Attitude Datives in Arabic Dialects: Subject-Oriented - Palestinian Arabic

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Attitude Datives in Arabic Dialects: Subject-Oriented - Palestinian Arabic
Haddad, Youssef
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Subject Oriented Attitude Dative s (SUBJ AD) Palestinian Arabic The document contains two sections: Section 1 provides a description of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic in terms of their structure and distribution (Morphophonological & Morphosyntactic Characteristics), their characteristics as conventional implicature contributors and their relation to the truth conditional content of utterances, and their sociopragmatic functions and the social conditions on their use. Section 2 provides attested and e licited examples of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic Attested examples come from entertainment media, including talk shows, soap operas, movies, plays, etc. Every example is followed with its source. A highlight ed AV after an example means that the example is also available as an a udiovisual file. Section 1: Description The following tables provide a descriptive overview of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic. In each table, column 1 contains the descriptive characteristics, and column 2 points to an example or examples from section 2 that illustrate these characteristics. Morphophonological & Morphosyntactic Characteristics of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic a. SUBJ ADs may only be realized as enclitic attached to the end of a verbal element In (1) lun may not be realized as a stand alone word. b. Characteristics of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic a. SUBJ ADs do not alter the truth conditions of an utterance. If lun is deleted in (1) the utterance will still have the same truth condition. b. Social Functions of SUBJ ADs in Palestinian Arabic a. By using a SUBJ AD, speakers express their stance toward an event as insignificant in relation to their expectations of the subject. By using lun in (1), the speaker evaluates the distance that cab driver s drive is insignificant in relation to what is expected from them b.


Section 2 : Examples ( 1 ) Context: A young man complains about Taxi drivers. ha:y u:fe:riyyet l taka:si: kti:r am bizawdu ha: these drivers the cabs a.lot PROG acting.up it ha l ayya:m iza: byim u: lun these the days they.became if they.go them.D akammin ki:lo xamesta a a.few kilometers they.charge fifteen ive [them] From ma ru: tawfi:r Episode 1 00:05: 30 Palestinian Arabic AV ( 2 )