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Hail to the Chiefs

PHOENX PHTO B PAMKINGThomas Carpenter: 'The major difference between the public and private institution is fund raising.'

Two university y presidents find different philosophies

By JANE G. HOLLAND Budgeting is the major problem for Spiro Is assigned many responsi- coninuusly deal with the public in university. At JU, the tuition will be T tees""'. They a e:lukadler-
college presidents. For Carpenter, it bilities and duties as president such order to help raise funds for JU. approximately $1100 a semester. Pres entMrs. J.E Davis, Mr.
of^ stt nvriypresident d ta has h bee~n cu. ac yara' physicl efae fJU, ditng JakovleUnvryi a most Seventy percent of the faculty Cuierhus wilsev a ice
prvt I. unieriypresdetscan be school's budget Is reevaluated by the students and administering academic imprssiecmpuod'ering the^ St J have theirdoctorates, When I chiran Mr hm s wl b
sen In the Ilves of UNF's Dr. Thomas Board of Regents. If there are private and financial matters. Jons River Thereare 6 building interview an applicant for a position treasurer.
G a center nd JU's Dr. Robert H donations made, they are given to the on".S tv^ lt. S he faculty I loo< for someonee Whenasked what his philosophy

a very reserved person, conveying disciplinary programs and to review sector even with all the inancia fo th dormitories which have been sasthe JU president when people ,are inovd noboy
warmth to the people he sees and what's been going on during the past difficulties. federally subsidized. should gthrt>.< ~vddacr the
meets. He maintains a low profile as year with the development of these JU is under the jurisdiction of a Spiro is provided a car by te
far as dealing with people that may programs." Unlike UNF, JU receives no Thr i personal atmosphere at Board of Trustees since it was ue stye taourideon neus
contribute financial assistance to the finance ial a id f rom t he state JUmanly because the student body founded in 1934. The first building on becausens thee are ~domtres on the^
university because fund raising isn't Carpenter is not subject to being government and is not under the is sa n.Te averagecass size is the Arlington campus was the bcamus.eti custereo~mary or
an integral part of his job. "I consider excluded from some of the things political pressure that UNF faces. JU abut35students wic alos he Founder's Building which was president tolieoncmps hn h
myself to be a man with old fashioned students are. For one thing he has to depends largely on private donations mor individua attention fro h constructed in 1944. rstudents do lv ncmpswe
morals and ethics", said Carrnantr pay to park on campus just as the and approximately 80 per cent of the professors and enables the students The president of JU hails from
students do. He is not given a car to instructional fees come from the to familiarize themselves with each By standards that constitute the AhNCSpr o received a
Carpenter was appointed President drive for business purposes, he has to money students pay for tuition. therm'ore uic'ky Iabel, JU exemplifies conservatism Bachv to o ScPece Dgre ro
of UNF in 1969 by the Florida Board of buy one like everyone else. brecascoe there^^^ isagaigsytm haon his master's from the
Regents. "The major difference Spiro is a man with an extroverted drs cod fo th prfsos and6 an^^ U Uiversitv of North Carolina, and his
between the public and the private The president of UNF does not personality with an openness that Tuition at aprivtescoo tnd t roaa wdependen stoudand shonors Ph.Dfrom Scoln' Uiest of
institution is fund raising", said reside on campus since itis atwo year makes you feel relaxed. It is be higher than a state university. At program which are found in schools Ednug
Carpenter. Schools like UNF are senior college and strictly for necessary that he have this type of JU, the tuition at a private school influenced by convention. Eibrh
supported by federal funds and commuters. There are only two state PHOENIX PHOTO BY PAM KING
according to Carpenter, bureaucracy universities-- Florida and Florida PHOENIX PHOTO BY PAM KING _
inF o i a ca"mpus..
?,++ ,. + .. ,

fohi se hr reee"episSaeUivriy i
1 .

