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Diario de la Marina
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~ ~IAMI RFT E C R I A OPE -San Franeboct Feb 22 --)ike ut
lie 'Irs knlocked n*W hy f440114111
rwo un" andyff theOVA Na Ne Abavilieroutof oh.Krehaol iIn the fi Nt roll,, of their
of' BEr CRO NE flJ % 3u m xonv.4n 16-a~ XWWv ~P am. f#ht here today
-7 %es55ir. by 05~a Asesoles .LO oDu
M ues an6onfose d Xor NWiod h~g ana little. le~terday carrying Tha.% nosiltie hardiartfeght len. 1 me, Feb 12 -In houor of Wamh. Chicago. Fob 22--Thft IsitIeren- S% the narrow ma-gin of IS7,A
ofmo 6 cow of 'Abolss thousands of -i'ois interested in test, tbe prizes were, 407, $100. suil Iopton's Birthda Purfoldut pardo drone Lesou& in took stepa today 5W0." ui'rteq the Johaunaeburgo leg.,
*aT*dq. the "-gott a m iany mnore thon*. $30 rtpeet$heik rail a 'haiiquet tonight tM the offi- to form itself into a national politi- respondouit of the tondon Finsabo
- .4. andi of a retatnr% isu-i the water The Mari*~ Lt won, the gles of -ej* of tile Ajneri,'a Nlet, 250 of es party. Times, the aggregate di' donm of
TRZ-49AMO OPZTMM front. crowding the seanwall, the t-e port pil*lo aml their friends. Th~ I I hoin To ri present The ocaso A proviirmnal national comittee Itho Reed for 1907 fell short of
Ms m vl, th' ro-ar Pope Tas ofid. and the Americame, oe-w Vt~q eqtklmasand it h Mr. Hlearst an chairman, %%&a xtnLilLso~g Tl
1wllY orel AtesoseDrw IItI"ow o eloilie. thie Futras tlaort gu~l will. i t r a ppo'tetmd fiiualbwvt ~ o.t #g691!
Wmm = .-*AJI Xaw 011 and sl the windows of adjoining -an eloqAnist spsebk tiealosng. the a national eliffetion to nominated br'icging in the three dividend pilm.
the ftAM' Lost hn. eiltlitos whim'n oitrlook the boy. Iao s.Qu Annerioan gleet and lhe, ahility- of onsadldeitse foe-the prosidenlei and era of the outside districts the Tria
The first sinleit meli rac'. began 1411111 A*-qde fteCr t offiefe, the let eidny veal comes to 17,131,.608 in
The Wintr'r Sason fesijidmesl haotP at 3.1~ pn us.Following is the lot nivul. el-cted to that high Post of it W"as neeusr to lneltadc the t4
betu -%d al aaa a qf omupoitons. honori by her fellmig working girls. yAnlf raiafMYncier JFiassoom mine in order to
od to l wlna the linu Estela. the propeerty .f *loa6 and her four Staid. of hanot, Ca an i tf tN7UUIIlV uJJI ~ S ndutrtial dividend rpoord
Jok owte h.cmit.Viei'nta. master. Joei 'Chailitirulo. suelo C'arldad. Ter'aa Anhtefi, Ila- Ie uIti~st fVe mk~jone They year -1)~ wu
gma. The waterfront was erhwd- -Pe~nla" of Xwol Vile mate ria do Is Crux anti ?Mararies. Oi- TO VLAOI1UOiIUK UV~LSYEARI ibave ahowe well olser axmlj
siInth atenonwhleth Mos me flewf, will today rwcive the prize- __-hditntbs o the I,?cfl
Whe &Ustt finished the crowds pro- Jos Iratetnle ma ter k al-thm# .
