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Printed circular from the Anti-Slavery Society pointing out inconsistencies in the government's proposal for emancipating slaves.
A Narrative of Events, since the First August, 1834
Martial Law In Jamaica
A new map of Jamaica in which several towns, forts and settlements are accurately laid down...
The Hon. Samuel (Sam) Sharpe - national hero
Scenes in the Caribbean Sea : being sketches from a misssionary's note-book
Jamaica : Slave insurrection : returns to two addresses to His Majesty, dated 10 & 18 April 1832
A plan of the parish of St. James together with a part of the parishes of Hanover, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth
Moravians in Jamaica. History of the mission of the United Bretheren's Church to the Negroes in the island of Jamaica, from the year 1754 to 1854
A view of Montego Bay from Reading Hill
Speech of Rev. Henry Bleby, missionary from Barbados, on the results of emancipation in the British West Indies colonies
Rebellion in the island of Jamaica : the attack of the rebels on Monpelier Old Works Estate in the parish of St. James
Death struggles of slavery : being a narrative of facts and incidents, which occurred in a British Colony, during the two years immediately preceding negro emancipation.
Destruction of Roehamton Estate
Reverand William Knibb : Baptist missionary in Jamaica, 1825-1845
Facts and documents connected with the late insurrection in Jamaica, and the violations of civil and religious liberty arising out of it
A narrative of the Wesleyen mission to Jamaica: with occassional remarks on the state of the society in that colony
Reminiscences of missionary life with suggestions to churches and missionaries
Defence of the Baptist missionaries from the charge of inciting the late rebellion in Jamaica; in a discussion between the Rev. William Knibb and Mr. P. Borthwick at the Assembly Rooms, Bath on Saturday, December 15, 1832.
A narrative of recent events connected with the Baptist mission in this island.
The anniversary of freedom
Arrest of Dr. Bruce
Martial law
The legislative session
The winding up of the affairs of the rebellion
The volunteer movement
The Island Press (Coverage on the rebellion)
More light from abroad on the condition of Jamaica
The legislature of the island
The governor and the press
The government and the legislature
The required protection of life and property
The increase of crime and its punishment
The government, the legislature and retrenchment
Riot and the loss of life in St. Thomas in the East
Want of a permanent militia force
The massacres in St. Thomas in the East