Facts, Jacksonville: in the land of sunshine
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NII n i ME an goo i m n

|,-r ,1 Il-.. _

ff .-N.

ST, ,




I n the Land of Sunshine

AC.&SONVILLEwelcomes.you ri,
Sthe land of sunshine; you will
Jind a delihdful place In which
..y Live. Whether It Is for one week
or a lferime, you will find recrea-
donuJ advantages plus business
opporrunlties and excellent health
The climate i4 balmy. enabling y-ji
to take advantage of the great out-
of-doors the entire year, and has
been directly resp.:.aible for many
phenomenal cures. A plaBc where
.vitality is not absorbed in an effort
to keep warm.

M i M ufaeturers realize that branch plants are
an economic necessity. Jacksonville offers a ds-
tributing point covering all Florida, South Car.-
lina, Georgia, Alh'anba, and South American
Countries; and ber.auF of its rail and tImrine
shipping facilities enables the raw material to
be received and distributed on a cheap freight
rate. The City furnishes low electbr: light rates,
and with the wonderful harbor of Jacksonville,
Sand its municipally and privately owned docks,
Furnish a shipping point that cannot be excelled.
The day was when they grew cotton in the
i':.-South and.manufactured it in New England,
n:-'ibd cowhides of the Middle Wesrwere shipped
. to Eas -tpoints for manufacturing, but these
, wi are rapidly being changed.


f ckso n u i e, F I o r- d a


JaLksonv ille i located on the St. Johns
River. which tmpnres into tle Atlante Ocean
with a channel oi 30 fe-t at the bar and is
narvi-;gale far 201I mnlee into the heart of Florda.
Jacksonville has 172 factorne, all of which
ar. aatsridd.
Jazckonville's schools and eburehes are
stond to none in the South.
The largest automobile manufa.turers in the
world choose .Iackson-ille ror their Southeastern
ditribunton headquarters and assembly plants.
Jackson-iUe has a rich hack counrry which
is especially attrective to specialized agricul-
JaEckonvile has many public-owned utiliits.
Its municipal el rIPtT plant. m addition to furn-
ibhing very <.heap power and domesc rates turns
cver large sunm of money for the annual redue-
tion or taxes.
IJacksonville has a cosmopolitan population,
with erer3 State in the Union well represented.
Here they share a common bappinees It is
AMERIC.'S ideal City.
Jacksonville has the finest driving and bath-
ing beach in the world. It is thirty miles long
and 6uO feet wide at low tide. IL ip as smooth as
velvet and hard as concrete. A 3.2-foot concrete
boulevard, electrically lighted, joins Jaclson-
ville arid its beach.
Jacksonnille is the largest lumner market
from Maine to Texas.
It is one of the largest naval atorea.ports in
t he world.




In t e Land of Sun s h i e

Jacksonville is a City of beautiful homes.
co!orfui parks and auperrisd playgrounds, a
Cit) where myriad flower bloom the ;.ar
'round. Fire of the finest 16r-thl gulf lino Ln n
the State.
The Union TernInal St9LA..r is tih trin-sr
south of Washington Jacksoni-.lle mi saevd b\
live trunk line railr-.:ads More than 15,0111 pas-
sangers pass through ;t. gAt,~ daol,., arid ap-
proximately 2100 trains p.a t through this .3ta-
Connected with ithre Unon Sration s tbhe
larg.tHt ind-idual express trmirnal in the Un;t*-d
States, which employs approximately 900 mAn.
Through express cers arte -perated to principal
cities in the Northeast and Mhddle West as far
as Kansas City, not to mention thbrugb express
trains thai are operated on the east and west
coasts of Florida. This means a ps. kage loaded
in Jacksonville on any of t het p.:.ntrila deliveredd
without transfer enroutg
Ja_.lonVille aldo o~I? r tr-asrp.-rrarnior by
motor buses:r to all poir.ra n Flnor.d. marntain-
inl regular 3chldulr-


i` " '~ ` ~

Tbh Dide Highway, Atlansti Coastal High-
way and Old Spanishb rail -*onverge in Jack-
son iJle, making it the main gateway. to Florlda.
It is the hub of Florida's good road system
Jael nnriille haa 365 recrearional and in-
rh ltril days in every year.

The City of Jaclronville is served with a
natural land-locked harbor with deptb over bar
or 32 feet srd rte channel entrance& ie 600 eet.
Jacksonville i6 27.5 miles from the mouth of
dth river.
The Municipal Doc:ke and T-rmiual6. Jatk-
sonvrlle'l proudest posesiona, .-slued at three
S and a half million dollar, handled 155 steamers
with an average freight capacity of 6500 cons
and 17 oclhuoners wirh an vrgt'-r e right ca-
piary ...f 101.1) r-.na e't.rb, dur;ig .ear 19?;
TLespe stEametr' and_ Lhboon-rJ handled to and
rrorm .ldackonl-.-e o most all of r.he imDortnnt
Port, in rhe Wanrld during l' I)?;. ?14.421
t 'Aj. of rr ig;li[.
Tbh: Munr-;p'l Di-.i'l.3 hli 3.'1.4l1) i s4qujHr.'
rit olr' "parehoua- *ps'e unIirntll d snFDap rr ont-
side storage. n'per- pir; 7.-itrl m-rgitial ri.i.LA
the entire Termir.sis covering 12 a'Tcres

and Terminals is iuljy eulppdH with high
dleadrit coltoo .tompreass.eE ard i-quipr enir or
handing carton

". . ."- .*** - ----- .-:- .--- - -- ... rm n l

F or .da

aI i c a o nt s I le,

1), the ..Lan f Surlh c -hI

.. . A

Located on the Muni.ipal Docks and Termi-
nala is-onieel the largest and bst equipped
naval stores yards in thE world.

Jacksonville has eight .abhp ines operating
regular coastal service and four operate regular
foreign aerrice Clyde Stemanmsp Companr
have four sailings a week to and from New York
City; Merchants and Miners three sailngs a
week each from Balrimore and Phdadelphi..

Jackaonville ham one of the most modern
electric light plants in the country anrd at the
present time 6 making extensions to the plant
and distributing system to the extent of $2,-
000000, which will give them practK:aUll 75,uOO
Horse power available for the development of

bc~Y~ ~-- -.; -e ...-

li ckson r lle. FI .t' dS''

our industrial and commercial activities, which
offers ample power always at mnnimmum cost to
all factors and industrial plants in and cur-
roin.Lng Jackson~ille. It is the policy of the
Cit-y Go ernment to cooperate tothefullest es-
tent with .b,. desiring this service, and you
are invited to'make careful note of tbhee rares.
Th'tiate for commercial cooking and heat-
mg ari three 131 cents per K.W H. for the first
500, '1 cents per K.W.H. for the next 4O)ur, _2
v.nta per K.W.H.' for the nret 5000 and I1
cents per K.W.H.for alli ecess of 9500 K W.H.
consumption, subject t. a minimum charge of
15.1t0 eer month
The minimum rate for elevators is I$.tu per
H P. on rated capa-.:ity of the motor.
The rates for '22u Vclt Alternating ,O-
Cycle cunrent for power are as follJow, auLibjt-e
to a minimum consumption of 5000 K W per
month. All wiring from main ilne meter to be
paid for by appijra t.
Inside City, 2 cents per KI.W.H for the first
l0,u00, la cents per K.W.H. for thenext 15,000,
1!. 'enita per K W H. for the next 5:o,ufu, and
'l crintsper K W H. for all ovFrr 76.i00 K.W H.
used per month.
Outside City, ?,1. ceont per K W.H. for the
first lI'O,0I K W.H ;2 cents per K.W.H. for the
neAt 15,000 K.W.H. consumption, 1 cents [or
the next Bn,0l)n. K.W.H and 1. cents per K.W.
H. for aiJ over 75,'1)0 K.W.H. used per month.
Electric current supplied and charged for at
any of the aboie power rates shall not be used
either directly or indirectly, or by rransforma-
non, for illuminating purposes.

al....~l~;_ ---~WI-L--*: r*-.-..r .-- -. - .JI-I-l--L~

In t' e Land of Sunsh&n ie

A year-round playground heyond compare.
far from the land or cold and snow, aurpiasing
in its natural beautine and in ire unbounded
re-reationaai fanilie .-Jacksonville offers ev'ry
opportunity for restful rFlaxation, sport or pleas-
tir. possible to be desired.
Its cihmat is gerini in v.intvr and gentle in
summer. ThE mean annual temperature for
past 40 years has beenr h' 3"'.
Jackson'mrti h~ tive volf c rurse. of ..hamp-
iornship length minuding A municpal Ac:'ursM
deEsigr' hby Dorald Roms, and conceded rn bp
the fine in the South.
Tbe- warers of the St Johns Ri.-r and
numerous nearby iJakLe and Rrr-~nLs afford an
exernng abundance of game riih whilr ir the
tidjeater ler e and in th' restles blu- Atlinnt..

S: a irs o e. F lo rs'da. .

'-*'* ~
* 4*.

at .Jacli-nville's door lirni;less ariecies of deep-
Eta trcphjes challenge tLe skill of the angler.
HFer the leaping Tarpon plays and- the ea-baas
runs free.
Jas.ksonv tie has a concrete-Munjcipal Sta-
dium, seating 8000 people, with a. temporary
accommodations for Su JOr more. Numerous ten-
Wis court, etc.
Jaclkonrvlle has a baseball club whi.h won
the championship of the Southeastern League
for 192_7.
JackisoniLU has a Radio Broadcasting Sta-
tion. WJAX, linoi-wat Western Electric -eqp-
ment, operating on 340.7 meters. Broadcasta
daily weather reportcamarket-ing1ondt6on s and
prices, and matters of interest to farmers, as
well -, musical programs.
** ,. -.- .

In the L a n d o S u Y s h Lz n

Jacsoonille's beachpe are the tline iij th
world. T1j am.,x-rh hard-packed sand make an
irco.mparable boulevard. se hundred fe-t widr
at low tide and thirty miles in length. Thousands
seek the beaches ;n unanter and summer for the
exhilarating.healt b-promotng ocean-eide porter,
beach driving, surf bathing and other outdoor
Upon tiL rper. hbe-ch Capt. Gerg. Balde-
man and Edward Strinon broke the World's
endurarnc record, which waa held by two Ger-
man Aviators, by sagaing in the air bhours, '3f
minutes and 30 seconds, which we believe is a
high testimonjal for the quality of thl beach us
well as the weather for the record breaking-
March 2tSh to 30th, .njajne, 192S. '

*~ ~ ~ ; t$ --.-4'
... ~ ~ ~ A~ ." '"~5. -F:


Jacksosvi' le, Flor i da

Jacionv[ilJe has a modern airport, opened
,.,October 10th, 192 upon the visit or Col. Chaa.
A. Lindbergh: 7 milg north of the post office,
with cinder runways )00 feet wide, containing
125 acres, with ateel conarructed hangar, office
and wairing rooms. The Barnet Narionil Bank
Building [with proper inscription on its roof that
the air field is ? miles north operates a 20-second
revolving beacon throughout the nghr, afford-
ing night flier? qui k identification. The Lyneb
Building carries tht name of the City upt-n its
roof and the Jacksorville Gas Company have
an arrow marker on top of largest gas holder
showing the direction of the airport.


* :. .- ..
:,,-" "+=. +.: .:. .. . ..;,. =,: ,.
. '. ', . .., ,-::

.~....L;~....~.~.... ..

I the Land of Sunsh.-i n c

Jaclonv-lle haa one of the fiftsr echooi
systems of the enrird Stace. in 1923r; p-nt $1,-
bl50,00i for construction of. new schor-l Thb
I pupil enrollment for 192;-28 was 21,916

.Jakaornivlle haa 171 churciea. verdIa or
whibc bhai- trn r.'intly crectce, anrd rcmark-
able forrAhe magnite-fn*:I and beauty of todir
deaign,'and of alnmO-t every known denomina-

No finer residences can be found anywhere
than in JacksannIle. From the bungalow
sheltered by palmettoes to the stately mansions
behind their barricades oi towering live-ijaka,
magnolas and palms

Jacksonville la a bhalthy City; a good place
to bhv and work the year round: excelltnt cli-
mate. During the warmest months the toul
breezts give refrtehing sleep at night. The
annual rainfall la about 53 inches and is mcst
abundant in the warm wr-ather, keeping the
temperature down.
The cajr ha an abundant supply of safe
Skater that comes from 13 blowing artesian wells.

Jacksonville has a splendid park systerm
comprising sixty-seven parks, all desirably lo-
cated, ranging in size Irom a city block to 100
acres, several of which are located on the n'er

f ----------- ^ .--.. _ .