seeded to Prado and )oleon to "T 3"f Vrcut Meds ir LDtoly -to~k~L,.ws Rn
JimIk rg~lSmds-lftsaooniter. Froneinea Gareia. Queen of the Carnival will take place I a~et I TRUI1R TAXDT &WAMOMFO
palasenade. The authorities wooel The -Eoltrella" wa% the first to this afterstoon. ft Aastseeeat Pre. B weke.1'e
tioeied the illuiminations (In esrly tur around the buoy, immediately At hall past two o'clock a corn. 6r. Peteteburg, Feb. 9.-The mills- Lot' ''l,. Fob, 21.-It is undersato libmTer is no doubt that the brews 'fh epehdl"' atn.''" ollow-l ', the 'I'eornat.* return- niittee appointed for the purpose will isr o" 4&us worro ere tt the nava; estimate for th's behind the Wenet#1 moes~ dlold along I'raio and tillpd thelgt tht titn point in the s osl 4WI41 the Susiai cigar factory for itry t teds to i od whis 7001' illbonl five aMlon dol- for Lower and better salourso. 11h felis t hna onisdrns re.adtu inr he fingl the J! yon 1601 w~h will be oia t ie A aira. wline, to~ 11411 SM than that Oft last y~fr. A" thr-ee or fournt oais betnd
fael hen asht weamii thus wthnin the ..'a in roir toNw t thijs, Imeart. i, g,~ togie161i a
'lovely ~ ~ ~ an sihs v..-.ounhee eie l prizsa. $W0 and *25 re- rai~reov Vladivositok rsunning entirely Tim pr~ogra~mfor the next twelve at ieast-(Kanlu City Star) l5
satsfcton Te efet asa~pet tively. IL boy f six mounted polieomen throgh Random teritory. enrhbltto fteTm.2 nnts ilte wcd h oe 0 e tasce eimo ieDn ayI ob eej oet TT~ T E T~
loeyas halt be-n anticipated ld patant h ene fth ly
antlilptiin hadl run high. The second regatta for four-oared pat notecne fteet. conunittee on imperial defaes PreT~Pad frm h'I'utato 'n sulls began at 3t.47 pi.wthhe The Queen will ride in the ma. ~lpnadtemnseso NOT IN WABRDNGTONfPye hetoMvn
The OPar wa frcm h aunt fto Cn4 foloin inomwithtthe yoor't carriage and her four maidS fore' afirs and thfinit er of'aaoiae Pie.ay ep ea tmjfoovrin
folwn cometiors V'Pelal and~t andls e
with glowing white bulbs. Thiv olre-It "Laura." of Bienito Batet; mai-wilfo innterew estadugdsedyairpa. aaFb.2.ahnblossomied with lamps, which inade ter. .Tu.. Fernanidet The procession ill onsdontions for the pupoe. T'he gave Wak 444~ waish devoted aing thek D"Costs adso
thegrenfoiae ookfaryik. n Mate." of Jo(A Vicente: was Carios III., and Reina. to Monte,8 reasuin accoan ofl thdmco n iveste in a
th re oig okfiyi r' d n Prkt a o iyryotIlseo Rpreeth tvst o.
Central Park tbe very painms wer-e J0146 Chaquirnlo. difraot a by situation. a.Cranris-nfrto
wreathed with colored fire. Abea'i' 'Joarah," of Josd (lnae. roe thoot'O, along Ztihte td o fsourate Itrai will'o heu ofile htRsli dbw seat ta M 9"
Center) Park Io Monte the tillumi- ter JosA Bruniet. Itu hndw bapo an t o spell hmelled n th n tusejaI ~OO Iet usin csa '
tainscniee1 iit red whileniu too apendt. oflin Reit anet tor atee ciy-all. fort ifiesations of Vladivostok with a bill deaigwt the 1.5.1 street ?Alluato~a cotiuelin ed.wht ai If a' ofnrie B it o Tttt aer At the city hail the 27th, Infantry, 'iew to placing the cuit n doi ways to L"Tik *eparate ceon for Albion 'ThlstreAt the hed blue. and the ('ampo Mario itBoFani,~tibond of the Army of Fluetottioos ~ ~ ~ ee a i g us T hea Ilsadment won over- CbiaPo Otrt: Spanish Zua-rmela Cleo
