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Granite Cannon Embankment
Construction train on embankment, Granite Cannon
Hall's Cut, Sherman Station
Camel Rock near Beaufort Station U.P.R.R.
Mallory’s Cut near Sherman Station
Reed’s Rock Sherman Summit of U.P.R.R.
Dale Creek Bridge, Perspective View
Man sitting on cut loges, above curve in railroad tracks with Dale Creek Bridge in distance
Machine Shops, Omaha, Neb.
Dale Creek Bridge from above
Valley and bridge of Dale Creek, general view
Dale Creek Bridge from above, No. 2
Dale Creek Bridge from above, No. 2
Dale Creek Bridge from below
High Rocks Mining District Dale Creek Cannon
Devil’s Gate, Dale Creek Cannon, near silver mines
Western Approach of Dale Creek Bridge, Granite
Rock Cut No. 3 West of Dale Creek Bridge
Cut No. 4 West of Dale
Miller and Patterson’s Work Cut No. 5 near Red Buttes
Miller and Patterson's Cut No. 6 East of Tie Pile
Soft Red Sandstone about 80 feet high
Red Buttes or Vase Rock, sometimes called Dial Rock near Red Buttes Station
General Grant and Party at Fort Sanders, Summer of 1868
General Grant and Party at Fort Sanders
Commissioners at Fort Sanders
Commission at Fort Sanders, No .2
Round House and Machine Shop, North East Front, Laramie
North Platte Bridge
Machine Shops of Laramie from the Wind Mill
Rear View of Laramie Shops from South East, No. 4
Front View of Laramie Shops
Laramie Shops, Rear View from South West
Clerical Excursionists at Laramie City, 1868
Laramie Hotel
Interior, Laramie Machine Shops
Rail Road Hotel Dining Room, Laramie
Interior of Dining Room at Laramie, No. 1
Employees of U.P.R.R.. Laramie City
Employees of U.P.R.R., Laramie Offices
Railroad Hospital, Laramie City
Wind Mill, Laramie City
Warehouse of U.P.R.R. at Laramie City Grain Stored for Transportation
Among the Timber of the Laramie Mountains
Valley of the Great Laramie
Valley of the Little Laramie from Street Mountain
Among the timber of Laramie Mountains head of the Laramie
Wyoming Station Engine No. 23 on Main Track
Mr. Bushnell and Party at Rock Creek Station U.P.R.R.
Rawlings Hotel
Round House and Machine Shops at Rawlings
Construction Train at End of Track, General Casement’s Outfit, General in foreground
Lime Kiln Cut near Granite Cannon
High Bluffs Black Buttes
Black Buttes from the station of that name, U.P.R.R.
Bitter Creek Valley from coal mines near point of rocks, Panoramic No. 1
Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek Valley
Tunnel at Head of Echo, Miller and Patterson’s work, Length of tunnel
Miller and Paterson camp at Tunnel No. 2, head of Echo Cannon
Tunnel No. 2, head of Echo Cannon
Castle Rock, Echo Cannon
Steam Shovel at Hanging Rock, Echo Cannon
Looking down Echo Cannon from Death’s Rock
Grand Lodge of the Odd fellows holding meeting, Echo Cannon
Odd Fellows Meeting, Echo Canon near Temple Rock, No. 2
Rock Great Eastern No. 2 Echo Cannon
Rock Great Eastern, Echo Cannon
Monument Rock near mouth of Echo Cannon
Monument Rock, Echo Cannon, nearly 250 feet high conglomerate with Sandstone base
Pulpit Rock, Mouth of Echo Cannon
High Rocks, Weber Valley, mouth of Echo Cannon
Distant view of Pulpit rock at Mouth of Echo Cannon or Sentinel Rock Weber Valley
Warner and Whitman's at Echo
Bromley's Residence Echo City
Cashier's Office Echo City
Directors of North Western R.R. at Echo City
Mormon Family, Echo City
Mormon Family
Engineers office Echo City
R.R. Station house at Echo City
Conglomerate Peak of Echo
R.R. Warehouse, Echo City
Dan Casement and clerks at Echo City
Rocky Mountain Glee Club, Echo City
Conglomerate Peaks of Echo, General View
