Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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University of Florida
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as Is "a ALE NEum New York Aygmt; 14-A dos- A" Y mAisitive iliarante A dfjL*
at d4ts, ba. 4" al"not so- soqosla am" pateh from L-raves dated on the 12,
it 4 algo irregular, yoolms, soatenido.
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at Taub pd Phan. says that QvS Owed of first instance el bevet *900cW vaawillieto paria
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lot "a Me Uss, RATORW STRMIC 11HOXXX d" X11PI111t, Go. go0ty of astakting \ew YorkKM all, I06')Ij&ei do M rere o4k New Tbrk, Augua U.-The will- 94me's" Hatoo fig 1* revolutiAn cotisem":
do sda Pan MW6.
3 y A W 1. 14 *1 the t#bffgph oompsIll,, d agat"t Ca#trlo and esitillemuM pir Banco yAp&", 77.11jA g&
HAW HALL re that the #pkrotors' @tjkLj4 fine bt A" miltions dollars, eativiat. Ilenos de (Tb M
bit M DQ DX JIQ010f. Id f .* I
A Alasys York Apdo M-4i, 100y brok". dd *W 'his sum t0 V11141 XAkm re" Astliese, tie llnidctj 7
31dons, sim m" so ilk", 91400o. Large adilowisa sum for
do'loo Ilavana kectric P ferljK* am Is
p" 'oes -m lN Moral and material distag*s wit', Tpe j
wWWOOK W ando, side 9 okitootil: NORMAT, CONDITIC sup-riar
base" later. It Is okpeded that the "tralla Elrefr". Comunas"llull., 'Atcording let Abe. Ittlets, A-ei4- Ompiny will sppoal,,its Ugs, No signal a report, -the eonditift is nerntal -Ourt
X Yock 4, Ila%%nit Central llotios. TO A 10^
Ike uob& a tra rotighout ther ~ try. Bones de Gas, 109 A 110,
b"v" Eye la, nephe Tur, stfuAni'N AT mAzAGAN Ascioneli tie Uss, 102.112 A IM
IAIL 1, THE AasodiXIND PRnm 14 :fte 1, Deuda Interior, 93 190
60'1& LA amid, GAN rMthIQUim, from CM liev Taistior, Auguot : Havana Central Aetiones 13 11
46 Me& Awe&ioat 4
J The -Assoeisted-Proot his sue"eded situattAx of Wasagan eon ses d 1, I ifw York 2. 1. r5l'la
Sam maintaining Its e09*kry, circuits them a jil'AA Mando moutade
ft "I AlAMW ish are fully maqpa. mour-ba released. The saM of
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us %MW 1, id6w om 0. VZ CXM O
1 1:1 A V ,NDX are osmpeW to pay fo*rM#v eL Ilabses. Agooto 14'd* 1W.
AN 40" as bw Hardford, Ottan. A" 14 !Jdpo. leaving Malwa. A Me a do bL Wed, 1
1 pum, JIM M" 00" MaunfitIturlog Cd.' o" Ifie ]Ar. Plats eapkols.. 91 A 94XA
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Pa. xow York, Unitid $tital& m*0414" NOT INTERVENN bimewo mwooll id,
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OONTILA LA OA&AMA. li PW in the hatuds of a t*wporaty ding to beet ulforjis 'okainabk con.
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DIS ARFALTO Th. director of the company se- estagges himself Wi4 telegrop hem CWO lkuw ftvo eon.
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the negotiation for a loos.
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ta4 jp tkb Jews continue G.-M 18 y do 40 &A
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Vol" 4 t*r.
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the Diaris wag 3NW to prce"tefIttgea the th-rWIivDa1e111R~ AT hA "Iet'boardi of voiri nit'
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ls 81- AFftllowing apeeold Wik roeedc from Will. horse.Arudti i battleships (%miectilat good Tera so go 6"e NOt Wash --e and Voogleiwqang and i,,,ut P
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Died X"1411 In 56e 311111il. ciesiliifutp A#W 15i-Two new "at a d andI on the tam of the returns tiej dtI.A Weahinaltin at the 4* York oJ
a e l L tw yM 1 W O7 b e n i a g n o sed a s *p riv ate -b u t b e a t L oit 1siom a a p ip a r i % 'A rd to c n sid e r iea m i t o r d
No asw Lpes of yellow fever he w wrjm loth patients W New York, If-a a t s bay a' fSCsihly better recoril, norj IL Ad,,ral Ch~arles IC fitochiliethedne .fla.,e a &#~
tVyiurte to Havana from cinuim1Pwi -l 4l~ nmd Joae"8alga ter Soptemobvri ,f ct aeed rieoll, C111tabhsa~id a alo, ebraisianding the spaiail *#ww 'fpoton lint the hrit of waraliI
75Wkand it isa believed that th oPet so'Aurora Aido ~ ~ ~ aunb.) thce Bureau Ot".. ni 1, ,~r~ In( iUi m to in
ar' i titwdso~ .hapact an Ameriesn C)?eaRand1o1 a' 14~ 18 ttl '
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thl, situation 14Apparently. Weltlt 1 .AAR I GAI9N inbout $sI a W114 of the, &d~loten rew. A~V 11 rt (a hel .T
hand. -- ataamship lines be, advance TW Onubeeioeue 11jleltil d .O$ cciirn sompesd of XlM
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Tilt- Daily. Telegraph iremusio ,the Lot10flhbot to low mafut unlbl hae .a e onaeitd .5 I"o is Catiheodertie I.rte Qedau Nvei
