Teaching Guides & Materials

The limited access to resources and lesson plans that incorporate the Caribbean in K-12 and higher education prompted dLOC to create this digital collection.  The dLOC Teaching Guides & Materials Collection holds materials that facilitate the use of dLOC materials though education modules and other lesson plans.  

Lesson plans, education modules, and teaching materials in dLOC can be searched and browsed from this page. Also, see the list of highlighted examples, which include the 2009 award winners for k-12 lesson plans. Other materials include teaching resources and materials selected for Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean, a distributed online collaborative course (DOCC) by Amherst College, University of Florida, and University of Miami.

If you are willing to contribute teaching materials that have worked in your classroom, please see the guide to submitting resources and the grant permissions form for more information.

Teacher Trainings

dLOC has delivered Teacher Training Workshops targeted to K-12 public school teachers since 2009 for the Miami metropolitan area. These workshops are to support inclusion of the Caribbean in various classes, facilitate the use of dLOC materials in curriculum development, and educate students in the scholarly use of electronic resources.