I a c 4 .5 0 71 V I I I Florida

This monument in Memorial Park i~ dtdi-
cated to the nrizens of Florids who made the
Supreme SacriLie in the World War, nd repro-
sents the figure of Youth rising triumphant from
tht Swirl of War's Chaje which engulla Hu-
manint. sarji Fares thr Future CourageouLsl


J .a c k s o nv a I le,

F I o ri d a

-. .-.F.- .-*-h.- 8 ec popu1l~lc,~ ~ ~
or a.. *-

T be
New'f ork.



dJCa C S 'o n 1vi II Floridr a -d -

By Carl Dantn
A great many people do not realize Florida's
geographical position; they do not understand
wh. Florida is the winter aun parlor of the
United States.
If you atould go straight north of Jackson-
~ille ,ou would nor go to New York City, you
would go to Clteland, 'Jtu. New York City
as to the east several hundred niles. Chicago
the same distance to the west, forming a V"
sbape or a funnel with Florida as the vortts
Within thu funnml resides 02 per cent. of the
population of the II lLtd Stats, and is estimated
to contain &6 per cent. of the wealth, all %;thin
a few hours of the State of Florida.
The most northerly boundary of the State
of Florida is south of the most southerly bound-
ary of Cahliornia by many miles. Los Angeles
California, is about on a dead Line with Chatta-
nooga. The central section of Florida is far
south of Cairo, Egypt.
Jacksonvlle is onLy a uight out from 60 per
tr-tr. of the population of the United States
if Lhe Great Architect HimsefL should
speak, He would aay, "Florida is My benedic-
S tion to millions of people," and He has placed
Florida geographically xbere it would do the
e greatest amount of good to the largest number
of people.
Dural County produces more flowering
bulbs than ary other county in the State. It
also leads in the production of milk and cream,
poultry and poultry products and in figs.

In the Land of Su n s h

The lands of Duval County are r.n' The:
amount of power required to culrivate Duval
County lands is 0 per cent. les than is requirFd
for hear% clay and gumbosoils of other ecrti.:.e.
and this saying in power is an important tem
Duval County farmers are within ji) houNr
by express of 70 millions of people. [Itr market
condition are unusually favorable
We have leA;rn- a great deal about how to
utiLize our unL.ua1aJly favorable condirions for
agr'multurte and convert them into Joilars, and
we will learn a great deal more abnur bC.e. to
aientrificall. utilize our 53 ;nrbac of rainfall.
abundant sunslne and :is5 owing day yearly

Jaeksonville and in fact all Floridh offers
exceptional ringe for cattle Owing to the mild
winters they rneuire iirtte or no care.
Poulrry pro\es more protabhk in Florida
than in arny other asrie, -s the coops do not
require heating and the *- hekp ar- raod-d i eaily
Jacdkonville haa sc.,mr wonderful ie'ickeri
Ir ia., ily within the last few .?ar. e IEha j
lIarr',d that our ru;:.al C(.'ijnr' lindt- aill gpr.
,.I er a bmnd',ntly

Total afspnmnri of Ir'jita and -. etahl&lI
from Flrida from Sprtmber Ift. I42l tn .IuJ
3uth. 1927 in..lui!,'p. express and bhoar sh;p-
menus lre included By romnrodjiti. s 11-

J ac onv lle, Plorida

iranges 23,315 carloads
Grapefruit 17.S4? carloada
MNird Cirru. 4,?22 carl.ads
Tomatoes lii,07(;7 4 ri ads
Watermelon;n 7.6 t'. tarioads
Celery ..677 rarloads
S Potar.toe 5,3:14 carloads
The total volume of periubables abipped
from Florida during rhp 192.-27 shipping season
amounted to 9!,r112 rarioads


[Thp anr,i~.iiit. .,( tire irllrd are on fiie in 14r
jffl'. o"f ht _'ai C'?lrn,~rt.'m.. A.4 morany .whfr|l.
!at. Jadckonville beinm a port of -rntry for
coffee from foreign countries we knew that re
could bring our coffe in dire[ t arnd save rreight
from some other Amaeican port.
~nd. Ja'.ksonrille is so located that we can
serve to ad-rantage all of Flor.la, South Caro-
!.ns, Geortad, and the larger part of Alabama.
Ir.j The muni.:pali. owr-nd h:.'J 1 tri po,?er
and ligbt tar;an iurnrihe-. pow, r lower than
any wrhur irn te Sautheaet.
4th. W Ill;c.l rh- proggr-il c ptrit of thit
IC-ty* ir- ad. anrage a ci t.% in .r thih' r lt i ,
antd rtep clas a em:plo.'.ie, ors. l, ml and re-
mal', r, hb.ie e in ;.-'ur here

