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 Chapter I: Negro population
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Group Title: Negro life in Gainesville : a sociological study
Title: Negro life in Gainesville
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 Material Information
Title: Negro life in Gainesville a sociological study
Physical Description: 186 leaves : fold. plans, mount. photographs. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Miller, Edward Loring, 1906-
Publisher: University of Florida
Place of Publication: <Gainesville Fla.>
Publication Date: 1938
Subject: African Americans -- Florida -- Gainesville   ( lcsh )
Social conditions -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Sociology thesis M.A   ( lcsh )
Dissertations, Academic -- Sociology -- UF   ( lcsh )
Genre: bibliography   ( marcgt )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Thesis: Thesis (M.A.) - University of Florida.
Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (leaves 182-184)
Statement of Responsibility: by Edward Loring Miller.
General Note: Manuscript copy.
General Note: Vita.
General Note: "July, 1938."
Funding: Florida heritage collection.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00001373
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 000134641
oclc - 01721485
notis - AAQ0689
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A Sociological Study



A I.m Paum .o To -1 en^u^V muWat or
II UNI-v1ns-r o. -Rm.
In P^rZIxL trLsll*INT or TWs REmoNUsm won rnl
D-rn or M. nn oI AnI

July. 1938


Reason for Choosing this hubjeot

he writer has beon interested for yer- in the Negro
lioe--itB history and premnt statue Sa well as its prospeoot
in the future. H*noe the oholce of this sabjeot when the
ooaosion for writing a thesis presented itself. o olai 1
she that the findings of this urveTy should be mooepte as
reliable genersaliatiorn for colored people. The easples

studied are nmuh too small, an the aost to be expected of the
following investigation are suggetions as to apparent
trends naong certain olases and groups of negroes in the
City of Gainesville.
he many eoxurslonu and interviews aong all eostions
and olassec of negro life have indeed been a peouliar expr-
ionoe for the writer. And it has been withal a broadening
*xperieano that has brought with it a deeper insight Into
the problems whioh the negro faces in a world dominated ed
controlled econoeieally and solally by the white man. oat

of it has onme to the writer a greater epapathj for the nose
as a fellow ouman being aspiring toward esentially the am

goal as those who are more fortunate eely by the aooident
of birth. Iron day to day In the course of the survey there
were earnet dlisousiona on all subjects that interest the
euman race gen'rlly---roelglon, politics, p soleno, eoonoaloc,

10 4759

war and peaoe. Interview wore held with rioh and poor,
professional people and oommon laborere---worwig people

representing all line of human endeavor in the great econo-
mio antwork of the oity's life. there were talks with negro

doctor and waselomen, dentist and meohanio's helpers, tesoa-

*or and yard men who rolled lan nower and hunted an hour's
work here and there.

Aside from the routine of the regular srveyl there
sere incidental m.etinge that somtiaea three uoh light on

oetal attitude and raoe relations. there was never malio

but only an arnest plea for greater aoial jusetle, and a1-

ways thi plea noa ae it. e.Ln q4 nqo0 the ohanoe to mat

a dwoent living.

Now and then oame the vTled eaggestion of future rev-
olution unless conditions could be improved. but these

soggeations were never voied as threat and were never utter-

ed in any malioioul annem r but were stated more as fears of
future trouble.

Perhaps it waa only imagination born of vain racial
pride, but during the whole Investgatilon the writer was
uot impressed by the absence of that humility that is so

traditionally associated with the "southern egro." Instead
there appeared to be an inoreaasig enase of equality at

leasfpn the basis of common humanity. However at no time

in many rather intimate oonveraations was there ever exprees-

ad a desire for interraial sooial life.

Ji.a Oovered by survey

for oonvenieneo this study il divide into ouor
main paut: homes, ohohar n ohooland negro business
bonuses. othor ites inolued a: reoreation nl both o0a
eorsal nd aon-oosroal spe*ots, Alinausuao among adlts
ad juranlles, ooeaty WrioaIltUra and home demonstrations
work, oity an county poor Lho, msity and county Jail, mo-t
ioal and adntal professional aso, hospital, lodges and
oivi organisations relief worlct WeP.A. work, stw o and
The study as it was originally pl n 8A waso aorly
negro housing with &mples of ho-ss and ohurtoh. Howsret,
it has been gradually zpanded to inuluae in geonral a
Oross-smation of negro life in at least Its main aspects.
For this reason porpps a bette and more spooifio title
would be: A Soolologioal Study of Iogroe Jie in Gaince-
Tll.o wita bpOeoal Aphioas apon Houona. This i. in
Visr of the faot that the score oards used In the foar min
parts ealt principally with housing conditions.
An *fort has been mase to o10lae all sestionI of
the eity ant SoT those not striotly within the oity 11-
'ita bat whose residents are oloely ooonneoted by ooapa-
tion and sooLl life with the oity .s a woole.

MISMh4 as9..41

lb. Golliatioa of "Utow..s.mglsas bf tUs Gsn at
*Gera Garts ana qua guoinki"Wom obs~s.
im houhing infacmusta both Im tas Ul uava a 6'
mo ain IM a g"I04 Cora of Ni least Eamg" Data
Osi *s. dwams1st (844 aPj P IP 171)0-1W W124 N bath

lining. a r in less a s om w "i "lo th sf *W.
0ola0ro 01G1M0 Y0 o100100 51. .0.11.8. a" esat llk holes
to house vbile 'A. s 1 .dGe fillet *"L. The nowt1.8 of
a nso" gold e suomd mooeesm ter A$ 1s"% too tlOOs030
fire$. to 10013 .1841510. moussnm~g ft ft., Moseof
a o suits am 305156 01* Ivsst.ig.iaaP 4 Sgmoe" 9. be
no" dertain Of gottin the trIO .005 i85m1 b.111.s
to ah bel. .0 in sp1t8 of 146 4 vm OW .011030 1
3010 084 100 ,ObsO 00S100t1 UY Is 0.WU 504403504
som hum it Gas% the sltrog wait* Iam w 900*ormon
t gm, goIt sal 0es 0 Orin in jprowstS for momr 1sea.
Ga. =s "ag ""ao Smas"tLoo hat to 003040 hot, 8am
information was furthgoLug. Without 10 Gulp of ons of
their 0" 10 It -014 hwo, boon d4s ur a ui.1 to "To10
obtained 50038050 informlion. Mao fear of hisses amg
som.d pr.o.lst is WWerg .tsighbafhtoo. AM w 00.5be 41i-
ad 1l64r this four Was sOt 0t$LJa 11Withot foandotima.

* --s~-

IOW*VW. 12 TWY h a.... Was %M8 W.Lt% Sflaisler ir.faa.
POV Us ULOUSLU vv. OI f IhOn es 105 the wit-
OWr jLO ell for the aewyl. of awon MOV hDSI Acat of
MAn"A 141 Bab..i. a bright you$ meal a" am L70 of
the altos *a" lowreet toaft.l 1080 for .*loved leepl 13
ths oily. RIB uesfaumo to the wrl*. 10.1. Is s
owr. thom atrl as aSaid*.

fh writa wLMhes eSlpo&Uf It .peMs hi" g etU-
taoe to embers MO tUhe ratedue 0eoei e 195 ftr I an
his to eatlutae u.ewh s the eaIste Behol thre ah Ua sel-
aturp ULg ts s ULU-= *se. tha I eemWetiLanem
*$UMG ** weaiF thEN Uee j. I AeUSee e Der. I.. X.
Bristol wsho A"ped a t his eco~IrUip pe&kihU .
It is Magic *t tr $u M tsee i iI ae eaUoIbe Us
Tvar smerou a1 give te writer bl ir. itisol in|
ustiLa U 1 to seueM emplegpes at Tverse Joboe during
ospesially the u198-40 s IM th, ti, Ul du r s mem
etremt.I7 ll.li t Ue..
In eolleetlg Maotet egrasla heai g of aierpoe the
tiUewlg e gemrereln u sei te, l. a t.. fe-
unr poriep r of the U iUs uatr J. losewar proal-
eat re estate s oaert t mueail en al. Men ret r el-
Leet.; Amle Sas. won tnoa eemilt wenrr e kad
astra t o 6 w olod homi ftL r amg inigeat el airootor
of h 1 .P.A. IsreWY soet on IcrT fre s Iutes; me-
LWe uslsri*a asetatiag staea in tO w.F.A. aIy SrWeOw i
Seooli teRn" reaklhna, tuaften at JiMela Nigh aesool who
saet ea offietal pike o the write s"d gave mh he*Lp
ul avise end Lafomi ion.