hPsOPh.D fomOTOeBUnversityNo
Two un~Flri ithCapetr'sitrann prsd nsfnifee tp ioo he
completed~-r wit mre uidin

andoaltybeeuxperusiencet b hghr hatihestte Sprewil eossstdayne
The medontas agdtes of bthe studens stepolmohadigabde astehrnoffclymmestePeietM.JE.DvM.
arofxstateyniversityeresidents abou When haskedenbout. Eahs yearoso phy siclwlfse flU, dmttiefervtent perivaento haut lxne rs, dM.Hg
priv4tueunives-i750presidentsradnate ofhoolvn orbudet s. areevnutedry h s tudensadamnseigaaei akovleUivriyi otC-ehuewl ev svc
u arpeter asdJUs Dor. Rober17-96th em loaiknae, they WOUe gIven toth Jon ier hrre26 buiding winterie all apinthfrapoiinchimn
Spiroent forten ffiacalad.nexti eha hchieorpa sronear sby71beiancifu l tesadifficutiesfcly.'okfr oen hnakd hthspiooh
studentethestepesoestofaotft teeemrssat ten73-crhcapuCaworipkowldgabl ishi orhetonsovinthscpobbmouSprosthe"
ficnaeo tesuet gigt -oeldto Spiro. Teapiatsol iet elwt suspo pl
BThe priesotidentis $15av qatheir on crpente. sAy"lth ough the ike nt alosef nvriyo rvt nvritTebidnshv elcmn
increased for the next acdmcer
Cparntsber gint erestin a di

