Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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New Yrk, i rlo 14.--m "Se" A4".4 de JlM dimaas

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*Whsae1,b 5 ag~ e
lp bw I,*4. I1.-49 los
*fluo* 20. etau s
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ea feer, ab H-per daeks do*I

THAT **PM""Ui Nei tit ay 11th.--la a ment wld gave out rt YAseaoto usrt. mtha & suchJap s O Apriesassiti al. being a phantom eretion u4"ta uinfnenc f irresponsible p esa
London, July II.-I a motiq o shmrehMwi of the allwyb hter ua .
ma Wor I up
eaequhediaequil Ceoto& hallway L')hphy.
MisaheerDon Ramaem inm a d. Prench Minister to Cuba MU~h Psaul Lefaivre, sailed today a MTe at*aw La Provenee "bd Havre

N. Teck, July --4i Sgm O~ f ta.W HJ bound to Jsvanm, timeh"tt ternoan in the ImeL r BayA
Igt she wa qutakly m*
tI tughostak aud es a ap damage, she pro be her voY.
Pekia, July 1I
aAvio list o T" l a W66dm = 1 U


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Preeloe do sueorlpol6n. ar. "SIt Ma.o W... hs:11 petLm 4 se ... $14.0 ens see: .." s a ...... s. u.
*** *r* * t~M-

I rt fo thiL"
p I-h.-Navy De aot aingl pond pa ordered nor any Ade any.
1B EXIECUTD July Ilth,-rmree a is the pawashop k ploe bato e ng to day in conneatene pead on uAntiL -

t 1~ JiAO 11 40 'NM- howl 5 'UAWdO$,000 ilenods, qu epma se 4 soon*uu rdhmimhto
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from gilt to the (1~omvraw ipl. i7.
eate prvamticlly certain that*t 6 lan. 108 110.
f elere will accomplish nothing gos.w >v4m"P M P oted, 217.314 ftory regardinmg arbitration. 7 78.12
---- Hayaes 5 setrico Comntues, 28.618
IT'O WIllA NOT SPlik 6 2.1jS,
Tqin, July lith 11squedo oa ,pee, 72 1 72.8
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Agapiar 94 y Y"Ob0 pi
s ia use as reasons prese o a~go 866*6** j..AWII"S# LOTE .'"MfI IA8 j s r j aA. blA vb s A 80 cents.
AW- I mai, I" vdit, egr S ."lacI
'44# te S .1 Or g $ ,4. L STA $ 30

Ray. CeItal Aechees IS A13.112. Deud Interlt, 98 .12 9611.
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$6,006 1.geees generale de lst F. %06i 11.
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1 ,oonititabaco
So yao en l mmde uh taboo. Antes no fumaboan Ae qA l bhmes n Eurpa; 'la tMo aemmbi. u i tnemb; doooi~qae dimaseOte te pn filn; a omples AI toar deme"ao pronto. Vsam ergtna eifra reeretee nal
cmqTA del tabaco.
eg6an teeleat Afome ogilm de 'itades Uiide, el do
Nee gal0es>;ipal e 1l I*do
Ze h 1.:1N678000, 6'
nt76 eeptlimas de libra por ea' t am. -I
Jltes unmeros se reparten conib slITADOS Librau Libras -

qtersm. ao relts dmnse leo ideal, suque It rodta di W4 a loe de etetes ekgHe y t ei7tr66 es8 Itay mefer qpe e meag a ,e ei-gn. rr le I Tutia;l o trag o d-ala borer eon vWte" pae prfthad., que oetenta sus nombf x (.eides en ore.
Ls ms tie las f uadca m i
son de aoel6n edadors, bi** IS INr mod*p per efeeto; a& I1g a tetrae part del eigarrillo, ya4 (4 que tae peorqe so ureaslm peegetea.faAmado. 4s0*1 lawa epl'ejor abad 1le&t que ISgltrmi. &gdn Ia nateleItiea heehs per el e6amul de.Cuba on iverpoa., nglah. terra prt6en el a0 e 6aBtletw 88.880, libras de tabsee, y on el* garrille, en ramaT y pres. )eto #s n scens re tb de 190, o&A ,disaiect6n de llbrAm, evye'va.1W onde o
rs. L4 rasnI no e ha podde# clear. Plea que Isa i iils eo.@ a 4 sml en *4d o pamsc pcdwftw*sA tabUao: Made lmoa0 pOu4 Slonat'r qua el tabsee de Cabmm ba deeatereeid e xeeleneia, asesda dietat
Prdlesm, sin embargo, en Ieltrra. les de rV is, itaIe
UniwsY1 tab"s irlia eat el que
mbfis *i s, *" tips
De tcheed DWAaGh01vd. tWfla, van import4s da.b*e l a.166emriete, 1997, fn glatea 2.041.161
raerraor le1JOT,0 dare, y protesap~es soteo de Ias siguen*toe'Minoe en estate f.tmaf
Neiae Libras -.
(1..1409.741 1. 1%K
148467 I2,00
8,410 30,106

