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Vol. 1 No. 1 University of North Florida Jacksonville, Florida Wednesday, January 9,1974

UNF prepares for energy crisis

BY SHARON McCONNELL Is there an energy crisis at the University of North Florida? -. And, if so, what Is the university BY DORIS MANUKIAN
doing to overcome it?
"Give a UNF student a ride." "Turn me off when you leave,"
Staff writers Doris Manukian, Sharon McConnell and Buzz Mills posed these questions to reads a little sign underneath the
This might be the campus various officials at UNF and came up with these answers light switches in many classrooms
campaign slogan for the winter on campus and it is a reminder for
quarter. 1. There IS an energy crisis at the university, sharpened because the UNF fuel oi allocation all students, staff and faculty
With the looming gas shortage, is based upon 1972 figures, when the university needed half as much as at present. The members at University of North
more than 3,000 students will be increase Is principally caused by the growth on campus. Florida to do their share and help
driving daily to the campus from to conserve energy.
all of Jacksonville and surround- 2. The university began taking energy-saving steps last November. These have covered the For many weeks now the
ing areas. That's a lot of energy. usual gamut of reducing excess light output in Interior locations, turning thermostats energy crisis has been affecting
down and curtailment of air chilling equipment. Now, officials are turning attention to car individuals and business organi-
"Transportation will be a pooling as well as the possibility of "exporting" classes to other, more central locations as zations alike and UNF is no
problem soon and the Office of well as the possibility of changing schedules In later quarters. exception.
Student Affairs is aware of the
problem," Dr. -Darwin O. Coy The details are speed out in the adjacent articles. Director of Physical Facilities,
said. "We are making cognitive Thomas W. Bostwick and Utilities
plans to help the student with this Superintendent Alfred K. Oswald
pobm both stressed that UNF had
THE FIRST STEP is to organize begun serious cutbacks in energy
car pools. A grid map of the city a consumption on November 12,
of Jacksonville is being made to 1973.
indicate where students, faculty AMONG THE AREAS of the
and staff live. At pre-registration, cutback were the following:
students were asked to fill out 1. Lowering the lighting energy
forms, indicating whether they e by approximately 30 per cent in
would be willing to ride with other l all areas of the University. This
students or accept other riders was done by going from office
who live in similar locations. to office with light meters to
These forms have been broken determine how much lighting
down by areas, streets and was necessary according to the
schedules, and students will be standards of safety and health
informed of the results. as set by the Office of Safety
and Health Administration.
Professors may be asked to Where the lighting was found
take a survey in classes early this to be in excess bulbs were
month to amplify the study. removed.
Dr. George deTarnowsky 2. All thermostats on campus will
computerized the data and it also be set -at 680F. maximum
has been sorted by hand in order during the winter months.
to have the information ready as Since this temperature may not
soon as possible. be satisfactory to some
individuals. Officials have
CONCERNED with possible suggested the wearing of
student reaction to the potential sweaters or jackets.
fuel crisis, Coy pointed out that
UNF's shared transportation 3. During the summer months the
program will be delayed until all thermostats will be set at 780F
studies have been completed and minimum cooling. Water heat-
all data is neatly packaged. ers were reset from 140 to 120
degrees early this month.
Phase H construction Is scheduled for completion as of next week. Story and more 4. Automatic temperature con-
"We will begin a program...in photos on pages 6 and 7. 4. Automatic temperature con-
January, giving interested stu- trols have been placed in
-Staff photo by Don Renahaw.
(M pag 6) (ee page 5)

Carpenter optimistic on university growth

BY DON RENSHAW student enrollment at the right now which is not shared by completion, plans for Phase III Tacksonville community by offer-
university in the next few years. the other schools in the state and even Phase IV are being ing both civic and cultural
In sharp contrast to the views system," Carpenter stated. "It is readied for implementation. services at the facility.
expressed by other State Across the state, concern has still in the stages of primary PHASE II WILL help to answer All of the construction is aimed
educators and legislators, Univer- been voiced for the future of the development which allows us to somq of the school's needs for at what Carpenter considers to be
sity of North Florida President university system as a result of be responsive .to the rapidly larger facilities on campus by one of his primary goals:
Thomas G. Carpenter does not the recent national economic changing society we must serve. supplying additional office arid "making the campus at the
foresee any slowdown or trends. The decline in the birth This ability to respond to the classroom space, library expan- University of North Florida a
reduction in construction or rate, the ending of the war in needs of the people we serve will sion, a larger bookstore and better place to be."
Indo-China and the ever-increas- be reflected in increased rather student-aaculty "commons." CARPENTER NOTES TOO,
ing shortages of fuel and than decreased development at sen-a ltthe need to offer educational
construction materials are bring- the university. The result will be Phase III will include thet
ing predictions that cutbacks will that the university will not follow construction of a 700 to 750-seat programs that will meet the
be seen in future legislative the overall trend, but, instead, auditorium on campus, which will
allotments for education especi- experience a period of growth help to bring the university to the (s pa!g 8
allotments for education, especi- that will exceed that of the state
ally at the college level, system as a whole."
The optimism which Carpenter
In a recent interview, Carpen- exhibits is adequately illustrated i.:"
ter expressed optimism with by the ambitious development ,, i. .,, :
Pby the ambitious development 131 sew candidate for d::ate.. d (aa !. ... .
regard to how the University of plans already underway at the ie. a .
North Florida will oe affected by university.
what appears to be a growing At present, the school is ..'
economic pinch. immersed in the middle of its own "
Smini-building boom 4s Phase II .... ,.. .. ..
"THE UNIVERSITY OF North construction -- whicn will nearly
Pros. Croenler Florida is in a unique position offered at the school -- nears U'"w 'et *..

Page 2 *-Jaih.', 4i74 OC THE tLTtARD

Grading system a minus

It's the end of another quarter. Your professor tells you that he will
post the grades on his door as soon as he completes the grading of the
final. After a few anxious days of waiting, the grades finally go up. You QET IN TF E P ICTU R E
get a "B+". Wow! Not as good as you had hoped but still pretty good.
A few days later, you get your grades on a computerized print out from he halyard needs YOU
the Registrar's office -- only to fifid your B+ has been downgraded to a t e hs
B. contact:THE HALYARD
FOR THOSE who play the Grade Point Average (GPA) game, this
little computer oversight becomes a point of major controversy when it room 24 57, b dg 1
is considered that on a 4.0 scale a B+ is equivalent to a 3.5 while a B is
only counted as a 3.0. or phone 646-2 817
With a little simple math it's not hard to figure out that depending ..'
upon your overall GPA, the .5 difference can make a big difference in *4
your total grade average.
SEVERAL OF UNF's sister schools in the state university system, -. .^ g.-
such as University of West Florida, operate on the + or grade system
When UNF first came into existence the question of how grades
would be given was put to the.General Assembly. It decided that a
straight grading system should be used. Frm ~ard EIor :
From the Elmfyord Editor:
This, however, has not been the case in actual practice. Instructors
give +'s and -'s throughout each quarter on tests and term papers. A
stroll past the offices of professors, where grades are usually posted,
their final grades with + and system.
IT IS TIME that this double-standard misunderstanding of UNF's Compared to the buried This first issue, we hope, would say to you that as such, his
Gradin System be resolved. The General Assembly needs to reconsider cobblestones and rutted tracks of reflects those functions. But it is first duty is to truth -- to the true
its previous decision and institute action to change the present straight an old Kings Highway, the advent not a typical issue. It has been reporting of the news of the day
grading system. of a new newspaper may seem of prepared by a nucleus group of and how it affects us.
little consequence. students from stories written
If a student earns a B+ from a professorhe should receive a B+ also during a journalism class last WHAT IS THIS editor's role? --
on his transcript and when grade point averages are tabulated. But "The Halyard" is quarter -- plus some obvious new Not to dominate, but to lead; not
important -- and can become ones put together by them during to censor, but to teach; not to
UNF needs to adopt the more equitable grading system already in much more important to each of the holiday "break." restrain, but to encourage.
practice at other Florida schools, us.
There are no trumpets, no red But this issue does, however, Will the editor write the
--DON RENSHAW carpets, no shining ribbons or provide a" start, a faint idea stories? No. Students, reporters
golden keys, no telegrams from perhaps of what may develop. As and feature writers do the
the mighty to be read with we begin, we hope that we will writing.
breathless awe concerning the soon develop more news stories --
A ni ol founding of this newest arm of both on campus and off campus. Will the editor edit the stories?
m, m or n \ a press that is free. We will probe and "dig" as we No. Students, copy editors, will
ATo some, this newspaper as grow. We will entertain -- and edit the copy as quickly as they
To some, this -newspaper ps inform, too -- with timely features can be trained.
If the "Binnacle" had been chosen as UNF's newspaper instead of sprung nearly unannounced, like about UNF people and people
the "Halyard," then our editor could be called "Barnacle Bill." The Adam's rib. To others, it has that.UNF should come to know. Will the editor write editorials?
"Halyard" wasn't the first name considered for our newspaper. arrived after a gestation period Wewill search for new trends and No. Students, editorial wiers
resembling an elephant's. To ideas in the arts, in the sciences, will write editorials -- and they
A journalistic writing class was given theask of choosing a namf e for ALL, however it should arrive as in education and business. We will be signed -- after the student
UNF's newspaper. The class was given time (coffee and coke breaks), an opportunity. hope that our reportage will grow editors have decided on the
plus the closing minutes of class to decide on something appropriate WHY, AN OPPORTUNITY? along with our skill in writing, in editorial topics to be carried.
and original. The 20 or so students had numerous suggestions. They all The obvious answer is that "The pictorial display and in our total
seemed to fall into' two categories -- animals and nautical terms. Halyard" is your newspaper. And "news package." Will the editor write a regular
the quality and quantity of its column? No. Students, colum-
THE AMADILO was considered because of the ecology news depends upon the aid and OUR ROLE is unique. We are nists, will do this.
movement -- but it was noted that the armadillo is. an animal who is cooperation of each campus guaranteed freedom of the press
becoming extremely extinct. Then controversy arose over the fact the member, for not event the largest -freedom from censorship, Will the editor determine
newspaper may be considered thin-skinned handsome thought the possible staff can hope to get all coupled with the obligation to policy? No. An elected Publica-
earmadillo was just "lain gly the news without news "tips" adhere to the .canons of tion Board will do this.
ll l ugy.from each of you ideas you may responsible journalism. That's
have for stories we should look not, unique -- but it becomes so WHAT ir
The Terrapin was considered -- because we were sticking our necks into as well as the knowledge in when we add the fact that we are WHAT WILL the editor ? --
out. specialized areas that each of you a "laboratory" newspaper while will teach journalism. He
possesses and can share through serving as a "community" will encourage writers and
these pages. newsp r. We hold a dual role reporters, copy editors and
The Deer Crossing was considered (our campus is a Wildlife these pages. nespaprWe hold a dual roe makeup editors. Andhopefullyhe
Preserve)-- but some were afraid the paper might be nicknamed "Deer Why should you bother? -- as an educational forum and an will instill in the staff the
Droppings." Playwright Arthur Miller has educational laboratory for the Emersonian concept of having a
provided a good answer: "A good university community, newspaper do its best "to make
newspaper, I suppose, is a nation Who controls us -- and what we every square acre of land and sea
The Wild Boar was mentioned. That suggestion was not even voted talking to itself." Perhaps that's a say? Only the laws of the land. give an account of itself."
upon. good goal for us to begin with -- to We cannot libel, harass, or cast
get us each talking to each other, aspersions upon persons by
A IUT MAJOR had fun going through a poetry book tossing out What can we promise? innuendo -- no newspaper can This editor hopes that each and
mythological themes for suggestions. Simple things. Important things. with impunity. Like others, we every one will work with or on the
Things like: must answer for our actions in staffof "The Halyard" to achieve
courts of law. these goals and to make this
With UNF's official symbol suggest nautical terms, this category Accuracy. But, you may say, the editor is newspaper the University's "first
had names such as "The North Star," "The Compass Rose" and the a faculty member. Yes, but he has line of communications" in its
"North Florida Sun." Truth, been assured an unfettered hand truest and freest sense.
by the' administration. And, he is
After much politicking, voting and revoting, the class finally settled Fairness. a professional newsman. He W.J. ROACH
on "The Compass."
Then the group learned "The Compass" was the name of a nearby For these, too, are goals of any
school magazine. The "Binnacle" was mentioned. What's a binnacle? responsible newspaper. And we T H E B A IY A R D
It holds the compass in place and it keeps it steady. The class was intend to be a responsible
finally satisfied. The Binnacle was the name. newspaper.
WE WILL NOT be bland. We Published every other week by members of the Newspaper Workshop
ENTER the Publication Board. Acting for the General Assembly, it will not be a student publication. class at the University of North Florida for all members of the UNF
took up the quesiton of a name. And its members also added additional We will not be an administration community.
suggestions: "The Yardarm" (the pole the Halyard is affixed to) "The publication. We will be a PILOT ISSUE STAFF
Pennant" -- even "The Flagbag" was reported (tongue in cheeck?). "community" newspaper. In this Jonel Aller, Judi Benson, Mary Brumbaugh, Carolyn Kenyon, Sharon
sense, our community is all of the McConnell, Mary Merritt, Buzz Mills, Sylvia O'Dell, Don Renshaw,
University of North Florida -- not Ruth Skapyak, Shirley Corbin, Ricky Crews, Doris Manukian, Kathy
Imagine the class's shock when it was learned that the Publication just its buildings, but all of its Merrey, Terry Mothershed.
Board had finally selected "The Halyard." peoie
Board had finally selected "The Halyard." people. Editor and General Manager.........Assoc. Prof. W.J. Roach
In serving this community, we
As noted elsewhere,a halyard is the line which holds the signals for will follow the basic functions of Editorial offices located at The University of North Florida, St. John's
ships. The "signals" our Halyard will fly are up to you, our readers. Arthur Miller's "good news- Bluff Road South, P.O. Box 17074, Jacksonville, Florida 32216.
paper" -- to inform, to persuade, Telephone: (904) 646-2817.
--SYLVIA O'DELL to entertain and to serve you. ::.:.:.:::::::. ::;I::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:: .:

