Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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sWes In ilsirep Des Not Ie=r &M 10111111d hAs to Act bonigtt And half of 00 Poiro law and Oril and adldressed 36e m .on Morocan "Ad Neeedotills
to meet wtki raver. vowh Otty hintel q'Ttio" at9lgi n. firont ionstnty in particular which t:aT 1109A IL~tqusss
burned with LJA~trd At let"s as follow.
10atrole Mea, f ew ork BYA55*hd )Press frilly half a 0111111 Afri Ilony "Althougeh the, appearance of a ?Nmtrai Americain diplomats are By Asoocd" Pytts
while adylag municipul subjects in Parik, Auog. ZS.r-Report% of slwa. cottsg.'.s were elm '11601 awl icy.- piny of bandits is riot worth & agrain talking of a peac. enionep, t....l. Augi 1, King
. ha is ala. inquiring into the feast. peesnent beitwoen Urpral D~rmdp coal fatalities erp IVssd P00test. nosw in a ,aattef Of ttw- to be hold in Waa&inteu is the ateae rived here todav and waA wet
r ovf selling New Yrc -iti bondmsi~ dW bS eelaki rninimandr Mlentat v- etidental importance. xior shOUl it future if, effect permanent pestby baparor F'ront .tsnst.
I% Syierape. This is in s'onseqiienee of 0110 tf~l% 1 11119- fire. offieiallic Old Orchard, Aueas Ii lIMt pftdn"e other echp then npeb"116 between Nicaraguas, Halwassie. (mats, Cuest he is. The eithatior of
Ihe wridsatlafartaty rmaill of the recent 611 nightas fire resulted 1011 droth of tis by the armted forest. alght- Ined Wa,. hoduras and Costa lica. inia between the two monpirehe
Salle in New York liv' arppversfte Oll 'uelt aelc~oi ean.te ra~7 ~te other% day, qntll the band In e&Ptldh 4 *Atlng flerretary of state Robert mett eeiil: ]political matter.n
ke41iee that l'artm it the hest market, Ust Isath of the lity aq11931il oand a fltoanvil Ices e t qolArtera etertntei. kt i.. well Uttht 1W Maton hoard sqftgeatin Ntr4~eveI esl AM the agfreempot
althogh It is posaihic11 that f.Jl thim by Dieel lDrudc on the grund of a million Sitevuam boek and woi r11e ahouldl iieigbp t1* of the- Central Anitripan raoltbm~ wow thea two potentates wiva
might participate thet L is~ inoitroetiomm fron alrid alxt~i cottages wel tn tsd~ =ere s ad obligation, ON?1 A"e I&* Thrdy, aeorvitig toc ah Non- w two we-serd
fteiney in Berlin free fora invltent, "tld the city and restricted him, '-3jtey purim are ptflsttd &6*eley fetce. I aogrear toward, much a ends of residents and all thip'ian
'~belt Ameriean securities goesersilly toPto Ieltdt AFB101r order PRSDN 5 L because they, on th@4 part, Jille meeting wat halted reisailhy or to vletftilb Indwa, who liaed th..
have so declined that Nuropean lead. aw Ivrtlis-- the installation of an 0. ni WCfllriN t doe so. Ithe sds.Ire of President Zelaj to he fta the railroad station to
ic. ee o ijina tene Ae i n tttflational polls'sre. UALL&'U kUI S MN .The law h*a means at hand ami- Ife )*&#on in the peaice movement. palace.
