la
Ewn M t at ht mer yoru bet
b which I br b teMSr in sn ti
SWare eik l~ ur p zam my bhelm, m
I l bel rIfen d.'
"Virgig l tha mwered,, y ,dear bMo
rthays Ior mu son in* a unlg et top of th
rseks goe m leJoe joy do the mt o ie
loe* m mother, le tye ; lbt wber syael
l o thdr M(b, I leh"em tm a he d timeM rm
w thor Cicsme Yom. I fel i mau memibly hi

rM I am caressed myself. You sk me why
Foa ore me. Why, all cretueem that are
Ip togth love one another. Look at our bi;
ureap in the suen aeb; they lorve HI us;
bL arelways togeter like u. Hua owthey
Sand auw from cstiees to another. So whMe
Seeboe bri to my ne the .1b which yTu lay
pnb cMr flute at the top of the mountain, I r
itn ord at the bott of the valley. Above
i, y are der to e since the day when you
r bted to eight the mater of the slve fbr me.
lme that time how ofla have I said to myself,
Ah, m brother be a good bheat; but for hia I
hold e did of terror.' I pry to God every
Iy for my mother d your; fr you, nd for our
oor smw te ; but when I pronounce your nae,
my deto seems to incre, I k so ernestly
Ood ht no hnm may ell you Why do
rol o oe hr, ad limb so high, to seek frit und
lower fr me How mech you ae &tigued '
ad with her little white hand chirf she wiped
he da ps fom M brow.
" For oma time p however, Virglia hod
bit her beat u by new Sensatiois. Her
Ih blue eyel their ciet, ber cheek its fresh-
*m, ed her fme wee sind with iversal l e-
s w. ed as o eor m peS he, brew, nor
*iumrl ed p er becsl m ddeM .
Spywthoabt o, end elahboly without vea
am. S ed her innocent fpt, her pab
abon, uad the society of her be d ;
andrlag SalM heao mt eq td pubt ofe
station, seek everywhere that ret
rhkhe could no where fnd. Sometime, at the
ight of Pil, she adraneed sportiely toward him,
ad, wha soLc to aet hm, wu seied wth

mdMi" confelol: her pl hek weNe wped
with bleho asd mbe eme se r doed to met
thoae of hr Wl mid to ber, Tbhe roc
mn covd ith wi.be, arm Mbri to Isag
who wa u rathhg ui. ,
aud yo" =rW u M .' rHi7.. fpt
soot. hb by his embase; but sip* tur ed away
her hd, am ndled (wbtm mtowd IM othr.
The aueMe of dhr Ibro r emand teo me
motion ai her i etated Iheat. Pul eould aot
I- the mai of thbosew and strbge
" On of tlhee mmma whldht ansetimh dm-
late the eoatries dituatd ben tm ap es,
now spred i ranMA O thl laUd. It we
Inr tl and of Ducmber, whm the m i La Capri
com dua oaer Mmaulm, I n tmhe spa of
tim weeks, it rVrtil ali. S toMn wil,
which prevails almost troehout the whole yar,
no ckw blew. Vmst eh m of dMst metrom
ther hwy uad hmug a iedd la the air;
the g was eveurwheb La' into elbs; the
gras w burnt; ht ablation abe d from the
ld* of the mountain, aud their rivulr, for tha

tog ef ti em, Ibeo h iM t&-Oreid
sB ashes ts the heated 1 : tl ubWa
dthen miMsed of blood, nmd. 1 n1 h a mS

ab theC Md twa u hW, md e M | frmb
dr eattlM, am t th e saIachl"
made the Talles wMeteL --
l .; ev th BOSA, by W- thnWr
e.N himawt pos the mth, In serh io
eopla: but the Mresoitg aB bd eerywhoe

penetntd. ad the AtiflMhr stmephr rsendm d
with the bunli lol orf L e t, who ouht to a.1
Iay their thirty l the blood of man and oaulels.
'" On of those sultry nights, Virg s, lst
and u py, re, them weOt as to mt, but
emld f in no attitude llkhlr o. r erpeaW.
At lt she bet her way, by th ligh of the
moon, toward her fountain, gad ad et
which, othtanding lth drought, still
like silver threads down the brown sid of the
rock. She g herself into the bls; coolese
animated her spirits, and a thousand nothing r.
mebrmance prese the melW to er mind.
Shl reeoleted thut in her int y her mother ad
Mara amused themelv by thing her with
Pal n ths very pot: that Paul awards, r-
Mrv ith bath for her am only, had dg Ia bed,
tow the boom with ad, and sown aometi
herbs arud t* borders. be raw, reeted
through the water upo hr keld ame .d bosom,
th two coea trees wli wer platd at hr
birth and that of her bot, ad which ntaerwove
abot her hed their r een bea s ad young
foI. She thought o PAul's emdshp, sweater
tha the odors, puw tha the watrs o the a.
iasr, otqer tha lk t maitii tr ee,
Ba gi.d. B .M ue.M th hour Sabs

whah thh tthem theg t aM s kMbes,
ad Nm to h moter, La er r to Ad a n
hm hu elf. Oftln, wibhig to l her s" e
own; o r he was edy to prou t nwa
f Pl; et lhr oppmeMd iheat ha Ihi iaps

the power of dterance: ad, learim hhad M a
her moth's bowm, she could mly bathi k whh
her ten.
"Madamu de k Tour. thaoh AI eily d&
ecmed the source of her dAu r ---t meuh.
not think pier to speak Iher etat s l.
d M r c=ild,' said she, ddre Tome
who disp m, at his will, of bidh mad of
U He H tries o, La ~ err tor e
yohimefter. m br atwe amol
up earth for the anrcl of hilm.'
"The exceedv heat drew vorn ham the
oCes, which hu ove te blnd Ie a veat aw.
fng, ad ,h E-md the sM..aU e the motw.
tes, wh bong akue of an aeeioly beed
soa. thir aLny p BkB. soa ar, thoe mt o.
rible thuder -hed through the weed, th
plai. aud the alleys; thae fell hem the
kie like cstanet; ming tna e mi wrled down
the idde of the mouMnain; dt bottom of the va.
ley heam* a m: the pit of Oa M wUhi
the ettees wes built, a ihe Mi: and the m-
traSe o thi alley a shlae, long which rumed
prpitry the ouamg waterearNth, trees, ad
eanime the trembin fhaly addremed their
qe to God i the ot of Madmei de h
T tlh eofwhich ediid hdry hem the
|1swoi. I viMd and sequel *w
lU that, aheMuh the dcs n widow.
f e we ll h ane m evry weith
was dbtlr seem through joked em.
Pal, foll Lw aM by Di-w Itie
Aem oe cottog toto w.l> i t,
Orf of tim Itmpet; h prii a
wiab tbthes, thee drivia c& and emd

turning to the family to calm their fea, by the
thop the storm was p ing away. Accord-
inly the evening the rains c ed, trade.
wt of the south pmed their ordiry course,
th e tmpMtme eloods were thrown toward the
noth-et, ad the setting snn appead in the
V Virginia's bt wish was to vit the pot sealed
herbw Pr1 approached her with a timid ti,
tad d I bher the ssiistane of his arm, which
she ceptad, Siling, uad they left the cottage to-
gather. The air wa free and car; white
vapols arose b the rTide of th montaiMs, fr-
rowed her sad there by the fab of the toaets,
which we ow become drT T garden w
atM e dth rbod e t-the hollows which Ont
aoo had wor, b t of the frt tres were
for the meet pat bid Iba, uad vat he of snd
covered the chain of eedows, sad np
Virginia's bth. Th two coco tee, however,
weretll eret, tand tB1l rotaied their fshness:
but they wer no longer mnonded by trf, or
arbors, or birds, ecp a few smewid birds,
who, upon the points of the eighborin rocs,
lmetod, in plaintive notM, the bl of ther
2^ Ih tftetthbl Vid gb%6l, '

Kuga-s tih wdMtim. sve.pltM..ml
upon r th ri Ls and i ay hewav ,n
met sbjot to change' 'Why.*' manred IR,
why aNt IJveyr smathiU wtch belongs
to heave but I am posMd o nothing er
epa r .th.' Viinta, bluhi n, snmd,'Ye
hwthw ictm S"u l.- f Saocely hlod

prnouamed the words, whm be flew a sreaeh it
i to hbi mother* cote. Ti plate was
snaUl uhitue, nprM= til Pal lie Mmrit, n
which Marget, who wm y pplo, h I
wra bhu at heI ank whem she aM e ai,
which, sie shbe eame a master, lhed
round the neck of her child. It had wn
ed, that biong while naut. adorned bl
whole worid, ad cteite mploy aol coat -
pl ti U iage of this benemlet reel, her
hai d centeted, at least me she led,
some repablewee to this revend et As
therefore bestowed upo him the nam Pul,
him w for his patr a aid"t, whao hM-d
lif hr from msLun by whom he badbeen
deceirvl, iad thimne m VTforsakw V
criving tbi Itle picture har the 1aprle
mid to Ms, wit siotre My der I ote, I ;@
nwer put wkh this while I live; nor will r e
foret that ye have irVM me the only thid
which you .c a m world.' Atdb tlone
frkaWddip "iU uborpd-rfcr veto i of ilkri
.Wd tmlmrM ,FPal attm pted to rece hMr;
but, lt u a bird, she t, and lef hte u
mt aud unble to secount for a menaet eo
" I e, Mapurt said to Maiems do Ia
To. Why do we Met mbe our childrm y m.-
rigt 'h ae a Wder auehiment each
othr.' MmdelaTeur nd,*yare se
yooa, ad poor. Whg 4 waM briMesea
us to Virg ia g ite the world .'ei -.e
chidrem, wor s weuld not perape have Mfi
ci t lmytrk nul Your no agBoh, i
&lmiotdtooeA torlado; y Maqry ef fyer
Sysefi my dear frisd'La t*0 qi" of Man yen