provisional government i xius to olltort ships the torpo ableit '5 !i
tbeek the spread of yellow feor". loa By Associted Trreard in r!ay wroll chip tov New York Navy TAMd add "_ bitaein John 1, *$uf atd Clhr"
rrportedsoeloilfAmern. Ath#o, Au4tht l..-llort peach anry one and the tob .i N~~t~ hepot- yAW rs
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woldhae nth. phien*I i Dis adia Do Europeaun e or wlbs tanwaTteurkey.hean Wpl lot i Nw enowunoimroeen dapt
th ntdSae.Thirt.% llulgk n were killed. 'Pie in*" e iaore ter #on X44litl in NOW bst of care. is fail adtia
"It is realized that there ia nolihiec Turkish- Ii Iosa heavily Thirty Local %tolaaiahlp addio~~~I iih ~adit~In kM. ~ elf~e5 eulto hth iluvrr
which'. would do move to make tile m). bouia ie rated. cotAfrmed the d above it assorteed that, It filow 01 ew14oa'e* In n~h~ 1#4 oth tae
Rion of the American arm%, to Cubs ,Snn mo~~--- feos throe eNhcif &ienl grophy, which Inlacie theUIMM ,_______unpopular in the U~nited. SIV~six thiln MAY' ENS IM of it'all that t NaaaJ~aftrosae I eti~ teslfrhrI da ofr th
an outbreak of yellow faver in the aaawwill pimuply tior- i-ct perier .ptin AT PlAy NefU
ranks. Such an event. veoeli also flNEVfU more for the Aiifot O h ~abid k The- deviseo for determining lte *mi, _s# a powerful inl the UNIIU OU R J I the Sdt ten o a rm 0 WIe ot,taK The Imae tb% eatlon of Wirelessawaves e -Nall"e Th..aitrm-Bao Safool
uletratloti~~~ 1 o18ne thenit litldr movanhat th res 1110d411*041 ~ ~ te tneT poa S1.Prca.
Ionea to Plceoc.I Finding Comipey, a.bgaita 5 rel(
li se t shogwa inst ah tAei~ ceait lt Whoce Noll freight asehediallA as m P- hold a year's shasking down. cilil.V %&V~e 1111'etc.
eary. ful f me inon a tkaiy Reai so i. plied by the ateaal ni's an supeiority in speed of the farai*It lion whence wlvles Waveeaw.-T'ho ,Fayrat 'fleatre Vfado corner
.,whlch should'aniver have been spdler- BY$ Aaeolatd Frost will not include U the bet departmentt arrane the $ a 'Ju&-apaaish Dramatin
taken. This would be the arganeht .Tangier. Xpat1.-Ceptiin Me consigne" in lIAr the perlments on th v9*8abti Mid pays. ',Regular perforiman
aof the pilifloianii opposing the pasLean isai1hdby the bandit Rasi. lighterage costs di "oAlern J=NIX, 11173t W"O~ T na, wh~ch are now suitio40 ave gvneanf) beginning at 8'30 idc
of President Roosevelt and Mr. Taft, suit an t mfiR~ls Liaetom today which controls the basen euecesllfl. alftert civil
see matter winat the 'facts of that caae received a iej from that picto. Thus, it it Coal, eight I t is probable the finding of thes
re Isf Cltl4C Itot*e effect that unless cent to have a *oe will pot be m p!Vbhis as the -Jbg PirsTbeAtrs-At thea head
'd4vernor Magoloa baa under eon- hi' ship"s Mile as-tdh ilsn elit aaad.TeAmisible Woman. Did yoas GR- lugfl* 4h I''tey i bnoars:Saa rea
laideratioa a decree drafted 'by Ufajor the llaWll~mW i4 a Illai ihte htavncn..t ajoy your vwstto Stratford-oa-AV661 ezeiaetoti Zd. ta~.bsrpr o rueai.'lo
Kean.apvio of the dopartsinset the setilibbied armuies .farope can- for lighterage. t Zaftee Te Perfect Lady. It was lug~u~l _________at________k G
of leanttia.for the nationalization not follow. or if Ak~lalse t will do SP ta Iwill ip horrid that's just what it wast W~yten vbarmithga La ora Vi Of the uaoiliary service of the ;*land, them little good for 4" there they'll co p;*. the fo as a dapeare'a tomb wai t4 p mowr IN =iaxi t e stsd ra-re Mt
iti ably too ioeh to say that if be apt to rene onatwg'wih McLean. now, bitt' he wi41 t tehsab htIdd' ~~~~oPiitt.Pftg4 )t
the iet had been signed in June. Th ati s oeewl twe et thea i s ity to chip off a dale souvenir. or Louisvile Ilorald.
when drawn. that the outbreak present and thrirfug on a diet of making the total ~ vnt rt~ynm nI!The bear. entered an emploh n IW~O NvD aa.Prdad
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vented, but it is certain that sanitary copanic$ got the beeaidt. a soea "O'WhTI SAist can yon do," asked the *A01Y sets.
'eodl~o~ i tat ow wcJ~be -The King of S" s aid to have cases, it is said, the tetal ekaigh will agent. I
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Tht plan -for the nationalization Of mba* from where, according to Milton, lighterage charge on thcs gnee "Mdiaa Rhapeleigli says thit ozone ~W ,I on give you a job with I* efsow this even the kervios was first auggeeed last "the -gorgeoils E~ast, with ricet if the situation lieua' -i mAs he,.~lk h gl. alrp aeet~e W1. B 'Victoia siraliptica. '.
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