Issues. That. however. probeablylIs It is exiulanined that the miuiin- A. e I fliblesit even to hainni the odinnihsal Witt a ppoebable settlemnt of the The* Auatro.'tlunganen inini
temporary. German monseyI low. derstacdtnig 1-4 due to too nisrrow Preetezt Tekegral~s~k %%loft Or. whoe moved by unworthy desIIEto pefldl*io dispute betivebe Nieesagha, of foreign affairs and the tinr Ing into German municipal al bonds, of detrein gvnlv paihcr. 4 All Membe tg taWork o"ea, or lack Of social d4eq1lila, aa4 St voider, which grewr out of j*e undersecretary of &)reign Aft
which enormnotte qumntities of 4 ne wander JUited! 00111t rises against libse thigm 'wbh reehut. ottlek by Nicaraguan troops disesened the present situation
rnswre sold tisl year ad i_ 10. hoseat seen respect.onAst
at slightly below 'par. The recent s. Perin Au a. IN -Th1' gtrment By Asae4&4 1Frees, "liet fall "Pon the criminal' hed iasltt ilbade to briknow athe atu-- uerstooa ad an ooo n
nties -werl bed hade toire bring the which Is.eit aaaoia mmn
iesermaeat between ".a lat aduiss h~'ave een hich f to ileete. Aug. 311. ;- rPidelnt the balls which he has ven(illv111 110 tal Axasrital republics toagree upon raced eontermtng Macedtonia
The mortgage banks. of,vzhk'h there tha Smir ~'r ~ ~ Iaall. of tile Toes"~~.. 8~~ 1 agiWonit adh a Washisgles eoftfrence. that the British noderaseectary
aire tlairty-eeven in Germany. are also A Odte uropeans there ampl today I'tss aae~e trtemnworv I -a Apparently. &II of the five Central diviateel BritaIn's dentermination
ceiling 4 per cents at below par. Seve. Comme~rial kiperawee tosqice %ork 1Len oftelwAu ovn o~,amvetn govweaatm are in favor adhere fullT to the' Algcias
ral lassies of 41/-_ Ier cent were reessa Madrid. Au~g. 17.-The, cutter Nu theduioate who* Warsied %;t ue ht vte o e f ec ~aee akdb h tion, hping that no thirst
tly made. The New York city 4 per th nonhv ,4oigne lns~lluatod, 1104asittations w*06V lasoral support of Nerio* ad tAe UIt- wer'haa a right to iritervie.
cents. however, may not. recording manticla will leave for Tangiera end the quarter in the eouritry, eoctuiiaeril eai States. They *&allaaeapclty
to the law, be sold below par. The gunboat Genera Conehs will 0paltl a r ,.s by the armed forces. al.sine the- treaty of Amspel., whleb POPE'X VIOAR. -NN0: A
vurtsg bnk hvea irultin fth eoei"a %eet runi lW O "The presence of a bandit it U4d wait broken Afineft before LIke Ink
$ 2 .w S 0 0 0 0 0 in li g ar dtAgio n- hs.n s er o u i e w e r it n f o M o w a s d ry th a t th e o n ly m e a s o t me t- B y A sso i te d P re ss.
Indleating the ufvrbeposition ,MdiAg -.Tomalteof AMERIGAI .11' 1) EGUN guardian of law and order, It -11 slin their disputes other thea by Ro~me, Aug 16-4t ii reps
o~ f the Gearman loan market is the fac state And iftipector of thve puano. iffniutely worse. 7The day ont ask 411111t 11e. in a~s agr@0isoQt aMong th Cardinal Ateigy del V0! wit
that the recent isue of floowow Spanish P0li 0 In 310roe% Colonel Arturo Mendoza Was Infoi" that didlol, today well-beloved by. *b! thteanelven which will hare the sup- Ioth is failjg will, lwi ;1 r-tn
in imperial Prussian Treasury notes. Mler. have bad a eesafereeee ini Revolution Had Xt ,bt people, learn to, kilt at their dliist port of the Usites Stole. sad Me- jL opp'vs gen; eral
yilin n qivlnto 42 prcetwhich Ha twes deckded that. C9ongse Discovered Nk NUuto ton, brigandage becomsne sers xieo
as w equivalped t beof 4.0 pere tiller shall not leave far- Mosycco 801 l terse 'w1ll fall upon the cOotrtY While the State Departatent is wil- WO )KILNZ IN RIOT
lt weffkrdrope bowrol.met until later. The Discuaion publish- one of those misfortunes and Abem flog and anxious to "leand its good
dispose of New York city bonds in s-d An interview t wtk Arttlro like the situation created in Waisy. ofies or moral auppot to th O uno irs Agst1
Berlin and Paris -ke...oUble as the TO PATROL COAST Mendoza. aecood lW seesnad of *ii Only appeal from which is to Iral American republics. It insists on son were killed and several ivou
First attempt to place the boods of an the banud of lawbrpqm dislanded arm their uainlaotia deand for the Pro- in a riot; which oci-ured amng doe
American municipality on the eqnti. Madrid. Aog. l5.-Siii its altroit at (2muavni. in 1hikk the Mani "Let judges sentence, and nwso posed conference. It is necessary. mern tsossy