u~" --~- ;P------l n -aaR1

In 1foami gac emt1. :ee rhehg h tol **loved sa-
sue Vhe fsl1lag Posters a'" .hWasI MoV e vote LAIM-
Tiin& fram t I&It to s bellou inl 2 10. aawef U sI
aos Is IM: ae. i. 1. Rligs, Psunte. It. @eel say-
tbil Ole"ok; "T. 1.13 wn11, oi efft"'le s xlenn am
"Oozie Johe eel a Patse oa t Sup ring min etal Obsohi
M.Y. A. I. mam.. 15815?r of Now le l A. X. A. ObOMoi
Aev. 100 Williama. pessar. Olseol O1 f G od Ob*it; SeT.
1. W *ill"". peto:. ut. llaaat U. A. OkErok; Ass. 1.
1. White. peeler. P1andahlb p Sapilets 051; Soo. a. 0.
London. Poster. Mmamal leptiat Obeoth. S.t neiellil*;
ids l*ow Wets. pIea:, DIeetiiie Obuss Is Dow W1LL:
DUop P. X iillls. 115105 Qh51. o2 fM &I-LAG oat.
nor e" Mctlatii lA&. A. W. Swi1... peae! as. "I"w A.
X. A. 010:41 As 1,1* Kill; A"t. Ah.0 AitILGe., Psal.
the trimh da to 035,01 of th s Laf f1e. AST. W. S.
11.51*68. palote. 'Atpaa A-. U. 1. 0 sat; S5Y. I. R.
slime. pSeats. 0111*k oef 0*lt; A". 0. P. "Go. et.or,
asLet Palg 0. M. A. aw"; liv. A. J. Mane.. Pastor.
A. U. A. '1r01 010:; 15?. J. 1. utsls4 (blind). petort
nt. 30:1.1 "Paps OCase".
Information r0016in0 xamfl "%mLtmoe sus 50pi
by thle 9ll9oalae A. Q. Jons. prlw113 Of JleoRI "51
Sohb001 So15.1 A. 1.111.7. torm" teahm in union Ae"sO;

W. I. max". "omer pfiooia i of Usloe Amoney, a. B.
hiP. alo VMS Utesoher oS 1t 18 Ao '; Menlo 0.
OULU. WINolst workerl K. P. uetsmer, 87.5.ot of
LohOoeS. A1.0105 Cotvy ]We. it. M. Jo0". prios7l m
so.010 an Ulmth Stret 01r 0te 8th oel (am aloeo41 and
Settle Toosts for nofermatlin to w%.1 u1mmb.
fth WOSutor 15Lodebt far, Go01.Oemoos0
&.11aquoo. at 00 1 muog aspoes fig,01 1. 1. R.amse
Ofel L &Of 0 8 300~t: 8. 5. 0B100. Ohief of Polls&.
Osluesi~leo leauves Agborse. 0010,84 aItioes ma woe,
of I1.0015 0r4ll os Smiosq altet; 8. 8orle. .O.A.
OLIV Md Gonaly Jan.
Noub Assual eiaomstLom em lqor0d ow"Setiou
both a olk eoisi ea GROI SK-0 ro0 S Ino 1" oid biy J.
0. mott%, fomer theatr I-. A. i. s. ahoeser. 0111
IfOretiom 41,0OtO; Bv. k. D. Alm, ooloreA i1,eoss
sot surgeo; Dow18 851110011, "UMr Of 11.0.1. eater;
R. 8. VorbIL8. N. 1. A. Xlreotor for 9"aieleo.
31st oveforblo relief worx =ooa oepo.o Were ob-
"aIe" trMAZU .I 9 W. ToothS. 1. 1. A. D1*0010,; Pfree
11.8r. Ogo-tI R. A000; N1W to"2 Modsmale. motq s5.-
oWet-rUloa AeOtU; Zsrlene 051 A8si8ti8 mole. of
W.P.A. Dhi 80S07; AoS GI.S. hLo 0etriO of 4Ootl mA
C117 Rose for Age dl leonts.

It Ii perhaps appropriate at thil point to state that
the writer w unable for meI reason to oroe My lufor-
Utio ofr the loal 0.P.A. office n spit* of ropeate
TilitM aol requests.
ho felloi0ag pwona 5ave valuable aslitenpso in
mAttIWr pertaloita to the uhalth of ooloreo people In Gmie0
Vil1s, r. Robe0t l. Ayr, oolorie phyioL n enA surg.ion
tW. J. A. PIrter. oolor.d pyi1.0u n.4A ourSCta; Mr. Wil-
bor Lassiter, Alsohua Oouty ooealth offLio; Dr. A. f.
Daoaa*, oolor* AntLat,aaa various olored. oitan.a in
all Bsre **ootiono of the oity.
In thA prpuaatlon of wone photograph& the writer is
IaAobted to thoaton Kob*rte who gave tlJe 0a labor la
printing plototwe uset in this ilWU. 4. 4. Bono alo. oon-
tributed photographs from hbl oollue on wnioh re grat -
fully aonotej aeS.
for kind uoelot.roo in the preparation of a.ps anA
in rany other dotacl the writer groterfuly aknooJl.lee
$th work of his wi.f. Milfora Oap., talmet i the G lloCe
of ArOhitota,e university of Florita,also gaTe goonrouo

Others who have ooatrlibuted art .ona Brownn Iko
0uppliet a history of the high apo 0 Oolore quartt; 0.
0. i. .toberg. emb. of 1ty planning b0ard. Oonultant
In 0t1y 1l7 1aIg and -aooitant Profesor of ArOhit.CtUr1 ,

ssf g -- -

Siai ww the etae s x@2 flew... flEs tOr thM solll
.lUsI ormuume. A. 0. o'i.LOI. ,lntosr at lslau Ua
aluneL ta sauw of igroOs Slw the "tU moaln Iwo.

ANm OF Or1u

F'ie Oered by &Btor
]miL4 eX i lr ,,m"

Ohl3per I Xro ,pumlattoe

--nl'm I'o 33

O4ul eI 10.03


W sllupou
of.1i 1.a

351 L S igl
oe.03nm 034 in.. 0
1 1. N Z 01Uo


31*24. Si"
mervess mad
055a5lo Aaipmeok s 4
:!t=r i a

3ti0 *Ksmt i
.1 eliM 4.DLAqx

BAligloiu Mo- tlo1










--71~ ~-~--

Oa"Ptae III Obar-hea(tse mimat
elogiels 77
oumnt on sanmyxu*
utr olel aosis"au lepattal
oLaJrrrial Gelii.mu Xmtig au

0aba l.ed AuiI r
JeeA-1 a

64amr 11 i 10
fua delr dra h alAI

Clyter IT Sahols

I r. -i +100

Ie, ...MW oWk-It
aaral IWe

;. L
IUa o ns e MILin O iKloolU

A Valt SHaser
*"I=-a 189

Otoftw T Udfl sad 0iTI Organltiou
artmu' tlr u 11

oigutt r uIr

tnpt leC


OChUter V1 oeautioh (I6t.)

U4.L :2ol1= ]U ygo 1oI
Naolt isat UT
Wa Asm uALtorim 19
Blirl parlor 189
0hepter VII Business RonIe in
tenure 1N
Itorlor I
Interot 184
ReoolDmeacAsons 1
tebula Bwmsa'"ry 18
,peslal Oases I"
AT0asioan in Hoss 14
ava l Raoe ahop 14
ooHldart 14
Inu.ran.e 144
Bashelu un Ohlmtt 144
Chapter TViI Other5 Boololoioal hstors 149
Adult linueno0 140
Juvenile Delnquay 101
AlLcsui OoUty Jail 166
Samary laT
l PouhauIeatiolu 167
MeiMALO an eaLth AgnateO 1US
Dr. Ayr 16b
D. J. A. P1r9r lot
Dr. :. H. DBoS 160
jlsohn Eap9tel 161
rllist Agenein 168
o01 Poll's oame 168
A lmew Renoume Worker 164
lay NMSr" 164
Work xeirf 166
Baumo* of Intereta0l rtvlon 166
Boae potratln Agnt 167
ooRAtY Arioultural Ai Et 171

Woo*tter hM s S

Oblanh atetert Wta abet
Kjiriee Eintlies Mtsm Bht



BRomls and xaisborhoodi


ga ll
Old ols' Nom..


ApproLMt. Ar0sa bI rao* in 1900
Mirt.buIAtion Od gro 195s

Ivgro IIighorboods at Prsent

Igr public Oailtaig
.oaidLBce of JIavetl Delaquents

loniWg Dism iet.




1T6-- 1?6

Opp. p.16

tOp. 9p.2

opP. P.07
Opp. P-.I

opp. p149

up. pSll

r -* -- -- ---- -

occupied by Whites and Negroes A _I I
White -I me--ro "
Negro Bueiness


ff- s -al
l .D _4.

II ,
I --- --',- .......'
AiA "L1 i I

4;. I
r t-'E 7
R-O-E R-20-E ElD
0 oIm !sI R a a
MCC: Iltlie v

aI I



NreYugs t o 150 .1 to. ap. ~1.051.114 41
prow ul' 10 WO an at us ass" poplUIM m
f.aimienLll am was U.w11ww as i10513146 an .3.50.
(Sol T). fte eporamlto leostts a4 %MW4 X.1416 Vwe"

AbQUt 5"a all" 065 mis Zasseg14 esm~koae 0,a"
ts1. 1511 Isu 11 ft" am 15 V *Lo laIw* "..b. Of 4.36..
Norah grain.A1.l amO ioftiory West IV~ the ulsommusi
of a as~om .4. m .u11r weie so. bo ousat30
otga 91 0.1 5 11. Dw..1 .6 1444 "IsMos as m
began .bat is16 timl milw 4afsk ..L. 11.. ina. sigma3
*Stli* go"t I05 M, of .1 Il cais, O 10.31l as 02
NA o"l1141 ti e all hew sort 04fl* *At#d.