.to flotn& Gntral dot
Mieturo *garatsodo ?.tse se ha trasda4do dead e *fa 19 de Julio -It
So avisa% bos Bres. g'$ deros par quo no s $ molestia de diirAe I Cuba 53, 4stigwuo lo lI d k40(* pllia.

- I


Sma Rafael 22 eia AsistA I o**

- A ~ .-

F- -. t& PAW ad a. ga6 e w.m,
*of steady sdept o e*a fie
aN d howseW-or ld sa tle Iide ag bo w
a l been the Tbat some aY as 6 ayb blI b Able arterma 's Afeimis
&gMgh the .heea.e atsi Aetries As do head o$ ft* I a ) so, priathiefo stan th4
...I s o m id to no te-dgl o 1 wf
Noi* J& AM -Y e Population grtmet hat me tin 4l. Army ed as ses os
Ma "orl e tute s "ro'ws used by *h artept
__ .3.m aw ,*, .i m, t1 ,, mk ti. asaa, and booh as oepan de .
w3el a the fnemy atnOtfees bil A o e td th the U1011ten sad,.
. A ra vse M t made the mm r ,e to ,ira to te dtoin ao .a
se *s ipae t a T 7 ,89 w C present at r different pa owpW UN 0 y 1ponditoNsa; saiste.
pers e WM 1 1 .s .ta .. .NO .K ,e81 s, thes" ,* are *... U o"..peation of tep hone"1
ecut(Pref Syairn .a te ) "Co ato ttlpho"tel,
1901 . o e et wi }ower eIius inton, D It., Iuly L-It is geh ea ed Aams
$I tf1Y ;or two great 1o ., n d 4 le bat Me 96ealt oe ** adj iv of starts guid** and twi e
-sit -l of
,-,i ..... -- -,118. am- M w" o,- f. --,W tim tha W-,e+ MIA a- d-- ; .
I .** ':' .J 14. .." I,' ag a t ba f the ti e a ee te of a .zped#ir
I* to wer, hew es uquestio- *1*7 is, tt"np
AOL+.,q di wsrl~i will, pay, tk| mr ao+ 3 W.. n .. .
k hby a igh t W king ve ho .. .. t-e fbrwee o askbs ait course Ifavolve.
hf,*at t eu5 e 'ii of dty 114 d* e rSe to ,co 4tt tht to.!a . .. .. i eiry eeedeerabit e apeditare for army S ea might be said of the wild Ut l lie 4 r~ th tT t far thee aeitte have De purs edtMea tto that which
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ofa&- the tina of the l eoIst, C ll sad ert aken e t a et o e pp t ite ease t we f loyed i e odinary pto. at by ieek a-o- a th -Ds4o. t e plf a6kl o th Bu a on to e apt a Is w ,p#,dtthh il befr g kred t by
1a1o st lew sh of h m & tp K d ds s e follow ing st t h. eO nt:e el o t ate so
to Mit that mhr a as4epe0 ae ers Tloer th at dhad A fto
1011r O of t0 Knlit Corn. 01~dilere m .-.b ik te luntd Stated of awUift extow
M he g r thles e t l*e t* wev eo e ro& e o el s o d a n of to N w 06 I GO d pAab o oee* d t oviso a aid
.re o seue t hon e am s ha se gov It is e l IW o A r p a tti will be of out ofe the f of the Oak tem
bat o"F vvu ib" Via& Bt '0" fte; "o nGr
the11111 thme Inoteta undertaken kW t
th doeneerio mainland 1an6 wt M e rt in at*y *0 eae r A rtrnrtes: or.ed ld Pl at raet s set ii y f te e of t e M p eathe Ulvas te of '1 t e I e
&&,&I t ar tin thoet fil alelt a o tere h a .. n11- s er theprp e o of ee pla d territory' Is foosA
abe to h e r ot a lkas a T t the Do ret tlatene W eroa" t* *an tr eio nr r e e t blgthe nala inee ta bail ni t
I es NWo orom iteoales tee has to one w n ooket fe 00r ... "to arest atinr5por aI r to pr s kr eferead pro t,
wuas t a h d ae t heir t we easo t he dn at a y ait e
1ot When t"~ no 111 to ienaJ 161 W6U Ielmloai lin V te bope *at MFYo IA arnfoun d on 1p be 20,rO01 49494eate~ Agis hGV- 3h iteSet of Wa.
b A s th w re t o e sl a e* I* t e qatie g M t m .... d a s 'rtt o ubat elt lit a m bot p in his 4eter to the Chairt an of the
A MW e W. as e O is t awthe bdto $c 0e ,.77.
eoo ethe Me e t Ith q eto sad o whieh rmM make It Pel o be the Past thatmaw fmtiD md n.* an c oJtee idgrye Affairs of aelt
at aettr fr T o oh Aa sa fo t toe st .eeiser'a .epr.t. rr ch aremb that tho f R te of state daed Mo
4 4111 A&.i. of t % o ke ep6t ti 5, ui le u ete ttei31 Istlibrgy an'-, ,
otoua B d .a a w on t om&e n a i "In at e.. SOk sn a s so bs ad 41sA h hpe es ed t eeaat e W t esid t a
ohe t uet et o i wly d dte l loy t to t e aion of t.e w o a t t e o l United States fr the t pero nure sene p their p"1110e1 hm isen 41160" 4 is end Ia ot dot the athoity drive& ofea the minlottation of the affa s of the
one teow -hr Gamy valom 0 _.?ductive ofo pea se vers!i t 5 Arsk trsaerts. 504al84 'Platt amUn6ti Ssad Wt Re ubite of Cuba is not miitary but
s-'blpadeee ltamltho Unit- a i Mr1V thi !Et- : of Ms. .... ,I 0aeton with the e"Abl ghlbmt for eA in lie form, it is in effect aa#A- he toenrt of et i e ae s s.. .. ....u 1d1 o thilppine treat ries wer hea eae m t As a oer wry eeMll ary to its
