I Believe in Empathy

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I Believe in Empathy
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IUF 1000: What is the Good Life
Navamuel, Rock
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Summer 2018 Competition
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As a Cuban, you can definitely say that “chismosa”, or gossip, is something that is extremely prevalent in my family. Everyone loves to talk about ​ everything ​ that is going on. Tio Santiago just lost his job, Tia Ariana spends too much money, my cousins are always fighting at home...whatever the incident, someone, was talking about it. But this holiday season brought forth a new direction to mi familia’s topic of discussion. It was my aunt, Tia Yoli, that had informed us all of her co-worker, who had recently adopted her three grandchildren so that they wouldn’t endure the pains of the foster care system. This brave woman, who had barely enough financial security for her own life, was now daunted by the task of raising three young children. It was December 14th, 2016, when my family and I decided we were going to provide these kids with the best Christmas they had ever received. And for the next two weeks, all everyone in my family was talking about, was purchasing gifts and wrapping spread like wildfire.
After delivering the presents to my aunt’s coworker, we had no clue what to expect from the family as we knew it would completely surprise them. On December 25th, Christmas morning, we received photos and videos of the kids jumping with joy; smiles so large it could stretch for miles. The grandmother had called us crying and thanking my family for the efforts we put forth to understand the struggles she was enduring.
So, I believe in the importance of empathy and helping others. Although cliche, lending a hand to those in need is truly what the holiday season is all about. Sharing the blessings that we have, with those who are less fortunate, is what will make this world a better place.
Often times you have to step back and put yourself in the shoes of others. Over my lifetime, I have noticed that society is transforming into egocentric communities where empathy lacks greatly. Empathy is a powerful harmonic sequence that drives us to volunteer and help others. Empathy provides the ability to come toward a greater understanding of another person, without having to live their life. Empathy can end wars. what makes us human.
The Christmas of 2016 has transformed the way I will live forever. It has led me to continue helping others while volunteering in my local community and changes my perspective before jumping to conclusions. Today, as I have nostalgic feelings about those loving and joyful kids, I use it as fuel to count my blessings and speak out toward the necessity of helping others.
Empathizing and helping others, this I believe.
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