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 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons...

Group Title: Ordinance by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, enabling all persons approved of by Parliament
Title: An ordinance by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament
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Title: An ordinance by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament enabling all persons approved of by Parliament, to set forth ships in war-like manner, for the guarding of the seas and defence of His Majesties dominions
Uniform Title: Laws, etc
Physical Description: 8 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: England and Wales
Publisher: Printed for Laurence Blaiklocke
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1643
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Citation/Reference: Wing
Citation/Reference: McAlpin Coll.
General Note: Reproduction of original in Thomason Collection, British Library.
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B'Y 2C

U The Lords and Commons
SAffembled in Parliament,
- ,, "c -.. -
AL Enabling

ih( hips in a-like manier, for the guarding
of the jeaand defence of H jeies

Al Die Jovis, d. Novmb.
r. ". .. '.<, ,' i0
e kamn hba:s Ordfwae fJrd &Fri-
ted andFhlbfhe -
~ienElnE CIer.Palrtom. .,

Printed for Law,
":~TAA :'%'+n "lnc +..- ;,
xrl &



L6rds .ad Commonsi
Affembled in Parliament.
Hcreas the Lords and Commons now afembled
in Parliament doe finde by continall experi-
ence that very great quantities of OrdnanceArta,
and other warlike Ammunition, together with
S Goods, Ships, and Vituals of all forts and kind,
have been and fill arc brought intoNew caftl,
Falmouthi Dartmouth, Wejmeuth, Btiftel and
other parts of this Kingdome, being in Hoftility againft the King
and Parliament, and alfo into the Kifgdome of lrelud from for.
raigne parts, to be employed for the relief of the Rebels of the laid
Kingdomes of England and Irelaid, and agaift the Parliament and
their Adherents', the well-affe&edperfons of this Realne. And
whereas divers well affe&ed Subjeas, -outof their loyall rfij& tod
his Majcfiie, their pious difpofition to the happineffeandt.eacecof
this Ki'gdom,and as muchas in them lieth to prevent and mhiadr all
fuctihpplis asthal bletft from any foriaigne" partcsa .thepripja?-
dice of this Nation or the-Kingdomes of srotlador.Iitland, -have
htlcy made known tothe faid Lords and Commons, their voluni- '
try difpofitionand, readinacf to-fet fotch rome Ships and Pinai~ -
At Ccs

ces warlikely appointed, equipped, and manned, at their owne pro-
per cofts and hargei, to that in recompence of their charge and ad-
venture therein they may haveand enjoy to their owrie uts all fich
Ships. Ammuntkion, Goods, Moneys and Merchindize, which
they Ihall take or furprize by Sea or by Land intended or dtigned a-
gainf the Parliament and their Adherents in this Kingdore, or for
the rel*eefeof the Rebeh in the Kingdome of Ireland, as aforefaid,
or that have carried, or they fhal take carrying, any of the supplies
to their tents aforefaid, and alfooawmuch Money paid th:m or their
Affignes by-the fiid Lordsand Commqns, or the Treaurer- of the
Navie foc thetiiedeing by theiraipoihtmient, as (hall inable them
refpedively to vi&uall their Ships and* Pinnaces for to many mo-
neths as they hall imploy them at Sea in this service, accompting
twenty shillings to each man focra mnneths V.&uais at twenty eight
dayes toihei ontch, iad 't tenceeding-folrty men" to every hun-
dred Tonnesof their refpe&ive Ships, nor fixe months in any one
voyage, which bing well approved by the Lords and Commons in
Parliament, as a good and acceptable service and adva'itagious to the
publike, and being willingto give it all the encouragement and ade
vancement that may be to bring it to a good and fucces uU iflfue, as
leading very much to the honour of the King, and welfare of all
his MajeIfies D minions. And therefore for the better inabling
and performance of this o free and commendable undertaking and
enterprize, Itis ordered, efablifhed, and ordained by the Lords and
Commons aflcmbled in this present Parliament, and by the autho-
rity of the fame, That it hall and may be lawfull forany of his Ma-
jefties good and loyal Subjeds to be approved and thereto appoin-
ted by the Lord high Admirall of England appointed by both HoU-
fes for the timebeing, in warlike manner to equip, furnifh, and fet
out for the (aid intended employment, fuch and to many Shipsi and
other Veffelsof warre as they hall thinke fitting, and to place in
them competent numbers of Souldiers, Mariners,and Guaners, with
neceflary Armes and provisions for that service, and to appoint over
them fach Commanders, Captains, and Officers as they &tall think
fit, and the fame Ships and Veffels fo manned,equipped, armed, and
provided to fet forth to Sea, and with the fame to feize, furprize, and
takeall, and all manner ofShips and Veels, with the Ordnance,