"Rlsh f be the hesiteqes ar+e abearuilmon mihm tthese
t solouaa ez i- To -thm the test lytereot q IV thtlt-mlue fkvG of 55,51' 61>1101,64 t ar aeein Ot Sol
F addez arcia
leat Manor IrAtations suit bea 1e 0 1041U lj t ; It 4wn p6811a. S aggrogativo 5,369 Mae, W8e to preserve life, liberty, and party,
win found thait Ale deeovle porte Per two -e6so01 these m~tan A .II -, S ~ Itt"~s L-11A404t d W Wue, and if MW te. there wowe thme right to aimaseer 'A~to a between the two preat Of th6 laa upI,164tlO to ss tOe "Aft"sean queeedo m -#41 .... 10. "Dwring out first tellitaq oo0pa- an Gpo Guhp~i of th
4ouktrift (74' Go, 0ow t smsL 06u ts *st they belka m .. su t of 0uba, and while *6Army
,. Wo ,a otedl ~ t I Ts emh8a es tht ta41 o w ai l toward t. Iisaea. noWas etployed in down the venus of ie oupied territory
Ie conom" ... ....fteq sin a n u .+ "", ,p+ .p', .. ."Th .. r~a e ... . ...;P P n ...t.. .. .. ... l-,ede =se? de t
bo dhs vbm4i. a oiu a g ea s ei the a may be necessary fr thoe purpe:. .
i'-ore t aeof"s" th a tal el ri 'I pe U'bt o'2. I's,,. 0 ,, Ill aV1611, 1M W in t lttrfom mao15te Spmo nt e, ld tn h sate p e et~a~ M- at i aes Under military oceupabti the goofr '
oynti asot ofwe theims qustonao s eA&h teustion rbei; lhb ohe thsith wa a aO exeiral t*ed In.-o h ide iai.Unlriet
EPTTO-72 L O.ET. +
Uoe bbwluftig b*oateulg do" a *i R"e ns ousry .4i~ dk*N Iere hm rto be ~ fw 0 am'1I "iiso pw* direcimon by the President of V~ e
. has so e b O of h -A" the classes of at.m. oz- United States for the expenditue of
she urma.rtee W at will s st u bea is being bqte, na eitethsadouofhe o eh ln rtiona of the rer'ecuea of Oub.
meks' o v l0WN** ?A@ v a to and PilIpine tratr wee e 2t e aight be neesar to maitai
ou w p e i a o t a*e *u& order, wih etende to
""tlo porle6 of~it It :21tA! I Go ca iotwn
Dr. J.O Bans...a. de ....
jso*ae&9To0 krg $-po airt of barks, hospital, "re- a el eas intrunteebe to stow them ins, Idiuftsme adsinibDp Y AssoiAted P1ress. bousee., quarters few off leers Wp for tAlA the same. By directlou of shme
abpqg esb*1 14*w ile o o f Ap.e*....a dicid a~o bo bW*6 motmdb af noi leton, ra., July iL-lvet ooijetd men. ineatwed there by *6e Secretary of Wer, under his order, twpt io~ swedr onz%"& ead to estit them -98 in ok U46W u6sedi fan mine worker were killed by reonat**s of -the UWhalt States various spaditurea *ert made by7 ;finheotry5t IS, an'" Nensay, ftsi a* Nilis ow teomes, 1o aeloa Wilk a gas in an aband~e4 mlnt at ArnV; rent of target uabdIo, pd.tu the military, gvertlor of Cuba for
'% t lvdih 4 v 144 b out ai n fltneonts to 06b V sOto seeking the overthrow e~the. eybrook today and three others roe, drill grounds, and siallar expea. thoae objects.
""I piso- em#eap*nim$ey so~oaw ,i... To dim lbs Vatte iss ,siiaisay. but thed oodlrativn nimlot. It is not knowSL whether diturev; repi~ars for quarters enid may "The -presnt government or the I pa WUo nust be provided Seissm baa alway s tood omit, s the tand of tqee*w4 if" 04skt nerve, and etter are in thme nila or tL Itonal used for such repairs, aerrlcee, Wand Iaetually exercised by t"m proivack. F"M a the ties. W -the 1"W qeep fm paty T dess were duo to Iitorate suth PA, seaveagers and poltaing not Plresident, through. the provialeoel
1T*7R.Aj~n~m ez Qrc ia
Ii ~ -90P~r 12 -v 0_Z_~e
*It Fr T 1anet ITlO Res JES O E
se&.,4u010 RIYES
ea., DR .PABLO 04 CI R .Py e ** ase ...r. *...u
DR. .S Y A s ...w...e us .ri,
Al somewra D t JAea G .e 'a4 d
4 1'"Oss le ta d 6Sa Ite a. do ftd
sT O.trag *p Deae IIs sAM 0-1o
:::,+ ~ L+a,.e "ems '" .B..I~ .,-.-- .
4~~~~i tOSTAT W.*u "g *
-s o ~ ac a a n e uas s ai csi m ,,,+W.e. ne0o6" s :hws r a OI cia" R. IR "A
ello A range slaves
aMRo V" oo .
?Sl w, so w*ea *-- u a. Am r .4. m a
iwdel ad Oil kio Alt 1W
rmeuL "pa" am B 12A Dr. Re, dU II
SU TO VLDES~i Dww1to AL da' AAST V 5owMN
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10mibm See, on d = = ,o-, i T :'i . ..
..u i l llnopreg tiiw iw ieva aal.v A. O i -1 ~- ~. ?li ll / I i llh l .l i
0=9-m R PL 'r'mI' AR. IOU y A g i t .aI&
11 1Oit 49 A -4,- -4 tc4c -4jo%

