Group Title: Springs of the Aucilla, Coastal and Waccasassa Basins
Title: Springs of the Aucilla, Coastal and Waccasassa Basins in Florida
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Title: Springs of the Aucilla, Coastal and Waccasassa Basins in Florida
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Hornsby, David ( Author, Photographer )
Ceryak, Ron
Publisher: Suwannee River Water Management District
Place of Publication: Live Oak, Fla.
Publication Date: 2000
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[year of publcation] Suwannee River Water Management District
[source text]

The Suwannee River Water Management District has made this publication
available to the University of Flonda, on behalf of the IMLS grant Linking
Flonda's Natural Heritage, for purposes of digitzation and Internet
distnbution Prnted copies may be obtained from the Suwannee River
Water Management Distrct (http //wwwv srwmd state fl us/contactus html)

Under the Statutes of Florda (FS 25705, 257105, and 377075), the
Suwannee River Water Management Distrct (Live Oak, FL), as a division
of state government makes its documents public ( e ,prrlxshed) and extends
to the state's official agencies and libranes, including the University of
Flonda's Smathers Library, mted rights of reproduction

Contact the Suwannee River Water Management Distrct, Live Oak, Florida
for additional information and permission

Springs of the Aucilla, Coastal,
and Waccasassa Basins in Florida

January 2000

Suwannee River Water Management District
Department of Water Resources
9225 County Road 49
Live Oak, Florida 32060
(904) 362-1001
FL Toll Free (800) 226-1066
www.srwmd.state flus


Sprngs of the Auciila, Coastal, and Waccasassa Basins in Fonda

David Hornsby, Water Qualty Analyst
Ron Ceryak, Hydrogeologist

Photography by Davd Homsby



John D Carver, Chairman
M Howell Wang, Vice Chrainan
Suzanne Colson, Secretary/Treasurer
Keiby Andrews
C Linden Daidson
Don R Everett Jr
Maceo HoweEE Jr
Davd Pope
Sylva J Tatum

JeriyA Scaborough

Davd W Fisk

Kir R Webster


Over 27 years ago, the Spnngs of Florda, a classic reference on spnngs by Jack
Rosenau, was published This publication attempts to honor the quality and sprint
of that publication by bringng together information on the spnngs of the Aualla
River, Coastal, and Waccasassa River Basins that wll be of interest to scientists
and those who simply enjoy the beauty and mystique of spnngs

We would like to express our appreciation to several people who helped make his
report a reality Suzeane Richardson for her editing assistance, Cindy Boyette for
creation of the location maps and for her assistance in field locatng the spnngs,
and Donad Monroe for his assistance in field locating the springs

This report was funded under the Suwannee River Water Management Ditndt's
Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Program

Ackowledgenments i
List of Tables iv
List of Figures i
Survey Area 2
Classificaion System 2
Spring Numbenng Convention 2
Report Format 3
Physical and Chemcal Parameters Presented 4
Hydrogeology 5
Charaenstics of Springs 6
Protection of Ground Water 7
Sprng Summanes 7
Summary 7
References 10
Aucilta River Spnng 11
Taylor County 12
Coastal Springs 14
Levy County 15
Taylor County 17
Econfina River Spnng 25
Taylor County 26
Fenholloway River Spring 28
Taylor County 29
Steinhatchee River Spnngs 34
Dixie County 35
Lafayette County 38
Taylor County 40
Waccasassa River Spnngs 45
Levy County 46
Wacssa River Spnngs 49
Jefferson County 50

Appendix A -Histoncal Data for Auola Rver Spnng 61
Appendix B -Historc Data for Coastal Spnngs 62
Appendix C Historical Data for Fenholoway River Spnngs 63
Appendix D Historical Data for Stanhatchee River Spnngs 64
Appendix E Histoncal Data for Waccsassa River Spnngs 65
Appendix F Histoncal Data for Wassa River Springs 66

List of Tables

Table 1 Fi magntude Spnngs in the Suwannee Rhver Basin
Table 2 Magnitude Classification System for Spngs 2
TabEe 3 Spnng Summary by County 8
TabEe 4 Spnng Summary by Basin 9

List of Figures

Figure 1 Spnngs of the Auc a, Coastal and Waccasssa Basins 3
Figure Advanced Karst Development 7


cfs cubc feet per second
mgd mNllon gallons per day
mg milligrams per liter
SWIM Surface Water Improvement and Management
SRWMD Suwannee River Water Management District
USGS United States Geological Survey
EPA Enhvronmental Protection Agency
H2S hydrogen sufide
est Estimated
Boil Water movement on the surface caused by a spring
Poo area A small natural body of water around a spnng
Spnng A place where ground water flows naturally from rock or soil
onto the land or into a surfacewater body
Run The watercourse that emanates from a spnng
NO-N Nitrate-nitrogen
Head spring The source, beginning or upper pa of a spnng-fed stream


1 cs = 0 64 mgd
C =0 556 x (F 32)

Spnngs are valuable natural and scen i resources that have played an important
role in North Florida's history Naive Indians located their villages near sprngs
and many spnngs were used by 19' century Flondians a a source of dnnking
water, as well as a place to take a cool sim in the summer Some spring runs
were modified to funnel the water through channels to power mills Early in the
1900s, resorts were developed around sulfur springs due to the percved
medicinal effects of bashing m these spnngs Today, springs in the region
continue to attract visitors who enjoy their beauty and recreational opportunities

In spite of the historical importance of spangs to the early residents of North
Central Florida, only in recent times has the full geographic scope of the spnngs
come to light Muhofthe data in his report was co ed from asurveyof
spnngs conducted by the Suwannee River Water Management Distnd (SRWMD)
dunng 1999 As late as 1995 only ten first-magnitude spnngs had been reported
for the Suwannee River Water Management Dissict in scientific publications
(Spechler and Schffer, 1995) From a survey completed by the SRWMD in
1998, eighteen firstagnitude springs were located in the Suwannee River
Basin (Homnsby and Cerak, 1998) [Table 1] Ts 1999 survey, confirmed three
additional first-magnitude springs (Table 1) Of the 56 spnngs n ths report, 32
were previously unreported These new" spnngs were found by carefully field
surveying the nvers and tidal areas

8ie 1 i-irst-magnituoe & inis In tme _NWMUL
Name County Disaiarge fsia)
Alapaha Rise' Hamllon 608
Icietucknee Group Columbia 360
Htllon Spnnt Hamllon 243