I ld my strth much fCled: dance rsa
idly l hot clates, and. above all, und er
preeure of Dfortune. Pal l our nmly hkop
lot as wit till his comtutio a e theed, ad
till he can support u byhi lar: at prmet,y
well know that we have only naiele to m T
the waats of the day: but wer we to soed
for a short time to th ladle, commerce would fnr-
niah him with the means of pn e l aie; and
at hib Mtan we will nate hm to Vltla: fr I
am pmranded no am on earth a rde her so
pPas u sr We will coauult our elgthbo
SThey accordl ly as ed my advle, and I wa
of their opiom. The Indian eu ,' I observed to
them, re aln, and. In hdos ag a favorite r-
son, the a i Mldom lomr tan six weeks.
We will hif=ik P l witk m la venture i my
ighborhod, ere i much beloved. If we
wer only to supply him with ame raw cotton, of
which we makeo am s, fo want of mill to work
It,m se o which is hbm so common, that t
serve m forn and some als, whieh b fbend
Ia our wood: ll those tiles will sell ad.
vatageously in to ladies, theamgh to s they are

P n k sat c ,dm vov : L-" !
dtrmulned psrlaslty to msirts aI ir to
haU el my emrie mwm pet, wha thi yeg
mn did to me, wi ba deree ed m. uove
i age,* hul why d ynwth m to leave my
family far Uls pmsariousurseukt Artune fi
there my cmmsf e mere *M m t Ia n the
ultme of the round, whs d8 sometimes
Meor a hudred fl If we wish to easime a

ammrce, we ca do so by caIvug our slpelM.
e to th town, witlot my windei to the ha.
lie. Or mothers me thl t Dolo I old
ad fMkU : but Im ouM. md Mrtrtl
wdy. IT an- 5LYtI d
mm-Oh, no, o!--I mar0ol to lm
"T'i auRwthw me latoe it pehlad,
b Mdmr dam I Tr had mt ommSaid Wmmd
%e i8uatiMo d Vhkiia. ad her duel of e
6a tese you people br alow yea..
Idi- I diUd W to M bo PMIL
" At this pri wa hickh rid rm
rnmes. h m lda mo is Towr a leter ftm
Mhr amLt. Ib te tersb ay roeind
death. which cemld pen am etst ea le
M obi amenr M f dnemMMM diaordr
which hadt eIf r a t ow of mdeoj
Iounble y g% bsI dmeskd It t hbr mie woid
rnhm to e; r, if her health M hr
mdmerte o l ag ra voye, r ojd Lr to
med Viginia, o whom she wld b tow agmed
mdcatoi, procur Ihr ke a iloI maimr, ad
lmv bhr the iLhlme of hw whole lteru
The pwlU if this -letter leMier.
node. teLuh tdh oUly. Ia N y
bag to we7. fIl, matmises *M
as if his he utwas s tob-ti
i, sM; while VifrU, ia= eyes p.
er mr, md .t power to m, a wrL.
"* And cam u w leave m I erNue
to Made. dea TOur. N, my dmer IMdre,
my hkelvedWldrem,' rMd Mmam doe Towr
Swill mt leave b have lied with ym.j
with you will di I- have howa mha

but la your action. If m health be demutd,
m7y P mislortuo ua the ca. My ae
d-i rwoudd by the cruelty of a nlabt ed
tlyof my khunbad, ha foad imoe ceet
tad flidtywhh beneath these humble hts,
tIn Ul the wt d of.my haily oeld now grve
me in owe country '
At thubL oothing gg m y odflrred
Wr thr offit. lh paied Matdo. kI
Tour i hi arum, dala eN r will I have
ym! I will not colot6 hedi .e Wli aUl-.
br fr my da mBoth; ad uh all u
feel any wa wh w e.' t ofl whole soel-
ty, the pIroeu wh didB the l-at ,
aMi who pbbly e t t, wa VU ;
, dr. te u r nder of d the da that s
nyr w"lh Lowed Itom her an ud pro
=ht wi ONw reked, omplr the iinl
U The mat 6y, at sIahm, whi ey Mwer of.
fari *g ul. their erificre of
VriQr, Uek IINIM Ns bkhtM, Denim
bblMui dhmI a hollua on imbuhl1.H
lowed by two slamv, was comic toward the
piuis person was Momeoer de la Bour.
= He I ed the os, whohe bfad
the amdlyt breeuast, Vh Il wad
upMera toa the aetamm otf the ry, m
rie bodl iwaitr: to wmied am ed hotyame
and he coca. The leawes of te pltaei
sopld th wast of ta .iam; *am d aldb
hda liot itn two, sr for rut TI oi .
eruxr esed sow r an t ta h heotl" i
of the dwellio : thin, ai imsef to M~d
mea de a Tor, he obsrved, t althanqh lp
li aasin drew his attetio too meh bau d

concern of individual, she had many lhas to
his good offic. You have an samt at Prs,
Madam, he added, a woman of quality, ed I.
mensely rich, who expect. that you l hutn to
Me ber, aqd who meum to b o nr p O her
whole fortune Madame de Te.ar d, that
th tate of her helth'would not peemt wt u.
deitake so loe a voya. At lant' emled
Monsieur de laoourdomi, you caot, without
Injustice, deprive this ale y Wn klTy r
daughter of a noble aa iIhmBlM. Irl not
cool fom you that your aunt ha dof
her inluce taoUi you to ntur; Mlo I
have rceied oladi lial, lwh b w h I
ed to exit my authority, If m .ua, *
fet. But, u I only wb to d o pem
for the purpoe of doij ho oi
colony bhppy, I expect fb a y Foad see
voluntary acrilee of a yfnw p w~ bh de.
pod your dauhta r'Ls eabL M i th wrld,
d the welfare of yar whole life.Whan do
we come to theee lfads it d to wse d a
fhtuew Ad will it at be moe jeam to
return and Sad t in your own COUntryl
He the placed great begf paim whd
had ben bmbtt ithir by me of ldhaves, upm
tihtabl *I ,' ddellhe,' illeed byyI r

Tour for farhalI d rce eto Dhi a er -
cullt he edol, at the isae I r, her mob
forttde. po thi, Pal mid to the lonor,
'My moter did address herself to you, sir a
o received her Il.' B e you another child,
adam 1' ai Monsieur de laksrdomai to Mad.
am dolaTour. 'No, si,' she rplid: 'this i

t h MUd of my Mond; but be ud Tiinbk we
equally dear to u.' YoM- man,' nldth no
~nor to Put, whm oo eo a *elnmd a ftdl
ore prlae of tmhe imrld,e wlU know tont
t o t miWfrmtunef people la place to be do-
vee.d, ad t o lieow Upon = atrlFl vies
tMt who belel to modWt mrit.
MoeiAmr del BIaroundokn at th nqieit of
Madime de la Toar, phMed bhi dr ei w at
the table, And eskh"2d the ammmr of th* Ce.
"ole, up o edae Mabd wit teiM bdled L wr er
H* wuas 4 md with the Aorml d mtne
wbieh pmr ia tfi ihe litle co tib hrmer
of t ttwe Lhn ti faills, udt seald oflhr
old rvte. le,' meahimd ho, '*I dlieer
only wedea bfte, but I aod mor county.
same, and burt o gdo.' PIul, ochaetod wih
the dabiUt te govr, erid to hId, I Iwk
tobe TlmMd: yoa tgoodmas.' Mmdmr
de k Bin iBd r ieedwith psason thik h-
,ntw eomrifMe ud. takic Pl br the had,
sMew hii I ho ,kbt Hor f hb bMMMh.
"A20 'r b t took lrd mm dt Id Tar
ude, A"d lsmhed her thOt oMpom itky pr-
sowted Wler of Wrei hI Nr to .ae. la
a shi wchm& woa to iar a*t tim;
tIa ,i baul er a Iandy, a Isi
of his ow, who waM be a Motr sad tt
she amet Me thad lk of = 4 an some 6r.
Sa few yrs. e ust,' he addod, a- ot
Uve ee tma two yem; of te I am amoMd by
bwMred. Uii ofritmiry. Fortemdoe"
not v lt aW T y. C h ilt rr blieds.
J:mE y proa 'd seewill w Tofy t opieoa.'
as mewnnmd, deskt i no odhwr bhppimi