as a bower of softer tinted lights The "Launi-a" r-ached the Ward will be 'playing, and thaes too th tatof eoa mre ve whalul 4afesad 8-'4ek o lc
Crowds ssembled in front of the Lini? buoy in eight milJnutes and&At maor an ther ormmsse onrs Ibgl _________yRgulrPrfrmacehi DL4PIIO DE LA MIARI.XA. anxious only took -her five minutes to I*' Winter Season will moot t eas oungOOI P Ale oDid eAlgeTo
to catch the firvt glimyp;" of the il. turn to th Ztrigpit h o fo n hnteQen ROLAIIO nA ATRUK LO ? Ama4 is, aAegeT
luasination of this building. Their thii first prize. $150. crowned with all dmiy. lihe and ) A t"Aaek 4rs P45 S'OtoSt prst
-expectations were rewarded for sud- The "Mate" obtained the second her maids will renovi e pri By ,Lase&"" Pioe.7
denly the whole corner blazed into prize,. $50. stlot.ei to them. VwwMSta& CU'SM, F~b -3 R16oe, Poll S-The mentorss who Isolatin Paor, Havana sg Coney u
eollor,-red and yellow, and redl white The third regatta for six-oared Ge aaewl te aon n aeral Nicholas Rolando, wbeoe re soue. *he high cout whlh is' laid. Reaulted by Cerro or Palot&e
ad blue. the incandescent g~obeg sculls began at 4.18 p. in., with thes Tpro ade p willy tbo ten"ral d cen t disaoppearance fr~o Ruld 7 *Auo Nad, former minister c ars. Open Satturday aftti-noonaa Wing artuaticaljy sat to show to tlu following competitors: where the gils. aeloso as the Vesels.l was followed by th ar. amodlmnto oae en lcede u dy heet advantage the henuitaful ,archi' "Ana Iferia,'" of Laureano Pra- Iloliest in IHa'atia: wil1a*ttheraof seveoral of his 1icJ'tta en sluee this morning and will not t-e Acinslhsas Thantz-e.-Slowagrr.. lecture of the qeie. do; master, Joet Perez. base of the sttt to cano te ued rmors of a revolution 6o",'~ allowed thcir lilnrty ueniil an agrit, ite No &.- Marine pictures or. hinorty
"Lagt night."' says La Union Em- "Peptt" of Lisi Yero 31iniet; ma.- flowers which will have boe" hanmdssl arrived here todaj aocomiliflsd 'by nient as to tho, sentence is reach-d. actio: Ti-T The Modernist DVsq pallola, this morning, "the prineiiil ter. Cclmtat.p6sito. to toria..pu oaIn the city three officer-s o the Veezulan, --'-----'asita Urroatla, Aurchia Is Se,,ilaUqA4
promevadles at various buildings "Yo Voy," of Domingo Gonsillez; be k. They will then diedw in.GAIUTT IE o.I ey~i n issCrl
wee me bauiulflate. Ii'o ~ie' rdo to Maleclon where they will1.. a aCarita song and dance artga,
amn 1l was the DIARIO DR LA -"AMigulito,' of Antoilio Caello- see thae'afternoon drive. 'RAILWAY 3TRIKE IN URUGUAY 'By Assee~el ref% Vatinee at 2 o'clock and rf zidar per.,
"h IODLAMARINA" a;s maustr," of Breio Loraon. __________ ilsbon, Feb. 92.-King Manuel to- formance his seening at V'15.
"The IAIII DR A MARNA's Eukaia," f Emin Orhi~e;ik., A,Asa~ i'rtsa. dAy~floeived the wives of the msr--i