"amee ots.Hmaitainsfidowit trfie was yerwt]h eeomn fteeJ sudrtejrsito faSiei rv~Oacrb h
have comdealngwith eoplethath eaqpogalled byik SFpU eeieinrToe'ssesna tfspoert Bor ohrutessicsi as uivrstitvsafrtuins
sotriudefnnts iays tasprsidetac tof UNFhoe .fnniladfo h tt onei13.Tefrtbidn n raos eas ei ncmu
cmunivriybcausefnd raising t iestuCarentser do not be bjeveti the exbesiong oenetadi o ne h Umil eashtdnoybcueteeaedrioisoh
and nthegraclprtyo o. Mot"olconsumer publuded oro ersome buof behee ting poiia rsueta NFfcs U i ml.Te vrg ls iei heAlntncmu a h
th tstudendnts dote.ayn si ult o er iat,
adiitainad a s tudntsas dio president give Jacks onvinsrcnlfescm rmteBysadrstatcnttteh
imto rtari themselvesmwithieach
desntrs ppn dne
supre yfdrlfnsad cmues hr r nytosaePHOENIX PHOTO BY PAM KING
according to Carpenter, bureaucracy universities-- Florida and Florida PHOENIX PHOTO BY PAM KING.
isw a ao ar fte tt invest Sae-were h rsidets lived nt onn !if r n hio oh
in Florida. campND udgtn s. "" mao "rbe o pr sasge ayrs cninos da i t pbc uveiy A U h iin l e mer pitd h Br f
Carpenter president over a campus ___ ute sprsdn sc rerohlpriefud o J.Bprxmtly$10a eetr. Tutes hy r:LkeSd
tha ot i ss 12 mil es in leghwthe many Carpeth e robe a native abdgt a hehrn of Atlanta,--b th Ixne rsadMHg
.aligaor intelks w hsso astber' from B aylo Uniearst an phsclwlaeo U ditngSvnypre"o h auty Clehuewl ev sv
constrtuctionhvert alreaidybent his Ph.Dfrom the University of a +t"hnIcara.Mr .Toa ilb h
completed wnvrith more building in FeScoloribda. With Crpenvter'sy trainingadadiiteigaadmcJUhv herdctr
prgesni helvs now. NFs r To a n d experience, I there aroe ofia and iaca atr.ipesv apsbreigtes. itriwa plcn o oiinnwtesrr
deadtminitraor beacame a natural for Icoc t eet Suo~e b euiultesad h skowegal i i r e ,slvn i rolmSir ad"
Thero median ages of both students caps wihisespo
andi intrctr athe UNF issdn fasaefedo td. h plcn hudlk oda
apthproximntel 30 here where bout Whente saske ab out his philosophy '1 still prefer the privateea epaemnt alo ae n pttuefo tacig ecus, hn elye, tca lad
2,614da stuents--70oflthem. graduater of so lhivin orhe ltims. i, ar nter pr ele: r said: tepiae vleof$5mlin veybidn ih eosrbesilsadtlns"seiu osqece.Ibleet
qurery basire esfor th ne i97-17 them like.thy WrOgr d lake tO Deve sector even with all the iacl t J mp w gf xe hn ol r nvvd oby
acaemi year Theiore project treaed. bee iay "" U rsi
enrolmeth for nex yepea iess 2,71 5 ht' bee "on fiania difficulties.'cltes" hul gt ur
students, H moitist aof them il at nihtarpenhther is optmisti aout these ,Ui ne h uidcino aSioi rvddacrb h
Th a e price oftiti pon is $15 a quarter college. Although thy are not all of percentage of the student going to ..... --Robert Spire
ho~~~~Trr wit an expected slighter pric college. age enrllen issde high c %: -
inres fornl theus next academic year. ,, the 'eas +r r omioiso
unvesiybeauefud aiig snt Carpenter'is inoteresjt toing andnen ..,,, " n'';ti une 'eArigoncm
"1~~~~~i amll not satifiedwit thes waye is enthsias for hisus stat unvrst isoar ,0.
hav nega a o i b" commniat dwihter eqcualed bySpro sm ofo thhins privatea ;++:,ie tha !llmF faes U ondrs ul
studnts, say theent presden ofow UNF. one.den ".+ '...,?e. on ,apswe
Carpenft er say hn intend to furthioer stdet "e /o n hn ehst eed agl npiaedntoscntutdi
communication~mor amongdua thenio stuent Ih dodet no eiv n h xrsio mdi
moasand ethe fcult". Msti perpl ass pubis r peri ncpsh bust dbeiee ind aprxmtlb - 80 pe ceto U rfsosadealstestdnsTepeieto Uhisf
tht heprsdents is. th h aigsiuae i or tiermn a te, intutoa escm rmteB tnad htcnttt h
admnitraio andlarz playslve ant sayspro president, ofC Jacsonill "
ofUFImotn 16 yth pa ortin akn moajrd o Un ~ iveertveroees.bcueteei rdn ytm ahlro cec ere
deeciins. "h ao ifrneSioi a iha xrvnadescd o h rfsos n n Wetn i atrsfo h
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insittio i fnd aiin", ai reid o capu snceitisa to earmaesyoufel elaed I is behigerthn astteunierit. A pogrm hih ae oud i shols h. frm colan'sUnveri, o

AuWl 16, 19e THE PHOENIX -106 2

WIhat do you get with A& S fes

By JUDY BULL 11iii .i iir
Student fees cover more than you
bargain for. They finance
organizations geared to help the e
Counseling Program, the Academic < ^ ry '
Enrichment and Skills Center~the 0zC^ ^ -C^ *''

more serious than other campuses. 0(^P \o/ ^ ^^
An over 30, non-resident student ^ V Q uS B/ ^st

blody whichccomunttsets to th e schoolv
bplles somed u nique mproblem as. the ar 0, -'11 ^ ^- ^ _, 0 -
orietaton rogam or ew rgeto s crretlydee inplas tme nd nvionmnt o ahiee Te Cnte offers wll-quiped attndsschol qurte fo for bdgeor~udCt 0
exdntpe tarofiacsmhenatfraianrly.Adrvrgn nvgaotgete ffcenyaneatsacinweaigaaortrytaiceae coscuieaurtrsee,"g tdetwhCfns al0eow0t