OStonesuokI w *m5tu14 -i.84 tio k La t i ow O lizPW

are" IniU *p 3111 o"M 669191. n 1o4i 1u I"
Sao. ASt of to.,dt4rn 0411teq. A 50. NMO..n h.4 a largo
OIllt. Si..L. 1a .esutoll a0431.01, sove"A 51146 54.
89111.50 laSUaILIM 1e1 Ssout Of 0018.siles 164.04A
that *-6 01 "'Was. 01*4Asp er 3,ts 4m5. 15.U. 1
010 ONowe POWt OWil as Si. 2104 oIm lI to Am 51.1030
by U919, k5.518 ".1 i*1w .. M1. I,.$. S.tat
Iwo toL I1dles to Us0 eout30e~

-n~i~l~BTi---*l~"n-^rsi-*mr I-~_1 ~.~__~ ..._~~__~__~

Oeeloupe Ioutnutb wts ttostet tt wtt at the
Pretest C1tir limits in the V~iola 15 los t is Was mallet

Ihece &#Iwor to *6 Va wngtelaut MWIete as to
vim t6 first slavem em issestet lath the Aiaetu ese
"St rvewsor emw that heel isbno e fleerlthie SOCt1
as IOU (8024). 21V Thi sL eLe Sol to ioed lan dOUwes
""no ha markets at Sain t t timUs and mlo Orlean..

Growth to at"8

From the MLacs .f fee6w the tis at the 0*8th
War Cscosihiie' move po p"411o, IA 1#10 Aem psew s
acural Larw" Lt Islrawtoe to &.Ot. 1. 1010 It 1.4
tee11" t$ t.817 'ad bP the logo federal ioe.,. Was Sivas
at s.10, at OppW Satell IS9 petoeet Ct t W-ni sO pep-
jaten. h IM loItA61 1.951 04 ce Owe s1 al 2.lt
tOMletS Oit that etc. AtOertleg to tar 148 Plids, Gen.
oct E es An tdiaov memI b tcru" 8.170.cI
UWOet Of 1.066 O,0* thm te etledg fl~ar' of tbe federal

Somte, n a&& of family

lftr wore. eomting to the no80 I.. Oing". 421
eAvo COMMON owning Utir hames Oct Cf a total of 1.069
mepe families. 60 o- theA co" We" lg"a4e, 1 e am tett

valil... bhe tL Tax" of hasem, stee by Ropees teW
OX.108 SIM thW media &est paid i.t61 per seoths. bi
It In woenttet to 400.1 Pae teeth PaId by ftttem.
sare follle tIthAs ah bldei under 10 Jeee of
sp number"tV IA was thoee .1iL 1 ahll teMA 10 were Igo.
S em tee. o4 f S1Lt sIl 3 or sept thlawe.

moeloela"3 ohm**.$

Liu esot "Utle foeedee LeNa the past Oentary
Gsleneel has pae is rause hlt-teO-s-ls feehit.
ftrt VA to pertieler plea; ahlort tad thite settled
an ditrlolt wast OWORIOUS. bwet te &ayse %"Assoa
tottd eagree4.lle oa t S AOec.. ht"Mr. aQA tIbi s per-
haept e Only purpoteful pert of Galoeeeills-0 slp tresth.
be ortr i er A" reged ont to sooetomlWit map leforttiou
available to -r- %t least ep-S.el uo..plf #W e"gross
as ten t as 00 Mtee map *pp. p. IS ).

Orglinally. peelouelj el1i of Ih residential se-
tIo iIt. aset of tao I sad j Mellntd to the OulvertasI
of Slerli. tee ooeospld by aesrooe. Gradually. however.
Its whIste law bOmee %r ee us ma ~6e the GtlondL
hetetsep bass e the teelb to ameserl treat &U tet of
UAlVer@IIp AVttot to 0ost 50M Ohuroh 3StrOSte. N09reO
have bass elowip dlaplet es.t fne thst is tot tehblgton
Sue*%t to te ooel toed, wtith M6 &mptiot of about fly*
or .1. 00555.. It i gaes.tn ll j#rlotdi Ihet thseM else

viK soon be boaht bl watee. Shey Saw n osit e.a
rm tOs veI T oft as th iver l of norl. Cum to
Sixth Steet ia a ern eoauh t OlUsoa SlO"et. weat *E
Bointayr Strut teU oolo d are a i s hi eUt twOru ep-
ton AvTnu into what I see es L lth. Xe urtse. lut
of this eeoe1an formerly Geoapet by ae s st the u
a teonaUle Ilians resideatlel sublivsi e.
4B~o0 1900 a oeres hrae o.opleop e ml tun *oMa /
.s the porter Bstleon stlutM U of the I ud J mtlire
betweoma eooalok esA Mill to fort Stret. his prt wee
formerly One b s weht* m n ane porter who Msubivid
Ae propery ans mlt enxalisveyi to aXrees. Aaotr se-
tlie tevelope a na uo he su me mw. =a eoli to iolor
peple is t be ftun in the uthust oeamoif tS oiV
amws Spri ui Ull or the rah u abTitaloa.
OrliLaliy rea baiass. Masu wee group" &loq
the west ue e the e.ur house swua r n east -ua "th
ast on sest iBversIu AVe.". Sit Yradul Y e t he eoilt
grmw a* w*tee boaks em o ut 1 selorl buluese unft-
*t O See$t a1 utret b*etn pleauunt ean West Mlin SoMt.
ImOe t. t herwe to uo leoewr a lal&e binens theas
mwa at -en wate bl aeer. ti MY of Us the Udistriete
meantened ho.th At tos te tM writr mees the laS sar-
er tere won on adge n th unth side ofr Not tion Strma

*lzfonmuasex SUt Sy 1i. beie a0d 9. 1. sualep.

nowr te atomr chigb we" 0001oved Sr.- sGIS bee" perlo
We operoteA. bme0., by at MONt .

tire i the UswolmMUM district. It 11 0h e "a r 1a hr L"* -
Tel ekes maep on Aset heLen 8109e Jack bees of the nuor0
le"k;. 501 in both Its Jlumu CO" pereOaefl of Its seer

8 4 f o r G O t h w r i t e s b e e b o o s ab l e t o l o = : t h O :tl
of Of Saieel hee never nook its weoeresatg Orinene to
restrict mogra relieefie certaIn laaaltie' On"k &010
woaA010*44b1bi be Ceoasted beeeoetiheIMUeai the casaes.t
of Oleiouo genee of SAML10 nture.'- A poS of the city
erOmnee Poretlo of sasoaeti olf f t ra e@e. iseG Sol-
so. 120o Oeela ead aee ert ma dell olp sle
*I'!:U U Ilelle W OeIre h. .1 el "a IGp. =Il e 1-
.iIbeOU 8801 u ICOL ee moo Open lee UIeItenIa pert.
Cr 1.101.0 eol C she ehiek .0100 eapu 16.105 eMr
.eparaee o~Wn L .I~Ile OiIVrIe @1 mu1 clIp 11k 4
1..1. ws eqly reellea h prelu l OIl 50100~ iri l
Oree velth r ealuie Le o C~eeo e.
aLb.. Ohe -rlrL.l hai. f a S C tp l Gpo rl0
I% ... CI eia S I. le C "A 0w ot rtel"ae
epal ea eeNeIIYhC elu the OCCIOCOC 01010 1080081
CiCOC eo"Monee sV J~of GgA h1 -1e Itri
somabl U shad I" Sba's pi- am. plpw ms

parS laremm. oOm~el halomm. a, OjICqrCI atr Chl. eravid
al. eeI. shot1no ordim eomm. at LhCL l "OO"%%o'
Gas ho b Sn llubeltbol Al. h t..* is h mmse ais

ftetloI.Xt. uNDOW INT. AASS Of 199T.

the colored pIpilatio of Sainfille hlas evolve or
dLveloped, by th operation of various *ologicl plroeese,
into the following section or i~aiborhkOaa (se. mp Opp.

p.. o ). st O5ineywilO lies Uai.Ou erth of Ohurobh oA
South of Boulndary treet. Its Iea ster boundary is jort
GardAn Streot.
Pistol lley is a A~lluigborhoo situoate weat of
the Atlti aO Oeost Lin treWek Ma4 north of hehaury street.
It is, ia ma raspe*ot, one of thor Mot iacodent of Gaines-
Tl11*' colored sootions.
Pofter session is located *et of the 2 Iand trots,
soath of Arlington street. Ma is tistributed on the east
san most idaes of Porter btreet. It is Listiotly a "n-
tion in tre ition. Ad" to the fat that the hbit race hat
baen tesdily lnvadaLg it. In all probability it il even-
teally AiLppel as a Ioor0 O neighborhood. Thls slifting
of racial. boLunirie has taken plaae not by force of atlja-
iatlon but hu progreset slowl. by rising leat vTlal s and
hene of tau asesnts as WeIl a p"aing 11e5s.
Dell section. also knows as Dell's .curtr, lies pria-
ipally east of SeTth awtrOet. south of Maaoniae. st of the
12 nd J tracks Bnd north of Depot ftrst. ditineot eoo-
log1cal aTuoion ba boan taing plao* from tUhe Get "an
north umainy. d gi.ve promise of still farther greatly 4a-
Iniei ath arue oe this nOighborhood.

