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Gary Nelson talks about William Bartram's Trail, and hosts Dale and Linda Crider's singing about North Central Florida, and William Bartram's Travels
4 - Florida Bellflower 5 - Florida Hedgenettle, Florida Betony
Florida Hobblebush or Pipestem (7)
7 - Florida Hobblebush, Pipestem
8 - Southern Arrowwood 9 - Four-petal St. John's-wort
10 - Sparkleberry, Farkleberry 11 - Trailing Milkvine, Sandhill Spiny-pod 12 - Angle-stem Primrose-willow
13 - Carolina False Vervain 13a - Powderpuff 14 - Carolina Bristlemallow
15 - Carolina Leaf-flower 16 - Coastal Rosegentian 17 - Savannah False Pimpernel
18-Trailing Ratany, Sandspur
19 - Tall Jointweed 20 - Pitted Stripeseed 21 - Florida Alicia
22 - Gopher Apple 23 - Silver Croton, Healing Croton
Slender Rosegentian
25 - uncertain 26 - Dog-tongue Wild Buckwheat 26a - Painted-leaf, Fire-on-the-Mountain
27 - Elliott's Milkpea 28 - Bartram's Airplant 29 - Hairy Laurel, Wicky
30 - Bartram's Rosegentian
32 - Marsh Mallow 35 - Cuban Jute, Indian Hemp
33 - Coffeeweed, Sicklepod 34 - Lance-leaf Winged Loosestrife
36 - Soft-hair Coneflower? (or a Sunflower) 52 - Composite (Asteraceae)
Green-fly Orchid
39 - Fringed Meadowbeauty 40 - Painted-leaf, Fire-on-the-Mountain
41 - Coastalplain Honeycombhead 42 - Tall Jointweed
43 - Orange Reinorchid, Yellow Fringeless Orchid 44 - Guinea Hen Weed
45 - Noyau Vine 45a - Southern Beeblossom
Milkweed (specimen missing)
47 - Stiff Sunflower 48 - Virginia Marsh St. John's-wort
50 - Grass-leaf Barbara's Buttons 51 - Beach False Foxglove unnumbered - Piedmont Marshelder
Scarlet Rosemallow
Beach False Foxglove
Grass-leaf Barbara's Buttons
Yellow Anistree or Star Anise
Hairy Leafcup
Coastalplain Chaffhead or Florida Paintbrush
Slender Gayfeather
Seminole False Foxglove
Hairy Chaffhead
Specimen missing
Specimen missing
Perennial Saltmarsh Aster (13) and Rockland Shrubverbena or Pineland Lantana (14)
Short-leaf Gayfeather (?)
Goldenrod (16) and Pale Meadowbeauty or Maryland Meadowbeauty (17)
Snowberry or Milkberry
Snowberry or Milkberry
Catesby's Gentian
October Flower
White Stopper
Mallow family
Feay's Palafox
Coastalplain Tickseed
Catesby's Gentian
Rouge Plant
Glade Lobelia (29) and Slender Rosegentian (30)
Alligator Behavior: the accuracy of William Bartram’s Observations
Roving Naturalists Pilot Project Presentation
Game warden shows student a turkey "bath"
Snake hunt on high ground
Morning catches author, Ernest Taylor, Sr.
Pond provides water hole for wildlife
Camp Breakfast
Palmetto Clump - Berries Feed Wildlife
We are in here!! - large trees - much shade
Swamp willows - 17 inches thick -- which way do we go?
Mule Pen Trail. Bayheads often wet. (Jeep on trail)
Skinning rack by hunters - may be 30 yrs (in 1953)
On high ground with pines, we reach camp (hunter's cabin)
Gator emerges
Game Warden Barnes opens gate to area
Learning about snakes up close!
Another view of lake (Lettuce Lake)
North end of Lettuce Lake - Late in afternoon
On left - large trunk, thick understory
Coon prefers high rise condo! (Raccoon in tree)
New boardwalk to Lettuce Lake
Sanctuary entrance - F.D. Taylor and Wife 1956
What a spread (Fern)
Turkey appreciates "bath" - doesn't like visitors
F.D. Taylor and wife on boardwalk (Elsie shows Francis an orchid)
Cypress bayhead in low spot on prairie
Fence was heart pine posts - cypress bars (cattle)
Cotton mouth moccasin
Trees girdled - waiting for log crews
Eagles like the swamp - nest up high
Overhead flight (Wood ibis on wing)
Small orchid shows its beauty
Look at fans -- bigger than we are! Which way to go? (Swamp lilies)
This was a man!! Two of them!! The tree had been large and old - the man (Ernest A. Taylor, SR) tried with all his heart to get the State to save this area so future generations could see the beauty of nature. (The Audubon Society acquired title, 1954)
New trail - 1956 - at least it's dry
Parking area at entrance - high and dry (Sanctuary grounds)
Bringing the cypress out
Group gather on high ground
Pond Flags and "blow downs" - shallow area of lake, may have gator "cave"
Others at time of acquisition
King of the swamp! Almost blocks sun
Deer are there - but hard to see!
In midst of wild beauty - man destroys
Timber harvest with cable trolley
Back at camp - time to dry out!
Larger cypress bayhead - very thick understory - contains gator pond and cave for eggs
How can you see specimens -- it's dark in here!