p~alatil headlquarteus." remarks DI ter, Pedro Mediguree. Friend (I kwi per)-"Tac toast- Montavideo, feb 2g,.-Thae amplo. aee whtl imutiil in 1906 and whom Al hambra Thotre Il",,r nmen nrly~
Tf.valo.'were exquisitely ilhminat- "Siete 'Amiigos," of Jolk Gonsa- m ater wanti'o to Jet off a good, ye of anl UW rellways in, rga cpree stefrtato ag-Cnald cae fVrade
-lez; master. R. Gonzalez. Joke." The Baakfaxt MilollJoiBeg~lali ts aen strike. The road# keep Imp. -The women thankedl the KIng balar performniaoti tii ev~enming
'Msaria Luiss,"of the pots of nrdi)o----!didn3't know Iw&#a on~ka el la. 1of sea .4ae flIhn
Teharbor was fled with v'es the port; master, Avellio Monroy... I 'u-(Chlcio Daily Nes 1ownsd toy Briis "piti karossaudh oepao a-an Ia Haltng,Va
q19- 6 Dr,,. Ignacio Pli2sencia DIL F, JIISTINL&NI CHUMXFDQj1Z'I~I D OEATR]FSZA X)1 X L 0
_____- Ignacio B. Plasencia 'C 'A &'-WadAIV 5*Rc;5i* i. icW VJe 4.r p" sa as0 *sa 111,~
Ctiuass del Hosuital W. 1 86--- It IL I .6 4 A4W a0 *or u" .0 d"
Doctor Jos6 To pwala"a uiats.. a ~ ope&.tus C 14 1r~.~is'a 7, 4
M~dco-tnihana. 7' 1s-iar at Dr. MIGOLAS 61 do 40"Ai of43 2a~.,Aa or"5 a'Mti
Enfeemodades declit butte jo,444 go tevima Kuahne Qt44U~h 1. $4.11.~5
beorat Ile In shea.. DL ADIOLFO 9. u HIM 3UTAIA U anw!=&A de, lsaAS &a,!t~siss. 1;~.0Iulasi 0o sella~h ol dC
eos ltailarliad.~ *. e-s : = Isl ""~' s
Evrisode do4I PIRL 111111110_______ 26 41 :=. .~11
.e C,~sJ4aei&1-iAYO IT.F CL 440 L it3' 45. as~vs~~.ueva ~ Da
10ea -#ae a.. it, tl's!.t a rains M. aGisa
uA m E Mecdre Y. TeLAYAn 13q a C. 1DLP '00 XOOTOR DEIQGU
RT A L "saissa:'o- %xhatvmn e #T 006441. 15elok aden qpue e 5 ,1
,3 3-ERaems .P1 YADI CS AIEG udXDa.w~a.r AOTRUIA DIRAGS no :r i mm 1 a~s 1)
-lrsau. io,"Ji, ft 04%~ %55ss art _.:11omsu
E3 C1IID maD IIK D P Ba iai 144.oI prn. T.iaModo tIt A ________________________oetest" as 12 AsLa a
VI..~t Lfiosi.i y~aa~ do so do Cam do Is a S sse
apasb inslsuav usua l~asi e 'la iso 11slooeseedadLs ioacasi mI- dou rels. *DRJOA6 ?E
enemddo evea4 a o en- A.. aE TA sal 'A"vW (JF. aftse man as A"e asi
tsia La Alegd yuotss rotuna, .14 is.savo do 9 4 lo.t 14s% i0t S
d~~aIAee, obeslelaa He ani saiia5 -,his.e is0s 4" r2'~"! asmor a. 4eo. marsud
D~,J'rnrM tn h ;1 la W or 0r J. gwt Foram" 4411'a 4 rtnar- s
ANAISI DE RINUmr Pantmuc. Valsou ." A5 16MI,
lartenohjs casaijun0 Ias pna o. Co 4U CC-is 6,sl ___________________79._______Traismios cgov Minsoa 466A 5.j
itciui~ Misoa'sa u atie.i DR. "I.JT I&kD GO." -t~ o ___8_o
onferatedeolft ~~ ~saaci-o -evotto toos doo-ro aai ,I&Crelf
d I iff '"01=t
t a o. 4 ats iato, rona c its 4 4sanissctoisc
alolt rts.Lo o~losD chat.AV 'G.~ SLINZ DE N A L %MAS
Dr. TRDU Iu' "lieuL. 1- c r'm n".m= a. -44 "Is
Dr. Panrlft lJs. Vtaw'iia __. 0,rTi*O. JSLOu.D ___~d del 'LAoNcow
DE CAuiL JAJKO-bmeXII, Sea.ofI.o ,
li- e.da psiosLlabs-----------a R UT 9D6 r ---w-i,
so~ 12 &. suro" Jo 1, 4- -a& iiss
Alermo Ie a Id~laoa JU1. 40 96. sae a... ass ut i- ..--s de
a, io = '41 41M, M.765 co a Is. a t a.s a assaslu
put se 4"9A a TWIto. 14
