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To Amazon and Beyond : UF’s Pilot of Print-on-Demand for ETDs
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Shorey, Christy
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Conference Presentation


In spring 2018 the University of Florida and BiblioLabs began a pilot project to provide print-on-demand publishing for ETDs. These works will be available for order through Amazon and other book outlets. Phase one builds upon the outreach efforts of UF’s retrospective dissertation scanning project to offer the print-on-demand service to authors of born-digital and digitized ETDs. Work is also being done with UF’s Graduate School to incorporate a print-on-demand opt-in selection with the final ETD submission. Additionally, efforts from the libraries to incorporate Machine Assisted Indexing for the ETD collection will be incorporated in the metadata provided through the publisher. Based on student feedback, we expect this project to provide graduates a way to obtain copies of their work for themselves, or to share with others. Also, this process will open up discoverability of UF students’ research to a broader community than is reached through traditional, academic publishing routes. This presentation will provide (1) an overview of the pilot, (2) updates on outreach efforts to previous authors, and (3) a look ahead as we roll out the print-on-demand option to new graduates, as well as any speed-bumps we have encountered along the way.
Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Christy Shorey.
Presented at USETDA 2018 on Sept 12, 2018; Denver, CO.

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To Amazon and BeyondUFs Pilot of Printon Demand for ETDs


Who am I? Christy Shorey Institutional Repository Manager ( she/her/hers )


University of FloridaBy the Numbers Total UF 2017 enrollment: 55,862 Fall 2017 Graduate cohort: 16,297 20162017 academic year:4,154 masters and specialists degrees awarded728 doctorate degrees awardedSpanning 173 majors in 16 collegesResulting in 1,146 ETDsData from 2017 headcount, released Feb 20, 2018 and from Graduate School Records Lyon Duong 2016 28% 25% 47%Fall 2017 Graduate Cohort Doctorate First Professional Master's Degree or Equivalent


UFs FirstsUniversity of Florida, George A. Smathers LibrariesEstimated 21,000print masters theses14,115identified print doctorial dissertations1998Spring 2018, 17,042ETDsmasters thesis 1908 doctorial dissertation 1934 ETD 1998 110 years ~51,160 theses and dissertations


UF & BiblioLabs pilot project 2018Building a partnership


Print on demand theses and dissertationsThe why behind the pilotWhat UF gains:Broader discovery for our scholarshipAuthors can get bound copies of their workUF scholarship becomes more accessible outside of academia and internationally What BiblioLabs brings:Publishing know howInfrastructure to support PoD modelEstablished relationships with book distributers Existing collaboration with EBSCO to create the Open Dissertations Database


Pilot Overview: Drawing the MapLogisticsFAQSign in PagePartner contractCopyrighted materialsRoyalties If you have no road map, you have to create your own. Jacqueline Woodson


Pilot Overview: Drawing the MapLogisticsOutreachWho is the target audience?Who does the outreach?How do we get contact information?When is outreach most effective?PermissionsCreate a Publishing Agreement for authorsAddress author rights as (probable) copyright holderFile TransferMetadataPDF of workIf you have no road map, you have to create your own. Jacqueline Woodson


Pilot Overview: Drawing the MapFAQSign in Page If you have no road map, you have to create your own. Jacqueline Woodson


Pilot Overview: Drawing the MapPartner contractIterative process to get language acceptable t o both partiesPossible template for future partnershipsCopyrighted materialsStudents (usually) retain to their workEducate them regarding what rights they are giving away with thisWhat about copyrighted materials included within the work?RoyaltiesOption for 10% each to author and libraries UF opted to direct all royalties, 20%, to the authorPaid monthly via PayPalIf you have no road map, you have to create your own. Jacqueline Woodson


Email Outreach for Pilot Sent Sept. 7, 2018 185 identified titles95 digitized from print 11 emails bouncedWorks from 1961200513 theses; 82 dissertations90 born digital5 emails bounced2016201730 theses; 60 dissertations


Email Outreach for Pilot Sent Sept. 7, 2018Contact strategy built off of our Dissertation Scanning ProjectEmail as first point of contactUS post letterUS post postcardContact InformationList from Alumni AssociationReasonable SearchDo not collect future email for graduatesOpt ins within the first 72 hours:9 from the print to digital process (19691993)2 from the ETDs (2017)


Next Steps Evaluate URLs for authorsSwitch away from email addressesUtilize UF IR system number insteadCreate workflow for titles with copyrighted materialDetermine who will capture new graduate emails


Looking AheadMachine Assisted IndexingUFETD collection used in pilotOnce applied, should increase discoverabilityRoll out within Graduate Information Management System (GIMS) Platform where authors submit ETDs, UF Publishing Agreement, and ProQuest informationAllow Opt In at time of submission


Presented 9/12/2018 USETDA 2018, Denver, CO Christy Shorey (352) 2732831 @shoreychristyPresentation released under a CC BY 4.0 license, except items noted as within presentation Presentation available at: