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Witkowski, Ashley M.
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Throughout Florida there are many agricultural crops that keep our economy thriving. In particular, in multiple counties in southern Florida, citrus production is of great concern and likewise, it is one of the most highly studied crops. There are many aspects of the nutritional effects of specific elements of growth and production of citrus. However, there is a limitation of the amount of information available on the affects of pH and salinity relative to germination rate and subsequent growth. Research was conducted on the varying effects of pH and salinity on citrus seed germination and growth of three rootstock genotypes: ‘Swingle,’ ‘Sour Orange,’ and ‘Cleo.’ The anticipated results of this experiment included pH and salinity of the irrigation water and genotype would have significant effect on citrus seed germination and subsequent growth. This study compared the germination rates and growth of three genotypes: Cleo, Sour Orange, and Swingle by quantative analysis of the plants on a daily basis, and qualitative analysis at time of harvest. Based on an observed correlation between germination rate and subsequent growth for the pH experiment, results show that a pH of 9 had the best subsequent growth for the seeds that germinated. For the salinity experiment, results demonstrated that the salinity levels of 1.6 mS/cm-1 had the highest amount of subsequent growth.
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Undergraduate Honors Thesis

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