Title: Collection of psalms and hymns. 7th edition
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Title: Collection of psalms and hymns. 7th edition
Series Title: Collection of psalms and hymns. 7th edition
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CAI, `

' .; ^ 4 '

* -. f.

i ..o. '.'

". - .

; : ^



Fellow of iners'-C&ZO, "-',fd i :
Student of ClhFil-chrcb, Oxford


!B R S T 0 o :L'

pad* .-. : ,

Rs' : 11 i-

I ;2 'e- 3. 2.o!!


r)r to qft~
C1 41 *ffr


"r tj'5 i

4) ,

( 3 )


'. :. .


fs l .S 6 T is the Man, and none but he,
S J Who walks not with sugodly Men,
S. fit da their evil Deed fe e, t ,
.Nor fits the I nnont i'sarign,
The Perfecutqrf GulT to lire,
Opprefive in the Scarner's chair.
a Obedience is his pure Delight, "
To do the Pleafur of hs Loian:
S His Eercife by Day and Night
To feaich his Soul-converting Word,
The Law of Liberty to prove,
The perfeA Law of Life and Love.
S Faft by the Streams of Paradire'
He as a pleasant Plant hall grow:
The Tree of Righteoufnefi (hall rife,
And all his blooming Honours fhcw,
Spread out his Boughs, and Bourir fair,
And Fruit unto Perfeaion bear.
His verdant Leaf'hall never fade,
His Works of Faith. hall. never ceafe,.
His happy Toil Ij;lbtilcqed .. __4
WhpmGo..H 0 efl.i.wghss btoF
i' . _a


I. -

Nd Portido an'd no Pl ce have they
With thofe whom G6o vouchfafes t'approve:
Call in the dreadful Judgment-Day,
Wio'trainfpTon ihdr Sariour's Ldro,
ho'here their Eleclfig L6R dteny,
Shall perifh, and forever die.

1 do tCe$wj and G6,ile j;oia
To exetera-vair efCgri-
Idly Iheir utnoft Power# engage,
And lorm wich utivaiingRagje?
a Earth's haughty Iaingrdteir Load ofp u6 i
The Rxf s lifit hemfelver hfi FPf,
To fight againff theii G6D agreed
And flay th' infcrnate'Deity:
g As vworn their MidIr toded rodi,
And JEsus hi dheiited Sort,
To riffrom all SubjeOion freed,
And reign Alpighty in his Stead.
4 The LORD tlaa Oqlrlly hits abnm
Enthron'd iNt e!Crlaiing Love,
Shall all their feebehThrenat dlidd6
And laugh zofctar. taei ferioas Fria.&
5 Then hall! He i his Wrath address,
And vex his baled Muimuiss, *
Yet I have i'ri f i.w t Son,
And placed on a guy Patte~z ti/rate.
6 Conqueror ofSio adl Dah and Hell
We reigns a Prince Invincible:
All Power is now to Jesus given,
Triumphant oa the -Hill of Heaten i
7 pnblilh i DIOWiDe l eie
That all fall lieift*i- tram~i Ml t:
Lookadth la& 4 in dWa Rice;
Believe, and yp are t'd by Grace.

.. '>


1113 1 II r ,,

L~"" lil Illi-nllIY *I.*lr--i -Il~Li~.;;~-=- -~N?---W

(,4 )

I [ heard yy Gracious Father fay,
. Thao art say Son, on thibglad Day
Thou art declared my Son with Power,
S Rais'd from the Dead, to die no more.
S9 At, and the Gentl' World receive,
'All, All I to thy Ptayer will give,
So dearly bought with Blood Divine,.
Lo! every Soul of Man is thine.
so Who'er withitanda Pard'ning Gou-
Shall groan beneath thine Iron Rod:
Whoe'er their Advocate repel,
The Anger of their Judge fall feel.
is Wherefore to Himye Kings fubmit,
Be wife to fall, andkifs his Feet,
With awful Joy revere his Sway,
Ye Rulers of the Earth obey.
Sa Worihip the Co-eternal Son,
Left you in anger He difown,
His Light with-hold his Grace deny,
And leave you in your Sins to die.
S'3 Thrice happy all who trmt in Him,
All good Almighty to redeem;
They only hall hi' Mercy prove
Lov'd with an everlasting Love.

S GEE, O LOR D my Foes increase,
SMark the Troublesnof my Peace,
Fiercely 'gainft my Soul they rife,
1 Heaven, they fay, its Help denies,
Help he feeks from GOD in vain,
Goo hath given him up to Man."
a But Thou art a Shield for me,
Succour Ril. I find in Thee,
Now thou liftefi up my Head,
Now I glory in thine Aid,






;' .



( 6 )

Confident in tfiY 1Dette,
Strong in Thii&i N nbac.
g To the LtL c. i.l the try
Brought mi, ,6l1prm ..the Sky
By my kina M TeN)t,
Safe I laid sih a6wI a 96 .ept,
Slept within M Atift d ribe;
Blefi Him for thi citl Rehioe.
4 Kept by I1 hhhtiWt~
Sin, the 0Wd;.d SUkh )*e,
All their Hofts t Fil *d :
LoRD, in tyifht ftH,
Save me, fat ih fi igall,
Save me, O my 'G rot all.
5 Thoa haft f v Wte V f&c% ofre,
Thou haft quell'd tb e dve~ Powft,
Plack'd me from the Jaw of De~ia
Broke the roaring Lint's Teeth,
Still from ial my PfOs 'k d,
Save me, faIe m ete the End.
6 Thine it is 0 lioki s to fevt;
Strength in Thee thy People hat,
Safe from Sin in. Tie tey vS
With the Goa~Lt I l bia,
Wait to fee the psrfe Grace
Heaven ol 0anrh in j9a's wVade.

Then hat f -the in t nfus,
And Adite It tl~ays rear.
Again ihy Et thew,
The Peaceful Aniwer And,
Affauge my Grief, relieve ay Woa,
And all my Tbtibles end.
How ong ye Sots of Mla,
Will ye lafphefne tid

- 1

S My Honour wr#fb ly GlyG Iftidn
And vilify My Gob r
How I on Will ye delight
In Vanity and Vie,
Madly againfl the Rilghteons ight
And follow Rfte Lie !
3 Know, for Himfelk the tLo.,
Hath furely fez apart
The Man that tremble at hbi WV d,
The Man of upift Heart
And wlhea to Hi I pity,
He PrtMliths a htr,
And help me in amy Eril Day,
And answer all thy Prayer.
4 Ye Sinners, land in Awe
And from your Sins depart
Out of the Evil Weld withdraw,
And commune wiA yopair leait:
In thinking ofhis Love
Be Day and Night emfply'd,
Be lill ; nor in his Preeace move,
SBut wait upon year Goe.
5 Offer your Prayer and Praife,
Which ie will not deMoi
Thro' Yefs Cbrif jour Rig lhoaef
'Accepted Sacrifice.
Offer your Heart's Defies;
But trout in Him alone,
Who gives whatever He eqdres,
And freely faves His own.
6 The World with fruitless Pain
Seek Happinefs below,
What Man, (they alk, but all in vain)
The long fought Good will Ihew ?
The Brightnefs of thy Pace
Give Us, O LORD, to fee,
Glory on Eaih'begun in Grace,
And Happies in Thee.

S Thou heroin iFldow'd
All-gracious as rIk'.b '
The Tafle Divine, d4fE1vei 5 Good,
And fixt it in m teart:
AMove all R ti.lif -
The Senfe'0of'Si forgiven,
The hidden Joy, the myltic Peace,
The'Antepaft of Heaveir.
8 Of Gopel-Peace. po4,
Secure in thy Dkefnce
Now, LORD, w tbi At msA I reft
And who fhall'plack e -thence
Nor Sin, nor Earth, nor Hell
Shall evermore remove,
WfLen all renewed in Thee I dwell,
And perfe&ed in Love.

O I ORD, incline thy gracious Ear,
O My plainive Sorrows weigh,
To Thee for Succour I draw near,
To Thee I humbly prayi
Still will I call with lifted Eyes,
SCome, O my Goe, and King,
'Till thou regard my ciafleG Cries,
And full Deliverance bring.
a On Thee, O Gpo of Purity,
S I wait for allowing Grace ;
None without Holinefs hall fee
The Glories of thy Face:
In Souls unholy and unclean
a Thou never canit delight;
Nor hall they, while unfav'd from Sin4
Appear before thy Sight.
3 Thou hate all that Evil do,
Or fpeak Iniquity,
The Hearts unkind, and Hearts untrue
Are both abhor'd by Thee.

4 ______

The great and miotel Fatlt
Shall find its fearful Doom,
SinnetiirftNed odtri d; orfIHotigK t
ThotfielyAffte tVi cbhftme:
4 But as for i, wth htrfbfA c e
I will apMrieltl tly dat;
Tho' molt unworthy ta dratW f r,
Or in thy Goarts to-wai :
I traft in thy atu badei G et.
To all fo freely giteni.
And wrfilip twti lthy hiel Plkte
And lift my Somt to lNlekva

5 Lead me in alkthy righteeas Ways,
Nor fuffr me te jide,
Point out the Piatr ~ blr d fat ;
My GOD be flAq nd uuide,
The cruel Power, die gli Ail Art
Of all my Foes f r p' ,
Whole Throat an rdn CGrave, wh&ifreart
Is deperatt Wkedkek
6 Thou, LOR D, Olal drive if Rftr t PLae.
And fttlly eodelAe,' "i
Thy Wralt eq tAe rtelioea Rae ,
Shall to the uftlbeeaFe.
But all who put their Trua in Then,
Thy Mercy hait proclaim,
And fing with chearful Mtledyr
Their dear Rednmenr's lama.

7 Protected Sy thy guardia. Gram
They Ihall extol thy Power,
A4clU, grde Thibwk Adafhont AbyPFraife;
And iftrd h oervm ,
They never hall to Et yield
Defended front aboa e
And kept and Meft'd *rith A S hild
Of thine Almiglr Leve,

( 0 )
i ORD, in rtb rw h m more chafife,
JL Nor it trhy hole Difpleafure rife
Againfi a Child f an :
Have Mercy, Loa, for I am weak
And heal my Soul difeas'd and fick,
And full of Sin and Pain.
a Body and Soul thy Judgments feel,
Thy heavy Wrath affi& me itiHl
O when hall it be o'r !
turn Thee, O Lom nid 6ve fny Soul,
And for thy Mercy fake makewW*Te,
And bid me fin no more.
3 Here, only here thy Loe maft fave ;
I cannot thank Thee il the Grave,
Or tell thy pardang Grace;
Who dies unprg'd for ever dies,
S The Sinner, M he falls, e lies
Shot upin his own Place.
S 4 Wary of my unaafwir'd Groans;
Yet Rill with never-ceafing Moans
S I languilh for Relief,
V& lcWh Tears I walb my Couch and Bed, .
S' y Srength.is fpent, my Beauty fled,
My LMfe worn out with Grief.

5 But fha I to my Foes give Place
Or in the Name of Jatbs, chafe,
My Troublersl ll away ?
'In JEs's Name, I fay, depart
Devils and Sins-; nor vex my Heart,
For GOD hath heard me pray.



6 Thcjo-rp hath heard my Groanand Teaus,
The LorD Ihall till accept my Prayers,
S And all my Foes o'erthrow,
Shall conquer and defroy them too,
And make eW' me a Creature Oew,.
A finlefs Saint below. *

I ",$ I 'l @- i


~,... ._ .



%W wik Thou forge; me, Loan,
WTQL u forever hide thy Face t
me ~ pang'd, and unre&or'd,
n Ali.f(ma the Life of Grace!
long fRhll enquire within,
S And leek Thee in my Heart in vain,
Vaed with the dire Remains of Sin,
: G l 'd with the Tyrant's Iron Chain.
S.Ha%,oP thal l .Satan's Rage prevail ?
S(I ee. with a fault'rmg Tongue)
See at thy Feet my Spirit fail,
S. d hear e feebly groan, How long!
SHear me, 0 LORD, py GOD, and weigh
S My Sorrows in the Scale of Love,
Lighten mine Eyes reftore the Day,
The Darknefs from my 6ul remove.
' Open my Faith's eellighten'd Eyes,
S 0 hatch me from the Gulph beneath,
Save, or my gaping Spirit dies,
S Dies with h evriafing Death.
6 Ah! fuffer not my Foe to boaft
His Vi&'ry o'er a Child of thine,
Nor let the proud Philifn's Hoft,
In Satan's hellilh Triumph join.
SWill they not charge my Fall on Thee ?
Will they not dare my Gon to blame?
My GOD, forbid the Blafphemy,
Bejealous for thy glorious Name.
SThou wilt, Thou wilt! my Hope returns:
A sudden Sp'rit of Faith I feel,
vI y Hearrin fervent Wilhes burns,
And Gon (hall there for ever dwell.
y Trult is in thy gracious Power,
1I glory in Salvation near,

Rejoicpinqopeg that glY Iqur,
When pcrfc0 t Lbve icall caft out Fear.
10 -I Amg tbeiaOG Bfeth.e LoEao,
The GoalaedEitlperieee now,
Andfillbadmogupoa thy Word,
My Saiavi to mheutimolt Thoe.
i Thy Love Ieuhall proclaim
A.Mon'meat of tby Mercy I,
And ptaife the migbly JssO's aName,
Jasus the&rLab,-the Loan Moft High.


I A MIDST thy Wrath remember Love,
SRelore thy Srvant, Loan!
Nor let a Fathqer' Chatning prove
Like an Avenget's Sword !
S My Sinasa hevy ~ .4en are,
.And o'ir my Head are gone;
Too heavy. they for me to bear,
Too gnat for te t'atone.
I 3 My Thoughts are like a troubled Sea,
P My Head 11ill bondiua down:
And I go -mourning all the 3Day,
Father, hbenetih thy Frowp.
4 All my Derle to,Thee is. kiown.
Thine Eyes tonsts every Tear,
And every Sigh, and every-Groan,
Is noticed in Thine Ear,
5 Thou art mty GOD, ay only Hope,
S0 hearken to my Cry:
O bear my fainting Spirit up,
When Satan bids me die.
6 LOR [ cpfles my Guilt to Thee,-
I grieve fCir all my Sin;
My helpless Impotence I fee,
And beg Support divine.

ir -..-- .. u..-

ii Ir

Su~~~r em~ r~J1


Am&=.1V40u mzr.

+ 7 I have rsf hy 5P1us. PlPSD
HhisHelp an Comifft.ikad:,
To Op the MeritsOmy n-*
5My Sol lie&s'mm ku u ian iWIN
Anild wss dR uh1"dd 10 N 1.2Au
Look down, 0 LOOLD, with Pityins Eye,*'
A ad fiyclu shea 6o1mwIIAIg rdw
6 Then will I teach theWdWWWAY'Ways
Sirnners hall lostiL- 60yiuaIGSW
I'Ill ead themnai soBr ake~od,
And they "hIl pIis soiufG
~ 70 y~us~i~gwe may Touugn.
S alvation fluas be A1 ,'Sg
S Andiall my Powe P2.. m. to
The LoRILD, l~ily r Ptjdteolwfi%4

O D OD of
V Whatbo wove
Towaruds s*4W:klpe kSV,
see, at tei'.-Os fee
In tend cE erc .bAol f
And Hi my Si- qffaic.
a 0 let thy Love to MmeoWbflo
Thy MulitHidl Mf-k*0l4tw,0 ;
Abandantly forgive!. '
Remove th' infai i JM A I
Blot out. my.. "owihtiti;d1 ,
And bid the Silhwma I. -
3 Take all the Power of Sin away,
Nor let in me its Urintay,
Mine inmoBSqel as venrt ::
wlb me fro.all myil ilr.ooS|i, :
ma e, Loan, aandmike Mt ihoughly clean,
S Crace me pure in Heart.