rqt'HErAiLYARD k-Jan.c9., 974 Page 3

Guest column I UNF attains 'candidate' status

Iso latio n ism urged University of North Florida was made by the visiting team were year of operation. He praised the
accorded candidate status by the that UNF: "excellent faculty and staff
The Halyard Invites contri- mot Itert to HALYARD Southern Association of Colleges 1. Fill the position of relationship" to the students and
btionse allyar UNF personnel rei ders. THE HALYARD r and Schools (SACS) at its annual off-campus coordinator for con- also the philosophy of the college
for this from all UNF persColmn" serves the right edit, revise, or meeting in Houston, Texas, in tinuing education as soon as which states that UNF is
denfor this "Guest Colemneves the right toedt, review, December. possible. community oriented.
tudentsfacuty, a are erlgble- et ycopy. Candidate status is the UNF previously held corre-
nel, staff -- all are eligible to
contribute. The topic may be of Deadline for contributions for second of three steps in attaining 2. Provide more opportunity for spondent status, obtained in 1970
your choosing, but ms be the "Guest Column" for the next full accreditation. UNF will be faculty research. when the school successfully met
typewritten, double-spaced. Ma- ssue Is: visited again in May by a certain standards as a public
trial that is lbelous, or that Is TUESDAY, January 15. committee from SACS, and hopes 3. Re-evaluate the teacher degree-granting university.
guilty of harassment, Innuendo, to attain full accreditation in both evaluation system which the team The SACS is based in Atlanta
half-truth or poor taste will not be Send or bring e py to THE its baccalaureate and graduate defined as "too cumbersome" in and is the accrediting body for all
accepted. Preference will be HALYARD office Room 2457, level programs in December, its present state. colleges, universities and second-
given those who have not Bldg. 1. If you send the column, 1974. "We are aware of all these ary schools in an 11-state region.
previously appeared as a "Guest Include your name, home or A nine-member committee of things and we are working on "ACCREDITATION IS impor-
Columnist" and those subjects business address and telephone educators from throughout the them," said Dr. Roy L. Lassiter, tant to the University of North
which are deemed to have the number for verifiation. South, headed by Dr. John Allen, Jr., UNF vice president and dean Florida," said Dr. Thomas G.
president of Centenary College, of faculties. "Since we are in our Carpenter, UNF president. "It is
SiS% .Shreveport, La., visited UNF in first year of operation, we have a mark of credibility in the eyes of
May, 1973. The committee been devoting most of our time to other institutions, affects success-
investigated the physical facilities getting things here to.run more ful student recruitment and
BY AVERY MEANS war, which is still going on in and academic programs as well as smoothly," he added. pursuit of advanced degrees by
another land and under another the philosophy and standards set raduates, and is a criterionused
POWS have talked now, and plan, has been costly in terms of forth by the university. ALLEN NOTED THAT it is by the federal government in
some of the "grunts" who lives, money, national unity and understandable not much re- approving certain federal
slogged around in Vietnam or many other things. TIHE MAJOR SUGGESTIONS search could be done in the first grants," he added.
Cambodia or Laos are back and "
doing their own talking. From now on, the United States
I- (.-rnuuast, base its search for peace in
"" j i. -thte-United Nations, whichit has 98 com plete degrts
At the risk of being accused of not really tried before. And weem ent
every sin from racism to must end the tendency to engage Ninety-eight students com- degree requirements in the 11/ topped the class by earning
Com unism, I am sure in my own in disastrous undeclared wars. pleted degree requirements in years since the college opened is "highest distinction" honor.Nine
mind that those people half way December at the University of now 201. other earned their degrees "with
deeply about most things we THE MIDDLE EAST powder North Florida. OF THE STUDENTS complet- distinction," including Sue And-
seem to think are so importantly key would be less explosive if we ing their degree requirements in rews, Patricia Magill, and
assured Israel of its security by Ths was the largest group the quarter just completed, five Jennifer Shepherd, elementary
concluding a treaty to guarantee since the first graduates last earned master's degrees -- four in education; Trudy Blackard and.
its borders. Th re sent treaties June. Thirty-four comprised the education and one in business Jane Traylor, vocational/techni-
The idea of Democracy is a andthe Tonkin Resolution are not UNF first graduating class and administration -- and 93 earned cal education; Dorienne Robert-
strange thing to the nomadic valid and shouldbe repudiated another 69 earned their degrees bachelor's degrees. son, art education; Lena Jolly,
tribes and the uneducated last August. Margie Garland, a psychology English education; Linda Hat-
farmers of Southeast Asia. What major, and Linda Hoffman, an field, business education, and
earthly difference does it make to -The central, redeeming prin- The total who have completed elementary education major, Nancie Goldstein, psychology.
them whether they have a ciple of all Mid-east diplomacy
military dictator, a royal prince or must be "no acquisition of
a socialist commissar in some territory by war." Those parts of
distant capital that they have Palestine seized in the 1967 war
:I er MT!I ted-aMI may ntvre even ahoul d be, retrtied to Jordaan nd WW
hae heard of? ,, Egypt if we are to have peace.
S ?, ., : A Halyard, whether you look it As a name for the new nautical motif in its compass rose
Sup in Webster's dictionary or the publication, The Halyard is concept.
THIS WAS TRUE in New We are facing Russia in the U.S. Navy's "Bluejackets', particularly appropriate since the -- And if you're wondering
Guinea and all of those Pacific Middle East, and we are tied to Manual", is the rope or line'that newspaper will be used as a about those three little flags
islands back in the days of World Israel by bonds of culture and is used to hoist signal flags primary means to communicate preceding "The Halyard" on our
War II, and it is still true with all sentiment and by the special aboard ships. throughout the University and masthead, those are Allied signal
poor, peasant groups the world attachment of our American since it carries on the nautical flags. From top to bottom, they
over. Jewish population. Whatever The name was selected for the tradition of one of its predecess- are (in Navy parlance) "Uniform"
happens we are on the side of new University of North Florida ors, "The Mariner." Further- "November" and "Foxtrot" --
We are a nation with too much Israe 1 and we will go to war if we newspaper by the Publications more, the "Halyard" symbolism which stands for the initials UNF.
presidential power and too much have to and say it is being done in Board, acting for and at the is in keeping with the UNF seal And UNF, as they say, is where
international involvement. The our "national interest." request of the General Assembly. and symbol which utilizes the we're at.

Letters to the editor

'Sigrnl' event new venture, ,and printing employed for tax relief in other Hidden news There are really three kinds of
ee? ; services were arranged. areas, such 'as, for example, a news: managed news, visible
Th fir enow 'ave a vehicle which. pr-property tax decrease. Addi- news, and hidden news. It is only
This first issue of the can -- and am confident will-- ti'nally, the legalization of Dear Editor: now and then that "hidden
HALYARD is a "signal" event in prove to be extremely beneficial marijuana would promote a news" becomes visible and
the life of our young Univsity i to us all. I welcome the general decrease in the collective There is too much hidden news, makes the front page. There are
more ways than onel In a HALYARD to our campus. tensions of contemporary Amerin- too much suppression of too many hundred of examples of managed
UNF whereall things --people, THOMAS G. CARPENTER, can life. facts which should be known by news every week in our local
facilities, policies, PRESIDENT The legalization of dueling the people who vote and pay the papers, and major TV networks.
facilities, policies, and pro- would also promote the general taxes -- the well-known Man-in-
cedures -- are relatively new, tranquility of America and offer a the-Street. The people of this country need
there is a critical need for an Marijuana, dueling speedy remedy to the resolution to read more. and do patient
effective means ofcommunication of both personal and legal Let's work hard, as upper level piecing and fitting together of odd
which we have not had. It is our conflicts, college students with the scraps and bits of information
earnest hope that the HALYARD The students of UNF should The likelihood of increased responsibility of running the which sift through the informal
will meet this need as a voice for support an attempt presently property taxes and the certainty world coming our way in the next censorship gradually taking
the entire University Community. underway to legalize marijuana of increased lawyer fees could be decade, to cut down on place. There are always some
In addition, it is expected to and dueling. efficaciously stopped by the journalistic mud slinging and "fingerprints" left in buried
provide a laboratory experience The legalization of marijuana legalization of marijuana and name-calling. Let's work with paragraphs of major stories, and
for students interested inthe field 'would add tax revenue to the dueling, intelligence and youthful zest to the curiosity of a determined
ofjournalism and communication, governmental sector. Such addi- GEORGE COMER discourage obvious attempts at college student could and will
thus the birth of the HALYARD is tional tax revenue could then be STUDENT news control, change the bland balderdash
doubly important. published all too often.
Those who were not directly oe' Any one college newspaper can
involved can scarcely appreciate $ THE HALYARD invites all whose name appears under it. No includes harassment, innuendo, | only be a small voice of sanity and
the enormous amount of time and members of the UNF "family" to anonymous letters will be half-truth or is in poor taste, will reason amid all the clangor and
effort devoted over the past | contribute Letters to the Editor printed; THE HALYARD will, not be accepted. Preference will ; clamor of business. But, as a
year or so to the planning of this for its issues. Al letters must be apon request, withhold the name be given those who have not :A stinging and nettling publication
publication. Various committees typewritten, doMble-spaced and of an individual from print after previously had a letter published." will an ability to see it and tell it
struggled over matters ranging ' signed; name, address and authenticating the letter with that THE HALYARD reserves the : just as it is at a grass-roots level,
from philosophy to equipment telephone number should also be individual. Letters should not be right to edit letters which are ; the college press of this country
specifications and budgets. Two S appended so that the letter may over two pages in length. unduly long, but will not print must keep a window open on the
publications, the MARINER and g beauthenticated.Noletterwill be such letters until the author has world to give us a clear view of
WHAT'S HAPPENING were x printed without assuring that it been apprised of the editing and the oncoming future.
merged, a professional journalist l has been written by the individual Material that is libelous or approves. AVERY MEANS,
was persuaded to oversee this STUDENT

Page 4 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

Clinic offers counselling, seminars

Abortion referral is a special 'Preventive medicine" is the goal of the Student forAdvice to students and plans
Abortion referral is a special for the weeks ahead were
service of the Student Health Health Office at the University of North Florida. discussed by Ms. Gerry Ray,
Office. The approach is one of R.N., of the Student Health
'personal counseling in which the The independent clinic isn't just a first aid station. It office.
different choices are given. When Nurse Ray 'stated that "If a
S a decision is made by the has brought a sickle-cell testing program on campus, student has symptoms he is
individual then sthe Student t staged a blood bank drive, held nutrition seminars, a the cusic to be ehulduatmeandt
student by providing specific planned parenthood discussion, as well a ab rtin referred for further treatment if
information as to the sources eenthood d necessary." There is a nurse on
available. referrals, birthcontrol and health counseling. nd een t pu.s on o
of rand 10 p.m. Monday through
Staffed by two nurses under the direction ofa group of Friday.
The Ladies Center, Women's rs Problems of students ranging'
Center for Reproductive Health three doctors, the clinic -- located on the second floor of P problems of students ranging
and the U.S. Naval Hospital forinn 1 from drugs to emotional disorders
qualified military dependents are | Building 3, Room 2421 -- also has ambitious plans for the are readily discussed by the staff
the three agencies used for current quarter. members. If the problem is
referral, according to Nurse Gerry deemed serious enough, the
Ray. student can be referred to a local
physician who can help.
Sml The student health services is
The Ladies Center opened- 'n 1 Cr I im gile myset as a mother not operated by the University of
Jacksonville June 16 and North Florida but is owned and
performs pregnancy termination operated by a group of three
(abortions) with the new vacuum doctors who comprise the
aspiration method, under local BY SHIRLEXCORBIN office, Monday afternoon, she operating room in miniature. She Southeastern Medical Exam. The
anesthesia. The center's services appears calm, except that she is is given a tranquilizer to relax her three doctors are Guy T.
include counseling, pregnancy 'Ann has everything going for smoking one cigarette after and then a local anesthetic. In Selander, M.D., William Haeck,
S testing, venereal disease testing her. She is young, pretty, and she another, and talking a mile a twenty minutes it's all over. M.D., and Clifford Jeremiah,
and family planning. won an award for artwork her minute. This is unusual for Ann, She is woozy from the M.D.
senior year. at a local high school, for she is usually very quiet, tranquilizer and has to be driven Some programs projected for
MRS. NOLA MATHIS, admi- She works in the art field in home. "Gee, it didn't hurt at -the future as noted by Ray are a
nistrator at the Ladies Center Jacksonville. But she is pregnant. "You know", she says, "I all," she says. "It just felt like I sight conservation demonstra-
stated, "That the general public She is.also unmarried, wonder if. I would be here if was being vacuumed inside. You tion, seminar on venereal
is becoming more aware that abortions had been legal when I know, like a rug." disease, glaucoma testing and a
abortions are legal and that the is o o an is h was At home, later in the evening meet the doctor day" when one
Ladies Center has met with will visit a doctor this year to have toget ofthe three physicians compris-
representatives of groups at the an abortion. Her reasons? They She has a point. She is the she sends a friend out to get her i the gopw n cmpu
University of Florida, Florida are many. "I can't imagine youngest of six children. Her prescription filled. It is for birth ing te grup e on cam s
State and University of North myself as a mother. I'm too father and mother separated control pills. "I don't start taking t o answer any questions regard-ms
Florida and hope to work with young. I can't get married. I'm when she was still an infant. She them yet, but I want to know I students. Ideas for future
some of their programs." not even sure who the father is." says she has never seen her have them. ror and the clinic itself are
some of their programs programs and the clinic itself are
father and doesn't want to. As to the moral decision she invited by them.
As she walks into the doctor's made, her only comment is
Women's Center for Reproduc- office, she appears quite calm. AT THE DOCTOR'S office, she "Thank God and the legislature Students are invited to inquire
tive Health is a non-profit clinic Her mind is made up that is escorted by the nurse into a for giving me the opportunity to at the clinic for any of the health
for first trimester, ambulatory abortion is the only answer, small room that appears to be an decide." education materials kept there,
abortion, founded and operated
by Jacksonville Clergy Consulta- AFTER AN EXAMINATION
tion Service, Inc. and conference, an appointment XK.-
is ma de for the very next week to
The center has three clinic perform the minor operation, She i
sessions: Pre-operative clinic f m quickly because she is o
verification of pregnancy by a almost eight weeks pregnant.
verification of pregandy by a Under the Florida 'Abortion
pregnancy test and pevic Statute, she says she must have it
examination, lab tests, prepara- done before the tenth week.
tion of medical records, and one the tt w
counseling. This is done during Hermainconcernisthepriceof
the morning session. The surgical e abortion--snis plus $23 l
clinic for D & E (dilation and theabortion--15er wrk, she only
work. Atfter work, she only
evacuation) by vacuum curettage, makes $2 per hour and doesn't
is done in the afternoon of the makes 2 -per hour and doesn't t
clinic for two week checkup and money in time. The doctor will not
family planning counseling and perform the abortion until his fee
services is the final session. is paid in full.
After four days of trying to 'N \
One of the three counselors at borrow from friends, Ann decides
the center, Peggy Gaillard, to confide in her boss. "It's my 1
described her job as being to only hope," she says. Her boss is
"Make it easier for this day to willing to make a loan, to be
pass." repaid at the rate of $25 per week.
around d, she still does not appear i
Welsh gets award upset about the abortion. It will
be a normal weekend for Ann.
D PTA^~~ She has a date Friday night, will T T DJ-
from Duval PTA spend Saturday cleaning her tinyTO T E EDTOR
apartment arid on Sunday, always
Lynne Welsh, an elementary spends the day outdoors, Nr AMH R l,D
education major at University of painting.
North Florida, has been awarded C
the Duval County PTA Scholar- Sunday afternoon, while paint- T F I I E
ship Award of $300. ing a seascape at the beach, she A 0
talks about what will. happ en
Selected from a list of about 25 tomorrow. "It's not a major
names submitted to the Duval operation," she says. "I don't *icT
County PTA, Welsh, who worked even have to go to the hospital.
for about 20 years as a registered The doctor will do it right in his
nurse, became interested in office. My appointment is for A H
children who were educable but 3:30. I'll only miss half a day's
needed special help. She has work. "
participated in various programs
working with children Isince On Sunday night, friends stop
attending UNF. by he r apartment. She talks fre ely
with them about the abortion. A
After her graduation in June, friend reassures her: "It's no big
Welsh, who now works part time thing, unless you get an infection.
in the department of health and That' s what happened to me and I
physical education, plans to go on thought I was going to die." ;* i
for her masters in special ;
education at U- NF. ON THE W AY to the doctor's .......................... . ....a...... ...... .........