Ammunition, Vi&uals, Goods, Commeders and Souldiers there,-
in that they (hall meet withall in or ourwards bound from any Port
or place within any of his Mzjeffies Dominions being inHotiJity
against the K-g and Parliaa:ent, orcommting from or returning to
any fuch-Port or place, or thar ha fall bee round to have traded with
te Inhabitants of any fuch Port or place fince their defe&ion from
the King and Parliament, 'anct alf( to ftize,firpiize, and take all and
all manner of Ships and Veffels, with, the Ordnance, Ammunition,
Viau3ls. and Goodrtherein, belonging to any Rcbell or Rebels in
freland; atndfu-tht to forpr4oe and take all and ill manner of Pi-
rats and Sea-rovers of what iNtion foever, and their Ships end
Goods whatsoever.' And for the better iacouragenent. of fuch Ad-
ve:turers-in the faid enterprise, It is by the Lords and Common*
likewife Ordered and Ordained, That the faid Adventurers llall
upon-Bills figied by the Commiffioners for the Navy for thetime be-
ing, according to the former of that Office, have and receive from Sir
Iienry Vane Knight, Treafurer of the Navy, or the Treafurer of the
Navy for thetime being, by the order and allowance of the Com-
mittee of the Navy, fuch and fo much money in lieu of and for their
Vituals as hall by the -aid Commiffioners for the Navy be found
juafly due and payable to them after the rate of 2* killingss a man for
a month for all the men they fall employ in their refpe&ive Ships,
and for to many months as the faid Ships Ihall be really and a&u-
ally imployed nrthe service aforefaid, accompting fourty-men to
one hundred Tonces, and foinproportion, and twenty eight daye.
to themoneth, 'as aforefaid; and fbaall further have and enjoy, as
their proper Goods, all Ship.s Goods, Moneys, Plate, Armes, Am-
munition, Vi&uals, Pillage, and Spoile, which they hall (accord-
ing to the purport and true intent of this Ordinance, and by- vertue
aodforce of the f ame uftlly and lawfully feize and take by them-
felves or any perfonsby them to be employed by force and verue of
this Ordinance, and (hall be fo adjudged, pronounced, and declared
by definitivefentence in the high Court of Admiralty, and the fame
fo take and adjudged, hall have and enjoy to their owne ufe and
the ufe of the cominon Mariners to be equally divided, the tenths
of all fach prizes, and the customs frft dedu&ed, paid, fecurcd, or
compounded for.