Commlorn labur. both wiutk. :nd ,olore-l. male
and remain. la plenriful Thn white Laborers are
almoet ,r.n hundred ptr cent. American br.rn. as

In the L and n St. nstrI i e

were their ancestors ror many generations, nd
they can be taught to do almost any kind of
factory aork.
Housing conditions are aa near ideal ai
could be wished, on at.eourt of mild clmate.
cheap land, cheap building materials, and lub
eost of construction. V
Factory sites are pl.riiful and r-asonautle
in pnre. and climatic conditions make It un-
necessary to eret experini\e factory I-uildngs
or spend muLh to beat or cool them
Banking faclties are available for an. reas-
onable reqmrement.
Foreign territory to twich we are as close
as any other city, embraces Cuba, the West
Indies, the Bahamas, Central and South
Amerca, with ateamnhips sailing to al or nearly
el of these countries, and to the principal cities
of Eastern Europe

Having been a manufacrurer in Detroit and
Chicago for twenty-fve years. I at once recog-
rnze the many advantages of Jacksornille as a
manufacturing center, and manufacturers should
be quick to recognize that their costs can be
ready reduced here, for the following reasons:
I. Availability of cheapelectrrc power from
the Municipal Lighting Plant.
2. Livmg cost is so much less that the em-
ployee can work for smaller wages and at tht
same time save more money than be can giving
in the North. Building costs are lowir, con-
sequently rents are lower Help can have their
gardens and also raise chickens, which would be
a source of income to them.

I acksonit lc. Florid 's

Wages in the North must include cost of
heavy clothing, not only for the employee but
fl family as well; they must also mncude
f lJ and rent for houses of greater cost, .
bI to withai thibe severe winters. These
a w or te reasons why a marn an save
anl M here at a lower wage, and enjoy
hie to a greater extent.

3 JacksonDiLe',is lavantages um being a ea-
port as wel as a raidrad center, b7ing crunk
lines in all directional, enables economic distri-
bution of products. Manufacturers here would .
have an advantage in competing with those in
other sections of the country for distributing
either in the Southeastern s-ction of the United
States or anywhere along the coast, as well as
exporting to the West Indies, Central and South .'
America, and Earope.

4. It is eist-iala that all manufacturing .
enters have some good place for recreation, and
Jaeksonvilie Beach cannot be excelled anywhere
as a healthful piace for recreation.

5. All products that are being used in the
southeastern part of the country, could be manu-
factured in JacksonviUle at a great saving, owing
to itaadv antageousdistributing posiion,-furni-
Lure could be manufactured here at a sang, as
hardwoods are available in this section of the
countryy, as well as those woods imported from
the West Indies; shoes could be manufactured
here, as many bides are brought from Brazil;
canning industries do well here as all fruit and
vegetables are grown in great,'"bundance the
year round.

''Iflil~ .,.-^f^ lia .i-T^ ..

r ^....... .""""......... !

*. According to Polk's Dirictory for Greater
S Jackson-ille, 1927 . . I
Bank Clearings
19 1 . . .0 45,635,0o .
: 1927 .. i. 0?j, q
Bank Deposits
19 . 44,1-2,163.00
1P27 9,602,07S.99 :
Bank Resources _j
1920 . 56,814,21).00
7 ...... 1.00,734,132.5v "
SBuil.w.g %onstru c tIon
r 1 0.9" .;- ': . . 3,513,159.00 "
S 19"j . . 13,051,074.00
: Aeitidc faltU a Uon ""
192Q . . 9,0~ ,60,50..00 .
". . .",, 99,o004. ,O ,
Jac.ksonvillerl leading lumber market on the
a tilthric Seaboard. -
SWaterborne Commerce Short Tons :
S 1920 . . . 2,507,490
S 1927 . . . 4,606,892 1
S, '. Value a -
9- 20 .. .. . ... .$ iL --rl
S.92 ...... 7u. 68l,',I.rKo
S. Investigate Jacksonr'b4 the Best City
dri the South Atlantc Seaboard. Open :'
our Facrory-or ics Branch in Jacksonville.
F Jeaksonvljle, Jointl with the Chamber
of Commerc mainrimns a Traffic Bureau *
ft. r the purpose of keeping down freight *
ate ieincreases. This service Is at e dis-
lositibn or all manufacturers, or their
branch hous:M free of an. charge.
.. .. i... . .f $ Oe D 110104 1 4

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