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P P,-.Wo quo la. geane m ;-NOV
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PM6UO ift smpt nws4i da U*1 Pit, s 4 ame 1 aopesos
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aa. El premio oniutar en un di pka honothleQ, mal peaes, La m321 e prepl6a de 1,100 ejeasplazes del comnIwopedl y el roeesoinketo d4 la pro
*tituarseo lf'aor do an auitt; <, .je lap6 ur~ del adsed
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quo hua enu e'041 s dewokoJrl. as importate par rm grade o~ itm y itleas de hillet del Bae do 00
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a: 7 as bee ne Waslsel p .etA tt.t"ten pere quo ee oobra"n 1 valer brlebre &ml in ides l Mrt. If ak w1ito enesmido an billets 0 al amdervseder ds ho peeatea que e
Calib iat ia a 4otnarse baclnl Cub ao A as oir avat e entregaron Otra bi.oas 1easidede6s, o etquane f h.v
ti,"a aeat Tamlims U nim a Ss" na u n ee
tas1'' idquo unbid. IW era. InOeta u me 61.time. ekn tA ca resm l f, que etestos slseasig sneso oan .
analsde publiaedoo pot el CA 1 l jata d Ie I la etisa deDemo qe didgt" r tiluiraa i ne td
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pide de-tedom hoennen uuiY MAIts doe&ars k sepha edoriu l10.quirenw. qef ea mm nenldisekla eur e. 0aellPlomar t s it WO le W la enanoi asOeaen0.c tamp e do a t*en, orer t6 a rteda atr e p se oan l i
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SAtWtAD.IIlN. 11 do 1907.
rate el di de ir me ka prs etiede )eor h lt brigades espeiaes, las tgUlMMate difefshr por enferymoede: *
ta:bliw oweszad 7 2
Poer itabUeloss. 2
Peofoldea iu~uend ,
Por paddla .. 1
Paor 1lt is 1
Se lremitke I Vortedro 30 pie-. too tie ,opa pari mu aremst .
DananteAl; Un1de ayer r It rSee. ei6n da Monquito alan ea lado les lmiienteeraviios .Peeliaei6n y barred do obtere y reogida de 1,5 late onlas a lles I, II 0, P, E, D y Ode A Mar y 1 y 3 de o0 Pase., Vedado. Fesrn tarnbi6n petrolizade 7 oes on etrueci6n situadas en is anteiores ealls.
laeeogida 4 ainttilim n d a ,514
liadt on lo.siguintes lidaesJ: Auditor y Santa Catalina; Univoraldad 6 nfauta; UrneraldAd $3, Jar. die do ja manumnz 11, Dentotaey~ Linea. Falguwras 4 y 4%, Dootlnguez &. Petrolixaeift doecliarcos es leaaslies do Universidad y Santa i sea
5 ettalnOs oareana.