4 For 0 my Sias I naw ecnfCes,
Bewail my defperte Wickednefs
And 'ib to be forgiven,
. have abus'd thy Patient Grace,
I have provok'The M adSfftllr ..
And dar'd she 'Wa~FcFk etvea.

5 Thee, only Tbee- le I deed:
Tho' all thy Wrath on me abide,
And my Danmbatiorifeal:
Tho' into oaterlkarknels thrust
I'l own the P~iihnmmenti s pi: ..
And clarn myGOn4.jp :Hie:
6 Caft in the MoulA ofSin I am,
Corrupt throughout y: ruin'd Frarme,
My Effence all unclean.
My total Pill from GOD I mourn,
In Sin I was conteiv'd and born,
Whate'cr I am is Sin.

rwqpkeft -ll our Hertrt,.
we thd Mward Parts,

4 266T1su jaq tbIePwt,

juj p cry e Sin,
1~kt~od : that faa IthaIl wulh me clean,

Tbag~dm~isWh ~ :oftiSd d,
7%at BO MciWr~is';'l ~ C4~I
Bmkeb by Tat-e, 1~Te iewoe
may in iSbyut ic..1

IM-t"~m 4w cto,
4fa infybig Lore.
iI Liy Wretchodaeef to Thee convert,
Give me aM hasJubhwibtriaee #feazt,
My fallen Sor.t rd-t*4teo, '
Lee niwtla LI4u iateahS
Atid-skove ..fa lei d... .
1z Have Padeaice-,'Wl by Theqapw'd
I live the Qfiqs fe of Gop j
Iere let thy 9P.1j RAy:
Tho' I )ae g'4geA geRra~ave,
Ah I d gpquitp wida. h Love,
E~ ~b!rlP~e~llcs;tbdpw. hyrs
Or tkte thy Q*naq~PUy.
: The ComFort af thy Help reflore,.
Affit sne no* &aaezesfd;re,'


So owll I fn the S:noUK'at~e,

Open my Li si' Alarsghtsy LaD,
Angloy tr M .;ri ,
And glouyriit in, if. '

17 No Ca4p- Q a l eit adetn
Noift agg-ia
Thou ou f t fl miM ss=
Thou ae,. m I oUldMe o Thine,
sd an diu>tw MtleJewe.
1a8 A l elrni, iyr wdireff,
A brokaLnFirt that pasm Ibr lt
This is tLhelkefli
WW^lerAs ie dJle SIhefttoD ;
mmnai tet' beeeaeth l Load
Thou net Wih d4ife.
19 Thch hear th'ew lSiuncr'a Praytr,
And every round Soul repair,
Remember Sion's Woe,

( a' )

rhe e jery a r
Stable StdJm Klq I Mti

v4 Tlien9aItqr hAW-ajdgh Wqu
Thy Mercy, nilk aipauaiug race
T .ll sitr shiv'" O "a..&ts.l
And fall at t rRfrltida Prae tr
And Wi zaL t ii. tl lse.
iS 0 mighrtloflf itwatwlb.e i
GOof .myk.=~Tr my SwWeV Tbte-j
My Soul tf rMlM sri. .
0 IpIak law nir M fa ni ftm
And hia4igaif reope




....10 '11 bbba

fcwhs thy ranif Y1g ILac.
d 'Ith'ef vowMhfafetooai & '.
A~oChkhI bl W~.
~i:eaf zyI.d FPple's Peace

rqtW4 "i an4 Deed,

u tLo he *Alir of thy-Soit,
P.' ;'AdIai tahe thro' Cirs~;atau
Tbke r61a RAke'.
Tbhir antefISmiri~ce lall bring,
I14 er King

Tn e-U Gficq'A Aqp r~

TEhou Great aqd~puoLt e. j Mft and I CE ,
Andyim Mnrfil ho 1-'ed L t9 O
Thy. Sq.,, thy Sri~apt bo.dght wiith Blood.
.3 With Heart anti, Eyesad lifted Hands,

Pant for aM oq .g.tr4
4 Even Life itf.U' twi hC kthji .
No lallins! ?leafure can a~orad
Yeaj 'twou &i*,6rea6 BlTr.$ prOvej
If I werp banided&from 'I'Tee,: Lou D 1

It~Ieujit rhy oice
5 I'll %%-T' M J' '
This Werk, 1.** takfmv kleit frjoce,
And fpcpd'il oppini-prZ mpj; Dsys-




P $ ~1~ SCX6X
(Ad4fod 90.6ti" *f 2'agb 110.ub a
Prefent ad tie u amidA
2 Hear thy aafaI.s ei
Arinf out of thy. b&4ij?4.
Stir up th Sorveo *iaA ask. bre,"
And viadicats 4ft sla~s~a
3 Ha&t~a ~~~o oe
Supre.Atzina prIClngs.
Defccad AnfgGt 7i'Yi C.
cBi kptg of hepubg V* ga.
~~ auL rth 0rIfS&IiE~y~~P
s~ Oa 4fIqp P ~ 4 qf~re,
How ]on a"
A~gsiofl bils+t~iqep eu~a~
Who a~e: y T;ce so razuri?
6 Thou ttim Ok 3 r )ta gho of Ters,
ilk LIW ft 7=pi" *d,
We foftw S. '
7 A Stri(.-Ze~pI Altumpu4d
Oubitr Kim 11polhU Ivan '4P~
Ared W4V' W Ito. ~PtK~~'
3 T ift W Ilk"~. Jidg~l;
Thec Bligkb I Itut %V imr '~c~
So (hall we all be SAAnt below,
A od fay'd. and perfeded in Grace.

~I~I~ --~ -~-----1-.~~--

-'A .~~~~~~ 1.1 1.........

p ( r9 )
i IORD,. we once wee Twue,:
f (Trh haf for thy Wonders wrought)
SA eeams and right Snobl Vine,
S -''~aze~nBwly -out (of yrrp bg.t.
o0 Thow did the HttieaStbenf erpel,
And chafe tem frBIn their aet Home,
Druids and ill the Brood of ll '
S And Monks of AntickrifthItn -te
a i Planted by thing Amhn ighty HpLu
Watr'W with Blerd, the Vite took Root,
Andfpread throunhoqt the hppy Lad,
And fil'd the aith with geMeiPruit;
iz The Hilla wure io-'d widtlhr Shade,
Hef breucha Aritearces wdM
Thair (arid dauialis hlcars; 4Pid,
Anau fria'd s w.J Cader PAtd.
13 Her Baoughe he flafch'd S ma to Sma,
And eaeh'd os o a &irts' Shme,
(They dance revi;etalHenwibi .
And blfed thbe Ml acuet .= Pwer.)
14 Why ba 9 f ,iai'iq~ P wI, .
And caf thy plicp f antgkay
SBrokedown ha1er. teF.hrn p'rown,
And left Ir zto h U as p otIeyC I
15 All that go by ppk offEher Cpp
Qur Nn of hrz Childpqn ;
And Error inr ten thpAFa iE~ ,
.oWuldisverygra.iauE Sonl leg.
i6 The Boar mot of iiti Gw Wood .
Teasr up her Rwtq with bhalaql Power;
The Lion roaring for his Food,
And all Ah Bac it Beals.davor.
17 Turn Thei agai, O0 Lo aaw Goo,
Leoa down mid aty s*homt 4bwor,
0 lay afide aly vangeftald.
Aad .Ikaa sinpa~rnisaiag hPvn

'( s.10 )
18 The Vinbyfd iihich thineo'p right Hand
Hath planted I thefe Nations fee
The Branch that rqfe a thy Command,
And y.ied gracious Fruit to Thee :
19 'Tisaw..rcdown, aed beat with Firer
Ars of the Lut awakc, awake,
Vifit ty Paes in righteous I te,
Vageaoce o-..a.thy Haters take.
zo Look on them. with try flaming Eyes,
The fin- confrtiag Virtue dare;
And bid our falleajhurch arife,
And ke .uafte[ 1 hy qwn, Heart.
21 To us ou Nrfing Atther raife,
Thy Gric. beosr the Great beftot'd,
4pd letthe-Kinge'tems o h thy Praitei
And rife at build the HdufoolGoa.
2z Thou haft rdaind the Powers that be:
Stregthen thy Dilegate below ;
He bean the Rulederidvd from Thee,
e0 Jt iimnall tiiel mage &eMw.
3 'Support hini witkl'tiyg ka4i an Hand,
S Thby royiTGritbe bttu in him, .
IKiqg of a re-co6ivered Latid,
In Goodaf as in Power fitpreme.
24 So wilLwe not frcoThee go back,
if thaouit r rorti'd ChijrcI rdtore,
No, ni~ ma w rvfii'forfakes
Nb, revei wilf M 'rieve Thee more.
25 Revive; "Otoo of P e*r tevire :
T4y WdrW in cur degenaete Days,
0 let us by thy Mercy live,
And allour Lives-kall -peak thy Praife.
a6 Turn as Isgaia 0 Loax andthew.
Thi Brightiefs of thy JovelyP Fmae
So hall we aRbealdutsbelow,. '
And fav'd, aandpefafted in Grace..


EAvr on ire, 0Laina, thy Judgments lye,
f 'Jt-- And curfIt L.iam;fCGua.nacpslj my!Cy,
-*onD,- in'Darinefi la.c I grean;
SAnd very PMabs 6- it ir i a Ai"apa
S' a O earifi and kle i .Aw rctYul
'" Thefehorrid Clouda thiatpreFi myf lighted Soul,
0 ri0fe md acmemar e ait N&b I
SThou at. Grs of Lig)
.s Dowwaerd I au i m i4 dpir 4 H M"
There none otain'd ty Ad, nonefingthy PaiTe:
Soon I Shal~tLlyi SWm~ubldpsAQcua hwn dro
TI Mercy there, latnas Ear Wwiabs find ?
0 fave me y#4 wemi amnd aPln I fbmd
Rebuke thefe Stam.s:, arbfs mmfaies Land.
O make my Longingf and thy Mercy ufre I
Thou art nSthe"fWiE idE r .
3 Beheld .af l -c s h .ab .en
To Thee his hfi-isdU i iltAPHome,
No Father can he And, no Friend abroad;
Depri'd af Jo1 ansfideSAita of Goo.
0 let thy Terrrs' sad hui Ai uii ed!
Be Trlneofs fa t& labts Aot4Wirienfd,
Rcaivr th an Thou Udf reprove,
Thou art OtGouj of ErLo ?"

i Geo, our Hdpl in Agu pa,"
Our Hope for Yema, O onwme,
Our Shblsd bfm th* leny Blt
AAA Mft -ta e a Hewm.
z Uitcr Sbadow of thy Thron
mtill may we dwell secure:
Suficient is thy Art aione,
And or D nceis fare.

( ~a I)
3 Before the Hills in ordep Road,
Or EavzaWr iar Pnr,
From Rverltif ag Tim aft Gov,
To e.dl". Y bfaap
4 A hailtdA~Lrhr pby$F~t,~
t *etih a 0ri ds &NighS;
Ara" H ki an Aft% t6.0~p 1
*DiW the RPugS #NW.
f The bury Tribes of hubh and Blood.
With all thiii Cazes and Years
Are carried downward by zhe Flood.

.6 Time Iikp at VOWfrr40 Strealma
Bears all iq mt-w#&jS
Dies eathe o'nisg DaMy'.
7 Oo0. out ET*M 0Agpes paA
or Hope for Years to come,
Be Thqujcaw Er a1k theal4


ITbus ~to m M ~I1ZJ y p'

a Tby tender. Lori and*wcfiil Carl
Shall free mef=tomE*FlOWT~vls Saari, ~
And fi~s~lto ea* OW PatMlard.
Thou aver me tby-Wlgshet fpraidd.
And cover a~ uu af Hiad
Thy Tmto l
No Terrors that fisrphe by Night,
Shall thy undaunted courage fright;

y Shafts that fly b Day:.
.oankown Rice that kills
nor ianfeftiiu ni
hbhottel Seane fay.,
at.thy Side attdie,
Ni afd ten theooand lie,
Y b:fipn Health untoch'd remains :
4 Ihl look on and fe
S 's difmalmTragedy,
wi a count the Sinncr's mournful Gains.
wit well plc'd Confideace
Smak'&.the LoaI' thy fure Defence,
,Aid on the Hibhet ddo rely;
l no Ill o hal f hee befall,
to thy ealthfol Dwelling liall
Anmy infe4tas flague draw nigh:
wAe throqmo thy .happy Days,
.!Wvl eCp the fafe in all aYWIs. :
Shall give his Angels ftria commands;
|A|a they, leaftAn b Ibtrfdft chance to'meet
id# fome rough Stone to wound thy Feet,
. l -.bear thee fafely in their Hands.
I7rTH GloMir : wii Saength m 'd,
The Lo09 iha) o' all Ifltus reiguns.
World's F6uadations wrongly laid,
SAnd the vail Fabrick Rill flattins.
w fare eftablilh'dis thy Throne;
SWhich (ball no Change or Period fe ;
SThou, OLo o, and.hou alone "
SAr Kingkfrom all Atenity.
Il oods, O Lon, lift up their Voice,
i:Cfs the troubled Waves on high;
A i| ove can dill their Noire,
d the angry Sea comply.

4 Thy PWWUkjijW*r, ib *VON *OU
And tCbor.i PAb 'ib- - mU,
That Jiitt Iha i001* 'ala
MuftallS~~ I~rP~;

P M C= Ziir xr

A There all my"Idt"Weiumi:
The LoaD that huirtr-d*TA' fd 9&4e
Is myqwpbwdd~d i& ... :
2 Their Feet, GLsa.,C*$1Aj.mwr0,

Thy Ear attenda uhes iftf~JI,
Thy Eyes acal mver Gep.

With thy i
Thon watbefa nJ aat vardid Hous
Agate iavadiftHaTm.,

4 Nor fcaechiug' SUN, truftcziy W98s5
Shall Jwirtby Leave.-o bine-,
Thou ihiekriqrr goads fmm burning Neon,
From blaffing Damps at Night.

5 He uardi~Lt~ata~"9I -"

'TIll GO iIdMI &Wl ~ ue:

P S A4L -M --CXX.X,.
I O U T of Dop th qf, &f- Defpai
My Mffifery mark, 4adamWiy' Prayer,
And bring Saivatina nigh.
z'Death'S Seaw"Mi myself I feel,
Beneath ly "tatk 1 fiatit;
0 let thine Earcofder wreN
The Voice of my Complaint.

~pr Ir- Ir

_L.~-LYIL~~_ l-.~..L. I~I I ----.-YII--~ll ...

Srig'rofly severe,
Y the Tet abide ?
A r the Man of Sin appear,
b julified P
I Forgivenes is with The,
.Siners may adoze,
hliil1Aeir thy Goodnefs fee,
j r griv eve Thee more.
P t E. Isbe lovely Face,
i t itdiCe~lay LbaD,
8*atl itpeai his Grate,
es': ird s u~n hit Word.