Troy Spnr* Lafiayette 152
Hornsoby Spng* Alachua 148
Fatnouh Spnrg Suwannee 145
Fannin Sprmngs Levy 113
Wacissa Group* Jeffefson 388
Blue Spnng* Madrson 106
ALA112971- Alachua 406
Blue Hole Columba 106
Columbia Columi a 306
COL619,B1 Columna 150
Juiy Coluba117
Santa Fe Rtse Colunmba 442
GILI012973 Gllchnst 370
Bue Lafavelte 162
Lime Run Sink Suwannee 173
Wacsssa Jef feison 200
Seinhalchee Rise Taylor 350
Nutall Rise Taylor 400
Catalogd in Fefgfus et al 1947, Rosenu et al 1977orSptilelae r

The objectives of this survey were to identify as many nvenne and coastal
spnngs as possible in the survey area and to assess the water quality for general
field parameters and nitrate nitrogen (NON) concentrations

Survey Area

The survey area included the Aucilla River, Coastal Rivers (Econflna,
Fenholloway, and Sternhatchee Rivers) and Waccsassa River Basins (Figure

Classification System

Springs are classified in this report using a discharge rating system devised by
the United States Geologici Survey (USGS) in 1927 The system relates the
discharge to a range of magnitudes (Table 2) Discharge is measured in cubic
feet per second (cfs) and is reported in mitions of gallons per day (mgd)

Table 2 Magnitude Classification System for Spnngs

Magnitude Average Flow
I 100cfsormore (4gd
2 10- Dc s 6 4-64rnd)
3 1 10cs 064-64mgd
4 0-1 1fs {0 064-0 4 mgd

Spring Numbering Convention

A spnng is considered to be cataloged if it has been cited in the Spnngs of
Florida' 1947 aditio1973iion or This survey identified a large number of
uncataloged spnngs The following numbenng convention was used to denbfy
the uncataloged spnngs The identification number was denied by taking the
first three letters of the county in which the spnng was located, the date on which
the spring was located and a numeric sequence number for the order in which
the spring was locked on that day, for example, TAY616991 corresponds to
Taylor County, June 16,1999, snng number 1

A Spring

Figure 1 Spnngs of the Aucla, Coasta, and Wacsasssa Bastns

Report Format
Each spnng surveyed has an information sheet, which has the following
Spnng Name or identficatson numbers
Spnng Photo
Site Descnpton
Information Section
Other names) [if available]
Latitude and longitude
River basin
Historcal data (pnnted in appendices)
Data Secton (measured parameters)
Comment Secion (as needed)

Physical and Chemical Parameters Presented

Specific Conductance (Sq. Conductances
Conductivity is a measure of water's ability to conduct electanc current
Conducivity is measured in units of mromhos cma (pmhos cm 1), is related to
the amount of dissolved salts (ions) in the water, and is determined by using
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method 120 1 The SRWMDs surface
waters, with generally low concentrations of dissolved salts, have lower
conductivity Ground water from the Flondan aquifer system has relatvey high
concentrations of dissolved salts As ground water enters the nvers va spnngs
and seeps, the conductnity of the nver increases

pH is the negatve log of the activity of hydronium ion, which is a measure of the
acidity or alkalinty of water The pH is determined by using EPA method 150 1
The pH scale is 0 to 6 99 acidic, 7 neutral, and 7 01 to 14 basc Aquatic life is
greatly affected when the pH is below 3 or above 1

Ground waters are generally basic (ie pH greater than 7) due to dissolution of
the calcium carbonate from the carbonate rock i the Flondan aquifer system In
a natural system. pH rarely goes below 3 or above 1

Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness measured on the Celsius (C)
scale and was detennined by using EPA method 170 1

The mean water temperature for ground water (spnng water) is 22 2 "C, which is
an approximation of the mean air temperature of the region

itteNitraeNifroaen (Nitrate plus Naitite-N4trogen [NO,+NOC
Nitrate-nitrogen is a nutnent required by aquatic organisms for growth and
reproduction Concentration of pirates is expressed as milligrams of nitrogen
per iter of water (mgof NOrN L) and was determined by using EPA method
353 3 High concentrations of nitrates may create an imbalance in a natural
surfacewater system, causing algal blooms or other adverse effects Nitrate-
ntrogen concentrations that exceed the drinking water standard (10 mg of
NOLaN L1) can result in methemoglobinemia or "blue baby syndrome in infants

Discharge is the measurement of the volume of water flowing past a point
Discharge is determined by multplying the velocity of the water that passes a
point by the cross-sectional area ofthe flowing water at that point Discharge is
measured in units of cubic feet per second (cs)

Discharge measurements were conducted using ether a PnceAA or pygmy
current meter veniall axis meters) or a Global Water velocity meter

Verical axis meter measurements were conducted as described in the USGS
Techniques of Water Resources Investigations by Buchanon and Somers (199)
The measurements were conducted for velocities greater than or equal to 0 20
feet per second for the predominant number of sections in a measurement cross
second Water depth in the cross section was predominanty greater than 1 5
feet for AA meters and between 0 3 and 1 5 feet for pygmy measurements

Verticalaxis meter discharge measurements were conducted such that, as a
general rule, no partia section contains more than 5 percent of the flow in the
stream The twopoint method was used for velocity measurement in each
partial second for water depths equal to or eceding 2 5 feet Otherwise, the
six-tenths or the three-pont methods was employed as appropnateto the
instrument capabilities, velocity profile characternsics, and the parial section
depth Partial section values were then summed for a discharge total for the
crss section Measurements conducted in this manner have an estimated
accuracy range of t 5 to 15 percent of actual discharge

For the velocity meter a comparable technique was employed in that partial
sections were measured To obt ai average velocities in the part sections, the
meter was raised and lowered (4 times) in the partial section Parial section
values were then summed for a discharge total for he cross section
Measurements conducted in this manner have an estimated accuracy range of
15 percent of actual discharge


Three different aquter systems exist in the SRWMD the Fondan aquifer
system, the intermediate aquifer system and multiple surficl aquifer systems
The carbonate Flondan aquifer system is the deepest and exists everywhere
beneathtthe RWMD In the northeast portion of the RWMD, the intermediate
aquifers exist within units of the Hathom Fonration (above the FIondan) A
third aquifer, the surf ial aquifer, exists at land surface in sand that overlies
portions of the intermediate aquifer and Flordan aquifer system

A massive, thick sequence of carbonate rock underlies the entire SRWMD and
constitutes the Fondan aquifer system The majonty of the rock is lmestone,
which is calcium carbonate The remaining ock is dolomite, which is calcm-
magnesium carbonate De olote is basically harder than limestone, but has
similar hydrogeologic properties Unconsolidated material (sand or day) usually
overies the Flondan aquifer system However, once the carbonate rock is
encountered in the subsurface, it is rare to find sand or ay (except in sinkhoe
fill) ThecarbonatesoftheTertiary penod are upto2,500 feet thick in the
SRWMD and are saturated with water The potable portion of ths aqufer
generally ranges between 250 and 1,200 feet below land surface