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glsde I9 1 .eeve do l e ii
pmetue slonides *I Nrte de Is Os bafas
Por its Brigadge XeptoaicteftoM ptrrtilades los W e do les iSk Obispo 117 119. M*, IU. 12k 9,~ 129, 131. 13>. 137 y 1N Bor-oum 1,1 11.11 9 Obi4 01 T 106, 10o 1, 104 114gm, -.)4.a ". so w .,VI. 34g.. 4R. WO'P 54 y 58; tita tilS. eVt C esA Cm,',.. i'e Vill"*% Ammi, ietSeA y Talipi.dra, ns selmiA 114eea do. eangrjos on los allo A ids do conehm.
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Durnae les d esfa t I al 5 y pe Ia brigada A h drdent del lmspeatot Spriquse riete, e veriero 0 deskieeloers per eatermedAde y e petrolltaron lee services de 417 essas, neartels y eaballedsa deo Ia guari rvral y de las fuewras memories.
Aaede o e inetm do Jes,.0" .ma r peetivas reMoitl ree ., gl4a erIonhe Inn = deSMdA,
adisets persterie doem Isis de Cb, dtdose crats de adiAtereloee al Juasgado Omvre elonkI.
Caff del Sr. Martin Gonstilec, Nape.
P xe t*edoe Sr. Juan Cmtellao
Expendedor Sr. Agustln Pirezs, Is. mel 2.
Nxpe&deder Sr. Franeisco Rodrf. guoez Otaamabhooa. CWt6 del Sr. lllpito Mooose, Gsbaeta.
Cafl del Sr. Incli y Fer~adoer, &an Larq 2l.
CafU el Sr. Aloose y Rodri** San Lisaro 390.
Muoetras buenam: 7.
t del r. Veatura Arias, *
Ioeria del Sr. Joe Samiesto e-~ drfpwr 4 Msloja 1& Caf 4 del Sr. And* Martinez, Pria. alpe.
Mustras mlua: 3. Total de meastrm taliuilW: 10.