tse eaboart seeoUa i foud ~ m la in one blee-
bostund on the mosI by thM 8eabUt Jilro tree4. 0
tW eOt b7 BOar St t, oa the o*** oto a 4 o n o t north
bh Pla StrWet. this uor als ftlua Lem oM f tfh oldest
Unt meot lpliu t buildings eS~taie. Aeval of the buil4-
LpU hUve reSNU1 bhes ur seeu b S te waer t oue of tS
lt" mill.m ituated about one quarter ot a all* tte eo eh-
wern. Xronvem haO ve baee proaltes. bt nothifg M bal e
doue when th 19O srve T as msA .
the 8fnu 8ill aua 11 just Math oa Bo th diOsevTll
aeross "UI" OrOak. "d t1 at least Mi--rurs la ints matur
ThOre ar 40 maleAipl l provemooas and e Us paved
SUaNt i tath whiAh pUasH through Sot GdaisvillA to
Arwreea O toy ftaorer *oauth.
Spring mll, u5tar smi-rue ur r eIt1tid
jaut of Aees Oatret cad Wet of almUote, esot la4 iA a
Set soettutemo toward the woods on the Mea aua seh.
Jet north ef t Spl ill mnd uerdisg itu t ie11
Out 4leeUille. beg1 east of tu wIalo aeod a a bot
aorth sa osi of Oai realt *ToT o. hoi ale is a e-
Stia iaugly lae1 g 1 lity Ilafrot meMt. Mtr of t o
howe a are ol4 ant I naoeat, althoso ame anm one ane t
hb found a g tuhe. tleeoieall all hose i toae oaut
l g are s me ot$door prlvios. Whi h oa In quastioatble
omaoite im the stadpoint of Ilttioaa.

weS S sI o the semed i lrFUseS -es we.

it IsLe .esewebIr OUw Wu les sealaIelle e" 15$
~&we P, fStlI grows" esIobemhS. ;" 1sodb&"Lt
A" n ream as" 0 Som Wilk asse of As" a""*.~in
VifLe. lst *UW zU It Is soneebt 1.Met" SO

TMF' MSligthwh.S

.4.SVL.LE ,. FLOR.. -
Distribution of Negro Pop. 1982 -
Blooks oooapied by legroes E 3LJ
Negro area unooouptedoa d II[
Negro business house M Mu3u [l
White meotions c0a 11001c l 1
'---E H L

un In a a as
in I --- -z, -
Mj :m~ 7___B3 f

--- ;;



_hUI C I l @

*05VLmLE. a oRCK

Zoning istriaotp
Residence "A"- Buminlae.
oesideneo "oB"W Comxeolaa;L
Pablio and SemL~a.liSo "
tesdeos0 ~ Inuart



R-1-C I MA-o-E .

rn- I W ft-SC-C




IeWr-sar 4IU wme f S i am aL Ms- .SL-
tit topm t re i Mue & a Gai t e e gp. I. 'i 1. A
asiur st r mw oe* u mr o ne a w e- as smo

sols 1eUn tso wMiset Aissut u -*I. a wse
few. v. u 1. as teas a*U-e t oCo Wmle aS M.
SUal wlal siltaot at a" se S so uale.
AU elsora veoatl* se e.s t ag f i a l" Las
ana S.es.ate aver woe ier os Sa ir e .n e sm

M.W I l tai w - |m forw1 un i M 4 1 rmm u m
A n AteW. seU Srr eneM IQ U.l. Ma L .tes I& ;.
IM ante. Spawn -we -assf a aftilupr *Sh-

m ar sueam ese s iese, me r ebwao

M O UN a0 t -a is.ean IMase, RO ss lp
*e. we eil. SMA It AS m1 Is asaslp U sMiPM
-O hMala e a mOI If altq M., So WAm a

s0 oesot ;. m. at VA boa" lta No." eVas-ed by

~- ~w i nmm-- r

GOUsws ~0. COVe Us DANM WAS PiN A141 e&OWGPPeW-
at t. be Go cutif fu mml e t oU or "owed5
Islis. It mastsia. Masi won men 15s o w s
while 1e5MwHs. ft5 uuiuk *suuao&Go Susetesim.
we" av ops" s58'tao Mo lohsw to ago04so@ abse W0 tild

AS INf US* P50 Ms OfU M 44105."001#"U
AsIi Oh lesath of ties tO. tooa to eseepls th
heLs" o ayward Of 0.31 plow ws obtaLied. 84e lAst-
1550 wu we" lUsnto. stated $050 10510 Mo & rapid
twa.?.m a" a"$" houses. sthoW "is Is tot ape-
MO i *4%0 morwal. 15 Inv Obaef ses Go5&Top@ of *.a
yaws at dotmpoe aO & mods" of 5.
I em ppeas to be a wit. ,imIOa in tonst hefteft
158 so. 34. .e us5055 of ties am"" &a &935 WAR
5.8. pw.ou walk a 5 toil Of #A.10. whape.. in 1*5? t
sVwel wes15 real .&a toun& to be 44.95 wath a 3.6150 ot
#4.05. WUe 1.dueepw be masesates ifors O15. hoe-
ewes. by tIO teat tMt Oh. pitsL who aslatet. the writt In
106 ind84ese to1t Xs we$" the solorst pe.01. t soe up
as Stu sof Posibe amt as Mo Nessi as to sobd so pw3P
go" beth via" a I OIk metto. It Is pasalt1 Mois t'A sor-
a otiwn JsiMesIst stm a is stNo e 0 o oreItsa 5. It
saw be awe alotstrassi to also "all 5soOPUYa 05 tQ I19sm
5455l "Waug5 mot ioneT T5ns fot 1. o msllles In

OAtuaeule "an o-.AL ao on or asoat .90 per w0 ..
ut She i a- eS i w m-ahl e *a o thUr sea
Ws, tememeS at mtl u"s pmqio Se t eboelumg of "a

lmewUe. u ma ealS. o a rate ks ae. ieena
** U. ! kn eel 4,I *' 1 e

Ia ooon axnes er pas lna aa te suesre oas u te1
la 4It ag gr Ch, Soal *UKl@ men of pIl l ih
treq ma wr lr. os 1au aillr I in t1 r sUerI of I
thU iPn. ie 6nt nme u saute Mme futeaen orr r *e
baUt efu9o\. atewtlp tian cst. al p eTUaHI La igen
**ae tti *&t of mst a bmen appMSt as tia ,
* *ba"W* 10 us 0 W *muin. Mso li afto rr |
Wte bv*# lAO 3!% wastirl aeglete. am it Nos plmenp.
eneaa. ao nn r ist r a aue, at been waiteamr
aMn based tIa %oual rae *steu.
limen u e ar. oae mel wrULeUml. Almost ewvy
als wasMe e anr ftnm *e(ou paes mo d laeton e
rok t ts aluMt of OLe ir.. a 94n. & wn wea*.
a pept, anwee of MriL. and lM aga Nma. ort ga mui &r
mSfW. W me-ou Iemnn Uae priug tWepM tun
t, eal ate peree were madiUa. -r tuhe me tam
tet tao tu 8In in if aat to afla, eoam au-
e" tLan tano "n ntt" a uein to am fleea iteaIt.

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pi arow 0tmawel tma. Wm. pit was &a metome
a orw s h w og In No moUI'ass"Ll -09 in N&MIS Lm
uelae lsfe b aft the b.11 im.Us* Alm on Least ha

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"WTI" Lwesra". in it "w womp hu

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eata" bag a 3 NJ Y1 *9 -. thas 4a Smllj tosay hao
the a"ea Patity Abora ee IV save .1. me thee. iLa
$40 oe box" Sests as seaft Sol Mas. Anon Mass VOWr

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**ah. egoo tof plow ha4 is eta .10. athe &SA~M
eat a tehiqt he bows" WWI We.
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seeompLawa Wahaat ",~ poselle.6. MeA th"aths$ Sme .
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ru.. sn amt m .M W bs. u mMs, aI vel u

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efIr A&PsOaM mam S-00s e*Is. Ato fE f at uwarn
n uiseru tafleeum. Im raltr eu seaemaw"e
welesr tileneisa i m saa 0 a oa a-m @ MeaSt '
* m it XSMsam. tu WeVWr s. uur e letim ti.u nk.
*agete as'me. ef 5 large u*t.
Uit( ** empone or usi **tf* ihj IH*
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tast *l m uee s i uof eian S at". e

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th "*I* jttaet iseep. Iseeslee 4 saw Peem
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eft" "449 a s Ia poseillh. am& -0 4 to be SeeRm in
ft* at Al oa in Kwol 6e4eeelile uGoeaeuoho. in
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pae Se Is In Ietur the ewege j&"%a t tue site
Ewee 21.1 Ibmade m Son siteel else jerej ea" U* v
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44. of 61.7 par.8".