Dr. J P~ haUilao GARIA. 7i" To"'as J01QQJX I-. Oaali s
Aili7'.sqia. iis &*1 14. L &s A A
~~~~~~a .0asq~s doe .5S .I ..~VFu. .55

4111 W eiWig W vofigs 6@ so fmidador maorfts twirm as Is Tom Y ONIsiblo de Is Ores, deadsibit be br*ra eon W sproclabils 7 correeta eaJ 6"0 sea Wwoe is* At6riace, pars prodkw w ballet doe Fiervisiedo Cabrera y Mo- __ 7
IN ONN 400 MO Ob ViltO lossente I Jasneristo oomo assinds, In nni, bodill sommonotio kimpfitiea, y
7 Ide Tw"Ing, sebri liglesis, sin quo par orto d#Jo do ser mim simpUift quo tedes, par Is
DE G INES r, quo ad I sabe of Per an astile, Ante y corre"bo.. unift do the almse pww= nsoip4 Mo do log Nowas vi*A posomis ell M dis, date A I&& o6bo de. is was- I ron part sprisiassir parit go]", I
v*r wri noted absoolbe )w pw% del na di6 aosionso It Sent* visits Pow tridos its fellaidaides sofisdas, to I& 41 row per %a flailles di- tierra. 'C A S T O ''R I
C6mo di" sai telegrams do MY, poeb Is inuis grandes alf1post y haaU 4eft% eon Jos p A
coinorefigicton qgtai'A"Wom 40 In jquiin "be si pudiers, ear olocto pars funtom, y visit& ii Jos allures, y plia I (,;ejob" ftu Otte religiose ante
Real do siate 14130, is Pm"ta- is hrevits, I lbanst:amal; & ift nileve me 602ON" iina aorse Alt latimes y Ismillare-i,
aside Municipal odkir Leon fl, 10 ham, Is ballroom palmN, M A administrator el Sew Saw to ooncurriondo I squat goorsda fti- Y X"06
gws psm pristai do quit m. dreum: Padre Wostft, - - de It Cionfirmsei6im, t-fectoiloadices on camento las peraosaildpdoo; 94s &Ile- k vs so owboollift looftoolive ad shilf POW1 61111114111111"
ns$$, qn It" minis el Awsido Alvaro* Orie ts-trdas bievorganizad A Is gas, de rodsm i )as afortunados con"yente N roe" wadow 14 000. NNW,^ a'
of 4wsiie -------do Sauldud pretends Is tatfie, fuA invited a X L per ol bevantsido, on sitar an #I e6tro, U los Odom do k foria k C all
gn$ ease& par tProors V-17 4%A?4TA GloPRA i1or Alealae le este pueblo i TIC- Is sals, sallonal, y 4, prosenais, (It I& liftam so "do asawrid Y 65166611s. ft Is ftse" do In to" I .11= 4 mom
Uhrm" a poWnde furni far A Ayuntamiento. rid deride Be twi*nfldlus stinplift, hpmdijo el Pa- Zoin Nifios noran por Is ft sports do r1elk~
tac&on wenzans, debdo DE VUELTAS hallsba proparsdo de ontewne no dre P46 X. Prevost too eniesintado-1
walgooddle log joveacits. suntaoso refresco. S. E. 1. seeediiii ra como STAINO uni6n. Apradin&
to anal fu4 opera- FWbron 18 do 190, 'eos muebe gu*W L toe dessos manli. F00104 Is, nadre del Davin, moora
4W of hospital#$ Vlai jul"s dA *Wkt Obilope de fettisdo, pcr el seflor Aleside. 4ne- Lai" X4AVI do Cabrera y PI harms. wwr- 010164m I )a do Itlosg- decide, adhinewe &*;do de dl- no de U. movie, of quarido joven dos
oe us key quiet Ifir. SM Soffts &a Ift Aftioo, do chat sutOndades. Osear do lit Tom y Cobt*rs. SERV10:0 COMPLETO
41" JO"U 991646 A VUWAWL A lea sets de It fords. di6 o0olies" Tostiges. Ldo. Totals Aroix St.
ii At b&b&PW$ Pzw* t4- A Us coca de 4, m&Aaft 61 dia &a el Santo Rosario, y A it co0clu* candy y don Antonto Gallart y U.