*My~Sbul, while 1tAi to Him it flies,
Prerventu the MOroing Ray;
:.i that his Merij eams would rifr,
: And bring Ti. GofripeDay
Y Ye faithful Spel confide in Goo,
S.Mercy with Him remains,
SPenteous Redeinption in his Blood,
: To wafhout all your Stains.
18 His Irad Himfel (hall clear,
From all their Sins redeem ;
The LORD our Rig eoulhneCf is near,
And we are julftla im.


.F AST by the Baylril Tide,
i (The Tide our Sorrows made o'erflow
We drop our weary Limbs, and cried
'.In deep DirTefs at Sim's Woe,
l.:Htr we bewail'd in fpechlefs Groans
"B adage with her captive Sons.

( 6 )
2 Our Harps, no longer oalo ow,
We cafl afide, ntat udf mllrtng,
Forgot them p bsa on mt tie Boug h;
Let meaner'Sorrows nd a Tongue.
Silent we far, and fcorn'd Relief,
In all the Majefty of Grief.

3 In vain our haughty Lords required
A Song of Sin's sacred Strain,
Sing us a Song your GOD infpir'd."'
SHow (hall our Soul exult in Pain,
How Uhall the mournful Exiles fing,
While Bond-lavra to a forige'King
4 JersufaJn, dear hallow'd Name,
Thee if I ever lefs desire,
if lefs diftref for TherI am,
Let my Right-hand forger its Lyre,
SAU its harmonious Strains forego,
S When heedlefs of a Mother's Woe.-
5 0 England's deflate Church, if Thee,
Tho' deflate I remember not,
S Let me, fo loft to Piety,
Be loft myself and clean forgot;
Cleave to the Roof my (peechlefs Tongue,
When Sion is not all my Song.

S6 Let Life itfelfwith Lan fall,
For Thee when I forbfa-to mourn,
Nay, but I will for ever wail,
ill GOD thy captive State hall turn;
Let this my every Breath employ,,
S To grieve for Thee bt all my Joy.
O for the weeping Prophet's Strains,
The Depth of ympathetic Woe !
I live to gather thy Remains,
For Thee my Tears and Blood (hall flow,
My Heart amidft thy Ruins lies,
And only in thy-Rife I rife.

". - . ... .,

,ILa D, the cruel Pide
is Evil Day,
l A. Ground, they cried,
Rain Itay,

'dr I'oL -.rour Fall,.
Io. n hall make,
']an r.a S auls in Thrall"

Mad" sie A Ms in Thee

lieE Sia

'tikB# be brought low;
ohi altpt always la, ,
ai thy Pow'ro'erthrow,
nio rt W8aier wafte,
with thy Power,
Mnd Sr m tall be no more.

W the Firf.
.." ORD, all I am is known to Thee,
1t1 .In vain my Soul would try
Th un thy Prefence or to ee
Tb Notice of thine Eye.
Thy i ll-furousding Sighsl surveys
M y Rifing and my Rel,
g YPvblick Walks, my Private Ways,
,Tbe Secrets of my Breaft.

( 28
3 My Thoughtlie open The,
Th 'w~e~


nerore ttey;re twnrd wttUn,
And e'er my apn iqplgeUoah -Wod,
Thou knpw'il t*hmesim ..

The Beams of Noon, the Midnight Hour,
Are both alike to Thee :
0 may I ne'er provoke that Power
From which I cannot flee

L," ... ... .. -_ : .. .

r II


4 O wond'rous Knowledge, deep sad high !
Where can a Creature hide P
Within thy ciriking Arms I lie
Becet on every Side.
5 So let thy Grace furroad met ll,
And like a Bulwark prove
To guard my Sout ftom eA'r DF,
Secur'd by fv'weigp Loe,

Part the Sfond.
i ORD, wherg frll guilty Souls ntir,.
1 La Forgotten and unknown
In Hell they meet thy vengeful Ire,
Ia Heav'n thy glZioar Thrne.
2 Should I fuppr6s Mfi vhai BeCket*b
T' efcape the Wpab divi e
Thy Voice woupl hbrk dt b a of Deat
And make the Gare re'afig
3 If wing'd with ieams of MIonria Light
I fly beyond the Wetl,
Thy Hand, which puluf' my Flight,
Would foon betray my y l
4 If o'er my Sins I feek to draw
The Curtains of the Night,
Thofe-flaming Eyes that guard thy Law
Would turn the Shades to Light.

;rdj h ,biThd
R h I I^tWRn'gb Wonder anJld,
*Y PFadle survey,
b I owr n thy Hand,,
humble Clay.
asd Reins pofferd,
)Mtame gi rig,
almy Fncars trae'd,
Members drew.
Tith tender Care furvey'd
h of- every Parr,
;bieSacheme thy Thoughts had lait
S T by thy Art.
ti re: Rtart sino Sea, and Fire and W'ind,
nefgt hebIrwanfd'ron s Skill;.
F:" :16 l' and find
Diviaer WVwoadc s ill
SThy awful Gloies round me line,
SMy l proclaims thy Praife :
Lo o, ~ y Works o Nature join.
Thy Slirctles of Grace i
The Creator and Creatures.
0 D is a Name my Soul adores,
Th' Almighty Three, th' Eternal One!
Nature and Grace with all their Poe'ri
Confefs the Infinite known.
2 Th.y Voice produced the Sea and Spheres,
Bid the Waves roar, and Planets fhine ;
But nothing like Thyfelf appears
Thro' all thefe spacious Works of thine.
3 Still refilefs Nature dies and grows,
From Change to Change the Creatures ise i
Thy Being no Succefion knows,
And all thy vail Defigns are one.

To fi _.hy Glr1 wor thy -rc e s,
3 )
4 A Glanceoft hine r throttahe G]obes,(Frame,
-Rules the bright Worlds. Lnd moves their
Broad Sheeta of aigt oumpofe thy Robes,
Thy Guards acn Tfm'd of living Flame.
5 How Thall af righted Mortals dare
To fing thy Glory or thy. Grace ?
Beneath thy Fest we lie fofar,
And fee but Shadows of thy Face.
*6 Who can behold the blaming Light?
Who can approach coenfmiong Flame ?
None but thy Wifdom knows thy Might,
None but thy Word can fprak thy Name.

Life and Eternity.
T HE E we adore, Eternal Name,
S J And humbly own to Thee
How feeble is our mortal Frame,
What dying Worms we be.
a Qur wafting Lives grow shorter i
As Months and Days increafei.
And every beating Palfe te tell,
Leaves but the'Number lef.
3 The Year rolls round, and fieals away
S The Breath that *fir it gave;
S Whati'er we do, where'er we be,
S We're travelling to the Grave.
4 Dangers Rand thik thro' all the Ground
7To pufh us to the Tomb,
And fierce Difeafes wait around
To hurry Mortals home.
3 Great Gon on whara lender Thread
Hang everlafliug Things!
Th' eternal States of all the Dead
Upon Life's feeble Strings. .

S i n F im ,a min i *,, --,.

( 31
te Joy, and endteA Woe,
Avend on ev'ry Breath;
'imynt how dnconcern'd wego
di the Brink of Death.
faien, O LotD, our drowy Seare,.
: To walk this dangerous Road :
.".And if out Souls are hurried hence,
May they be found withGeo.!
Complaining of Spiritual Sbth.

M Y drowfv Powers, why sleep ye fo
V Awake my fluggilli Soul:
SNothing hath half thy Work to do;
Yet nothing's half fo dull.
a Go to the Ants: For one poor Grain
See how thry toil and4 1ive!
Yet we vho have a HEay'n t'obtia -
How negligent we live.!
g' We for whofe Sake all Nature Aanda,
And Stemhir.Courfep move:
.We for ,whA Guasdslae Angel Bands
Come flying from above :
We for whom GoD the Son came down,
And labourdd for our Good,
How canlefs to fecure that Crown
He purchased with his Blood !
5 LORD, (hall we ite fa liggih flill,
And never aft our Parts ?
Come, Hal~4Don .frinm th har'nly Hilt,
S And wm'rn wr-frotok Heants.
6 Give ns wrb'ir ai Warmth to move,
With rigroi Souls to rife,
SWnh H;4 pEgai~hand Wings of Love
To fly and 4ke the Pri.e.


1 X HEN rifit frm the Bed of Death,'
VV O'erwhela d with Guilt and Fear,
I view my Maker Face to.Face,
Oh how hall I appear!
a If yet, while Pardon may be found,
And Mezcy may be fought,
My Soul with inward Horror shrinks,
And trembles at the Thought
3 When'Thou, O Loan, halt Hand difclos'd
In Majefly fevered,
And fit in Judgment on my Soul,
Oh how IhaTl appear !
4 Oh may my broken contrite Heart
Timely my Sins lament,
And early with repentant Tears
Eternal Woe prevent I
5 Behold the Sorrows ofmy Heart,
E're yet it be too late,
And hear my Saviour's dying Giins
To give thofe Sorrows Weight.
For never hall my Soul defpair
Her Pardon t recures
Who knows thy only Son has died
To make that Pardon fure.

R"^ On the CrAcrifWion.

F i M't whence there dire Portents around,
STha Earth and Heaves amaze ?
Wherefore do Earthquakes cleave the Ground,.
% Why hides the Sun his Rays ?
Nor thus did Sinai's trembling Head
With sacred Hoiror nod,
B Beneath the dark Pavilion spread
Of Legislative God

,.. o .i. .

tk tky loeft Centre (hake,
i IJw ympathi!cul
apal ar.deep Gloom.be back,
Crmrordis '

Streamirsg ftbw rh'accurfd Tree,
1r all-atoning lo~od!
aisthte'hflnlt: 'TisI He, ,
SySaviour and my GOD
m e'thef Pangs his Soul affil,
4 .aD t Diath is barn;
K ali ve Sharpsel to the Nail, -
And pointed every Thorn.
netSin no more my Soul enclave!
t Break, Los the Tyrant's Chain
b.40h fave me whoimthen cam'A to fav.
SNor bleetd nr die in vai !
Savereignty and Grace.
Sr Losb Miow fwerf is hb Nasm I
How wide is his Cowngaxd
Nature with aflher zovingirame
Refts on his mighty Hand.
a Immortal Glory forms his Thrppo,
And Light his-awful Robe,
While with a Smile, or with a Fiowp,
He manages the Globe.
3 A Word of his Almighty Breath
Can fweli orfick t4e Seas,
Build the vaft Empires of the EaUth,
Or break them as he pleafe.
4 Adoring Angels round him fall,
In all their' lhiamig Forms;
His fov'reign Eye looks rhro' them all,
And pities mortal Wolms.

:\ (.3 )
5 His Bowels to our wornhefs Race
In fweet Compr eib'a m.e;
He cdoh h bi L ie "eftef OGrance,
And takes his TWi M ove.
6 Now let the Lqsa for ever reign,
And fw.y uis as he will;
Sick or in'Health, in Safeor Pain,
We are his Children aill.
7 No more hall peevilh Pafions rife
S Our Tongue no.more complain :
'Tis fov'reign Lroe that Ed our Joys,
And Love rei =eragam,

Faiib is CinISTr.

a. But

3 My
I we
4 To

5 SUr

OW fad our State by Nature is I
Qur Sin how deep it gainss I
Saran binds our captive Souls
iftia his flavifl Chains.
there'i aaVoice of c ov'reig.Grac
)unds froii dSfitc4d Vord a
Ye deTpaiiS Sinners coaIne
ad trod ujma the LoaD.
Soul obeys th'Almighty Call,

nd runs to this
uld believe th
h help my Unt
the bleft Fount
icarnate Gon,
e let me wafh n
rom Critme of
tch out thy Am
ly reigning Sin
ve the old Drag
rjth his inferna

y Promife, Loan

ain of thy Blood,
I fly,
ny potted Soul
deeper Dye.
n, viaoHious King,
a fubdue
on from his Sear,
Il Crew.

: .' ;
~ d. \. '..

sad helpless Worm
;tri gth and Righicolfef,'
a and my ai.


Ji W b when, when hall it be,
.i0 more fall break with Thee!
1ihi War of Paions cafe,
SSon enjoy.thy Peace?
iep'nt, and fin again;
W.iPVve, and now am flain;
lrijlfiUTame anhappy Dart,
Kll Oh1' too ofien wounds my Heart.
-whe%, when uhll I be
ftead to all bt Thee.
ps 'd, .no more undone
e and grow to Thee alone !
SlTheo, 0 Loan, guide Thou myCourr',
dOaw me on with thy fweet Force !
saks me walk, fiill makdme tend,
rhee my Way, to Thee my End.

IA 7thoght in Jffiioin.
'7ILT Thou, O LoD, regard my Tears,
The Fruk of Guil and Fear
who thy Jullice have provoked,
h will thy Mercy rpare?
Sfor the broken contrite Heart,
viour, thy Sufferings plead;
juench not then the fmonking Flax,
b break the bruised Reed!


| ( ,6)
3 Thy poor, nowwlAby'l mat view,
Refign'd to thy Decnaf
Ordaitn aes n .t-4,elos t,
. B'ut live or die in T'hcel

4 Upon thy gracious Promire, LoR D,
My humbled Soul icafl!
Oh bear me fafe, thro' Lifethro' Death,
,And raife me up at lait!
s Low as this morrta Fnram mutt fie,
This mo tal Frrae hall ing,
Where is thy Viaory, 0 Grave !
And where, 0 I)eath, thy Sting !

The Chrtfian Ract.

I WAKE, our Souls (away our Fears,
e Let eery trembling Thought be gone)
Awake, and run the heavenly Race,
And put a cheatfu.l Courage on.
a True, 'tis a frait and thorny Road,
And moral Spirits tire'ab faint!
But we forget the mighty Gon,
That feeds ti Sttength of every Saint.
2 0 mighty Gon, thfmarchlefs Power
Is ever new, and ever young,
And firm endares white ehdefs Years
Their everlalting Circles run.

4 From Thee, the orerfowing Spring,
Our Souls 1hzll drink a frelh Supply;
While fuch as trufl their native Strength
Shall melt away, and droop and die.

5 Swift as an Eagle cuts the Air,
We'll mount aloft to thine Abode;
On Wings of Love our Souls (hall fly,
Nor tire amidft the Heavenly Road!

iher New Creation.
ND, while GoD's Eternal Son
tis own Glories (hew:
I fit upon my Throne,'
ain ll Things new.
m ad Sin are paf away,
htle old Adam dies;
daia. new Foundation lays:
t new World arife "

ty Redeemer, ret me free
samy old State of Sin ;
#ke my Soul alive to Thee,
roEaterew Pow'rs within.

my Eyes and form my Ears;
Itnad mouldiny Heart afreih;
aIe 3 new Paffins, Joys, and Feart,
"A. Md tarn the Stone to Flefh.
r.ftom theRegions of the Dead,
'.From Sin, and Earth, and Hell,
Sb-the new World thy Grace hatli made,
..May.l for ever dwell!