THE HALYARD Jan, 9, 1974 Page 5

I0 Bier conducts survey

S"- S 2on campus car pooling

BY BUZZ MILLS DR. BIER has conducted a
A computerized car-pooling survey of the number of students
C system may be one outgrowth of riding in each car as they came to
the-work of an ad hoc committee the university The survey was
coordinated by the University conducted by stationing himself,
S Advancement Office, headed by other faculty members and
Dean George W. Corrick. students in a university vehicle at
A" DaSome of our students the entrance to parking lot
expressed fears that shortages five and actually counting the
expressed fears that shortages d number of people in each car that
Sbe nte y Odedgasoline may hamper their ability number of peope in eac cr tht
Sto attend lasses, sai oik passed. The count was conducted
to attend classes, said Corrick. December 5-7 from 6:30 a.m.
the "To deal with this problem, the ile mer rm :30 a.m.
i University has formed an ad hoc until 8:30 p.m.
to l p u committee, coordinated by my The purpose of the survey was
e office, to recommend ways by to cl f the
Which ca-pooling can be development of a program to
towhi car-gooling can beg encourage the sharing of
implemented so our students, as encourage the sharing of
ell as faculty and staff, can transportation by students, facul-
S well as faculty and staff, cataff.
share available transportation, ty and staff.
Corrick added. According to Dr. Bier, "If, at
Dr. Charles J. Bier, UNF our present size, commuting
assistant professor of natural vehicles to UNF went from an
sciences appointed by Dr. Corrick average occupancy of 1.2 per car
to chair the ad hoc shared. to only 1.5 per car, on the order of
transportation committee, said a 500 gallons per day or 100,000 per
St r wt car-pooling system is currently year of gasoline could be saved.
T.W. Bostwick (eft) and A.K. Oswd inspect- campus cooling system for compliance with being developed from existing In dollars, this would mean
energy reduction orders. computer-based programs and $40,000 saved in fuel costs alone.
other information to meet UNF's While development of this
-- Staff photo by Doris Manukian. specific'needs. program might cost a few
thousand dollars, implementation
and export costs will be only a few
per cent of the real savings in
*i terms of energy, parking space,
UNF cuts back energy consumption CONCERNING the use of the
MCONCERNING the use of the
(from page 1) survey data, Bier said, "We
pagbeen initiated by Oswald. Under we haven't stopped there," UNF built in Miami since 1923. They anticipate a sophisticated com-
temporary classrooms and in this program, one of the two President Thomas G. Carpenter are also looking into- an puter matching capability that
the Boathouse, with timers set 750-ton air chilling units will be said. evaporative spray system for will maximize car-pool participa-
to shut off air conditioning shut down at all times when "We are looking ahead to the roofs which would cool the roofs tion by enabling students to
units between 11 p.m. and 6 outside weather conditions per- coming months and are devising and lower the need for schedule classes that conform to
a.m. mit. This operational procedure some ways to combat the air-conditioning. the schedules of other students in
will be in effect during cooler potential fuel crisis, which could their pool."
ONE AREA of the campus, seasons of the year. affect our students, faculty and In addition to the UNF survey,
however, will be exempted from ANOTHER SAVING of energy staff," Carpenter added. And, finally, they are consider- data has been collected from the
the energy* cohsumption cutbacks was provided by declaring a ing the possibility of utilizing the Federal Highway Administration
-- the parking lots. Bostwick holiday on December 24 and WHAT NEW AREAS are waste heat from the college's and other similar programs
mentioned that many people December 31 and, therefore considered for energy conserva- garbage. Presently UNF spends already in existence.
suggested turning off the lights at closing the college for two tion at UNF? Both Bostwick and about $6,000 annually to remove Dr. Bier stated, "The system
night in the parking lots but he four-day weekends. Oswald have come up with a garbage from the campus. If, "could subsequently be exported
does not think it advisable. He UNF's approximate power number of ideas. instead, it could be burned on with little modification to other
-feels that due to the remote needs at present average about campus in an approved (for local college campuses as well as
location of the campus, the risk of 550,000 kilowatt hours per month For one, they are investigating emission standards) type of individual office buildings, down-
exposing students to vandalism or at a cost of approximately $7,500. solar energy for water heaters, incinerator, the waste heat could town and real estate develop-
aggravated assault at night is not The anticipation of energy needs which have been commercially be used by the school. ments."
worth the amount of power used. at completion of all buildings will
After all, "we want to protect our be one-and-a-half times as much
people," says Bostwick. as the present consumption.
Amplifying the heat reduction Since the cutback in the middle of l
moves, Bostwick says it has been November, about 150,000 kilo-
established by medical and watt hours were saved but due to
engineering experts that the the rate increase by Jacksonville
majority of people are comfort- Electric Authority which also
able at a 68 degree temperature came on Nov. 15, the savings of (fromn pge 1) Argento said bus service was the present time, but was
with a room humidity of about 70 about 25 percent in energy attempted shortly after the suggesting arrangements which
percent. Under the present yielded no savings in money. dents, faculty and staff opportuni- university opened in October, employ existing available facili-
system the rigid control of In addition, the fuel oil problem ties to form car-pools by 1972, but was discontinued when ties, such as church educational
In addition, the fuel oil problem 1972, but was coniu n
humidity conditions is not is serious at UNF because all providing lists of those interested response was not as great as buildings, office buildings with
possible, according to Bostwick, allocation figures used by the in sharing transportation," Coy anticipated. classroom facilities, and area
but he did suggest school offices government are based on fuel use said. community centers.
increase the number of green in 1972, and under this system A second possible step is to set acut obl the tht e he Thivs w d concept would require
plants growing within the the university will get no fuel up "huts" on campus and in the now," Argoblento said. "I think our the careful orchestration of
working area. "This will make a authorization until April, 1974. In parking lots. Each will have a sign people now would be far more details, but has been tried and
great difference in, possible January, February and March of indicating a destination, such as receptive to this type of service proven with our continuing
dryness of the interior atmos- 1972 the university did not order Arlington, Riverside, or Orange arrangement in view of current education program and could be
phere," he said. any fuel. In April 30,000 gallons Park. Students needing a ride can fuel rationing prospects." modified to fit our regular
THERE WILL BE no change in were ordered to fill the tank to ongregate at the appropriatePOSSIBIITIES under academic class offerings."
present temperatures in the capacity. That is the total hut and hopefully a driver OTHER POSSIBILITIES under a E las o ing.
music and science departments. allotment for the facility at this going that way will offer them a consideration at UNF, according THE LAST PLAN involves
Classroom pianos are affected in time, although campus buildings ride. to President Carpenter, are ways consolidating classes. For in-
tone quality by changes, in have doubled in number since TENTATIVE PLANS for shuttle by which University classes can stance, a class meeting in a
humidity and temperature, ac- 1972. buses which will go from the be "exported" from the campus two-hour time block twice a week
cording to Dr. Gerson Yessin, "WE ARE GOING to install campus to Jacksonville Transpor- to localities where there are would b e r escheduled to meet fork.
chairman of the department of another tank to take care of future station regular bus stops are also significant student concentrations four hours once a week.
Fine Arts. Yessin says it costs growth, and both the purchasing being considered. Students could or ways of re-scheduling classes Concerning the: possibility of
more than $100 each time pianos department and physical facilities ride the city buses to a point and so each class meets for a longer re-schedu proposal clas iCanteresting,
have to be re-tuned. are now working with the catch a university shuttle bus for period of time, but fewer times said the proposal eas interesting,
Bostwick says he is already Petroleum Allocation Office of the the remainder of the trip. J.T.A. during the week. but would require careful
planning to install dehumidifiers U.S. Department of the Interior to has been approached to see if it "The first propwould be far more limitations ondue the UNF campus.pace
in all music classrooms, and this get a special allocation based on would consider reestablishing a economical to have a single "I believe this proposal could
will solve the problem. the fact that UNF was not direct bus route to this campus faculty member drive to a central become a reality as soon as we
Dr. Edward Healy, chairman of ordering fuel oil in any quantity and Florida Junior College. location to teach 20 to 25 students have our Phase II buildings
Natural Sciences, says his before January, 1973," Bostwick than it would be to have those completed and in use, say by
department conducts many ex- said. aware of the situation and will students individually drive to the April," Carpenter said.
periments which would be He also pointed out that the rise to meet the challenge. campus to attend a single class," Although all these plans have
impossible without constant figures are not applicable to UNF assistant director of Carpenter explained. drawbacks, Coy said that the only
temperature control of around 75 upcoming fuel needs because the student activities, Michael G. By "exporting" its classes way any of them will work is
degrees. 1972 winter was the mildest in 30 Argento, has been discussing throughout the community, through the full cooperation of
A daily schedule for starting years, with JTA the feasibility of Carpenter said he was not students, faculty and staff of the
and shutting down all heavy "While we have taken steps to re-establishing the public bus advocating the establishment of university during this energy
energy consuming equipment has conserve energy on the campus service to and from the campus. "branch campuses" of UNF at crisis.

Page 6 -'Jari.-9 1974 -' TIIE"H[LYWR"'
i ........ ....