61100111 14A donfulk 414 OP6* suave did corrioutt, me POW an es. ift de Aste, so /,eawtarao clintiecis pez. porcilm coi
)F so op" aft It to pueblo on 14egrama, angualando roligiosias per varlas sefforites 'do e* A poser de hiberse eelebrado en
41= 49 as defto It voulds, de S. 1. 1. y do seguida to loddlidad; loogo svibl4i A Is clite. Is mayor intiniiiiiad, come lea faraldo am or qu ww a eomu&W *I collar Cars Pheoto don dT& del Wrlllll Sento al seflor Ji. hares de ambois eampreodon i olas Layflo PflW DA Gald
46 had do Um an asw Franclow Lowk Teljoin, A Was m#otz Rojo, Sitereterio de visim to principles distass; y damitas de eat&
440 The SeWdaides locales y failgroses, donde deearrolI6 eon Tacilitlad de pa. I tan fainoW Nueva. A 106 since y me &bra, Is niece-oidad do is #dmasei6n o"io4*d. anoti ones agent" nom- EN NOW Y RITI
qua Isis an diallo'k tordo del dis, ouasj4'%@ he : tristiana en Is jnve t brec conin flor" disitiogwidaw, que
*I anden do I& oftei6n, dol Fe. El dia trfee ell= on at. adormen cats, restfia.
ral" 010111 a" f, I todroe" cap I el diaol 4nnto crewmen,[ ; 1; Cos. K4orias: Roselle, Cabrera, vinda de
rrsew-ril de Vega do ralusaa, coup*. Bulges, dome qne tent deehado de
Y hadAn so G"Dt& do oompletamente par ol collar A4- firmsei6n. h In t*rroinecift del rocowearisio so bollis koy aside y ecimisift del Ayantentionto, sarin vn1vi' k anbir A Is tagrads efi- dhtinelft Y CLItural Ell&& Leyra de C&bftro. Ans, Daist Leyva de Ca.
agobiWo por k isonalsiones de Is, soeteded Cuba, y do teda PI wilor Jim6nes Xojo, qvfe nos h,ab16 do Is Caridad y ord6o qua de- brem, ApoUnia Reyes do Is. Term, LA S E C C IO N .X .
olve strovesamon. i Irsocieded Progreso, Jues Munici bemos tenernon noun & lea otros. Guillormina Cabrera de Visquez.
y par multkud de person" de torm 91 dia catorpo fuA A dAtimo dis de t4ficrites: Cloulde Oabrera y do EL BAZIR MIS POPULIR DE CUPI'
ra4amnsti do is, 11134- disks do eat& sociedad, eon el in dt I "ni"roasciones, habiAndoso adminia. Armes. Nafivfid Marti, 'llarganta
)of##" aqwl ftludsr Y roalbir I S. E. 1. trade los tre- dias 1.875 fouffr- Cabrera y Matilde Marti; eastro da- OBISPO 85
un oKin 61 pr6xse paft AA "Jar *I &4or Obi" del uvn mainomes, entre pirvialas y sJollas, 01"a i cada coal wis mvidiable par
wave"er A log tabsqueros que tris. asompallade de a 6cretario do vlei.1 ENTRE AGUACATE Y COMPOSTELA.
bojes an lam sucursalts de I& "Flor ft w A sieflor Visquez 0orrotera, fok de todes claines v toodiciones. quo- an elegaissis 7 sitapatta. 0(60 sit US-23
lk*dose sin haber podido recibir ax-I IA*% prilult" de Ia, novianas belliAis Partagil_". de ]a ceuveuieuc ia do ie',ihila par el wAor Ooadjutoc de to am Aug*%, Uao, Maria, Ilermi4eclarindo -t- Parr don Joei Gen. Santo ffseramento, muqboo p6r Rim
quo so unan A tQ a -re Lux 011roirs, y Lojrvs.