henooW th In the world thn that of her dalhr,
she would leave hr departure for Frm at
to br own einciatio.
SMadame de Ik Tor was dt m to fa d
o:=nfty of apart out audV Lirnh fcr
mr We ad priow ,b this mem.I he "
matal feliity at a it piod. Ie t* k hl
daughter as, mad am t My Iear chU ,
our rm uo nw eld. rlx tlfl vemt r
Mu~pr is advrancd in yes, *ad I u me
inri. If I should die, wil will become ro t
without famrhue, the baldt of tee Imt I Yt
will them be l alam wthb boutr om who asc
adhld yo m uchee ra sad md to labor wt
out easmi, in orde to appost yorwwratDed
isteac. This idea lls my snal wllh sorw.
Visgini urwed,' God he appoated as Wor.
You have btght e- to sbar, d to blHee h
er day. H eer h u fo ku a Meverwill
fonake us. His pFwo ame en waehM
the sortamuto. You have me t
der mother I aeuMt resolve to iva ve
Madam do I Tou nepli, wl ith much r
SI have no other aim than to mnder o happy,
and to 7arry you em d ty to Pall, w ot y e
beathr. loem t a pJneee t hi t mlpedh
A L yoeg grl wh loves bevlirWes ie t allt
world li I- ft ofar lmi: he trlows orv
her f evo which ih b thuow over her
beat; but whno It i NAed up by ome ebahU
hand, "e seeamllret u d fwel dimuty
bunt their od, ud the oothg ovrflowi
of lwdaice uw ced that reserve aed ays
with wUhch the ppmed t bad e*dopdv
feeling. Vri. deeply sa std bV this n

o ot bhr mother's tenderness, related to her
ow crul had bee those truales which bheve.
lone had witnessed; decla that bse saw the
meccor of Providence in that of an afectionte
other, who ppved of her attachment, uad
weld id her by h coum lsl; that being mow
.ret a yd s uch uc nt, e vevy o el athlMi
d ba to rmn with lir other, without Un-
t for th premt, whout apprehensio for
** MIad d Ia Tol pertii tht that aoa-
idential coverati ad prod d an effect alto-
grther diffent m that which she expected,
id, My &d chld, I will not uy more caotain
your lic mtio : dalibkette at li"r, but cncal
your felin hfo Pa.L'
S"Towuad veleg, when Mdame de I Tour
nd Vigniaq wer agin toete, their comnsor,
who was a mlalomry i islan d, enteed the
ro a, aving been nt by the governor. My
dM,' he exclaimed, s hb entered, 'od be
padled yom an now rich. You can new lite
to th id sugoa t of your excellent hbete,
nd do good to t poor. I know what Moniur
d I Baumnmou m as a Md to you, ad what.
a veaswead. Yeo al der Madsm, =
you to eanin hoee: but you, yonc I, ar
whbot esane. We met obey t wll d r i-
deace; and we *et als obey ouar d raetia
evm when they are A srie*i ri r e
of you; but is tih order of God. He drd
Ulslf far yeo; and you, n Imittion of his e-
ample, Imut devote yoseIf for the welfn of
yrer amily. Your voyr to Frauc will have a
so.py or o will u w y cond. to
so. mT deu vaumr ladv.

' *Vltl', wth downet 94, 1swM d, t@m.
bia, f it be the coeaff d God, I will et
rn me to oppoeit Lt the will of God be
Js!' id she, weeps.
SThe priest went away. sad Ifoemd the gov.
a of the M cuess of hi mission. In the msa
time Maitme do It Taor sent Doaingo to dmlr
I would comr hther, that she might comit me
upon Vlrgnin's deprtre. I was f opile that
she onuht not to go. I consider as a ud pl-
cple oT hppbieas that we ouh to pner the ad-
atage of mture to these ftftebnt; ad'Never
o h much of that at a disteoe, which we my
lad ia our own booms. But what could e e-
pIclte m from my modeto cousels, opposed to the
Blu s of a lendid forte; indmysaplsea.
satna, soonadletod by the prjudie of the world
and a maihority which Mdameu do kI Tou hld
,aed 1 This lady had only camulted e tram a
sentiment of respect, and had, in rweldt, cnd to
deliberate since she had beard the of her
confesor. MNlgasetherblf, who, notwithbtad
th advantates hi hopd erlr eer fbor the pos
mestoa of Virgtniatn's M d blha Mo opOd
Lbr r deptue, made no f their o.
P1ul, tmaof what w as tl 7. ad amed at
thbe eet ecovensti whiUh Madame do I Tour
held wit her daughter, be abadoed himself to
mlp eaholy. Theyar paloi somiehhig
m my pea.,' cribd he, sc iey oe .s
Icail of coneaslmeat.'
"A repat having the e utme b read
over the lead, tat fetune had visited thee
mods, we boMeld me rL t of all Idad climbing
their stp ascet, sd displyia those hmble
Lke thL >a>d me.nM met f' 6- MkM.a h-b

of Goodelee; the hadkechie of Pllote and
MNulpatan; the plain, tripd1 and entboUm e
muslu of Decca, clar the dy. Toinsoe
chlant unrolled the gorgeous of Chdie, whho
sat damuak, othrn of grau-grem, and
ad; zoeM-colord taflet, a pAedole of
poiujaa nd pueofToasu, same madms
E-tuull deanted wkb low' -; "ta
down lke cloth; white and yellow ahmb .L u
the cUemof Md ueur.
purchase everything she liked; had li
choice of whater she believe would l mew
ble to h mo ithe, Maret. ad her b e *
aid rsh, will me for fumnitre. md tat wll be
usdul to Mary Wnd Domingo.' I short, the b
of plaster wasu mptied bf she had comiII
har owN we ; and her was obliged to re a
huae of the bprse n which she e ditributed to
the uomily eicla.
Paul, penetrated with row at the sight of
those git of otue, which he felt were the pr-
tn *y dwilult. With o air of depoadcoey he
sawd to m, Sith r in roieg; tye uary ledy
making prmertilor r vey- I covd
you to come and emurt Wa esmee over h- m
mothw ad mime, ia od deal, her here.' I
eaould "ot rfIue the yo may's sollchatices, al
though well toevlned tLa my reprmlmesatH
wourd be unavaillg.
"If VkgiLa lad Vwe d to -m el miria rwh
clad in the blue clchof fl al, withe rd hand.
kerchlef tied round her bd, bow meh was her
beauty improved, when decorated with he pace
fal armaments worn br the ladies of this e *

Se wa demed In whito menMt, limld wtlh mase
eoed taffeta. Her small end elepmh waru
dlplayd wto adet.b by er et, and m la.
hBth piebla i h t WeiM. wee. enelmely
MioM with her hliM huddr. Her hae le
ywam w led wilth -m am oof melcholb
a"atn the cs of = wihtweh h" hwibet
wai dlu W ch.uk, and Opve helar vole*
oOemotion. Th ctt between her p-
r oe look and her pgy hbhilkuia reel her
moM tentnlag( than r, w ar was It possible to
Sr wher her mnoved. Paul beese nmeee md
moe melanholy; at lMth, NiMru dimmed
y the situation of her oa, tok him ade, ad
mid to him, Why, my dear o, will yeT cheri
nvin hop, which will only rndr yTr dim
poiname t mos btter! t is tim that I i
man* khaow to n the secret of yTr lfe d of
mine. Made selle de 1l Taur beloW by hr
mother, to rich and ob famly, while yoa ar
but te son of a poor Mpueatir; aidl, whet l
wote, Tou are Mtamr child.
Prl, who Il Mve bee head thl lst la.
MpfM, iQohoid with kMeemeM Iits meanalg
ihr otpl,, IMYou s -.g,,'l md o MtefMist.
Wh I I was ar. sr, dued blyv, I wm plt
WKlt dapeldd ye ro at et Fe t
relly, i m m ghs o fom, of td d am .
theme f11ll. Uifeumte cid! yOu has me
elation ti world hut me! -ad l Iobed a
fSed rtma. PrIl, prem her l hib am, ex.
claimedIOh,.mydea mthew I ee I have a
mnlau tl di wald bt you, I wlfl Iove yo ill
mmo! But what a secr hiae l dina lomd ti
rel I new ms the aNmoe why dademlle d

Is Tour has estred bhrsel fLom me fh two
moathb p, ad why t b determin d top.
Ah II too well that she despises M
hour of supper being ried, we pee
ou lveM at taUme; but the dibe WrmetUoe
with which we wr all aated leA un li e .
elimti o to eat, md the ial passed in siaem
Viginia tr went ot, and asenU d herself on te
vry spot we we nowu re placed. Paul bute
ed ifter her, ad meted himdslf by her de. It
ws one of those delicu night which ame
common between the tres, md the beuty of
which no pcil cua tnee. The oom apl d la
the midt of th finameat, coiid cloor
which he bm crallJy dipped. Her lit
lmemibly spurned f over thb meuntale of t
land, and their peks glisteed with a slverd
a The wind ween pierhL y still. We hard
lag the wood, at the bottom of th valley, and
Stb summits of the rooks, th week cry and the
so ftmurnus of th* birds, rl in tiW bright-
ne of the night, ud dth n y of the stimo.
esm. Thbe hum of inmeto was e dithe .
Th arn pakuUd Im the hravesr, and theirbr
bliW d n eidi orm we reacted peM the boom
of dr oceam. VIh gI's eye we ed over i
M amd gloomy brouh. ohhl (
bayof thel aad the b6 the I* ig
boat e SL r d at t a eee of dth haIr
a llIt a d abdow: Ih-m were the wa ght
sdert bh of the vesni in wheh dsh ws to
mdbnuk fOR I s wM q mdy to eat Mai
l;y as Nobor,-w for Otw wind. Afeted at
i Uiiht, n- aM y her head, be oderi to
"Madam do k Tour, Mepgret, and yelf,