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WOUISAWOI ba Of fair With 0O4 M goat. In l$Of 80 01"S
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was oatS40" 5058* so= @86 5,OSAS 8.4 to mot @1U4pi
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w*re of onar not aalTeal, buat' som" au to Aurm

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1.18181.4. them e8moun.e to 80 778aot. WAIQ In8 1987
tV-0 W*2 so on$ of88. In 8th.r ""a4. u se" ."amop-

eat. l1ig room p7*0At in 61.8 pg40reit of su families

Studied 181 1US laer 87 8 V. f8" rang ed Ina SUWPto-

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Ot .of 464 aO staiAOd in 198 It as feauA that
II, or y0.6 pearsn, used alty water 6, or 1.*6 peeeant,
oatalle w at. frame we.ll; a6 Ned pUpa (aerianu pitlver
type); a4n bapd no ourf of anr at a an the pre e.e.
In 19s9 it was foulw that 19, 'o 80. peruant. me aoty
water; 8 sue waelU 89 Uea impaR n 1 tI -eo roes of
ater th prices. thevl wS ll reav toa I be hoien Ai
IBe rlaVlt. entirely ut~ptelotW. to thoea. ith kblvt-up
boh A o tUaing a n **asury oveaote. at.r was eeIvrate by
lomevtin a buelw on thse ia at o rep or by e ieavena*tly
bealanoA pe sl eVi l with rope aD basket atlUcut to msI
In the earlier stasy, I hadt eithe oely water pipet
et toh noer or a pup at poroh or stoep, *&u1 14 ta
kytdeale in the yah anu wer obil pet eo 6eoota4 the
aouse ea tlim water e Isoat.. Ih lattr figure Le
not iaalate te ylar pumps whiah wer often the only eoarUl
of Supply. In 193s three were only 18 Iet of 68 fMulies
Vho hao the 4oTnvreloOee of o v ate pp4 tIe to ha ouse
.whle I hle olty water ybeants in the yral in enl wlem
pamp *tood toao alo" to toilets an in others the watr wvA
ant to irl 1k basueu of o onitlonn in tse oill or aoov-
ulations in the pipe. imparting t tte watt a turbiA eolor
a14 feul *or. In one group of reante hlumis ioaaoto in the

eagogOa matia. .4 on aq u eo Bt0Amt tho etlow 4mm tea.
pummp was of a sLub braon waxer a"t ao smah email as t o
mallxmly "~ill to Owle. nom gowmetu thrwming of jiwatacta

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* bet aotidtlomlmg gaoleor.

OC nly 9S of ". Or W4 Pe rson of mt4145 oa tatktob
tu Satlwaati. this own a maiserably blowr rean-
tat. %A *at lh t of ama. wa i o o t t 05 41 isbow we" m
*jmiamo. SOO remalinin tetahlo. Prababli vo. tWm onuVA-
load mamLsat for bata&ag ar v lttmmt. somal a. Iwill
" amen Inte. b*aa"a Oat taM mI 14aMMOO. ana .ams baa
%Ia akerae mat I. toel to a*wure eva a..ft Ike Ve a.,.
tU Asoossltlea of Uis, to aag sOteing eta aramoulamu
so." at tlang. 114U People ellao amp.. ot bowiLn
a. Offensive body aOo ro t th u s iso me *I to reali.
tta Attiealtlae water whlah tb7 saDatmAin bar s alb taanot.
Ike =it" Iaa sa Aasri U rl m..119 4l4mo oa all mapwa.
siblllt7 in lIa S ter. *b.1 Spr at will probably Was
male mm te M al t at f li dirSeaa etasMAt In par osal
1151... booker 2. Washingom nrgt hIs people strongiy U
bhto 1.5.244 sm Git... a Lumols St t4 amampsi b$
d41 a met lASI t .ms moo ) tg ti 4a ly01 ).
A to ie4001 t*lit*, a lCIv an"w mere 16 0at at
44 Oamma Wil Inside mat.. tollate aG4 4 ala.U OtUSOe 40

the mama 1.11.11. 9 wae. Jdgesd to be In 40o4 sou411GO

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I1 with 10066 0.votr %a11.0 we 1 030013. Of13SAO I

voro rat" I.613 04 106 0a1 .6 0a~. .."

Furnishings oan d B.t Of 10op10

130160 tep.11etro VW* to .r. good In 10 ou t2 of6

04008 10 IV"; 16 64. J~g.6 fet fa10 It I1)& &- 10nS

4m 43as 0Iftr1ou 0 rem iss 01 w. o 01o01 With 6804 .At

0101. 60380 03potoI o of00 030 .130.I 0080 U co*60100
WF Wo amral appetweam of us Plate. both "A U o ot-
$"*I f.3001. f36 Vy %40 proass" at 4b"&" of poit. In

now ""a0 not way0 01 "W O35 la o2 p.Jal t $To& of =I

00 of 44 8014 m, "1. A1" f6 trai301. 0110 08w r&*-

11 612210010 to 6.016.. It O*e O.011.80. 119100605
0801:0 0.00 1. In.06d of bouw 03m 1 o0. 10 In0 w0*"0 *o.

Poo" %*b e owso 3.0m10n asomad0. P.70104 Us *me

00021 v00 "I16n "Al. w1t s 10001 hms06Jno on080100 0au

garn1iture3 G. 2 of 6036406. A MOtbS 6601 100 0030* WM

4...1*hd .1 o6 p1..oom.

*0301*6 0od1 1401010

A101o09 010 1106 of 4.01 used f.: 1000 10 Ute b10 18 0

not Laolu.16 In 10 0m6164 survoy, 10N 6. 100800n Vt of

1ts? .&10101 tou101. woma1001 On% of toots, 16 am&

11o0 4Aute e a 9uMa 0l a3 tOu QVhe.t"a fal. It 44
Well %a o#bonl a* this point Uhat b no moa. &a wwu7
somm .. thLa usaa a "acaut &#via* Iut for beatlg .Pr-
PC"@ to go1 wtHUw. OR the eaatuaq, awu oil or oe"
auto Rad tetr aaahlg W" frvKamaetl g isaift by the tIsm
-hoter.- wherea I e rellt It .1"511 "A 1.051. 4utr a"
aevoat IWO FW8*0. TA Uthu dead Gary 44 ,O paota .aU
ito8plaaaaaa acusee. at huas. aot & Ia g ames Go0240o
hot a.. ahae,. or reportl". In a w luatamoss bfth 011
am moot het.,. Wasa MGu" inLU Sodut to flxplaae..
do tO 1l40losg we Ad1 d 1U that 51 out of de as"
ulaetrlAItg and the so"A4.4 aS oad tw omems luu 111tin.*

Ia thu 4i oltatos "Oulewlksl .58 taws gort ot f8
ba"u tollale. t0 at 1A.1 PWoueth "" .uOULC Wel 43
or 40.4 pooosat 40941134 Oil XOVIAWA fr litIshum. I. may
SA-taimua um 1iring of ge24 ammos woe "uWtaly nd eOa.
tlt far th% hatuapeint of bloat. 01,00 aol luawIate
wut OUn" N"Po&et saolflztowe w r@ te lou t lapsa-
.1e tWe. Msp arta with, ft* ardau wae$t MG# bul oh W
ma"t aomonal Gaza.

Vuma oto Oat 0.laAlLAG oaa a u01401.e,15 1 waa 1Udal mmA Paw-
aL. pla and ehefa for MA-.l.l. w-,GGI a.a Get &&S
a o.-L L% ea Oi f WA at n a6l16 prialeL ap&lILI p.aaeo
thI 3141ts Go tow Peru 9704 fe .-l -LIs. i -I.u
Ond:Wuta"$Mle Z1 arpaao ut 1 Wo aao me. ft 100ts
.". &t 1.1 Go 0ahat Per ps aba for fear .. ft..
11412.. 11.0.411 bar. ewe 4444 wa &awmaa La
an OarULtaa AmilLa4.


Negro neighborhoods e
West GainesvilleB Porter Section D
Pistol Alley Ml Seaboard Section _i_ [[3EQE
iied quarters M ;ugar Hill anld __Irrl
Dell %uarterae South Uainesville --I-
Spring Hill ,_ Fair Grounds Sec. -
Negro Buainess Houses U

"ISI 70=1 SO

_1 I __ ._ _::_P_ -

Rt- I I^tL a LM^B

R-I-E I R-20-E U I -lr

* ii i1

~!~ I 'l L /L.J Uj
moo. z IIi

i EEED E3 flnnnr-u-

.......... t

2l0 3331 Oa t00*10 a" 201 ,4001 In IM33. b-$
1. 100 1t uv ai fo am 13t N0out of 60 or IM4 ""S0 -a"
Wood *or" for So"&" a" 981F I& "OL -U *1"*&- 0.40
a1eatrie a1 a" 000 0 ~ we 4104 1 30041003 34100304w
--A- or 6002:1 44 0 WAN't o "AO ho 34 Aliao re03.4 as amm
ooaPa so 0". it swu whus. Sw wpow in laso 041a, wo
04003 010 33030.4 IS 10 do"O awls". 334oo.

it.411300 ow301 of It* 00.001 Ie0*t43.. G o
o .46010*. t~o11V341 Iot beap* a-3 0000 01004 am"
"0 ""U. e 3010403. 10 is3. 0000 11. 00ram ..*4as
00040 *f 10*3165 10 1100.O10H R

in Ion skkera, a" olafto at a-# armajap, ow Sam

10 1300303 00400000 Of 0myo .6 430000 p51 143..
sly .133 o0loo 1. Sal, 10 1nv an 0?oso at 1.3 Ija.
so" Pa r tvlly was o000300a0 A" ow41.oof4 3o151w10a-
63*3 10 law 0000 of I13o 00 2104 a30620 Of' .18 far bl
600 fomlals. An Q.&Aaaww" "o *1 mks" 4. Oat af 40

3000 1 3-61. 33010 08 *0too SA M arar @ a a 30#000 m,04
16 74010 3* ll 4 040011 twill 00" -01*R&PAS a. 10 3310

300 0334 33000 1001330 040OO6~ 1 p0103 04451 10
per tamus. In loan 00 of as gma12* 0 S o10104 of o51-
-445 16 a" S aaw8 lomn A0 0 Ua of 136.