:q*16 rbr, a or qua S. E. 1. permweeirk mile nix
huolga da, sedor" Aloolde Xuni- del di. o r
P*" los obreros de eat&. rm log cipal y presidenles de 44 socitidedes ti an A. porroquia. Este mi.1 Las Undfaink" hermnas
eiWes he bablado, no estin eonfor- 13 s referioleat, roswisisdo un "to im- VIE. par Is noobe prodic6 S. It. I obieso Rogelia, Isabel r Ernestine
an werm6n. qua fu6 aide eon mue4l. Coibm" Marini. OLR.PENTINAS GRATIS
moo eon nada que no moo eninplir lo 1 1-4-13te Y ia&jntuobo. I Victor, Manuel, J066,
qua ofrPeieron a los dvefins de j lieguidamente, tom6 S. E. 1. el co. 'itua atewei6n; el temple era inespas Clabodlerw Ein LA NOVEDAD Nilano 81, se "plan iserpentlam pam lea proximama, 6 sea ol lue toda diferenvin (At qua &I efeeto ten!& preparado. i de eontoner A tantom oyentes, again. L#oilialdo. Folipl % Antonio M, Csserk ,)empre art4glads, por too We 'd1i i i0ndo i Is. Iglexis Parroqa!al sea de oir Is pigabra de nuealro, It brars. do Armes, o&6 Vidal, Ferinin m0i fiedtrvadn, sin intervenei6n extrRfil dorloeltsia, quo dieft tres kll6metras 7 Antonio J- Gouslez, "a- Jea6 Alonso y Alfonso Paris astAn dfopueows A complir lo qua ofroom
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Coadjutor, y eaperaba 4 14 autrada Que ed sphor conserve Vor muche, Velioneourt, Isidro Valdivid, Manwel
Ll SINID19 1NX111Ai4A0 del temple i S. E. 1. el Pirroeo eon t""al"' it tan virtuoso Prelado, y Is Ibex...
Al Dr. Clsrlos Zogahex, jgh As XW_ el Clare y Crux Parroquial. Los '01we de ben&Ueioues y gratis, pers 170diculo twers manifestair an A -at*
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Alamo Xwdoi"L pueblo se agrupaba, al rededor 41el tado y alto ininiffteTiO -euftien do las ob*muios All tecibidos. tratAn
temple krido de besor at popotal las almax qua le astAn eonflisidlaa Y do an& familla, que tione ser"do l". Marianiap, lflibroro.22 de 1903. Cuillo. y animoso de saludar A so pam-ptyar hours y gloria At Dio%.16odo4to do Union tono y d1stiect6i) feintiii" can 9ft4&U% 4o brou" on La 01gas, BKoosiol Per,
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ivirnalar impress quo MarU6 on cote A U 6trada del pueblo so IeTanta- nuch& 6&twaeci6n el bu n do tauta simpatfa, All congregaea,
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rits erau Raved" porlasawtoridades LIXONERAS Y TRONCOS
y preoidentas de Ise sociedades; on I Qu6 vendrA dwpu6s que pasen, lea Trdazlo par e-Aa loeslidqA Jos pre691worasow Iss d4fielftelas fates del 22, 23 y 241 1parstivais politicos pars In pr6xima'
I& Sas"d, aptanduines el siher mayor be cautarot tax Pro' Ast pregunta la mgyoria do log he. I luchs, ekeet6ral. I I I PM CKIN ic Unflat ft 10111 T ails
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pslei~ doWae ful the sO&" Of the "ohr01ty Chicgo, February -''ne stoololed to-day when 'they learn.- i Must a" to laeOucry s er alay
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Audtorum hearewhsh o lgoo~ti h*4' voted 18 05 to Inivarys ed ebn much godwill be nossioned
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Mr. Xec alres Oeatirnmt, wql VI Ikto 111816- two battle ahlips. They declared' toe'Nv Jeprsey lat-ftOda dies.Ithlaettsrodoq vat to admire the ilei nowadays puislh Mr aom ry after next year. The Vm of Influence of rWinoine butn e had dine. of Indianapoils business at-n anits ii not be obtained tA
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,s i with Winter Season festivities the nex, ram Agsoclalle are to tsair Oft the that ef thel Navy Dflpartment, its ex- which will eliminate the possiili. it-iamely, to free the blooi tesm4"
and parks o eevt.adneraarngin theatre, whi never has beoa a pro- at n h reiet o.od ty of future flnanoial panaies. eq poranily from trypasouate, it al"e
atvloo when Fibe repidbelie Provisional Goveotnor cornea back vwae auodilOrus either f~r bwdell erately thrnw bes-tel 00~- serve fund of $T0,0000O0 as a gum-gs ioesly1. anvte~
with mnore authority and prestige or Puposs of th ver'ybetislexrs rante. against bank failure and th Onl the blood of crooot'iles is oI"1
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-In view of thes, is t no Idt tht but brilliant for al hat ane of. uidiongo ,1 ith el into thgAte I3 theese by tolaberers- In Colwresa wore afraid tl"010oi c0641141d that the incwstm 6o pass a i ate of t'hankq to 1) Carlos This is not to say that thEe1 11' tinoll stirimsTi pot that~ 4b *omteei ace to act. and feared "the people bask live on crocodiles. As bear ug on do ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~*0 ?'tuthe of thes *aefltt hoea Ine all heracedsceeseteslothiciy 1thatisI@loearn0 s Rotetsn bd oud homemayme i refeasatinstot am thsIeayreertoeme srao
de a~e ~rishairv-Oltve Wf0 hethi net disree paper. inr this cit whos ote nms tfboe Con i gfryto stlhs qin the Transvaal an] NaIktal wit
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Woi Sulhlenent's~ programme. tion. giiitlemejl.'F, he said., sad net 55.7 and It wits every-where confiri.