Construction of the new
buildings at University of North
Florida will be completed '
beginning next week, according
to Eugene Harrie, university office assignments are still not
physical planning consultant. definite and could be changed.
Phase two of the construction Scheduled to open Feb. 15 will THERE WILL BE two
includes three new classroom be building nine, south of the commons, a television lounge,
buildings and an addition to the present library. This will house and two game rooms for pool and
library. Each of these will be the 175-seat assembly room. The cards and chess. Student health
approximately 30,000 square feet. room will have a sloped floor, w i move to this building, a ndv
The estimated cost is about $5.1 fixed seats, and a platform area. student activities may have space
million. UNF's portable organ will be kept in the building. There will also be
Building eight, just south of in a storage room next to this a facility for catered meals.
existing building Jhree, will be assembly room. The deans of business and arts
the first building completed. The and science will have offices here.
bookstore will be moved there, THERE WILL BE two Departments with offices in this
and will be two. and one half times commons, a television lounge, a building will include history,
its present size. faculty-staff lounge, a brown bag buildingmanagement
lunch facility, and two game psychology, and management
There will be a permanent food' rooms, one for pool and one for and marketing.
service facility in the building.. It cards and chess.
will seat 140, both inside and in The addition to the library is
an outside area. Six classrooms, one seating 45, scheduled to be completed Apr.
SIX NEW CLASSROOMS are three seating 30 and two seminar 15. It will double the size of the
included. Two are case study size, will be added. There will library.
classrooms, semi-circular in also be one large classroom which More space will be devoted to
shape, with stepped risers. They will be divisible into four smaller stacks. The present bookstore will
will hold 48 students each and will units of 30 each. be converted to an audio-visual
have in instructional table seating library. There will also be one
five. There will be two Office. assignments for this commons.
accounting-type classrooms (one building include political science,
for communications), with tables sociology, finance and insurance, After the .new buildings are
rather than desks, and two economics, secondary and ele- completed, building three will
conventional classrooms. mentary education, and special undergo extensive alterations. It
There will be two student- will be used for _publications,
faculty lounges or "commons." Building ten, opening March graphics and instructional com-
Each will be shared by- several 15 is west of the courtyard. This munications. Other changes to
5 .s existing buildings will be minimal
departments. The one game room will be mainly a classrooming buildings will be m
will have facilities for table building, house mainly 13 classroom i phase two, according to Harrie.
tennis. The personnel department building, housing 13 classrooms.
tennis. The personnel department seating from 24'to 45. There will THE ORIGINAL COMPLE-
building. also be a semi-psychology TION date for phase two was Oct.
photos building laboratory with tables and chairs,
Departments using offices in which will be adjacent to a small
this building will be mathemati- animal r6om. (a~ next pege)
by cal, science, language and
literature, accounting, vocational
Don Renshaw technology and perhaps one
Don Renshaw more. Harrie emphasized that

1 7

THE HALYARD Jan. 9; 1974 Page 7

(from page 6) summer of 1974 and completed in
approximately one year. The
15, 1973, with one building being 35,000-square-foot building will
opened a month. be about 600 feet south of
building nine.
Delay in construction has been
due to several factors, according The building will house the
to Harrie. Strikes by two types of 750-seat auditorium, meeting
personnel -- sheet metal workersum, mee
and insulators, -- have slowed rooms, teaching laboratories,
down work. There has been a drama classrooms, an organ
studio, a television studio,
shortage of construction workers practice rooms, studio classrooms
in the Jacksonville area, due to practice rooms, studio classrooms
other large projects under and offices.
construction. : .
Phase four consists of several
Various :material shortages projects. To be completed this
have contributed to the delay. summer is lighting for the
These include concrete, reinforc- entrance road.
ing steel and aluminum. The
aluminum is used in store fronts, A warehouse, near building
a type of wall framing, door six, will be completed approxi-
frames, and conduit and cables. mately June, 1975. Central
receiving and purchasing will be .
Phase three and four are now housed there.
being planned. These will utilize
the same "fast-track" concept The largest project, to be
used in phases one and two. This completed in January, 1976, is a
innovative concept provides for dry laboratory and office building
taking bids on portions of the west of building nine. It will
project as soon as the designs are house various faculty and
completed, rather than waiting departmental offices and the
until all of the construction technology program.
drawings have been finished.
There will also be alterations to
PHASE THREE, an auditorium existing buildings engendered by
laboratory and classroom build- changes made in phases three
ing, will be started in late and four.

.r. .-m...

Page 8 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

Center enriches student learning skills

BY SHARON McCONNELL and courses to aid students in es in parliamentary procedure and and preparation; and learning give assistance where help is
enriching existing skills and writing and organizational skills better articulation and communi- needed and requested.
Have a hang-up about taking enhance academic skills of all were taught this quarter. Help cation skills are also available. "The key is flexibility," Evans
tests? Go into a cold sweat when students. with research papers -- where to In the near future, tutorial said. The university wants to
participating in class? Financial s o find material and how to organize assistance will be available, develop the full academic person
difficult to study? demand," v sad Ms. Joan B. it; techniques in job interviewing Student tutors are being hired to -- mentally, emotionally and
Swth thse co o Evans, director of the center. socially -- one who can leave the
learning problems is just part of "We will try to supply any help university able to handle all
learningstudents need to make them situations.
the services available in the students nell-rounded to m ethemLONG RANGE PLANS
Academic Enrichment and Skills well-rounded people." include classes in any area not
Center. Often students just need an covered in the immediate
Sessions in alleviating tension opportunity to refresh skills or academic core. A writing contest,
and anxiety are held by Dr. Travis develop proficiency in one area. judged by professional writers,
Carter and Dr. J. Lester Arnette. The average student at UNF is 28 with cash prizes will be sponsored
Through counseling and listening years old, married and has a by the center.
to tapes, a student learns to relax family. It has been several years This contest will be open to all
himself -- a type of self-hypnosis. since he or she has been in an areas: poetry, short stories, etc.
ALONG WITH THIS academic atmosphere. "They The ultimate goal is to present a
service, learned the skills at one time but literary magazine consisting of
the Academic Enrichment and just need to enrich existing student contributions.
Skills Center provides programs skills," Evans said. student contributions. la
seis vnrs said. n A speech contest is planned for
At this time, the center is still the spring quarter. Also, short
in its planning stages. The full courses in career objectives and
Carpenter sees range of services and programs methods to implement them.
will not be offered until space for Evans said that the job market is
materials and equipment is tight and a person has to sell
non-trad tional available. himself, not just list his
HOWEVER, THERE are qualifications. "We want to
course approach interim programs provided now, prepare the student not only
course such as the test anxiety groups. Center director Joan Evans counsels student. academically but in all realms of
Seminars and non-credit class- -- Staff photo by Doris Manukin. interaction in the community."
(from pag 1)
requirements of a growing
community like Jacksonville.
"The goal is to develop an
institution where education is
taken directly to the community,"
Carpenter stated.
In order to achieve this goal, I
the university is looking forward
to the implementation of
programs at the institution which A ty bCQA oe
will vary from the traditional
approach to college education. i
One such program is in 0 r I
continuing education, whereby AaV0 carmnge
students can take courses at the I |POLI Sh ang Svs m
university which do not necess- V
arily lead to a degree or c61lege R
credit but do help or compliment
their present or future occupa- WA6fve .' y
tions. Carpenter cited, as an NEWT
example, the person who might
already hold a degree in Business
Administration and is employed
in a local bank where he must rely J It.# m V
on someone else to handle .
computer work for him because
his formal education did not A eodo rai n
include computer orientation. 1
Through the continuing education I I
concept, that person would be -,- N
able to return to school and take a
course designed to meet his
specific needs. The result would Y IN G
be a better qualified employee for
the bank and the development of
a more relevant curriculum at the
.Crasingy cncrnd that eaSUPERBOXTODAY
increasing concern that educa-
tion in the past has been under
attack because of its lack of
relevance and actual "marketable T H E
value" for te student. Theat THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE
increasing number of "degrees
without jobs" graduated each
en ha s ored the systems tak nd 1. You save money -- you get at least TEN products for 99.
programs offered. Carpenter
feels that the continuing 2 Your Bookstore is the only place you can purchase it.
education concept is one answer
to thoseduaors w3. Limited supply -- ONE box per student.
Not all educators will agree
with Carpenter that departures 4. an for
from the traditional methods and 4. H n for travel.
requirements of a college
education are going to be enough 5 C .4., also several money-saving,
to overcome the problems that Superbox also has several tremendous money-saving,
will face the state's colleges and
universities in the near future. pleasure-giving offers.
Many will just sitback and hope
that they can weather the coming
storm. But at the University of
Nofuture will be decided by the Bookstore Hours 8:30 to 7:30 Daily Except Friday : 8:30 to 5. Closed Saturday.
planning of today, and that
planning, according to Carpenter,
is centered around the hopes and N refunds without salesslip and/or Add-Drop slip.
aspirations of the community that
it serves.

LTHE HALYARD Jan. 9, 1974 Page 9

Day care at UNF looks questionable

BY SYLVIA O'DELL contemplated a day care center DR. HARDESTY's philosophy is completed and a fee of $1.00 students at UNF, the community
established within the Education also has been shared by other paid for a fire marshal inspection, school, and continuing education
Hopes for a day care center at Department so that the children educators in this area. Their point The facilities intended for the day students. Funds would come from
the University of North Florida would receive first-rate instruc- is that if educators are being care center are then inspected by public school resources, UNF
appear quite dim after two years tion and supervision -- not certified to teach in public health officials. The number of resources, community schools
of unsuccessful efforts, glorified babysitting. Depending schools, then the day care center staff, the number of children, how and the Division of Family
upon its funding, the center approach is wasteful in both time many children per square foot Services.
This dimming of hopes is the would have had parents pay a and money. and the construction of a fence
result of two factors -- a nominal or substantial fee. around the area are all criteria A committee of three, including
movement among educators However, there are already considered. Janice Woods of UNF's Educa-
away from a lab-school concept on But the day care proposal has several working day care centers tional Dept., is looking at this
state university campuses, and not had a high priority. A strong in the city. Jacksonville Univer- There is a guide book available proposal,
lack of action on a proposal now factor in this was the coolness of sity has a program. Florida Junior plus a book, "Minimum Stan-
two years old. then Superintendent of Schools College has a center on its North dards for Child Care Program," COMMENTS FROM various
Cecil Hardesty to the idea. The Campus. University Hospital has which can be obtained from the students have not been favorable
The day care concept has Duval school chief reportedly was a facility for its workers and Department of Health and to this concept. The idea of
drawn much interest and support not impressed with the idea of nurses to leave children with Rehabilitative Services, a Divi- having a day care center
among UNF faculty members and dare care centers on state qualified personnel. sion of Family Services. downtown does not appeal to
students. It has also enjoyed campuses. students who live at the beaches,
nationwide acceptance and feder- James Music of the Community Duval County is one of three Southside, Arlington and Orange
al funding as a means of Planning Council Jacksonville counties whose day care centers Park. One student said, "I'm
providing a place to leave Sources list the former Area Inc. explained the establish- are under state regulation. Most stretching gas to get back and
children while adults work or superintendent's reasoning as: ing a day care center as a fairly counties have their own regula- forth to campus. Added mileage
attend classes. Why pour funds into the simple procedure. tory system. plus a toll to pay would be
reproduction of lab-schools on ridiculous considering the energy
THE PROPOSAL drawn up and campus when the Duval elemen- A LICENSE must be obtained EVEN THOUGH UNF or any crisis."
presented to the UNF tary schools need all the funds from the Division of Family group could begin a day care
administration two years ago and support they can get? Services. To do this an application center, the actual maintenance While there seems to be no
and follow-through must be immediate prospects for a day
thoroughly considered, Music care center on UNF's campus, the
3 5 a re selquestionaire wilbe given out to
For UNF there is a partial'-- if students. It will seek to identify
unsatisfactory -- answer. A who would actually use a center
The names of thirty-five A biographical sketch of each Jerry Nelson, W. Larry Nelson, detailed report was completed and how often.
University of North Florida selected UNF student will appear Brenda P. Oliver, Joan Q. Pelous, recently by the State of Florida
students will be included in the in the forthcoming publication. Larry L. Pelton, Thelma B. Division of Family Services. If
40th edition of "Who's Who Each student will receive a Pruett, Jerry S. Rodgers, Gencie followed, a day care center could If students want a center on
Among Student in American personalized certificate com- S. Rucker, John K. Silvers, Elaine be set up at the University of campus, one faculty member
Colleges and Universities," memorating his selection. Also, R. Smith, and Patricia R. Florida State Center for Contin- suggests that the point could be
according to Dr. Darwin O. Coy, each student may use the Templemen, all of Jacksonville. uing Education, 1701 Davis. This driven home quote successfully if
UNF dean of students. organization's reference and downtown center would serve as a mothers and fathers brought
placement service for employ- Also, Marilyn B. Trumm, focal point for children of small children to classes.
The students were selected by ment opportunities or post-bacca- Cynthia L, Valentine, Gerald L.
a committee of UNF college laureate college work as a lifetime Wade, Michael J. Wallis, :O
deans, departmental chairmen, benefit. Leonard D. Warrick, Jr., Nancy
professors and peers, Coy said. AMONG THOSE UNF students A. Webb and Sharon F. Wright,
The nominations were then :selected are Ronny J. Allen, John Jacksonville; Debra W. Green,
screened by the UNF student R. Barrett, Donna J. Butler, Jacksonville Beach; Lance B. P olice off er services
affairs committee, composed of Thomas G. Fowler, m, Deloris Green, Dorienne B. Robertson,
students, faculty and staff and the Frazier, Linda B. Hatfield, Mary and James F. Seelbinder,
eligible names submitted to the R. Head, Joan P. Hubbard, Neptune Beach; Evelyn D.
publications national headquar- Robert W. McCord, Harold L. Tooten, Live Oak; and Harry W. BY MARY BRUMBAUGH There has been only one
ters. Maready, Michael A. Milkey, C. Walker, Orange Park. serious accident since the school
It's 10 p.m. Jane just got out of opened, but greater numbers of
S class. Her car is in parking lot cars increases the probability of
four. The university campus is more accidents.
quiet, and as she walks to her car,
her footsteps echo in the silence. SINCE UNF IS a wildlife
She begins to feel uncomfortable. preserve, the wildlife must also
Then she sees a patrol car driving be protected. Nothing should be
through the parking lot. It stops killed on campus unless it should
until she is safely on her way. endanger human life.

one of the prime objectives of the Enforcement encompasses two
Department of Public Safety areas, parking violations and
service to the university commun- moving violations. Parking of-
ity. fenses are an internal matter, and
all money collected for fines goes
This service may include into a scholarship fund for
starting a car when the battery students. All moving offenses
has run down, or helping with violate state statutes and must be
other mechanical problems. A handled in county court.
member of the university may
also receive referral advice on Creekmore emphasized that
legal problems. only about five per cent of the
speeders stopped are given
THE FORCE OF 16 police tickets. Most are given warnings.
officers at University of North The force's goal is to slow people
Florida has three main objectives down.
-- service, protection and
enforcement -- according to Several problems were men-
Bobby Creekmore, administrative tioned by Creekmore. People park
FDP8 eVnwad iadl & p iS sergeant of the force. in the handicapped and visitors
spaces who do not belong there.
The property itself, and the This nullifies the purpose of these
individuals and wildlife on the reserved spots. .There is also a
S t n d campus, must be protected. The problem with people parking on
A ^ eKwV gW department is concerned particu- the circle at the main entrance.
larly with outside elements, such This is reserved for deliveries and
as hunters and motorcyclists, emergency use.
which endanger the university
in the area, the UNF police force
Warning speeders is one are state police officers, rather
method of protection. Creekmore than security guards. Require-
emphasized that the entrance ments include two years of
1 i ' 1 O,, R d ad 1Iroad is dangerous when taken at college, military experience or
too fast a speed. Creekmore went law enforcement work. Each
on to explain, "We know that member of the force must attend
n64 0877 no many people leave class and are 480 hours of classes at the
PW 4l-0 77 very preoccupied. They don't Northeast Florida Criminal Jus-
even realize they are speeding. So tice Training and Education
.*.. H.EiUU.UEU....IIUUIUEIIU...E...H.II...I................................U # we stop them and remind them." Center.