And it is further ordained, that if the faid Adventurers or any
hips by the rimploycd (hall happen upon the Seas, or in any Hi-
bou:orCrecke to mectwith any (hip or thips that [hall not wil-
1ingly yeeld themselves to be -vificed, but (hall make refiflance by
force and violence, then they fhall.by all means pollible, and with,
all force compell them- to yceld and fubmit themselves to reafqp
and justice, although it doth fall out that by fighting with them
one or or more of them be maymed, hurt or flinein the refiftance.
A.d it is further ordained, that the faid Adventurers nor any of the
Lhips employed by them hall be aor under the command of the
Lord High-Admirall, or his Vice otRere-Admirall; or the power
or command of any whatsoever ading by his authority under him,
or'by the authority of one or both Houfes of Parliament to ride at
Aocor, or otherwise failed to, any Port or place whatfoever, with'
out the free confent of the Adventirers,~or thofe they hall fo im-
ploy, except it bc in cafe of extreme necellity for preservation of
any of His Majefties Dominions, but that they and every of them
hall have liberty to feeke and take their purchase where and how
they pleafe according to fuch inftlmrions as (hall be from time to.
time given them by the Lord high AdmiraU of England, or the
Comrniflioners of the Admiralty appoyntad by both Houfes for
the tim: being, without the let, molestation, or command of the'
faid Lord high Admirall, or any person or persons whatsoever.
SApd it is farther ordered, that the Captaine, Mafter and chief Of.
" cers of every of the Ships and Pinnace To to be fet forth upon the
faid enterprise, hall before their going to Sea enter into a bond in
the high Court or Admiralty in the fumme of two thoufand pounds
orupwards, according as the Lord high Admirall of England, ap.
P.4ited-by both Houfes for the time beingf(hal think fit; that the
fai ghips and Pianaces repe&ively, their Captaines, Mafiers, cr
Companies, under colour or pretence of this Ordinance, (hall act
rob, fpoile, or endammage any of the Kings fubje&s, friends or
allies other then fuch as are intended by this Ordinance; ftor fall
take or furprize any Ships pr G(ods other then fub as they hall
find inor to be outwardsboundtif cm ,fme. prt or plac wthin
any of His Majeties D minions, that arc or fall be in hofilicy a-
gainft the King and Piliament; pr coming or returning to fome
i ch

fuch Port or place; or that fall be found to have traded with the
inhabitants of any fuch port or place, since their deficion from the
King and Parliament; or (hall belong to (ome Irith rebel, or rebels,
or to Come Pirate or Sea-rover as aforfaid.Anctthat for the jalifica-
tion of their prize they hall bring into.the regeffry of.thedigh,
Court of the Admiralty all fach Coquets, Bils of. fading, and other:
documents and writings as they ihlii take or find in any fcch Ship.
or VeffTll, and (hail bring-in with fuch fhiptamd,Y-fifeLtwo or three;
of the principal Officers of every fuch Ship or Vcffeliltakcn m~Ae
fame, to be examined by the ludge ofthe Admiralty, or fach Com-
miTfioners as he fall appoint, concerning the property of the
fame Ship and Goods, and fuch other questions and interrogatories
as he (hall think At to adminifterunto them; and hall not break
balke,fell, (poile, wafte, or diminish any of the faid Ships or Goods,
until theyflall be adjudged inthehigh mCou nfthediAdiZri yQ
have been lawfully taken according tb the true intent and meaning
of this Ordinance ; and a true and jaft Inventory and appraifnent
hall be taken and made of the. fame, and that they hall truly
pay or deliver to fuch Colle&ois iRsleirors as the Lord high Ad-
Smirall of England, appointed by both Houtes for the time being
fhallappoint, the full tenths of the faid prizes.
Ad itisre__bl~ped.,ordailea,.and~mmandeid bythe-id
Lords and Commons, That the ludge and other Officers of the high
Court of Admiralty aforefaid -hall' proceed to the adjudging of,
fuch prizes as (hall be taken by iertue of this Ordinance, and hall
be by them faved harmlefle and indempnified for adjudging the
fame, and for doing fuch other ads according to their feverall
Offices, as (hall be requifite thereunto. And it is hereby further or.
dered and ordained, That this Ordinance nor any btiefit thereby
thallextend to the fetters forch of any Ship or other Veffid upon
the enterprise aforefaid, where Bonds (hall not be given,as is before
expreffed, and a Cerificateunder the Admiralty Seale, obtained of
the putting in of fuch caution.
And laftly, it is hereby further ordered, and ordained, That all
Owners and adventurers by Sea that (hall make ufe of the power of .
this Ordinance for the feizing or furprizing of any Ship, Goods,
Plate, Armes, Ammunition, viuals, pillage and Ipoyle,occafionally

In thlir lawfull Iploymehts or voyages at Sea and no as men o
Warre.cct forth for that purpose, and to no other end, hall not
have nor be allowed any money for or towards their viuials as
aferefaid and that whatever prize or parchafe fall be taken by,
vrtue of this Ordinance, hall not be difpofed of or fhared until
entice thereof given in thehigh Court of Admiralty, and a judge-.
pent o. cenence obtained for the fame, and an Inventory and an
appraifement thereof hall be taken and made, according to Order
-tsht Court.i

F.IN I .

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