Wore $15 000 had beenC elletn' flahre are aellc, but to our notion, theatre. The r!s&'pouee. which am.- It was said the Preidenit had Ilongress for Congreea doesnt know. ode that the staee fly steks the bleed they, are In the minoritt. pie saomethint like o,4W~tbr of the iftad of the cotibication on sub- enoughi to setle ft.", lofhlMgamne. When tile big gav* El ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ butg Trs beeno wiped'~o sao o uhn urhstk ~A~ n out in the, marlues too late. When he talked I was lastroyed, the fly dianneareid,
______________ wfth reporchllan members f the cor- Iand, te diseasee disappeared. toes. Isas~t ht h Iimial I F the sador Commercial which last week pai- Sttei'fudte"ubaleca TORK IN ILAND Nal h tm odtospoe
DIRI) in owa te ee sea tioteod An article on giaratee which KA~rsoME civERt bislation".liad thmn *Then. In bi-,, in regard to the listas fly and aelp.was Misinterpreted by Ml Tricio. WThe issue of Zl Mundo hlustrado effort to .malt' headway ina dsiLondon, Feb. 22.-A storm of an. th Jog ickes flyf wila dstro whieh appeared Saturday night was pieriate tease. he seat for tedemo-' th crcdls h l ildsppee
We tank emu colleagues for the iIn lie latest issue the Avisador act in such demand that the price had oratle members. I Ft some, of the -lat- preleedentod vIolenceee wept through.To carry this out is not difficult praos, but rely it might bet be% I only deeldred itself in fator of the douhId h ude en\.Teerhd lobe sb'e noteEnln oa.nroii oss up- .1 the eggs are destroyed, We $ha
ontents Of Jheq issue are good but morovement a&ainst a, fair id rootig trees and wrecking property etinguish the species. Croeodiles do-] ,sm had they not mentioned our it-i- Crsutei which the rest of us de- the chief attraction was the oover of the navy. ..o" evr a~rpin Fatalities are posit their--aggs in well-klkiiV~ plalimdsoptiu for It is practically ear- feod, but goe a %tep further In aek, teulgn In intense colors made from There was a very heted session of reported from acy plaes. Sirmin-ce.vryate oewhete
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~ th4 oher olegue4 will fo I-tgta h om submitted in the Winter Season on.- andu the debate crew very warm. It uznfortubate anad many Were inJ~lrod taint froms *~ty to seventy -orgs.
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ed the carnival rather than, the ruled, au& as a precaution the momn- Gi2Ti. RUFUS Z&XTON DEAD come more and more rare. illomluated bnildlug. IAnd as to the Winter Season fea- Poe is vry efetie e-elnl th'lf h onx .fyAiese 'f I A fireaneier~a outing-" Whore'%
the say a few days agoiiisI asta ftis drw ad 'the printi'ng inxcolorsls thThbosef ftvrin "esolomarines went IWashbriltun, Feb. 24.-BrIgadier the boutl" InEurope" 'ah.
I ivtls tsas ha I higsP about the best Work o1th sort lo. further then ever before Iii attempts arosral Nuus Saxton., is dead of soon I" "It d-'eods oFa hi, swyr Mdagto a friend ef ours, that as well as they are going this year, cal ahops; have ever tuamed out. Ito discredit battle abipoi as a mant het distso. J-(Cleveaod!lin Dealer.)
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