Page 10 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

SLakes get 'touch-up'
BY RICKY CREWS scheduled for July 1 completion is now thriving in the lakes along
There are three lakes on the planned to extend south from the with a number of aquatic plants.
., S HUniversity of North Florida large lake along a nature trail. ALLIGATORS have taken
campus. Ecology and beautifica- The bridge to the island will be residence in the large lake from
Stion work is being done on each ol high enough for the canoes to the surrounding lake. The
the lakes, pass under. The grassy island and Jacksonville police department
Just off the campus road is the canoe trail will provide a place for also transported one giant
,,g largest of the UNF lakes which students and faculty to relax Alligator to the large lake that
... covers an area of 16 acres and between or after classes, they had found at a service
V l-B :x.' contains a 2 acre island. The When construction was begun station. The alligator lived awhile
island is being landscaped and on UNF, dirt for filling-in was at UNF, then disappeared into the
planted with rye grass. So far, needed for the buildings and woods and swamp. At least two
Only pilings have been installed highway. The dirt was taken from smaller alligators still reside in
for a footbridge to the island from what are now that UNF lakes, the lake.
the shore. The larger of the lakes is 12 to 16
A pipeline to the large lake feet deep and drops off sharply Agents from the Environmental
from the two small lakes has been from the shore. The smaller Control Agency tested all the
laid to control the levels of the lakes, located by the Boathouse lakes and gave them a clean water
smaller lakes and prevent their and joined by a canal, have a rating. However, the soil on the
overflowing. If everything goes depth of about 12 feet. island of the large lake was to acid
Son schedule, the footbridge will All of the spring fed lakes have to support plant life. Lime was
be completed July 1, 1974. been stocked with fish by the mixed into the soil to lessen the
Fresh Water and Game Commis- acidity for the planting of the
A CANAL for canoes also sion. Bass, perch, and catfish are grass.


as you begin your maiden a
voyage with this issue,

you smooth sailing.

I 'Stompers'sponsor recycling

Sw "Sawmill Slough is the leading aluminum cans, with the other nature walks which will be
S- organization on campus," accord- cooperation of the Physical marked in different color paint
S1 ing to its faculty advisor, Dr. Bob Facilities Department. The mon- blazes.
W a Loftin. That's not an unbiased ey from this project goes into the THESE TRAIL markings are
W e are opinion but it does have merit as treasury of the club. quite simple. One square means
Sfar as the varied activities of this The Slough "Stompers" are that you are on the trail. Two

d concerned administration in construction of mean you are approaching a turn
S Sawmill Slough is concerned nature trails around the campus. in the trail. Three squares, one on
with the environment of the UN They re currently in the process top of others, ean that you have
campus as well as the community of marking these trails. reached the end of the trail.
According to Dr. Loffti, these
to be doing the composition a stat Te fomis e e r h BI markings l a r i bothe

S= to UNF to take part mn this event, appthopriatey ena d Warb a t e a ev ont sh treehans
Mayor Hans Tanzler led the walk alk, Turkey Track Trail, Sand be carefully cleaned before the
around the campus Ridge Trail and Paw-Paw Trail. paint is applied, so as not to
eONE PROJ-iECT sponsored by Running north and south off damage the tree. Then a stencil is
Sawmill Slough is the recycling of the Perimeter Trail are many used to paint the blaze.

Phone Iob hShe's students taxidermist
S2 BY TERRY MOTa ERSHED is also an area that she enjoys. Uponr entering theit home, one
Jacksonville's most award j Lynn Reed is Jacksonville's th is greeted by tons of forest
only lady taxidermist. She prefers Taxidermy work is not for the inhabitants and the walls are
w inning weekly newspaper, to refer to herselfas a member of weak-stomached person. The covered with fish of every color
S= a team. Brad, her husband, and skinning-out of the animals can
s Serving Arlington-Soulthside L Lynn own and operate a get pretty gruesome. Though she shape, and size.
Taxidermist shop on the Southside has done it many times, she Her husband is an avid hunter.
since 1968. Currently, she is enrolled at the prefers to leave this part of the She is a devoted fisherman.
University of North Florida. Her job to her husband and his Between the two, their home is
Time is divided between her work assistants. filled with beautiful aquatic and
8706 Lone Star Road at the shop and school. woodland creatures.
SPhone 724-05Mirs To help prepare herself for the
Mrs. Reed acquired her job, she has taken courses in Mrs. Reed is working towards a
interest -in taxidermy when she zoology and biology. Her husband career in the teaching of
Smet her husband about four years taught her the practical side of archaeology or history. However,
Sago. Squirrels, rabbits, and other taxidermy. And she feels she she adds, her love for taxidermy
Small animals are her specialties. has had plenty of working will keep it a part of her life -- if
IIIIlll IIIIIIIIIIllll lll~lllllllllH~ll~ll ill~llWIllllIIlill~imI~imi l oThe painting of salt water fishes experience in the shop. not as work then as a hobby.

THE HALYARD Jan. 9, 1974, Page 11

Nature trails circle campus

White Violet, Wild Orchid, signs of animal life when marking orchids, a sunning alligator and as follows: Perimeter Trail, The members of Sawmill
Bald Cypress. the trails, on the way back to the other things which are rarely seen yellow, and White Violet Trail, Slough plan to mark the
campus they were treated to a in Jacksonville. white. The Wild Orchid, the Bald remaining trails in the near
No, these aren't names of any number of interesting sights Cypress, and the Switch Cane future. Anyone wishing to join the
University of North Florida tracks of deer and smaller If students want to make use of Trails have no color-code as of club either in marking or in any of
professors, nor are they a new animals by a stream, wild the trails, two of them are coded yet. the trail walks can contact Loftin.
collection of perfumes from
Madame Chanel. They are the
names of three nature trails
surrounding the UNF campus.
UNF students are fortunate in tima------
having five trails which take them t
into woods teeming with deer, ..t***
boar and even rare wild orchids. et b ,**'"\1 b,"
The trails provide busy suburban S. A O.
residents the opportunity to .-*"
experience the beauty and Ncu .. (utr
serenity of the natural world. n uture -- /
OF THE FIVE TRAILS, only G....* i / /
two have been marked, the t
Perimeter Trail and White Violet /
Trail. The Perimeter Trail was i
marked by six members of the -. i
sawmill Slough Conservationt -
Club in November. '
I. y/ :B : .- \ -/ I
Armed with paintbrushes and
yellow highway marking paint, -'
looking like a hunter's nightmare i
in jeans and army fatigues, the \
group started out at 9:00 a.m. -
Working in two crews they .. J /.
marked about half 'of their I ,
four-mile trail before lunch. .: l
S The painters, led by club o Paaw pa c Cypress rril / ... --
advisor Dr. Robert W. Loftin, .B \i. uet o ing
included club president Brenda (u // -\
Oliver, Warren Peck, Roger / / -J
Sallas, Professor David Porter,
and Jonel Aller. t /
ALTHOUGH THE SIX saw few ex I '-.,

-^- St. Johns Bluff Road ,. 600'
Activities stressed
by Women's Club
Folk music and guitar lessons,
gourmet cooking, organic garden-
ing, tennis, bridge, Spanish
. 'lessons, and arts and crafts are
just a few of the activities offered
by the University of North Florida
Women's Club. I .U

Organized two years ago when
S the university first opened, as a
means for all women associated BY MARY BRUMBAUGH boundaries to escape detection. maintains the delicate ecological FLORIDA STATUTE 821.27
with the university to become Now they can be followed and balance which contributes to the prohibits the molesting of game
S better acquainted. The club has "Cops and robbers" are being identified, welfare of our animals and birds. or fish on property of state
since developed a wide and varied played in our woods at night. The But we're primarily concerned institutions, including those of
program. "cops" are the University of Creekmore said that the Duval about our people; their safety is the State University System
d a North Florida's police depart- County Sherrifs Department has the paramount issue," Dr. unauthorized use of any type of
Programs have iinctied a sa meat.. The "robbers" are been very cooperative in patroling Carpenter has said. lethal weapon or fishing gear on
food cooking demonstration by poachers who have been J and ,working with the university such property.
Miss Sue Griffin, home economist problem on campus since the police. He also pointed to general "We have had some reported
with the Florida Department of university began." support by the university instances of illegal hunting or Florida Statute 821.38 outlines
Natural resources; a program, community, which he says always poaching prior to and since we've penalties for trespass and related
entitled "Speaking for Birds" by Bobby Creekmore, administra- make it easier for the police to do been on the St. Johns Bluff Rd. offenses.
Miss Helen Koehler of the tive sergeant of the police force, their jobs. campus," the President added
Audubon Society; a tasting tea, says that the problem is.being In discussing the background of "but nothing to indicate we have Creekmore said that approxi-
with international dishes featured remedied. Since Thanksgiving, the situation, Creekmore explain- an 'epidemic' situation." mately 15 cases have been taken
a fashion and handicrafts, show; the police have seen a definite ed that when UNF was made a to. court. Poachers can be
and a Christmas party held drop-off in the number of wildlife preserve, some of the ON THE OTHER hand, all it prosecuted on two levels. If they
December 7 for faculty, adminis- poachers coming on the campus. best hunting land in this area was takes is one misdirected shot from are apprehended with a gun
tration and staff. closed. "There's a lot of game a high-powered rifle or shotgun and/or lights, it is a misde-
Creekmore attributes this here -- deer, possoms, coons, wild striking a student or faculty meaner. If the person is caught
As the university grows and the drop-off to several causes. hogs, cougars, owls, quail and member to set the stage for with the game itself, and it can be
club's membership expands, they William Cash, who owns the many kinds of birds. Because this tragedy," he continued, proven that the game was killed
hope to become involved in property to the north of the is a wildlife preserve, nothing can on the wildlife preserve, it is a
community service and volunteer university, was asked to post his be killed here and nothing can be "We sincerely hope the felony.
work. property to hunters. He did this removed -- even a plant." hunters in this area will recognize
the week before Thanksgiving. the potential danger involved in The poachers seem to have
Last year, the women donated With this property posted, no THERE WERE PEOPLE who hunting this land and will respect rather sophisticated equipment.
$200 to the nature trail project, hunting is allowed in the general had hunted here all their lives, our ban on hunting. I'm sure they They were often in four-wheel
and they plan to start a area of the campus. This prevents Even before ground was broken, are aware of other equally drive vehicles, used citizens'
scholarship fund as soon as their a hunter from straying onto UNF poaching was a problem. productive places to hunt." band radios, and worked in
fund-raising projects permit. property "by mistake," explain- Although the authorities were groups, which made apprehen-
ed Creekmore, since he is not concerned about the wildlife For those hunters who may not sion difficult. They also would
Officers for the organization supposed to be hunting anywhere itself, the greatest concern was respond to the University's cross the property lines and avoid
are: Mrs. Doris Parrish, president in the immediate area. for the lives of people on the caution, Florida Statutes are quite police that way.
Ms. Ingrid Boatwright, first campus, specific. Florida Statutes 228.21
vice-president; Ms. Jeanne Hue- BRIGHTON SKINNER, who and 821.19 prohibit trespass upon The ban on hunting is timely,
bner, second vice-president; Ms. owns property to the south of the UNF President Thomas G. the grounds or facilities of state President. Carpenter said, be-
Ethelia Perry, recording secretary campus, has given the university Carpenter has amplified this educational facilities and the cause the University is improving
Ms. Hortense Lloyd, correspond- police permission to go on his view."Naturally, we're concern- commission of acts, including its nature trail system. These
ing secretary; Ms. Barbara property in pursuit of the ed about our wildlife, too. The hunting, which tend to disrupt the trails ultimately will be at the
Arthur, treasurer; and Ms. poachers. Creekmore mentioned University is doing all it can to normal conduct of authorized, recreational disposal of all area
Helen White, historian, that poachers often crossed build this institution in a way that activities on that property, residents.