wr seted at a little distaloe beeth the ple.
tain "es; and am id t stlllmes o the delt we
dihnctly bard their convatio. whihI hve
not NMtn
Paul aid to hr, You w ol a they tdl me
in the days. You do not hteer amouM
thb of thd se, Ut whih you as mlk
gini=,,oby m r PMt' a Iuve mr
reuimd ul, '& k t dbt n wtihlom l
have nver ee.' *ia!' r Vrid hf .1
would hve remaued my whole lb hmI b my
mother would not have It a. My soIirmor t
me that t was thewill of odh I shold o,ad th
life was a tr!
SWhet,' solaimed Paul,' you have fead -
many Messo theM fr olir, and jt for rhe
maiiang here Ahk th .n l omne sM s hru
depe ture, which yo have n ot m rsild.
have gst attrado. Yo wil mon liad a t
new world, to whlkh yoS mse another to
whom you will give the m.m IrieMr, whMh
you wi bitow o m noa mare. You will s
that btaher &m ons m who re werh
of yut by their bt, dby A fRtam k 1
have o ato kBt whr wW you gr o i aM
to bo happer I Owht h Oe wil ya bad
whkh wil be demar to youd the ot wh
gave T brtl Whose will A seereR
;no i to yea tulhealeby whi U
so bledTl wil ya boar to Hlvewbl
your mother's cW to which you eaem n
customer Whtwl become of her, sady e6
Waned i yeam, whm she will as Ibgr Me
at bhr did at table, n the house, h thi w
whn e se used to lu uapo yes WeIwUt

become of my mother, who love you with the
me aBection What shall I ay to comfort them
when I me them weeping fir your abencee Cruel!
I speak not to you of myself: but what will be-
em of me, when in the morning I shall no more
e youe: whe the evening will come and will not
iie as I When I shall gaze on the two palm
s ., pld ed at our bbth, sad so Ion the wit-
ri rourmutual freadiship Ah! snce anew
desnly attneat yo, since you eek in a country,
dstam your own, other possession than thoee
which were the fruit of my labor, let me ccom-
y m in the rvesel l which you are goi to
r wIm animate your lounge in emldst
of those tempete at which you e so terrified even
alsher I will lay your head on my boom. I
will watr your hart upon my own; and in
ane, where you go in each of fortune and of
ipadisr, I wil attend you a yonr slave. Happy
only i your happias, you will And me in those
.M here relleu e you herished and adored,
at least sudcietly noble to make for you the
lst of all sacrifies, by dying at your feet.'
"The violence of his einoon sidfid his voice,
ad we tbe heard that of Virginia which, broken
by mobs, atted these words: It s for you I o:
r you. whom I se every day beat benm the
lar of su*tainin infirm families. If I har*
seeptd this epprtulty of becoming rich, it is
only bo rtenm you ahAusmd fold the good which
you have dooe s. l there any fortune worthy
f your iu tI Whydo yo talk to me of
your birth Ah f it were agapoibleto give
me a brother, doed I make choie of any oer
han youa 4Oh, Paul! Paul! yoare fa d rto
Sthaa brother! How much hr it ot me to

avod you I Help me to tear mysef fam what I
nlue more theau latm, dt ll mves *am hle
our union But I will ay or p; I will iveor
die; dispose of m as ye wilL Unbhappy, trt I
am! I could selm t ost vsess, but I m uMakd
to uPmt yor dIbe.' -
"At te wds, Pl seild her I Mis am,
and, holding her p ed ft to hi beom, ori hk
a plerci tom. l wl o w ib ; mtr n Miha
didsea .' We o toward M., d Jadams d
Is Tour aid to him, My smi, if y p, what will
become of usl'
He, bmblla, e peted the vwr s, 'Myme!
My o !--yJ my mothr,' ired b, 'be7, who
would puudrt the better* m the ut We
have both been maorihd at year bees we hawv
both been read upon your Imese we hr leamt
of yo to love each other, we hav* mid U s them-
and times; and now yea would epmuat her ftm
meI You sed her to haue, btar teras
eounr which rnelid yoe a ah, sad to -
ltiolm'wbom yeo werm e d. Yea will
tell m 6 I ha no right eer her, ani dth st e
is ot my siter. he is everythg to e, rlhes,
bbth, family, my sole olod; know o tier. We
have had hut me roof, one adle, ad we will
JAs but oe gre. If she 5o I will.follr
hr. The gvenor will prevg t Will hi
pI t me from ftUs dm o the ma
W I ee t =ftlbltovWhg ber hm *wb-
am a Thd e m cannot be mosek to ab the
So L -Se*e I met live wii hber, at lat I
will ditbe her ee; f ft-m h ea, bMham
mother ,Mea wlmut om i! May as
oeean, to wiMh yea trMt ber, s"M ber to ye
o motel May the wave, sulli bLek ar

eatg amid the stone of the beach, give in
thMlof your two children, eternl = tdf
"At thee words, I sied him in my arms, fr
de ir hud deprvd him of reoa. His eye
sd fin, big drop of swat In upc his
his knee t bled, and I felt his-lra beat -
letl, aMt hi. burning borem.
"VI Jn, ftighted, s to him, 'Oh, my
frid, rall to wibme the pleasure of our early
age, oar soiw iad my own, aid everythl that
ae, or eer bid two unrortunate beim to each
other th if I remaia. I wil le but for you;
thai if I fo, I wiUl one dy et rto be you. I
call you ll to whio you who have meaed my
nauey, who dipose of my life, who me my tea.
I awer by tht heave which her me, by the
which I in t p Mn by th air I breathe, and
which I mnver aldt by a hlTood.'
As the ma s s and dissolve an iy rock
upon th mmit of the Apei inae, so the imptlu
os pas ioau of the young mn we subdud by
tho vice of her he loved. He beat his head, ad
a good of tem fl from h ye. His mother,
mingling her t with hi, bd hm U in r arms,
but wa emsble to speak. adame de la Tour,
helf diseted, msd to me, 'Ie hear this o
leader. My hert i biake. This naoUtma
voyage *shM not tem place. Do take my son
hor with ye. It i eigt days daee ay oe
her hs at.'
"I mid Pml, My dear Mied, your ale
will main. Tmorrow we will pek to th
gIvepn ; lave your amily, to take s- slt,
and asme aud po the night with m.'
le sunmed imeWlf to be led away la aile

uad mAw a ight of iwet ag ittih, ha seb a
bemk d day, iie nrwmd m...
" BRt why Luld I actions ay loer t me
ltal of i 1 taryl Titamoe i r m I at *m
M t of Lm Uk whih we Cm nem le
wLth plu-s. Ulber lobs pa whrlh w
revolve. o r oare is but a day: Mad f
oM part d that day be vrlMd by lig, the o
is thLow into drakee"
" Father" I amewsd, ish, I caso yes,
the UstM whic yom hbave begn a marm s

ir. l"U mii t becm oA f t h -pphy a py
"Tihe MIt object which Pal beheld in his way
home wau M, who. meed u"po a rnek, was
moly ook ntord the sA. As sm as he
perll ber, be called to hb m a ditm,
I Whm i VhIM ii1' ay tum r head to-
wmrl dr y um.teu, towu.mE Pl,
ditmaad, Mbm ding beIk I et to M
harbor. He o twee fml d thathL had
embarked at trsk fd day, that ibe v had Ia-
i Awif lr sast ew, d could aso bo

wb s elhaeased wiet mt d rgwis rd.

mr o which ym ma reaeh, som y diaf
faubt path, that es*.m '."ad f he
m, called theI mb. A foot of that come
Is *a of p md, wr waO lefty
ela wmi d so %4U 4 d p that aily
piUs Skfs a rniest ad trlow

poedplea. The eMd, which urse ieted Med
the mmof tboms u h supply Jhuehs ItT.
lta, whieh rush from oa as a hiht lto that
deep valley salute d ehi the mnta that
AtMi th elevted pmet we do ut her the od
of their all. On a pyotYou can i e, a Sm.
idemble peat of the uml with bk pIepie
newund with thdUr edt peakb; ud, -o
othe., Peterbath, and the Tiw Peikb, with
vldley illed with woods. You also canmd an
eteme view of tho oceM, and even reelv
the Isle dlofBrhbs ltyJ laee toward b wet.
Mrotm the commit of that Istpemdous ple ofd r
L gud pthe veel wh beh bome away
Virgin, and which, now ten lesue out at am,
;*ppud al blMelt ia p the u lat df theoeean.
Sremabod a r paJ t of the day with h is
had upon this olert: whom it d dk ia
be s iltm d bbeold it: sad whbe, ilat
the tres whib ch to his hmagimtilo we t
lmid the ptbrihwm of tLe hriMso, he mated
himself on t(it wld poit. r eav bweat by the
wids, which ever ee to aiatee t ofthe
ibbp uand gum tre, ud tha hboar mos .
i muuua ofwhih, dmilr to i distant eed
of--r, Iino MDr *il,--hi. Oa that
7pot I fmd his i had p to eodn k Iw

tW ,hl snd retan to his fml. I enu ated
him to t pIlatie d wlm the bi impal, of
hi ri, Muph a ifm e do Ter, was i
bfMMh biw IM ti fear hing dokl him.
Igds kts TaUr Ius, bthatAvemr wJ
~hwks am at thmoaeas096kins 6 ....- -A

the vrel bal redy to se mnil the goaor,
sutded by hleaurnbl ofe, an w lstod la
,had cMom with a pad uh in Mikae ok" Vi
atand th.t1 bt. *hd a own derw
hr tan. and those of NMaet all the W a
e iaim that it was a thb e n wri, they
had caifd awa Vimbk haet dylmg. *At
erd ou b fad4 P bil d ber ivwl I
m bow e mom ~ llm. I woald ho my l to
her, Vlbrgl, If, drMim tl wa han b hed to.
gather, eve wrd -ybvNa emped whiMh bai
odbaded you, ele ye av m for s, tll
meth tyo k ulY m. Ia we1am-boai r,
sin Im =I u Ia e m No mee Imwn
my der Virh b Imf Live br ham m,
coianMtd ta hir t'
Whem he ew da hmam thbM ad Madami dI
* iMk m otLtUlto wlpe awey year tMos;
a d the, Mh ea of a h house, meawdsd U
auddowan th lm i. Hen aMrtlyttosa

bltotig, WSt do you Mk of me Yo wlBU se
htr No m whe M d bo ed to you with har
hand.' He wae to ite bow cledt tha p
of VkghkM: md, s e biled ow nseud hem, oa
claimed, 'ir little bled rt yom wI s mse
to met her who Chelhd yTo' Ia oh
Fidel. manuf aeeuiMred ad fbeand ham
t rh he heaved a demp slan d eald, 'Ak!
ya w semWr ard har i' At leth e wvet
and aeatMd himself pMe o eek whale b had com.
veeMd wIh Ir thll re d ev ; d at the
vieweftho ea, upoa whLekhad mse t0he vel
di&tMiar, whirh heem hr way, ha wept bMity.