The Flondan aquifer system extends throughout peninsular Flonda and the
southern portions of Alabama, Georga, and South Carolina t general
underlies all of the Southeastern Coastal Plan and partially extends under the
Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico (Mler, 1986)

A the zenh of the enlast ice age (approximately 13,000 years ago), sea level was
nearly 300 feet below its present alttude It was from that time to the present
that this region aquifer system filled up with fresh water As ran water
recharges the aquier system, the carbon dioxide in the ran water creates
carbonic acid This weak acid in the rain water dissolves the limestone and
creates cavtlies and caves in the aquier This results in a type of land form
Mnown as kt kar at region typically lacks well developed surface dranage
and has many sminkoles ad spnngs Also, a high percentage of rainfall will
recharge directly into the aqufer n a kart region

The Flondan aquifersystem is the water sourcefor all ofthe spnngs in this
report, as wll as the maor source of dunking water in North Central Flonda

Characteristics of Springs

There are two man physigraphic regions the SRWMD the Northern
Highlaands and the Gulf Costa Lowlands As a never decends from the
Highlands in the orherast, it cus throul the aofitig sedirien~ that overie
the Flondan aquifer system Spnngs can occur in he SRWMD whenever the
potentiometnc surface of the aqufer extends above land surface and there is an
opening for the water to escape through Once in the Lowlands, the nvers have
eroded down into the limestone of he Flodan aquifer system Fora spnng to
flow, there must be a conduit and cavity system for the water to gather in and
flow through, and the water level in the aquifer must be higher than the water
level in the never A large quantity of ground water seeps into the never via the
banks, nverbed, and spnngs The advanced karst development in the rver
orrdors exhibits well developed underground drainage The overburden has
collapsed into snkholes, caves have formed, and a poron of ground water flows
through well developed conduits Spnngs are the outflowfrom the conduts
(Figure 2)

Figure 2 Advance Karst Development (Lane,1994)

Spnngs are indicators of the overall quality of the ground water of the region that
contributes to their flow The adivities of humans on the land surface can greatly
affect the quality and quantity of ground water Pollutants generated by human
activities can move into the ground water For example, sinkholes are often
referred to as go-away holes and are used for the disposal of unwanted items
that can pollute the drinking water

Spring Summaries

The distributon of springs by county is shown in Table 3 Each county has a
listing of the totat numberof spnngs, number of previously cataloged springs,
number of first, second, third, and fourth magnitude spnngs, total flow in cfs and
mgd, ntrate-nitrogen concenration range, and the number of spnngs in each
nver basin The distbution of spnngs between never basins is given in Table 4
Each never basin has a sting of the total number of spnngs, number of previously
cataloged spnngs, number of firs, second, third, and fourth magnitude spnngs,
total flow n cfs and mgd and nitrate-nitogen concentration range


There were 56 spnngs identified in this survey and 24 were previously cataloged
There are 3 first-magntude, 29 second-magnitude, 17 third-magnitude, 4 fourth-
magnitude, and 3 spnngs were not visited due to lack of access The rate-

nitrogen concentraions ranged from <0 01 to 0 65 mg L The spngs discharge
a combined estimated total of 1730 27 ds or 1107 38 mgd

Tabe 3 Spnng Summary by County

Count Dim Jefferson Laayee Levy Tylor
Total Numb 4 16 2 4 3
Preiousy 0 112 9
S~ 1 -2
1 13 2 13
3 2 2 10
4" 2
TotalFlow(cfs) 4978 53242 1 5319 1093BB
Total Flow mgd) 31 6 340 74 064 3404 700 1
Range 0 09to <00lo <002to 00 02o <0 02o
Niral-N mgL' 026 039 006 065 03
Aucilla 1
coastal 1 12
Fenholloway 9
Steinhatlche 4 2 7
Waccasassa 3
Wacissa 16

Basin Aucilla Coaslal Econfna Fenholloway Stinhatclhee W Wacissa
Total Number 1 13 1 9- 13 3 16
previously 4 5 2 2 11

2 9 1 1 3 2 13
S4 4 6 1 2
4,1 3
Total Flowcfs) 400 21972 6 2593 49801 48 19 53242
Total Flowmgd) 256 14062 3S4 166 31873 3084 34075
ange 008B <002 o <002 <002to <002to 003lo <001l
NItrale-N(mgoL 007 038 026 065 039

Buchanon, Thomas and William Somers (1969) Techniques of Water
Resources Investigations of the United States Geologica Survey, Book 3
Chapter A8, Discharge Measurements at Gaging Statons, United States
Department of the Interor

Ferguson, G E C W Lingham S K Love, andR 0 Vernon 1947 Springs
of Flonda Flonda Geoogical Survey Bulletin Number 31

Horsby, David, and Ron Ceryak, 1998 Springs of the Swannee River Ban in
Ronda, Live Oak, FL, Suwannee River Water Management Distnct, WR99-02

Lane, Ed, editor, 1994 Florida's Geogcal History and Geological Resources
Florida GeoEogical Survey Specta Publication Number 35

Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes, 1983 United States
Envronmenta Protection Agency EPA-600 4-79-020

Miller, James A, 1986 Hydrogedoogc Framework of the Flondan Aquifer
System in Roida and in Parts of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina U S
Geological Survey Professonal Paper 1403-B

Roseau, Jack C Gen L Faulkner, Charles W Handry, Jr and Robefa W Hull
1977 Spnngs of Flonda Flonda Geologica Survey Buetin Number 31

Spechler, Rick M and Donna M Schffer, 1995 Spnngs of Roida United
States Geological Survey Fa Sheet FS-151-95

Aucilla River Spring


iN 4
rm nif ciln f o id lrlnl Map acO y f rndard

Taylor County

map IN"R I P"!ioRmmlal Pag* FloWal M gni
I NutallPise No 13 401 1

Nutall Rise

The spnng is sund wounded by private properly The pool area is appforimatel 300 feet ide and
maximum depth is approximately 20 feet

Histonla Dlt
River Basin

Sp Conducanc
Nitrale nnrrogen
Discharge {)
Dsclarge {mgd)
Date sampled


Coastal Springs

doeurictcariormif tNamitia tca I.w ;1' Stilrrds
P,d diHmr(Irly~ i

Levy County

2 LEV9Th91No 15 5


bhe spnng s suniounded by posed pnvate property The spnng Is iHe Headwalers of Spring
Creek The potl area is 25 feet wide with a maxeinu depth of B feet
Ladtude 29. 11 30'
Longitude 82 59 19W
County Levy
Historic Dat. No
River Basin Coastal

Paramete,, Value
Sp Conductance 1957
pH 693
Temperature 2464
Nitrate mtrogen <002
Discdarge cs) 5 esL
Discharge {mgd) 32est
Magruide 3
Date sampled 917/99

here s a very pronounced copper-colored staoning of the bank and trees surrounding Pae spang
due to yron deposirton from the spring wafer