Page 12 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

Students view racial roles

BY JUDIBENSON proceeded to drive around the been broken before. The acceptance from the people, to the visit. After all we went
neighborhood for days in conversation took on a personal Through their acceptance of me through, I was still accepted and
"How should I eat?" advance. Many resented having tone earlier because there was so and my eagerness to understand, able to accept. And really what I
to make their own arrangements much territory to cover in seven my fears were dispelled. It made found was that I had to accept
"What should I wear if we go and felt as though they were days and it could not be idly used. me sad to think that this kind of myself first before I could open
out?" suddenly being deserted. reception would not necessarily the door to anyone else."
CONVERSATION was cau- be given to a black person in an Before the seventh day ever
"What kind of neighborhood They could no longer rely on tiously approached. "We had to all white situation, came a kind of sadness
do they live in?" the ability to intellectualize. They feel each other out and there was developed, a certain emptiness.
had to deal with feelings. the fear of admitting prejudice or "The preacher asked me to "Who will ever really under-
"What do we talk about?" appearing ignorant. But along stand at the end of the service. He stand what has taken place?"
Driving into an all-black with the fear was the urgency to said, 'You are welcome here w
These questions sound almost neighborhood is a traumatic bridge the racial gap, to let anytime. And you sit wherever believeit y hear or
like a group preparing for a visit "I no longer felt I had the ti
to a foreign land. They weren't."I no longer felt I had the ti
or energy any longer not to be
TEN STU S at thereal. I did not want to hear
TEN STUDENTS at the intellectual excuses and rationali-
University of North Florida were intellectual excuses and rationali-
preparing for a weeks' visit in ten DESPITE THE inconvenience
homes. Five white students were of hing another person in the
going into black homes and five of having another person in the
ging into black h omes and five house, many families felt
black students were going to reluctant to have their visitors
hite h es. leave. "I was kind of wishing this
This exchange program was wasn't your last night, now isn't
part of a course called "Human that silly?"
Conflict in Black & White." Dr. The visit did not last long, but
Peter Kranz, who teaches the for many students it seemed as
course, humorously refers to this though it had taken a lifetime to
project as his "forced busing." get there. Blacks and whites were
project as his "forced busing." seeing ec ote fo the first
seeing each other for the first
For five weeks the students time as individuals and finding
were involved in what could be acceptance not only of others.but
termed a "self-realization" also of self.
study. They probed deeply into The visit had its impact and
their own racial prejudices and was dissected further in the
struggled with the pain of these
findings and the necessary -"-" .cne ar:'d rl:irs eI w:::::
sharing with others of this
growth. 'This white broad
There had been speakers on told me to get my
racial tensions, the history of feet off the sofa
slavery and black contributions to
society. These aided the class in Students in Peter Kranz' course on "Human Conflict Black & White" gather for a soul food meal after She reminded me
the questioning and the growth. their home visits.
Intellectually the group felt staff photos by Don Renshaw. of my mother.'
prepared for the home visit --
until it happened. R N. N-01 _0* 0 3*,.- iv5 -
experience for most whites. It is feelings out and get the you want to because God doesn't
FROM THE MOMENT Dr. the fear of being thrust into a dark reaction." care about color.' Ithought about clasSr6m and-even was the
Kranz handed out the various room and every step is like that for a long time as I looked at subject of a TV show -- but the
names of the families, the tension tiptoeing across the room to turn The truth came out a little at a all the black faces with varying total effect of the course will have
set in. Most students had never on the light. time. degrees of color and different to be measured in the future.
been in a situation of this nature facial features. I felt as though I Meanwhile, another group
"I found myself whistling to "How did you feel about me was seeing the blacks individually starts up the same road this
A:. .--.~R keep from crying with fear. The coming to live with you?" for the first time." quarter. What will their exper-
panic came in being the only iences be?
'They were over- white face among the many "Well, I didn't want a white "I FOUND MYSELF becoming
Sh eI m e d w t th blacks and not knowing what girl and my husband didn't want a part of the household. It was not
W h would happen. As I drove further a white man. You know, because enough to share the meal without
fears and doubts.. and further away from the city of all those myths." sharing the work associated with Meeting called,
into a more isolated area I found it. It just seemed a natural thing
they were going myself subconsciously staring at "How do you feel now that I am to be doing. In the evenings noboh y came
to the l ht other drivers. I remember locking here?" sometimes I did the dishes and
Smy door. ink it's okay. I don't fee Maine read to the children. It What would happen if a Literati
sgunts: anx l "THE FIRST THING that I wore n oe came?
came to realize was that this ONCE THE CONVERSATION Individuals of theopposit rae Last month the Literati found
family was not altogether cONCE THE CONVERSATIONth were seeing each other for the uatm ohen only four people
family was not altogether centered around race, both felt first time. It was a discovery and a out when only four people
and they were overwhelmed different from any other family more at ease. The issue was out in appeared at the final meeting of
th ough someone had just told herewere alot of dogs in the the open and there was a mutual the quarter.
each of them they were going into eibo o a to air of honesty. "I felt that if this ::e;e~Els- ra a a:: In addition to Dr. William
the twilight zone. The student person cared enough to be honest Slaughter, originator of the
was suddenly alone. &5 *: with me, then I must be honest. 'YOu sit wherever LITERATURE CLUB, these
"My hands are ~so sweaty I 'This family was After all, what have I got to lose want to be- people were appointed officers;
"My hands are so sweaty I 'This family Wasl in being honest? If I am not you want to b Dennis Deve print; rut
can't hold my pen." no different than honest, I will have wasted seven cause God doesn't Skapyak, vice-president; Shirley
days. I have the chance now and Corbin, secretary, and Al Hagas,
"I haven'tbeen abletosleep." any other family.' I'm going to take it." care about color.' treasurer.
"All I do is go to the "--H There was so much to be 9*F4A ::4 W IT WAS DR. SLAUGHTER'S
bathroom." overcome racially that students idea to form the club as a means
remember if it was the same in a found once they had gotten of amplifying the literature
"What if I do something white neighborhood. But aside through racial barriers, other surprise to most. One black male program. The idea was to have
wrong?" from the dogs the neighborhood areas opened up in an honest said "I was shocked when this one large club which would break
itself looked very familiar." way. white broad told me to get my feet off into smaller discussion groups
"Am I going to be able to take off the sofa. She reminded me of and cover such areas as films,
my clothes off?" "No one was home when I "I somehow felt they would my mother." books, plays and creative writing.
pulled into the driveway and I had understand my fears, my angers
"Should I close my eyes at no idea how I would handle the and my moods. I found myself The dispelling of myths, the These discussion groups are
night?" situation. I didn't want anyone to confiding things about myself understanding and acceptance of held at the homes of the literature
think I was breaking into the that I had not been able to talk emotions and the overall professors in an informal
"What if I get lost in a black home because it was obvious I about before. I was so depressed I discovery of self were qualities atmosphere. The attendance at
neighborhood and have to get out did not belong. I sat outside and just had to get it out. I had to have many achieved in the visit. these discussions has been fairly
of the car?" waited. A neighbor said hello to someone to share my fears with. good.
me and I was shocked. I just had "I FOUND OUT through the However, business meetings
And over and over again not expected anything but "THE SECOND DAY of the help of the family I stayed with have been poor in attendance.
students asked anxiously "Why contempt or negative responses." visit I went to south Georgia to an that my anger wasn't racial, it There are two meetings per
am I doing this?" all-black country church with the was personal. It had just been quarter. The first meeting was to
The first day was like the first family. Not knowing what to spilling over into race. And it was plan the activities for the quarter
SOME STUDENTS procrasti- day with any other stranger. The expect I slept the entire way. The the sharing of the fear of and the final meeting for the
nated about making the first difference was that there was a church and the service were in a self-exposure, anger at the election of officers.
phone call. Others went right out barrier of race to overcome, a lot of ways what I had expected feelings revealed and the pain of
to find the address and then barrier perhaps that had never but I had not expected such growth that gave new dimensions

THE HALYARD Jan. 9, 1974 Page 13

Kranz fosters awareness lubs offer opportunities
is to further its member's interest
BY JUDI BENSON feels the student must do his own implied for us to stay away from After one year, the University in ceramic arts outside of the
work, must speak for himself and all that is not white. Naturally of North Florida has 14 clubs and classroom. Kay Kaufmann is
A man in his early thirties take the responsibility upon when people see my students.. organizations on campus. They president and Professor Kenneth
walks briskly across campus with himself for his own growth and black and white together.." his range from the Adam Smith Club McMillan is the faculty advisor of
a book held under a muscular arm commitment. voice trails off sadly, concerned with economics to the the Potters Guild.
like a football. He is casually but thers HIS M D Potters Guild dealing with THE PROPELLOR CLUB OF
neatly dressed in shirt and levis. Naively thinking that others HIS MIND RACES at high gear e Student Inter- HED SATES c er a
With dark glasses resting on a would welcome his enthusiasm, and he often becomes oblivious to national Meditation Society. UNfosters talks and discussion
predominant Roman nose, Dr. he was rudely awakened when he his surroundings. Pete jogs Below is a list of these groups at on maritime matters, domestic
Peter Kranz resembles a young tried to get a racial conflict course constantly and uses that time to UNF, their goals and people to and foreign commerce, business
George C. Scott. Started at a high school in contact for more information. administration, and economics.
Bakersfield, Calif. Driven by a administration, and economics.
He describes himself as loner zealous desire to share his own ALPHA PHI OMEGA is an William Rebenack is the,
but he is usually seen in a group, experience in this growth, he was ognzonroid president of the Propellor Club.
gesturing broadly with his hands f organization seeking to provide a Professor Donald Graham and Dr.
broadly finally permitted to try it at a high better relationship between the
like the conductor of a symphony. school. Working with a black university an te n Jay Smith are the faculty
-exudes energy mingled. with community and .to promote
aloofness. People wonder who enriching. friendship among the students. THE PSYCHOLOGY CLUB
is; some think he is a student W The president of APO is Bob seeks to stimulate interest in
because of his close association PETER WENT ON to try it in R Butler. The faculty advisors are psychology for members and
with students. another high school and after that ') Dr. Johnny Arnette and Dr. Jack non-members. The president is
What really goes on bene a junior college. But I still had Netcher. Chandler Platt and the faculty
What really goes on beneath, this inner feeling that I wanted to advisors are Dr. Nick Lund and
the exterior of a man who teaches do mething. I wanted to tryit TER KRANZ THE ADAM SMITH CLUB was Dr. Minor Chamblin.
a controversial course dealing out in a place where it would be formed to link classroom SAWMILL SLOUGH CONSER-
with black and white conflict at a more difficult, almost like a sort out his thoughts. Often he experience and appropriate uses VATION CLUB' S purpose is to
Southern university? Deliverance thing. That's when I forgets about such things as cars, inthe private and appropriate usetors make the public aware isof the
LEANING FORWARD in his came to UNF." or neighborhood dogs. Intent on f economics pby economic environment through information
chair with his arms resting on his his ideas and what he is trying to research and projects trips and practical experience and example.ation
knees he states with intensity, The atmosphere of the campus do, he is often absent-minded speakers. President o trihe Adam practical enet and example
"It's about time white folks got is a depressing one to Pete in that about names and details. spekemi PrCl idens oP thenAdam Th e preda ive of Sand te fultyo
off their comfortable behinds and heSmith Club is Larry Pelton. The is Brenda Oliver and the faculty
became involved and aware of Most interaction between blacks A complex man, often curt and faculty advisors are Dr. Earl advisor is Dr. Robert ftin.
what is going on racially in and whites on campus seems intolerant, Peter Kranz is working ha and Dr tephen TIONAL MEDITATION SO
America." superficial to him and there in "No Mans Land." But there is Shapiro. TION MEDITATION SO-
seems to be little concern with the warmth in his eyes when he E BLACK STUDENT has a oal to hlp students
real issues. It is to him a social thinks of his students. "I keep THE BLACK 'STUDENT unfold their latent faculties,
What the man says often interaction on white territory. thinking of what the students said UNION was established to form a develop their creative intelligence
sounds like the beginnings of a Tain he e- today. Some of the descriptions coalition of black students and in studies, sports, and work. The
sounds likethe beginnings fam Tapping the pencil on his lip, today. Some of the descriptions educators at UNF. Their other president of the Meditation
campaign speech. Unlike cam- herep eshis glasses again and they used to describe our class. educators at UNF. Their other president of the Meditation
paign words, which are so often he reoves his glasses again and 'zebra the friendship goals are to promote unity, Society is Randy Rowe and the
empty and unreistic, Pete's puts tem on the desk. He closesremember responsibility, awareness and faculty advisor is Dr. Satya
words are realistic and energy his eyes for a moment. Suddenly who described the soul food security among black people. Pachori.
driven he jerk his head up as though a dinner as being like Christmas. If The chairman of the BSU is THE SOCIETY OF AD-
is no winning involved. If the only I had had a tape recorder. Leonard Warrick. The faculty VANCEMENT OF MANAGE-
Sitting with his foot propped on class is successful, people Why is it that when something is advisor is Professor Carlton MENT is an organization which
the bottom drawer of his desk, he become threatened, because once really being said there is no one Williams. provides a bridge between the
leans back slowly in his chair. He there to hear?" theoretical training of the
leans back slowlyin his chair. He the student begins to question ere t ear DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION university and the practical world
tk hem su aglassesy f A nd dangs himself. he in return begins to A deep pause, he leans CLUBS .OF ,AMERICA [DECA] of business and management by
hem hasu been described a eston there osen around himsuchs forward to jot down notes and was established at UNF to help exchanging -and distributing
et^ ^ ^ S has g a ane described asDs as ofopeo
egotistical. "I have to be to do the And I ask myself the question, settles back in his chair. He grabs members become better teacher/ information on the problems,
job." A grin spreads momentarily 'Does the administration really a book and puts it under his arm coordinators by attending and objectives, policies and proce-
across his face. His expression support this class or is it merely a as though he is getting ready to participating at conferences, dures of management and
changes swiftly like his thoughts token gesture to show how liberal dash off again. He is suspended panel discussions and workshops, industry. Jerry Rodgers is the
and his face becomes serious, in motion. "But I am very and hearing speakers on president of SAM and the faculty
anserious they are? Because if the confident of what to do. Can't tell goal-setting and motivation advisor is Dr. Robert Ford.
"The foleader of afor hostility administration you all the dynamics." He shrugs techniques. THE UNF DEMOCRATS hope
the focal point for hostiitys this effort it seems to me they his should s and raises his to stimulate an interest in
pain of racial growth and would make a more concerted eyebrows. don't know..it has tTHE LITERATI was establish- governmental affairs and to
naturally as they go through this to enlarge the scope of this nothing to df with psychology. I ed so that students and faculty increase the efficiency of popular
pain they take it out on the white program. It's nothing I can am confident of the work I do ut I interested in literature could meet government by acquainting
leader It's tough to be a bastard pinpoint it's just a strong am restless. If I could have two and discuss all facets of voters and potential voters with
leader. t's necestough s e a bastardry. feeling. groups I'd want four." literature. The Literati president issues and candidates. The
There is a restlessness about is Dennis DeVoe. The faculty president of the Democrats is
Sucking on the eraser of nis him as he has taken his glasses He is not out to win a popularity advisors are Dr. Gary Harmon Gerald Wade and the faculty
pencil, Pete's eyes are drawn to off, put them on, doodled, contest. The job does not call for and Dr. William Slaughter. advisor is Dr. Joel Kauffman.
a picture on his wall of the first rearranged his chair and feet it. But there is real concern for his THE MARKETING CLUB'S THE UNF MATH CLUB hopes
class he taught on racial conflict several times. Concern settles students. "I feel bad if people purpose is to promote personal to promote interest in mathemati-
at the University of North Florida around his eyes. "It is something don't move; it hurts, it is a kind of interest in marketing. They also cal sciences by providing an
in the fall of '72. His voice comes that we are taught for years. That defeat. But you can't always be hope to develop contacts between informal atmosphere for discus-
from far away. Heis frwnin bla isis bad. Don't need to tell the good guy. Why should what the business world and the sion and research. The president
you all the specifics...white 'you gain from a course depend on classroom. The faculty advisor of of the Math Club is James Sasser
"AS PEOPLE GO through the hats...black hats. And people get whether or not you like the guy?" the Marketing Club is Dr. David and the faculty advisor Dr.
process, there develops a reinforced as it is indirectly The question is left hanging. Nylen. Edward Elgethun.
closeness. This closeness comes
from having to confront each E1UIlI Il IIllll l lUIIU
other on personal racial feel- SEND TH E- ALYARD
ings." His eyes rest briefly on
each face. "It grows to be like a L I IL II
family...people that really care r f p t d
about each other." 7 .. to a relative ... to a friend ... to a potential student
This reminds him of a group he to who help you form o ar pool!)
was part of in San Francisco run (even someone might you form o car
by William Grier and Price
Cobbs, two black psychiatrists. It S
as, twhar Pser bl egnro eain Special Subscription Rates are being offered!
to train racial confrontation
leaders, that Peter began to really
feel his own racial growth. W e'll send this issue and the next S! I take your special offer.