"We conthually watched hi est, t~p
lg ome ftal Ceoman mOe mo the vTht agt.
ti" of hi mind. His mother ad Madam l
ITor coanured him, in the mot ender mmr, not
to Innrs their adcda bT his desr. At leth
IMadam do Il Tour oo his mImid lavishag
upop him seuh epie u Is mwer ht laktd to
revive his hope She called hm hak er der
on, whom she dedned or her daughter. OM
pevai d with hm W Mten t t trh homo, ad m-
lve a IItIle nuerishmum He seat himself with
us at table mt to the po whirc used to be oe.
ped by the aompalr ofh childhood; and.
Nr she ad stillben e ha spok to her ad
ored whatever he kow w mot o
her tute; and then, rtair ft r thi des of
fcny, e beg to weop. Flr a da he em-
W I. h.dld I.4 "asot opys
As had wer, cooFM he whib se m ed to
drik; and ster hti a thesand tames thmse
sellea of hi M "da, o i&t mo o prliou ree-
uar which the world camaind, h hid them in
his hbomm. The srfta p rfI the be
det so sweetth t whisk have belmned
to ths we lo At h, pselvi that his
mamuish iebaesd &that fth her e Madame
Idoa Towr, Mid that the w oif d. fmily m-
qred eoai l isber, he e wni, wi th he ait.
u of Domi=o. to nepir tAs m im
S." 8oo0 s iri J i m.BU nMw Mitmer
Wsa Cete w r to what ws pslng Il
the wr deired I would uea him to -an snd

gMapahy, in srle dthat h might fo a jest

of the country where ls hid dismbelhid; ad Ina
hbtory, that he might kbow the makers f to
society in which ish wasu p d. The powrM
ntimiet of love, which dhB led i- uet is*
dis, had already tuht him the t of adr* ltmn,
and the manner of ylag out the mot nreg r
ground* with advant .d beauty. It mnt b
admitted, that to tho1/d deam o1 this nMlem
and ardent pauion, mankind indebted for a
great number of at aMd AwimeM, while ib
pointmets have Sren birth lo pibotwh whlh
mcbebs us to be the ovils of Hl w. irh l
Thus, nature he ade lov the nl Ihk
which binds allb S bhas dm J'I Ast
pri of solety, the atcitement of klowl
as well us plnue.
"Pal fund little satlaetion in he s tady
so Ihy, which, Insted of dmerihbi the Mstal
o each co ntrr, only gave view of its
politialboundaree. Hh ad, especially mad.
ae history, interested b l mre a e the se
aw oaly gre and periodical vile of which he
did not disem the eman war for which tme
wa no reaon and no object; atiron without pa
cipale,ndpris withmiuthmeit. He nd
the ad ldt KowmC, which hu ll k-wt
te fdeh e ling ad nlateist mfim, says
Muted kuatio siirw to hi w. N& 6e
Pve hin M mumh plemare a- Teleeaebs, t6M
the pctre which it draw* f ptoa life, amd f
thom psione which se tuSanl to 6h hman
heart. He read alIed to his mother and Madame

tender r-urembunee hisr oiDh ehd hbl t.
touce, and his i y wer bMtt Isa tu.

fea d he had found tn Virginia the widom of
Antiao, with the mlsfortuna md the tnderme
of mchbars. With ry diferet eenetions he
pered our fashionable novel, killed with liens.
e malui- sad namse And when he was In.
emed that those r maenes dew a just picture of
E amTUsen society, be trembled, not without o,
le i ihoumld become cormpted, nd s b
Mrte im a r ad a lf had indeed med
way kbeIre Md e do h Tour reced any
ti&ip of r dughter. Derg tht period
bhadl aceldetolr herd htVlIvashid IT.
rived m ieylI F ce. At length a vuel, which
tped a in way to the hdim, conveyed to Mad.
am de l Tour pecker, and lette written with
herows had. Aiab th mi leoia wo-
ma had written a a d manner, ih order to
avoM wondig the UI of a mother, t was
eMy to diseme that iw an p. Her letter
mp o ae ran ly bher setiMon i d charcter,
aI hae I rel led it k lm t word fr word.
"' My der sd beloved mother, I have already
at s evr l better, writo with my own
h~bu rt havreg eed o amwer, I fer they
hae m reed you. I have better for
th1, tmem f them I Ih e now taen of Wmdft
at tin of myslf, and of hearing tha ou.
e sd many rien elear uper tlon; I, who
ever ued to weep, bet or the misfortune o
othel My ast was mueh aetoobe, when,
hving, upo my sirV, lquired what acceo.
pIrt I paiomed, I to hbe that I would
M er d nr write. She aLed me what the
I bhd leaIt sioe I came into the world; and,
whme I aweed thU I had been uht to tabM

me f M the hohold tfain, ad eb yaou r,
he told m thM I bhd received the of a
ervmnt The at day abe placed a aem h
.a braIt aMr .rn, -whebI hw-e
" Jy Ltad rlb ar, ea
wif *ed, who an boeh oIe d !l thesdle,
Muds, tfou chu m e,. "MiW-5 u
WI-41. KAbieti 180 Utoe ZIaw> on
leic m, tht I make but pufpF*Nm WL
"*fMy aunt's lBhow era do ot abas
towud me Be Ie awme e e Mr "I el
m oa; ad *I pe pld two waking womn
rkh me, who i bt dremimd ISe de hadis.
bhe homu lde me tae the thle of sutre, htha
obihd ue to reoue the ame of 'ITmr,
heh is a dear to me* It in ta o s y, foemll y s
have told me of the nffeut my iL emie
In ord to m ary 7y, m hre lei ym
Uem by tbM of Tor hmily, w ieh ob diroJ
me, beiamin was your nM whn a ad. ow-
Ing Maylf ia go spleadid a ltati, lIlpbled
bor tolet ams 0d you som mashie. Imrw
shall I epeat her.answer Yet yTo have dMiad
me always to tell you the trth. b toldmtbre, to,
that a little would be of no e to yen, mnd that a
great deal would ay ecrb yeo I tlesylo
"*'I BdrTrnd.. c-.y urdin, to .. TM,
tidings of myself by other ud: bt im bu
pmo hre In whom I could place edace- I
applied nih and dry to adi and weMin ua
herae wi saw my motive hr .M do
alted my eMdavo, far I a boh Ii a
shot tiM I entrated my frt lt to me of
the dies hee, who, I have rean to thbk, ar.
rid them to my anL ThiL time I have ha

recome to a boarder, who is my friend. I send
you her direction, by wmans of which I shall re-
crve your anwer. My un has forbid my old.
Sany correpodence whatever which a.lht,
s ya, become an obstacle to the g6 t viewa
hs for my advantage. No p is allUowed
to Ms me at the grat fit h lfr, and an old no-
blmam oe of her frieds, who, she asy, is much
ud with me. I sun ur I am no t all so with
h ; ot should even if it were pobl for me
to be pleased with any e at preMest
I live in the midt of almenc, and have not
a lvre at my dispaoa. They y I might make
a 'h roper money. Even my clothes b-
lon to y wakiitn women, who quarrel about
tbm before I bhaeft them off In the bosom of
rich, I am o r than whe I lived with you;
ifr I hv otb i to v. When I found that the
pert accomeCl ms tbs eu me would not
pocure me the power of m anillet ood,
I had reours to my nedIs of which hpilv
you had lear t m the ua. I ead mverl pro
tokis of my own maki for you d my mam-
ma a rt, a cap for D igo, and one of my
led u kerchisf for Mary. I alo send with thi
eat sme kerels and seds of vriou kinds of
its, which I gatherd l the filds. Theb a
mac~ h mae beasMtl fow.a in tbh meadows of
his country than in onr, but nobody care for
thm. I am sur that you and my mamma M
et will be better ple d with this bag of a ,
th you were with an of pistre, which was
the caun of our sepWtia d of my tear It
will give m ret dltif you should one day
ee aple tr rownat the side of the plantai,
aBd t bld l Ap with our cocoa tMes