9 I

lie bhbit of tea0 1.n .44gre to inorece fm.ll
enows Ao een baetaUA by agolol4let.l a04 "al"*1 w
"". n1k, toe, them 90 tItw wpe brOught in0 eeoA
wrompo4 "oPt. set Uwo bIoome ..Mar 1aw ong o 0oral
-o. .ejooilly Ohom Shor aro not eanfelli ome.hoo. or
ho" tar. ae. s4o1aent 0*11910. spent. Id, 100 there
*we round to be 1 1,4078@ 0* 4" famlloi. Sen.ato.
the plotnee in we" ".ooo0- whant oam r.01104 44.t 1
&ones o .,aer aog aO t"he I por fool4. lai mIatt in
fouu 09n414400e byp tes oot til 1.U "OSa mage sx.
.104442 o1 a bu2a1ig ovo" "nSot "wo.f1011 to 00000..
*"Ike toor t. the ANI. in 100 UP0U? mq woe 40.04 $6
be 8.8 104e pepr faNmly aIn a nation of 1.9.
Im, ae000ed*11, M 1440Lu". thene en. fee" to be in
19"1 en overg .f 4.1 =oo InolwIng bgo. room with A
Isme of 4.4 094 i. 1917 en .ovI f 9.4 w3th 0041.
of 4. A :oin 40 "t"OtO to ... 0900a inLR GoO. 4100*
omplooI9 or pOprtil partitione dfrom other port& of th
how". in ma0y soae the r000s 40r0 sa en ofe .to ith no
.0.010 weter in Us homeO. It moa be of *10*... La %big
osotelioo to obsoeoe tat 98.9 proson% of all *0.13100 in
to$ City at 1010Mt1114. 00sor41i4g 10 a I P4fderl 00084 oa
1910, Wof4 Ot S Itf "o-0lip of eons. thie pW 9140
npoleso both mo, 04o whltVe. I% "a" reasonable to
suppos thant bor.? *.a0" e14041*001 00 hampin be por-
oMatUe 4tWL the perio droeoore en t thO Us UsGNTOWS.

Ovpotliou Imam

BswAStO Oa u wrtter was nooM tAb W &"at&O"

o:f bo. MOSV... #oolf be "zPost" to L.opoo their IL1Ton
.002010 05 soot low .t .~e ioltlll goot~ 4 i~n U~ flo...
anOdlu-10 D I 211A Were aOl iD~ll~l iDl"SO
Wlee ut wrir to ho Osloptove tho hito. Ith a* 40"
.of 4Lo movswtba *boatt. in able obOtiUo the Ur.t
of smmosdom o 0154 or. better .111* is was p00101-
at that mu w wom.old m1ere ydevelop uMn der oo"oitlo"o
on* Well "Usoiw .0 iofleautiaol M oere .10. oplomlast
"*o matter by aiag what ".It2 b. of & peopue
.-pollo* to live =. a wboullUy Al 0.rabr*So tiet?
io rle.. otolatio of oo..sptio Ws 44tompst in
tUo It"011"j; JewaS. ma oopf#oo to possible. e.the
isolated ta th it0s? 00547 .010 empoye is u0 *oilowtag
OlSog at *wk. 60001. ioundry. woodlwarkif 5n1. 5.
rem "lpo:s. pSItgtSl 0orers o us tO oes of MN MiL-
Tomato of 11pM.. Slor.. toiu.s", ast, som.mistro0.
suraotuep emmenti 10.ifg-house operateS. walwotbs.
1 a""* rM0. toIreve. oif ow uiqoo. eiot 050*505.
Mimo .ot.0 .P S .A. work-.. 9110.5.. em 00530005.
it if tOO Pusual of lags" f .01. in tA wWRLOM
0010105. fOWn f50 507y to U94 Whole dI005.Mm. it I&&*
at us botto m at I 0050515 of U.1110 amosuoS ftr. &1I
Soat STOnS 04910. go AOpO tU 00144oill. SO o "1a

Oth: IPts Of .0 o otr. 13 Looting 1i n 5 0 1.

El. 80410 of wa.. 40. O0 th whole. Slee theA s41S of US
ciil war permitted only tho bares$ Sutigttonoe. 03:4 work

It long ho d .% we ey0r Do h*ow probably, to ame, ax-
tent. timourmnd initative amo kpev reapS effort. to

45110 hieglt throughout little stoe %"to Met Smortions

.100. 16. "Ourati of frattom.
Out of 44am 08 stu41i4 di 1041 a total &a00.0 Of

4041.26 per weet 0.8 obtained. this gOvo an Meg. of
04.80 per woo0mil k 38m180 of 0.00. in Iva ?.Won 00

41491 1.40 item, w1as tobulaoie. Shoe r. w as toI
1400.0 o' 401#469.50 per ek 01Ml 00 aerage of VT.06 .. d.
stain of 44.40. 24. distort"* 114 38413 01m tohf s
.0mult. No be partly a8oom01d for by tho very *"*p"**"

1Law= OO.rLaIs in 008 La1.300. of 414.00 ga t0wnt *4

too 193? curve. 2.1a Imatanes Mo. tht a famly rosid-
151.An the ApWlng 1ill U014mborhoo4.

usoua 4o164t eoooption An hle 0.011011 of I0
--Go8 a the 30.0eom 000, 4.o og. mol1 .-.1-
a.. -80.1,84 #2100 pe 7e n.O. 2.0 jamitere emploe4

01 035 p901 O211.. V.0817. #LUO p5r ye0 a0d on0 OoUW
doing toe mae typ8 of 0.4 was paid V400.

Th0 CLgue, Joe1 01$0 We L. worked ouotrat to th140
On n400o MA* P810 presented bh the 10178:8117 of lo044.,

#".GoS Par, ammb ore am mmw s o wee., "tooth agse-
. a1 0 um tot. lo wooe. We b.1.41mM
tUpe a warome nt gosat "tSip0s1e pM

toe eMealase W,, stee. as Me 4, p60.60

ftho 0UtoUse of wLeausure me*# a esset me nIa-

hes~ at s avep im151ez es Ot4 abote RpoCp e
e a 4.0o o.s pop. Maul. e.e ljoWWe h 0er

40 .00 -i oeb-.

at 4000 POW Wetb. Cosat be vaoo l h that$
asfe mri m t patJoe"a paimsest of 19. 1j.

stheloh.a 41141 so etteM af t uslveaULe oa"
#66-a Coaffiaa,oor1.meA. 2 Mae toWrlt taefeeol.ie o
Awe herew AS M.1i Co of th eea4 Cf th
bases.. mel mule.. It... as,"C sweregoC 46.0 pers p
C0o41. AS tWE UN Sau raven blt. eAl Ikee .et. &
1. 'a1 04 "os86 -Mle. Saol. Alghteem, ,e taps t Otr.
eod ter nC um mow" at tMS toS rouolYA 04 50.6





40 Ifighl" sm

ii ~Soe un memr. a. let-e, emeir IA rus SbS
Pro mt 0 a8SSm mm mm so Pe Oako w gol-

lm"emu" an mm tn. o1 a 4 m wl *mmn*
me ate,. eta a% astakm~ a ON RAt.Oi mbl.
lowV. 19prsm Saw ma value IV mm abam maftw'e

mile at SOMA""ew esm"efm asmuseI ssakaehvll
few lie meulesm mt eso"" Wealeme AaweiTAg *e omat
e f mite mad e. p rae t ft ef 0S at a"go*
amobamee n ted sbefsmostIn eam pots efmUseeint lti

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me um toeemt ~ a" inW"me sw lIs of
NoO of %rra 4"Ino om"of ams IW ouft f re

aeutmas oweiitoft

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SO a V~ a., me me
.a. Situ mrl mabaUl SmI~ at tbU Mm~k .1

at %&Meatiad amm ixe.aaase me- i iqai
bo oe w am ee te the 4i U &
ieeE mE Ote ma fIULeati ml meLaw me mba imrni



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maato au ..abA to 0u. rapUsi *bat ase
ei.met. 2..5 @HUAI& rimfh puemmse iSwe2* In
seda me~~ I rwnr I~

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ru rlul uu Jle neU
S Aw. w.r

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sao in amsul* s*O .*e 6.0 a" 9.s *4.
*ntl "uttv 2,48 $Ju I.98 1A4
Io. S Tl. U: *.> a.O No u.b *., 1"
IM ra. 11t 6 B.<6 <.0 (noe$ t at |
s 5r E in. 1.0 0.0 14.*
Sa L,agIr "I .8 0.0 24 .4 0.0
Ma. oon sA o .* a. :* LO
s oroa- l S L.O 1U, a L.o

Athtab 0 s0. 6 91.1

Boof 11 19.
Patr U M.I W "*J

Nra. 014 45 ir 891
rur. go 1 9.5 a Mo,9
r Anat at 84.1 u t4.8

are. mum 8.8 6 8.1
BA-&. =tar w 46. 0 4w.4
sama oirJ 14 "i.A 6 ".*
hbru klrt T 16.9 11 1,9.