WITH A GRIMACE on his face 19 (through June) by mail for just Send THE HALYARD'S first issue
he recalls the experience "The $4.00 T take advantage of this and next 19 to:
sweaty, together." There is a special r out I (Iease print)
pause as he shifts his weight. His Special offer, fill out the coupon
face mirrors the reminiscence. "I I NAME _
couldn't sleep at night. I knew my and bring or send it with cash or NO. AND STREET___
turn was coming up and it was
going to be painful. Painful to check to CITY AND STATEi I
explore my own prejudices in ZIP CODE
front of the group." THE HALYARD ---------- e
o f t s sop y that hed Room 2457 Bldg. IMy check/cash for $4.00 is enclosed.
Peter feels strongly that he Oom 45 l. ----------- -------- I
cannot hold anyone's hand. He |u|iiim I

Page 14 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

Classes, teachers different now Theor stresses
STheory stresses

Student views education student response
BY SHIRLEY CORBIN method appears to be more work learning experience. For exam- B h n that he m l rcogniz e -t
for the teacher, because when pe. one day each student was Educators agree on the best hatin people's responelements and
Where were you in '62? Mr. Slate isn't helping a student, given a mimeographed check way to teach a given subject. therefore that he is similar to
he is grading what seems to be a book. Each student then entered They are continually revising other pole.
With the recent movie never-ending stack of papers. a $300 deposit. They then decided their latest theory in favor of an
"American Graffitti" examining how to spend the money and : even newer and better one. Purves emphasizes the impor-
a high school and its students' The kind of respect the wrote checks until the $300 was tance of the individual student i
lives, it is amazing to look at the students have for their teacher spent. The catch here was that One theory that seems to be h english curriculum, which is
high school of the seventies and seems to have changed too. A they had to keep the checkbook coming into great popularity now, not confined just to literature, but
see how much it has changed. teacher isn't feared, as many balanced. and which is supported and also stresses the importance of
were in the past. Instead, today's Another day, loans and interest taught by the English Education drama, films, and writing in the
Spending five days in a math students are not afraid to were explained to the students in faculty of UNF, is the classroom. Purves quotes a
class at Andrew Jackson Senior question anything -- from "why a similar manner. Each student response-centered curriculum, scientific study which found that
High School brought out the 11/7 is an irrational number" to had something they wanted to Alan Purves' idea of how high there are a "minimum of
striking differences. This is a "when is this class going to be buy, but didn't have the money. school English classes should be 500,000,000,000 possible diffe-
remedial math class for students over" to "why the pep rally isn't Some wanted cars, some stereos taught. rent responses to a given text.
who need further work in basic being held on Wednesday. and so on. Mr. Slate gave out t That's at least 200 different
fundamentals. T "l interest rates (for a car 12%, for a Purves explicates this method responses for everybody in the
The first noticeable difference The "old school spirit" is still stereo 18%). The students in an interesting and relatively world!"
is to be found in the teachers. the same, however. Al the figured out how much they should recent (1972 publication) book,
Ken Slate, who teaches the class, as a a aou e pay per month and all of them "How Porcupines Make Love," TO ENABLE each student to
looks young enough to be a Jackson-Lee game coming up were really surprised to find out subtitled "Notes on a Response respond in as many ways as he.
student himself. He wears his Bogivig Day i e Gato how much their "dream" item Centered Curriculum." The book wants to a piece of literature
hair long and the main way you Sednesdy beore te was going to cost them by buying is aimed primarily at English requires extra effort from the
hair long and te main way you big game, the kids just were not it on credit. teachers, "without whose work teacher, whose job it is to see that
tell him from a student is by the interred in studyingmath. They Mr. Slate believes th'fr this book would not have had t each student is given numerous
Sbeginnis of a mlateat ano discuss the game. Mr. these students -- many of whom be Written,' but -the informal opportunities to respond in many
SlatKhe says will drop out of high style invites it's perusal by the different ways to many different
Ken's course uses program- and then started teaching math to school -- this kind of learning .layman. works. He must also aid the
med teaching methods and each these ninth graders and they school this kind f learning layman. works. He must also aid the
student gets a great deal of never even knew it. Ingeniously, experience is one that will be student in achieving the objc
sindividualtzed instruction. The to this n write, he did it by most helpful to them later on. THE ENTIRE THEORY of the tives of knowing himself,
individualized Instruction. The to this, writer, he did it by response-centered curriculum is tolerating others' responses, and!.
class has to be this way, he says, explaining the math behind the Mr. Slate says that his teaching base onthe belief thatthe most recognizing both his own
because no two students are plays in the game. methods are not very much important thing about the study individuality and his similarity
working at the same pace. The different from other Jackson of literature is not the with others
emphasis on teaching the class as Occasionally, however, indivi- teachers, but he readily agrees memorization of facts, nor the
a whole has shifted to meeting the dualized learning is given up for that school has changed a great .reading of all the great What this theory means in the
needs of each student. This the entire class to participate in a deal since '62. "Classics," nor even the learning classroom is a less structured
of the porper literary terms; what environment and an atmosphere C
Sis important about literature is of greater freedom for the
Sthe way in which the student student. The English teacher who .
i d l responds to it. follows this program will become
IC 10 I if T t 0 I IC I If The objectives of the program more of a guide and a resource
Sare: that an individual will learn person than a conveyor of facts
^ to feel secure in his response; that His primary job will be to
he feel secure in his response to a encourage, motivate, and direct
WSSSSSc.c.~P:W THERE ARE WORRIES and you know." The trouble was, I piece of literature rather than the 9sdent i, hi efforts -Jo
terrors that beset all beginning .couldn't think of a thing-.that I J depending 'on ,someone else's" resnd to erureniato apy
The College of Edam at the teachea. The most common knew. It comes as a shock to responses; that he will get to the knowledge that he gains
University of Norh Florida emotion among student teachers realize that you've lived 21 know himself by realizing why he through such a response to his
requires that any student In has got to be fear. I remember the %responds in the way in which he own life.
training to become a teachernmust first day I ever had to stand up in years, and spent 16 years in does, and -what causes that
spend a specified amount of time front of the class and teach them, school, and you don't know response; that he will respect Incidentally, how do porcu-
in the fledld, working with the abject terror of standing there anything worth teaching someone others' responses as being as pines make love? Carefully, how
teachers and students In public thinking "Good Lord, they're in valid for them as his own are for else?
schools In the area; naturally my hands. What do I do now?" else. It's a very humbling
enough, this Is know as "field experience. ==;~=.;=;
experience." The following was
experience." e foVowpng was 6 %05%"A ....".... ..." ............... .........*.... ......."."
written as an account of one such
"Fiteld expe nt oce. And discipline. There's always All of teaching is a humbling ........
the worry in the back of your mind experience. It's also a learning
.' ,. .:. that you have absolutely no
8%A control over these people. You experience, especially for ideal-
staAd there and imagine all the istic young ladies whose egos
BKATM horrible calamities that you're have become academically inflat-.
BY KATiB MERREY sure will occur at any moment, ed. I learned rapidly how little I
and you ask yourself what to do,
The field experience section of but there's no answer. really know and the lesson was
my English Education class has repeated to me every time L / '
ended. I feel the experiences I've walked in the classroom.
had have been typical of what .. f 0 : L
virtually all education students at There is the dawning realiza- F .. N T f i h
iNF go throucth. tion that you are in control
go because you have to be. What There are a lot of joys in
goes on in that class is strictly teaching and occasional days ON
The thing I remember most your responsibility. You're on teachg and occasional days T F/
The thing I remember most your own now, without your when you feel like you've really
vividly about student teaching disclfHae books and theories. It's accomplished something. There y / ft1/VN TA FF
quite naturally -- is the kids. all I to you. are also days when you want to \
They're ninth graders at a local hang it all up and keep your sales ir
high school and they've been clerk job because it's so much
described to me by their teachers There's the time when you easier.
with such a comment as, "You finay decided to test one of the -RAT PPO UN TO
know, I have some really nice kids theories you've been studying for
in my smart class, but this so t and the discovery that, Myla d w a god d that o R POrYTOO-r
one.."; and erom a substitute wo ders of wonders, it works! My ast day was a good day that O R AD PORv TFOLvO
came the remark that they made the whole thing seem worth
couldn't go to the library because And when it doesn't, then what? it. I took a big chance and asked An A- r -P itf
"Kids like these really need to be Yo stand there thinking: "Al the students how I could have- Wf/ G WG VAAiE PRAC7 CAL X M C
kept in custody instead of allowed the tiRe I've spent studying these been more effective as a teacher,
to leave the classroom theories and they don't work! and what I could have done to FOR FUJR7H/ER /fOf@M -7l7O
make the class better.The kids
But I like them. They're noisy What do I do now?" Try another agreed that the class had been C(/lL O/ COV FI7A r:
and they're rambunctious, but one. All d the old adages about alright the way it was. One finally THE //ILYARD
what teenager Isn't? Contrary to trying and trying again must have that the onl thin I could
their teacher's belief, they're been written by teachers, because told me that the th could
smart and very much -aware of that's the name of the game in have done to make it better was to I ? K1/2'1
what's happening in the world. education, have stayed longer. I was so / -2817
Contrary to the substitute's' excited. If he meant even half of' PHON
opinion, they're nice kids, not that, then I feel like I really
criminals. And most importantly, DECIDING WHAT TO TEACH
given a chance, they want to learn is not easy. I found myself accomplished something. Maybe
- if anyone will take the trouble to remembering dimly someone I will make it as a teacher after :
teach them. once telling me to "Teach what all.