Taylor County


Map1 Sp*iMBmm Piow.lpalog.l Pao FloMwa MagnitUd
S Bi Yes 19 1842 2
lue Ys 19 10
4 edar island es 20 15 2
S Jab No 20 672 2
6 pg Waor Yes 21 2316 2
S AY616991 No 21 15 2
9 AY616992 N 22 3336 2
0 AY622991 No 22 50 2
7 AYBI9991 No 23 2895
S Bradley N 23 547 3
4 AY69991 No 24 364 3
13 AY69992 N 24 5


iTe spnng is located in Big Sprig Creek Widlife Management Area The pool area is
approximately 150 feet wde and maxi um deplh la approxpnately 33 feet The botUlo and
exposed limestone are covered with preen algae The water is cloudy due to the dissolved iron
The run is approximately 5 000 feet ong

Labitde 29 5B 27
Longitude 83 44 20'
County Tailor
Histoia Data. No y
River Basin Coastal

Parameters Value
Sp Conductance 61
pH 715
Temperature 21 32
Nitrale nitrogen 007
.sc iarge {c) 1842
isciharge{mgd) 1179
Magnude 2
adte sampled 6 9i9

he spnng is surrounded by posted private propety The hpoa area is approxmaely 40 feet wsde
Mth a maximum depth of 4 feet Three bils are present in the pood area There is an 2S odor
assocated wtth tie spring waler Thale w adied to Me en ieearly i95s

Lablude 29' 50' 41
Longitude 83 33d 28t
County Taylor
Historic Dati Yes
Riv,,Basin CoastaF

Parameters Value
Sp Conductance No Smple
pH No Sampe
Temperature No Sample
Nirale nrogen <002
Hischarge {es) 10 es
sclargiemgd) 4 est
Magntliude 2
Date sampled 9/24/9

Condud tts
Conductvity, pH, and temperature were not collened to prevent foulng of the probes by H2S in
te water

He spnng Ps sounded by private proper ly The pool area is appfoxmatel 150 feet wde and
maximum depth as approximately 7 feet which vnes wli idees The walier wlas sightly cloudy

Also known As Sandpiper
Latbiude 29 4 57T
Longitude 83 35 01O
County Taylor
Histori Data. No
River Basin Coastal

Parameters Value
Sp Conductane 23970
ph 6 B6
Temperature 2530
Nitrale ntrogen <002
Discharge cs) 15 esL
Dischiae{mgd) 96est
stagniude 2
Date sampled 6022/99


The spnng surrounded by private properly and the prcpefly is posted T1 spring forms two
pool areas each approximatelly 200 feet wide wits a meaxnlIum deplh o 4 feet

Latlude 29' 52~ 5i
Longitude 83 37, 21 AL
County Taylor
Historic P ,at. No
River Basin CoastaF

Parameters Value
Sp Conductane 256
pH 709
Temperature 24 09
Nir~le ntrogen <002
Disarge {d) 10 5 105
Discharge imgd) 672
eMagt i 2de2
Date sampled 6/22/99

Spring Warrior

she spnng is surrounded by private properly and The propey is posed The headspnng was rot
locatld due to lack of access The sprig forms fhe head waters of Sp rng Warrior creek

Historina DOat.
River Basin

Sp Conductance
Nitrale nitrogen
Discharge cs)
Discharge {mgd)
Date sampled

There s a very pronounced copper-colored slaying of the bank and
due to ron deposition from the sping water


The spnng is located approximately 300 feet southwest of the mou h of Spnng Warrior creek in
The Gulf of Mexico There is a bol approxiatel 3 feet mameter associated wh this spring

Ladtude 29 55' 09'
Longitude 83 40' 56'
County Taylo
Hilstoel Oate No
Fver Basin Consea

Sp Conductance
Nitrale ntroge
Discharge {ods)
Discharge {mgd)

S-.- "


The spnng surrounded by private property and e properly is pod Thespring is a t~butary
of Litle Spring Creek

Lantiade 29d 5t 43

County Taylor

RiverBasin CoastaL

Sp Conductan"e 413
pH 640
Temperaure 21 06
Nirale nitrogen 007
Discharge {ds) 33 3Ei t3
Discharge {mgd) 2135
Magniude 2
Datesampled 61699 h e I *

Here is a very pronounced copper-colored slaining of the bank and trees surrounding thie spnng
due to iron deposition from the sng waler


The spnng s surrounded by private property arnd til property is posed There are two spring
vents associated wli this spnng system The upper spnng had a discharge of 1 29 ca The
combed discharge was an estimated 50 cs There s a oil associated withi te upper spnng
wtich is approximately 2 feet in diameter

Laitude 29 52' 24'
Longitude 83 37' 321
County Taylor
Historic Oata. No
River Basin Coastar

Parameters Value
Sp Conductan"e 372
pH 711
Temperature 2128
Nitrade nirogen <0 02

lDischarge {mgd) 32 est

Date sampled 622/99 *

The spnng is surounded by private properly and the property is posd The spring is a tibutary
of Sweet Water Creek A boil is present is approximately feet in diamiler The pool area s
approximately 0O leel wide with a maximum depth of 3 PeeL

As Known As Jif Isand
Laiudi 29e 5' 47
Longitudt &3H 36, 3T

Histola Dt No
ranv EB.sr. CatISl

PairamIr, Value
SpCo nductace
pH 712
Temperati u 2
lrale nat 003
share 28 95
Dischai e 8mgd)153
Mag od 2O
atde sampled

There is a very pronounced copper-colored caning of the banR and trees surroundig te spring
due to on deposit from the spng waler


A public parkasuronds ie sprg Thepool has been enclosed in the past for bathing There s
an HS odor associateed l te spnng waler

Latid. 29' 42 Off
Longitude 83 24a 4
County Taylor
Historic Oata. No
RiverBasin Coasta

Sp Conductance No Sample
pH No Sample
Temperature No Sample
Nraentrogen 002
.schia rg (chs) 547
Discthaige(mgd) 350
ate sampled 2239

ConductvitOpH and temperaturewre not collected to prevent young of the probes by HS in
te water

ihe spnng ,s located In a dal salt marsh near Big Spg ceek A bol is present ht is
approxwntely 2 5 feel n diameter

Latide 29 5811
Longitude 83 44 43
County Taylor
History Daa. N
River Basi CoastaL

ParsmTete Value
Sp Conductance 23 699
pH 699
Temperature 22 67
NiralenItrogen 006
Dscharge ds) 5est
isc~harge{mgd) 32est .
MagnItude 3
Date sampled 6/999


ise pnnhg s located I a dall sart marsh near Big Spnng creek

Latide 29 58 14
Longitude 83 44' 47
County Taylor
Histoi Data. N
River Basin Coastal