nent of Europe. For more Mean a to send another warship front Cadiz stated that he he1 aa i nfrmed while let tle armed forces make therefore,_ that awt agrott
year. however, -American* railroads to M4orooieo to patrol The coat and revolution had bc*w out In the lir"Iaone'q. and not lower theevesreh:b :deWpdh e thatA
hav benooin t Penh ndOc- stabladj ouvisauina at and that ec lj, to an equality with the liqod*i." al= 11.trl and jealtitaes li drp AT THE PLAT ROUSE
have been____________to_________and Ger.wl &1" e 0 takepebfoete1nedSaswiled
man finanieler for loan. as evidenced to the woods agalnqt* 6mricana. Natona before-a thRaitfSttuaellln
by the borrowing of $50.000.000 by Laek of aubacriptilina does not I til. because the Asseulpebt WUeono~e BLFAST SIJE ENDED a helping handi. -o Patooiona Theat a n hifee
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company cnte an impairment of the city's ore. the proiinelal &I oc Prad-Monigt ptu15riest lo
In Paris. dit, but is due to the present condition oilmen. Mtanuel GOP0. wile vw Itelfst, Aitg. 15.,.-4n pablictly an- XPIximmO oF O NEA ats,1 beinnnt s. rie,*
The botift for which 'Mr. Mete is of the money market. Poll many killed in the first1 *~ountat, with notaing tonight the. Wetlement of-seeking to obtain a market abroad are months past loans made for ninety the rural guards, gave hime* !i~tn- le Iabo disputes the 1o)rd mayor By Assodlatef Frb Piyret Tbeatre Prado corner
part 'of a recerit issue bcsing four per days or longer hive been at Ar per formation- Loeter, ffrlbig It 'wiis not said that thve agreement was hono- Bresilltov~k, Aug. 15S.-An epide- $a Joaii.-Spnish Dramatic
cent interest. When banikers were cent interest, while several of the N~g true, Mlendoza thought- It -best to table for both parties to thl~ trouble, volec of eholeare, ap a7 tly, lis peniy. Regular perforinanceasked for subscriptions to thisisue railroad companies have been obflg- surrendtir. The agreement in that the men shall broken out; lvi the Jeis quarter eveauag beginning at SW3 ut
the response was meagre and, the is- ed to pay as high as seven per cent in return to work tomorrow at slightly of tie city. Potty liattent4 were UJd dramo nuevo. I
sue wac a failure. A new law was order to obtain necessary funds. With "I1cr debut is gding tqjethe ingreased wages while the em.- reported two of whout havoc dlied.
then paired by the Legislature autho- these rates for money current Ini the grandest affair of the seaat loyers are left free to employ te persons 'who are all ar a on Noveslades.-Prado and V
rising the private sale of the bonds at general market investors did not care "flavin' it made In Y"ri, I #ther -unionists or non-iunionisla .a Jews. Sanitary experts are inveel- "d av 4olis. TNg Pletus-es
not lets than par., i to- liuy city bonds at four if et~ pm? ter please kf* Ads,.
0' PtPSEr=2 FRUIT FOR EXPORT op~oglw -to lbol
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Ii MMs of Stocks PlmsU 121isamejal trol 11f brI itAn sotrial shake-up of U~atese I ; -@e5O AntS*S hadjg 111ol bedi
1* UiM~iq~gtss blI are expected to oeeur;- both In atr mdrt roportwo, ,n order r.n 44~ Loo.5W
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.~ ,. ~hi .emi~. u ~ '~~ OSa *"-~ bet. The"e bills are beleg placed her* O the financial condition of concerts ainlTete
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the IO ~ Wilg rt eeetmterete- iaca s*0ale .bomdt 911111111 R @4iv1v iseI deficient crops. 9eiueay, Aulguat 24th. Admission
willmoo a~ 'lianin the sason is fees bet ticets will heiltrihuteld
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4. ~~e e fl~os ~ ~ ~ .oh at ilia face meaning. Im se~e reape-t mlseat: lHave the curit" of wa4 Iteai from Nasea, froms Atrgontins, to buy A program, VrIe $1-M. v)s
al rebf Vchid* &s on n reeuttmee Of the a" the situation IS considered very far fiemma, anti earthquake, andi its, and from Hotnset. list 1Russia ham aid in eoverI the expense of pri nkeaeubeee ~ ~ ~ 4iivl, &C ad wI*ec 0114 nagd 5at as "n from disdouraging. The difficulty oif lath experiment In se-paniled po-al. s etil rdqdle hnigte1o~adt so te ml
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m'" 4=Nsft re en Amran ly inereaebarall the tiime; but this i bkave been No preilis, soen home fill quanlIy We exptl 146.000,- so eteellent concert.