.G Cbril's Humiliation and Exaltadien.
I. HAT equal Honours hall we bring
To Thee, 0 LoD.o, oar Go t he Lan b F
tince all the Notes that Angels fing'
Are far inferior to thy Name.
iWolthy is He that once was flain,
SThe Prince of Peace that groan'dann.dy'ld,
,Worthy to tile, and lite and reign
At his Almighty Farher's bide.


3 Power and Doni.iio'n.err his De,
Who food condemn'd at'P/ai's Bar I
Wirdom beags tq Jaws too.
Tho' he'wn charg'd with Madne5 hee.
4 Honour immortal musf be paid
Infead of Scandal and of Scorn;
While Glory Ihinca around his Head,
And a bright Crown .without a Thorn.
5 Blelings for ever on the Lamb,
Who bore our Sin, and Curfe and Pain;
Let Angels found his sacred Name
And every Creature fay, Ames!
Waiting for the Spirit of 4detion.
S LL Glory to the dying Lamb,
And never ceasing Praife,
While Angels live to know thy Name,
Or Men to feel thy Grace.
2 With this cold, floay Heart ofmine,
Jsso, to Thee I lee!
And tothy Grace my Soul reign,
To be renew'd by Thee,
3 Give me to hide my Bluthing Face,
S While thy dear Crofs appears;
Diffolve my Heart in Thankfulners,
And melt my Eyes to Tcans.
4 O may the aueorrepted Seed
Abide and reign within!
And thy Life-givingWord forbid
My new-born Soul to fin.
; Father, I wait before thy Throne;
Call me a Child of thine;
Send down the Spirit f thy Son .
To form my Heart divine.

. S-="



. '- -



promis'd Love abroad,
my Comfort firong;
a," My Father, GoD !
tn av'ring Tongue.

Sthr Hly Ghaj.
ySpirit, fend down thofe Beams
genly flow in silent Streams
eternal Throne above:
Srichdr ofthe Poor,
aSource of all our Store,
Faith, with Hope, and Love.
6 obr Soul's delightful Gkeft,
'a^ rwestedt Reft,
g s befl Relief:
PT' ,r PaUioa'i coolAllay;
lawips al Tears away,
to.Peace and Joy, all Grief.
V*s& our- afifal Stains away,
IiHeaven our barren Clay,
i'cure, our Bruifes heal:
t Yoke our fiffNecks bow,
thy Fire our Hearts of Snow,
(iw'c enthron'd forever dwell.
bry to the faced Three
Hilafiing Deity !
l noveed Power, and Might and Praife
le6rt ereTimebegun,
efiame Homage ftill be done
'6E0th and Heaven idtflf decays

! V Charity.
PFPY the Heart, where Graces reign,
W Wher Love inspires the Breaft!
ks the brighteft of the Train.
ift rfeds all the reft.
S. D. .

( 40 )
2 Knowledge; alas 'tis all in vain,
And all in vaia our Fear
Our flubborn Sin will fightand reign,
SIf Love be abfet there.

3 'Tis Love that makes our chearful Feet,
In fwift Obedience move;
The Devils know and tremble too,
But Satan cannot love.
4 This is the Grace that lives and tings,
When Faith and Hope hall ceafe;
'Tis this (hall ftrike our joyful Strings
In the fweet Realms of Blifs.

5 Yea, ere we quite forfake our Clay,
Or leave this dark Abode,
The Wings of Love bear us away
To fee our gracious Goo.


T ONG have I fat beneath the Sound
S Of thy Salvation, Loen,
But flill how weak my Faith is found,
And Knowledge of thy Word!

a Oft I frequent thy holy Place,
Yet hear almost in vain;
How (mall a Portion of thy Grace
Can my hard -leart retain!

3 My gracious Saviour and my GoD,
How tittle art thou known
By all the Judgmentsof thy Rod,
And Bleffings ofthy Throne ?

4 How cold and feeble is my Love L
How negligent my Fear !
How low my Hope of Joys above !
How few Affeclions there!

^ ^ m-

n, thy fovereign Power impart,
rthy Word Succef ;
Salvtioes on my Heart,
ake me learn thy Grace.
7y forgetful Feet h*Way,
Itads to Joy on high,
Knowledge grows without Decay,.
ILove .hall never 0.

&f" Sicere Prao/i.

L,'MIGHTY Maker, Goo,
. Bow glorious is thy Name!
,crWonders how diffti'd abroad,
throughout Creation's Frame I
fktiivp White and Red
f.ie Rofe and Lilly Hand,
"i'free from Pride their Beauties (pread,.
rOthew thy Ikilful Hand.
bieLark mounts up the Sky.
'With.nnambitious Song,
id-bears her Maker's Praife on high-
Upon her artlefs Tongue.
pi would I rife and fing
To my Creator too;
iPn would my Heart adore my King,.
And give him Praifes due.
at'Pride, that bufy Sin,i
Spoils all that I perform,
|s'd Pride that creeps fecurely in.
SA-nd fwells a haughty Worm.
I.y Glories I abate,
'Or praise Thee with Deign.
ic of thy Favours I forget,
Or think the Merit mine.
*' D 3

"' *'. 7. '"" I !

( 42
7 Create my Soul anew,
-Eie all my Worlhip's ~r a:
This wretched Heart will ne'er prove true
. Till it be form'd again,

8 Defcerd; Cclefliaure,
And feize me fronmabove!
Wrap me in Flames of pure De ire.
A Sacrifice to Lovre .'.

9 Let Joy and Worlhip (pend
The Remnant of my Days,
And to my Gon my Soul afcend
In fweet Perfumes of Praife.

Chriffs Campojfionfor the Tempted.
iW ITH Joy we meditate the Grace
Of our High Priell above;
-His Heart is made of Tendernefs,
His Bowels melt with Love.

z Touch'd with a Sympathy within,
He knows our feeble Frame;
He knpws what fore Temptations mean,
For He haih felt the fame.
-3 He,' in the Days of feeble Flelh,
SPour'd out his Cries and Tears,
And in his MCeafre feels afrelh
What every Member bears.
4 He'll never quench the fmoaking Flax,
But raifeit to a Flame,
The bruifed Reed he never breaks,
Nor fcorns the meancft Name.
s Then let our humble Faith address
His Mercy and his PofWer
We Qiall obtaindeliv.eiog Grace
in the difarefng Hoar.

. . . . .. . 1 i. .

eviw d, log have I thonughtr
.bg held this bkter Draught;
ct ply Lips applied,
l1,' my Couage died :
vd ad firm I'll be,
Stis'mixt and given by Thee.
k.'e Phyfitian's Skill,
ibes.an ne'er be ili;
She knows what's fit,
ae l o0xd. and I submit: .
wilt I g: iee or pine;
fuir 'tli, it hall be mine.
i4Id'cine puts me to great Smart,
,wound'i me in the tend'rell Part,
:f with a Defign to cure,
and will thy Touch endure:
at I prized below is gone;
ii&Ither, fill, thy Will be done.

'tis thy Sentence I should part
What was neareft to my Heart,
y that and more reign,
d ajy Heart itself is thine:
y little All I give to Thee;
hoa hafl beflow'd thy Son on me.

left true Blifs and Joy above,
npty'd hirfelf of all but Love;
r me He freely dideforfake
ore than from me He e'er can take,
mortal Life for a divine
e took, and did ev'n that reign.
Ike all, great Gon, T will not grieve,
itrill wilh I had Itill to give.

( 44 )
I hear thy Voice,. thou bid'ft me quit
My Paradise, and I fubmit:
I will not murmur at thy Word,
-lMr beg Thee to heath up thy Sword.

The Comparifen and Complaint.

I TNFINITE Power, Eternal LoaD,.
How sovereignn is thy Hand;
'All Nature rfet'obey thy Word
And moves at thy Command: -
z With teddy Courfe the shining Sna
Keeps his appointed Way,
* And all the Hours obedient run
The Circle of the Day.
3 But ah !' how wide my Spirit flies,
And wanders from her GOD I
My Soul forgers the heavenly Prize,
And treads the downward Road.
4 The raging Fire and flormy Sea
Perform thy awful Will,
And every Beaf and every Tree.
Thy great Deigo fulfil.

5 While my wild Paffions rage within,
Nor thy Commands obey,
But Flelh and Senfe, enflav'd to Sin,
Draw my bell Thoughts away.

6 Shall Creatures o a meaner Frame,
Pay all their Dues to Thee?
Creatures that never knew thy Name,
That ne'er were lov'd like me ?
7 Great Geo, create my Soul anew,
Conform my Heart to thine,
Melt down my Will, and let it Bow,
And take the Mould divine.

___~ I

( 45 )
,whole Frame into thy Hand,
s my Powers I bring;
Wheels by thy Command,
I fvern every Spring.
4tlt my Feet no more depart,
my Affetions rove;
ilt be all my Heart,
cll my Pafsons Love.

7r Afth Light of Lfr.
Suik ofRightenufnefs, arife,
With Healing in thy Wing
difeas'd, my fainting Soul
and Salvation bring.
efe Clouds of Pride and Sin difpel
By thy al-piercing Beam;
ten mine Eyes with Faith, my Hear t
ith holy Hope inflame.
iy Mind by thy all-quick'ning Power
ii:, low Defires fet free
te my fcatter'd Thoughts, and fix
SLove entire on Thee.
'Wher, thy long-lofl Son receive:
Saviour, thy PurchaTe own:
BRielt Comforter, with Peace and Joy
SThy new-made Creature crown!
SEternal undivided LORD,
Co-equal One and Three!
On Thee all Faith, all Hope be placed,
All Love be paid to Thee I
fUU T that Thou art ny Wifdom, LoRD,
A .nd both my Eyes are-thine,
My Soul would be extremely (lirr'd
At milling my Defign.

( 46)
z Were i-nor.bat belteW-
Some Placq os Ionw a- me?.
Then fheuld- t.PnfiT wish me grow,
And hare in my Depe.
3 Bat while I thin difput and tgieve,
I do refame my Sight:
And pilf'ring what once did give,
Deffeize Thee of thy Righ
4 How kznw I, if Thou (hauld'h me saie,
That I Mhould then prait Thee;
Perhaps my Wiwes uad thy Praife
Do not bt wellagre.
5 Therefore unto my Git I Amud,
I will no more advice ?
Only dd Th6fu end me k Hsad,
Since thou hat both mim Eyes.

Br raWtg afr te HRy SpWir.

I C OME, holy Spiri, havctly Dove,
SWtih all thy 4i f'insg oweiss .
Kindle a Flame oft er d Lo4
.In thee sold Hearts of ours.
2 Loola how we grove hre below,
Fondofthel-earthly Toys;
S .USoe1auls, bow heavily they rg
'T reach eternal Joys L
3 In vin we tune bur formal Soagi,
I, lyal we irive to raife;
S Hoahnna% languish ae our Tonguer;
And our Dvotion dies.
4 Father, (hill we iben ever live
h At this poor dying Rate
OWf Ldve Co faint, fo could to Thee, :
.And thine to usto greBt ? ,

|g ',, *;^, -. ., ...

I~aay Dove%
'Alu PawcIs
kwioutea Love,

birada 1Gng
thLaeirt Jay)
AK dd. AAbrixg

t .4wisheii all thy saints,
0e irs of Heaven?
mi y C3oepwobts,

oidPii~~l f Ir Part
iy *lueiiA with my. Heat,
horn of GOD.
Eswft of Wis Love,
to come.;
mg~ Ce~etiaI Dgvg,

ho;i Creator.

oa oe by whofe Aid
f aWsrld'o Foadazina it won
0* yv'r wriyiug.ird,
O w AY Joy$ oR Humalk i#.;
Maid Borrow fet us Free,
Othy Temples worthy Thee.
*.f uncreted fleat,
Ljias promis'd Paraclete!

w" w4HMevedLowe infvdri;
ib7. fared Utdio brig
PIUSwhile we fing..

( 48 )
3 Plenteous of GP~' rde-fded from high,
Rich in thy Sevenfold Energy I
Thou Screang kebiAjlmighty Hand,
Whole Pow'rcoesHleaven and Ea th command,
Refine and purge our earthly Parts,
And (lamp thine Imageon our Hearts.
4 Create all new, our Wills ebntrool;
Subdue the Rebel inour Soul;
Chafe from our Minds tbh infernal Foe,
And Peace the Fruit of Faith beftow:
And led again we go aftray,
Proteal and guide Ps is thy Way.
S5 Immortal Honours, endless Fame
Attend th' Almighty Father's Name
TheSaviour Son be glorify'd,
Who for lofl Man's Redemption dy'd,
And equal Adorationbe,
S Eternal Comforter, tb Thee !

A4 Hymn for Sunday.
I 'THE LoRD of Sabbath let us praise
Sin Concert with the Blel,
Who Joyful in harmoinious Lays
Employ an endleft Reft.

a Thus Loan, while we remember Thee,
We bleft and pious grow;
By Hymasof Praffe we learn to be
Triumphant here below.

3 On this glad Day a brighter Scene
SOOfGlory was difplay'd
By GoD, th' eternal Wrd, than when
This Univerfe was made.
4 He rife', who Mankind has bought
With Grief and Fain extreme;
'Twas great to (peak the World from Naught, .
S'Twas gather to redeem.

J Pr i
wbte hii~ I to I

-Pain, wha L'boar tor
DSodl,.kom MUU4 D"Sh.
iisv, cduMY I tIM bdie*C
lbould fed th ; Poan
VUy poor goit Tkhb ,tWft -* etkict,
~drktmHe wuitdoe Hoar.
r of Faith, to Thee I iA
SweWYi 1moa~img Eyesa;
me.now recavc that Gift:
Soul withofit it dics.

5 Srely Thou


6 Thft.4r* o(4.*q4: .


o let.O aaim** wl'r*'W

No Shme 71~w

atIQxaw thw Th
Nram Taeof~etrll u.P;~an

a Maikdea am.*" Ysib
Wha&ce h~~. Id" io -4
Gave me in S ibt

14Y Heat~y~bie
Yea, goa me,
A pan ooC~Cl q:f
3 Bind, FIR ,ar qidedA flr d66l1 AYSCR,
Nor leae thy Work Ql alg he.dpqp:
0 never let me, Lgxpjr #ici

And fiz&r me no are to Iplad :
S No longer %ith th' old jala w.:
Lead on dear LoA,' ouftime himM [hek.

i_ _i~ ____ ~~__~__I __I_____

a~~f#~lm a s.-

imch d mJI Se

itwth ove.

I~c' riblay;.

~wm to firn

-el.th' in Blood,
Oi b rto IMF ii Go.,
6413lu and know
No ''-jp IplDecacod fhow.
*PP1 bTbft ~idne
m ad im~w my Monr.;
u We'ir I Awye,
r" o la f my Love.
Ov to thisaSpring I By;
h.t 7uwim eeryry
WhO again tby Chums is Proof!
Who that loves can love enough
B z

2 Our dPy

And Aomuqp aMjpu -

3 For as He i %-


Then .4 W... IY~b~ L~. ~ ji..

And ba*uhi.dM

1 ATH f Yappc

And jiv~m~lDh"~ A.q.
-z Their A.ms id SW ok1Mh frfcad'
A ihouttrhnd&M ateii
0 -ed their Souk'iib 1(10&6ead,
Acd let their CV prun o'e.q.
3 For ever in thy COssi ST Wit. p
Thy Maon'y let tdem prome.
.Scedfaft in .Faieh jofirmI l' ipHa
And rQoaed deep in Love.

jI l 'sflG

B|^K4T oundd slHands;
uvenly Blis.