Paramete Value
Sp Conductanc 8754
pH 744
Temperature 21 B7
Nitrale nitrogen 0 05
D Msch.argds) 364
Dsc~arge mgd) 233
Date sampled 6/22/99

Econfina River Spring

Nl S
Thismpw asoas prepare inlini suarmes and
1.01 rtf cohnlm Io Ninon.1M A. rry k..sandlds

Taylor County

19 I 2 1

3 AY730991No 27 52

Spring fow is ro a fracture approiaely 4 feet long in the riveted
adjacenl to hie spnng A b.o is present with a diameter of 4 feet

Histona Dta
River Basin

Sp Conductan
Nitrale nnarogen
Discharge {)
Dsclarge {mgd)
Date sampled

Fenholloway River Springs

SRoads /


!aylor County

19 221

71 S-3


Map* aImnB Nm PI ioHmulpaol PagI Flow al MgniUt
6 Woo Greek R No 30 1655 2
17 Fosoin No 30 2 3
20 aldo Yes 31 317 3
I9 TAY924991 No 31 1 3
8 FAY924993 No 3 3 3
21 Hampton Yes 32 0213 4
22 CmpGround Yes 33
23 Caton Yes 33
24 E.ing Yes 33

ibe spohigs swune b plstafiounde by private apropertyi Teldmhe polae sapoa#7 e iewt
maximum da lsep the rofet Thildr gea ruam n is flg ledMIgen@aetu la

Histola Dta
River Basin

Sp Conductan
Nitrale nrrogen
Discharge {5)
Dsclarge {mgd)
Date sampled

A lr puhh parkmd suronds thloies spn~ig Th imarp~ ool ardoea eevssorwtfiptan sdsdt
swiimngiie Thepoo area and runw creih wu~woanleis coverdwtdukedadilnnteale

Histo Dita
River Basin

Sp Conductance
Nirale ntrogen
Dischaege |ls)
Discharge mgd)
Dae sampled


he spnng is located in a public park The pool area is approxmalely 75 feet wide and was
covered wth duckweed The run is approximately 100 feet long

Lafiude M30 02 56'
Longitude 83' 37 4T
County Taylor
Histoln Data yes
Rjv Baslin CoastaF

Sp Condueance e30 -
pH 7065
Temperature 22 34
Nirale nirogen 006
Discharge cs) 317
Dscharge {mgd) 2 03
Maginlude 3
Dae sampled 615/99

here is a vry pronounced copper-colored slaning of the bank and trees surrounding te spnng
due to iron depositon rom the spng water


he spnng a surrounded by private property Te pool area water level was raied by to 1 5
fel due to a beaver dam across the run

Latdide 30 06~ 29
Longitude 83 3T 38"
County Taylor
Historin Daa. No
River Basin Coast

Prameter Value
Sp Condilfance No Sample
PH No Sample
Temperature No mple
Nirale nitrogen 003
schairge (cs) I est
isc harge {mgd) 064 est
Magedude 3
Date sampled 924/99


The spnng is located in the bed of Spnng Creek There are Iwo bIls assocated wtih this spring
The creek channel around the spnn filled th hdnil

Lad de M0 06 29
Longitude 83t 37 41
County Tal
Histori Daa. No
River B.asin. cost

Parameters ale
Sp Conduance N Sample
pH No Sanple
Temperature No Sample
Ntrale nitrogen 026
schage ) 3 est
aisctarge mgd) 1 9 est
nate sampled 9/2499

Conducvity pH and temperature were ro collected to prevent fouing of the probes by H2S in
the water


The spring s located on the bank of Spnrig Creek There s a strong T2S odor assoated weat
te water The area around mie spnng was developed into a hoel and resort and was
surrounded by concrete to create a sw nmiing poI and ba g area

Ladiude M. 04' 53"
Longitude 83" 3946V
County Taylor
Historic Data yes
River Basin Coastar

Parameters Value
Sp Conduance No Sample
pH No earth
Temperature No Sample -
Nirale nitrogen <0 02
schage s) 0 213
rsc~arge mgd) 0 136
Magruinde 4
bate sampled 6/9/99

Condvity pH and temperature were rot collected to prevent Poung of the probes by H2S in
Hre water

Other Known Springs

i Spg Latitude Lon tie Histocal Data
Cariton 3003 29 83 35 15" Yes
Camp Ground 3 04 'W 33 33 14" No
Eng S0 04 26 3 39' 576 No

Steinhatchee River Springs



N d
This Wish ~b*Is P i hshashsa Puph
dift 'It thst WNW Wi i Ai i

Dixie County


1 ni uni r -" cr'" inforl dw<- n ..or NJIT I I..ld1a 'I] rii \ =l.-p-r-.]


Nap SitiMlNum Paiowa.llaog.d Pag'# Flo[fs] Magniaut
25 DIX625993 No 36 35 35 2
28 DIX625991 No 36 6 74 3
21 DIX625992 No 37 1
26 D1X625994 No 37 669 3


The spnng Hows trom the base of a lime rock outcrop The spnng waler has a velloAwsh-brown

Histona Data
River Basin

Sp Conducan
Nitrale nirogen
Discharge {)
Dscharge {mgd)
Date sampled

SRWMD lands surround e spng
apprmxmately 4000 feet ong

Histo Dita
River Basin

Sp Conductance
Nitrale nitrogen
Dischaige {cs)
Discharge {mgd
Date sampled


Puble lands surround Ihe spring There isan HS odor associated wii spring waer

Historia Data
River Basin

Paramete n
Sp Conductance
Nirale nrogen
Discha~re {cds
Discharge mgd)
ate sampled

Conducvitly pH and
Ihe water


Private pmWpery surrounds the spng The run is approx"nately 0 feePt long The spnng flows
from lie base of a time rock outcrop

Latiude 29 40' 33
Longitude 83" 21 50&
County Dale
Histo ia Data No
River Basir Coastal

Paramete,, Value
Sp Conductance 8030
pH 731
Temperature 245
Nirale nitrogen 026
Disclarge cs) 669
DschargePmgd) 428
Magiiude a
Date sampled 62599

pieces of poulle jars
of water in the past

were found in ha e spnng mn The spring was apparent use for a source


Lafayette County

/ Roads

Yes 30 0 5
21) rp~nYes 38 05 4

he spnng is located in a pubic par The spnng has ben enclosed to ceate a baking po
There is a strong H2S odor associated Aiti ile spnng water

Histona Data
River Basin

Sp Conducance
Nilrale nitrogen
Discarge {d1s)
Discarge {mgd)
Date sampled

Sp Conductance
Nirale narogen
Discharge {ds)
Discharge {mgd)
Date sampled

ConducHvituy pH and
ir water

Taylor County

S fl Steinbatche

S Stemhatdee Rse 41 350 1
33 AY625993 N41 15
32 AY76992 No 4 74 2
34 a No2 T7 3
36 AY625991 N 33 3
35 AY7991 N43 4
37 AY625995 4 0 4