Too will fey yourself in Normaly, whih ym
love so mch.
-" You desrd me to late to yto my joys ad
my gr e I hbr no oys from ~o. Ais
my .r_ IMdIMvWto Mot" them iy Mi
thatT s la the I itutlion sl whch yO ej m
by tell ofGod. But rmy poldt s nb .
tbat M oeL her speMe to mef yes, a tat f
must pek of you to an one. My w .alen.
or &ntr r ihoe of my usmt, fw thi belong eow to
her than to me, tod me the other whe I wish
ed to tarn the oonver mta uon po objeta ret
dear to me, Rmember, mdam, tht a* r
Inachwom&a, and mset elhat ca ofar-
.' A ooner wiUll I ae~ ~slfthe
U rot mo which I was boan, e whdeh rM e-
hb It I this aewy Whib le to ame a o
avage; for I live alo, having no em to whom
I caa mtpart those bferlg ted r fSym,
wich I sal ber with e to the mre.
SMy dearest d beloved mother,
'Yoradconeae ad dt l dschter,
Votu.& ms LA Town."
I r6ommeand to your gooduges Mary ed Do-
. who took so mmu e of my lefmoy. Ca.
I r l m, who feo mih m the wod.'
Paul wa ieonheld tht Vhih hka mat md
one wd of him Ie who ba not brotm
te hob dog. But IPul ws oawm*tbh, w-
eve long my be a whom's letrh ihe alwar
pub the nmtioBt mot der to her at the e .
SIn a poeriptVlirl. meouaemld p ar
Irly to re~arl' e two ia of 8see, at of the
vio and seaLemmas. av him some baite-.

lion* upon the nature of thoen plants, and the spot
mot proper for their cultivation. The firt,' sid
he, produce a little fower of a deep violet,
which Iove to hide itself beneath the bushs, but
i soMa discovered by its delightful odon.' She
dweid those sed might be sown along the bor.
dem of the fountal, at th foot of he cocoa tre.
SThe scablous' she added, produces beautiful
flower of pdi blue, uad a black rouod, spotted
with white. You milht facy it was In mournii;
,ad for this reao, it s ll the widow's owner.
It dliht in bleak pot beten by the winds' She
d this might be sown upon the rock whe she
ipom to him for the lt time, uad that. for
her rke, he would henceforth give it the sme of
the Farewell Rock.
SShe had put tos seeds Into a little pure, the
tiue of which was extremely simple; but which
appeared boe all price to Pai. when he perceiv-
ea P and a V latwind together. ad knew that
the beautiful hair which formed the cipher was the
hair of Virinia.
SThe wi ole fmlly listened-with tears to the
letter of that amiable ad virtuous young woman.
Her mother answered it in the name of the little
society, uad deeird her to remain or return as she
thOat pper; ,asuring her, tat happionee had
fld om tht dwelling since her sberture, nad
thet u for helf, she was incoolable.
"Pual o sent her a long letter, In which he We
urged hr that he would ruang the garde in a
n er agreble t hr tao te, end blend the plat*
o Europwkh t e of Africa. He set her some
truit culled from the cocoa tree of the mountain,
which were now arrived at maturity: telling hew
tht h would otdd any more of the other seed

of the island, thnt the daeir of uinlg ftos pe-
ductions *tin mihst hartwhaWrnuL co- e
jured her compy without delay with the Pa~
wihe of her bhl, ad, 40bov ul, with hi own,
Since he wasu bl2 to ndan the lph of their
With ar eufal had Psal owdltr th pr
med@, p tcularly t6h viol rdd t bi, te r
flowers of which mem to bear some alogy to
character d & ituatioa dr Vhirtfi, by w oI hyw
had been reeormmedd bnfwhether they wee
injured by the vo e,or wther tb soil of this
prt of Ait bui Avoramb1 to their growth, ery
mall number of tm blew, d mine cam to p-
Muanwhite that wry, whiEh pinpe huma
brpptes, spred rprt ovr lMo L whclh
mre grataw ihKto al. ts =p mWho
d bruht Vigit letter ssMetd t e was
upon tOpoilt of bi parrd,ad & amd tim
nobleman of the coart with waor d wasl oli to
be united. Some ven deelmedlbMt aho w Sl-
nudy married, of which ,tey wee its.
P bul at INt dIIthi brought byT. oNf
those end lh which oft iped omeeou
latllne tn pislr ie; bw om illvausd
prmo, ,,brlm t thhDet le .Ible t ho
met d e at odit tf o roe ISHnl latellk
isidess bad seu hIn dmo s eL whh h
latl read, wad tre as asajet aO
; ~ LarL that ho ers b be eg
fared the hart of Vira wase dad
had fogr ttn Its forma 11111
qatiramntm only errvd to his miserable;
e wlat raletiagd hi appleheoaB W-, tha

uWeal sid affly" ftaICmU
of 9 tb, mad ot Ic.oh brate "lI
6 lvh ith.d mc e hthe amtine
loyft mU wthee tue whic he
hue remi medt _idp or kber hipos ibio, by

rT D"U -h cmrae.cfkaulgtm
Ma Tolu &nId UM Too. S uMI mh

a bepthaa S beave dPC&ie th raif of th lobw-
Mo&t ger km the mai ma acesthra n aths, I
Ild ai ai e itfib isf h. chmldrea, fa

wha Ihae hm er
aecied 'After had f uvfla osttera mici
as lcin r aaeimemm subrn pts ef a Odf
Lkem appear the thoft poebdm Is that othnlkud.
at th ceidtree t tle Sedwlc Icn
wbh wa a hie whic O lide. f beore
W.tPur, bii*bum Of r.LI

mvdro e fis r we d far m f io amoresh
a an h; a" In ow &Ys us 1"
the GHrooldo~o rw, the hdiuw, =o
1008 Part Of I then modbo w ofP

I wishedo WE," b hr L ~
r~d ,;,.:dry IF I bm bass per-u
toom of RwoM a" somme pub d Anoka led
AUks, I at 1696 pi"W say led is Shis d"T-
A coop w)" I bulk Ja *dt~rpna was
st the foot o it tm a lds, Sod rbbich Izryd;;;i
with my me iZd, a river wbM glidu befor

books, which teach me to bkeo better. Th
make that world which I have ab ded. till o-
tribute to my utietion. Theplah bekm m-
pieture r those puiow which readr it blb.
chants so ms e and the eompariB whtl I
rke between their decmtiy d my own, lads
SfeWl a ort d nR ati f appa. LJk a ma--
whom shipwsk m th rows upe a aoc, I ea
temple%, from my nitude, the tarne whl lON
over the ret f ft word: uad my rpos ee
Othe m prohumo foam te ltb t of t
1 fdr mseIftobe led aldmly down te trem
of time to the ocean of futurity which has ao boa-
darlee; while, la the conteiptlati of t rhe
harmony of nture, I raise my sod tuo Its
preme Author, d hop for a mer*e hay detiny
In another te of mestme.
.. Alt gh yes do aot deary my herae,
which is sl-utd In the nkb*t if a hretat mo
that immee arley of objects which this daid
(eulur buty, st louttoo=e w 'Mo In, nto Io
rather the seclusin of a bome re, than rt
and extensive peospe. The rier which r d
before my door pai lia sLtaight Uas am te
woods, and app lie a lon s l shaded by
tress o a Uaki. Thare *black pai
trees, what we here call the nrrow.lea o-
na, ollv wood, gum tres, aud the ledam tm ;
while 1i me pant the d tre ies rfthek
naked column mor thne ra o h t hlih,
crowind at their summie with lueteg lvres
and towering above the wood NIe forest
upon other. ULam. of various foll ae,
tuif among the wooi, form ede ofr owm,

Msd vited camo s: those tre for tiM m pu,
sad aromtic odon d o tat so powerful, that
the narOt of a traveler, who he. paed through
t Tost, ren for srmml hou tm deliciou
afn ce. n the mum wha thosreM prod
th& lvi& blIssom, tlsam r if coverl
wkth now. ON of the iprorplarenbt of der
mod i th da dsel, atnr not ldy dil6Fiu -
ed for it bmAutll tiatl vwds, lst for oh
opotw, which Madw de Is Tour hsu duserid
I & lowlin sownt, wrtrdet tow of wdr AMn
vTls to my bhrib :-

l0 as anmTs IN
hmme ste m u ar Mtltamd o eml wM
Wi at.m ty pilpa UiS hi Ahim,
whkws piw,. dmo s w, ush M sul ptwm msl
My pmd "ommp r mo tun twar
Mbesa, uhl mnule map h lelarweat
Banot yr ay w th bid I -pn S
-mos d bIpl ad bws wm- m

hwb m a wl abs lahp he bin M ad%
AMl ilb hbheWbrdmyo

"Toward the md of ummer vurio o
lreigm blded hasten. Impelled by eM iBmUnelible
lMUetr. f-unowa r caMs, MmO sam h-i.M
oOsms,o gather th t roie grals ao this bleand
and the richuey of t d pluM u
U corua t t the trew by
Suack umlm othes. of riou kile Jmroa usb.


the Mbl pi i, salkd Im, te piOe wI Hald,
Wad tfh swe uw m Jea i wmI blbd of dt
TopI, whth wa do his Tbor aM st.
ash ift Bbd f S mIak
Wbm 6 hy w" puam swp oiy nMe,
or VAM trso &.a M woe d aeem- es
Ohathy, insuu d Me gl
OtnprA umstuM dfiw p

Tam i deep pm.. bp M.win
(wM i.MW Min W p lt em mlPh
Arn a m --im *fl y hmm -nl
o wrm t timrse th Wi wm all e
r %M "s earsh *9-6 mepOd I