Stoy our Heaid aH Hand s
Wr CaPia L T toQ Day.


J' How'ale, how truly bleF0t,
Suder pot W

Both aate SeIorl pray

i And with thie Arm u hold:
id'0 ble ind Shephfd eps tblead
Ai dOf la our PartI
t.ot our Hands and Head,
Buit gire~ al ur Heart.
A mor chIriy cCilR.
S oW happy they, OJingfof MKigs
S How fafe, how truly bleft,
WhoWauder thy proteffing WigIgs
Both Sheler fid and Re&.
s Them wiltThou lead, thbm wilt Thou keep
And with thine Arm uphold:
-O blfleed Sbepherd I bleffed Sheep
Of farts fare Fold 1




I ~r"b -~Cta


3 Nor does Pr
His kifia "f"3
He knows .kd** ihm,
And bettd
4 Behold his-*"i kle
And vasy He zli

5 IftbilitbercrewiPo go
Nor our inUt:q
Oar Hearts weIF
A grateful Saeifi V 3 "i' V
6 To God AS kkthw"e adm it5
And Spbrit Onae aa
As ill, 4.4 .eawrbs" au5
Eternal Glorybel

Sh o r as ia
To Anger lor~ Euih~lV~
Thy Goodnef I skiIa i VTIABU.
2 The Poor n4NzV Qmbtbejbd WI
Who 1,
Wi&~a&3ID w9P~O gi.. : ( Y "
3 Each Hand Ik~Esrnrit
Thou didM infpiize~naid6de
NorAW1syir -PAcbe upfpwd
Who &; the'lj~yide.
4 The chiceAj, 1'!. I'
On thafe who us havre A
Unfailing Streams of Bouncy poor
On evcty bounteous BreaIh

8II ^ (;C s^' ))
td&e 0oatslts who ronarie '
(.ba r.'. l u'r'in g Train
Wit loder Songs:adoe.

' Hifl EN Vif.ft wwfpauir.,
A namqcao ,ey'a l. Throag,.
Our Prife hall fill the Houfe of Prayer;
The Lo oD's otr Strength a Song.
j" S xMbW. ew .to rejoice
h it'b"eadnut oiberlays,
'The Stones thendelves toald findt a Voice
S Toe ifrqisi. ..
SHe foend us in the.bfort.wide
And did fimrhbease smare:
Sa:: may mHe us tatHa de ogpide.
S And lead with Bands of Love.
4 e is our Co fortter-mdighr,
We on his Manna feed ;
His Clstil4 By4y.ci,' ke by IGht 4&
To Hegveily Caar lead.
5 To thoFe calm happy Seats may He
In Safety as convoy,
With all ,hr* LJ.e.ad Piat
Have ptac'd usm e sh $~.y..
6 To the blefs'djo-erW l luTee h
Whom Earth ied iem adMa4m s i
As was and is, all Glory be,
'Till Timae (hll benao ane.
A Author.
w* f THOU, wbofe Wildatf, Power and Love
Fh tE, alls WomFtK a ~R .
Which thofe vaft Orbhli.a teatbwioe
Aan arlowCc=arr .gpmath :



---- --~BB~a~A

(. 5 )7
2 The Rich, ,btPJs w Great
Are livkil i sia di -
Pois'd on its a~ complete,
The firm Uip lands.
3 The meanea Woma that reep. on Earth
Ia not below thy Caue
And we, alEbo' of ubh Dhbl Bi*P
Thy God-like Boi-y 6hua.
4 Whoe'er thy Being due dilpatee
Are filenc'd herd with af
The Stones thele 0T Z0 "Aenrulf,
If we hidi
5 Th' Almighty be thef. t ,f g Defence,
And multiply the&birr .
Who flill concrteith Proiidence
To aid and blcf the Poor.

i VIATHERof Mery, ear urPray'r,
In Thee we move and li :
How flow to Wrath, how prone to fpare,
And ready to forgive.
2 Thou chiely doip hbVadleA Fow'r
In ACU of Ga.h e;
Thy Mercy all ty aTw, adame
Thepce a m u BW eigs low.
3 This till fall be our grateful Theme.
Thy Praife we'll ever fing;
Our Friends the kind refreshing Stream,
Be Thou th' unfailing Spring.
4 Our Joy would foon o rwiow the Banks,
And I nndatitsb mife,
Did we not thui leWk 4pw with Thanks,
And look to Heaven with Praife.

.. -.;:.,.......,,,. I.,. r

Abpf~;b ka,.Gon the Son,
SA.4 CanD tbe oy Gbeftj
eim9, buat Ogi

WhWY di

~ar~ ip~fr Qbar~~ Ciudrn.
I' A GAIN the Woh-reveliaftYear
A H**r*MM -thiis appy.Oy,
And. we in GoA*W~ltd Hisisk appeff
Agoin out Vows to pay.
v OGzwattbfal r mu Gst Light,
Ma. him s.1 4g;
Tlda rbmiw th MOM
* ~a tasifard ihiuiOafagLdvr&~igb~r
U lamemt Pruilex 0mg.
2 Th Tb nowno Wsa,0 bey fee no Care,
ar r we.; .
's~~d~b~: 4 GBfrimeta thzer

4 if ought cari themne.adjabe- 40izzt,
Or rzifc their Rapturehi her,
New Auchoue MI hd3Qjire.
S Withat redrimgiAimFad L-ac
Bth Wnrl;a for us appear i
Oar friaendla edyarim, above,
Our Bencfaforp hWere.

PfrlRTU1bALd*s aa~~&otwaa~~aav~ and Hlylmaaci~'Joy
1 To thmcear CimmsellIhng;
Thy Praifes "tone54pmploy,
o S&rkn's peaccfuw Ji4"4

2 Thoumalh W4
Thy e Ma

Thop dfdlk*enW-*' -AS .1dwu

We M i

S May HeCOtauabg F&dd
Hise FtouaO 1 INA*,
'TilMi eybadwev'"Mi*auezm-ad
To eyp[WHa Pam.
i Hmnatthupsiw Z a Ckaril-

Did a. w ne p %are's Aoltakr Ike.

Where WEP tfl3 Hpeayrulbj.~~
IF Athem arei tdoiwit
And follow die celellia Q~ies
Jn decnt HreMffPGya
Did as. fo nr Gozos s Almars Phu.

ThAir HaollowahesL, ed(nd we
With our Ho(azM 1*6

( s9 )
gratIef, ifahuwys thus we might
S'.fleomzing Horon employ,
i re A lgt lpy of Light,g

ie.- dread Nme on ERath U nfe&P',
AsadI hi by idfe' y boave
-- 'y Ot Inoeafe ihall Dbriag ?
graofiih btuoble Honrge pay
To asbAlskigty niag I
; hbiu dKel Name an Et axrt fefid,
1What is th' Eployment of the Blef'd,
SBut Sngs of Prfe and Love!
r Th e reath from Heaven .ir did receive,
: We thus in Hyl a reeore;
Ajil while we an his Bouaty ie,
SWe'll Wonder and adore.
"iWcdd from Want, and Vice and Shame,
.We'll all our future Days
I .Ogr Crator's Loe proclaim,
SAnd live but to his Praire.
g|N Heart and Voice and Life combine
1" ;His Goodnefs to expref ;
I' y ll that hear us with us join,
SAnd our Redeemer blefT.

ST ATHER of Lights, to Thee from whom
SEach perfe& Gift defends ;
To Thee with humble Pray's we come,
For all our bounteoas Priends.
3 Blefings, the Payment of the Poor,
Our Lips and Hearts rearm:
SMay Heav'o which gave, sagment their Store,
And comfort thofe that mourn! -



c )

- --~;.,~_~

3 0 that we 1 4-1'
But ,
4 Only ,c Leoeh (h MeAl .
Shall ReAt of Mid bbtqia';
Such Followers '. t f
Such ihal ffit
5 Thiiher may wehiiabe iif i
Andal whb w6e
To hel gfl*ip
6 To Goo the Fe r, B d Athc on
And SpirW. Cho id Three,
Asis, and was, for Tlie to n
Eternal Glory be!
a rTO Thee, O I 6', our dbn and ICing,
1 Whofe Mirt l t 9decay.
We thus in ardeS Nofte ei farig,
And thda nr Pra Wep py.
a Whatever is human ebbs.a d flows
As waiting Timet peteils
gut Grace Divine no Changes knows,
Charity never fails.
3 From thence flow pleareous St uea man clear :
.And nay they. uevkrcaaf:
'Tis you who pf ani.waicra ,
'Tis Gdi that giVes t' tI "f .l
4 May He your pious Alms regard,
Your Warmth of Zeal approve:
With ample Bi ng.itin reward,
The Labour orf ur Love.
bL- *

: wi ptr r yod ur Cirea
. r.' p Pd r- . .

.i tr ati: f"hee,
XY O.Dy Star fwroem h l
... S iUf but thy Shadet
Yeah ms be& rmth rm Sky,
: 0 Ietf -eolatl" --
The Nigt of Sin difperfe !
ITe TkMiksff r and of Vite,
V Which Ihade the Uiverfe !
How beana T Nture now t
S How dark and i bmr.!
S'WihJt~ ew theag Ciigcang;e,
'.4 'And, Ntre's Goe Gaore e

P,.-,O Wo0 .ga .oB" Crlme
r Jan'i ilood'fle veoing Dew,
a, Jll the Stains away.
~ay ywe thi LLfrimprv
S To mourn for Errors paf, .
And live this thrt srlvig Day,
As ifit were our lat.
-6 To GoD the Father, Son,
And Spiri. One and Three,
: Be Glory, as it wua, is now,
And Dhad forever be.

i .A . .. . -. .

1 LLIjfM: a r Blis,
A' Woa Night .
4.. .Mile
Whea Thept b a Abyrs

&i,,t Sert.M ? ... "
The Mdepeft Si t
Than theift Bb
No EvU all . ! ':

No Eril iH Wlbe'd 3 ,:; *" ....
Undfl the Sl0a1 sf athl Wi
Shal they securely .et
4 Thy Angels hall around their Beds
Their constant Stations ket4ep
S Thy Faith and Truth ball hideld chej 1{i4,
Far Thou doft nzver.leep.
5 May we with calm and fweRepofe, .
And heavenly Tho ght rvfjret'd,
Our Eye-lids with th in'a unchoer,
And blues the E veii'd.!

A. Prayer for or e tbat&srilasnli andJ i wmsd.
1 I ESU, Goa dif.wr Slvie :
J Hear our Call; 8ate'us all
By thy Death and Palfion.
2 Jass fee thine helplef& Creiwi j-
Bow the Skies. GoB arife; '
All thy Foes to fcatter;- ;a '
3 JEsu manifest Thy Gloiy
in this Hour, Shew thy Power,
Drive thy Foes before Thee.

" - .

...'T 63 k. :
S4 Jav! Help, thou Serpent-Br-ifer;
Bruife hip Hed,. Woman's Seed,
Ca down the Accuk.r. ..
JEU 3! woundsheDragoa, wound him!
Make'limror, BreakhisPower,
Let thine Arm conf iqu.him.
6 Jssu, come, and bind bim, bied him,
Let him feel His own Hell,
S Let thly Fury find him.

7 Jsu than Ahe frong Mk stronger,
S Enter Thou, Let thy Foe
Keep The out no longer.
8 Suffer him no more to harm her,
Make her dean, Purge her Sin.,
S Take awaya Aaour.
9 JES! zmIhty to deliver,
S Satan foil, Take the Spoil,
S Make her thine for ever.
i to Jzal All toThl is given:
All obey, Own thy Sway.
Hell, ad Earth, and Heaven.
xi JE IVI let thisSoul ltd Pavour
In thy Slht, Clairi thy Right.
Come, Oc om, and fareher.
Sia From the Hand of Heltretrieve her,
S Jos e, Loan, Speak the Word,
S id the Tempter leave her.
, j3 Hide her 'dt the Storm be over,
King of Kings, Spread thy Wings,
j" l" a s ia, her Weaknetonrer.
L Jsu ivherswfre doA Thou tarry ?
Hear thine ownj Calt him down,
Qgell the Adverfary.

saw! ~ v~~b

Let ntbe 1*1iog

20. Break the. dire Conifuteracy:
Shallit Rand? I*14PIR*
Say,.Ui f!isfh:.0*03
PI Satan. heaa'eh.Naime-o~asus!
Hear and- q~..hwj.fQiv r ba
To the Nau*a~ae
22 Jiiu! da toat' eI)re~

23 SifeigOn *iI Ae
Le t 41 read On0116191C
On is K~ing'dolunf uaIWO.,
# 4. Drive him to hf jjM
Chale,'O -c*.Toh
T No.hu ame be Leis.4
2 Isntae FAITlIitllSfWW h1-?
* ~ x cus fee Signs from Whog
FoUowisg -th hipq Ws*

aTrygiging fr har D iwefrteu.,
ri RAISE by ill toCarLT be girhf
S .' Let us fing CassTr the Kiug, -'
King of Earth n4d Heaven !
a Glryt to the Name of eIse I
SJss's Nanme Stin thq faame,
From all Evil free us; ,

S 3 'Ja 's Name the Cnnqueft won us ;
Lat as rife, Fill the Skies
With our load Hofannas.

*4 CHnIas, Thou in ar Eyes an glorious!
We proclaim CHn IST the Lamb
Over all viaorioos.

5 Lion of the Tribe of adab,
Joyfully, Lo! to The
Sing we Hallelujah.
6 Hell was ready to devour;
Thou the Prey Beatsl away
.. Out of Satan's Power.
7 See the lawful Captive taken
S From the Foe Now we know
S Satan's fealm is Ciaken.
8. S Thou haft Ihewn Thyfelf the Itrongejr
Still go on, Put it down,
Let it land no longer.
9 Overturn it, overturn it,
SDow with it, Ler:he Feet
Of 4iSy Servants fpurn it.
1,: t Surely ih hse Chatta is broken:
.'_.,. Thou kluhhef To thine own,
S'Thou halt gbit a Token.
V 4, .. ,.

t Isthere aayQ060. .
i Oq lot, f .lg ,.
it Thou hafkBobt flaswtt hive l l:

13 Helio'aia c q"
is Thobaf '. .

T hCri "Ump w heatE ".
Ofetena'fl A .s
1 Satan wil bitAhodfMi w aa?
Ib ot AidLFaor hild
01 air G u vM v
ie Pft is thbi re Hr dar:
Where's thy Boalt I Ba ied, lef
Where is now thy Power ?
16' Serpept, fee in us thy Bnuier
Feel his Power, Ply befioft
Us, thou foal Accnfer.
17 Thoa no longer ail &Bs,
Triumph we Or thaee
In' the Name of Jastra.
Goa nhrkad eOM Prz.
SE TBInWAL Power, hb& Ablde
I BecQwe tie QFM GE j i -
Where Siars revolre their little Rovads:
z Thee while the firft Archangel figs,
He hides his Face behind hi Wiags:
Apd Rank oF uahinng Throats owand
Fall worlhipping, and spread the GiOrad.
3 LORD, what hall arth and Afies do I
We would adore our Maker too a
L From Sin and Du .fThelee M cry
The Great, the Holy, uad the High I


( 67 )
SEarth from far has heard thy Fame,
And Worms haveleant to lifp thy Name;
,But, 0 the Gloijes of thy Mind
. Leave all our foaring Thoughts behind. -
SGoD is in Heaven, and Men below ;
Be Ihort our Tunes eour Words be few I
A (acred Reverence check our Songs,
And Praife fiu lent on onu Tongues.