dase 41 Ml adors a ri reek y tatpan so aya (uies moments ybIleb el ee*reto dou an seo, halsk
SoVoa gaJg e ni salinte, y uts aS goe aeten ,Toposidaa de pena deemoadeeassistamlo.
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4Madw qoun ven, emplead do.mate, qe0N*S PasI de Ganabsoo.
asar put. 'poidla IS oea#a d 'tkr L v+ 0*Nosqaha Pusa, miewa~eoa I s~e seen pr pedslaoeg s na 6I Sits maimer e6mo. ais prui, so sialil
t u1 pplebds, nsetaeque0 heaE Dn sodes 1s0 monates apeOa eamoreJo de So.dsd, eon is cos
Sur$ ma e priests e., par irk y aderula hasf d rovet passer todce te desmtgt
Svi 00, a mds do part ular El tl polio asn asbee per la i sll do Pope Anati*
I I0fut larg deebs profuodr me lsmabs .61 Value. .A Low Laeo ba A 4a gltsi, y ml p11. he dlatie enito m6 el que e gaI par ia sMaes peeolat, i mcr eee la mr do Is no hils do s a sirerls. agudabsa A que smlsoms do es a# ftrare oan Soledad, asgesi*I M aq
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Alegrimnos de quoe adel re l quo Iete hs e is guerra Is peer doe las e lamideodo que pa mer mobre Ito
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Por de peto, nads sme die de Is desparoi4n de Ie eau que he Jade legar al en.10to, es A oabero,el brate A que me- someoildes ea stli foonl las oddikm d. Mlktos at a$ AUt qtu.el gobtrue deo Mr. l6 ek hoys renunciado ael. emvae A ls 'ago d Paefi6eo de asue grandes b qtes p debate.
Y maleatrd aquells dteame a depa. rem mo y a* expediel6u s peo e oiepre habri motive para demmekar do los nuevt vienteos que ore.
"Conque la apuests alti en pie."
Dailogb entre el general Aranda y El Rebelde:
"--?uen me guod la politia.- So prel mu&a puress euande anm oa on'ta; ono soy homb re A pI-' Yto pears es lcha de pequelibm 7y m r 1wro, pore dsndo ye veo quo bay qua be peiltea porque a ted qe mt oerdpukem eot Ia patria pizima A aer anmae de mereaderes iat.otsneia i a ssm bunes hijoes Ita obando. a"q eatnces me dealdo... y Squi i noted y etoy deaooidido...
- e o o aweo, (Iteral
--o os 1& regunto. lfreme bln is la eps y reeuerde mi hi'toria p61004.y dgame aiyo puedo serv4 seople de tIp4 a eandklatum po-i M, A Jo ml ilntr- eompafitero do a*asli ge erl G6mes," No eoouoemml&I Sr. Armada; poe si tieeek car eemo um actsa, no debt 'o ser leo.
i Coope do Coata. Ries he au risds ol empleoe de 30.000 peoosu*

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Pamere que nostaiNt. Per at tambin sntme Congroe i hgi&Ie aeo" eSONS asteria. lete alm 6xito.
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Y' u0asa applause A le pededmimts +viajoilb Usgsncy 7J liA, quo urn ast di
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No, y qu e to cree tambik Mr. M3. Soon.
tQue es mA importeato tedavIa.
El mimse rep6rter, embiam d iat. ppeioea eon los tob**ms ladope. dieos e quo, meg algaanm e taeuarsame, tb pronto its Abrfs do a clae alran am puotes" y an U Mades lo e itias reopetive de lm aiii. mas, sedirk c L trabajo "en adintiem ecodicines quo ates, porque elks mas l ban pedido; a amperando, poer seonlguete, ma boeoloias que lo quo reeiblans ant es 'o -oerrabe e fibriea, ai bieos a eierto qu prefeririao at pago eo moneda oaersmea, today, ve quo la "Upi6n de J'ableantem" temat quoe a gInar I stelge los obreras del, Trust ecs pe4i!)ambiM ei papo en me ameesna, eoon quo &to
creit perjudietial atI pak per los tratories que oesinorfa eI esmbi do Ia anpeda, temere-atandado, aegfn di. ehoe rrers, sl ha Aereemse to qua Mr.. gn ha declitado."
aso s ha de ereeme" lo qae ha deaolar4o Mr. 3 Magoet + Pud adudan hms *rqoe idepes. dient de lo taleatom t bpea6mios y nancieroim de .utwco Goberoador ProPidan, pidea usbit la monod.