Steinhatchee Rise

SRWMD lands surround te sping The pnng discharges lannc colored water (blackwater)

Ladtiude 29 46' 1e
Longitude 83 19, 30,
County Taylor
Histori ODat. No
River Basin Coestal

Paramete, Value
Sp Conductianc 21
pH 671
Temperature 25 5
Nitrate nirogen 0 03
Discharge chs) 350 est
Cischarge {mgd) 224 est
Magidude 1
Date sampled 71/99

Coma nta,
Ths spnng a the re-emergence of the Stenhailchee River, which goes underground
approximately 3 miles upgradient of the spring


The spring flows from a fracture in tie nverbed, lvtch is approxomately 6 feet tong A boils
presenithi a ldameter of appfoximately3 feeL There is an H2S odor associated wi the spring

Lad Ude 29' 43 53
Longitude 83" 20' 47IT
County Taylor
Historia Ota No
River Basin Coenstal

Paramete, Value
Sp Conductdance No Sample
pH No Sample
Temperature No Sample
Nirate nirogen <002
Dfscharge chs) 15 est
Cischarge mgd) 96est
Magnitude 2
Date sampled 6b25n99

Com enta,
Cchnductvity pH and temperature were iot colleited to prevent fouhing of the protes by H2S in
the water


SRWMD lands surround ie apnng The pool aea is approximately 60 feetde The run is
approximately 1,500 feet tong

Lau ude 29" 45' 41
Longitude 83" 20' 0F
County Taylor

Rivr Basin CoastaF

Parameters Value
Sp Condueancn 502
PH 712
Temperature 2092
Nirame nitrogen <002
Discharge cs) 7498
Discharge mgd) 4798
Magntude 2
Date sampled 716/99

There is a rronounced copper-coored staining of the bank and trees surording the spring due
to iron depostt lon from lie sprng water The tun has been mosfled in the past to accommodate
a wa er powered mdut


The spnng s sirrounded by private property The pool area is lined with concrete arnd Ie poot
area is approximately 60 feet wide A bod is present aend ie maximum depth isB feeL The water

Longitude 83 23 57
County Taylor
Historic MO No
River Basinh Coasta

Sp Condutance se

Temperature 21 77
Nitraes ntrogen <002
Disthrge pce) 1 72

Date sami ed &/25/9

Historic Data
River Basin

Sp Conductance
Nirale nitrogen
Discha~re |cs)
Discharge mgd)
Date sampled

The spnng is turrunded by private proper
is present wth a diameter of 1 foot

- -
r.wr :

a A

Histonr Dita
River Basin

Sp Conducance
Nitrale nirogen
Discharge as)
Discharge mgd)
Date sampled


THe spnng flows thon a smalr cave at the base of the rveftank There is a H2S odor assoaaled
with the sping water

LatiUde 29 44G 0a
Longitude 83' 20' 49'
County Taylor
HistoDri t No
River Basin Costai

Paramnete, Value
Sp Conductance No Semprle
pH No Sampe
Temperature No Sam pe
Nitrale n rogen 002
Dschargedcts) 02 est
Discharge mgde) 0 13 est
Magirmde 4
Cnte sampled 6299

Conductvity pH and temperature were not colIbted to prevent fouhing of the probes by HS in
the water


Waccasassa River Springs


* Spring


N l i p^L
Ta" "plai m[ptspeiare lartrit::niaiaonalp poslesand
IoB mB conrtint dID llon Min- p Ac raylmB it S l~rdi

Levy County


4 ekiva Yes 47 26 28 2
5 L-EV719991 No 47 15 2
56 Blue Yes 48 6 1


The spnng is suoiiunded by private property and he propely is posled The spring water has a
tduish color The areetwo b present The main poo area is approimaty 10 fee ide
The run is approximately 70 fee long

Lastide 29. 16' 4
Longitude 82 39 27
County Levy
Historic ata. yes
Rier Bain Wa ccasassa

Parameters Value
Sp Conuduance 194
pH 705
Temperature 229
Niralenitrogen 043
Discharge (cts) 2628
DCscharge mgd) 1682
Magnaiide 2
Date sampled 7//97. .


e spnng s susn ounded by private property and te properly is posted Te pool area is
appmaxnately 100 feet wide wh, a maximum depth of 12 feet A bdl is present with a diameter
of 3 feet The waler has a buish color

Latiude 29" 27' 3
Longitude 82 414 r 4

RivrBasin Waccasassa

Parametersn Value
Sp Conductanc 21 7
pH 703
Temperature 2238
NiralenItrogen 003
ischargeele ) 15est
discharge mgd) 93 est
Magnitude 2
Date sampled 7/1999

ihe spnng s located in a ou pi and an enranc fee is reqred The pool area is
appmoxiately 230 feet wie wil a maximum depth of 15 fee

Histona Dta
River Basin

Sp Conductanc
Nitrale nitrogen
Dsc~arge {a )
Dscharge {mgd)
Date sampled


Waclssa River Springs

N r
hmlps~l~lA ~mru~Rm

Jefferson County



42 41
.* 43



,/\/ Roads


iMap* aImn iNum PmiowulHrafla Pa Flowal MgniU.
38 acis Yes 52 200 1
39 Bg Ys 52 446 2
40 lue Yes 53 0 2
41 zesLog Yes 53 15 2
42 assida Yes 54 44 36 2
43 amer Yes 54 10 2
44 Hre Head Yes 55 15 2
45 Log Yes 55 50 2
46 Minnow Yes 56 15 2
47 Fhoa s y56 m 2
t JEFg6991 No 57 10 2
4 JEF63992 No 57 10 2
so EF63993 No 56 25 2
49 JEF4991 N 5 40
5a Yes 59 881 3
53 EF312991 No 59 465 3

A county park surmunds the spring The pool area ts approximatey 150 feet pwoe fahl a
maximum depth of14feet There ae series of ree bs assorted wth spnng The poul
area of the spring Is fied with hydnl

Lat ide 30 20' 25Y
Longlitude 83 59' 2
County Jefferson
Hisltori Data. No
RiverBasin Ailla

Parameters Value
Sp Conductance 2B1
pH 7 58
Temperature 2062
Nnitrale nitrogen 39
CLscharge s) 200 et
Cisc~arge {mgd) 128 esL
Date sampled 614/99


ms spnng is suTounded by private properly The pool area is approximate 150 feetw ide wih
a maximum depof31 feet A blls present wth a dameer of ee The waler has a bish
color e spnng formstoruns each approxnate450 feet long The n and shallowareas
of the pool area are filled wth hydtra

Also Known As Big Blue
Lat 30de 30 1w, 3
Longlitude 83 59' 05
County Jefferson
Historic Data yes
uver Basin Auca