1~4'~~~ifr;~ ...

FIlf .


S ;:" A i -



Pa ar the S 1 co aX D.

P s A": ., .. U.
Held in Bein y1U .
Thee all thy Work proclaim:
Thro' this Earth' 4ylories hine,
Tro' thbad&wdSli-"WlMes abvte
All confess tOe Stuian diria
Th'Almighty.c Giof at tel
2 Thou, the Go.afJd wradiGrace 1
Whom bhhiai tmttnnl .t ....l
Callefl Babes ao'aIgithy Pnirid,
And manifeA thy Power:
La they in thyStilegtt n,
La on all tbFsbe tfty vread,
Cait the dire Acdufbr' deo,,-
And brufi~ he Sepe8aut'Head.
3 Yet wbhen linay ote skiba
And Planetsi thby roa,
Wonder dimi ny aching Eyes,
And fwallowsvt: my Soul;

a -lMlmAI



( 70 )
Moon and Scars to wide display,
Chaunt their Maker'slrafe fo loud,
Pour infufFerabli Day,
And draw me up to Gon
4 What n Man. iharThom, O Los n,
HaF futh Refpea to him !
Comas firom Heaven Ih'lr carnae WOR D,
His Creature i redeem :
Wherefore wouldn't Lou ltoJp Ib low I
Who the Mlyfery (hall explain?
Goo is Flefi, and lives below,
And dies for wretched Man.
5 Jasus, his Redeemer dies,
The Sinner co reflore,
Falls that Man again may rife,
And fand as heretofore;
Foremost of created Things,
Head of all thy Works he flood,
Nearefl thegreal King of Kings,
And lrie hii rha GOa s *
6 Him with glorious Majetty
Thy Grace rouchfae to crown a
Tran script of the One in Three,
He in ihine Image-l ha e:
All th) Works for him were made,
All did to hasSwayfubmit,
Fifes, Birds, and Beatl obey'd.
And brow'd beneath his Feet.
7 SorereigD, ev'erlafing LOAD,
Hou ercelleilthy Name'
Held in Being by thy Word
Thee all thy Works proclaim:
Throw' this Earth th) Glories line,
Thro' thole dealing Worlds above,
All confer the Source Dwrine,
Th'Almightv Gou of Love!
So s ri tb Hebrew.


-~-------- ----"-"-~

IL -


( 7r )
-PSALM XV[IL. r.i,& 'c.

I '-HEE will I love, O Loan my Poer:
S My Rock and Forred, is the LORD,
My GOD, my Saviour, and my Tower,
M) Horn and Srength, m) Shield and Swoid;
Secure I crll in His Defence,
I land in His Omnipotence.

z Still will I invocace his Name,
And Ipend my Life in Prayer and Praire,
Hir Goodnefr own, his Promile chlm,
And look for all his Saving Grace,
'Till all hi, Slt ing Grace I fee,
Front Sn and Hell for ever free.

3 He fav'd me in Temptation's Hour,
Horribly caught and compafi'd round.
Eipoi'd to Stan'sragingPOwer,
frI Flocds of Sin and Sorrox drovn'd,
Condemn'd the second Death o feel,
Anril.d b, the Paunr of Hell.

4 To Goo my Goo aiih plairiie Co
I cll'd in Ag.n) c.fFear,
IM hIumble WJilr.g p;er:'d the Ski,
M, Grunrng rech'd lhi, graiion, Ear,
He hmarJ me firm hii i lrij u Throne,
Ard Ifnt the timely Relcue do-n.


I TrHE Lo o my Pallure (hall piepte.
1 And feed me *ihh aShephbed'. Care,
SHOi PrLfente Iball my W\arlis supply ,
And gu-ir me ilh a nichl'ul Eye;
My Noln-da, Walk. he hall ateIId,
Andall my Midnight Hour, defend.

( 72
2 When in the fllu.GleWal fain),
Or on the tIirfty Monurnts pant,
To fertle Vale., and dewy bleadd
My weary, wandring Steps he leadc;
%Wer peaceful Rivers fofrt and low
Amid the verdant Landfkp Sow.
3 Tho' in the Paths of Deuah I iead
With gloomy Horrors overgfpmad,
My iledfia Heart hall fear no llI,
For Thoa 0 Loan, art wthmh e fiall:
Thy friendly Croak fall gie me Aid,
And guide me thi the dreadful Shade.
STho' in a bareand rugged Way,
Thrin devious, lonely Wilds I lay,
Thy Bounry Ihall my Pains begmulec
The barren Wildereoes hiall mile,
TWith sudden Greens and Herbage croa n'd,
And Suleams hall mmumur all around.

S "HE Earth and all her Flnefi owns
1 lsNoVAS for her Sovereign LORD!
The countlef Myriads of ker Sons
Role nloo Being at his Word.
a lti Word didout of Nothing call
The World, and founded all that is,
Launch'd on the Floods this folid Ball,
And fi'd it in the floating Seas.
1 BuI who Lhallqll this low Abode,
S Who (hall aIerd the Heavenly Place,
And flnd upop the Mount of GoD,
And fee his Maker Face to Pace?
4 The Man whole Hands and Heart are clean,
Thai bleffed Portion (fall receiie,
Whoe'er by Grace is fav'd from Sin,
Hereafter hall in Glory lhe.

( 73 )
SIe hall obtain the IIrry Crnn ;
And numbered uih the Sain.t above,
The Goo of hi Salvation own,
The Con of his Salvation love.
6 Thi. is the chosen Royal Race
That fcik their Saviour-Goo to fee,
To fe in Holinef thy Face,
O JaSUs, and bejoin'd to Thee.
7 Thou the true rellling.i1.' art,
Whole Prayers and Tears, and Blood inchri'
Thy Fathrt' Majefty i'impalI
Hu Name, his Love to all Mankind.
I Our Loan irifen from the Dead,
Our Ijeus it gone upon high,
The Po*fa s of Hell are captive led,
Drag'd to the Portal of the Sky.
9 There his Triumphal Chariot waits,
And Angels chaunt the folenm Lay.
Lift up your Heads, ye heavenly Gatea,
Yeeveilalling Dooas give way.
to Loole all your Bars of mall Lighr,
And wide unaold ih' elhtbial Scene
He claims thete Manlions as hib R.ght,
Receive the King of Glory io.
I1 hbo ii the King of Glory, who
The L.on that all hj. Foes o'eicame,
The World. Sin, Death, and Hell o'erthrear
And JEIuS is the Conqueror' Name.
I 2 Lo' bh; Triumphal Chiiot waant,
And Angels chaunt the I'lkemo Lay,
Lilt up your Head-. )e heanar ly Ga:er,
Ye everlailing Doort gtie ,ay.
i Who is the King of Glorv. vho?
The LopD ol glorious PO rer Fn Alt,
The king ofSaints and Angels too,
Goa oier all, for ever bliel.



( 74 )

.' LEST b the Mn Demely blefl,
.D B eof WietlMrlf i'i'llforgivel,
Who finds in st"r 'Woanids hin Reft,-
And fees the fnuling Face of Heaven.
The Guilt and Pwer of Sin is gone
From him that dolh.in CH rT believe,
Cover'd it lies, and tiil kept down,
And buried in hi bhviour's.Grave.

2 Blef is the Man, to whom hip Loan
No more imputes'In ity,
Whole Spik t is *i Or 'lefla 'd,
From all the Gile of Satan free;
Free from Defign, dr lelith Aimn,
Harmlet. and pure, and undiAl'd,
A simple Followr of the Lamb,
And harnmlc u a aew-born Child.
3 Ent while Lhro' PiFde I held my Tnlgue,
Nor oin'i myo liells ltu clie
MY Bones were alled all Day lng,
My Suengtlhonfuh'ad wiLh pinng Grief.
Cruth'd by (fac'AAir's heavy Hand,
Burnt up as a dry'racrn Gtound,
I erer of my Sits cdaiptind,
But no Relief, or Mrcy found.
4 Refolu'd a lalt to GCo (I plicd
S My Sin I will qt large confess.
My Shame I v.il no longer hide,
i.4 Depth of ffp'rate WicdkiLnefi.
All aill I owA anio my LoitW -
Wilhoirt Aervi or Ctaklng Art;
I taid, and felt the rpad'ing 4Wird;
Thy Mercy poke it to my Hcrin.

D ilr-T

m *I~.

( 75 ')
5 For This Iball every Child of Cot
Thy Power and fahf l Love declare,
And claim the Grice on All hepw'd,.
Who e o a toie their' lnmely Prayer.
Bit nienbe Flooadjo ]uogmentAije,
And tweep their guilty Souls aay,
Remains for Sin no Sacrifice;
For ended is their giacioili "Dy.
6 Thou art my Hldilg-plare; in Thee
I tell ttcurefrom sin and Hel,
Safe in the Love that ranaom'd me,
And lheller'Jd am.hv Wounds I dwell.
Still hall thy Grace to me abound,
Thecounidef Wondere of thy Grace
I fill Ihall tell to all *mand,
And fing iny groe Deliverer'? Prifhe.
7 willinfRlul the ahildlike Heart,
(My Teacher fath for ever nigh)
Nor let Thee from my Pathsdepart,
But guide thee with my grAcnou Eye.
Only my gracious Lookobey,
And yield ypeirt Will to prove,
Nor caR my eafy Yoke awray,
Or flop thie Earsagainfl my Love.
8 Whoe'er like Horfe and Male withlland,
And follow their own Jlff-neck'd Will,
I bruie beneath my *righly Hand,
And force them all my Plagues to feel.
But he that daie: in me confide,
Shall only know my pard'ning Grace,
My Mercy's Armi on every Side
Shall eer) IaiLhful Soul emb-:ce.
9 Ye fanuhflol Soub, rejoice in Him,
Whole Arm ale till your lire Defence,
Your LeR Is mighty to redeem:
Believe; and raho hall pluck you thenc'?



( 76 )
VE Men cf upight Heart he glad,
I"or Jtansu is )oui GoD and rliend,
He keeps ivW'er on Him are tay'd.
And he dliaJ keep them to the End.

S V/ Heart to every Vice inclined.
.M The Sinner' cleltl Sin hen i.v,
The Fear of GOD he cats behind.
Hebhdes himlelf amang Lhe Trees,
Sell-rooThing in his loA ERate
Sleeps oneccure, and wakes too late.
z Hil Word are all Deceir and Lics,
He hatches Michief an his Bed;
No longer to Salvation wife:
In every Thought and Word and Deed
He a cla to Sin and Sin alone
Evil and He Iind are One.
3 But Thou, O LORD, art ull of Grac,
Above the Clouda thy Mer ien Ite,
Siedi.ll thy Truth and Faithfulnef.,
Thy Word of Promife never die.,
Nor Earth can fhake, nor Hell rtmo1 e
The Baleoi dhineeterial Love.

4 Un(earchable thy Jadgmenis are,
boundlcf, bontom!rli Abyji:
But I,! thy pfcvtd~nrialCa2e
C'r Ii thy \a'oik extended i:
]n 1 hetlr the eturr i, e and move,
Anrd :c: All Gloy W, thy Loue:

5 Thi Lrve .ultlin the W\rld ;t made.
Thy Love prlcit'ei both Man and Brail,
lcr.e.,h !. %H nirg' .1\lmrgl.y ihade
Tr-. Son. _cf NMen Ittulrnl rt i;
AuJ thoFe h bo haunt the hallow'd Place
9lll ba-q.ceon the richal Grace.

6 Their Soulahiall drink the cdyllal Sream
Which eter iwes From rty Thronc:
Pouatnin of Joy and Blif f(ipream,
Erernal Lift and Thou art One,
To Us, to ll fo freely given,
The Light of LUf, the Heaven of Heaven!
7 Stay rhen ilth Thofe that know thy Peoce,
The simple Men oF Heart fihcert,
From all their Foet and Sia release,
From Pride and LaU redeem them lre,
Thine urmoll fvitig Graceextend,
And love, O Ioae them to the End.
8 The Praver i ldl'J; We nod fdrefee
The Dow rdl of rot inbrd Foes:
S IE Us ha hgaL the ilVory,
His o n Right-hand out Sis o'erltrore,
Deltroys their Being with therr Power:
They die, dtey fal ro rif no matoe.
I T IS'' Heart is full or Cmii iT andlonga
.V1 It glorious Matner to declare !
Of Him [I make my lotLier Songs,
I cann t f.um hi;; Piafe forbear
My yaJd Tongue rnker hafte tr fng
The Bar.uci aoimy Heawinly Ring.
2 Fairer ibanall Ihe Earth-born Race,
Perift in umlirnel Thdu .an,
Repienall'd are thy Lips w.rh Grace,
And t'll of Lo.e lth tender tLart;
Goo eyr bledl, he l,,. t.he K:e.
And o'n all Fulatl. dwell in rher.
3 Gird on thy Thigh the Sipii', S*ord,
,nd take to Thee bIy Power Drwiner
Stu up th) strength. \linghty Loan,
All Power and NM tj-ity ae Tlrue,
F .. .3

,,:U.+ "

( s78 )
AI~sr thy Wipar dAenlown,
SIll-rcdeerlag G oo.iume down.
4 Come and maoiantthly rihteous C4ure,
And let futl glorious Toil fuccerd,
Dilpread hea VMtory of thy Crofs,
Ride on Id proper in thy treed,
Thro' Earth 7 liomphantly ride on,
And reign in all our Hearts alone.
5 Still let the Wordof Truth prevail,
The Gofpdl of shy General Grace,
Of Mercy ild that ne'er ball fail,
Of erelafliog Righbrtouefi
Into [he Faithful Sosu brought in,
To root oat all thai eda of rSs.
6 Terrible Things thine own Right.hand
Shalleach thy Greanoeftoo perform;
H\ ho m the vengeful Day can iand
Linfhalra by thine Anger's Storm,
'Whdle idingon the Whirlwind's Wing!,
They meet the Thundring King of ing s!
Sharp are the Arrows of rhy Love,
A nd pierce t molhdurate Hear .
Their Poidt iblne Enemies habll pmre,
Arid IlTlhely Aild i h pleading Smari,
Wall down before the Crofs fubdued,
And crlthlime Airows diptin Blood.
1 O GCo of Lore, Ihy Sway ve own,
Thy dying Love doih all control
Jflue and Grace fupport thv Throne,
Set up in every fanhfil Soul,
:0edi~t iI Ilandn in rhem, and lure,
When pure ao Thou our Goo anl pure.
9 Lover Thou arr of Purit),
And hatel everr Spos of Sin,
Nc-.ihg profane can dwell with Thee,
Ncbhmg unholy or nrclean:
Anr.d thfore c rr ithy Falherown
itJ lotxuu, Likenrc rn hsn Son.

"1 i | |a l i II l ll .. .. .