Echo City from South
Echo City from the bluff looking North
Old Saw Mill, Parley's Park
Ripple Lake, White Pine Cannon, Parleys Park
Head of White Pine Cannon, Parleys Park
Looking down into Ripple Lake from Mount Emma
Old Grist Mill, Utah
Bishop Snyder's Residence, Parley’s Park, Utah
Brigham Young's Woolen and Cotton Factory near Salt Lake City
Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution Salt Lake City in which Brigham has an interest
Brigham's Bath House, Hot Sulphur Springs, Salt Lake City
City Creek Cannon, Water used by citizens of Salt Lake
City Creek Cannon No. 2
Brigham Young's theater Salt Lake City
Townsend House, Salt Lake City
No. 2 Group of Officials
Salt Lake City, Panorama View No. 2
Salt Lake City No. 3, Panoramic View
Mormon Tabernacle No. 2
Residence of Brigham Young
Salt Lake City from Top of Tabernacle
Temple Street, Salt Lake City
Looking down Temple Street, Salt Lake City
California U.P.R.R. Stable or Correll Salt Lake City
Bird's Eye View of Cotton Wood Canon No. 2
Bird's Eye View of Cotton Wood Canon
Brigham Cannon, Old Steam Saw Mill
Looking up Weber Valley from Narrows
Narrows of the Weber No. 2
Narrows of the Weber Cannon No. 1
Narrows of the Weber No. 3
Looking up Weber Valley from the Narrows
Narrows of Weber, No. 4
Coalville, Weber Valley neg of GWI page
Weber Valley from below Echo City
Wilhemina Pass
Sentinel Rock, Weber Valley
Excurtion Party at 1000 mile Tree, Wilhemina Pass
Looking down Weber Cannon from Slate Point
Looking down Weber near bridge 32
Finger Rock, Weber Cannon
Birds Eye view of Weber Cannon
Construction train end of track near Bear River General Casement’s outfit
Supply trains at end of track, Last siding
Coal bed of Bear River Perpendicular vein of 7 feet
Bear River City
Snow and timber line Uintah Mountains
Old trapper at head of Bear River
Tunnel No. 3, Weber, with Engine
Eastern Portal No. 4, Weber Canon
Looking up the Weber from top of Tunnel No. 4
Strawberry Ford, Weber Valley
Strawberry Ford, Weber
Devil's Gate, Weber Canon Perpendicular Rocks 2,000 feet high
Temporary Bridge, Devil's Gate, Weber from below
From Devil's Gate looking East, No. 2
Constructing temporary bridge at Devil's Gate, Weber
Construction Bridge, Weber Cannon at Devil’s Gate
Combination Bridge, Weber
Testing Combination bridge, Devil’s Gate Weber Cannon
From Devil's Gate looking East
Senator Patterson and party on Devil’s Gate Bridge
Temporary Bridge, Devil's Gate
Excursion party on Devil's Gate Bridge
Mormon Toll Bridge at Mouth of Weber Cannon
Salt Lake City Panoramic No. 1 from Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake from Wasatch Mountains No. 3
Corinne Panoramic View, No. 2
Corinne Panoramic View, No. 3
Salt Lake Valley from Corinne, Brigham City in the distance Panoramic No. 1
Promontory Trestle Engine on Trestle No. 3
Group of men standing by engine “Jupiter”
Engineers of U.P.R.R. at the laying of Last Rail, Promontory
Laying the Last Rail, Promontory (2)
Laying the Last Rail, Promontory
Group of Officers
Officers of Union Pacific Railroad at ceremony of Laying of Last Rail at Promontory
East and West shaking hands at laying of Last Rail
Donner Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Snow sheds tunnels in background
Hydraulic Gold Mining, California
Machine Shop of C.P.R.R. Sacramento, California
Group of Ute Indians on the War Path
Group at O.C. Smith Echo
Embankment No. 1
Entering Black Hills, Carmichael’s Cut Granite Cannon
Embankment No. 1, West of Granite Cannon
Hall’s fill near Granite Cannon
Looking down Weber near bridge 32
Men atop rock formation