THE HALYARD Jan. 9, 1974 Page 15

OuAn the bright side 3. 0 Below' sparks ideas

SY BYBUz MmLLS Human Resources Department of chairman of political science and
Sdo athe City of Jacksonville, for his public administration at UNF and
Don't trust anyone over 30." assistance in selecting panelists. a recent guest for the program
Hinnant was eager to participate. says that "30 Below" is a very
BY JUDIBENSON tax, it was enlightening.C' When Jerry Rubin of the Hinnant chooses candidates for useful program. He said, WJXT
Chicago 7 made that statement, panelists through recommenda- should-be congratulated. How-
Do people still believe in the Sometimes you can go for days he didn't have in mind a tions from student activities and ever, the program should be
"Good Samaritan" -- or is the almost thinking you are invisible, television show. But with Just that other departments of the local longer. It is almost impossible to
"Bah Humbug" attitude the most nonexistent, and that if you were quotation in mind -- in universities. The students are get into any depth about a subject
prevalent? to fall down and break a leg no September, 1971, -- Jeff Fields of then screen by Fields. The within thirty minutes." Mongar
one would notice, they'd only yell WJXT-TV (Channel 4) in selected panelists are retained on also suggests that a broader
Questioning around campus on at you for blocking traffic. But the Jacksonville created a show called one or two panels comprised of range of subjects be presented.
positive experiences, if such little nods of recognition or the "30 Below." four students each as long as their The subjects should be challeng-
things existed, turned up unexpected 'hello' on a weary schedules permit. ing, to the viewer, broaden their
interesting results. Monday can boost your confi- "30 Below" is built around a 30 knowledge and peak their
dence in other people. minute discussion between a Nancy Lytle, a panelist on the interests, according to Mongar.
One students remarked that panel of four local college show from UNF says, "The show He said, "The subjects presented
helping people was not always This isn't to say that people students under 30 years of age gives me the opportunity to meet follow the general views of the
just a matter of picking up books have stopped slamming doors on and a prominent guest. Jeff a wide spectrum of people. We public. They should be more
or giving hitch-hikers a break, but each other, or ignoring someone Fields, producer and moderator get ten to twelve calls after each controversial."
that the real essence of what she juggling books and a coke, or that of the program, said the show saying 'Get those people off
considered help was a matter of every hitch-hiker gets a lift and questions from the panelists are of there!' It only shows us that we Other faculty members of UNF
someone being on the spot at the everyone cares openly for unrehearsed. No briefing of are being watched and listened who have been guests for the
moment help was needed. everyone else but there are questions is ever attempted. to." program have been Sociology's
moments when it all does seem to Fields said, "Our panelist are Dr. Christine Rasche and
"MY CAR had broken down make sense and be worthwhile. allowed to ask any question they Current panelists from UNF are Communication's Professor Bill
one morning at precisely the want. The only rule we give them Lytle, Leonard Warrick, John Roach. Some controversial
moment I was to leave the house. THERE HAVE BEEN times is no profanity and to keep the Kennedy and Mark Aldridge. national guests that have
I was still brooding over an when people say, "Gee, where questions on the subject. That's appeared were Glenn Turner and
argument I had had with my were you today? I missed you in to keep us out of lawsuits." Fields selects guests based on Robert Sheldon, Imperial Wizard
husband and secretly writing hate class" or "You look depressed, is ideas from the panelists, viewers of the Klu Klux Klan.
notes. I walked to the bus stop in something the matter?" or even THE SHOW was first conceiv- and his own readings. During the
the rain, determined to survive the simple question, "Can I help ed by Fields. He presented the 26 months the show has been on According to Fields, "The goal
it all like the perfect martyr. you?" idea to his superiors at WJXT the air, a wide variety of guests of the show is to find out what
SWhile I was waiting, a girlfriend who consented to try it. Fields have given rise to interesting and young people are thinking and
stopped in her car and asked if I Sincerity has a lot to do with then contacted Barry Hinnant, informative discussions. show the viewers they're not
wanted a ride." helping people., It's not the dummies. We think we've done
person who offers assistance and that."
"It wasn't just the transporta- disappears but the person who
tion that was so great, but having has to go ever so slightly out of G u l recycles m ater als "30 Below is on theair9:30
a friend to talk to. Sometimes his way to help and does so. It's p.m. Monday on WJXT-TV
people go for months with no the library that remembers to (Channel 4).
need to confide in a friend and reserve a book for you and lets e er ients t new f rm s
then one day it's time. Usually no you know when it arrives, that is expe m eth new
one is around to help. That is helpful.
what I mean by timing being
helpful. You need support when Too many times people are BY RUTH SKAPYAK larger"Unique Caterny Arch
you're down more than when forced to be obnoxious to get kiln located just right of the SOM ETHING...
you're up." anything done. Molding melted left-overs is pathway to the Boathouse. In the
SU Csetnaa d just one of the many talents of the future the triangle-shaped struc- -
-'Another student at University Consideration has a lot to do members in University of North ture will be surrounded with a 0
of North Florida related a with kindness and being helpful. Florida's Potter's Guild. fence couit yard and patio area -
different experience. "It wasn't a When you must study for an exam which will store as well as fire the TO
great thing that occurred but just and can't spend all day talking, Guided by their advisor and products of the pottery classesfor
one of those unexpected some people get offended. instructor, Associate Professor of and the Potter's Guild. L ooIk bew Pi, r
kindnesses. Art Kenneth L. McMillan, the Want to mo a bea lo ar,
"I was about out of gas, which I members are melting left-over a typeawvi
guess is going to be more true s a borrle aluminum and then pouring it a----------
more of the time, and I only had "T HAD o a sand bed where each n
three dollars. So, when I pulled week, tests, term papers and yet I member has placed a styrofoam TRY
into the gas station, I told the still felt badly about having to figure or design. The results are mvdr ia i
attendant not to fill it, just three refuse people. One friend really silver- and sand-looking forms
dollars worth. I took my son to the understood. Next day in the mail I which are functional and in order that a calendar f THE HAL YA D'S
restroom and when I came back got a letter with the comment that aesthetic. events be published to lnferm S
the attendant asked againif itwas she didn't want to take up my students, faculty and staff of A wtwng
only $3 I had wanted. I said 'yes, time but wanted to let me know This is just one of McMillan's events scheduled on campus, the COlwmS
why?' that she understood and we'd get talents. When the class in pottery Public Relations Department
together after exams," aesigu needed a kiln, and the requests that lefoatfon ceon- T cost I samw M aew were
HE AP IZ th h It's oen theune ed offers funds were low, McMillan eemn1g these events be sudbat- oor two nse
LOG that he It's often th unexpected offers showed his class how to construct ted to that le a st hle t two ( e a w or a.o M iasmcn
had letitgo a little over and it was ofhelp of the support of an idea its own kiln. It is still in use on the wees In advance. The aidnna. .i re ri.
$3.61. I said I thought I had the as well as the help given when patio of the Art Department. It is tle shiouldM Iw dates, times aS W is *1n. per awMr Ch
.61. I did. But he wouldn't let me asked that can be so enlightening. gasheated and most useful to the places and other porti t data pamMnt aem emswte ewaw.
pay him-he insisted I keep it and first' members of the Potter's and should be sUbmtted to Henry
buy my sna coke or something There w always be the battle Guild; however, as the classes at [Bad] Newman, director of pubie me ALYA rDirwvas th r iht
and just forget it. of people caring and people not the university grew and the relatios. to wet as l e. o me
caring but sometimes the optimist interest in the guild spread r ... r.r of *ir *ne a
"In this day and age of people has a right to feel the way he more root was needed. seiad
holding out their hands for 3 cents does. T H UIEStWw now ha t or
THE UNIVERSITY now has a '^^ ^ psumann, ma mo a a to me
vensu or rjact -v eepv or
Mutradsen Ebr ads

Greek trip planned in spring
Io ". | T,.r ClsM ,e Adts
for next IWi is
BY SYLVIA O'DELL plans to offer 15 hours credit plus the island of Crete. Students will minimum of student evaluation at Wfdnmd1 Janury I1
four weeks of Greek soil for fly from New York on Olympic this point. The last week will be
If you want to discover the around $1,000 ($930 if 23 years Airlines. spent on campus finishing the Contact THE HALYARD
culture and civilization of ancient old or less; $992 if 24 years or term paper.
Greece, join Dr. Robert W. Loftin older, plus tuition). This includes The first four weeks of the The courses for which students Roav E B I
for a short-term overseas study transportation, room and board. quarter will be spent on the UNF will receive credit are: Seminar
program spring quarter. Loftin, of DR. LOFTIN MUST have 20 campus, going to class, taking (History of Greece); Seminar (Art gCa ossified
the Department of Fine Arts at students or else the venture is tests, writing book reports and of Greece) and Philosophy of
the University of North Florida, is financially impossible. He has doing research for at least one Greece. This would give the
in charge of the program. received some inquiries from term paper. student a total of 15 hours credit. HELP WANTED
Why Greece? Considered the other state institution students, THERE WILL BE student What if the student is totally in Artists, photographers, reporters,
fountainhead of western civiliza- e ore students are evaluation (grades) during the the dark when it comes to Grecian
tion, Greece is the key to a necessary. whole quarter but especially culture? Loftin believes ignorance advertising reps, typists. Great
singular past. The itinerary includes Athens, during this time. The next four can be bliss in this instance. He opportunity to gain experience and
Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi, weeks will be spent in Greece believes the sensitivity and to get your work in print. Join the
Postponed for one quarter Corinth, Eleusis, Daphne, Epi- visiting historic sites, viewing art, individual personality of each staff of TFw HALYARD. Apply now
because only 12 students have dauros, Marathon, Thermopylae, and reading and discussing student will determine his depth
made actual deposits, the study Meteora, Vassae, Dodona, and philosophy. There will be a of experience, at our office -- Room 2457, Bid. 1.

Page 16 Jan. 9, 1974 THE HALYARD

Intercollegiate sports possible at UNF

BY RICKY CREWS Said Dr. Netcher, "I would be AT LEAST 9 recreational and only one of Florida's 9 state courts, and areas for handball and
The University of North Florida interested in a modest intercol- intramural sports are open to universities without any form of shuffle board. Also planned for
could compete in intercollegiate legiate program. It would serve students and faculty at UNF. The intercollegiate competition. future construction is a 50 meter
athletics. If interested students the talents of incoming students recreation field, located off the olympic style pool. Other
et and petitioed, UNF could fro surrounding junior col campus road across from student By the summer of this year, an expansion includes plans for
compet and petitionedas next fall. leges. He added that the parking, contains sports facilities activities center should be indoor basketball and badminton,
studcompete as sonts would have to want such for softball, soccer, golf, football completed by the recreation field, according to the physical
Dr. Jack R. Netcher, director of a program. and archery. All of these have It lockers, and tain showers and planning department.
athletics, noted that the question Basketball and football are not faculty In addition tennis courts intramural and possibly extra- With the sports facilities which
faculty. In addition, tennis courts intramural and possibly extra- With the sports facilities which
of intercollegiate sports was up to in sight anywhere in the near are available behind the Boat- mural sports such as wrestling, now exist and those scheduled for
the students. According to future due to costs. Swimming, house. ping-pong, and judo. the future, UNF can become
Netcher, a tennis team would not crew, track, golf, and even The has been intramural established in the area of
be hard to establish and it is surfing have been suggested and eiin i a n r of othr ON THE DRAWING BOARD intercollegiate sports. As Dr.
possible for UNF to play tennis are feasible for intercollegiate competition in a number of other for future construction are Netcher noted, when and if this
with other schools as soon as next competition, according to Dr. sports such as bowling, volley- additional outdoor basketball comes about will be up to
fall. Netcher. base, and judo.amUNF sponsored in courts, volleyball courts, tennis students wanting such a program.
we^:'E^:.:'. es-~. hK 88" a#:'4,.I'5:. ..MB: the Jacksonville city league. ..:.:S% ::.W:.%.;: W::..:
While it has plenty of
intramural sports, UNF is the t b
Boathouse to become alehouse

Intramurals start "Is the campus wet or dry?" Services, the food contractor in
charge of all food services at
-le-ue For many potential students, UNF, will provide hot foods at the
eO^rg \ this is one of the first questions new facility. The Boathouse will
S, f Winter quarter intramural asked before applying for serve only beer, cold sandwiches,
athletics have already begun at admission. and pizza.
the University of North Florida. They are not concerned with The changeover of the
Organizational meetings to the college's proximity to the Boathouse is in keeping with the
form basketball and volleyball nearest body of water, but, original construction plans which
leagues were scheduled yester- instead, they are inquiring as to had labeled the facility as only a
day by Robert T. Underwood, whether or not alcoholic bever- temporary restaurant until ad-
student director of intramural. ages are served pr allowed on the ditional services could be
s t d r of t school's campus. provided. As it is now, the
SBoathouse does not meet the
S\--^ Underwood has also issued a Boathouse does not meet the
S-all for o officials to conduct ames With the completion of Phase II Hotel and Restaurant Com-
.-..in these twfoo sports on campus. A construction at UNF, the mission's requirements for rest-
L h basic knowledge of the go ame is university will follow the lead of rooms.
S~ required. Pay is $2 per game.
_reuired. Pay is $2 per game. its neighbor to the south, the AN OTHER PROBLEM with the
SApplications are being accepted University of Florida, and join the existing Boathouse arrangement
at the Student Activities Office, "wet campus" set. has been its lackof accessibility to
-- *Athe main buildings on campus --
SPA rr Room 2401 in Building Three. THE BOATHOUSE will be- specially duringone of Florida's
This puic document come the place to go when you torrential downpours.
This public document wae thirst for a brew.
promulgated at an estimated The new facility will eliminate
Cost of 14e per copy to nfonn For those still interested in most of the problems which now
B O th o u se bs students, faculty, career maintaining something of a more exist with the Boathouse
service, and administrative substantial nature in the way of operation. In turn, the Boathouse
I B z Iand professional staff about food and refreshments, new will provide a new choice for
activities affecting the univer- facilities will be available in those who might wish a cold brew
r B sity community. building 10. Eastern Food to wash down their lunch.
BYBUZZMILLS said it wasn't really there and
forgot about it.
Have you had aham-bee-ger or
a hotdog-and-bees at the MY POTATOES all salted and
first bite. The noise was. really
On my last trip to the with me now. I couldn't shrug it
Boathouse for lunch, I encounter- off. In'fact, it seemed that I was
ed some of these unwanted making the sound. I turned and
visitors we commonly call bees. asked thee person next to me if he
heard the same sound -- when out Complete, fnking Semicv
I proceeded to the snack bar as of my mouth flew a bee!
usual about noon expecting. tto
enjoy one if its stomach-pleasing It seems that all of the local an
delicacies. After ten minutes bees like the Boathouse food. So C h SA ving L09fS
stand ing and waiting for my food, they gather there during the day eig
my beef jerky on a bun and potato hoping that you will invite them to
sticks were ready. I paid my dine with you. -- Well, I'm one
nominal charge and headed for that doesn't care for unwanted
the tables inside thinking I would guests when I am eating.
catch up on the three readings I The person I had turned to ask Open 9 AM to 3 PM M on.-Thurs.
had been assigned -- which were the question told me to not move.
due days ago. As usual, the tables He then politely began to beat me
were filled with empty trays and over the'head with his notebook. 9 AM to 6 PM Fris
cups and the chairs were occupied "There was a bee on your head. I
with one and sometimes two very didn't want him to sting you."
talkative students. Than ks, fellow, my head feels
STRAY and bs in much better now. Drive-In Tellers: 8:30 AM to 4 PM Mon.-Thurs.
WITH TRAY and books in
hand, I headed for the grand I TURNED BACK to my meal
outdoors where the sun was only to find that by now the bees 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Fri.
shining in its full glory, the wind had thought I didn't want my food
was blowing with all it had, and so they had begun to gather on it.
again, all of the tables were Twenty-five bees were wandering
occup ied. I parked it on the bench in and out of my potatoes.
again st the side of the deck next
to the water. Finally, there was a I'd had enough.
spot to put down my four books
and my paper tray full of goodies. My books in one hand and
bee-covered tray in the other I
A humming-like sound was headed for the nearest trash can.
reaching my ear from somewhere When I threw my tray in the can,
The noise wasn't deafening but it my arm ame back covered with Corner Beach Blvd. and St. John's Bluff Rd.
was audible. What was it? A bees walking around on my hand.
troop of Munchkins from Oz I shook them off and headed,
having choir practice? Was the rather briskly, for inner sanctum, Phone 6n41-1100
great telephone in the sky off the the library. No bees allowed
hook? there. Member FDIC
With my basic UNF apathy, I I asked. llIIII lllH illll llllllllll illlll lllll

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