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11.4 as ,
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80.4 10

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U.I 9U
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M.o a
00.0 v1

40.6 38
40. to
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40.8 46.a



sui5 few si asm (0040)
1IM "tal 19 7 Tfoul 4u
S* so. Ar. v~ r
*r9a 4 88. 8 81.

(.t it 0 a11. 11.0 14. 1Z.O
548 (I. p.) 1as 6.1 04.5 r.4 7.8

"6 60.0 4 W5.T
1lo ,I 81.8 8 .1
u.I 1 8.8
mono 6 1i.6 19 50.6
noAries notat.
ba$te nt
of 81.8 M0 8.8

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lait loor use
ftr almr tAnt

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Is, ta18ap 88.5 17 8.4

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50,8 U 4.5 17 7.4
O0o. 5o4 4 l.4 14.1
OI=. 44 5 4.51 9 8.1
InOO0. 6044 *4 8.1 8 4.1t
anem. a4t i 0.O u 41.1

mmu u m i as.)

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.Wa 11 4.0 10 84.4
w 01 4.1 80.1
844 0o 84m.0 4 0,1

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afpinl o AC set

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ilt or eat
11. 10 84.1 (Cot *flb*444)
OnUS.e 1p.1 01.

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loetr 1 1.

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-w a.1 ,

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.u r ................ 4 '|

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hS .................... 8; t.

raM.l ................ 11 AI
.Mre.................... 1 t .

homm ................. '. 8
Bm e lt ... ...... ...... .

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uas" ................... 4 1.4 ,

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Ohuob Strwew at
Churc Stre*S

PriTy of
Private Hom

Homes in Pistol Alley

Iotmrior oi Negro No-
lest G~ioo..iie


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Nego in.teior, W h.ohSol


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~i$o Llqoy

- r2



North Pleasant at.


b~ ul I


Ohurohes and Pastors


The following data are a compilation of the two
surveys made in 192 and 198?. 2hat of 192 included all bt
but one church, whereas the survey of 1987 included all
negro ohurohee in and near the oity limits of Gaineaville.
Most of the emphausa has been played on the study of ohuroh
buildings. Other fators, however, have been included much
as membership, various organisxation connected with each
ohuroh, and biographial data concerning the pastors in-
oambeat at the time of the 1987 study.
The growth these religious bodies appears to have
been governed largely by auh ohnoe factors as split due
to diaoontent over a pastor or certain group police with-
in a church. In other oases, pastors who were oompelled to
resign drew way part of the oongregation and organized
a different ohuroh. In at least one oaee foreclosure of
a mortgage appeared to have been a large factor helping to
oauae the oonetruotion of a new ohuroh within about four
blooke of the old one, Thi oouurred in the Bethel A. M. A.
oongregatipn being obliged to give up their large ohuroh
plan atat loasier and Garden atret. The debt was too great
so they vacated to the congregation of the Harris Chapel
A. .* A.* huroh who assumed their predecessors obligations,


In the earlier survey 16 church organization were
covered including the.following: Miasionary Baptist*

Primitir pt Baptit, Apiaoopal. Oarch of God (Sanctified),
Arican Methodist tpinoopal, Methodi8t Spisoopal, Triumph
Churon of God iL Ohrist, Sevenah Dy Adventists. Church of
Christ and Independent African Methodist ipieoopal, An
shown in the acoompanying map these gropa were auattered

throughout all Seotions (00e map p. 7t ). 7i several in-
stances two ohurohes of the same denomination were located
within three or four block of each other depending upon
the rather accidental oaloumatanoes whioh determined their


In the earlier uzvy out of 12 frame structuree, 7
were paitad and 5 unpainterl; 1 of briko and witch outer

walle made of other material, varying from tar paper and
hingles to a beautiful ooquina stone. The later studw
revealed practically the same distribution, In many oases

it was difficult to decide whetuer to rate a structure as
painted or unpainted since the paint was often too old and

weather-beaten to warrant definite classification. in-
,. mentally the better struotures were found among the more
conservative and orthodox denominations such ase; itsion-

y Baptist* African Methodist Sipisoopal, Ohuroh of Christ
and Methodist Spioopal..

oaUndstione varied from no supporting pillars to

well constrauotedbrioc eapportae. a a few instaoceo fat
pins loga ad been out in unfinished roudse and used. On
the whole, however, foundations were of durable materials.

pow ouroeo ho contained kitchena or ar satistaotory
facilities for ootlang only 5, or 14.5 percent, ware

found with ny kitcae equipment in the V197 survey, with

about the same proportion in 19f. EKitohena were found In

the large Prienaehip SDptiat Ohurch on North Pleasant and in
the Bethel A*. h. 3. Ohuroh On North Gaord:n areet. Mt.

Pleasant Methodist pisoopal Ohuaro wau also woll equipped
for cooking,

In moat oasee inside repair could be wasidered
only fair in view of broken windows, unfinished walls and

furniture needing attention. In 1987 only 6, or 28.6
peoent, were Judged to be in good state of repair* Defeo-
the stove. Used for hating seemed to be an important oon-

tributing cause of dingy interiors. Wood heaters were ueod
in i9out of 21 buildings covered in 1977. In the sme

survey 2 were of coal burning variety.
Although type of lighting was not considered in

1982, in 1957. 17 out of 21 used eleotrioity, with only 4
burning kleroeno. Be it said in all fairness, that in

pftoticalal l al oases where electric current was available

oharolhs were wired for it. Tais was true even in the

-i A

'n m'^ Lw rantyff ni Awr* ash-. *W #* '
Ing ",
r- J I

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goM odn lnl i, epft *l

em e h. .24 6 *.

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'-;T -:;: -f; -. -I ''1

p -*,1



~ 6.


--. ---- -



I A.


0i Ohi*r 2410

po lat .

m h- -
lls^ .-,

5- *y/- "I
mbt jotd ha 'a 4

*.49W V tb** I

ipLaUd for

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act ~, 4

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orr ed

, ramal

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peala of0



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lt.l .r wf-i.*..i a v*. w..,...

n1 ^S^^4^^ *^.^

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of Sa%"1 a R
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F N.
"..,r..i. t --' ,-J m.

of she lui.'

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SLl uad in
in on" f Lti-

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bati, wav* f

amd a%"
Lad. 'Ah Mheto ^a
... i .lt. .e .

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i % 1 d77


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f^ ffiti ixu itfli

dr**f.t und ines *
dity et uvr.gal eAL

Laarw .h je4.*
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of*.0on oIse4. o in 'A

IC..W o bYiaIal. SP-
f4 Inht *Isa a f4tfio
Sbim aMsMB asees of law-

* Ulth
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"-g In j
) .; awe"

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be eoaUif

.'tIa of tlli

veryA Udiol
.v iOes. NOB

li who@ ta Lea u t at S be .

orru ot as pipma. s.ltLres ao



of -a

of the buildl t

. .. large intro fu]
,. s ,r 'o .
J-, ,AhfIl..

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m^wwd-a SI.

UwaB.Eifn asur 1m qasAulSun of
ts a : floor Li fren qf a Io rall"g.


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a'~ la

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I oases

z z passage thkfSl

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E Fpvke .ober"rt We.r goa of S bno 9p ,0AM
.Vo tfrgJ$ AkMi tl9u 40 us. plano rl urlw.S
s-an q4s4AJj, lass aut 00wU1 01 n1s -

* a'
* :I.' .
$ 74 i~-

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L .

*B1. W* o*w
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himd 9m aMAt UpApla areaN oAS ofr baldagf,-
.f d ^faaB Lo AlrULoabomU7 No
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the CI l

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fifautt. v. L. .haE. AG
lobS h apt at flU sol

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p.a. at .D.oG-,

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f. 4~~,S1.t 4m" idh. ",-b .

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,r --tia. *
-1 A -is a

* a was whim'

i'" ," io- m i

.L Afte* of tow. am ra ptasir a P (pq w,
". i : *
-T i "e41W ly, r Mas L ..

TI 1frri sE qii.M w p 1 L3 E .1 3 Liw in S I n
&g om qf,.01t.O 4 wa s t ,

uyf kft Mtp h a f*or na, *

S lgh ei A VUI M Ua wOf .s e e W 0 4. n a y
% ..
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-he .on "6Ok. "% ,a a ..