( '9 )

1C. Thecr.ore He hath hi, Spirir Ihbd,
Spitii cl' lov Ird Proer.. and Grace,
Immealt'r.,bl on thy lead;
Frll-.orn of all the chosen Race,
Fr.im Thee the sacred LiUnritin (pringi
'fhit msake th) rcllomi I'ieS and Kingi.
I Sweet is t[e Odour of thv Name,
Throw' all the bleani a Fagr.ace corn,
Thv Garment hiJ the Sinner. Shame.
Th. Garment ihed Ditine Perfume.,
That thrt,' ite Iorv-Pilace floa,
Ih- Church in ahih I hou reir.'d cl..
ia The heateuly Charm.i the \ irgir,; mome,
And bow them to thy piemirin, Sa
They triumph in thb Priruelv Love,
Th\ Will nbiih all hair Heart: ub,,
ReKei. thine honour.hle ord,
rinl glornou, Handmaid, of the Loa o.
I; I-lifh aba e all. at Ith, Right hand
Adorn'd .ih ejch d;tiner Grace,
Thv ft "tie ,een eur. to Ilind,
'Tl Church her leatenly Cliarm dis!',,
Lloth'd uth the ln., 1tr Glo.y meni,
brii iee. the Mlco. belcath ihe Ferc

SI Daughter of- Heaen, to' borrm on r th,
Incline th raill.r.g Heati and Par,
Fc.rcet the til i;r.oble birth,
Th. PNoplc a,.J ri,' iJ L .ll ,ere,
1hildl the kin- del,-hi to fee
H;, Beautcie c.:ped out rn the.