Iepnsfact, fordentActiviinesnffrsson 60.suet n ulcwt ^ ssins yn-hrp rusad ^ B^^$0mnhy n h nttto fUF
manyuservincudnemves apythat ro y rc aseiintrinisgops s elpsublishing_. h Fdra ovrmetai
ourpate thandbookthobe andvailablecll( atO^ o ah coneigfriniiulcope r ALarigEprecenw s Ter sas Rsm eerl upe etledctoa p
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Acivtesudentilbe icont rspnsbliievinsitdifcuteosonslcasnvce wrkngaeawilbermoeldnettmlometSepce teemlQe)su

maospe chi a s e nthe psychologrobeys Club asteognztono0sitneinmt1n rtn1sil. Proalahee etlveswl nomt1nfo1tt ndntoa ~rlat~m~ ~

Caoit aeasili rdtoa a a ae pnoe yStudent Activities alsoaate1 hn SinJe~^^^^^ naca f offers a

BinexpeskutEeive heath insurac plan ^ ^ ^ -^ ^ ^ ^* ^^
Andcoordnters contribution StoaffV lIt
blodn bank hr th unierit hseur ,, B sn s Sc o a c e ia on e o dbak
Charleti boardls.o c lampus manes, theao pakd wt eetia

orintation, pro ra fornew th ge t co piscuretlde epi ln iead envirpment to aciv rt m,0 Thre Cnc terc vo lumer s tha wel equped attens. schoolm in quate fort fof bl a
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Bo k gautin cre o is n re givn a l^ist of diecios i^.e. ak a^1 sai Bt sy Lasseia t er, educh ataksional readin spee and co prhnso. reg la may w hile wor kn frogram aa bi -.*.,* kAlK~u"k
ou-ftwppaes ihoto-aetraic pr obe O'i on (Acemetery)ll. speiais with! t he^ Conslin Ter ac re speech wcommhops, wrting sala ry wehier tvarie from the Ipesdwt h irrh ad
STU DENcTio AC II TIE the jor also H ae is p lan ingh roru fases, intutof ns P rog oram "W ehaven selfhpo sis semiaro nds td skll Business, asrogram m, wagdI o'e notwacred. itoed an raizto t
commuicatin prgram tath check points *l be opeebcoeten firs upperleve assstnc inSPECTORS ngo fogrea the fistu quen s to h ave skred as muh. ast W.a G ntes olo ul
responsible ofNohFloet rtida.eItis on oosoi sessiousentos^ h na-tion aid gr.oJaps leghaosrtnzneedapc f Teear o fgo esost e aed o
capublse inc luding movices happy thell u denatse n u lc wt thcl me ba e ass rtion deai n goupseaschool as Gra uae uni e crsit Exa m. wilbAccoun ting acced00 mo nthy ala' hn faynt"W gig ta o h
hour-arte fo the Boatho se and Hueb-wi ner re ateivn a veropy orsensctivesbu iness ftor atindvuas acoupesator scoo Lernn bus ieness. Not nl are There. isrdito als ah Resmeduateal
mualsp orting evkofsuents.I supplies plcrize families meter out ouf groups meet years.- bu ines populrses thnalyzdountin a S eric whic sl th ebuingessd moutywre anda. si a
equipmentd including ir vcwannecsswhicTheApparentliy, abcastudentYEAbods tlargelystafteran5:30erpcum.etoheabusnessamjornightvestudents.effoorsaidParrisorecet.yAaptetedutliningof P4
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another ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h servee consis. ofwutS^^^ a~t director? st'oc^ hc w8peaigtemfrhge ee

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Sudene macines"will robaby be ble t ^ r 80 0^?^ .^ ". Mcrsanizations be avgrailabl eto theo fferedsveal b time Stach quarter forc eta thi s on ea
offer sme defiite statement c~shanA~in~r^studentsi thsae a hi h ery q alifed peolot gof clarfictiwon haearesume Wrtigand0 Poe ex nsv to he eel
regaring te us and ffecs of ducaionalAdm~straton. ______ tudens wh wantthe egreeibuts to urpoesinahthehointoerevngwungames.0
b------****----*IMMI~~~~suc ast-leti temran dirobesr and counselors de"*^11^"*""^^""""""^!**^

Page 3 -- THE PHOENIX -- Aug. 16, 1976

"Estuary study is f un part"


Dave Baggett takes UNF biology students fishing
for oxygen levels, plankton forms, light levels, and
various chemicals. The fishing trips are the basis for an
estuary study of the St. Johns river system.