Lhmbm Slidr ZU U addle,& mat Aron a laok of'enidenes In the tto roost ii the ,nonef mar- 00 bliallods, in igest sod Sdear, from The program nextI Saturday aft(I. '
Uasabl.~ ~ by.. 0 U 136" sal~ tability sod character of Ameiri'amt I
Talsdrid N~eritianos Co SM eitq MA ** Vo X industrial eerie.on the cotra. * the ed of 1906, and *V4 a crop at noon will consist of leglish svc,
0oe & Bereti s I*eao isair.Ti ry, it is date to a very prilsouneld COS Government otimaft of yes- loet2WW,000 bushels shirt, of last early imti of the. country and
Created; Ouaintea &Co. 26.10 W or mAtuia, trbdo the break 1in ee *The writer wauttalkinig tkhints -a tepgv year's itat hardly do thst a nd help modemi coupon tions as wall. In the
Jua res.& o.* =U t os'ae Aea y fine on "th 0 en- cri h a large leather manufalitat. erably firmer footing to calcu. much towards the 88K?OON eictra printed parogramn appears as history
Al 1. re & 9. &30o dr il. RNout h Isi a dea t a erhl in niym, who let drop some wash as to the pert whic harvest foreign roviniremgets ceen with the of each Piece. some data concerning
ndsAOL t ii 6e Ju g fte lb eak .ti;Tepeetmt. r likely to play in-the coming left-ever aurplus. The natural Sequel the soinpooer aiMl critical opieioss
'to e cntiued su~udo f lte d, 0 t ion Is Joat the opposite of thst financee The estimate on would seem to be sudh a bid go M- concerning hIt place in the mibelieal
To a elileeu ofa tha &$eseii w fth e ae bter al condition th just prior to 1898 h whneat was better than -any rope, for what we have to at 5 history of Ragland. Director ToT11o clletio t fa alowstha p~b"witit enealconitins hethere was, a great glut of goods; to* us estimate tis year. that on sallN largely compensate for the so- atda idea is giving these concerts
*,world Over. It is ipasisAl to supply the do- wheat was worse; buit the net tual shortage in the harvest. is to place before the public a simple
every mn does his part th psa to Th Ps fro London nid,. Theiides weire ong IIg-I was an indicated yield about Mteanwhile, the price of ccpe mean.o uia eusin h
grows toardwa M*U a#coStatsetet tetle-k lfiateAII as at the "Roeis pieft whire, o" e thes mlliat ulitel greternowc weod aa2514tceat Athen factionalheNatinal rowdedde
it 1 i teed, p roved as 4amagsng blow, cannotlill our requirements at Maini the promise of Jusly. or June. laat 11arcl and at 20% at the, end whenever one of these concerts is Nerywbere ilie Itegic found comig en the'presesint highy sonsi- mum psrieeI. The situation i hildei e 637.500,000 bushls Indleated of l~t week, his declined thin week announced shows that hin endeavour
tire markets. Yet, osrlenaly ~6h, and leabler Is, no doubt, sleeigat to be actually harvested, thne to 20. On the London market, Stan- is approelated. Madly neepioe and the best of thes Ao Itself smele wth 001"Ivl 'unique, but the remark just quoted would be 97,700,000 bushnels be. dard copper sold at lI0% per tono______wiln AM hold thi tlf~i he re"l trouble' is that tin JUdge's bes.o the whole a general Applies. last yearns and W0400AN0 below In March; It closed last week at 80
remarkse are esel d*ibdiesre and tion. but 86,100,000 above ION and and has this week declined to A6. ANEBXOAN TOBAGOC DIVIDEND
he&I praised the prepedti ealcuated to frighlalt ealplit. Anath- ..Mcile crdtioobtca t exactly the saem\'9(11 Where Js the deeohnt to Ratep Foreigna o l S ey ft t m i s hgat na tural i Iha tin. thurs ay's ofh tn is light. The urliliiatsg thing III beini with, can tis result be critics are takng'anp the question. IDirectors of the, Americn Tolaceg
-of 11 CoaleIt in but nature is *4 many persons t.tithat industry mhil edoI Probaly not in fall. The"________ Company last week announced an
Unhec Pn.ffue anddeid gem iv at hav kept on tn, so .. taimed wheat crop of 1906'turnsl itereasied dividend on its stock in
th 9 n.MrssI&lbeflyexpeeted. rate, had a good ef- loudly wth suh aSteady deple 57,000,000 bushels abort of the NEVER THouGx? 0r IT atofthe recent attack on the coinhavobo *. reeie II fetit in London. .of theaupW of gloss. TIhe at estimate; that of 1906 was -= 0a11,I the Federal courts praying
The weak'$ ronssele 1% Roint optiadstlhave-sr' feeling that .00 bushels lower, anitle that for the dissolution of the trust.