Pararmiter Value
Sp Conductance 2B1
pH 735
Temperature 2015
Ntlrale nirogen 0 17
Cfsc~arge{cs) 446
Discharge (mgd) 28 54
Magrulude 2
Date sampled 3/1999-

Prvale land suiounds the spnng The pool area is approximate 60 feet wide wit a nmaxeuin
dep of 15 feel A boil is present mw a diameter of approximately 2 feet The run is
approximately 400 fe ong The pool aea and run are filled wat hydrlla diceed, and oter
aquatic weed

Latdudet 30b" 19 5do I
Longitude 83" 59 20
County Jefferson
Histori Data. Yes ,
River Basin AUitla

Parameters Value
Sp Conductane 2c3
pH 779
Temperature 20 30
Nitrele nitrogen 026
Dischage edit 10,1
DCscharge{mgd) 64esL
MagM de 2
ate sampled 319 9

Buzzers Log

1he spnng s sund wounded by private propery There are two pool areas assoc.aed with tie
sping system Each is approximately 12feet wde a maximum depthof 5 feet Aboil
pesn in each pol area th a dialer of 3 feet The run is approximately 450 feel ong The
run and pool area are iled with hydna

Laiude 30" 19 4, h
Longitude 83P59'07 D
County Jefferson
HistoriM ata. No
RiverBasin AUi oa

Parameters Value
Sp Conductanc 26
pH 779
Temperature 2041
Nitralenitrogen 025
Discharge {s) 15esl
DCsc~arge{mgcd 96esL
MagM de 2
ate sampled 319 9

Pnrvale land sufounds Te spnng The pool area is approximately 60 feet wide wit a maximum
deph of 29 feel Two boils are present each with a diameler of approlanately 5 feet The run s
approximately 50 eel long The pool area and run are tilled with hydrlla and other aquatic

Latitude 30" 19' 5
Longitude 83 59' 20
County Jefferson
Histri Data. N
River Basin Auila

Parameters Value ,
Sp Conductane 308
pH 757
Temperature 20 53
Nfilentrogen 028
Discharge {ct) 44 36
sscarge {migd) 2839
MagPude 2
Date sampled 614/99


e e spnng s sun unded by private properly he pool area is appfxanatel 50 eel wide with a
maximumdepthof125ieet Therun ispproxime 0 fxeeelong Ttenumrnd poolareaare
hued with hydhrlla

La lude 301 948,
Longitude 83' 58' 50
Countyr Jefferson ,
Historic Oata Yes
RiverBasin Aujlla

Sp Conductane 278
pH 7 72
Temperature 2011
Nirale nrrogen 0 17
discharge cts) 10 est
Discharge d mgd) 64 es
MagiNlude 2
Date sampled 319199

Hie spnng Ps stfunded by private property ard ihe prperly is poled The pool area is
approximately 100 feet wide winh a maximum depth of 5 feet A bl is present over a frature
The poel area and run are filled th hydi duckweed, and other aquas weeds

Latiude 30' 20 4P
Longitude 83" 59' 4a
County Jefferson
Histoeta Data No
Rivr Basin Aiuel.

Parameters Value
Sp Conduldance No Sampe
pH No Sample
Temperature No Sample
Nlrale nitrogen 0.25
discharged s) 15 t
Drsclarge mgd) 96 est
Magprlude 2
Date sampled 312/99


The spring lows from a 100-foot long fracture in h bottom of th vembed The maximum nded
of the spring s 23 feet and a bol tI present

Laside 30' 20' 25d
Longitude 83 5' 35a
C ynlrty Jeerson

Rivr ast n lAile

Parameters Vales
Sp Conductance 231
pH 755
Temperature 2023
Nitrale ntrges 035
.schairge ( cs) 50 est
rschar~e mgd) 32 est

Date sampled 319

Privale land suiounds he spnng
deplh of 5 fee A boil s present

The pool area is approximate 45 feet wide wI a maxinum
The pool are nd run are filled wdh hydnla and ofher aqua,

Histolna Dat
River Basin

Sp Conducane
Nitrale nirogen
Disc~argea {)
Discharge mgd)
Date sampled

hesprin ilows from a fracture inte bottom of he nverbed The maximum depth ofthe spring
is 17 feel There are two hbois present The I veIbed is filled wiVh hydnlla

Histoa Data
River Basin

Sp Conducance
Nitrale nitrogen
Dischage es)
Discharge {mgd)
Date sampled


Private land surrounds he spring The un is tilled wilh hydrcta and other aquatic weeds

Histona Data
River Basin

Sp Conducanc
Nitrale nrrogen
DiscNargae {)
Dsclarge {mgd)
Date sampled


Pnvale land su rounds the spinn The iun is iled ilh hydrnia and other aquatic weeds

Histoa Data
River Basin

Sp Conductan
Nirale nitrogen
Dischaige |cs)

Date sampled

*t-. ^ ''^ ^ II>.
W!",!! 'Il 4 -


Pnvale land asu pounds ihe spirn The iun is filed ilh hydrdla and other aquaitc weeds

Historina DOta.
River Basin

Sp Conductanc
Nnrale nitrogen
Discharge |cs)
Discharge {mgd)
Date sampled


Privale land asurounds he spnng The pool area is approximately 75 feet wde The run is field
wath hydrilla and other aquatic weeds

Histoca Data
River Basin

Sp Conductanc
Nilrale nitrogen
Discharge |cs)
Discharge {mgd)
Date sampled

be spnng is located n a county pai The pool area ta approximately 40 fee wde wth a
maximum depth of 3 feet There are o boils e pool area run is approx nat, 120 feet
lon and is fled vnth hydrilla anwd other aquabc weeds

Lattude 30W 20' 25Y
Longitude 83 59' 25
County Jefferson
Historic Data. No
River Basin Aucla

ParametesM Value
Sp Conductan 2B4 r ,
pH 760 Pv
Temperature 2054 ,
Nitrale nitrogen 038
DiscHargem cts) 881
Discarge{mgd) 564
Magutide 3
Date sampled 61499 -


Privale land surounds e spnng Thespringwater clear Wh some annic color The run
scharges into Horse Head spring

Latude 30W 20' 41
Longitude 83 59' 45Y
County Jefferson
Historic Data. No
River Basin AuHa

Parameter Value
Sp Conductanme 274
pH -
Nirale nitrogen <001
Discharge cts) 465
Discarge {mgd) 298
Magrstude 3
Date sampled 3112199

Appendix A Histonca Data for Aucis River Spring
Appendix B Histonc Data for Coastal Springs
Appendix C Histocal Data for Fenhdloway River Spnngs
Appendix D Histmorc Data for Steinhathee River Springs
Appendix E Histonca Data for Wacasssa River Springs
Appendix F Histonca Data for Waassa River Springs