Two years ago the National Oceanographic and
Atmosphere c Administration's Sea-grant program
'A funded a one-year study of the St. Johns to be based ats s.
UNF. The initial study was so successful that Dr. Carole
DeMortthe UNF ecologyst who heads the study,
received an even larger grant for the second year.r.
DeMort and her students at'e hoping for another
increase for the third year.

Bagget, a UNF laboratory technician, takes the
students out on the waterways of the St. Johns to
of Collect samples once a month. There are roughly half a*
dozen students in the program each quarter.

are ."dom idle.

Once a month, they go out, usually in teams, to each
of thve 23 water sample collection stations located fromsi
Lake George to Black Creek and Blount Island. When
they return to campus, Charlie Stevens, Bob Murphy,
Steve McEvoy, Nelson Vargas and their classmates o
spend the remainder of the month running tests on the
water they have captured.
Baggttwho years bengot the estuoa ryOceanographce and
" funcedpaion, iectytea studentsf tests. Johntoubehbasedoat
"=; studNt. Dae isia study respsonsuccessfor tasitn wt. Caroe
Man oftDestuenttsidhhe stury tuycpoviesihetutdorhasectofdhe ttyhe neeruorig,
collectiveed and evestng ofarger gramplotesecn saiear.et
i%._th.m with a basis incrawerkoafter therdgraduate.

Bagget a qUarte thlaboratoes atechnican, tdaye and
:* stdntsht) oxygn thvel cout enwy Kofg ah junt. bJoo gy' Ketogwudlk og pit h ot aoia e igtl bu h cainlagtrh
maj .: ollec sampleThs onc a othe fun r part e moroughlytk wtr apls oprtntishehslofbrwthigan nia

h'-ours studetsing at4hou p erodKethnsteaaswhoutramdanchngquarter. ,f support .
practinca appeict.iohn"'ps sbwa t iershe ofe comrie stalldo sytes JuyKngiepigcmihcletd-aai
must gorthe past Flriam teSevera otuderntssmmesarepakowhcwreuintfd in the reogramce
'""' withnc himonh Theeytudyhastlsouallynfineceeaeyonttoeeachksavailable
t. [ et .., of th 23 watrasauslecolleotinwstatio silocatdefroack-s.n"il:le Area
' I Seve M~voyNelso Vergs andtheir lassmtes ;! "';: *'' *i P.lann the retundtoaampusheharleeSteensdabtMuphy, stud"ent"s
Thi spn study rmisdro the besth co rse in t aeeers ad ts coponosugs ehdso epn thes ara' Wenth stud fial ensevryin wo.a

maggestmehoraaticeealwithe thexbo estarnin Itd sine haitadwtrasfeso olto n ulo lf.We td ialyedeeyn h a
incepiolon," sadietth students ChctBrests. wokehoughwl kowthaepeinon-ginn
,. studentlDage isestill resonsible for assistingkwith th
colectonandtesin ofth saple. anyofThe sudierstyhs gaind beaue estuary study prvds"h udosapc o h tdsnvrbrn,
them with aUbasisoforgwork aftretheyngraduate, saidtBaggett
,i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~uyKnight oxyenilevelicount.maenrKingdasheniornksology Ken Kingiwould like tohgo upaitocterNorth Caoisna 16-footdabuheocsinlaliaorh

.. .! Thie water tsinvolvestgttingswaer scmpentfi everyosity Bostrdhaers plamedfo oneaitn ofithe planest develifcPONXPOTpYPKN
' ~ ~~~ 1much moet upth4anm Seeany other clabsokshmmer had gree. plananktonc wefounmsnifieinthearfeenc

: Planing Bord andPHOTuOe PAGEdaaYherMtudent
, Ths tuy s hebes cure hveevr ad Itcopie o uges mthos f eein tisara'