Open area of Lettuce Lake
Where is the sun? - Thick overhead blocks light
New roadway into area
Section line fencing - probably 80 yrs (in 1953)
Weeds grow tall on side of roadway
Birds make homes in tree tops
Others in party
Eagles also enjoy area (Eagle nest)
Time to move on (Egret rising)
Evening on prairie - improved roadway (Wood ibis rising)
Mule pen trail at high tide
Quail also like dry roadway
Underneath - where do you go? (Cypress head)
Jeeps on trail - may be "grocery" time
Another view - so you can understand name of lake (Lettuce Lake)
Wet area - with "blow downs" -- many types of ferns
Dedication to cypress industry (Monument)
Along trail - it's feeding time in canal (Egret feeding)
Lettuce Lake - another gator
Lettuce Lake - More "blow downs"
Lettuce Lake - surrounded by cypress
Dark closes in - night life and sounds begin
Evening on new roadway (Wood ibis feeding in roadside ditch)
Logging tramway into swamp
Large cypress Here - Almost robs daylight
Birds nest in treetops - height keeps predators away - including man
Trail crosses another prairie -- Fire has been here
Several walked out in low area
Among the beauty is another beauty - spider lily
Gator trail in roadside ditch
Game warden explains "deer rub" to student (Pine sap for antlers)
Lettuce Lake - Various typical growth
Cut over prairie -- Fire also has been here
Corkscrew swamp - edge of Lettuce lake
Alley for logging cables
Black head swamp - cypress head - pond clear
Boardwalk in middle of day - deep shadow
Overhead also keeps out bright sunlight
Railbed with spur
Young cypress in wet area -- student learns
Young gators are hard to see in Lettuce Lake
Logging has started - trees girdled
Ferns grow large
Fan Ferns - undergrowth is fantastic!
New owners - John Baker (Audubon) and others
Certification status report
Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Business & Corporate Properties resource inventory & environmental plan
Natural Area Teaching Lab west
University Park arboretum
Digital design wetland
Fraternity wetland
Harmonic woods
Natural Area Teaching Lab east
Lake alice conservation area south
Hogtown Creek woods
Lake Alice conservation area
Swine unit woods
Bivens Rim forest
Blue Wave wetland
DASH course
Bartram Carr woods
Graham woods
McCarty woods
President's park
Conservation area land management (CALM) plans
Solar park pond
Trillium slope
Bat House woods
Green pond
Reitz ravine woods
Lakes & ponds
Preservation of the wild animals of North America
Butterflies and moths
Florida Museum of Natural History educators' guides
Annual technical report
McGuire Center news /
Northwest Florida: waterways and wildlife
McGuire Center news
Fossil Hall: evolution of life and land
South Florida people and environments
Introduction to museum exhibits & school programs
Tusks! Ice Age mammoths & mastodons
Megalodon: largest shark that ever lived
McGuire Center news
National Wildlife Refuges and National Fish Hatchery : Louisiana
Vero Beach Ecological Services Field Office
Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge
Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge
Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge
Vero Beach Law Enforcement Office
Clermont Law Enforcement Supervisory Office
Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge
Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge
Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge
Jacksonville Law Enforcement Office
St. Johns National Wildlife Refuge
Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge
Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge
Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge
Jacksonville Ecological Services Field Office
Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge
National Key Deer Refuge
A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Gulf Coast fisheries coordination office
National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center
Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge
North American Waterfowl Management Plan : Florida
Shell Keys National Wildlife Refuge
Lake Wales Ridge National Wildlife Refuge
Miami Law Enforcement Supervisory Office
Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge
Florida federal aid in sport fish & wildlife restoration
Panama City Ecological Services & Fisheries Resources Office
Navassa National Wildlife Refuge
J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge
St. Petersburg Wildlife Inspection Office
Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge
Tall Timbers Fire Ecology Field Office
Ft. Myers Law Enforcement Office
Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge
Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge
Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge
Partners for Fish and Wildlife : Florida
Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge
Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge
Welaka National Fish Hatchery
Pine Island National Wildlife Refuge
Delta National Wildlife Refuge
Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge
Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Key West National Wildlife Refuge
St. Petersburg Law Enforcement
Pinellas National Wildlife Refuge
Florida migratory bird conservation
St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge
Bayou Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge
Miami Wildlife Inspection Office
"How to" guide for stormwater and urban watershed management
Letter from Henry Laurens to William Bartram discussing crops planted along the St. Johns River by Bartram. Charleston, S.C.
Platanthera from the British Museum of Natural History
Inquiry boxes: museum on the move - Florida's native people
McGuire Center news
Entomological report on development of the Shire River Valley
Entomological report on development of the Shire River Valley
El Hombre Prehistorico en Mexico (The Prehistoric Man in Mexico) manuscript by Mariano Barcena
McGuire Center news
Batram Book 1
Book 1 spreadsheet
Bartram Book 2
Book 2 spreadsheet
Bartram Book A
Book A spreadsheet
Bartram Book B
Book B spreadsheet
Bartram Book C
Book C spreadsheet
Bartram Book D
Book D spreadsheet
Bartram Book E
Book E spreadsheet
Pyrus malus brentfordiensis
Bluish-green snake, frutes baccifer
Bufalo & outline of psends acacia
The Old Wife
The Blue Bird and Smilax non Spinosa
The Gray Fox
Florida Sandhill Crane
American Alligator
Great Alachua Savanah in the Province of E. Florida
Trumpet Leaf