and in Spain and even In the break in co,,ask I teally due to the ien 4nat omuhl 1904 was reduced rby 63,500,000 A major of the rural guard who Olt the common Atock the regular
mted Sttes, absolute band ef~st 6( the marketer ar bank Woe tell me Ile eis. In each case, it walt thc en to Sga o lck It quarterly dividend of 2%per ent wras
b I rea bieslieeylta a tiesale of commercial paper' ha lo wha pwihSuffered, teattdofFraosROSd delar with 7%, per cent extra.
T3131 P2A= MAYOR tiy IV knowledge *hat forced ltqut- prae'tiel eased-this conditi thle three weeks' delay in this Pastor Xguls, reports that these twO Three months ago the dividend was
dalton he sAiM In program, partly by *n~,hvn enrahd'a spring wheat erep, possibly gentlemen declare tiey hare no in, 2% per seat with 5 per cent added
Itisreeeedtht hepo~ieof isgiving, over the liteimatlii tIime-snd a t n o ne no ea xe lg the frost line, exposes It to teasticax of taking to the woods un- and the agamadvdend was declared town of Cemainsdsac ogaWI money altuatt~n, and partly by dislike to obtain feeds outside his own ha iar rinks. Probably It would be la tb ttn oenetao-~ya g o h ure orn
adilmsestration to jldiewt of The Garesuanesas poeigels and by When .me recalls how large a P a part of eonservatsex to out down dens in pusult of othe'rprs Ies" spending to this. It is payable on Sep.
Orr" terapprelal the resultant .oeialtte meere. Get- of ties industry of thne nation hasI e 637,900,000 bushel estimate by loyal. tember 1.
Prep Amin eh tal an bolder, have dee bee" Nqaidat- recent 7eaz been conducted 1I0,0 to 50,000,000. What tlnenu_______ _____asdas of a band of a e e a ireely en that market. w Is h eav y bbitsliged from the note live First, there is the Governmxentsa MORE D7,0R.LTIONS TO VISIT JAPAN
in that vicinity, ad of 0e61ari put and eIt eSn@ far 0o0os god& er eAndii it diftlcult to uea arh report showing 48,00(,000 .__
in dingg to etfeetively d estoheedof arch, have been open. how, Clearing ]IOU"eecags ~ oeo ha no~fres
lawbroakets. General ES.. Oue. ed A A m by speculative operators poratien earnings, and railroad r' as than at thne same date of 1906. speol to the VLAi By Asooistecl Press.
has sent -his congratulations to its Amsericana. turns are at theO present excessive I.would necesarily help out our Madrid, Aug. 16- Kng Alfonao Washington, Aug. 15.--Secretary
maor, remlarkingf that he has Having Interviewed numerous an- gurso rt position. Next at 'to tine ngees has deorattedt the commanders of Taft has decided to spend several
his country well In this shat- thorities," The Post eorreepoodest "There are a dozen other aspects te consuming world. 7h~is cBeer.- the Freneh 'vessels at anchor at San days in Yokohama en iroslte to thne writes,' "in the highest insalt quart- the situation that might profitable 'ina estimate of the probable re-1 Sebatan rilippanes
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