Aug. 16. 1976 -- THE PHOENIX Page 4

Rogers plays Bluegrass banjo in *60s Bl -^ ^ i"Mr. Travis McDonald McGee gets Rogers' attention
and DREW Brunson Rogers has written his own ROGERS DOES NOT project the Rogers. "I just said'Stop, don't drop
material, but most of his songs are I^i^ ^ ^^^^ L^^.traditional image of the father with them. I'll catch them.' ," he said.
"Excuse me." instrumentals performed for his own, |^ r ^i ^ ^ &- .M M three children, Leta 10; Julia, 7 and ROGERS SHARES his apartment
"Yes., and his friends', enjoyment. B -^ ^ Kl*&^ AJ ^ Jason, 5. with Mr. Travis McDonald McGee
"Yur odAe' v,,? --\J^ ^ ~ ^ R H ^ He was the first husband to who, strangely enough, does not
You re Rod. Aren't you? Much of the Foggy Mountain ---1 JH ^ H L ^ ^ ^ Mi accompany his wife in the delivery come from Scotland, but. instead,
"Rod?" Singers' time was spent performing in ^^ Nl'f^ ^ ^ ll~ 'I^ g^room of the Bloomington Hospital in hails from Germany.
"Yes, Rod McKuen." small clubs in Tallahassee, although ^ f* LJ^ H_ I ^ ^K Bloomington, Indiana. Until Rogers' McGee, Travis to his friends, is a
the group was the warm-up band for ^ R M^^B il*i ^.j. breakthrough, husbands had never five-month old German Shepherd,
No, he's not Rod McKuen. but, in Dionne Warwick in 1969. ^ JB ^HI ^ ^1 been allowed into the delivery room nearing the size of Roy Rogers'
more talented. DROGBERSEEIVEDhisMastersinT o ta
Rogers, carrying his gold-plated, Eglish Litraturei he mid1960sS at 9^l9l li Not only did Rogers assist in theT *
flathead, custom made RB 6 banjo, FSU and received a felowhi inI birth of his youngest child, he also Travis accompanies Rogers many
has more than a passing resemblance educational research andtetin at ^Fv *B il1 took photos and sold the story to the places, but one place Travis will
to McKuen. fnin9v ^^ --^ < ,- Bloomington Herald. never go is skydiving with Rogers.
A InianaUnivrsitUin 970

Asemi-prof essional Bluegrass '" mest ,17..K. Most of his photography lends Rogers jumped out of a plane for
musician who lives in St. Augustine, When research grants began to ^ H 1| \ M itself to his personal use. His the first time in Indiana, but his first
Rogers is, among other things, an evapora e, Rogers decided o try a Photographsdecoratethewallsofhis free fall took place ove Palatka."It
adjunct lecturer with the department course ,n journalism, and this, he ^ j | W apartment, although he has had one was all out and down and scary, but I
of lanuae nde who is sdwas a pi l pomt in his lfe. I p Thotograph used on the cover of a knew it was going to work," said
currently teaching a Mass Media and He began to take one education book written by a friend, Kathleen AR Rogers.
Modern Society class at UN. course a quarter in order to keep his eagen. The book, "Archaeology at AS A STUDENT in theR 60s when a
HE FIRST BECAME interested in fellowship and concentrated on the National Greek Orthodox Shrine" lot of student unrest was occuring on
the banjo while pursuing his earning his doctorate in journalism. was based on her doctoral thesis campusesaround the nation and as a
bachelor's degree at Florida State f 4 llii ~ ~ if1 WAL KING INTO RO GER S' teacher in the '70s, Rogers said the
"Yenrs.6 H dd'tal Since his divorce and ssquent Jason, 5. k ta aw ste back one basic changewihatake
"You'eRodve d w he bantoyou? move to St Augustine in the spring of wanto time.Furnished with antq place one college campuses is they
however until the following year od?" Rogers hasstaughtatFaer o r in and hand-made furniture, his are much quieter
when he met Paul Champion, one of apartment even displays witch traps