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Sde le Us *ieos sabls quo na diseelp l ebt eljairano de Paris
I1, so e I.1*li at s e&or Ve e0 que iudanisoeoente qavi6 a* bette d Robert.
ete, at e eamtr la Ifraetura, mg. 006 *610"0.
Emstw ,1ra t6mn iur y e trato k4
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-- Tasbin me asmjenaisaI MIeo6 deepeado e. stor Vassoas
--Ni, elao opmetraae e fmU menD. d i y pelifrm s
-gPeflid lo que quertas y es to das'Ol IBqy rico, lnoamente rio
--1- m us, mwe davl ei onueiats Il france djo Robert sdlepus de perlmslear us aceateo e atilefacio
--ICles mal querdal sumpr el pacateno. l Uamet
La oper"e sa6 bleas El dim le Robert Ltevnt6 ml op6ato emre6r Veraixss o eto camsoeats mat tranom Cn u as r iett quo mAd parrria an gosts
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above objects, and for oth r et faeonti oif their helaquartrs at which will a %I future \ew York. Jely t.-The Oeaps- 1 P'eterhrg ub 1 e
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to be made from time to time. Moeaons. nd renmlardi in session ties of the A I 1W her for $0O0 dameges ageaist Joa hin terms ntemeratp Ma
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I the Government of th 1ited to pay -ie American money following e prosee the lt .bte Att
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"The onit question which arsm k Monday or Tuesday. etat date! a lt s ad
tether the revenues of the Goevers- Mr. Staples went directly froth the "Whicheve we see evident
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w!"c toeat pay inr Amer byke nol ready 6m excte.repsa or
I think it might be well to putborie ican money rboMlk-. has# a long e xcuted Pkw bt m ribueio
the Presulent or Seeretary ofWar to Another meeting will be held to- breath, when ae of taph M ietagAi a
receive froa th Cuban teasury and day to act on the reply received from li salfegna lmve*- ohe f iO b lI ..
deposit in the Trasury of the United New York dtlona--is likely to e The at prest in GOU$af ha fr I
tates such sums as the Presmlnt The reason the couference was so eIe dignitary, Gr ha an- large is. I 0e. AT e1d"- N
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n. an thus reiabure the Trostry -oft nufacturers are bound to support or elusion--- asd o b tto g eon
Sthe United States for the expeditores the Trust if after this strike has been for the renewal of to, ear- subftmas It eah eedkei d i pr o a
IimeSirred by the United tatees in the settled the Trust workmen strk* telL. Of course, our M defend. Wen we toen our ye own a-at
amitary ecupation of the island. because of their grievances regard ed by counterail the Cba, we a nas it be
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Ael ET N di e d i hta .tat e a means mo reciprocity with Cuba, people to aton. Let us be on the
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Lo"don. July 12-On the nae civil the strike, in the ilt on that cmor bei. be abow oar prooesto bit wC gad
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"GiiOi4a". She is living ia'Itay, near veruor the ones of the -evils resulting AS thme Strike is -4tMe so an- describe it, for its fetoon ame so ft. triost, that Qkaa will awaken to the h9oat.
Laepa. 4a abject poverty -Oilda" ,it from such Nmalen nourbee in our o ~ scall- Milisr to 10 44 those of OgW own clsfll aupeeeligpsriwate of their eoiriaw Msais ~it OW- 8.
-willI he recalled, wrote neoes 'daling When Unullie, Ranchez, president lug a great msw nn *awet. dron. Whatever its temin sounds theinsae tn the favored pies, now -000904% -h~ Of~ Ot- ly)
IMS reslaall id e ~ Mg ithn of the Oit,s co~itte, Vvns seen, iog will be an i prelimi- we know t*at our partioalar industry ootapied by themt in'tbe Amserica% ~ s~i ti'
alltifilydidshedea 'wthhe maid that he had as yet received nary to ros1Mu'VWrk".- is the ane always coen for ate.tackmht. Thes question of a suffciftt amd sweoes 1
00ifth'f -Mattai ht~m ~ tn notifisatkun from the nianufaetu- Many of the men, with w&m i-a ad we are always damyed and* differeial an their 'Mau is far 10Ma- '5JadoeIlgtli
,had theretofore favored her. wets of the str-ike being ended, but, porters of som~~,~xanetimes ly the field, though re 'ritaf than whether Zayas or' Jos3S1'5~~s Prices 0 4teL to 20
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erft~ s s-noeljat.makers and to all others who are 4&k- Ila pnai 4 .& aI s q OV 0 aaf rp, --" '.~A-

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