M* T doI w t l ab S d e--um tm I
Tky, pot Wa the dpLk ibr = rWrVm,

aud greo nii uld twh blm Tom. ges
their;othu a hreo bhi to baeshr v.
og their mg ta rm. usl mUidsr l
hee awar thm -ofpetl
mat1ss. as %up weLig d as-

er, wisk mu, b fomlu g seefs v a bed ot
roei, tesetI hFe M- d theMe, he e Ui wo-
t wkh tm spt df Ihpp" m
tk..*.. A-~ ,na w nas. LSmn

Ielf ovr Meral piles, of rocks end forms, in it
fll, a sheet of water smoh as crystal, but which
bpeak at the bottom nto frothy srges. Ianumer-
able confused souad iue from those tumultuous
wate, which, scattered by the winds of the forest,
omeime sk sometimes swell, and send forth a
follow ten like the deep bll of a thedAl.
The air, for ever mewe by the circulation of
the waters, ifee the beu a d taft rive with fresh-
nes, uad leave a d e of verdure, notwith-
uanding the summer bM, naaly found in this
land, even upon the summit of the mountains.
"At some djtance b a rock, pied far enough
from t easede to prevent ue er from being
deemed by the noise of t waten, and nsficint-
ly nr r fothe eoymeat of their view, their cool-
ees, ud their murmnrs. Thither amid the heats
of summer, Madune de la Tour, Muarret, Vir-
ginia Paul, and myself sometinee rp d, and
dined beneath the shadow of the rock. Virginia,
who always directed her mot ordinary actains to
the Iao o thes, avr ate of say fruit without
p the seedor kenel inl he round. 'From
t,' dd she, trees will eome, which will give
eir to s me traveller, or t least to sone
bl. One day hv e of the paew fruit,at
tim eat of eu rok Ae p ed the seeds. Soom
ter emsr pew p ae up*, W moq which was
Me that yielded bu. ThI b d ris but a
litle Af r the grmed at the time oft V Is de
p~aie; but is powth bef rapi in dte ce
of two y, li Lad tald w edy tof hit,
ad the upper part of li wra aelnled wih
sevel lyn oftl ripe ft Paul having wsdeed
to tht spot, ws delighted toMe tt this lof
tre had mee fro the mall seed plafd by

beloved f ed; ht Ut as emati miUmy we
iLe to a deep melahbol, at thi evldee memr
l .a shee. The ojecb which weomr l .
h. t mned u f the npktty od Hf; tMr
dcfe aIanWMbly with ovealv-e0; Mut t"dos ek
we behold geak, air hig for s r lost
iWht ofdth# hipr e powmedrh wt the idea
o thatt swifts with whk tle d efr days
fowa oe. Pal was ao lens owwbdmed sud al
reted at the sight of thi pt w be*, loaded
with fit thb Is the tIa wir,, Ar a leb
abseese bn is oa csueery, be hdet hi
eolposemrM, but thbi ehild, whbm e le*
at the breast and whbm be -ee beeme thers
orf *ati Phm row etm thought of hwlt
dowI th t ee wMich recalled to rn m
dlbretd Imae f that legtLh rof me wh a
elped Ltc the aputm e Thiiak. bum.
timr, oe emlthlg It Ma u mBBieurhr bne
htre. ..he tsd It truck, .d a u ad
in ter of the ost paMsoieuiapifUide
I hae gaed ape It with mWmedmtW sad
more vertin them pn he rimphal mabseh
"At the foot of thi papsw I was always uma
meet with Pal whbm i esme ho ew a-r r-
hood. Om day, wham I b emd M rir m
masldely, we had a emvemetm, wbi I wil
ele b ye if I do not weary r"m by my law
dlpulam puhapa pemdomhe to my oaged my
"Puht mtome,'I I vwymbu. Msd-
emoslle de Torw hMow e m tswe yon
and two moao; and we hI ved U d f a of
her mfr e ml fi mad two werh Se Lb.
ad I poor. bo ha Higeie m. I hLave

p t miEd to fellow hmr. I will a to F rh o; I
irll serve the king; make a forue ad them
Mdmoiselle do I Tour's eat will betow he
ei upona m whe I shall have boo a great
'Boty dr frlead, A' I werod, 'ove y
ot told me th you s e not of obl birth '
*"My m er has told o so,' aid Pul. 'As
or yelf I now not what moble bihth ma.'
bkcare birth,' I replied, n Frnace sate ou
all sars to grat employmets: nor ca you
avo be ecerod among any distingushod body
of anS.'
"' How unirtuate I m!' Ismed Paul: every
= (eglss mo. I a rCo ond= d to wsrutA *y
ie lfe in labor, if om VirU ,' Audhe
hoed a deep lh.
." 81oi e hIr ne o'i,' he addd, wll only give
ber Ia mariarl to owi ac s with a pi sme, by
the d of study we become wie ad ncoobatad
I will yA the to study; I will aequ cioes;
I will ser my co PtLy 4 %b7y Iattin.
meats; I shall ba idpMtd ihI become
renowned; and my go will belong only. to
M !y o! alets are il more m n then birth
orieula, an doubtdy a hetimae good,
of which oth e das rl l sl and which every
whreM cmiats iWo estea. But tihy oat
dar: thuy arn rllyll to xqAilto eul-
bility, wh S s it pasur lieal
Bt you toll m tm t yo would me dild
H who. ian the soil which he lutivalv, draws
forth one ad lidnal seaf of com, Mr m akind
mre thea he who reeste tb with a book.'
Oh he the' claimed 'who platd

thi ppawtre, made a prMest to the bhttM b
ofthe orst mt dear MA more useul thum if h
had git thienm ol .' And saing the te
hiu a, be khimed k wlb uan t
"'Ah! I des der, only h remamd, '
confer It upooa Vln Iud redher d r to thL
whole Valiav yBt a, who know as mee
tell mef we sall U er mad. I wlh I we
at IMst earned enough to look hio Aity. Vit
gidla must come bik. What ned hasu eof
rleh reltion rhew was o hp in thos huts.
beautiful, and aso wll drMdwitih a red hd
chieforf ownered her head! BRetars,V
gini! lave yo la your plendor
turn to the rsel, wtb l ade our woods
our cocon trees! Alau! you are, raL M,
py!' And be bqguete wp. ,! sea
coal noting ohe m. If ym canot tell
whether I lry TVigbnkor so, tell me, a
least if she still loves me mid those peat lo
who speak to the ldn, d o to her.'
"'Oh my dear ti,' fawered, I m
that she love yT, a seral moess; bat
above all bre se Is vi tuous.' At those
words be ,hw himself upo my meek Ia tam
port of oy.
"One *what.'sol beIdo yem mtderand bi
'"MT Me' to you, rbwho r t r hall
b leaborlMemlstt d.e tue tacis
enrwlah we e for thied of ther nd
with tih te ti"U o--f t ud.'
* Oh lMw r aoi i M derld he, I VIq
Is! Vhrtue md her fok r rieee, that sil
mlhl pt bedevelWete. VTiht led her t
6f6nks this land, ad viaes will ing br ack.

The idea of her mar return fire his iuMtln
md his laquitudes maddely vealUe Vi .,
he wua piradd, had m wite became A*
would sooa urinv It took s little dim to co
fom nrope with a fair wind 'TeM he k mau -
rated the vrpeals which had made a P a of four
thouemad fi hundred lag lo In 0k thrm
month; d perhaps the ver la which Virain
hod embudmrk t mmt be longe thnwo. aBip
buildme were now ma legeaou, Sad ilorm o a -
part! He than told m of the a emun ta he k
wOuld make or her reptim of the mw habite-
tion he wold build for her, of the pUMM
surprise whh each day shiMld brt ol with
itwheM he was hi wift Lb wife Itht hope
was eetacy. 'At mt, myder fthwr,'mid t ,
'o shl them do ol mmn tha you plome.
being rich. we have a m aber of
aIgpoa who will iab fr To u. YTo hall away
live with u, and have no oer eare tbhn to emu
and joc yourself ad, his heat throbbi
with dight, Ih few to eoammoat thow auqur-
sie elentioa to his fmlly.
In a short time, how r, the mot cruel pp~r-
hasim emeoded those ohYSuir bope. o-
lInt passions wer throw th Mul In opo -
tamre. Pml rtureedtomy*deliUlagL
melancholy. uad to m. I hoer nothing fem
Virginia. Had ke left rope bhe would have -
fbed me of her depeaur Ahl the a po
which I bare hmed coimerni her a Lut t
well founded. Hr Wat ha muri d her to eam
c ts d.se, Mr oth has ohem undoe by
Slo r of rihek. la t beob which pLd
wom so well, virtue l but a subject of mmMe.
H Vd Vgiria rbee virtlos, be wim d mat hav

ravs Am. Vian IRuAL. lw
rikenl her ofthr and m. while I e Ih
in thinkld of her, fesgottn me. WUile I M
wretched, she is happy. Ah 1 that l k dihrba
me: labor becma plsAiW sod ociy ah me.
Would to hetave that war wee dehsd In dikt
I would go dtheand die.'
My so,' I uaswerd, that aeusge which
prompts us to court death Is but the eo ef a
moment, ad Is oaft eaced by the vi tope of
posthumous fatl. ThIb Is a spee of co ge
more necessary, and mor r re, which mae us
suppo rt, with wiee, and witkht pplw ,
the various veations f life; ad that tie
AinD g ad "ot u ontheik loof tMts po
tbhe wl of God, tip lei tae ouI do -=
"* Ah!' aW he *. I u th1 w wt i t
Every tbi overwhelms l distenet m.'
"'qua constant, and invarbli vitrtue,'I is
plied, 'btl not to mau.' in the midst o
nmay pmxlni, by which we re agmitatedour
son l disd ild and obscaed: hut th se a
ever-burna lamp t which we au rekindle I
flme; aud Ist i, itlamu.
Literature, my deer mo, is the gift of He-
ven; a my of that id wmhic wi ern the uni-
ver; nd whih man. inspired celestial inal.
ligaes, ha drawn down s th. Ube the su,
It e alghtp, it riol.es, M weam with a divie
flam, ind sems, In eems aert, lie the deet of
Ar, to bed all m l to e a. By the ld of
Ieratue, we rn around an A things, a plaMs,
me, and times. ByIts al we i alt papers,
uppress vice, and atv UterntaM the
daughter of heaven, who has dcnded upon esth
to a d to chau U kall hem wl
"' H rsourse tob ye book, thLe my sM.