IH He onlr i: thv Goo arnd Lon n,
Surlbilip dr Ine to hfim he Pit en,
B .i l the Hol ofl Hea.en ad .r'd,
B% ieryv Creature undtr H.:avn:
.nd all the G r,;' \',rld hall kno.,,
And rieely to hi, Seaice fdow.

~~~...I II

Idr ---- -~

u;-EL El;:;-~-f~

( So )
,16 T he Rich stll li i er ties down,
And pot. bbi fe Ir Jasu's Sate,
Kings at bih ?t hit eb cA theit Crown,
And hbahbThIt for trcy make,
(Mtlcy aflrsb-a slegw'd)
A sd fakogii t6 be gat in.Geb.
17 Are neti it bts Khtiangs I hId rale
They n1t D'er Hkil and Earth, and Sin
Hias aget is drTinelly fi
OC F atST, and glories l akwhi. ;
All-glorleit imwardl yl mgns,
Aid nat heb 8pot of isa nir.
iS Cloith'd *ith HIuiftfily Love,
With me'laty a Vi Vftu bright,
With PhiIh which Gbb venthrafis I'approve,
Preciot in her gleat Pather's Sight,
The Royal Maid with Joy f(hll come,
Trimaphant to her heavenly Hlon
g9 Brought by his fwrnt tratifng Grace,
Sheirt m ohl lh hit Sigpht appear,
In lHolina* before hit Pace,
Made pnerfe with her Fellows ,ne.
Spolerfs, and pate, a Virgin Train
They all fll la nhis Palace reign.
2o In lieu of Steor and Patriearb old,
Ofwbohm fth once did nake her Boaff,
T'he t irgin Mother rall behald
Her numerous Sons, a Princely Hofl,
Iniall'd o'er all he Earth abroad,
Anointed Kings. and Pnelrcs o Ooo.
2l Thee IE.s1, Kingp f ings, and LoRD
Of Lo WD, I tory so prodaim,
From Age to Ag thy PrIns record,
Thaaati the World may leara rt.y Name:
Ar.nda lrh Inoad. i G(ra adooe,
u hen Ti'eanld t al ld be no taue.

- -- -- ....-

( 8i )


I LAP your Hands, ye People all,
SPrafe th GOD on whom ye caH,
Lift yrOr Voice, and fhout hi, Piaife,
triumph in his Sovereign Grace.
G2 Iloriou is the Loan MoA High,
Terrible in Majedy,
He his Sovereign Muay maintain#,
King o'er all the Earth he reigns.
3 He the People fall fubdue.
Make us Kings and Canqu'rorn tod,
Force the Nation to fabmit,
Bruife our Sims beneath our Feet.
4 He (hall blef his Ranfom'd Onci,
Number us with I/;Ls Sona ;
Gon our Heriage (hall prove.
Give us all a Lot of Love.
SJ,.u i agone up on high,
Tk.-s his Seat absoe the Sky:
Srnout he Angel-Qoires aloud,
L-:choing to the Trump of GoD
6 Sons of E.arth the Ttiumph join,
Prati Him %ith the Holl Dt ine,
ELr.urile the Heauenly Poawcr,
Ttrir ltornous Loa D i, Ours.
7 Shout the Gan ernhron'd ibove,
T"rumpt forth h;4 crnqu'ring Love,
Pra,le, to our le 4u fin~.
Prtilte: to our glontou, King!
SPoier i all to jesits ginen,
P 'e oe r Ho' ell, and tLath, anJ Hcven'
Poitv He r.o, to ul parts:
'Pri; Hi{n t i h ii, ie~ Heart:.


II .l


'( '92 )
Hecb"3AtCsr' k .Bdsgiw(Ki
Salitns H-rTc.wlhmaUdel Stay,
Pure andtd4iep. ualonc
ChsUfll~b;4i~ thirng.
10 Peace to iaaw iiwr HMcbrirag,
Mkkez his Sa hjf Pricles and Kngs,
Guard, While hi'Worth'ip joind,
Bids them cals the oWeld behind.
a On Himfclf Ee tAfriticir Care,
Saves iem not h4y woslor Sper,

a1 Goo keepsri'i'holie Bands,
Goo proteftrheicr hly twas,
Stands as Keeperor oletr elds,
Stands as twice tt iihcsnAd Shidlds.
13 Wonderful in Saving Power
Him let all our HtcWiadM,
Earth and H f"r4klt C r?. .
Glory be to Cn 'Moll'High

PSA L %f L.L.
H T AVrE Mercy, Lb o, 'fpr Man lialh nbe
j1 lFrom DyrtoDay he R1ll goes on
To wallow. p his Pray
My Fos cornrinoal.Batles wage,
And fi te ith unrelenting Rage
My helpler, Saol co lay.

a Dresdful in Nuabir and in Porer
I frr thin feady to dteoI;
But when to VYlf I cry,
Return. myTalih, retires my Pear,
I feel, I leel the Saviour rear,
The LOAD, the LoaD MoR High

~JI --- --


( 3.)
3 Thro' Theq) tlyrV uld prolaim,
And blefi lnaflhty. Jsif.% Nanie,
In whosh TR 4 .
JEsUS is Good,,iu4.pg nodaadTrue
1 will not feaF wi 4i san Ao.
When Go io oi oy Sd..
They dai je w rhe~ Woa I p aek,
hI allTThought my Ruin feer
aAall in Ambulh lie;
They mark my Stepi, where'er I eurp,
As not to eflt their Ra E tal hipa .
Till by thrij; t nda f Ahe:?
SBuTThou, 0 Loa o, olte V geance take,
And ral into the burning Lke
The \'elthel of thine ree,
S Who Thee. and al.tihy efnlhate,
Shall feel hi rht A o ob l 'Wpgt
1 Ineerrtingre.L' '

6 I now beneath thor F ury groan,
S But thou haftall my aoffitngs khbln,
The hally Flighisl wook;
T'hou trea(r'Il tptmy cogunted Tear.,
And all my Sighe, 'andGrieG, and Fejra ,

7 Whenever on the Lo n I cry,
vly. Foe: I knoa, UinTear and fly,
For GCo ii on .ly Side ;
Thro' Thee wil]|tl i y bd pIao Aad blie t he? mighty IE u'j N e,
And fill in hipm on de.
a In GOD I Uqli, the Good, the True;
I will not Pear iwhat Flelh can do,
For lsEt. tikeg nIy. P.mj
I blt4 The,. Savigqr for rty Gract.
Offer' m Sac;iicz of Prife,
And pay Thc.aIq py Hekit ;


( 84 )
r For Thou haR fav'd my Soul from Dcoth,
From Sin, 1he World, Aid Hell benreab ;
T hou halt my Sins Frgiven,
That 1 the glfonh Liht may Iee,
Walk befbre Goa, aid perfcft be,
And live the Lifeof Haven.

B E merciful,, 0 Go, tome,
STo me whoip.thy Love conEde;
To thy proteftig Love Ier. .
Beneath thy Wing'my Soul I hide,
I ll Satn's Tyrrany as ta r,
And cruel Sin fubfdis no mote.

2 To Goo will I in Trouble cry,
Who freely undertakes my Cafe,.
My Goo molt merciful, and high,
shall fare me from the Lion's laws;
Drfiroy him, ready to devour,
With all hi Work and all his Power.

i The Lor o ut or his Holy Place
His Mercy and his Tsuth Illall lend:
Ssu s ii full of Truth and Grace,
JEsucs Iall Il11 my Soul defend;
While in the Toils of Hell I lie,
And from the Den of Lions cry.
4 Among the Son: of Men I dwell,
Fierce a thie s ildeR Bealst of Prey.
Inflam'd irh Raoelike Fiendir. Hell,
ll\ Soou they leek to iear and illy:
A: S ears their Teeth, as Date their Weol.,
Their double Tongues are two-edg'd S ord -
5 Be Thou exalted, LoDo, above
The Highell Names in Earth and Heaven,
Let Angel, ling thy glorious Lore,
And bief the Name to Sinners gi'o,r



( 85 )
All Earth and Heaven their King proclaim;
Bo* every Kne t Jnsu's Name.
6 To Thee let all my Foes fobmir,
Who hunt and bow my Spirit down;
Themfelver hall fall into.rheir Pnt,
Who frek my Death enfare their own;
Satan and Sin their Doom hall have,
And link into h' infernal Grave.
7 My Heart is fi'd, O Goo. my Heart
II fix'd to triumph in thy Grace:
(Awake my Lute, and bear thy Part)
My Glory is to fing thy Praife,
'Till of thy Nature I partake,
And bright m all thine Image wake.
8 Thee will I praise among Thine own
Thee will I to the World ertol,
And make thy Truth and Goodnefr known;
Thy Goodnels, LonD, is over all,
Thy Truth and Grace the Heavens tranfcend,
Thy faithful Mercies newr end.
9 Be Thon exalted, Loan, above
The highell Name in Earth or Heaven,
Let Angels fing thy glorious Loae,
Ard bleis the Name to Sinner. ioen,
All Earth and caren their King proclaim;
Bow nbery KneR to Jgnu'i Name!


S1T ORD of the Worlds above,
I How pleasant and how fair,
The Doellings of thy Love,
Thy earthly Temple; are !
To thine Abode my Heart afpires,
'With warm Defier to lee my GoD
a 0 happy Souls thAt pray
WVhe GoD appoints to hear!



( 16 )

Their cooi= Ehnkie arck !
They praife Thrffill: Andhappy Lhey
Thla love thel'Wiy to'Sirh'j HflM
3 TdSgheV th i &8fni g Ui
'Till ead b'hItai fl'-aHe h.
'Till raelti'He tn eappSin:.
SgloriuSdaAl! lMIutaoftur:K4g
Shal thiharbhngdgurbwgllcg E6ai.
4 GoD isou,*iwAuiS ied,
W'oGh Gifti.o ac dam
We draw aui' lelingrs hence:
He dl'thMtwt apbn oariRee
HIt favingsMte, 'nd Glory too.
; The Ldaeidr oProple4oate.
HiluHaindnrh Good .ioUlad
From thafe hliu'iHes rn tas,
From holy, humbleSouls,
Tbrice hfppy'he, Con d'trAl,.
w'hbrtSpit (Frul alone id Tle!

* T HY l eles, 4la an, I aMhInbe mwy 9oLg,
I My Song on them fill ever dwell :
T"tler yetrAuibomtr y Tbr.ghe
'by ne'er-f';l.rg Tru h (hall rell.
z For thi,' lupenidons Trruth sid Love,
Both Heaven nrd"E't jF'Prallhn owe,
By Qaire" o Aflgels fuhg ibofe,
Ad by alemhbed Salasterorw.
3 'Vhat Sicipherti'FD Brth
1 o vie h ih lI airs Goo alblidaoi
Or who amoog the Godonf warth,
'iih our Almighly L Do n cOulpare

( s3- )
SWith Reverence arid.el.sinou Dread
His Servants to ilt House h(bold prefs :
Hiis Fea thro' all their Hears fmould fprcad,
Who his Anigbty Name coffis.
5 Loa GOD of Armiel, wbocan boat
Of Strength ladPoaer. like thineleaown'd I
Of fuch a num'rous fanhful Hoe,
As that which does Lh) Th'oe fsune nd ?
6 Thou def the laoleM Sea coantrel.
And change thI Profj!et of he Deep :
Thou mak'l the ilecping Bllo%,s roll,
Thou mak'll the rolling Billows fleep.
S In Thee the oic'rrign Right lesoino
Oi EOtr s ad Haive : thCo Lo.t, alone
The u world ar. all that ic contain,,
TlLeu Malnr a~nd'Ptreerr own.
S Thy Arm is mighty, long Try land.
Yet, Lo D., Trios doflwith Iltiae reign:
: PoTeRt of abil'lue Comanur.d.
Thou Tiuti and Mclcy doll maintain !

B I EFORE JEHovh'. anuol home,
Ye Naison', Lou nw, acr ed-.ja .
KnoOA thi tI, Lugq, j GaD alone;
He can creau, nod He del~roy.
I Hi- roueT:rv:n Pot, ruehout oiu AiJ,
Made tr ol Clay, rndorm'd M.a Men i
And ihen 1.ke unad'rino Shep we firaL'd
He brought us t hci fEold agen.
I W"Vl1 crowd hy I(jasletlh thankful Soangr
High as the Heavm saur Voi re ife ;
hAn. rth with her wan bthonand Tongues
S' ll fill thy CouLan wat ending Prail.
H 2

a "- r m am mn m, ,.- .. .

( s8 )

4 Wide as the World is hy Command,
Vdt as Eternity thy Love :
Firnm as a Rock shy Truih muft tand,
Whn rolling Years Ihall crale to move.

P S A L M CI[.

v /Y Scul iapir'd withb cred lo 1..
V Gan's holy Narme for ttvr lIrll,
Of all i Favours mindful proce,
rAnd iLi tAy grateful Thanks exprdfs.
a 'lis He that all thy Sins forgives,
And itier Sicknedi maies thee found :
From Danger He thy Life retrieves,
By Him with Grace and Mercy crown'd.
3 The LOaD abourds with tender Love,
And unexampled AN.s of Grace
His %,aken'd Wrath does slowly move,
Hit killing Mercy fies apace.
4 As high as Heaven its Arch extends,
Above this little Spot of Clay;
So much his boundless Laie Irankendl
The mall Regards'hat we cjn Fp).
S A rar as 'ds from Eilt to Well.
So rfr hath he our Sins remn'd ;
W'ho. i h a Parher's tender Bread
Harh h nch a er'd Him alwayslov'd.
6 T-he L.RD, the universal Kite.
In Heaven hath fi'd hi. lofty Throne.
T" Him, ye Angels, Praifes fing,
In lhole great Srrength his Pialle is ",ec ,

SYe that his jul Commands obey,
And hear and do hii sacred 'ill,
Ye Hons of his, this Tribute pay.
Who fill nhat heaordains ilaiJ,.

.... ...._

I Let every Croaicre jintll blefi
r Themighry LoaD: And'Thou. my Ke
With grauful Joy thy Thanks expref;
Ard in this Concert bear. thy pFat.

i I LESS GOD, my Soul: Thou, Loaxn
f PoDfleell Empire without Boands i
Wih Honour Thou art crnwnl : Thy Th
Eternal Mal) furrlunds.
z With Laght thou dlt Thyfelf enrobe,
An d lory for a Garment take:
Hea.n'sr C'arrarns Ifrerl beyond the GTob
Thy Canopy of Ste to make.
3 Goo build on liquid Air, and forms
Hn Palace-Chamber in the Skiles
The Cnouds hh Charios ane, and Storms
The fiift-wing'l Steeds on which he ae
4 As br;ghit a Flame, as fCift as Wind,
HiW MinfMie H reav'n Palacefill,
To have th-ir fndry Talk. lflignd,
All pleas'd to rve their Sv'Feigan' Will
5 Earth, crn hr Center fi:'d, Hr fei,
Her Face i th W'aler ovell pcad
Nor proodell Mountaina da'd, as ven,
To lilf above the Waves their Head.
6 Buc uhen the :r. l Face ppF.ear'd,
Th' infoilrine W..-et ditprn'd ; lthey Re
Wren n- ce th' Thurider'4 Voice they th
And by their Halo conieL'd their Drei
I5 rr,. up htv Irre rrack, the; creep,
A.Id g uir.g ornm Lie Bl. urauin', bide,
Thtro \all.:, itr.lc o to Deep,
ApRaled it rIccen their TIJe.
t' Hi








- I~.



( 96 )
8 There haf Thou LE'd he Ocean's BoundJ ,
The threat'ii'g Srge to repel,
Thai they no mort 6trpafs their Boend..,
Nor to a fecoad Ddgce fwell.

Part t b Stand.

1 7ET hence in tmaler Parties drann,
The Sea recovers her !oft Hills,
Ard Starring Springs from every LAwn
Surprise the Vale with plenreous Rdil.
2 The Firld's tame Beafs a(e thither led,
Weary with Labour, faint with Drought,
And Afles on wild Mountaol's bred,
Have Senfe to lind there Currents our.
3 There lhady Tiees from (cciching Beams
Yield Shelter 1 the fathered I hong ;
They dnnk, and for the bounteous Strea m
Return the Tribhte of their Song.
4 Thy Rainj from Heav'n parched Hills recruit,
Thu foon tranfmil the Liquid Store,
'Till Earih a burthen'd .wih her Fruit,
And Nature's Lip can hold no more.
. Grafr, for our Caule to detour,
Thou mnk'lt the Growth of e 'rv Field;
Herb for Man'i U0 of tariou Power,
Thil eaher blood or Phyfc yield.
tI '.'ih clulirr'd Grapes He crowns the Vine,
To hear hl-'i Heart roppre'd ,h Cires;
G;ier 0I, ihau mtuak hi, Face o line.
And Corin, that alidi Strnngth Itpaii.

Par, th. T rd.

T, IHE Trees of GoD, without the Care
SOr Air ,I Mln, with Sap are fed
Tth M-:un:a.nr Cedar Irks as fair
A. il tue inr RI)o Ga. .ni bred.

~ 13111 11

------ ---------------

( 91 )
Safe in the lofty Cedar's A rms
The Wand'rer's of the Air may relf,
The bofpitable Pine from Harms
Proteda the Stork, her pious Guet.
3 Wild Goats the craggy Rock afcend,
Its tow'ring Hights their Fortrefs make,
Whole Cell in Labyrinth extend,
W hee feebler Creatu res Refuge ake.
4 The Moon's inconlhnt Afpe& lhows
Th' appointed Sealrns of he Year i
To' inlrufted Sun his Duty knows,
His Hour to rife, and difappear.
5 DarknefsHe makes theEarth to (hroud,
When Foreft Beftl securely flray;
Young Lions roar their Wants aloud
ToProvidene thau fends them Prey.
SThey range all Night on Slaughter bent,
'I'ill Ifunmon'd by the rising Morn,
To fculk in Dens, with one Conuent,
The conscious Ravagers return.
7 Forth to the Tillage of the Soil
The Hulbandman fecurely goes,
Commencing ,ith the Sun hisToil,
With him returns to his Repofe.
8 How various, Lon thy Works are found
For which thy Wfdom weadore ;
The Enrth is with thy Treifurecrown'd,
'Till Nature'- Hand can gralp no more.
Pa t th F:rth.
B DUr Ilill the vaIt unfathom'd Main
Ofr Wonders a newScene fuppies,
\ hofe Depths Inhabitants contain
Of every Form mnd every Size.
I F'll freighted Ships rom every Port
'I here cat their unmoleited Way

. ** u l t man .

-El _

( 92 )
Leriathao, hhonm the to. pot.
Thou mead' har.Caomrgtheru to play.
3 There marioas TioapmoofS and Land
In Senie of doimoA Want agree;
All wait o*aipdipilfrag idam
And hLwtheir dil A lm ofT

4 They gadoen miazd Saous dirper.f
Without their Truble to provide;
Thou ope'l thy Hand, ite Utniverif,
The craving Wor Idia alt Ilppied.

5 Thou for a Warnment hd'ft tdy hee,
The 'iun ruIm titedo Cft ma mamIn
Thou talr'A tl irjia a NtaNtW ire
For thieb as-Meti- ninbAr sta

6 Again thou fecd'iL thy Spjri forth
Tinr pire efMafea with vicar Seed;
Narure' reffor, and'Parent-Earth
Smilenon her new-creeld Bread.
7 Thoi thro' rucaeffive Ages lland
Firm ix'd thy Provideotial Care;
Pleao'd wiA bhe Work of tLy own Hands,
Thou doll the Walea of Time repair.
8 O0n Look oitlhie, one wrIhful Lonk.
Earth's patsuig Base with Tenri fill ;
One Tnouarfro rThre AihCloudjaSofm okc,
In Darhais ioua tihe proudell H'ir.
9 In prailing GoD, ihile He prolcngi
lM Breath, I ,inl thtE Breathemploy,
And ioin Devocae to ars. rgl,
hillncs a ih ia Ltam Joy.
to S bile Sinriet i rom Earth' race are haol'd,
NI, Soul, Prail tlo hi; HoI- Name,
'Till irb my ~ ong the iM'ning World
J,.ir Concet, and his Pade proclaim.

._. i

( P 9 )
I T7E Saints and Servants of the LoaD,
I The Triumphe of his Name record,
His facred Name for ever Blefs ;
Where'er the circling Sun displays
Hi; riling Beams or ieuing Rays,
Due Praire to his great Name addei':.
a Goo Ihro' the World crrendi hit Sfay,
The Regions of eternal Day
But Shadows of hio Glory are,
With Him, whore Majefly excels,
Who made the Heaven an which He dwell,
Let no created Power compare.
3 Tho' 'Si beneath his State to view
In higher Heaven what Angels do,
Yer He to'Erth vnouchLafe his Care
He takes the Needy from his Cell,
Advancing him in Courts to dwell,
Companion of the greatefl herr.
4 To Father, Son, and Holy Gholl,
The GoD whom Heaven's triumphant Hol
And fuffring Saints on Earh adore,
Be Glory a: in Ages pall,
Ap. cor i i i, and so shall lall
When Earth and Hetaen hall be no more.


r 7 HEN I ;r! freed frorn Phar,.b's Hand,
VVIeft tiheiroud Tyrant and his LanJ,
The Tribe. csth cheerful Homage oUn
Their King; and Jd.ab was hisThrone.
: Acrolf the Deep their Journey lay ;
The Deep divide tomake them Way:
7iarid beheld their March and fled
lith backLard Current to h;: Head.

mm ~ I


( 94 )
SThe Maoi uias 1.hooll;il Frigheed Sheep:
Like LaAnb-ht lril -HIfHock ldap :
Not Sis on.hihndilAf.cooad huad,
Confcionu offdvoriga Power. a Hand.

4 What Power coad'make theDeep divide P
Make j'-daw backward roll his Tidt?
Why did ye leap ye little Hilla P
And whence the Fright that Sinai feels

SLet every Mountain, every Flood
Rea.re, and know thl apmreaLhing GOD,
The King of lka/: SaMHim here ;
Tremble thac BueI; adoremund fear !
6 Hle tunderg, and ll Nature mourns;
The Rock to Ilanding Pools He turns:
Flint' springs with Founrainj u his Word,
And Fire and Seas coal'i tila Loep.

The Samu
1 WT HEN (aradout ofEgypt came,
S nd left the proud Oppr e(or' Land.
Conduated by the Great I AMf,
Sate in the Hollow of hij Hand
The La n in I/aldroign'd alone,
And j'.d', .iaj hli Fav'riie Thione.

a The Sea beheld his Power, and fed,
Dilparred by the nondroia Rod,
Jrdae ran backward to hi,,'Had,
And Selr fIlli ih' locumbent Goo.
The Maun'aini flkp'd like righted Ramr,
The HIll6 lIap'd a1ier rhtm as Lamhb.
3 What ail'd thee, 0 thou trembling Sea.
What Horror urn'd the River back I
Was Nacure's Goo diplase'd at Thee?
And wiupyouiddHills and Mountain. thake?
Ye Mountain huee, who kip'd lilaoe Ra4,
I e Hills wh leeap'd as. frighted Lambs "

( ^s ) )
4 Earth tremble o, o.ailll ay Sea
in PzCfence..oftbyawful Loae.
Whofe Power iav md.Na.ulajem.
Her only Law his SOveeign Word :
He lha*resa'e Ceawre wh.c i Nod,
And Heaven bownrdtvw. r 7ate's.Goo.

5 Creation varied by his Hand
Th' Omnipolent j aiHOAH-knows :
The .ea.isAurnhboahlidl adl,
The Rock into a Fountain faws,
Andail 'higqJ as tb 'change, pmeclam
Their LairnLannemi ytkhe i me.

.'P S A -i.'M CxrYI..
Pi A IROU, lho-when I did complain,
S.Didd.all my .Gisemoie,
0 Sadoul, do noot-ow dAldain
hly hamble'Paifr adl .Lote.
2 SinrceThou a tlyiig'Tsa2 dict;give.
And.hear me then'l pry'd,
I'lrll-upon Thee while I live,
And never doubt bty Aid.

3 Pale Death with all his ghadly Train,
lMy Senl1 ecompa-irou'd,
S Aguihu.mnd SiE,.rd' Dread, -nd Pain,
On et'ry6ide I fosld.

4 To Thee,. 0 JL D i:o Life I .pay'd,
SAnd id fori scc cntec
0 fave (in my DUlrcd Liand)
The Sour that .rduj in Thee !

SHourgoodThou arlHw large thy G egel
How rafit to forgive !
The IHelple't Thou delight'rl to raise
And by thy Lote I live.

( .96 )
6 Then, O my Soul, f never more
With anxoaThui as diltref,
o.. oo' s bounsougi.it(idu thee rcRlore
To Eaf and Jay aMl Rdt.
7 My E 'yes'no 1 drmw'd in Teus,
My Feet fram falling free,
Redeem'd from Death, and guilty Fears,
O LoaD, I' lire to Thee!

I lE Naio., ,n l ls e Gl divides
I Ye num'rootrNsntim ftarter'd wide.
To GOD your grateful Voices raire:
To all bis bouadtef Mercies. shown
Hi' Truth to endless Age: know
Requireodr endlefs Love and Praifs.
2 To Him who reigns enthroa'd on high,
To his dearSon who deign'd to die,
Our Guilt and Erron to remove!
To that bled Spirit who Grace imparts,
W~ho rules in allbelieving Hearta,
Be ceafelefs Glory, Pailre, and Love I

1 A LL Glory to our gracious Los a
1A His Love be by his Church ador'd,
His Lot ecernally the fame:
His Love rlet ..' .i SSonsonflef,
HI, Free, and Everlafiog Grace
Let all thtifear the Loa proclaim.
2 In Troubleon the Loan I cried,
And fIr the pardoning Word applied;
He aonier'd me in Peace and Poser,
He'pluck'd my Soul oat of the Net,
In a large Place of Saferi ftt,
And bad me go and f'n no more.

. .. .. .

S( 97 ) sr
2 The Lon I nweray, is mine,
And eo hm in rkengdau INvit
SNorMu. sr FimS, nwrPIldh Ir:
IEIUS heSaC ri fu iW amy Part,
And keep the WMt adtmy HIeM ,
Mr eper ir for er ea ar.
Wherefor I fon my With ll lfee
On all who haw ad ftri with me,
My full Rfldenmpki now drain nigb.
Mine Enemias fdl all be lain,
And north mo pot of Sia emainl
In Talkau alil forever die.

3 Better ki is Goo to toe t,
In CGa tIl Good, dhe Srang, the Jeft,
Than a falf, thil Child of Man;
BLcter in Ja oS to amde
Than nary other Prlae betide,
WY laa all breir ittIpe ta vne.
His AIl-Ar0rcient Help I found,
By hoisli Natans compaf'd ronnd,
And Hrim my Savionr f proclaim :
H4ll, Ealrt, and Sin fubdu'd I fee;
I foan (hll more than Conquerornbe.
Andall dtfly thro' F ev's Name.
4 They kept me in on every Side,
Sitau, the World, andLalt, and Pride,
On eveiy Side they kept.me in:
'YeC thLo' bthe Name oa ir ch I caH,
I lurely liall dellroy them ill;
Myi Los D (hall make an End of Sin.
Brgir L wik HoalfEy emRie
Vexatious as thickerwaaring Behr
Quena'd as a Blaze of Thorna I fee
Their Fury's momentary Flame ;
[ alldeltrey ihrr" JESu's Name,
And live from Sin forever free. |

1 -.--..--"

( I

-t I

" 0 Sin, my cruel Bafom-Foe,
Oft haft th ought my Soul t'oerthrow,
And forely tbhuR a me in vain:
In my Defencethe Saviour blood,
Cover'd wih ih vifarious Blood,
And arm'd my sprinkled Heatcagain.

SRighteous I as.in Him, and flrong,
He is becomemy joyful Song,
My Saviour and Salvatton toa:
I triumph tho' his mighty Grace,
And pore in Heart hall fee hui Face,
And rife in Cunsar aCreasure New.

6 The Voice of Joy, and Love, and Praife,
And Thanks For His Redeeming Grace
Among the junlhedis found .
With Songs that rival Thoie above,
Willt Shout proclaiming JEsu's Love,
Both Day and Night their Tents refound.
The Loa o's Right-hand hah Wonders wrought,
Abo e the Reach of Human Thought,
The'Loan's Right-bhard eaaltedia;
We fe it 1,11 tretch'd out to fave,
The Power of Goo in C i sR r Te have,
And JEu s i the Prince of Peace.

SI hall not die in Sin, but live,
To CHavir my LanD the Glory give,
Hnt Miracles of Grace declare,
\ hen He the Work of Faith hath done
\ bhn I hase put his Image on,
And Frat unto Perfelion bear.

The LoRD hath ioiely deern'd me,
And brui.'d for mine Iniquitr,
Yet Mercy would not lgipv e up,
Caught from the Jaws of i-cond Death,
Fluk 'd our of the Devourer's Teeth,
le bids me now rejoice n Hope.

i I:/i i
il I



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