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Loun peop le T-^I ''', enhal-'ed gTs

is rail (II o o.BnR_ h wrxwu Puhs Led

S --. .. I, ...-f.'
Reenag Lj


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a. m _b. wo.rs _,
ROl 4Pr o pessal atra enp -

.. .* .-.a
Sa m 'a to P on o TlL
to :m Btemd a. B. Blidm janitor ug 4 moved awaxwl

; *- -\ < -,^ -- -' .* v ^
. '^

- .. ..+ ._ -, .. s --_ ,... + --. ., .++,: _.,--9tm5V




*~J 0 ago ap&Losing



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Ap rfon .,...r.mba bapu.s. b ury .. e- L
,* .- -. -- -"" .'" ,.
ramid~Mt~ftp.8fL a lsr $M* gpoor of 4L
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a, a~.h't M' *.7'

Us A. r00,49 be (#,& #.A -
median of 4f. ^J^ I- not *on a b 'i N'.

1 SFau UAs l*lt 1af* a r Loft majpou O I&&. _J3
ash 4gL Ae. a eiAo -Uan ^hqaggL an. A pt jolee e
G rad ea a. anaekp e t N'ge I DrelA slre'se, owa. .- a-, .

the follow in j t.' a al f rl.la ..A
.1 .m I Z' .
BobulAl m IN, 445 5 8

- TuuM iUer^ lT t a Jf ll
BJDaHid Iessa Gloger WHitamQ atv

bhei b *Ug .r4 b M an -4 r ILad ian e At w.

rwhldc am vt 0 .4 per dwly m *as a A

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*- 11 .
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b .. a,,, -

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ppw an-ia eoq *rr*u %bt an; att

,;;fi Or L s~Ifll ft rarwlC. a ntfa.LI *alSO in
G&AofSan. gmePWe 16tari eSun &i Ieek& M oito
aPpi, L I go0 t hle .04J A WasPJrb m ubs!ed bi WDlI Hu erT .
U s r r |ll pIlll ea6_ b. aproveA bi wM

a Dow *9" "W"IN*

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-^at asee -' n Ioo
B- t a f at stare gnaeaji
.i_., fB

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.w f ifa lizoo,


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#!turS Dhglt4 9~19

hupua 1* s msunsu er WtNusr otly Vfk
.gx. ,*t*, ag., pau-, rsuflaga-Rt .t W 23
m..L, ,i et ii h ownsd r l*ausiawL,' thetj pa tou.Fi.
- ,I. wrI-4II. La an.si LauW ge..St p-Il a
been rUnwQ mmrppL.nt Lnsf.ol. oindayh t
atb .the lasjn Fear a each "on wn Ufl!i.-,
hLpMwn ham eo 1i ad 4Ms qUjouiSe


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r ,e.g. wf. i A .ums inir. s ..

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Pw month o wasr in smn i a g=al balks
Baapfa in in this *wtr ii anl btg.#u'a.

9a3OptL04 Pla nhl f l ti a a k*
se n ow 1111MO

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ant oi Ia igr* inip.io n tir anl ria not atW

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4 nA o aptl anala pMtipp ask" mtth SC whgl eed
11WS WpplBk, V4WyaVIrr Li May@ *ItLwr golo .V, 44

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sw e wawaoud osPoat. o ars ...
6I0d LI &AtIM oM %M Alao O. 4*FIW .' ;
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lbsW rit f l W iloiaolAS with batftirtfl for iatt.

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tha ts t w- Ioa *So ofllftg a" latins'lng.
there'wett wa ti a owxOlppt uea LatraLialla.

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We H wr WBMel t $&* vtiB tattyi at .
aleesrties. aun^ 0n SamIBSAtteitel' rik m v
as e on the arl'h. T9 Mr Ti V:At;e* oo 4
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W.'nOhk beTS 41Grat *oQm *itm *Wa 4660p0 t l
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>i< ANowr.osglotS. *0Us IwL tnel -4 ,is $qW4
44. O~tSl anri. *m'br~ arr~em1 %U$St~L .S*9'P %h

4 Ivnt4 Wa wha M w%4
were i% sune ps us pitt 1s w T. pro Po

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dealsh LIM Aailsa 401a31I'sta okS'9p*I0&

Names uhamf. p G*NtCu#4 *ll or ONt NIr tp-
or i* *WVormmal Ittbf lfl' e "seelA 4 '
toming ies, wivs.,' Ii" to be 014j**md. to.
voeflue wt in "I and No4, Wow -$V a

4> htqL CE h.. .j iX. DOW maft h *$ ~ q*.~ne *i hour
see, owad,#

Darmag& %q vp om~envol aml oiled OUi $A "1a5x Aa",S
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of; vatx Mola-,. M&A W.A 00&-
tagm.S cto 411a Is A61200tlatww was Is the a41es

P aSS Niamredars ig redJ ag thu .tnlaso lhe a aum x
-hu -MU S by CL OLM New morplas of vo couill"
.Wr FS
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b -rflafl "flu. .ertt abswas ao e#.tt we tt

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sio %m sab a es o .t sa who 809 bM .. nio

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I ego pI a 44-ta l r Att*oi 4 to elts* AU
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mrn wne.t pnnim .A1iB* 1St MMrrt4fUlelspa

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*I "- o, ,a '

w mrar srwvr smewas -eeore
-as *eaul on ri oetqe Song most at th olors tirobi
on the naml &"a" of eta keat 4' 1 Now
mai. &L U non nr es tUhe writAw w ite as a.
e*ohb Gaston' isog flt.s Dretfatealt bEart. Om *ier
as sta ek .arL lb as .O h a E Me i

B0a Oiu raa t the a* Oeadsoi are6 ,
&age. botves. add Ul ko& ,uated $ii ..

Stoolsbaws oer at
osi bratioa .fl U lord a diupp the writer heard the tel
$al a$B "B f l4 ttpn W arnd Jaq te wt fhrol b,

hid I-'A*A La uorxg---Bboga a I oosing Je L o

fto 3044 1 PCua. M. bti

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; a, t~r eal in n tnas 0al it a. a wafool a.a "a,
I*t LI 4ooaeoioau m*
PQ*$ eyoqws en BM* 1 r t b oth 1o attala a better
lStISLBhipl bhetw..d.iU sat MIteO.. -r b Mntfiy is

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ponn*i btlMie tLll... bnha abs't ha w o ate
t h lantlly lo 1 ,i l f "bSfhe oi homb 1 8 Wl
on ufd mtetja ano B. kV S te zo 19s

fsand It to roa as w
sp *_ot TL % 'll,,
id llot at tl.l ~t *I t OiOa*f All" "
that B gir f the In Bl*og i 4 ** oi x;. 1

In 0 ls IR &tL DO gao DO n apsl t t t is ms a-s

girls it g e ar*u use eoin" iso the satisad* n lib
Study was wooatitl tl VSi tt l *l aIo t as th *r- ,
STast of Iea. smaOrle b% a *aripuae g= n Aok 9f H ar k,
met Aieopeat 1it Nwa tetfllj lhomn amn Ohrus fis roa

.... o l "Ileeilml
all n in the fate wa ts *lo the samnl rip.a of
to sppxeaiqaw dIUflaul of .at. Ng goeUMLa

WAY* gwts&d by sa o a whit. E alAit a tih sp*lion.
Should 1 9p0xer qex a# te. bow 1 4o 0 ad-e: hw '
a.elalts t~nt4&w A A 1at1MWg ane t so dl. as %r.
,1kC1 in tl p* t .a t .. ae-. t Moal" banr tr4H
*falei ,*Sa"f 6a4qs' pat iron* projects or o themt Am
>y *Vrasa. o&" to sAb to At stlps 'tap bef
V* A WNOA*flhetd **t bents n mai1.* $r s" Mont -
u' >1
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wiriotyr a tir ni-thiing that' svers inten a4 a iamw

loos tam vni e a4at k aas tto 0113vil war eri"t an"
thnro unrlrftma. tes ot the Ssoniarrtiona a. hm o
*ooIfl tAtta0ate Mh. Leop ot. 0 oi t.u IAitnoU oif alaes-



*itf aa Uksttp o tow of T h a Me

l aotiai.t fat of PPteaIs eprotettag aboat i'oh es.'
Tmr sit tfrom OBa lirt to another ean their tWo prnoi-
pal oeJeBtit$ SEo od Prfolf bWette aooperationu aong
pa$toIn waaa o.trbi Ma It f'afr intra*t in istafO'
boot h oaa MoriiB.o t paumpu probably t4oSuats
aot:ie unPUainao ast o 1(a oa*nsauton, vepieilany
an pias l ye baVtt evow. to jaoin. Osrtai d(min .
atonW' eOpPl* ftoa Stolen work aid rent e to ae part.
T-1hp S*a Sl pw#ufpir apt o*nTaeleatambersm of the
MILaan asope tAtd g nU reMquiret-to pan *as of
sibL aat yver moth. At IAe aSS of t aemorantus ter*
*ts 1g kefptlepnrmtag itafw 18 oheorh*s. lpasi-.
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