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Audio-Visual Gear to Go (A/V Gear2Go)
Ewing, Stacey
D'Apice, Matthew
Dietz, Michael
Seale, Colleen
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries
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grant proposal


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Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 1 2017 Technology Fee Full Proposal Title : Audio Visual Gear to Go (A/V Gear2Go) Proposers: Stacey Ewing (PI), Colleen Seale (Co PI) Contact: Stacey Ewing Associate Chair, Library West, George A. Smathers Libraries, 502 Library West, 352 273 2618, Fax: (352) 392 8118 Participants/stakeholders: Sponsoring Organization : George A. Smathers Libraries Purpose and Specific Objectives : A number of university libraries now offer technology equipment lending programs that support instructional and learning needs of their campus communities. A few of these institutions include: North Carolina State University University of Maryland and the University of Central Florida lending/ Here at the University of Florida (UF), there is high demand from students and faculty to borrow cutting edge audio and visual (A/V) equipment, however, free and simple access to such technology i s virtually unavailable on campus, with the exception of two aging FlipVideo cameras at the Arc hitecture & Fine Arts Library. George A. Smathers Libraries has offered a number of technology tools for students to borrow, from iPads to small projectors, to 3 D printers. With this previous, highly successful lending experience, Library West is in an excellent position to provide access to additional types of instructional technology requests funding to purchase a variety of A/V equipment and related accessories that would meet numerous A/V production needs of our faculty and students, thereby facilitating and improving access to A/V technologies crucial to productive learning and ins truction. Impact/Benefit : All UF students and faculty will benefit from this proposed lending program and the centralized location and extended hours of operation of Library West will further increase the impact of the project. Virtually all disciplines on campus would have possible use for these A/V resources and w e anticipate students and faculty will take advantage of this program to complete a limitless variety of projects. A few examples include: Ethnomusicologists and anthropologists could use a combination of Zoom recorders DSLR and video cameras and related A/V accessories to complete intensive fieldwork projects and a Yeti Solar Generator kit will help keep all of their devices charged on trips in remote areas.


Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 2 Oral historians could use the Tascam dl10 lav alier mic rophone recording system to simultaneously record a panel of speakers and later transcribe the talks/interviews Wildlife ecologists and biologists could take advantage of the TEC BEAN waterproof wildlife cameras to assist in night and daytime synoptic surveys of regional wildlife Engineering students could borrow video cameras to record beta test s of products in development Architecture students could use the 360 Fly camera to record footage of a site and create a VR tour for an online portfolio. Education majors could use the Pixio auto follow recording system to capture large lecture hall presentations to be later posted online or used for portfolios Student s with cognitive disabilit ies could borrow a Zoom H1 personal recorder to record lectures for later, in depth review at their own pace In conjunction with equipment rentals at the UF Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education, students could freely b orrow GoPros and other recording equipment from Library West to record their outdoor adventure activities Journalism students could borrow iGear lav mics to use with their own mobile devices and for reporting project s An Olympus Air Lens attachment will also turn their mobile device into an SLR camera for capturing newsworthy shots. Equipment Storage : Library West will provide dedicated and secure storage space for all A/V Gear2Go items. Checkout Procedures : All items will be available on a first come, first served basis. No reservations required. All items will have a checkout period of 7 days (standard). E xtended loan available by special request only on a case by case basis. An o nline guide /webpage will be created where patrons can browse and check availability of equipment, view equipment descriptions, and view/download manuals. To borrow equipment, patrons will check off desired equipment list Library West Circulation Desk staff will use the list to pull requested items from th e secured storage area return to the service desk and initiate checkout procedures and review the Equipment Loan Borrower Agreement form and due date with patron Pelic an cases with removable padding would allow convenient transport and protection of mul tiple A/V items. Sustainability: The UF Libraries support s this proposal and will maintain the equipment as needed. A ll maintenance and replacement costs will be absorbed by the Libraries.


Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 3 Timeline: August September 2017 Place order s for equipment Work with Library IT for UF Risk Assessment review of equipment items. Work with Library West Circulation Department to set up storage, shelving, circulation policies and procedures. October December 2017 Testing of equipment. Staff training. Advertising/Promotion. Creation of signage and instructional handouts. Update Library webpages and Library guides including links to all instruction manuals. Develop a ssessment plan January 2018 Soft launch of A/V Gear2Go lending program February 2018 Full launch of A/V Gear2Go lending program Initiate assessment plan Selected items from the equipment list.


Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 4 Budget $ 59,775.09 The proposed quantity and current list price of each of the items is listed and may be adjusted based on prices of latest available technologies at the time of the Tech Fee award. Every effort will be made to find the best prices for all equipment purchase d. AUDIO EQUIPMENT $ 11,799.95 Qty Description List Ext. List 5 Audio Technica AT LP60 USB Fully Automatic Belt Drive Stereo Turntable 121.67 608.35 5 Odyssey K1200BL Black Krom Series Turntable Carrying Case 91.69 458.45 10 iGear Lav Microphones for Mobile Devices 39.99 399.90 5 H4N Zoom 4 track recorder w/wired remote 226.30 1,131.50 5 H4N Zoom SD Cards 19.99 99.95 5 H4N Zoom Recorder Cases 24.99 124.95 10 H1 Zoom Personal Recorder 99.99 999.90 10 Zoom H1 Accessory Kits 24.99 249.90 10 Zoom H1 SD Cards 19.99 199.90 10 Zoom Mic Mount for DSLR & Video Cameras 29.99 299.90 5 Marantz Voice Recorders 399.99 1,999.95 5 Marantz Voice Recorder SD Card 19.99 99.95 5 Marantz Voice Recorder Por ta Brace Cordura Carrying Case 200.00 1,000.00 5 Sony MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphone 79.99 399.95 20 Boom Arm for Zoom and Marantz recorders 57.89 1,157.80 20 Table stand for Zoom and Marantz recorders 14.99 299.80 10 Tasc am DR10L Mini Portable Recorder 199.99 1,999.90 10 SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC card 20.00 200.00 10 Case for Tascam Recorder 6.99 69.90 VIDEO EQUIPMENT $ 26,497.89 Qty Description List Ext. List 13 GoPro Hero 5 Cameras, mounts and all accessories (bundled) 1,084.50 14,098.50 2 Pixio Auto follow system 685.00 1,370.00 10 Canon VIXIA HF R82 A Camcorder 449.99 4,499.90 5 TEC B EAN waterproof wildlife camera 199.99 999.95 5 32GB SD card 13.79 68.95 5 Zoom Q8 Video Recorder Bundle 425.00 2,125.00 5 Zoom 128 GB Memory Card 45.49 227.45 5 Master Lock 8418KADCAM TMB P ython Adjustable Locking Cable 21.64 108.20 6 360fly 360 4K Video Camera 499.99 2 999.94


Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 5 PHOTOGRAPHY $10,539.65 Qty Description List Ext. List 10 Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless DSLR Camera 548.00 5,480.00 10 Ricoh Theta S, 360 degree Digital Camera with case 315.99 3,159.90 5 Olympus Air 01 299.99 1,499.95 10 TECHO Universal Professional HD Cam era Lens Kit for mobile devices 19.99 199.90 10 CamRah Mobile Device Lens Kit with 3 Universal Lenses 19.99 199.90 ADDITIONAL A/V ACCESSORIES $10,937.60 Qty Description List Ext. List 10 KobraTech Mini Phone Tripod Stand 19.95 199.50 10 AmazonBasics 50 Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag 19.95 199.50 10 AmazonBasics 60 Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag 23.49 234.90 5 Scrim Holder 15.99 79.95 5 Collapsible Multi disc Scrim 19.99 99.95 5 Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Kit with Nomad 20 Solar Panel 387.99 1,939.95 1 Cart and Bus Tubs 157.50 157.50 50 Anker Portable Battery Chargers for mobile devices w/cases 62.00 3,100.00 20 Duracell charger for AAA & AA rechargeable batteries 15.99 319.80 20 Duracell AA rechargeable batteries 11.99 239.80 20 Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries 13.99 279.80 5 SD Card Reader (to erase data of returned equipment) 25.99 129.95 25 Pelican 1500 Adjustable Foam Equipment Carrying case, orange 117.98 2,949.50 25 Pelican 1120 Case w/Adjustable Foam, multipurpose camera orange 24.30 607.50 10 10L & 20L Equipment Dry Bag 40.00 400.00


Tech Fee 2017 | Smathers Libraries: Ewing & Seale |pg. 6 Technology Fee Full Proposal Template Sponsor Signature Form Title : Proposer : Note: By signing this form the sponsor is making a commitment to support the project This may include providing startup recurring or equipment replacement resources as presented in the attached budget. Signature of sponsor: College Dean, or Unit Director or VP for Student Affairs. __________________________________________ ____________________________ Name and Title Date Note: By signing this form the UF IT unit is making a commitment to manage the project if selected for submission of a full proposal. This may include providing startup recurring or equipment replacement resources as presented in the attached budget Signature of managing unit administrator: __________________________________________ ____________________________ Name and Title Date