County Basin Spring Namo late Sampled Sp. Conductance piH Trmp ('C) Nitrate as N Discharge ots)
Taylor nucilla Nutall Rise 4/14/95 162 72 209 007
Taylor ducilla Nutall Rise 8/22/95 340 7 25 26 0 04
Taylor illa Nutall Rise 10/11/95 459 76 231 007
Taylor A Taylor tcilla Nutaln Rise 4/12/96 111 649 158 002
Taylor tucilla Nutal Rise 7/19196 344 682 269 008
Taylor uclla NuallRise 12/16/94 162 74 146 005
Taylor ucilla Nutall Rise 1017/94 72 6 22 5 0 02
Taylor ucilla Nutall Rise 10/10W96 94 657 186 008
Taylor ucilla Nutall Rise 2/21/97 97 654 17 002
Taylor uclia Nutall Rise 4/14/97 259 698 193 005
Taylor uclia Nutall Rise 7/10197 185 7 0 24 5 007
Taylor auilia NutallRise 10/14/97 333 67 232 006
Taylor uilia Nutall Rise 1/15/98 164 714 15 004
Taylor Ntula utal Rise 5/13/98 295 7 17 23 1 0 1
T7aylor tucla Nutal Rise 9/14/9 4 689 23 <001
Taylor ucillan Nita1 l Rise 10/20/98 130 682 21 9 < 01
Taylor Iuclla Nutalt Rise 115/99 321 68 131 0 15
Taylor ucilla Nutall Rise 4/12/99 293 7 45 244 O 11
Taylor ucillas Nutall Rise 7/6I99 229 7 15 25 1 008t

Appendix B- Historical Data for Coatal Springs

County Basin S|prng Name Date Sampled Sp Conductance pH Temp ('C Nitrate asN Dischare (ofA
Taylo r coastal Blue 124/75 29 77 215

County Basin Sprig Name Dat Sampled Sp Conductanc pH Temp ('C Nitrate as Dischar (f
Taylor enholloway Carlton 12/5[75 30 7 225
aylor enholloway Carlton 1/30179 491 74 21 2 0 05
Taylor enholloway Hampton 11/21/23 21 1 061
Tylor enholloway Hampton 1/25/29 0 16
Taylor Fenolloway Hampton 7/23/4 1320 69 228 47
Taylor enholloway Hampton 5/3/56 005
Taylor enholloway Hampton 12/8/6 0 18
aylor enholloway Hampton 3/23/72 1120 7 6 22 021
Tylor enholloway Hampton 1/3079 1111 719 21 6 003
Taylor enlolloway Hampton 3/282 116 222
Taylor Fenolrooway Hampton &6/29182 103 235
Taylor enholloway Hampton 5/25/82 1184 22 5
aylor enholloway Hampton 12/8/81 1202 226 001
Iaylor enholloway Hampton 9/8/81 232
Taylor Flenlloway Hampton 107/81 1276 255
Taylor Fenhollowav Hampton 11/9/81 1215 225
Taylor Fenrihollowav Feholloway 1/3079 101 7 39 21 8 0 02
Taylor Fenholloway Waldo 7/2414 3 3
Taylor Fenhollowa Wado 05/1/5
Taylor & lenlloway Wako 12/8/6 71
Taylor & Fenlloway Wako 3/27/6M 69
aylor Fenholloway Wa1o 6/26/6 46
aylor enholloway Waldo 4/17172 1 4
|aylor 1riholloway Wa0do 1/30/79 42 7 43 19 017

County Basin Spring Name Date Sampled Sp Conductanc pH Temp ( NCNi trate as N Discharge (as)
LafayeSe Stnatcee Stmhatcee 4/17f72 760 71 20002
Lafayetne Steinhatchee Sternhatciee 10/31972 G 79
Lafayetle Steinhat chee Se tee 11/9/92 263 7 29 11 7 005
Lafayette Steinhatchee Seminhatchee 12/4/92 310 734 M105 0005
Lafayete SteinhatcheeStinhatchee 6/4/93 765 6 5 205 0 05
Lafayee Smtinhatcee smhat ctee 7/1293 766 691 M20 7 0 05
Lafayere Stemiatc eestembhatchee 8/6/93 739 693 23 006
Lafayete Steinhat chee Steinhatcee 9/9/93 741 6 4 M203 005
Lafayete SteinhatcheeStemiatchee 6/3/94 755 693 204 005
Lafayete Steinhatcee Steiatchree w 9/15/94 771 681 20 4 005
Lafayete SteitceeSteinhatchee 6/9/95 707 6 94 202 001
Lafayee Semiatceestmhatcee 7/17/95 716 705 203 001
Lafayetne Steinhatchee Steinhatchee 8/11/95 724 681 2044 0
Lafayette Steinhatchee Stemiatchee 9/18/95 Wm8 703 202 0004
Lafayete Steiatcee teiatchee 6/6/9 793 6 53 202 004
Lafayere Stenhatchee Stemnatchee 8/6/96 776 6 99 20 1 0
LafayeIe Steatchee stematcee 6/12/97 751 6 1 203 O 01
|Lafayete SteinhatceeSteiatcee 8/18/97 776 682 201 004
ayee bennmmeeue i i midrli ftb Ur zu11 U4

ounty asin SprinName DatSamped Conductance pH Tmp('Ci NitrateasN Discharge (c
Levy WVacasemssa 8ue 2/1567 22
Levy Raasessa Bis e 8/2417 235
Levy Waccassa Blje 5/172 175 23
Levy Waccassa Beje 7/11/72 550 23
Levy Vatcasssa Blue /28/73 45
Levy WVacasassa 8ue 8/4/B 199 82 24 0 35
Levy WVacasssa 8ue 926/97 216 659 22 1 0 5
Levy Waasssa Bue 92697 216 659 221 0065 691
Levy Wacasssa Vekwa 2/1/29 100
Levy Vacasassa Vteka l6/19/67 29
Levy Wamsassa lVekwva 4/19/72 156 79 235 007
Levy Waccasessa ekwa 10/187l8 158 765 24 Oil
Levy Wamasssa Wekva 7/30/7 194 705 227 43
Levca ssa eka 73097 194 05 227 042 26 28

County Basin Springiam Dat Sampled Sp Conductance pH Temp ('C Nitrat as N DIscharg
Jefferson iuclila Big 7/23/46 320 7 4 0 066
Jefferson Auclila B1q 1217/60 318 79 20
Jefferson ucilla Bi NW run 7/16/42 467
Jefferson ucila Bi3 SW run 711642 _227
Jelferson ucilia Blue 716/42 9_43
Jefferson cilia Blue 12J760 26
Jefferson cilia Blue 127/60 286 79 20 16
Jefferson icilla Gafner 7116/42 17

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