The ages who have written bto our day, uae
travelers who have preceded us i the pth of
misfortue who stretch out a friendly had toward
, nd invite us to join their soeety, whae every
thlg se abadons us. A good book l sa good
Ah! eried Pau, I stood in no ned of books
when Vigia was here, and dw had s tudied
little as m: bat wheu se looked at me, ad call-
ed o her MMdd, t wau lmpossblefr m to bo
uash .'
"Udoebe* id ,' sid I. there I no fend so
VAr Ia u a aM a by whom we are beloved.
Th in the y games of a woman ea chum
tht dispels th* dark phantom f reaction. Upon
her es stin soft attraction uad tader cool.
dce.c What y b t hightM d in which she
bases I What is not u ent by her smiles
What aner can rest bhe tars Virgini will re
turn wit moe philosophy etan yao, and will be
srprisednot o fd t te gaiden dfinhed; he who
thoughtof its m ellIIte amid the pnsec-.
tios of her ant, and ir from her mother nd from
Y The idea at Vragini's "dy re ntun reanim-
ted her lover' core, ud he* n his ps*
teral sa tio: h app mid his tolls, in the
silaostm that theyr w l find a trminabso so
de t thti wish e oi his hrt.
*The 9k of DMembr 774, at brek of day,
Paul, wh nbhe aos, pae da white flq hois
ed upon th Mountain of Disovry, which was the
signal of a vessel described at He flew to the
towa, in order to lea ths vessel brought any
tidings of Virginia, und wad till he return of the
pilot, who had ge asusul to vi the ship. The

pilot bromgh the governor ianfor that the
veael was the Sad Gem, of seven htunda tons,
commanded by a captain f th ntame d Aubth
that the ip wau ow.for Igues out at M a, aaJ
would senhr at Pat Louib _e following aftW
noom, ifthe wind was fv ble: t preset there
ws a calm. The pilot them mr-lld bithe govet-
no a number of letter from France, aaog whle
was 0 addressed to Madamede laTour la
hd-.writ of dViyini. Pul Ml2ed uopon
ar, ki with timrpoar, plud it hiM bko-
om, and lew to the plastN. No omr did be
perceie from disance the fmly. who wre
waiting b returnupo the Farwell oek, than
he waved the tleer In the air,Ithout havin the
power to speak; and intatly the whole ll
crowded rind Madamo de is Toa to hear d.
Vigin a lnorme her motlhr that 6h bad ullAed
much ill treamest from her amd, we after having
in vain urWd her to neur st ha ieeltion,
had dislaerMited her; ad st e t br m beek
at sah a eemn of the year, itht We ms probably
reach the Mauriies at the very per d of the hu-
ricane. In vain, she added, hbed endeavod
to sot he r sant by epmntng what sbe owed
to her moth, and to the habli o b er early years:
shedbeeen treMed a ase matlegir, whe head
wa turned by novels. At pret se aid sh
could think of thi butt trse port of aa
seeing and embraci beloved d fAily, ead
she would have natM ed this deIres w1h of her
heM that very day, if the captai would have
pitted har to embuk in tbh pilot' beat; but
that he had opppoed her Iuoga o eouatf the
db tance fem t e shoe, fk i well in theocamB
otwithaltditg t was l a a.

*Seea y was the ltr finish .whii th
whole bUll, tepoartd with jy .ented, 'Vir.
ain L rrivd !' d em.l re ad smu v Mnre -e.
e~ed ech other. Mad&am de Is Tour adto
Ptl,' My oe, po m inform our maekhr of
Vgrg~isls arrival.1' D(omilngo Olmd<& lighied
a tobh, I d e a Pul bhst thdr wy toward my
It was about te at kt, and I was goito
extingu e my lamp, wbah rceiedi tduivot
paoides of amy t a ht i the wooda. I oeo,
Shadl dI myJself, when Paul, half wid,
and "ad fo breath, oe ,a kmtri,
' Come *I tom a.T I, : a l
Iet us to to Pont: t6 ; wll uechbr a
fan dnty.'
"We isutly d of. As we were travmi
the woods of tB Slopig Moutal, u wm -
mdy on the read wbh led d fom the Shaddoek
Grov t the Pen, I heMd somn oa walking be-
hied ua. Whe teo persn who was a Mro., aad.
who advanced with bty otp, had read I
aquirel fLro wbmen bac e w ud whither
was going with nUoh dtlo. He Anrd, 'I
com hm e ht purtb isuld Gull m Gode
Dest and am M o toh Pot, to inform UM gover
mor:stst aip hoe hLas anchored upo tbh
Isud of ASr, s MAS of dtre, hr the
seaM ls very Itamy.' HAg said this, the- -s
left no, and p ur his josyy.
Lt un go God I to 0 a+, toward t Mt
of the ua, m Madt Viria. It iL aolyt
lseumse fi hwene' A ecdi we beat our
course thiter. T' hbat was fotd. T
mooa had risen, d It u acompased y thLee
lap black circle. A dimal duo hroed

the lry; but -tIe fatquent Labsh of di.
ooved lg chain of thick elaeds low
hInag, and bpd tgibw ovnr the of *i(
slt, ahaIt rtied with Mrt MWly fhem
the oaseea,b we felt s dh th or wind
pon the a. a w walked di, wtoelbt
we bhrd pLd othnder; bt, ater ll
Umowe Mtuifiy. we faum d y were th Md
distant esome eptMd b th eebhos. ThMe
Wand, Joinabm the tmpetuou aspect r
hesves, made meMddr. Il had litadobt that
the wre igals of disres. am a hp IN d&a-
C. l hala hbwr thL Afringcwud I ht
e alime Me mo tha tL9 diml semis
which h hed r
"We hmeed on wmhout uttwa w, or
ur o ommumieat our nMbr IAt
ld1 we *ivdrd on the Ml~ ad i t tlt f
oeiad. bUllow broke skpaMt theoMh
wit honsibe ole, oer the Ms uad the
strnd wih their foIm or a dU whtlmes,
bitesd wkth ,mik or fn.. itr ft o W.,,
blended wieh s otthitile.Mlft t duaIbO bu
am, the cam" do tIt w they e d
mr efr upon the ia d.
SNeer the ahor, at the en~au ef a wee, we
mw a fre, rmoud which ms l df tihe Ihrbbba
were snewed. ltHherwe ueiedi ie It
p oun ves till dmou O-w o te eOth
nhdo, tb in the a~ftbm e had ee veMel
driveaowrd the land bTLe ecunts; that th
niht hdbid b&It fhbli vew; and that two bkar
i&r Mat e hd bed tke brif f gmr m di-
tr~; but that e se was so te o, n bheat
could venture out; that shat time et, be
thought he pereived the gilmmed of the watch-

ligut a board the ver d, whh be feared, by its
hving a oahed o s.er the ouet, khd Ited
bktwe n B maim land the mlttu Uld of Am
her, mistaking it for the poli of Endeavr, near
whio te veels po hin order to an Prt Loui.
f thiO was th csse, which, howser, he could not
=Im, dthe p hbe ppbie d wu rnn net damer.
AaoLthr iandr U n Word us, t he had Te-
mtin maomed tih chimn which pntes the
Ie Amber from ti e coa and whi he had
sounded; tat the b anchae was good, ad tlt th
ip would e e in k s greu t security if
were i harbor. A thid luider declared it was
inporsble tr the p to eater that cbanne, whi
wu scarely narvb for a boat. He asserted
tht le had me tr vel at anchor beyond the
is of Amber; so that f the wind Mu s in the
.or~~. eeld either put to or gain the hr-
nr. Oiffwal opios wen iredated"o thil
waect wbleb, whi those lMlotlet Col cam.
lyabusss Pduf and I s rbwveda &ad
w-We remind as thi "M 9ti"l Bnr day
who the wther was too haby to admit of oua
dtil- b any objc at sea, which was over
wkh Au we could d r was a duk loud
which i tb N wu the Ie of Ambe, at the
EM a quarter af Ie fkorm the oast.
We mould only dien m this iloomy dT the pol
Sthe beah where we rood, aud tbh p of sme
moali aI the d aterior ~u of the Iand, rial
ocemasinaly fom amid clooads whic hun
auod them.
"At seven in the mrmn g we beard the beat o
drums n the woods; and soon aftw the gom or
Monsieur de Is Boardomdal, anivedon hor b back
bfllwed by a detachmet of soldier armed witd

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