the leading Bluegrass musicians in college in St. Augustine both full time by the doors He was never really politically
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No, he' not R M ,program and teaching all the An old-fashioned ice box serves a usually seemed to be arounwhen
hoisowing way,6, Rogers became an journalism courses. He also has storage cabinet in his bathroom and something was oing on Rogers has
rid student of the banjo and in 1966 taught at St. Johns River Junior an old.roll-top desk serves as his been extesively invoe
formed his own Bluegrass group, the College part time, managed a health bhome officer educational r oyects around the
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has more thanyaCpassingresemblancegeducationatresearch and testingnadBloomingtonnHerald.ny
toave E xlaughiout-niudrperfor 1nce
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SD B g York Cityer Vath finds humor in being Harry allowed the most room for "The Prisoner of Second Acenue"

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maersris, ut most of hes songs rtrats break idn, otad li faingewintet.h otosa c oe te h t.llA ," hfhimr
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magician woho we e e r ne d W hseur e a seri grnth began ato di ,loe iss oerancs a the an h b the Ha dn ola e b i t ft i,
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solve: the secret of the scorpion give a ram-like appearance. The lion- interesting novel, easy to read and a "Notorious Woman" "In Search of the
pendawnt 1e61, Rosssers wbecam an ljournatimcuresft eis. aHaen ins hissoaecbnti s bathroom arug. ah ag il."nd Soearhin waof n on. Nogerd s has

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edhtry owno B l ds go e T e are generally shorter than The reader may begin it because of The first step on this treasure hunt eu att p rt s ador the
Faster's story at a time. eventually ignfcians, and darker. They are also the "gothc horror" billing, but will e "Upstairs, Downstairs," the the Nile Rivers Manyt of Brcewth
br.ongeng all theories together in a dr y ers who never make hasp e re ad tad e ue clues is aho adventures and misadventures of the problems ca fromme .sbeleso
yer perion Reare atmosphere of deh O RMALITY and confusion of Wr t"sca rna ct th membership drive, August 28-30. Steamy clan and its servants his contemporaries.
The charm of this story is the a world of 12 astro-races is tempered author's astrological knowledge so
intriguing use Wallace has made of an by Wallace's use of nicknames and well that no information seems this summer would be pr complete
apparentlyienormousastrological dteriaions.s and of f the astro-skeptic will marathon culminates a Nexth rEvening at Symphony" without some marvelous dessert or
knowledge. For instance, every man. Caprics,^ ^ Ar csSagis i ae ean jo "Hueo Scorpio." He ayno summer of Channel 7 specials with 48 becomes "Noon at Symphony." But after dinner treat. Forty-eight hours
and a few women, in Zodiaca wears easer to lve becausee eac fnsht o ve P a believer, but he w hIrs continuous broadcasting don't worry, daylight does no harm to of marathon broadcasting offers a
his horoscope on his clothing. When chare i finish an iry w s The daytime hours w-ll be filled with Arthur Fiedler's and Seiji Ozawa's great deal of entertainment with no
the orphan sisters are released from r astro-sign. Le Soils is a sun- highly worth perusal. aneo resa e S treetn" a Judy orchestration caloric content.
Caprice, Are, Score, Sagis is made enjoy "House of scorpion He may not becomes "Noon at Symphony." But after dinner treat. Forty-eight hours
knowledge. For instance, every man, easier to live in because each finish the novel a believer, but he will summer of Channel 7 specials with 48
and a few women, in Zodiaca wears hours of continuous broadcasting, don't worry, daylight does no harm to of marathon broadcasting offers a
his horoscope on his clothing. When character is named in some way for finish an interesting stow which is Arthur Fiedler's and Seiji Ozawa's great deal of entertainment with no
............ .. his/her astro-sign. Le Soils is a sun- highly worth perusal, i The daytime hours w;ll be filled with
me omnan s[ers are release fr m -, "Jennie, "Sesame Street," a Judy orchestration, caloric content.

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